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March 10, 2007

  1. Econ-Returns to scale

    Determine whether returns to scale is decreasing, increasing or constant: Q = 2K + 3L + KL Take a shot. Hint: increase both K and L by, say 10%. Does Q rise by more than 10% (increasing), less than 10% (decreasing), or exactly 10% (constant)

    asked by Linda
  2. Math

    From a window 40 feet above the ground in a certain building, the angle of elevation to a window in a second building is 43 degrees. If the distance between the buildings is 110 feet how far above ground level is the second window. If x+40 is the height of

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    Does the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to oxygen involve oxidation or reduction? What substance is acting as the oxidizer or reducer? and Does the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to water involve oxidation or reduction? What substance is acting as the

    asked by Raj
  4. physics

    The angular position of a point on the rim of a rotating wheel is given by = 4.0t - 1.0t2 + t3, where is in radians and t is in seconds. (a) What is the angular velocity at t = 2 s? (b)What is the angular velocity at t = 4.0 s? (c) What is the average

    asked by winterWX
  5. Math

    Let R1 be a binary relation on the set of integers defined as follows: R1 = {(x, y) / 4 divides x – y}. Determine whether the given relation R1 is an equivalence relation on the set {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}.

    asked by Julio
  6. Chemistry

    If I am titrating KMnO4 against a sample of Fe2+, but there is also I- in the sample which of the iron and iodine will be oxidised first? Unless something is present in the sample to complex the iodide ion, KMnO4 may titrate both. How are you titatrating

    asked by James
  7. Human Resources Management

    Discuss how you would know that your team was in conflict and what would be a technique you would use to resolve it. How would you know if your team was in conflict? How would you try to resolve it? If you post your answer, we'll be glad to critique it.

    asked by Ladydra
  8. MSIS Management Science Methods

    How can I set this question up in Lindo? Client has 800,000 that must be invested in 3 funds. 20 to 40% invested in growth fund, 20 to 50% in income fund and at least 30% in money market fund. Client has a max risk index of 0.05. Risk indicators - growth

    asked by Susan
  9. thesis paper

    Please help me paraphrase this statement. Thus human behavior is the product of an ongoing interaction between social environments and internal motivations (gained from previous social experiences). These systems include the home, family, religion,

    asked by Quiera
  10. music search help!

    I was wondering if someone could help me find who were the popular women singers in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. You know the style of music that was playing in the movie Saving private ryan when the soldiers were waiting for the germans to come.

    asked by david
  11. math

    An open-top box is to be constructed from a 6 foot by 8 foot rectangular cardboard by cutting out equal squares at each corner and the folding up the flaps. Let x denote the length of each side of the square to be cut out. a)

    asked by alesia
  12. math

    Graph this function and show the graph over the valid range of the variable x.. Show Graph here You did not provide the function that is supposed to be graphed. But never mind, we can't draw graphs for you here anyway.

    asked by alesia
  13. physics conclusion

    im not quite sure what to write for my conclusion for this physics experiment. The aim is to record measurements and carry out calulations with the correct number of figures. We had to take a brass rod and measure its width with vernier calipers which was

    asked by San
  14. math

    Using the graph, what is the value of x that will produce the maximum volume? What graph?

    asked by alesia
  15. math

    The volume of a cylinder (think about the volume of a can) is given by V = £kr2h where r is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of the cylinder. Suppose the volume of the can is 100 cubic centimeters. a)

    asked by need help
  16. math

    What is the measurement of the height if the radius of the cylinder is 2 centimeters? Round your answer to the nearest whole number. This question has no sense to it. How is height related to radius?

    asked by need help
  17. math

    The formula for calculating the amount of money returned for an initial deposit money into a bank account or CD (Certificate of Deposit) is given by A is the amount of returned. P is the principal amount initially deposited. r is the annual interest rate

    asked by need help
  18. math

    Suppose you deposit $10,000 for 2 years at a rate of 10%. a)

    asked by need help
  19. Math,correction Plz

    Can someone correct these for me please. Problem #68 Science and medicine. Find the time required for an object to fall to the ground from a building that is 1400 ft high. Using the formula t=(1)/(4)radical(s). My answer: 9 minutes and 35 sec. Problem #2

    asked by jas20
  20. math, correction,plz

    can someone correct these for me plz.... Problem#36 Use Property 2 to simplify each of the following radical expressions. Radical (10)/(49) My answer: (radical(2 times 5))/(7) Use the properties for radicals to simplify each of the following expressions.

    asked by jas20
  21. math,correction,plz

    can someone correct these for me plz. Simplify by combining like terms. Problem#32 radical(63) minus 2radical(28) plus 5radical(7) My answer: 4radical(7) Find the perimeter of the triangle shown in the figure. leg...1 = radical (5) + radical (3)

    asked by jas20
  22. math,correction plz

    can someone correct my math...thanks... Perform the indicated multiplication. Then simplify each radical expression. Problem#4 radical(13) times radical (5) My answer: radical (15) Problem #28 radical (7) (2radical(3)+3radical(7)) MY answer: 2radical(21) +

    asked by jas20
  23. math,correction plz

    Perform the indicated division. Rationalize the denominator if necessary. Then simplify each radical expression. Problem #50 (18+radical(567))/(9) my answer: 2+radical(7) Problem # 52 (-9-radical (108))/(3) My answer: -3-2radical (3) yes on both.

