Questions Asked on
March 7, 2007

  1. physics

    A sound wave travels in air at a frequency of 500 Hz. If part of the wave travels from air into water, does its frequency change? Does its wavelength change? Note that the speed of sound in air is about 340 m/s, whereas the speed of osund in water is about

    asked by anonymous
  2. Physics/Math

    You drop a 1.8 kg textbook to a friend who stands on the ground 9 m below the textbook with outstretched hands 1.50 m above the ground. (a) What is the speed of the textbook when it reaches the hands? m/s (b) If we substituted a second textbook with twice

    asked by Technoboi11
  3. Biology

    After graduation, you and 19 friends build a raft, sail to a deserted island, and start a new population, totally isolated from the world. Two of your friends carry(heterozygotes) the recessive allele c, which causes cystic fibrosis in homozygotes.

    asked by Mike
  4. Simplifying with Trigonometry Identities

    Hi, I am a senior in High School having a really difficult time with two problems. I have to prove using the trigonometric identities that they equal each other but I am having a really hard time trying to get them to equal each other. I've spent over 2

    asked by amanda
  5. algebra 1

    I was just wondering if anybody could explain to me the steps in 'solving systems in substitution' and 'solving systems in substitution with a variable'. I'm majorly confuzled!!!! It might help to post a specific problem so someone can show you the steps.

    asked by Otoño
  6. physics

    A sled of mass m is given a kick on a frozen pond. The kick imparts to it an initial speed of 2.00 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between sled and ice is 0.100. Use energy considerations to find the distance the sled moves before it stops. find

    asked by Jean
  7. Physics/Math

    A thin rod, of length L and negligible mass, that can pivot about one end to rotate in a vertical circle. A heavy ball of mass m is attached to the other end. The rod is pulled aside through an angle and released. (a)What is the speed of the ball at the

    asked by Technoboi11
  8. math,correction please..

    (x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) = (8)/(x^2-2x) I keep getting x = 6 can someone show me how you guys are getting x = -10 The lowest commond denominator is x(x-2) x/x *(x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) *(x-2)/(x-2)=(8)/x(x-2) multiplying both sides by the common denominator..

    asked by jas20
  9. science

    what happens to the power of an electric circuit if the resistance is decreased?? explain?? i know that as the power increases the resistance decreases why is that?? Power = voltage^2 / resistance. Think again about what you "know". Resistance does not

    asked by Megan
  10. org. chem

    why is it easier to remove excess acetic acid from the products than excess isopentyl alcohol? from the products of what? Did you perform an experiment in class and this is one of the lab questions? If so you will need to explain what you did in some

    asked by Richard
  11. Social Studies -- Merisa

    I've reposted your question because it was posted as an answer to another question. Next time, please click Post a New Question when you want to ask a question. Your question: Was the U.S right to become an imperialist country and was it right to take over

    asked by Ms. Sue
  12. s103

    the isotope caesium -137, which has a half life of 30 years, is a product of nuclear power plants. How long will it take for the amount of this isotope in a sample of caesium to decay to one sixteenth of its original amount? - explain answer 1/16 = 1/2^x

    asked by Pedro
  13. Organic Chem/ Aldol Products

    Can anyone tell me what the aldol product would be from a reaction of butanal and sodium hydroxide? I also would like to know what the aldol product would be from a reaction of cyclopentanone and sodium hydroxide and the aldol product from a reaction of

    asked by Steve
  14. Physics/Math

    A 1.50 kg snowball is fired from a cliff 12.5 m high with an initial velocity of 14.0 m/s, directed 41.0° above the horizontal. (a) Using energy techniques, rather than techniques of Chapter 4, find the speed of the snowball as it reaches the ground below

    asked by Technoboi11
  15. rethoric

    what kind of fallacy is "Gold's book doesn't deserve a Pulitzer Prize. She has been married four years." Okay, this site should help you with that one too.

    asked by DEb
  16. chemistry

    what is sulphuric acid made up of, h2so4 H2SO4 is sulfuric acid.

