Questions Asked on
March 11, 2007

  1. MATH

    In U.S. customary units what is the width of two fingers, the length of a man's shoe, and the length of one big step? one inch one foot one yard

    asked by Jillian
  2. Biology

    Which of the following statements about NAD or NADH is FALSE? a) NAD is converted to NADH during both glycolysis and the Krebs cycle b) NAD possesses more chemical energy than NADH c) NAD picks up hydrogen ion (H+) and electrons removed from food, and

    asked by Omaid
  3. Biology

    During aerobic respiration, electrons travel downhill in which of these sequences? food-Krebs cycle-ATP-NAD+ or Food-NADH-electron transport chain-oxygen If I could figure out what it ends with it would be easier to answer.

    asked by Ayeisha
  4. word problem!!! algebra

    at noon, a cargo van crosses an intersection at 30 mph. At 12:30 pm, a car crosses the same intersection traveling in the opposite direction. At 1 pm, the van and car are 54 miles apart. How fast is the car traveling? I know the answer is 48 mph, but can

    asked by susan
  5. MATH

    In metric units what is the thickness of a dime, the width of a little finger, and the length of one big step?

    asked by Jillian
  6. basic geometric

    The perimeter of a square is 92 feet. What is the length of each side. and thank you for your help I really appreciated . P= 4*s s= P/4

    asked by vero
  7. Chemistry

    Determine the number of grams of NH3 produced by the reaction of 3.5g of hydrogen gas with sufficient nitrogen gas 1. Write the balanced equation. 2. Convert what you have (3.5 g) into mols. Mols = grams/molar mass. 3. Use the coefficients in the balanced

    asked by Roxxanne
  8. MATH

    Arrange each sets of units in order from shortest to longest: m,cm,mm,km ft,mi,in,yd Do you have a set of tables in your text or notes? For example, can you look in your tables and find 5,280 ft = 1 mile. So you know miles is a larger unit than feet. Do

    asked by Jillian
  9. Economics

    Suppose that a family's tax liability equaled its income multiplied by one-half minus $10,000. Under this system, some families would pay taxes to the government, and some families would receive money from the government through a "negative income tax." a.

    asked by Sarah
  10. basic geometric

    The width of a rectangle is 6 centimeters less than the lenght. The perimeter is 64 centimeteres . would you please help me, answer these work. than you. L = length W = width ================ eqn 1: 2L + 2W = perimeter = 64 cm eqn 2: W+6cm = L Solve the

    asked by vero
  11. Financial Analysis

    Compute the present value of a $100 cash flow for the following combinations of discount rates and times: a. r = 8 percent. t = 10 years. b. r = 8 percent. t = 20 years. c. r = 4 percent. t = 10 years. d. r = 4 percent. t = 20 years

    asked by Vanessa Belunek
  12. physics

    A disk rotates about its central axis starting from rest and accelerates with constant angular acceleration. At one time it is rotating at 7 rev/s. 55 revolutions later, its angular speed is 21 rev/s. (a) Calculate the angular acceleration. (b) Calculate

    asked by winterWX
  13. MATH!!

    (1)At the begining of her math class, Mrs. Reno gives a warm-up problem. She says, "I am thinking of a number such that 6 is less than the product of 7 and this number is 85." Which number is she thinking of? A-11 B-84 C-13 D-637

    asked by megan
  14. physics

    A ball rolls horizontally off the edge of a tabletop that is 1.0m high. It strikes the floor at a point 1.5m horizontally away from the edge of the table. Find the speed when the ball left the table. Find the time it takes to fall 1 meter. Then, you have

    asked by Jean
  15. basic geometric

    a would like to get someone too help me with these math problem. Two angles of a triangle are 40 degrees and 62 degrees; what is the third angle's measur? The angles of a triangle always adds to 180o. You know two of the angles, solve for the third. can

    asked by vero
  16. Project Management

    You’ve been assigned by your boss to hire a project manager to manage a dam construction project. Write an advertisement for Project Manager’s Illustrated to attract qualified candidates. In your ad, be specific as to the skills, qualities, and

    asked by Christian
  17. factoring

    let f(m)=m^3 + 3m^2 + 3m + 1 notice f(-1) = 0, so m+1 is a factor. Using division, the answer is m^2 + 2m + 1 which factors once more to (m+1)(m+1) so you have (m+1)^3 = 0 and then m = -1 Are you familiar with Pascal's triangle? Did you notice the pattern

    asked by Reiny
  18. Physics/Math

    A 1.50 kg snowball is fired from a cliff 13.5 m high with an initial velocity of 14.0 m/s, directed 41.0° above the horizontal. (a) Using energy techniques, rather than techniques of Chapter 4, find the speed of the snowball as it reaches the ground below

