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February 24, 2007


    A 4 kg block is pushed along the ceiling with a constant applied force of 85 N that acts at an angle of 55 degrees with the horizontal. The block accelerates to the right at 6 m/s^2. determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the

    asked by Christy
  2. PHYSICS - still cant get it

    A 0.30-kg softball has a velocity of 12 m/s at an angle of 30° below the horizontal just before making contact with the bat. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the ball while it is in contact with the bat if the ball leaves the bat with a

    asked by winterWX
  3. PHYSICS!!!

    A 0.30-kg softball has a velocity of 12 m/s at an angle of 30° below the horizontal just before making contact with the bat. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the ball while it is in contact with the bat if the ball leaves the bat with a

    asked by winterWX
  4. Formulation

    do agree with Richard S. Sloma that the closer accountability approaches the “doer,” the more effective will be the overall performance of the company? Please support your answer. What is your answer? What is your support?

    asked by Ms Brown
  5. Biology

    What law of thermodynamics explains the fact that if you drop an egg, the shell will not spontaneously repair itself? The second law

    asked by aj
  6. Physics - Newton's 2nd Law of Motion

    Under the action of a constant net force, a 3.1-kg object moves a distance of 15 meters in 8.99 seconds starting from rest. What is the magnitude of this net force? I got the answer of 0.58 Newtons, but the book says the solution is 1.2 Newtons. To get

    asked by Mike
  7. algebra

    Simplify using only positive exponents. (2r^-1s^2t^0)^-2 ---------------- 2rs Thanks in advance! Working this out: (2^-2 r^2 s^-4)/ (2 r s) = r^2/8rs^5 Note: Anything to the 0 power is equal to 1. I hope this will help. Sorry but can you help me please I

    asked by Yvonne
  8. math, algebra

    can someone explain to me this please.... What is the difference between ax^2+bx+c and ax^2+bx+c=0 One is an expression and the other is an equation. (An equation uses an equals sign.) I hope this helps and is what you were asking. well you got to equal it

    asked by jas20
  9. history

    what prince died in egypt and had a very big fortune ? king tut

    asked by meg
  10. psych

    Who knows anything or has an opinion on enculturation? If so let me know. Check this site.

    asked by joe
  11. Re: Physics/Math

    A 0.30-kg softball has a velocity of 12 m/s at an angle of 30° below the horizontal just before making contact with the bat. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the ball while it is in contact with the bat if the ball leaves the bat with a

    asked by winterWx
  12. Physics

    The drawing shows a skateboarder moving at v = 5 m/s along a horizontal section of a track that is slanted upward by 48° above the horizontal at its end, which is h = 0.52 m above the ground. When she leaves the track, she follows the characteristic path

    asked by Mary
  13. Geog

    Do research to find 25 different occupations suitable for geography majors the occupation and list the source of the information. I do not know from where I should start... Would u explain for me the question? or at least start the 1st 5 sources

    asked by Mike
  14. computer help commands

    i'm in intro to technology class and i have to find the definition of the command "hostname" you use on the computer and i already found it so no problem but i also have to find examples and i looked on the internet such sites as computerhope and others.

    asked by david
  15. math,correction

    Is this correct or no. I need help in a couple of problems can someone explain them to me. Problem#1 directions: Factor each expression a^2(b-c)-16b^2(b-c) My answer is: (b-c)(a-4b)(a+4b) PROBLEM#2 dIRECTIONS: Find a value for k so that 2x^3-kxy^2 will

    asked by jas20
  16. math,correction

    can someone check these for me please.... problem#4 Directions: Factor each polynomial completely by factoring out any common factors and then factor by grouping. Do not combine like terms. 3a^3+3ab^2+2a^2b+2b^3 My answer: (a^2+b^2)(3a+2b) you are correct

    asked by jas20
  17. math, help

    directions are: Factor each of the following polynomials completely. 14x^2-20x+6 I am at this almost last point but i don't know what to do after or if this is the answer 7x^-10x+3=2(7x-3)(x-1) your final answer is correct I am going w/ Anonymous..... It's

