Questions Asked on
March 12, 2007

  1. Physics

    If 500 J of work are required to carry a charged particle between two points with a potential difference of 40V, the magnitude of the charge on the particle is: a) 0.040 C b) 12.5 C c) 20C D) cannot be computed unless the path is give e) none of these My

    asked by susane
  2. basic geometric

    10. a rectangle has width the same as a side of a square whose perimeter is 20m. the length of the rectangle is 9m. find the perimeter of this rectangle. 34. The width of a rectangular picture is one-half the length. The perimeter of the rectangle is 72

    asked by vero
  3. Writing

    How can you determine a source's biases? You have to do some research. Sometimes it takes a while, as it is not obvious. Bias often takes the form of legality, in sanctions, sentences, and other official act. The root cause may be buried in deep personal

    asked by Tracey
  4. science

    name 5 solutions used at your house Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum but your question is not clear. 5 colutions for what?

    asked by misty
  5. English

    I need to prove that Hamlet cares about/loves his mother or cared about her/loved her at one point. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Hamlet mother love" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Raj
  6. Chem

    CH2 = CH - CH - OH ............| ...........CH3 Draw the structure of this polymer and identify the monomer unit. Should show three monomer unit State the type of polymerization involved in forming this polymer Hi Lacey, do you know the answers for part a,

    asked by Lacey
  7. Chem

    Reaction 1 ............................O ...........................// CH2=CH-CH-OH + CH3-CH-CH2-C ........|...........|......\ .......CH3.........CH3......OH Left of the "+" is COMPOUND 1 and the right is COMPOUND 2. a) Identify the Functional groups in

    asked by Lacey
  8. chemisrty

    Could anybody help me with this question "In practice the methanol production process is operated at temperatures of 250 to 300 degrees and at a pressure of 50 to 100 atmosphere (50 to 100 times normal atmospheric pressure) in the presence of a copper

    asked by bex
  9. Anatomy / Physiology

    What are the effects of a heart murmur? LOTS of information in here: =)

    asked by Summer
  10. Science

    Convergent evolution occurs when a. unrelated organisms develop analogous structures. b. different species evolve to become one. c. populations merge into one. d. analogous structures evolve to be homologous. e. none of the above.

    asked by Jack
  11. Science

    Cellular examination of a cyanobacterium and a diatom reveals that the diatom has (which structure?) that is absent in the cyanobacterium? a. DNA b. chloroplasts c. plasma membrane d. a cell wall with peptidoglycan e. all of the above

    asked by John
  12. business math

    what are the amount and present value of an annuity of $100 paable at the beginning of each quarter fro 15 years if the interest rate is 12% compounded quarterly? Present Value=PMT[(1-(1+i)^-n)/i] Amount = ?????

    asked by Rom
  13. physics

    During a lighting discharge, 30C of charge move through a potential difference of 1.0 X 10^8V in 2.0X10^-2s. The energy released by this lighting bolt is: a)1.5 X 10^11 J b) 3.0 X 10^9 J c) 6.0 X 10^7 J d) 3.3 X 10^6 J e) 1500 J Ok I am not really sure

    asked by susane
  14. Cultural Diversity

    How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? Explain your answer. "What i think is that by having slavery it made the whites seem that they

    asked by Tameka
  15. science

    why do we find the major land biomes at specific locations on the earth in both the northern and the southern hemispheres? Variations in climate determine the biomes. These variations are determined by the frequency and direction of winds and ocean

    asked by sara
  16. Computer

    Why should you give a Device an IP address? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "IP address" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Ayana
  17. math

    Unless we have the specifics of the problem, we are unable to provide help. Please repost with more details. I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking. where else can I get help to figure out a math cross puzzle. I can get some the equations to equal

    asked by PsyDAG
  18. science

    The atmosphere is composed of a mixture of _______________, _____________ ____________, and tiny___________________. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The origin of our atmosphere is still open to a great deal of speculation. One theory

    asked by Happy
  19. Physics/Math

    Ok...I figured out part a but I am having trouble with b. part a was: Zero, a hypothetical planet, has a mass of 1.0x10^23 kg, a radius of 3.0x10^6 m, and no atmosphere. A 10 kg space probe is to be launched vertically from its surface. (a) If the probe is

    asked by Technoboi11
  20. cultural diversity

    How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims? Think about how certain people tend to categorize things in racism. Then think about how we tend to place almost all people "in the same basket" when it comes to those

    asked by sherry
  21. physics - drwls?