    asked by mo.
  17. Chemistry

    When atmospheric pressure is 700. mmHg, water boils at 97.714 degrees C. Calculate entropy change of water if 50.0 grams is vaporized under these conditions. The heat of vaporization of water can be found in almost any reference text, and Cp H2O= 33.6

    asked by Chris
  18. Pre Cal

    2cos 4theta + 1 = 0 i know how to find the degrees (the last step of the problem), but i don't know how to start the problem. Could someone please show me the steps? I assume you mean cos (4 theta) and not (cos theta)^4 cos (4 theta) = -1/2 The angles with

    asked by Marie
  19. Pre Cal

    write the equations of the parabola, the directrix, and the axis of symmetry. vertex: (-4,2) focus: (-4,6) if someone could explain how to do this problem then that would be great! thanks in advance! Formats to help you find the equation for a parabola: (x

    asked by Marie
  20. math

    A tree casts a shadow that measures 4 ft, At the same time, a yardstick casts a shadow that is 9 in long. How tall is the pole? Assuming that the light comes from the same sources (in this case, the sun), the ratio of the yardstick (one yard) and its

    asked by carol
  21. math

    the pizza was sliced into 6 equal pieces. Matrin ate 2 pieces. What fraction of the pizza did he eat. what percent did he eat? If the pizza is sliced in 6hts then its 2 over 6 and you reduce that because 2 goes into each of those numbers making it 1/3. to

    asked by sexy
  22. physics

    a 2.00 kg block is attached to a spring of force constant 500 N/m. The block is pulled 5.00 cm to the right of equilibrium and released from rest. Find the speed of the block as it passes through equilibrium if a) the horizontal surface is frictionless and

    asked by Jean
  23. Chemistry

    Hoffmans apparatus find out the energy available per mole of water if it is split into h2 and o2 Data 1 mol of gas at NTP is 24.5l 31.2ml of _______ 62.4ml of _______ it looks like this question comes from a lab experiment. You have not provided all the

    asked by San
  24. social studies

    where can I find info about the draft for WWI such as what countries used the draft, what the qualifications for going in were, what got you out of going and I need graphics and pictures. Please help. M Here are some sites with good information. (Broken

    asked by ML
  25. Anonymous

    climate and topographical factors that (a) intensify air pollution and (b) help reduce air pollution. Air pollution is promoted by temperature inversion layers, intense sunlight, and barrier moutain ranges on most or all sides. It is relieved by ocean

    asked by Anonymous
  26. discrete math

    If a and b are positive integers, and m=lcm(a,b), explain why m divides any common multiple of a and b. The answer is in the definition of lcm:] the smallest multiple that is exactly divisible by every member of a set of numbers. So if m is divisble by a

    asked by romulo
  27. science

    why is there zero current when a light bulb burns out? With the filamnt burned out there is no connection and no connection means no power is going through the wires; thus, no current.

    asked by Megan
  28. english

    What is the correct punctuation for this sentence? Free of the restrictions of the real world,her characters reveal theirselves like they truly are. That punctuation is correct. Although the punctuation is correct, there are errors in the sentence. It

    asked by josh
  29. algebra

    the other one came out wrong. 8x^2y^-2 (4xy^2)^-1 ________ . ___________ x^-2y x^2y its a fraction and you have to multiply I assume you mean [(8x^2 y^-2)/(x^-2 y)] x [(4xy^2)^-1/(x^2 y)] which can be rewritten = 8 x^4 y^-3 x [1/(4x^3y^3)] = 2 x y^-6

    asked by kairi
  30. S103

    Which element results if 2 protons and 2 neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus with atomic number 88 and mass number 226 - show workings? What is actually ejected is an alpha particle (helium nucleus). The new atomic number is 88-2 = 86 and the new

    asked by Pedro
  31. Calc Help

    An agency charges $15 per person for a trip for groups of no less than 30 people. But for each person above the 30, the charge (for everyone!) will be reduced by $0.15. Write a revenue function for the agency usin x as number of people above 30. What size

    asked by Rob
  32. math

    The time is 6:10. Is the hour hand closer to the 6 or 7? why? What do you think?

    asked by charnelle
  33. Math--need help fast

    If the radius of a circle is x/6, what's the diameter and circumference? Diameter = 2*r Circumference = 2*pi*r ...or... Circumference = pi*d Note: I'm using * to mean multiply. Can you now determine what you need to know with this information? Not really.

