Questions Asked on
February 20, 2007

  1. chem

    which of the following is a chemical reaction? A) propane forms a flame and emits heat as it burns. B) Acetone feels cold as it evaporates from the skin. C) Bubbling is observed when potassium carbonate and hydrochloric acid solutions are mixed. D) Heat is

    asked by Jenn

    IS A PLANT CELL AN EXAMPLE OF A UNICELLULAR ORGANISM? iS AN ANT AN EXAMPLE OF MULTICELLULAR ORGANISM? What are Plants Plants are multicellular photosynthetic organisms that are believed to have evolved from green algae. Both groups have chlorophylls a and

    asked by JOANNE
  3. physics (newton's laws)

    A 5.00 kg object placed on a frictionless, horizontal table is connected to a string that passes over a pulley and then is fasted to a hanging 9.00 kg object. Find the acceleration of the two objects and the tension in the string. First, there is just one

    asked by Eric (please help me)
  4. simple intrest

    My daughter brought home a work sheet and I have no clue where to begin to help her and she seems to have no clue either. the questions are 1. Find the final balance in each account. $800 at 4.25% simple intrest for 6 years 2. $2,000 at 6% compounded

    asked by Veronica
  5. physical chemistry

    I calculated that the denaturation enthalpy and entropy changes for chymotrypsin are: H = 418 kj/mol S= 1.32 kj/mol(K) Assume that, in the denatuartd state, each amino acid had three possible orientations. estimate number of amino acid in chymotrypsin

    asked by Vicky
  6. Physics

    The tension on a string from which a 5.00kg object is suspended in an elevator is T=(44.0j)N. What is the acceleration of the elevator? Specify the acceleration in unit vector notation. T - Mg = M a with positive force upward. a = T/m - g = 8.8 - 9.8 =

    asked by Sabrina
  7. physics

    an 800 N person stands on a scale in an elevator. What is his apparent weight when the elevator is accelerating upward at 2 m/s^2? B) what5 is his apparent weight when the elevator is acc. downward at 2m/s^2? c) what is his apparent weight when the

    asked by Sabrina
  8. grammar

    What is the correct way to write this sentence. Each of the instructors are attending the conference next weekend. or Each of the instructors is attending the conference next weekend. Each ... is ... Each is always singular. =) Thanks for the help!!!!

    asked by mike
  9. English-Shakespeare

    As an introduction to Shakespeare, we're doing a project on medieval guilds. Can anybody help me on where to search information on the Seadogs guild? I've been looking and all I've gotten was info on the movie, or a modern guild. Thank you :) "1600-1800

    asked by Nikki
  10. Calculus help

    \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amssymb,amsmath,amscd,concmath} \pagestyle{empty} \begin{document} \begin{equation*}\int_{1}^{3} [(e^3/x)/(x^2)]\, dx\end{equation*} \end{document} Sorry,the html format does not work... How to find the integral of

    asked by Linda
  11. chemistry

    22.0 ammonium chloride decomposes to form hydrochloric acid, and ammonia. at the conclusion of the reaction, the scientist collects 10.24L of ammounia measured at 52 degrees Celsuis and 105.3 kPa. What was the percent yield of the reaction? Write the

    asked by betty
  12. math, please somebody help me

    Given the function f(x) = x4 , and suppose g(x) is some other function of x. (a) Then the function F(x) = (g(x))^4 is the same thing as ... a. f '(g(x)) · g'(x) b. f(g(x)) c. f '(x) d. f '(g(x)) e. g(f(x)) (b) By either the extended power or the chain

    asked by jessica (the other one)
  13. social studies

    unscramble these egrvwneoir Try these: =) "vinegrower"

    asked by carol
  14. physics

    Is copper (Cu) the same as copper64 (Cu64)? Cu64 is a radioactive isotope of copper. Its half life is 12.8 hours. During the few days it is around, it behaves chemically like any other copper isotope, but eventually it all turns into something else. The

    asked by naomi
  15. physics again

    and if they are the same (refer to the question before by me - copper and copper 64 being the same thing?)is it a radioactive isotope? thanks That was part of my previous answer. Yes, Cu-64 is radioactive. You need a handbook or table of radionuclides to