    asked by jas20
  18. Maths

    For the transformation w=z^2, find the locus of w when z lies on the imaginary axis. I thought the locus would be a line along the real axis as I thought w= r^2 or -r^2 but the book says it has argument pi which would mean only on the negative real axis ie

    asked by Jake
  19. Maths again

    For the transformation w=z^2, show that as z moves once round the circle centre O and radius 2, w moves twice round centre O radius 4. I am okay finding the radius and centre of the locus but how do I show it moves twice roundfor w for z turning once. See

    asked by Jake
  20. maths, proportion

    twelve men take 6 hours to finish a piece of work. after the 12 men have worked for 1 hour, the contractor decides to call in 8 more men to complete the remaining work. how many more hours would the 20 men take to complete the remaining piece of work? is

    asked by minerva
  21. Complex numbers

    For the transformation w=(z+i)/(z-i) show that as z moves along the real axis, w moves along a circle centre O and radius 1 I do not know where to start changing it to polar form will help w=magnitude @ (arctan 1/z - arctan -1/z) where magnitude is sqrt

    asked by Jake
  22. Math

    Which is largest? 0.137 0.46 0.3 0.2138 Thanx!! From largest to smallest o.46 is the biggest as you have at least 4 tenths then 0.3 then 0.2138 and lastly 0.137 Jake is right.....

    asked by Breanna-Need Help!!!
  23. Math Please check

    The electricity meter on Donna's house read 71,236.4 kwh at the beginning of March and 73,196.2 kwh at the end of March. She pays 7.4 per kwh. What is the amount of her electricity bill for March? Round to the nearest cent. I came up with $145.03 Would you

    asked by Veronica
  24. Relationship between Rotational & Linear Momentum

    Please imagine you have a chassis (mass M) that is placed on rails (it can move only to one direction i.e axis y). On the chassis centre we have placed a rod that can rotate for half cycle (180 degs) with a high angular velocity and for the rest half cycle

    asked by Nikos
  25. maths - a few questions

    Simplify 3(x-2)^2/x-2 Is the answer 3x^2-10x+10? If not then what is? When p= sqrt2 and q= sqrt6 write pq in the form a(sqrt)b where a and b are integers and b is as small as possible. Multiply out these brackets. Give your answer in the simplest form.

    asked by em
  26. English Essay

    hello everyone...all my time spent on net surfing for if i can find some help with my HM essay....on Man to Man/Women to Women. please if someone can help out with this..i really appreciated. i m not really good on writing essay but i m looking for some

    asked by san
  27. earth space science

    how are each of the air masses related and/or different from each other? Are you talking about the various layers of the atmosphere?

    asked by spencer
  28. strategy

    do you believe an individual department’s mission statement can succeed without considering the company’s overall vision and mission statements – why or why not? i believe there could be a possibility. It depends on how together the company is. if

    asked by Ms Brown
  29. Algebra

    Rationalize the denominator. Assume that all variables are positive. 5x^4y/2x^2y^3 There are square root signs around both parts of the fraction, but I cannot make them on the computer. Thanks in advance. are u using the carrot symbols to mean to the power

    asked by Natalie
  30. algebra

    Can some kind soul please assist me with this question? :) Simplify the expression. Use only positive exponents: (4p^2q)(p^2q^3) Bless you! 4 p^4 q^4 Exponents add when multiplying Even when there's two sets of parenthesese?

    asked by Elizabeth
  31. Religion

    In the Christian religion,why were ashes originally sprinkled on the top of people's heads on Ash Wednesday instead of on the forehead? This site gives the history of the use of ashes on Ash Wednesday.