    asked by Emily
  34. chem

    can someone give me examples of the explanatory power of the quantum-mechanical model? Power to explain what? The nature of the chemical bond? Linus Pauling wrote a book with that title. Bascially, QM can explain everything about chemistry such as

    asked by ashley
  35. chemistry

    a drop of oil (volume 0.05cm3) is released from a medicine dropper on to the calm surface of a pond where it spreads out to cover an area of 40cm2. Assume that the oil film has a uniform thickness equal to the diameter of an oil molecule. CALCULATE the

    asked by Pedro
  36. Chem

    I am doing a lab concerning pH... Why is it necessary to allow a mixture of 25mL of a 0.1M HCl solution with 20mL of a 0.08M NaOH solution to cool to room temperature? (I don't know if the actualy concentrations matter) Does it affect the pH? Yes,

    asked by Marisol
  37. Polynomiials

    Find a polynomial function with real coefficients that has the given numbers as roots: 4, 0, 3, italic i a)x^4-4x^3 +9x^2-36x b)x^3-4x^2 -3x+12 c)x^3-4x^2 +3x-12 d)4x-4x^3 -9x^2 +36x My gut instinct is either b or c but I could be wrong. If it were b or c,

    asked by raven 31791
  38. s103

    Reactants O ll CH2 = CH - CH - OH + CH3 - CH - CH2 - C l l l CH3 CH3 OH compound 1 compound 2 Products? identify any functional groups in compounds 1&2, circle them and name them clearly? complete the equation for reation 1 by drawing the abbreviated

    asked by Pedro
  39. s103

    Reaction 1 O ll CH2=CH-CH-OH + CH3-CH-CH2-C l l l CH3 CH3 OH compound 1 compound 2 Products? identify any functional groups in compounds 1&2, circle them and name them clearly? complete the equation for reation 1 by drawing the abbreviated structural

    asked by Pedro
  40. Math

    There are 39 books in the Old Testament an 27 books in the New Testament. Write a ratio in lowest terms to compare the number of books in the Old Testament to the number in the New Testament. I don't quite remember how to do ratios, could someone please

    asked by Jenna
  41. International Business

    For many global companies, China represents a very attractive market in terms of size and growth rate. Yet, it ranks lower in terms of economic freedom and higher in political risk than other country markets because it has a communist government. Despite

    asked by AJ
  42. english

    when writing, can a claim be true or false depending on the context of the paper? Yes, if that paper is the authority of truth for the claim. It depends on what you're claiming. If you are writing an argument, the claim needs to be supportable on either

    asked by trae
  43. pre-cal

    The sq root of -4 (3-sq root of -9) a)6 +6i b)-6+6i c)6-6i d)-6-6i Again the i's are in italics. I would think that c and d could be eliminated because the answer is suppose to be in the form a + bi but they could be trting to trick you. I'm not quite sure

    asked by raven 31791
  44. rethoric

    What kind of fallacy is everybody agrees that we need sstronger drunk-driving laws. Check the one on Hasty Generalization.

    asked by DEb
  45. Chemistry

    COMPLETION AND BALANCING OF EQUATIONS Complete and balance the following equations: 1. ZnCl2 + AgNO3

    asked by Muhammad Ahsan KHan
  46. Math

    At the same time of day a cable pole and a yard stick cast shadows of 20 ft. and 4 ft. persfectively as shown in the diargram below. if the angle of elevation of the sun is the same for both the cable pole and the yard stick determine the height od the

    asked by Noelia
  47. finacne

    Problem 3: Net Present Values The table below contains information about three upcoming projects that your company is currently evaluating. As their financial analyst it is your duty to evaluate each of the three projects and help your company select the

    asked by Vikar
  48. algebra

    An open-top box is to be constructed from a 6 foot by 8 foot rectangular cardboard by cutting out equal squares at each corner and the folding up the flaps. Let x denote the length of each side of the square to be cut out. a)

    asked by Jade

    I can't remember the abbreviation for decimeter! Abbreviation: dm thanks hey.... the abb is dm.. 1. Factor 4m²+40m+100 2. The area of a circle is given by the equation A = ð(25x²+10x+1). Find an expression for the radius. 3. The bed of a pond can be

    asked by Jenna
  50. Chemistry

    COMPLETION AND BALANCING OF EQUATIONS Complete and balance the following equations: 1. ZnCl2 + AgNO3

    asked by Muhammad Ahsan KHan
  51. chemistry

    state noble gas whose electron configuration is attained in a lewis structure for hydrogen cyanide and noble gas attained in lewis structure for cyanogen? I have answered this several times but at times it really wasn't an answer. I am not familiar with

    asked by Pedro
  52. Math Algebra

    A 10 foot ladder is to be placed against the wall, the base of the ladder must be placed at an angle of 72 degrees with the level ground for secure footing find to the nearest in how far the base of the ladder should be from the wall the ladder will reach?