    A disk rotates about its central axis starting from rest and accelerates with constant angular acceleration. At one time it is rotating at 7 rev/s. 55 revolutions later, its angular speed is 21 rev/s. (a) Calculate the angular acceleration. (b) Calculate

    asked by winterWX
  22. Biology

    i need to understand how draw a kite diagram. Any good websites would be helpful Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully, you mean the botanical chart:

    asked by San
  23. physics

    The flywheel of a steam engine runs with a constant angular speed of 250 rev/min. When steam is shut off, the friction of the bearings stops the wheel in 2.1 h. At the instant the flywheel is turning at 75 rev/min, what is the tangential component of the

    asked by winterWX
  24. trigo

    how do i do this question? a tower stands on top of a cliff. at a distance of 55m from the foot of the cliff, the angles of elevation of the top of the tower as well as the cliff are 60degrees and 45degrees respectively. what is the height of the tower?

    asked by holly
  25. calc limit

    lim (2^x - 3^-x)/2^x + 3^-x x-> infinity Thanks. Do you mean (2^x - 3^-x)/(2^x + 3^-x) or [(2^x - 3^-x)/2^x] + 3^-x ? in other words, is the second 3^-x in the denominator? In any case, the limit of 3^-x as x-> infnity is zero. That should help you figure

    asked by Rom
  26. trigo--help!

    how do i do this question? a ladder length 13m rests against a vertical wall with its foot on a horizontal floor at a distance of 5m from the wall. when the top of the ladder slips down a distance of x, the foot of the ladder moves out x. find the distance

    asked by holly
  27. Science

    "a drop of oil (volume 0.05cm3) is released from a medicine dropper on to the calm surface of a pond where it spreads out to cover an area of 40cm2. Assume that the oil film has a uniform thickness equal to the diameter of an oil molecule. Calculate the

    asked by Hol
  28. chemistry

    Will cooper based catalyst increase or decrease the cost of production process? And why? decrease the cost catalyst keeps costs down as it speeds up the reaction without the need for high temps and high pressures. If you are doing s103 its on page 86 block

    asked by Miki
  29. Science

    A 0.21g sample of sulfuric acid is dissolved completely in sufficient water to make 0.25 litre of final solution. Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration in mol1-1 in this solution and show successive steps in the calculation: If 0.21g in 0.25l then 0.84g

    asked by Anthony
  30. maths-complex numbers

    by using the substitution w = z^3, find all the solutions to z^6 - 8z^3 +25 = 0 in complex numbers, and describe them in polar form, using @(theta) to denote the angle satisfying tan@ = 3/4 ( note simply leave @ as it is, don't calculate it). i got up to

    asked by Anonymous
  31. business

    What happened when the governmant deregulated the banking industry? Check these sites. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by jamie
  32. business

    are all banks part of the federal reserve system? As Fedaral reserve system is considered as the leader of the banking system in U.S.A, all banks are resposible to to the Federal reserve system. But they not treated as the branch of the federal sytem

    asked by jamie
  33. conclusion+ paragraph! + thanks in advance!

    Right before World War One, Imperialistic, territorial, nationalist, and economic rivalries had been intensifying among Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. Others argue sayings that if war was going to happen don’t you think it

    asked by essay+ can some edit my paragraph?Thanks
  34. Chem

    Draw a Structural Formulae for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Cyanogen (C2N2 or CN2) Hydrogen = 1 Valency Nitrogen = 3 Valencies Carbon = 4 Valencies H-C(triple bond)N N(triple bond)C-C(triple bond)N Thank you And for a Lewis Structure they would be H:C:::N:

    asked by Anthony
  35. history

    explain very briefly about the wooden horse of troy and please use at least one adjetive in every scentence thanks!! This is a great assignment. I'd love to write your paragraph for you, especially since I've seen a replica of the mythological wooden horse

    asked by ebby
  36. English MLA

    I having serious trouble with MLA Works Cited Page. How do you cite something that was from CBS Online? Its not really an article from a Newspaper online; should I just site it as a website??? Thank You Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    asked by Aletha
  37. Chem

