Questions Asked on
March 4, 2007

  1. Physics

    When jumping straight down, you can be seriously injured if you land stiff-legged. One way to avoid injury is to bend your knees upon landing to reduce the force of the impact. A 75 kg man just before contact with the ground has a speed of 7.0 m/s. (a) In

    asked by Mary
  2. chemistry

    If there are 80 milligrams of a radioactive element decays to 10 milligrams in 30 minutes then what is the elements half life in minutes? Ok i narrowed it down to either 10 or 30...but im rly confused so if u could help it wuld be grea 80 40 1 min 20 2 min

    asked by jojo
  3. physics

    A cart of mass 340 g moving on a frictionless linear air track at an initial speed of 1.2 m/s undergoes an elastic collision with an initially stationary cart of unknown mass. After the collision the first cart continues in its original direction at

    asked by Chris
  4. Chem

    An important process for the production of acrylonitrile C3H3N is given by the following reaction 2C3H6 + 2NH3 + 3O2 --> 2C3H3N + 6H2O A 150 -L reactor is charged tot he following partial pressures at 25 C

    asked by Steve
  5. Math Question

    Which one of the following pairs of triangle must be similar? a) two isosceles triangles with congruent vertex angles b) two right triangles c) two scalene triangles with congruent bases d) two obtuse triangles a) if the two vertex angles are the same then

    asked by Becky
  6. Chemistry

    1. Use standard entropies and heats of formation to calculate delta-G of formation at 25° C for a) cadmium(II) chloride (s) b) methyl alcohol, CH3OH (l) c) copper(I) sulfide (s) My problem is that I don't know how to calculate delta-G of formation. I know

    asked by Chris
  7. chem

    Can someone check this for me? Predict which reactions are spontaneous: a) Zn(s) + 2H+(aq) --> Zn+2(aq) + H2(g) b) CaCO3(s) + 2H2O(l) --> Ca(OH)2(s) + H2CO3(aq) c) CH4(g) + O2(g) --> CO2(g) + 2H2O(g) d) Ag+(aq) + Cl-(aq) --> AgCl(s) I said a) and c) were

    asked by Chris

    The spring constant of a toy dart gun is 4442 N=m. To cock the gun the spring is compressed 1.5 cm. The 8 g dart, fired straight upward, reaches a maximum height of 26 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 : Determine the magnitude of the energy

    asked by kitt
  9. Probability help!?

    I have a bag of 20 m&m's. 6 are red; 7 are blue; 4 are green; 3 are yellow. if I took one out, what is the probability of picking yellow??? Help. t.y. Pr yellow= waystogetyellow/total= 3/20 Is there a way to illustrate this? thank you. (for some reason, I

    asked by Jose
  10. Chemistry

    For my homework the question is... What is the half life of polonium 214 if a 1 gram sample decays to 31.25mg after 820 seconds? Im not sure how you arrive at the answer, my friend says the answer is 5 but were not sure how to do it..thanks for any help u

    asked by jojo
  11. Math

    Can someone give me a website on examples of box-and whisker plots? I have to construct a plot for the following set of number: 0.16,0.08,0.27,0.20,0.22,0.32,0.25,0.18,0.28,0.27 I don't have a clue on how to do this. Thanks in advance. I searched Google

    asked by Denim
  12. Geometry

    Given quadrilateral ABCD,ABllDC, diagonal AC. we can prove that angle 1= angle 2, but cannot prove angle 3=angle4 Why is this. What must be true about the sides of the Quadrilateral in order to prove that angle 3 is congruent to angle 4? My answer: The

    asked by DANIELLE
  13. math ,confused

    The question is : Bath towels sell for $13.25 each, while hand towels sell for $4.50 each. Theresa buys some of each type of towel for a total of $62.25. If she spends $17.25 more on hand towels, how many of each type does she buy ? oh never mind I found

    asked by Jorge
  14. Chemistry

    A mixture of chromium and zinc weighing .362 g was reacted with an excess of hydrochloric acid. After all the metals in the mixture reacted 225 mL of dry hydrogen gas was collected at 27 C and 750 torr. Determine the mass percent Zn in the metal sample.