    asked by Noelia
  53. math

    missed this in parade magazine, please answer for me man owns cows and chickens that total 30 when the son couned them his answer was 74 legs how many chicken did the farmer own x=cows y=chickens x+y=30 4x+2y =74 please finish for me Solve one equation for

    asked by george
  54. Algebra

    can you show me the steps for this problem (2x)to the 4th power (3xcubed)squared I'd like to help you, but I'm not sure what this problem is supposed to be. You can use the symbol ^ when using exponents. For example, 2x to the 4th power can be typed 2x^4.

    asked by maria
  55. algebra

    use substitution to solve the linear system 3x+2y=-5 4x-3y=16 help plz!!! Solve for y in one formula, and then substitute that value for y in the other formula to solve for x. Once you find x, substitute that value into either formula to get the value for

    asked by kerry
  56. More Math

    There have been about two years before the birth of Christ for every 3 years of history in all. If 4,000 years passed before Christ's birth, what is the total number of years in history? (Years BC)/(Years AD + Years BC) = 2/3 4000 y = (2/3)(Years AD +

    asked by Jenna
  57. Calc Help

    The daily sales, S, in thousands of dollars, is a function of the money, x, spent on advertising (in thousands of dollars) according to: S(x)= -x^3+9x^2+6/6. Find the x-coordinate of the point of diminishing returns. How much money is spent on advertising

    asked by Rob
  58. chemistry

    use the properties of sodium cyanide described above to deduce the type of bonding that holds this compound together, explaining in 1 or 2 short sentences how you arrived at your conclusions. Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs

    asked by Pedro
  59. pre-algebra

    Solve an equation- 4r-6+2r=6 Write an equation and solve it- Thirty-six sections of fencing,all the same length,are joined to form a fence 180m long. How long is each section of fencing? Write an inequality for the sentence. The total t is greater than

    asked by Billy
  60. geometry

    what do u mean by 'angles in the same segment'.My teacher explained a sum using this property.But I couldn't understand.PLs explain me with suitable diagram.

    asked by agnkurup
  61. Science

    I have a science project du and im trying to look for a problem on why the sky is blue. I know that why the sky is blue is a question but i cant find the actuall "problem" The sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering. I know of no problem with that fact.

    asked by Jack
  62. Physics/Math

    Zero, a hypothetical planet, has a mass of 1.0 1023 kg, a radius of 3.0 106 m, and no atmosphere. A 10 kg space probe is to be launched vertically from its surface. (a) If the probe is launched with an initial kinetic energy of 5.0 107 J, what will be its

    asked by Technoboi11
  63. discrete math

    If a and b are positive integers, prove that; ab = gcd(a,b)*lcm(a,b).

    asked by romulo
  64. discrete math

    Prove by contradiction that for any even integer a and any odd integer b, 4 does not divide (a^2 + 2b^2). Proposition: That 4k (k is any integer) = a^2 +2b^2, and a is even, and b is odd. But 4k is even (product of any integer and 4), so a^2 must be even,

    asked by romulo
  65. math,help

    what are the challenges of working with rational expressions i've searched in my math book and online i can't seem to find that answer. Can somoene help me out .. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "math rational

    asked by jas20
  66. Math

    Hi All AoA I need help on Derivation of equation of ellips and hyperbola. Any article, site regarding my question plz?? Thanx Usman Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "ellipse hyperbola equations" to get these

    asked by Usman
  67. English

    Are claims about moral issues subjective, objective or a matter of debate? Subjective and a matter of debate (but no one will really win the debate!) mor·al (môr'əl, mŏr'-) adj. Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human

    asked by Nate
  68. gym

    what is a characteristics of the disease std's By STD I am assuming you mean sexually transmitted disease. An STD is a disease or infection that can be spread between humans having sex. For more information, I think Wikipedia has a good article:

    asked by maya
  69. algabra

    the sum of a the digits in a two digit # is 11. if the digits are reversed, the new # is 45 more than the original #. What is this # !!! i need help AB is the two digit number A+B=11 10B + A= 10A + B - 45 solve. Ok, first. You would first bring both sides

    asked by me
  70. computer science

    Hi, I need to design a state machine for a simple CPU. The cpu has a word size of 4 bits, 4 registers, and 2 register ports (A and B) which go to a ‘181 ALU. Our data-input device consists of two DIP switches, which go to the data-in port of the register

    asked by brad
  71. math

    describe general rule for which fraction that have decimal forms that terminate and which have decimals that repeat and list prime factorizations for each: 1/2 , 1/3, 1/4, 1/5,1/6,1/7,1/8,1/9,1/10,1/11,1/12 how do I do these problems? I searched Google

    asked by patti help
  72. algebra

    simplify the expression. Use only positive exponents. 8x^2y^-2/x^-2y * (4xy^2)^-1/x^2y Something does not seem right in your terms. Are you saying that 8x is being taken to the 2y power and that all this being taken to the -2x power? Please clarify your

    asked by kayla
  73. pre-algebra

    Write an inequality for the sentence. The number of students s that ran in the road race was not less than fifty five. Since it isw not less than 55, it can be 55 or greater, N>54. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by April
  74. English