    Sodium cyanide NaCN is a solid which melts at 564C to give a liquid that conducts electricity, It also dissolves in water to give a conduction solution. Deduce the type of bonding that holds the compound together and why? Write a balanced chemical equation

    asked by Anthony
  38. Chemistry

    Identify any functional groups in compound 1 and 2 COMPOUND 1 CH2 = CH-CH-OH with CH3 under the second CH COMPOUND 2 CH3-CH-CH2-C (double bond O off C and -OH of C) also a CH3 under CH ROH are alcohols. RCOOH are acids.

    asked by Adam
  39. Chem

    COMPOUND 1 CH2 = CH-CH-OH with CH3 under the second CH Plus CH3-CH-CH2-C (double bond O off C and -OH off C) also a CH3 under CH i) complete the equation for this reaction ii) Indentify any new functional groups in the organic product(s)name them iii)State

    asked by Adam
  40. computer

    hi on my computer, i put a background on the desktop. i didn't like that one so i got another background but how do i get rid of the old one. because everytime i log on using my log in name, the picture of the old picture pops up and then my new background

    asked by apoorva
  41. Organic Chemistry

    Does anybody know of a website that explains organic nomenclature ? ...something along the lines "organic nomencluture for Dummies" would be great :-) I'm stuggling to underatand "Z-3-Bromo-6-methyloct-3-ene" let alone draw it ! Here is a site that might

    asked by WeatherGirl
  42. To Adam/Anthony/Hols

    Any help with s103 06 QUESTION 5?? You would do better, I think, to post your question and let everyone try to help rather than using only students taking the course.

    asked by Gemma
  43. Statistics

    I'm desperate I don't know how to calculate this, I always get a different answer, someone give me step by step please. P(3)=P(x=3;n=5!p=0.5) =5! x(0.5)3x(1- P(3)=P(x=3;n=5!p=0.5) =5! x(0.5)3x(1-0.5) 5-3 = 031250 _______ 3!(502)!

    asked by Linda
  44. can someone proof read my work thanks!

    If the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand was just a trigger why did everyone wait a whole year to do anything? If war was going to happen don’t you think it was given many chances to happen before the assassination? War would have not been

    asked by debate paper World war one!
  45. Science

    which action would result in the more (financially) valuable product: taking one proton from each nucleus in a sample of gold or adding one proton to each gold nucleus? Taking a proton (p) away 79 AU - 1p = atomic number 78?? Adding a Proton Au79 + 1p =

    asked by Gemma
  46. chemisrty

    I have seen on the chemistry answers that a symbol is used please can you tell me what it means they are the upside v eg Na^ and CN^ It means that the number or symbol that follows is placed in the top corner of Symbol before it E.g cm^3 or CN^- you just

    asked by bex
  47. science

    name some of the biogeochemical cycles and how do they affect our lives Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "biogeochemical cycles" to get these possible sources:

    asked by lateese
  48. english

    In conrad's The heart of darkness, why doesn't marlow tell kurtz's fiancee the truth. I am trying to find the answer. Thanks You might find an explanation here: =)

    asked by casey
  49. Chemistry Help.......

    State the Le Chatelier's principle and explain the following i) The effect that incresing the pressure will have on the eaualibrium yield of methanol ii) The effect of increasing the temperature will have on the equalibrium yeild of methanol iii) The

    asked by Lacey
  50. Physics: Work

    1st question: I was solving a question and I was asked the work done by friction. It is natural that work done by friction (a retarding force)should be negative and in my answer it was. However, just to be sure, work can be negative? 2nd question: A block

    asked by Matt
  51. math

    find the sum of the measures of the intieior angles of each polygon. -hexagon -pentagon -quadrilateral -octagon -16-gon -27-gon The key is the sum of the measures. All of these figures have the same total number of degrees in their interior angles. What do

    asked by kristen
  52. Chemistry

    what is the pH of Sulphuric acid? It depends upon the molarity. pH = -log(H+) -log = ? pH = -log(H^+) find (H^+), punch that into your calculator, change the sign to minus, then find the "log" key and punch that. That will be the pH.