    asked by naomi
  16. general

    general differences and similarites between australia and united states of americal Australian government: (Skip the second

    asked by Nikki
  17. Physics

    Two forces act on a 0.200 kg ant: F1 =(3.00i - 8.00j)N and F2=(5.00i + 3.00j)N. Express the net acceleration of the ant in unit vector notation. The resultant force is 8.00 i - 5.00 j Newtons. Divide that by the mass (0.2 kg) for the acceleration vector,

    asked by Daniel
  18. Integral

    That's the same as the integral of sin^2 x dx. Use integration by parts. Let sin x = u and sin x dx = dv v = -cos x du = cos x dx The integral is u v - integral of v du = -sinx cosx + integral of cos^2 dx which can be rewritten integral of sin^2 x = -sinx

    asked by drwls
  19. Drugs

    I think I know the answer but it is just a wild guess. Inhalants are not classified as either a stimulant or depressant, because there is such a wide range of inhalants that some are classified in different groups. Therefore, some inhalants are stimulants,

    asked by Aalecia
  20. Math.

    I JUST can't figure out the answer! Can someone please help me? What is the next number in this sequence? 52, 28, 33, 63, 73, 23, 56,... Ah ha! Nevermind, I just got it, 89, I think :) Thanks anyway :)

    asked by Emily
  21. sequence

    give the general term of the sequence 1,2,3,5,10,15,25,... Type "integer sequences" in google: Fibonacci numbers written in base 8: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 42, 67, 131, 220, 351, 571, 1142, 1733, 3075, 5030, 10125, 15155, 25302, 42457, 67761, 132440,

    asked by sadhana
  22. Bailey

    I can't figure this out. Please help! Estimate 16 20/21 * 28 3/7 - 4 13/25 + 8 2/47 as a whole number or as a mixed number where the fractional part is 1/2 Someone please help! 17 * 28 - 5 + 8 would give you an estimate. However, since you don't have

    asked by Math
  23. mars

    who big is it Scroll down to How big is it? =)

    asked by martynas
  24. the french revolution.

    One reason that many people began questioning the idea of a monarchy was the excesses of Louis XVI. Check this site for more information. WHY DID MANY PEOPLE BEGIN TO QUESTION THE IDEA OF A MONARCHY?

    asked by Ms. Sue
  25. History

    Explain America's foreign policy following the spanish-american war? There are several websites in here

    asked by tina
  26. Physics

    The system of blocks of masses m1=3kg and m2 = 1.80 kg are connected by a string as shown. Mass m rests on a rough surface of unknown coefficient of kinetic friction. After the masses are released, they move with an acceleration of 2.80 m/s^2 (m1 moves to

    asked by Matt
  27. Chemistry

    Al3+ and Pb2+ act as acids or bases in acidic or alkaline environment. True or False? I think this is true because they are amphoteric, but I am not sure. yes. They are amphoteric.

    asked by Chemistry
  28. Spanish

    I need help with the subject verb agreement for this assignment: 1. It eats 2.It hears 3.It attacks 4.It doesn't eat 5.It doesn't hear 6.It doesn't attack 7.They eat 8. They hear 9. They attack 10.They don't eat 11. They don't hear I'm using the powerglide

    asked by Aubrey
  29. Chemistry

    Which of the following does form a Group II cation? lead iron cobalt nickel How do you figure this one out? You must know what is in group II. Fe, Co, and Ni are in group III. Pb is in both group I and group II. Pb ppts as the chloride in group I and as

    asked by Chemistry
  30. Chemistry

    Can you please help me to work out the addreviated structural formulae of hydrolysis of tocainide? Won't it be the -NH2 group that hydrolyzes? ArNH2 + HOH ==> ArNH3^+ + OH^- Check my thinking. Thanks That is exactly what I thought it would be. Thanks again

    asked by Paula
  31. Chemistry

    I have a certain concentration of NaCl (in mg/L). I have to convert it to ppm Na+. I read some of the previous posts, and I understand that if I don't know the density, I should assume that 1ppm = 1mg/L. Does this also apply to ppm Na+ since there is 1 Na+

    asked by Maggie
  32. math

    i really need to know what.... 4 to the power of 77 is... 477 = 2.28360 x 1046 according to my calculator. i don't know how to do factors with two digit numbers. Please click Post a New Question, put Math in the subject line, and post your question. It