    Can a "claim" have the same meaning as the word "sentence"? Yes, in this context: A claim is a sentence that assets something to be true. 2) I am innocent of the crime 3) The moon is made of green cheese 4) A sentence can be a claim. 5) Saddam Hussein is

    asked by Missy
  75. English

    Are all controversial matters subjective or relative? Yes. con·tro·ver·sial (kŏn'trə-vûr'shəl, -sē-əl) adj. Of, producing, or marked by controversy: a controversial movie; a controversial stand on human rights. Fond of controversy; disputatious.

    asked by Nate
  76. math

    x+y= 30 4x+2y=74 y+ What does the y+ signify? Are you supposed to solve for y? Try doubling the first equation, giving you 2x + 2y = 60 and then subracting the second equation from that. -2x = -14 Solve that easily for x, and then substitute that x in any

    asked by JOHN
  77. math

    If a salesman is paid a $2,100 commission on the sale of a $35,000 sailboat, what is his commission rate? six percent

    asked by nettie
  78. math,correction

    Solve each of the following equations for x. Problem#1 (x)/(6) - (x)/(8) MY answer: x = 24 Problem #2 (x)/(x-2) - (x+1)/(x) = (8)/(x^2-2x) My answer is: 6 = x or x = 6 right on the first one. check your math on the second one. i've done it twice and both

    asked by jas20
  79. AP Calc-easy ?

    Given: f(x)= x^3 + x^2 - 2x over the closed interval [0,2] Write the equation of the tangent line to f(x) passing through point A(-1,-2). *At first glance I knew how to do it, but f(-1) does not equal do I add a constant onto f(x) to make f(-1) =

    asked by blondie07
  80. Chem (continuation)

    I am a little confused regarding a question I posted yesterday ("Chem" Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 9:29pm) I understand the answer to the first question: What would the pH of this solution be after 0.01 mol of HCl was added? I got 6.09 I'm still kind of

    asked by Marisol
  81. factoring completly

    3x^2 + 17x + 10 5y^8 - 125 a^2 - 2ab - 15b^2 4c^2 - 12c + 9 p4 - 1 6y^2 - 54 x^2 + 10x + 21 a^2 - 10ab + 3b^2 5x^2 - 10x x^2 + 12xy + 35y^2 Can someone help me with these I will be happy to critique your work.

    asked by mike
  82. Simplifying Rational Expressions

    1. 4x-12/4x 2. d+7/d^2-49 3.t2-25/t^2+t20 4.2x^2+6x+4/4x^212x16 5.6y/y^22y24 Can someone help me with these,please,lol,I'm brain dead Try to factor where you can, then simplify as much as you can. I'll show you the first two problems; maybe you can try the

    asked by mike
  83. algebra

    two kids paddled 6 miles up stream for 4 hours. the return trip took 3 hours. what is the rate they where traveling? i need help now!!! Use the formula d=r*t the distance is 6 miles the rate is not decided and the 3hours is the time. plug those numbers in.

    asked by algebra kid
  84. Calc Help

    Find two functions that this could be the derivative of: y'=4x+7 I have one: y=2x^2 + 7x I cant think of another one!! add a constant. Remember that you can add an arbitrary constant to any integral. The derivative will be the same.

    asked by Robert
  85. English

    Hi, I would like your opinion(s) on this essay that I wrote regarding Greek mythology. Jason Berlinsky Mr. Canzano English 1H 28 February 2007 Women in Greek Mythology

    asked by Jason
  86. Ancient History

    Name the three dynasties under which the chinese lived from 1100 B.!@#$%^&il the A.D 200s? There are several good

    asked by Jessica
  87. precalculus

    (2y+1)(y+3)(5y-2)=0 If A x B x C=0, then A, B, or C are equal to zero. Therefore, for the problem, 2y+1=0 y+3=0 5y-2=0 Solving the equations for y will give the correct answers (three of them) for y.