    asked by Gemma
  53. math

    A large cube is built from centimeters cubes. The faces of the large cube are painted .Of the centimeter cubes, 1000 are unpainted see the other post.

    asked by Felipe
  54. math

    A large cube is built from centimeters cubes. The faces of the large cube are painted .Of the centimeter cubes, 1000 are unpainted how many of the centimeters cubes are painted on one face The inner ones are not painted. So (L-1) cubed=1000 solve for L.

    asked by Felipe
  55. Chemistry

    ....CH3.................O........................... ...__/......................||.......................... ..// \\______N___C___CH___NH2. ..\==/.............|..................||…............. ........\...........H…….......CH3………....

    asked by Lacey
  56. Geography

    What is the name of the island in North America that is part of Denmark. Greenland

    asked by cindy

    Where can I find a listing of George W. Bush's original cabinet choices. I already have the current ones. Also I need to list the year and administration in which the positions were created and a brief description of the roles, responsibilities and

    asked by Suzi
  58. Chemistry

    In practice the methanol production process is operated at temps of 250-300c and at pressures of 50-100 atmospheres in the presence of a copper based catalyst. Are these operating conditions consistent with the aims of achieving a high equilibrium yield of

    asked by Bean
  59. science

    When an acid and an alcohol react does it produce an ester? If so ehat type of reaction is this? I call it esterification. It is also an elimination reaction in that water is eliminated.

    asked by Gemma
  60. Science

    Which structure eliminated the need for water for plant reproduction? a. pollen b. pollinators c. flowers d. sperm e. cones with flowers, wind and bugs could do it. Bob- In my lecture it says..."some plants developed pollen instead of sperm as male gametes

    asked by Jack
  61. Science

    2. Which of these was NOT included in Darwin and Wallace's theory of natural selection? a. variability b. high reproductive rates c. survival of the most fit. d. traits passed on from parents to offspring. e. mutation. I don't remember the word mutation

    asked by John
  62. Science

    Genetic drift results in a change in gene frequencies because a. gene flow within the population is less than gene flow between populations. b. reproduction is non-random within the population c. the population size is so small that chance occurrences can

    asked by Harry
  63. science

    help - is the father but becomes the mother and the fertilized eggs mature into well developed young in his pouch What is it? A seahorse Thanks drwls, I was thinking it was either the seahorse or the darwin frog? Should I go with the seahorse? Since the

    asked by chris
  64. Chemistry

    ....CH3.................O........................... ...__/......................||.......................... ..// \\______N___C___CH___NH2. ..\==/.............|..................||…............. ........\...........H…….......CH3………....

    asked by Anthony
  65. Cultural Diversity

    Consider racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justice, health care, and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern African Americans, which do you think are most difficult to overcome, and why? .Suggust some

    asked by Keisha
  66. Management Accounting

    I really need help with this question. I keep doing it wrong so can anyone help me please. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------- The maori novelty company makes a variety of souvenirs for visitors to New Zealand. The Otago

    asked by A
  67. science

    What are 3 alternate sources of cleaner electricity? cleaner than what? i think you speak from alternative, renewable energy sources. examples are wind, photovoltaic, biomass or water. the advantage of these is that they do not emit greenhouse gases (ghg).

    asked by rachel
  68. science

    the three fuel sources to make electricity are what coal, natural gas, fuel oil ure mom ure dad and ur brother Coal, natural gas and fuel oil

    asked by rachel
  69. history

    Why was the u.s neutral at the beginning of world war I? =)

    asked by christina
  70. science

    why is it impossibe for an individual organism to simply "adapt" to a new biome? Adaptation to a new biome takes generations. When in a new biome, many organisms of a peraticular species will die. However, with adaquate variation within the species, some

    asked by sara
  71. referance

    can someone please find me a couple of websites, to practice for elementary standardized test It all depends on which standardized test you want to practice for. ITBS:

    asked by shivangi
  72. Computer

    Suppose that a sender and receiver use asynchronous transmission and agree not to use stop elements. Could this work? If so, explain any necessary conditions.