    asked by Kyle
  15. Math Question

    If two sides of a triangle have lengths 4 and 9, then the length of the third side may be any number a) less than 13 b) greater than 5 but less than 13 c) greater than 4 but less than 9 d) greater than 5 I suggest you draw this. It is not d, nor a. it is

    asked by Becky
  16. Physics - Rotational Mechanics

    The combination of an applied force and a constant frictional force produces a constant total torque of 35.8 Nm on a wheel rotating about a fixed axis. The applied force acts for 5.95 s. During this time the angular speed of the wheel increases from 0 to

    asked by John

    A block of mass 2.62 kg is kept at rest as it compresses a horizontal massless spring(k = 141 N=m) by 15.3 cm. As the block is released, it travels 0.627 m on a rough hori- zontal surface before stopping. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 :Calculate

    asked by kitt
  18. social studies

    why Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas? Mexico had gotten independence from Spain,but most of the land claimed north of the Rio Grande was sparsely populated, and the US population was moving west. The idea Mexico had was to populate it quickly

    asked by victoria
  19. Chemistry

    ok i need to figure out how a balanced reaction of a fuel cell would look like. you know a source of hydrogen power.

    asked by ana
  20. physics-circular motion

    the turntable of a record player rotates at a rate of 11 1/3. A record with a radius of 15cm is being played. a punk kid throws a piece of gum that lands right on the edge of the record. What linear distance in meters does the gum travel if it stays on the

    asked by kate
  21. Chemistry Help.......

    Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) is a strong acid, which dissociates when dissolved in water according to the following equation: H20SO4(aq)-> 2H+(aq) + SO4 2- (a) A 0.21g sample of sulfuric acid is dissolved completely in sufficiebt water to make 0.25litre of the

    asked by Adam
  22. English

    Hi, I'm writing an essay on how Hamlet is a participant of hypocrisy. Can anyone help me write a thesis statement. My points are that his father tells him to avenge him, but Hamlet takes a long time to do it, how Hamlet says he loves Ophelia but is the

    asked by Raj
  23. Math

    If two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another triangle, these triangles must be a) scalene b) similar c) congruent d) isosceles Dont all traiangles have 180 degrees? So if two angles were congruent, what about the third? I still

    asked by Becky
  24. Chemistry

    Ok, in this question, the drops is throwing me off totally, can someone help! A nationally known company markets a product called "cleaning vinegar" that is not designed for human consumption. What is the mass percent of acetic acid in this product if 25

    asked by Toni
  25. Chemistry

    Hey i was wonderingg for my science homework i don't understand how to do this problem. It says: Plutonium 239 can be produced by bombarding uranium 238 with alpha particles. How many neutrons will be produced as a product of each reaction. write out the

    asked by Tarun
  26. geometery

    Can you solve this problem: Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statment or answer the question. Note: Since there is no symbol on the keyboard for the right angle sign I will use the greater than sign(

    asked by Corynn
  27. climate graphs

    i need a graph of the climate in Italy NOW !! my homework is due in tomorrow! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is the site and you can pick the city: Climate graphs

    asked by **
  28. Math

    I need help with this question: Estimate the product by rounding to the nearest one 6.38 times 18.716 I said on my assignment 120 and my teacher marked it wrong. She said it's 114, and I donot see how it's 114. Any input, would certainly be welcome. Thank

    asked by Gee
  29. Health

    My dog all of a sudden has a small bright red lump on her front left leg. I have no idea what it is, and I'm kind of worried. It might just be a scab or something, but I don't know. Does anyone know what it could be? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework

    asked by Jenna
  30. fischer esterification

    which alcohol and carboxylic acid would produce benzyl isobutyrate by Fischer esterification? and which alcohol and carboxylic acid would produce isobutyl benzoate by fischer esterification? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under

    asked by Rob
  31. Chem.....