    asked by jas20
  24. math,correction,plz

    Perform the indicated division. Rationalize the denominator if necessary. Then simplify each radical expression. Problem #54 (6-radical(20))/(2) My answer: 3-radical(5) Problem #50 Find the area of the rectangle shown in the figure. width = radical (3) +

    asked by jas20
  25. Math sin/cos

    On a piece of paper draw and label a right triangle using the given sides, solve for the unknown side and write the trigonometric functions for angles A and B, if a=5 and c=7. I already found side b which equals 2 sqrts of 6. Now I need to find the sin A

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    Given; a=2.52, c=4.75 find the remaining parts of the right triangle. I found b which equals 4.03 but need help with the angle. We already know that one angle = 90 since its a right triangle. I just need to know angle A. Angle A = a)58 degrees b)32 degrees

    asked by melinda
  27. Business Econ

    I need my answers checked for this question, thanks. A firm's production function: Q = 100 K^0.5 L^0.5 During the last production period, the firm operated efficiently and used input rates of 100 and 25 for labor and capital respectively. (a) What is the

    asked by Bernice
  28. chemistry

    Question is: If you gain your iron from an iron citrate (Fe(C6H7O7)2) supplement, how many grams of iron citrate do you need to take to gain 8.88 mg of iron? I tried setting this problem up, but i don't think i did it right. can someone please tell me if i

    asked by stephanie
  29. precalc

    Evaluate (sin45 degrees)(cos30 degrees) / sec45 degrees a)5 b)7/3 c)1/2 d)7/2 My best guess is 1/2 but I'm not sure if I did the problem right. I found sin 45 and cos 30 multiplied the vvalues together and then divided them by sec45. My answer was

    asked by raven31791
  30. preclac

    Evaluate tan^2 60 degrees +sin^2 45 degrees without using your calculator. a)5 b)7/3 c)1/2 d)7/2 Please help. Draw the 30-60 and 45-45 triangles. What is the answer? You ought to be able to do these from memory. If you cant, make and use flash cards on

    asked by raven31791
  31. econ question

    2 questions that im stuck on!!! 1. Suppose a firm has a production function Q = 3(squareroot)N, where N is labour. Suppose the wage is 3, and the price of the output 4. (a) Write the Firm profits (b) Calculate the firm optimal labour choice when the wage

    asked by tofu
  32. Maths

    One tenth kilogram of Argon is contained in a piston-cylinder assembly. Initially at 4900 K and a volume of 40 liters, the gas undergoes an isobaric process during which the heat input is 30 kJ. Where / how do i start to determine the boundary work and

    asked by Gary
  33. ICT

    i have been given a question to give an explanation of what logical improvements could be made to a current system to meet the requirements of a new information system...i was wondering what is actually meant bt a logical improvement? logical improvement:

    asked by Ben
  34. math,help

    Is it the same thing : fibonacci math and the golden mean? for one i know that this type of math deals with sequences but can someone explian to me briefly the differnces and similarities.

    asked by jas20
  35. History hellp pleasse

    Hi please help with my question Even if you didn't mind the consequences , why would you still be very unwilling to speak out against hitler and the Nazi ? Please help That is obviously a personal opinion you need to decide on and then be able to explain.

    asked by AQW
  36. technology in criminal justice

    How would advances in criminal justice technology would improve resource deployment. More specifically, in addition to giving an overview and several examples of advancing technologies in the criminal justice field, with the main focus on information and

    asked by Jo
  37. english

    is bertha the dark double of jane(eyre) Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'Jane Eyre' Bertha" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by vera
  38. Math sin/cos

    On a piece of paper draw and label a right triangle using the given sides, solve for the unknown side and write the trigonometric functions for angles A and B, if a=5 and c=7. I already found side b which equals 2 sqrts of 6. Now I need to find the sin/cos

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Word Problem

    A wire from the top of a TV tower to the ground makes an angle of 52 degrees with the ground and touches the ground 180 feet from the base of the tower. How high is the tower? a)290 feet b)230 feet c)110 feet d)140 feet I'm pretty sure we can eliminate c

    asked by Kellie
  40. eigenvalues/eigenvectors

    The matrix; [ 1 -2 0] [-2 -1 1] [ 0 0 -1] I have found the eigenvalues to be -1 and +/- 5^1/2 but am having problems putting the root 5 values a eigenvectors. I know I sub it back into the matrix { x-1 -2 0 } { -2 x+1 1 } { 0 0 x+1} but then it gets messy.

    asked by Rom
  41. Social Studies

    Are rivers, deserts, and canyons considered landforms? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is some some on Landforms:

    asked by Anonymous
  42. maths

    -128 degrees has a reference angle of what? It depends. Where zero is is arbritary. In polar coordinates, and geographical coordinates, zero is Upward (North), and clockwise is positive. In Tensors, zero often To the Right, and counterclockwise is

    asked by sam
  43. algebra

    Can someone please help me with this one? Solve (5x+4)^1/2-3x=0 Just so you know, it is to the 1/2 power. Add 3x to both sides of the equation, then square both sides. That should enable you to gather terms and factor. Yeah, that's the part I understood.

    asked by Lydia