    asked by Roxanne
  88. Finance

    Jim Bob is a stock picking genius. Every year, based on his system, he has the ability to invest $100 (only) in a security that is expected to earn a 20% return over the next year. That security always has a beta of one. Assume that the risk free rate is

    asked by Brandon
  89. algebra

    need help again!!!!! Simplify the expression. Use only positive exponents. 8x^2 y^-2 . (4xy^2)^-1 __________ ____________ x^-2y x^2y i'm sorry i can't read your question that well. use "/" sign for fractions and "*" sign for multiplication please.

    asked by kairi
  90. pre-algebra

    Solve the inequality- a/3>4 -2n 4 * 3 a>12 Do similar processes with the other inqualities. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Sarah
  91. Finance

    Currently, you are trying to host a summer event for your staff and clients and you were thinking of selling customized wristbands for fundraising. You already bought a light-duty wristband-maker that can produce a maximum of 12,000 units each year. You

    asked by Mo
  92. math,correction

    Problem #5 Business and finance. Kevin earned $165 interest for 1 year on an investment of $1500. At the same rate, what amount of interest would be earned by an investment of $2500? My answer is: The amount of interest would be $275 earned by an

    asked by jas20
  93. Social Studies

    Why did the Irish, Chinese, and Mexican immigrate? I went to and entered irish immigrate us and got these results:

    asked by Dallas
  94. discrete math

    If p is prime prove that p^1/2 (root p) is irrational. Generalize the proof that sqrt 2 is irrational. You can find several proofs here: You should be able to apply the proof to all square roots of prime

    asked by romulo
  95. Physics

    What would be the result of removing or adding one proton from an atom of gold ? The atomic number of the element would change. It would not be gold anymore. Adding 1 proton increases the atomic number by 1, etc.. The isotope of the new element formed may

    asked by WeatherGirl
  96. algebra 1

    Can anyone help me with these questions? Please 1. ac - bc + ad - bd 2. xy - 3x - 8y + 24 3. 4x2 + 20x + 5y +xy 4. 48x2y + 20xz +12xy + 5z is the 4x2 4 times 2 or 4x to the power of two or 4 times x times 2? same question with 48x2y. its to the 2nd power

    asked by mike
  97. Algebra

    If you descend 1800 ft in elevation by the time you are 3.25 mi horizontally away from the top of a mountain, what would be the slope to the nearest hundreth. Slope= change in altitude/horizontal distance. change the miles unit to feet.

    asked by Tony
  98. Science

    How can the voltage change in relation to current if the resistance is constant. This is suppose to be using Ohm's law. see above.

    asked by Megan
  99. Algebra 1

    Can anyone help me with these questions? Please 1. ac - bc + ad - bd 2. xy - 3x - 8y + 24 3. 4x^2 + 20x + 5y +xy 4. 48x^2y + 20xz +12xy + 5z Do some grouping and factoring. For instance, the first.. ac - bc + ad - bd (a-b)c + (a-b)d (a-b)(c+d)

    asked by mike
  100. statistics

    what fraction of games won? percentages 0.676 0.606 0.624 0.667 0.672 1/2 of the games With the limited data given, I don't know how Daniel came to his conclusion. More data is needed. Please respond with the complete information for the problem, and we

    asked by patti help
  101. english

    Try these: =) Help me to unscramble this word-ceeaxtypcn

    asked by Writeacher
  102. pre-algebra

    Simplify- (-2c+d)(-5)+3(-2c)(-8d) Solve the Equation- y/12= -3 -9+a=11 Here are rules that will help you. I hope it helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Janet
  103. pre-algebra

    Solve the equation- w(-2)=14 m-7= -3 -3h= -42 Here are some basic rules you need to follow. Get all your numerical terms on one side of the equation by doing the same process on both sides of the equation. w(-2) /-2 = 14/(-2) The -2 terms on the left

    asked by Julia
  104. pre-algebra

    Solve the inequality- j-7

    asked by jill
  105. pre-algebra

    Mara ordered 5 bags of seed for $7.00 each and 3 wildflower seed kits for $9.00 each.She also paid a $13 shipping fee.Which expression shows the total cost? What is the solution of 5(n+m)when n=3 and m=6? Which inequality symbol makes the statement true?