    Methanol, CH3OH, is produced on an industrial scale from carbon monoxide and hydrogen. At the temperatures used, gaseous methanol is formed according to the following thermochemical equation: CO(g)+ 2H2(g) CH3OH(g) H = -90Kj 1. State Le Chateliers

    asked by Jon
  32. us history intro and conclusion

    i posted earlier about my DBQ for my us history class, and i just need to know how i should go about opening and closing what i am saying. it's the only part i have trouble on. heres the question again: In what ways and to what extent did constitutional

    asked by nina
  33. math rate

    15 chapters in 5 days - I already know the unit rate is 3 - I have to give the rate and unit rate. I don't know how to figure out the rate. Can someone please help me? rate is 15 chapters/5 days unit rate is 3 chapters/day

    asked by brandon
  34. accounting for investments

    Can someone check my answers. -For each of the following eight situations, select the best answer concerning accounting for investments: (A.) Increase the investment account. (B.) Decrease the investment account. (C.) Increase dividend revenue. (D.) No

    asked by stumped
  35. Physics - EM spectrum

    Here's the question: which part of the electromagnetic spectrum has a refractive index of 1.45 in glass? I've attempted to tackle it with v = frequency x wavelength and refractive index = light speed in vacuum / light speed in material but without

    asked by John
  36. math rate

    what would be the unit rate - 15 chapters in 5 days Take 15 chapters and divide by 5 days. Unit rate would be 3 chapters per day. I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

    asked by brandon
  37. physics

    Sound does not travel through a vacuum. How do we know that light does? Explain how you can see ordinary nonluminous classroom objects. Light? Through what medium does starlight reach us? We see nonluminous objects mainly with reflected light.

    asked by Ron
  38. (Home) Economics

    Using supply and demand analysis, comment upon whether a free market in university education will always lead to higher charges for law at Cambridge than for sociology courses at new universities. Consider how many people will apply to law school (a

    asked by Annie
  39. Math- HELP

    How do I Find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers? 13,4,12,16,8,14,8,3,10,8 order the data: 3,4,8,8,8,10,12,13,14,16 Quartile I ends at 8 The quartile II ends at 9. quartile III ends at 13 The calculation of the

    asked by Denim
  40. Biology

    Where RNA is present? in cytoplasm or nucleus or both of them. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I'd begin with the information found on Wikipedia: (the basics)

    asked by Candy
  41. sCiEnCe

    Can you define speed, motion, constant speed and average speed? And can you get me there formulas? Ex-Distance over speed THANKS MUCH!

    asked by Jonas!
  42. Can anyone tell me what i could add?

    “Six months at sea! Yes, reader, as I live, six months out of sight of land …” Herman Melville, wrote in the preface of his book Typee. From his life to his death, he wrote many great novels, books, and poems. From best sellers to American classics

    asked by Mike
  43. reading

    what does third person limited mean? Third person limited describes a book in which the narrator tells the story in the third person. He knows only his own feelings and thoughts, but describes the actions and words of other characters. For more

    asked by james
  44. History

    What happened in FLorida in 1909?

    asked by Derek
  45. english

    From the poem "Thanatopsis" by William Cullen Bryant: What is the universal fact about death? What specific comforts does nature give us, both in life and in death? Give specific examples. According to Bryant, how should we approach death? I need help

    asked by anonmyous
  46. Chemistry

    I have drawn Lewis structures for hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen. I need to state the noble gas (for each element) whose electron configuration is attained in the Lewis structures. Can anyone help as I am quite confused! Many thanks Previous posts have

    asked by Bean
  47. chemistry

    i have had enough,and got no hair left,i need to find the structural formula for ill try my best to explain CH2=CH-CH-OH WITH A CH3 UNDER THE SECOND CH.+CH3-CH-C WITH A CH3 UNDER THE FIRST CH ,A DOUBLE BOND FROM THE C TO O AND A SINGLE BOND TO OH UNDER THE

    asked by jill
  48. it is:

    Problem 1: (x-2)/(3x+4) - 6x/(x+1) What I did: Common denominator is: (3x+4)(x+1) (x-2)(x+1)/(3x+4)(x+1) - 6x(3x+4)/(x+1)(3x+4) [(x-2)(x+1) - 6x(3x+4)] / (x+1)(3x+4) (x^2 - x - 2 - 18x^2 - 24x) / (x+1)(3x+4) x^2 - 18x^2 = -17x^2 -x - 24x = -25x (-17x^2 -

    asked by Margie
  49. Project help.

    Please help. I need to find a picture showing the theme of the book of Jonah. Please help. thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here you go! 1.

    asked by Zup
  50. can some edit my intro! thanks!