    asked by Technoboi11
  19. Chemistry

    I have read Le Chateliers principle but am having a little trouble explaining the effect of pressure and temperature on the equilibrium yield of methanol (CH3OH). Can anyone also tell me the effect of the increase of temp will have on the rate of the

    asked by Bean
  20. math,correction,plz

    Solve each of the following quadratic equations by completing the square. Problem#22 sect. 10.2 x^2-6x-3=0 My answer I keep getting two different answers : I get these two everytime i do it differently. I get : x= 3 +- radical(12) or x = 3+-2radical(3)

    asked by jas20
  21. Linear Algebra

    a)Let v be a fixed vector in R^3. Show that the transformation defined by T(u)=vxu is a linear transformation. b)Find the range of this linear transformation. Thanx

    asked by Rom
  22. Biology

    Are all of these statements correct about the electron transport chain in humans? Each FADH2 yeields 2 ATP, each NADH yields 3 ATP, and the final electron acceptor is oxygen.

    asked by Ayeisha
  23. math

    the range for the graph of f(x)=-2(x-3)^2+7 is only affected by: a) the vertical stretch by a scale factor of 2 and the vertical shift of 7 units up. b) the vertical stretch by a scale factor of 2 and the horizontal shift of 3 units to the right. c) the

    asked by crisis
  24. Chemistry

    Sodium cyanide, empirical formula NaCN, is a solid which melts at 564 degrees C to give a liquid that conducts electricity. it also dissolves in water to give a conducting solution. Use these properties to deduce the type of bonding that holds this

    asked by David
  25. economics

    A Aircraft company's capital structure is made up of 40% debt and 60% common equity (both at market values). The interest rate on bonds similar to those issued by the company is 8%. The cost of equity is estimated to be 15%. The income tax rate is 40%. The

    asked by Sue
  26. algebra

    The kinetic energy of a particle of mass m is found by taking one-half of the product of the mass (M) and the square of the veocity (V). write an expression for the kinetic energy of a particle. Am i correct in writing KE=1/2mv^2 yes can u help me study

    asked by Ann
  27. Project Management

    You have been assigned as the PM for a project in an industry of your choice. Define the project and its scope briefly, and then identify three risks that your project might face. Rank them and discuss possible mitigation strategies.

    asked by Christian
  28. oral report 2nd grade

    What would be a good report for a second grader to do, on a person, someone famous, sports person, etc. the kids have to dress the part and give a short report. My 8 year old wants to do David Beckham, is that okay for should we do someone REALLY famous?

    asked by maruggstrs
  29. calculus

    I'm feeling pretty stupid right now because I can't remember how to do these. if f(x) = (2x-5)/(x^2-4), write an equation of the tangent line to f at point x=0. *How do I find the slope of the tangent line? and how do you put x=ln4 into a y= equation? Take

    asked by blondie07
  30. Physics

    If you have steel and wood at 0 Celsius, which is colder Both are the same temperature.

    asked by Diana
  31. basic geometric

    a would like to get someone too help me with these math problem. Two angles of a triangle are 40 degrees and 62 degrees; what is the third angle's measur? answered below. Interior angles of a triangle is equal to 180 degrees. A triangle only has 3 angles.

    asked by vero
  32. Earth Science

    what is capillarity and runoff ?

    asked by Briget
  33. science

    what land locations around the world have the highest incidences of hurricanes? Check out this site with a map of the regions with the most hurricanes.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. science

    Re identifying forces, thankyou to Rom for your help, ive now been able to do most of them. One's i am still stuck on are a bungee jumper, speeding train, cyclist speeding off a ramp and a shuttlecock falling to the ground. bungee jumper: cord tension and

    asked by laura
  35. math

    hi, i need help with solving this equation for "y" 2x+3y=-2 2x+3y=-2 Get y on one side. Subtract 2x from both sides. 2x-2x+3y=-2-2x combine terms. 3y=-2-2x Divide both sides by 3. 3y/3 = (-2-2x)/3 y = ?? how do you get -2-2x to divide by 3? I would just

    asked by Tracy
  36. history

    i need 2 write a paragraph about anubis wot shood i write????? i fink i need some info to copy??????? I think you need some religion: The kind that a tough hard nosed teacher can give. It appears you are long overdue. Apparently, no one has ever told you

    asked by chantelle
  37. Research paper for photography

    Hi! This is an essay I wrote on Duane Michals for my photography class. Can someone please proofread - I'm rusty on writing essays. Also, can you give my comments and critiques, especially conclusion...I think it's a little weak... THANKS! p.s. I started

    asked by michelle
  38. Quantum Physics

    How is it a substance can emit photons of visible light after absorbing ultra violet photons but not with infrared radiation The re-emitted photons must be of lessor energy (longer wavelength) than the incident photons. In a one-photon absorption process,

    asked by Sue
  39. language arts

    how do i turn a sentance into a paragraph? writing several sentences that make sense...when ur ready to change the subject or state something different, you start it in a next line away from the margin.