    asked by Ricky
  106. math,correction

    Problem #1 Number problem. If one-half of one integer is subtracted from three-fifths of the next consecutive integer, the difference is 3. What are the two integers? My answer is: the two integers are 24 & 25 Problem#2 Science and medicine. A passenger

    asked by jas20
  107. chemistry

    help needed to draw lewis structures of hydrogen cyanaide(HCN) and cyanogen(CN)2. I need to show where the electrons are being shared clearly. H:C:::N: shared electrons, all upper dots except the ones to the right of N. :N:::C:C:::N: shared, all inner

    asked by layla
  108. D.T

    What are the first steps when making a fuse-tester? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. There actually is a site for making a fuse-tester! :

    asked by rean
  109. chemistry

    the abbreviated structure formula of the products of the complete hydrolysis of tocainde is required together with any new functional groups formed. I am somewhat stuck and have got only as far as identifying the functional groups in tocaine. please can

    asked by layla
  110. chemistry

    I am required to give two examples of atoms/molecules from tocanide that can bind itself to receptor sites in the body via hydrogen bonding and the reasons for this. I have read through the text book and have been unable to extract this information,.

    asked by layla
  111. Roots and Pre-cal

    Find the roots of the function f(x)= x^2 +2x+2 a)-1 + sq root of 2 and -1 - sq root of 2 b) -1 + i and -1 - i c)-1 -2i sq root of 2 and -1-2i sq root of 2 d)-1 +2i and -1-2i The i's are in italics but I can't .make them in italic here for some reason

    asked by raven 31791
  112. Statistics

    A manufacturer has observed that a certain product tends to fail either very early in its life span or quite late. The engineers are interested in studying a particular product going into cellular phones. They know that the average life span of the product

    asked by Jason L
  113. Statistics

    Below Find a sequence of probabilites generated using excel. What is this

    asked by Jason L
  114. Algebra

    I need an equation for L that satisfies the given geometric condition. L has a y intercept (0,3) and is parallel to the equation y = 2/3x+1 Please take me step by step so I can understand. Thank you well they would have the same slope 2/3x except this line

    asked by Tony
  115. AP Biology- development and reproduction

    I'm trying to teach myself the rest of my AP bio book before the exam, and i don't get this stuff on development and reproduction. my teacher said she didn't know because she hasn't had to teach this stuff before, so any help would be great! 1. hows the

    asked by blondie07
  116. science

    why do lightbulbs burn out?? i know it has somethign to do with the filament but that's it thanks? The filament simply burn in two and there is no longer a physical connection "inside" the bulb.

    asked by Megan
  117. math

    convert to lowest terms 676/1000 how do i do this divide by 2 338/500 divide by 2 169/250

    asked by patti help
  118. advanced functions-logarithms

    log(base 10)(x+5)+2log(base10) log(base10)(x+5(10 to the 2nd power) log(base10)(100x+500) I love you china.

    asked by daniel
  119. algebra

    need help please!!!!! (fraction) _____1____ 9x^-2 y^-1 I'm not exactly sure what you want to do but i'm assuming you want your exponents positive? just put the varibles with the negative exponents in the numerator. whenever you have a negative exponent

    asked by kairi
  120. pre-algebra

    Solve the inequality- -7z

    asked by Tom
  121. math,correction

    Problem #3 Science and medicine. Adriana took 2 h longer to drive 360 mi on the first day of a trip than she took to drive 270 mi on the second day. If her speed was the same on both days, what was the driving time each day? my answer: Her driving time was

    asked by jas20
  122. chem!!!

    what is the max number of electrons that can occupy the n=4 quantum shell? max number of electrons in shell n? 2n^2

    asked by bryn
  123. pre-algebra

    simplify- 3+2+7=7+2+3 4(2+1)=4(2)+4(1) (2+3)+6=2+(3+6) Huh? Simplify... 3+2+7=12 4(2+1)=12 (2+3)+6=11

    asked by debbie
  124. Statistics

    What key problems can a supermarket address and solve utilizing the poisson/exponential combination?

    asked by Jason L
  125. science

    Why does the filament glow more brightly as the electric current in a lightbulb is increased? The glow is dependent on two things: Spectral output, and intensity. Current makes the temperature hotter, and so the spectrum is shifted from red to violet,

    asked by Megan
  126. french

    what is '' Le troisieme petit cochon tres est content'' in french? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The only word not in the dictionary is the verb "est" because it is under the infinitive être. "The third little pig is very happy."

    asked by unnown
  127. pre-algebra

    Simplify- 2(x+2y)-y 5a+2b+3b-7a 2(2r-2)-8(2r+2) Here are some rules that might be helpful: I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Jackie
  128. algebra

    use substitution to solve the linear system 3x-y=15 x+2y=-2 Solve for y in one formula, and then substitute that value for y in the other formula to solve for x. Once you find x, substitute that value into either formula to get the value for y. 2y = -2 - x

    asked by lisa
  129. social studies

    Define these terms in your own words. 1. Immanent 2. Religion 3. Theistic 4. Monotheistic 5. Profane 6. Polytheistic 7. Monistic 8. Dogma 9. Nontheistic 10. Transcendent 11. Incarnations 12. Kensho 13. Atheism 14. Agnosticism 15. Rituals 16. Symbols 17.