    World war one was a war from 1914 to 1918, it is also know as the Great War and War of the Nations. It involved many countries such as Great Britain, France, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Japan, the United States, and other allies defeated Germany,

    asked by roger!
  51. Herman Melville

    I nead help getting info on Herman Melville for a report for Enlish. Please Help. Does anyone Know about Herman Melville at all? See information in response to your later post. Please do not have multiple posts with the same question. Repeating posts will

    asked by Mike
  52. physics

    In a game of pool the cue ball strikes another ball of the same mass and initially at rest. After the collision the cue ball moves at 3.50 m/s along a line making an angle of 22 degrees with its original direction of motion. and the second ball had a speed

    asked by Chris
  53. math

    10m/11p.44p/20k.15k/8m we are multiplying and dividing rational expressions. can ne1 help? I have no idea what you need. Your first line makes no sense. i know, it doesn't make any sense to me's fractions 10m/11p times 44p/20k times 15k/8m. we

    asked by Joshua
  54. homework help

    I noticed that the people who asked for questions that need help with spanish have not been answered..when people who have asked questions after them have already..this concerns me that the people on this website help with the subjects they know and don't

    asked by Concerned
  55. math

    what are your feelings about math, rate your math anxiety, and describe what coping mechanisms might be helpful to you and your I like math. What matters is what YOUR feelings amd "coping mechanisms" are.

    asked by carmen
  56. religion

    what are the simularites and differences between jesus and muhammed? Let us know what you come up with, and someone here will be happy to critique your thinking. =) sites for Mohammad and Jesus -

    asked by kg
  57. math,correction&help

    Is this right:if it still needs more can someone help me out what else can i say....thanks why are polynomials important? polynomials are important because the are used to determine and solve the unknowns in equations. Many natural processes can be modeled

    asked by jas20
  58. spanish

    What is the poem viejita analfabeta about and is the authors opinion of the lady positive or negative? i looked all over but everything online i get is spanish. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I'd love to help you BUT, after spending

    asked by Danielle
  59. Chem

    I'm unbelievably stuck on this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Red phosphorous is formed by heating white phosphorous. Calculate the temperature at which the two forms are at equilibrium, given white P: (heat of formation)= 0.00 kj/mol; standard

    asked by Chris
  60. Science

    What are ruminents?Are they able to digest cellulose? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all the dictionary will explain "ruminant" for you: Main Entry: [2]ruminant Function: adjective Date: 1691 1 a (1) : chewing the cud (2) :

    asked by agnkurup
  61. French

    I'm trying to figure out how you would say "he is being" in French. I know it has something to do with the present participle "étant," but we haven't really gotten very far into this yet in class. Would you say "il est étant" or "il étant?" Ok I found

    asked by Alice
  62. english

    How do I know when to use lay or lie? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Many people use them interchangeably and perhaps some day that will be the norm. As far as English grammar books are concerned: Lay means "to place something down."

    asked by carol
  63. science

    it is incapable of producing offspring but some of its kind is born each day? Mules.

    asked by chris
  64. please help math

    x/3-2/3=1/x *Solve the rational below. I really need help. multiply both sides by x. x^2/3 -2x/3 = 1 multiply both sides by 3 subtract three from each side x^2 -2x -3=0 (x-3)(x+1)=0 Then either of the factors can be zero, or x=3 or x=-1

    asked by margie
  65. Math

    I'm trying to help my nephew with some homework and am hopeless. Please help with these questions: If 180 calories of heat were added to 50 grams of copper, what would the change in temperature be? (specific heat of copper = .09) What would the temperature

    asked by Diane
  66. math

    ok, but what happened to the letters? don't they remain part of the problem? also, how does 15k/20k reduce to 4/5? thanks for your help. joshua 15k/20k should reduce to 3/4 because you can take a 5 out of 15 and be left with 3 and take 5 out of 20 and be

    asked by Joshua
  67. Chemistry

    What colour and formula are the iron 2+ & iron 3+ chloride complexes?

    asked by James
  68. math

    Some people believe that calculators have eliminated the need to learn the skills required to perform mathematical operations by hand. State your position on this belief, and then support your position with real-life stories or examples I will be happy to

    asked by carmen
  69. math,help

    Can someone explain to me the reasoning involved in each step when simplifying the fraction 42/56. I had this question wrong in my previous exam...I don't know what i was thinking when answering it......but i like to know what was the actual responce for

    asked by jas20
  70. psychology

    The major perspective in psychology that views behavior as guided by one's self image and by needs of personal growth is the a. cognitive view b. humanistic view c. psycholdynamic view d. biopsychological view I had already guessed c and that was wrong,

    asked by confused
  71. Social Studies

    What is a Topographical Map and what does it show. help me fast please and I'm only in 5th grade so explain so i can understand. These site will help you with this type of map. Then you can go to your own area and find a topographic map.