    asked by anonomas
  40. Algebra

    First the slope. Perpendicular to a slope of -3 means a line slope of 1/3 y= 1/3 x + b. Now put in the x,y point and solve for b. write the equation of a line that has a y intercept (0,5) and is perpendicular to the line with equation y=-3x+1

    asked by bobpursley
  41. Simplifying Rational Expressions

    1.4x12 / 4x 2.d+7 / d^2-49 3.t^2-25 / t^2+t-20 4.2x^2+6x+4 / 4x^2-12x-16 5.6-y / y^2-2y-24 1. 12 [4x] cancels out. so you're left with just 12. 2. 1/d-7 factor the d^2-49 to (d+7)(d-7). cancel out the (d+7) 3. (t-5)/(t-4) factor both numerator and

    asked by mike
  42. factor

    Factor 3x^2 - 4x + 1 these aswell x^2 - 16 x^2– 6x + 9 a^2- 2ab + b^ 2 x^2+ 6x -16 x^2– 6x -16 (3x +a )(x +a ) 3a +a= -4, so what is a?

    asked by mike
  43. Science

    What are the Lewis structures for hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen?? I think it's H:C:::N :N:::C:C:::N: with the inner upper electrons being shared. For the elements in these compounds, which is the noble gas whose electron configuration is attained in the

    asked by Helen
  44. English/History

    Our history teacher requires us to write out numbers from 1-100 in our history essays. However, if I were writing something such as "The September 11 attacks" would I have to write "September eleventh"? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    asked by Chris
  45. algebra check

    at 7a.m. the temperature was -15degree F by 1 p.m the temperature had increased by 18degrees F what was the temperature at 1 pm? -15+18=3 answer:3degree F Looks good to me.

    asked by sara
  46. math

    There is no function equation for the Fibonacci numbers, you have to use a Recursion formula. F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2) for n>2 and F(1)=1, F(2)=1 what is the equation for the fibonacci sequence

    asked by Reiny
  47. Simplifying Rational Expressions

    Can anyone help me with these 3x-9/3x x^2-25/x^2+6x+5 4x8/105x 4x+4/x^22x3 2x^2+14x+12/4x^4x8 nevermind

    asked by mike
  48. Physics/Math

    The Formula you use is the correct one. However, consider this. If the initial PE existed, wouldn't you have to add it to the initial KE then subtract the PE at some R from the center? We normally make ground zero PE level, but for this... Zero, a

    asked by bobpursley
  49. economics

    What are 5 deteminants of demand for JONES Soda Co? What are 4 determinants of supply for JONES Soda Co? Think about what influences supply and demand e.g., what are some factors that would shift the supply curve? the demand curve? And this will be your

    asked by Kayla
  50. DNA Lactase

    Can anyone comment on my working out for the following question. position - - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - Nucleotide - - T A C T C G G A A - Write down the equivalent mRNA and hence work out the sequence of amino acid names coded in this part in the polypeptide

    asked by Freddo
  51. Biology

    what volume of air might you exchange in a minute?a)while resting b) during exercise

    asked by Pat
  52. Precalculus

    Question Details: Finding Regression for each set of data & finding best fit equation for each set of data: Data 1: X: 1 2 3 4 5 Y: 3.1 12.1 20.7 33.9 50.8 Data 2: X: 1 2 3 4 5 Y: 1.16 3.46 5.11 5.98 6.75

    asked by harry
  53. Chemistry

    Are operating conditions (250 to 300 degees and 50 to 100 atmosphere) consistent with achieving high equilibrium yield of methanol and high production rate. Any conflicts? What is the copper based catalyst? How does its presence help address conflicts.

    asked by Charley
  54. 2nd attempt Essay for Photography

    I posted this before, but failed to paste the essay! oops.. haha. So here's the essay. Please proofread and critique and comment. I'm not so sure about the conclusion. It feels a little weak to me..thanks!!! People seek the answers of their own questions

    asked by michelle
  55. kg

    How is wildlife extinction impacting the world? Check these sites.

    asked by science
  56. Physics/Math

    Ok...I figured out part a but I am having trouble with b. part a was: Zero, a hypothetical planet, has a mass of 1.0x10^23 kg, a radius of 3.0x10^6 m, and no atmosphere. A 10 kg space probe is to be launched vertically from its surface. (a) If the probe is

    asked by Technoboi11
  57. math

    On a straight line graph, if the line is going this way \ and the co ordinates that I have are (0,4) and (5,0), then what is the gradient? How do I work this out please? The gradient is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1). For your two points, that is (-4)/5 = -4/5

    asked by I need help!!
  58. TO KIM

    can you help me with this |2x - 3|^2 - 6|2x - 3| + 5=0 I know you are goood with this stuff Math question here. let |2x - 3| = y then you have y^2 - 6y + 5 = 0 (y-5)(y-1)=0 y = 5 or y = 1 or |2x - 3| = 5 or |2x - 3| = 1 So you have |2x - 3| = 5 giving you:

    asked by Mallory
  59. Project Management

    Discuss the relationship between the quality of a project and its scope, cost, and schedule. Does quality drive the scope, cost, and schedule, or is it the other way around?