    asked by Joshua
  32. state abbreviations

    OK now is id a two letter word? cause i must find 8 two letter word the are united state abbreviations!!! ahhh someone help plz!i have found hi, in, me, oh, ok, and or help me!!! What about it, is, and to? You can use: oregon = or i know that you know

    asked by Holly
  33. Writeacher

    Writeacher, Do you specialize in any particular subject? I've seen you answer to math, english, physics, etc. I'm just curious. I don't believe I've answered to any physics questions -- poor student to depend on me for that!! Mostly I respond to English

    asked by Danny
  34. Help with decimals

    I need to round 8.1234 to the nearest thousandths, would that be: 8.123 or 8.124 8.123 8.123 I agree with Holly, it would be 8.123

    asked by Breanna
  35. Chemsitry

    How do you find the amount in moles of excess reactant that reamins Please retype that, minding your spelling. =) Can you please show me how to determine the amount in moles of excess reactant that remains Sorry about the mistakes =) This is part of an

    asked by Beautiful
  36. sociol studies

    The spells interred with Egyptian mummies came from the Book of the Dead. For more information, check this site. What is the collection of spells that was buried with mummy? Any particular mummy? Do you mean

    asked by Ms. Sue
  37. History- quick, help!

    Oh, good for you. Congratulations! =) What was the highway that enabled thousands of settlers to make the journey to the Northwest Territory of the United States? Time: Between the Constitution and the Civil War. They built an important road that is still

    asked by Writeacher
  38. Math

    Simplify: 3/5 x 13.65 - 2/9 x 1.307 When I work this problem I get: 7.899555556 _ Would that be: 7.89 (or) _ 7.8995 The answer depends upon the order of operations, which must be clarified with parentheses and brackets. What you calculated is [(3/5) x

    asked by Rachel
  39. Computer technology

    To explain why “commonality” is important,the 2000 Presidential election was affected by apparently confusing punch cards in Florida. In that scenario, the interaction of humans with technology failed to prove consistent and resulted in a recount that

    asked by Andy
  40. Easy History Question- please answer!

    Ok, I can't remember who was "The Father of Mass Production". You know, the guy who produced all those muskets in 2 years? Eli Whitney thanks Sam Colt is maybe whom you are looking for. However, the title for father of mass production is probably Henry

    asked by Stanley
  41. Criminology

    Why is it important to consider inversely the nexus between theory and policy? Be concise. Does anyone know where I can get information to find out why it is important to consider inversely the nexus between theory and policy? I need to be concise.

    asked by Andy
  42. Criminology

    Describe how ciminological theories can affect criminal justice policies and procedures. We do not do your homework for you. However, we will be glad to proofread and give you suggestions. Please repost. Does anyne know where I can get the information to

    asked by Andy

    A 41kg box is being pushed a distance of 7.0m across the floor by a force P whose magnitude is 158N. The force P is parallel to the displacement of the box. The coefficient of Kinetic friction is 0.25. Determine the work done on the box by each of the four

    asked by Cavin
  44. English Essay

    When it comes to conversation, husband and wives often have problems that close friends of the same sex don't have. First, they may not have much to talk about, and second when they do talk. misunderstanding s often developed that lead to major fights. our

    asked by san
  45. History again

    Who invented the sewing machine? This site will give you a very interesting history of the sewing machine. Thank you!

    asked by Jenna
  46. International Business

    Small companies typically have difficulty competing against large multinationals when their governments take part in regional trade blocs. What could governments do to help their small companies compete after the formation of such blocs? Answer Length: 3-4

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Biology

    Would someone be kind enough to check the following paragraph for me, I need to complete it by adding the appropriate words from the following list, Cell walls, mitochondria, nucleus, DNA, eukaryotes, protoctists, endosymbiosis, organelle, membranes,

    asked by Sam
  48. Math(Geometry)

    What are the names of polygons?

    asked by Felicia
  49. chemistry

    Does anybody know any websites that there are chemistry labs that could possibly be used in a CSI investigation? I can’t find anything.

    asked by Ron
  50. Math[PLease Check]

    Problem: 25-x^2 6 ------ * --- 12 5-x What I got: 5-x --- 2 *PLease Check My Work. No. Factor the 25-x^2 into two factors. Then the 5-x in the denominator divides out. So then is it: 5+x --- 2 yes. 12x12

    asked by Margie
  51. Math2[Please Check Again]