    asked by Missy
  72. bobPursley2...the other one

    Problem 2: (x+2)/(2x^2+5x+2) - (x-3)/(2x^2-5x-3) What I did: 2x^2+5x+2 factors are (2x+1)(x+2) 2x^2-5x-3 factors are (2x+1)(x-3) Then: (x+2)/(2x+1)(x+2) - (x-3)/(2x+1)x-3) So the common denominator is (2x+1)(x+2)(x-3) using that combine the fractions. I

    asked by Margie
  73. plz...

    Can you define speed, motion, constant speed and average speed? And can you get me there formulas? Example-Distance over speed THANKS MUCH!

    asked by Christina
  74. Math 3 PLease Help

    *Please solve the rational expression. x^2/x-4 - 7/x-4=0

    asked by Margie
  75. Calculus

    If you have a geometric alternating series, and you prove that the series is converging by doing geometric series test, and NOT alternating series test, then does that allow you to say that the series converges ABSOLUTELY? Or should you do alternate series

    asked by Jin
  76. math - y-intercept

    hi, how would we find the y intercept , given slope of 11/2.54 and points (5,1.49). can you show me the steps so i can solve it. tnx y=ax + b where a is slope, b is y intercept. Put the points in the equation... 1.49=11/2.54 (5) + b solve for b. x + y = 1

    asked by gorden
  77. math444

    x^2/x+3 - 5/x+3=0 *Please solve the rational equation Your non use of parenthesis is annoying and most confusing. I assume you meant x^2/(x+3) - 5/(x+3)=0 multiply both sides of the equation by x+3, and solve.

    asked by margie
  78. where did bob go?

    can anyone simplify and multiply the rational expressions 10m/11p x 44p/20k x 15k/8m? and then explain it to me? have patience.

    asked by Joshua
  79. business

    what are the top five enviromental factors that help organizations achieve optimal function? What are examples of them?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. science

    describe the difference between a ball-and-stck model and a space-filling model of a compound ? Vanessa--Have you seen a ball-and-stick model and a space-filling model? If so you will know how to answer this. dont give me stupid answers i can on for help

    asked by vanessa
  81. Chemistry

    Surfactants used in Detergents are: 1-Anionic,OR 2-Cationic,OR 3-Non-ionic.Or all of these

    asked by Candy
  82. Bobpursley can you help me with my problems below?

    I had problems from yesterday but I still don't get them can you help?do you want me to repost? repost: I cant find them.

    asked by Margie
  83. BobPursley3...another one..

    Problem 3: 4x/(x+2) - 8/(x-1) What I did: Common denominator is: (x+2)(x-1) 4x(x-1)/(x+2)(x-1) - 8(x+2)/(x+2)(x-1) [4x(x-1) - 8(x+2)]/(x+2)(x-1) multiply the numerator out. 4x^2 -4x -8x-16 4x^2-12x-16 factor 4 out 4(x^2-3x-4) factor 4(x-4)(x+1) and that

    asked by Margie
  84. Math Help Please...

    x/3-2/3=1/x *Solve the rational below. I really need help. Multiply through by 3x x^2 -2x = 3 And solve. I don't get it... can you explain it more.then I can help you Margie

    asked by Margie
  85. Math Help 222

    x^2/x-4 - 7/x-4=0 *Please solve the rational expression. multipy both sides by (x-4) then you have x^2-7=0 x= +- sqrt 7

    asked by margie
  86. English

    In the Great Gatsby what is Jordan’s Nick’s Daisy’s, and Tom’s motivation, hope, or dream. I haven't read this work. The best suggestion I can make is that you go to one or both of these websites, look up this book, and see if they have insights

    asked by Ron
  87. proof by induction

    proof by mathmatical induction that the sum of the first n natural numbers is equal n(n+1)/2 It's true for n = 1. Assume that it is true for some n. Then the sum of the first n+1 natural integers can be obtained by dding the last number n+1 to n(n+1)/2.