    asked by Christian
  60. English

    Can someone please review me on the rule of writing numbers? Isn't it numbers under 10 must be written out:one, two, three,etc., but 10 and up can be in numeral form: 10, 11, 12, etc? But it looks weird when I'm trying to say this: seven through 15. Here's

    asked by Draco
  61. MATHS!

    Kinda lost with this one Given that hx^3 - 12x^2 - x + 3=(2x-1) (2x+1) (x-k) find the values of the constants k and h don't even know where to start start by expanding the right side. then you have hx^3 - 12x^2 - x + 3 = 4x^3 - 4kx^2 - x + k By comparing

    asked by Mallory
  62. language arts/E.S.L

    what are all the facts about hunters? Hunters are people who kill animals. Most hunters use guns, but some use bows and arrows. Usually, the hunters eat the animals they kill. they also wear boots thick clothing and hats if you think about it they don't go

    asked by fatima
  63. rational expressions

    x^2-25 / 2x / x^2+6x+5 / 4 x^2 This makes no sense to me.

    asked by mike
  64. cultural diversity

    How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims? Think about how certain people tend to categorize things in racism. Then think about how we tend to place almost all people "in the same basket" when it comes to those

    asked by sherry
  65. Science

    Im having trouble identifying forces. I have pictures of things like a man parachuting and a girl skating. I have to draw arrows to show the direction of the force and label to say the forces acting on each object. Parachuter has force of gravity pushing

    asked by Laura
  66. english

    your manager at work has advised you that you and two of your coworkers will be visiting a branch of your company in another country. Select a country that you would like to learn more about. Then, conduct an internet or library search regarding the

    asked by Anonymous
  67. MATH!!!

    (1)TOP Electronics is a small business with five employees.The mean(avergae) weekly salary for the five emplyees is $360. If the weekly salaries of four of the employees are $340,$340,$345, and $425, what is the salary if the fifth employee?

    asked by megan
  68. radicals

    what is radical 2 + 2radical 6 Are you asking for the decimal equivalent? Your calculator is your friend.

    asked by Michelle
  69. Simplifying Rational Expressions4x-12/4x

    These are the answers i wanted corrected: 4x12/4x d+7/d^2-49 t^2-25/t^2+t-20 2x^2+6x+4/4x^2-12x-16 6-y/y^2-2y-24 You will have to use brackets to show the intended order of operation. How can we 'correct' your work if you supply neither solutions nor

    asked by mike
  70. math

    On a straight line graph, if the line is going this way \ and it goes through 5 on the x axis and 4 on the y axis then what is it's gradient? How do I work this out? Thanks xx You also have to specify a point that the line goes through. Does it pass

    asked by Me
  71. Linear Measurements

    Is one mile about 1609 meters? Is one meter about 39 inches? About how long is one kilometer in miles? And i have other questions but i shall try to figure them out!HELP PLZ!!! yes, yes, .6 miles

    asked by Holly
  72. Help!!

    A train company has signed a contract to deliver a new fuel driven train 3 years from now. The price they will receive at the end of 3 years is $20 million. If the firm's cost of capital is 6%, what is the present value of this payment? A train company has

    asked by Kim
  73. MATH

    How many meters equal 1 mile? How many inches equal 1 meter? How many miles equal 1 km?

    asked by Jillian
  74. math

    subtract o.36 from 6 do I move the descimal point over how do I do this problem Use 6.00 as the top number. Line up the decimal points and subtract 0.36 from 6.00.

    asked by patti help
  75. Project Management

    You’ve now assembled a small group of likely candidates for the dam PM job. What are the first five interview questions you will ask her/him? What would you like to find out about the candidate with each of these questions? If you ever expect to be a

    asked by Christian
  76. Cash Flow

    A project lasted several months and at the end of the project life, a piece of specialized equipment having a book value of $4,000 is expected to bring $3,000 upon resale, and the income tax rate is 40%, how much will be the cash flow? uygoli

    asked by fred
  77. Mathematics

    Kinda lost with this one Given that hx^3 - 12x^2 - x + 3=(2x-1) (2x+1) (x-k) find the values of the constants k and h don't even know where to start when the sum of 1.9 and 2.2 is subtracted from the product of 1.9 and 2.2, what is the differance? don't

    asked by Mallory