    asked by Kimmy
  33. Chemistry

    Oops, I accidently posted this as an answer to my previous question, when in fact it was another question. ________________ How do I convert mg/L NaCl to mg/L Na^+? What I tried was: ppm Na^+ = mg/L Na^+ = 1mg NaCl/L * (22.99gNa/35.45gCl) = 0.649 ppm Na^+

    asked by Maggie
  34. Chemistry

    I have one more question DrBob, I have draw a structure of this polymer CH2=CH-CH-OH ' CH3 and identify the monomer units. Would the mononer unit be this: CH2-CH-CH-O ' CH3 AND WOULD THIS POLYMERIZATION BE A CONDENSATION TYPE? Paula--I am not an organic

    asked by Paula
  35. math

    the vertices of triangle abc are A(-2,3) B(10,3) and C(4,10. prove by coordinate geometry that the median to side AB is also the altitude to side BC?

    asked by sean
  36. Math(Please Help!)

    6-y/y^2-2y-24=? *I don't get it at all!!! Answered in another post.

    asked by steve the hippo
  37. Please Check(Math)

    d+7/d^2+49= / (d+7) (d+7)*I got the bottom but I don't know what to put at the top...please help!!! Please HElp Me!!Sorry,I am trying to e patient... The d+7 on top cancels with one of the d+7 on the bottom and you are left with 1/(d+7)

    asked by steve the hippo
  38. Bus law

    Alex was on a coast-to-coast trip by automobile. While passing through Ohio, Alex had a flat tire. It was fixed by Sam’s Turnpike Service Station, and later, while Alex was driving in Indiana, the tire came off and Alex was injured. Alex was hospitalized

    asked by mike
  39. Physics

    Is it possible to orient a current loop in a uniform magnetic field such that the loop will not tend to rotate?

    asked by Mikey Bobo
  40. math 123

    solve the equation by factoring 3x^2-8x-3=0 (3x+1)(1x-3)=0 Now solve each for zero: 3x+1=0 and 1x-3=0 Lance can you help me.?

    asked by jonni
  41. physics

    A ferry boat is 4.0 m wide and 6.0 m long. When a truck pulls onto it, the boat sinks 4.00 cm in the water. What is the combined weight of the truck and the ferry?

    asked by bobert
  42. history

    what is democracy and why is it importent and also why is it btter than comralisam and fashison.also a peom 0n democracy thank you Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a site on the history of "democracy" which is what we have in the

    asked by jesmira
  43. I need 2 fix these prob. b4 they get 2me on test!

    A father gives his son a ride by pulling a sled across the rough snow. The father runs across the snow with a constant acceleration while pulling the sled at F = 75.0 N, at 30 deg. above the horizontal. The combined mass the sled and son is 30.0 kg. The

    asked by Matt (Newton's laws)
  44. I need 2 get these prob. b4 they get 2 me on test!

    A father gives his son a ride by pulling a sled across the rough snow. The father runs across the snow with a constant acceleration while pulling the sled at F = 75.0 N, at 30 deg. above the horizontal. The combined mass the sled and son is 30.0 kg. The

    asked by Matt (Newton's laws)
  45. Chemistry...kind of

    How do medications such as Pepcid AC and Xantac treat acid reflux? If anybody can find a web-site that explains this it would be great! I'll help you if you help me...please.!

    asked by Bob
  46. Chemistry

    If one gram of sodium bicrbonate made it into your stomach from 1 teaspoon of baking soda, how many moles of acid could it neutralize? mols NaHCO3 = grams/molar mass. mols HCl=mols HCO3%-

    asked by Bob
  47. math help,algebra

    Okay this is what i have to do but i think i am doing something wrong. directions are: Identify the axis of symmetry, create a suitable table of values, and sketch the graph (including the axis of symmetry). The problem is: y = -x^2+6x-2 so i did my table

    asked by jas20
  48. help!

    change a material from solid to liquid. (3 words) melting?

    asked by krazykid
  49. Repost PLease Help!