    asked by Jennie
  88. Math

    How do you factor a polynomial? Using the FOIL method works with some simple polynomials. FOIL stands for First, Outside, Inside, Last. For example: x^2-4x+4 factors to (x-2)(x-2) Check your work by multiplying them all. x times x is first, x times -2 is

    asked by Christian
  89. English

    Identify the linguistic,political,social,economic,religious in Puerto Rican Americans and Cuban Americans? It looks as if what you need to do is learn how to conduct thorough and effective searches for yourself. That's what research is, and I'm sure that's

    asked by jenna williams
  90. Science

    Can you please help me figure out why evaporation is a cooling process and why becoming a solid is a heating process? evaporation absorbs heat from the environment, thus "cooling" the environment. becoming solid is a heating process as heat is moved from

    asked by Michelle
  91. math,simplifying

    can someone help me if possible simplifying this fraction more (2(x-5))/((x+3)(x-3)(x+1)) It wont simplify any more. okay thank you i just tjought that the bottom i could still simplify it by foiling the first two them multiplying with the last

    asked by jas20
  92. spanish

    What is the difference between a refugee and an immigrant. Also, What is the solution the economic problem of hispanics? Thanks for any help that you may have. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you want to know the definition of a

    asked by joe
  93. Herman Melville

    im running out of info. it's all running together. HELP!!! Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Herman Melville" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Anonymous
  94. english

    hy!nedd some help.. need summary of poems goldsmith the deserted village and crabbe the village i've searched the internet but nothing..has anyone read these 2 poems?

    asked by bill
  95. Math -algebra (check plz)

    ok say i was trying to find y in this equation 2x + 3y + 6z =4392. I was given x=3789-1.5y , and z = -531. so i did the working and ended up with 7578-3y+3y=7578 . If i do the math correctly ill end up with 0y = 7578 :S im pretty confused, can someone

    asked by thomas
  96. English

    What's the significance of water in Toni Morrison's Beloved? How can you relate that to the importance of history in the novel? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites to help you: 1.

    asked by Brown
  97. science

    explain why a substancew with a network structure has a high melting point ? High is a relative term. What is high? coudnt u give me a better response Think what holds a network together? Bonds? Bonds must be broken to melt a solid. thank u

    asked by vanessa
  98. math,algebra,help

    can someone explain to me why (3)/(5) and (27)/(45) are equivalent fractions. If you simplify 27/45 by dividing the numerator and the denominator by 9 you will get 3/5. 27/25/9 27/25*1/9=3/5 3/25=3/5 5*3=3*25 15=75 75/15=3 If u multiply 3/5 by 9/9 you get

    asked by jas20
  99. English

    Identify the lingustic, political,social,economic, religious for the Mexican Americans?

    asked by jenna williams
  100. Math 2 pLEASE HELP

    y+2/y=1/y-5 *Please solve the rational equation. Done the same way as the previous post.

    asked by Margie
  101. bobpursley please check

    Good evening. Thanks for all of your help so far. I posted a question on wednesday 28 Feb @ 11:55 pm that you answered by I am not sure of how to tackle the problem. This is what I came up with so far. Mass of Puck A m1 = 0.021 kg Mag. of init. veloc.of

    asked by Mary
  102. math3333

    y+2/y =1/y-5 *Please solve the rational equation I am not certain if the right term is 1/(y-5) or the right side is 1/y -5

    asked by margie
  103. Math

    What's 1/3 of 12 Marbles? What's 2/3 of 12 Marbles? If 8 Children go on a picnic, 6/8 of them wear jeans. How many wear jeans? what is 1/3 * 12/1 ?

    asked by Shaleece
  104. Strategy

    what skills and temperaments do you believe are needed for a successful career in planning? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully one of the sites below will have what you are looking for:

    asked by Ms Brown
  105. finite math

    when doing minimization problems and there is more than one negative constant in the far right column is there a method for choosing the proper one to go with or is the process entirely arbitraru

    asked by chris
  106. math

    14.what value of n will result in a mean if 31 15.what value of n will result in a median of 23 15.what value of a will result in a range of 84 14,46,19,10,39,22,24,77,n Refresh your memory about the defnition of median, mode and range of a set of numbers.

    asked by alice