    Problem: a^2-9 a^2-3a ----- * -------- a^2 a^2+a-12 What I Got: 3-3a ---- a-4 *Please Check My Work.* Nope. factor the denominator to a^2(a+4)(a-3) The last factor divides out in the numerattor (second term factors to a(a-3). The a in the numerator reduces

    asked by Margie

    What was the top selling Black Album of all time, which came out in 1981? Wasn't it a Jazz Group... I am trying to think of the name....umm...let me get back to you on that but it was a Jazz Group.By the way,think you can help me? by the way,thanks for

    asked by Mack

    Who was the producer of the top selling album of all time? MIchael Jackson for Thiller back in 1983

    asked by Mack
  54. chemistry

    I am doing a project on medicinal plants. I planted red tomatoes, but I can't find any website that provides me info that it is medicinal. If you know any websites on red tomatoes that shows that it is medicinal please tell me. Oh tomatoes in my country we

    asked by Ron
  55. Environmental Science

    Does wind intensify air pollution? I do not see how it can, but i can see how it spreads pollution around the ozone. I don't think it do. Bur I come from not usa.I come from Espana.I do not know sorry.Can you helpy me? yes

    asked by Jennifer
  56. Math[Please Help]

    Solve the inequality x > 6x - 10 and write a description of the graph. Show all work Subtracting x from both sides does not change the inequality sign direction. 0 > 5x - 10 Add 10 to both sides 5x < 10 Divide both sides by 5. x < 2.

    asked by Margie
  57. Physics check my answers!

    Check my answers thanks! 1. A diesel automobile outputs ThermE, RadE, ElectE and KinE from an input of a. NuclE b. ChemE c. ElectE d. KinE I think its b Two race cars cross the finish line at exactly the same time but the first car is twice as massive as

    asked by Eliza
  58. Physics

    A student pulls on a rope attached to a box of books with a mass of 35.0 kg and moves the box up a ramp at 12 degrees with the horizontal. If the box starts from rest at the bottom of the ramp and is pulled at an angle 25.0 degrees with respect to the

    asked by Mischa
  59. Math- please check

    I have to write a word name for 8.032 Eight and thirty two thousandths. IS this correct? Looks good to me.

    asked by Billy
  60. math,algebra

    Can someone explain this to me plese: to factor a number you.... and then can you explain to me To factor an algebraic expression into prime factors means..... thanks This is how I would complete these two sentences. To factor a number, you break it down

    asked by jas20
  61. TR Roosevelt Relations

    Hi, Can any one tell me the relations between TR Roosevelt and Tadasu Hayashi? Were there any tensions between these too? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites for you:

    asked by Gerald
  62. english

    Verbal and Non verbal communication when in Japan. What do you want to know about verbal and non-verbal communication when in Japan? What is your assignment? What have you already learned about this subject?

    asked by jeana williams
  63. Please Help Me Math

    Find the sum and express in simplest form. Show all work: x^2 2x-15 ----- *------ x^2-9 x^2-9 *I don't get this at alll.Plz help me. I assume you are trying to add, since the problem says "find the sum" and express in simplest form. x^2/(x^2-9) +

    asked by Margie
  64. math, 7th

    If there are 100 marbles, 10 red, 20 white, 30 blue, and 40 green, and you were to choose only one out of a bag, what is the probability that it wouldn't be red, white, or blue? The probability would be 40 out of 100 -- or 4 out of 10. What percentage is

    asked by morgan
  65. Physics...Friction

    A 75 kg box slides down a 25 degree ramp with an acc. of 3.6 m/s2. find mu,k between the box and the ramp. Write down Newton's second law for the direction of motion. "a" is the acceleration. Mg sin 25 - M g cos 25 *mu,k = M a The first term is the weight

    asked by Christy
  66. Chemistry

    This problem of the limiting reactant is: Given the reactant amounts specified in each chemical reaction, dtermine the limiting reactant in each case: (I'm just going to take one problem out of the bunch} HCl + NaOH yeilds NaCl + H2O 2.00 2.50 mol mol

    asked by Beautiful
  67. chemistry

    How do you balance this equation? C6H12O6 + O2 --> H2O + CO2 Thanks! C6H12O6+6O2=6H2O+6CO2 (that should be right!) C6H12O6 + 6O2 --> 6H2O + 6CO2 Thank you! Thank you too!

    asked by Lydia