    asked by Stephanie
  73. Computer

    Give some examples where traffic analysis could jeopardize security. Describe situations where end-to-end encryption combined with link encryption would still allow enough traffic analysis to be dangerous. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched

    asked by Stephanie
  74. english

    School Food Gets Good…Real Good! During the years food has been the same. Pizza, meatballs, pasta or even peanut butter and jelly. Don’t you want some good foods? Like real rice and beans, plantains etc. Frozen food has taken over our food . About 75%

    asked by jose
  75. Science

    HELP!!! Cellular examination of a cyanobacterium and a diatom reveals that the diatom has (which structure?) that is absent in the cyanobacterium? a. DNA b. chloroplasts c. plasma membrane d. a cell wall with peptidoglycan e. all of the above Since this is

    asked by John
  76. biology

    name 4 types of insects that live in ponds and what they feed on. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "pond insects" to get these possible sources:

    asked by jason
  77. algebra check please

    a=-2 b=5 c=-4 d=6 question is b^2-2bc+c^2 see if i did the steps right please (5^2)-(2*5*-4)+(-4^2) (5^2)-(10*-4)+(-4^2) (5^2)-(-40)+(-4^2) 5^2-(-40)-4^2 25-(-40)-4^2 25+40-4^2 25+40-16 65-16 49 No. Minus four squred is positive sixteen. eighty percent of

    asked by sara
  78. math

    it is cross math (like sudouk) six rows across and six rows down 1st row has empty box, +, empty box, + box =6 this row is across 2nd row has x blacked out box, +, blacked out box, x, blacked out box this row is across 3rd row across is empty box, +, empty

    asked by vince
  79. Algebra (test corrections)

    This problem was on a test and I got it wrong, and if I do it over I get half the credit back, but I need help with it plz. (11x^2+2x^3+14+17x)/(2x+5) My algebra teacher didn't even go over this lesson (we skipped it) and it was on the test. She says it's

    asked by Emily
  80. spanish

    what does yo soy tuja and dame un beso and yo te amo mucho and no me quiero ir yo soy tuja means i'm yours (girl verison) dame me un beso means give me a kiss yo te amo mucho means i love you alot no me quiero ir means i don't want to leave Thank you for

    asked by jose
  81. Please Help[math]

    *Describe your graphs using words. 2x > -6 and x - 4 < 3 You have to solve for x. x>= -3 and x

    asked by Margie
  82. Please help (Science) Scroll to photosynthesis and read. Then think about how most plants and algae use chloroplasts to photosynthesise. Cellular examination of a cyanobacterium and a diatom reveals that the diatom has (which

    asked by Lance
  83. math

    well i need to ask how do you multiply a fraction? Multiply the numerators. Place the number on top. Multiply the denominators. Place the number on the bottom. Reduce the fraction if possible.

    asked by jamika keller
  84. Business law

    If articles of incorporation are supposed to be prepared by a lawyer and the partners of a business are told they will be formed by may 3rd and the partners begin conducting businss on the 4th are they held personally liable if anything were to happen?

    asked by Ryan
  85. math

    a clothing manufacturer has 100m of silk and 180 m of wool. to make a suit requires 2m of silk and 3m of wool and to make a dress requires 1m of silk and 2m of wool. if the profit on a suit is 108$ and the profit on a dress is 60$ how many suits and

    asked by susey
  86. math

    how I change 28/9 to a mixed or whole number divide 28 by 9 to give you 3 with a remainder of 1. so 28/9 = 3 1/9 (three and one ninth) Thank you Reiny

    asked by carmen
  87. basic geometric

    Thank you mary for helping me with these work I really appreciated.

    asked by vero
  88. math

    how you multoply 5 2/7 x 5/8 x 3 1/2 write the answer in simplest form First of all you have to change all mixed fractions to improper fractions, mixed fractions are useless in calculations. Then multiply your numerators together and multiply your

    asked by carmen
  89. Econ MC

    When goods are not excludable a. the good will be produced as a private good but not as a public good. b. the good will not be produced since no one values it. c. the free-rider problem prevents the private market from supplying them. d. everyone can have

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Algebra

    I am in need of assistance with the following problem: v-4(4-v) = -2(2v-1) I don't want an answer I will work the problem myself I just need some one to assist me with the detailed rule or formula to work the problem. I have been on multiple sites trying

    asked by Alexcia