    asked by Trenet
  130. algebra

    Logarithms: a)

    asked by Jade
  131. Science

    What did Jocelyn Bell Burnell actually discover? She discovered the first pulsating neutron star, or "pulsar". Her name was Jocelyn Bell at that time.

    asked by Shannon
  132. Calc Help

    Differentitate y= x^2(sqroot4x-3). Do not simplify. Reads: x squared times the square root of (4x minus 3)

    asked by Rob
  133. Calc Help

    Find two functions that this could be the derivative of: y'=4x+7 Remember the derivative of any constant is zero. take its antiderivative i suppose... y= 2x^2 + 7x + any number

    asked by Rob
  134. Linear Algebra

    Let u and v be vectors in R^n, and let T be a linear operator on R^n. Prove that T(u) dot T(v) = u dot v IFF A^T = A^-1 where A is the standard matrix for T.

    asked by romulo
  135. Chemistry

    How can I suggest a reason for the deviation for the pH of 4 M HCl? As my answer I put, The pH of 4 M HCl is negative because a molarity of an acid solution greater than 1 produces a negative pH. A negative pH means that the concentration of H+ or H3O+

    asked by Meche
  136. math ,correction

    Solve each of the following equations for x. Problem#3 (5)/(x+6) + (2)/(x^2+7x+6) = (3)/(x+1) My answer is: x = 5 Problem #4 (2)/(5)= (x-2)/(20) My answer is: 10=x whoa. good luck. =0

    asked by jas20
  137. Math

    Precalc stuff.. square root of z-1= square root of z +6 are you solving for z? square both sides then solve for z. that's my problem, i'm not sure how to solve for z. i need a process. it's not in my book or anything.

    asked by Blondie
  138. question

    whats relationship between temp and kinetic energy

    asked by chem
  139. eigenvalues/eigenvectors

    For the standard matrix { 1 -2 0} {-2 -1 1} {0 0 1} I found the eigenvalues to be -1, and +/- 5^1/2 I am having problems finding the eigenvectors of the root 5 values. Can someone set me straight?? Thanks

    asked by tracy
  140. discrete math

    5= (1+4) (1+4)^n= 1^n + 2*1*4 + ...+4^n which is 1 mod 4 Prove that 5^n = 1 (mod 4) for any n >or= 1.

    asked by bobpursley
  141. Chemical Kinetics

    When experimentally determining the rate law, i am getting a negative fraction. is that right or am i doing something wrong? It is possibly right. I'd have to see you calculations to determine that. It would mean that the reaction is proceeding backwards.

    asked by Kara
  142. Calc Help

    f(x)=x^4-16x^2. Is this function concave up or down at x=-2? I will be happy to critique your thinking.

    asked by Rob
  143. Math please check

    Does 0.21 * 0.05 = 0.0105? * means multiply. Yes.

    asked by Jenna
  144. science

    i need to find 5 things that are not solids or gases or liquids can anyoneone help please Jello?

    asked by chris
  145. s103

    hello to all any one else stuck on question 5 of tma 6? We can't help if you don't post the question. hi wheezer - yes think they've sent out the tma in a foreign languauge, or am I just dumb? yes i agree lol

    asked by wheezer
  146. chemistry

    What are the units for E minimum? with reference to what?

    asked by keelynn
  147. science

    can u explain the wter cycle for me ? i wonder what precipitation means? Type precipation in that window

    asked by rebecca
  148. precalculus

    (y+1)(y+3)(5y-2)=0 That is an equation. What is the question? Are you supposed to multiply it out or say what the solution values of y are?

    asked by Roxanne
  149. social studies

    legal agreement between 2 or more countries treaty

    asked by rofeno
  150. pre-algebra

    which product equals 3t-12? What options do you have to choose from? Without that information, we cannot help you. Give us the options with your reasoning for your choice, and we will be glad to give you feedback. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Joe
  151. Calc Help

    Find the 4th derivative of y=4x^3-(2/x). Reads: 4x to the third minus 2 divided by x. I will be happy to critique your thinking. We don't do homework or tests.

    asked by Rob
  152. Linear Alebra

    Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the standard matrix : { 1 -2 0} {-2 -1 1} {0 0 -1}

    asked by romulo