    d+7/d^2+49= / (d+7) (d+7)*I got the bottom but I don't know what to put at the top...please help!!! answered below

    asked by steve the hippo
  50. Repost 2 PLz Help

    6-y/y^2-2y-24=? *I don't get it at all!!! You need parentheses around portions of this thing so we know what the problem is.

    asked by steve the hippo
  51. math

    which is not a common factor for 36 and 54 which what? 4, 5, 7, 8

    asked by D'anlyn eiland
  52. Drugs

    I asked a question earllier related to whether my idea of an inhalant was correct or not. Someone mentions something about vehicle. my question is: vehicle? Vehicle in this context means a way of getting something from one place to another. An inhalant is

    asked by Aalecia
  53. English

    I have an sentence. Beth lost her glasses at the library. I have to replace HER GLASSES with a pronoun Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You need a direct object pronoun = them.

    asked by Barb
  54. Health

    Does saying: "increases the user’s risk of heart arrhythmia and respiratory failure" Mean the same thing as: "Decreased heart and respiratory function" It doesn't mean the same thing in my book. If it increases the RISK, that means to me that SOME

    asked by Aaliesha
  55. Chemistry

    Can you balance this equation please? Fe2O3 + CO yeilds Fe + CO2 Fe2O3 + CO ==> Fe + CO2 Rule: balance by changing coefficients. You may not change subscripts. Look at the Fe atoms. There are 2 Fe atoms on the left and only 1 on the right; therefore, we

    asked by mZ. YoU
  56. French 1

    Re write the following as questions using in version 1.A’ qui est-ce que vous te’le’phone? ANSWER Vous telephonez est-ce aqui 2. Elle danse bien. Answer Danse bien elle? In complete French sentences say that the people do not do the following

    asked by DANIELLE
  57. Math Repost!!Please Help!!!!

    6-y --------- y^2-27-24 well it should simplify to (6-y)/(y^-1) which then changes to y(6-y) which then equals y(6-y)=0 then you set both parts equal to zero and solve for xero y=0 and/or (6-y)=0 so y=0 or y=6 Did you mean for this problem to be this: 6 -

    asked by steve the hippo
  58. Billy

    Estimate the difference by rounding to the hundred : 6238 - 4197 Would the answer be 2000? 6200-4200=2000

    asked by Math Question
  59. math

    what is the money amount of 20/100? 20/100 A 100th of a dollar is a cent. Does that help a little more? Thanks for asking.

    asked by mindy
  60. ap chem

    a solution is prepared by dissolving 4.87 g of sodium dichromate in 25.0 ml of water. (d=1.00g/mL).calculate a. the mass percent of sodium dichromate in the solution. b. the mass percent o water in the solution. c the mole fraction of sodium dichromate in

    asked by just

    a solution is made by diluting 175 mL of 0.238 M aluminum nitrate, Al(NO3)3, solution with water to a final vlume of 5.00x 10^2 mL.calculate the following. a. the molarity of aluminum nitrate, aluminum ion, and nitrate ion in the diluted solution B. the

    asked by MeLi
  62. Chemistry

    Each Rolaids tablet contains .550 g of calcium carbonate and .110 g of magnesium hydroxide. Kroger Extra Strength antacid tablets contain .750 g of calcium cabonate per tablet. What is the neutralizing ability per gram for each tablet in mol/g? Might not

    asked by Bob
  63. Algebra I

    The distance an object falls is directly propotional to the square of the time it has been falling. Afterr 6 seconds it has fallen 1296 feet. How long will it take to fall 2304 feet? I can't even imagine how to figure tis out. I would appreciate your help.

    asked by DANIELLE
  64. chemistry.

    The concentration of hydrogen sulfide, H2S, in hot springs is relatively high. This accounts for the rotten-egg smell around the "mud pots" in Yellowstone National Park. The solubility of hydrogen sulfide in water at 25 degrees Celsius is 0.0932 M at 1.00

    asked by CRISTINA
  65. sentence fragment

    What is the best way to rewrite the following sentence fragment? Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what really happened to them. Research has never proven what caused their deaths. In my opinion, you should rewrite it

    asked by mike
  66. math

    find out the ratio 3 quarts to 4 pints as a fraction in simplest form. the units must be the same. Quart = 2 pints Convert your quarts to pints and divide by the 4 pints. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by ninaprtyrtyvfbhf
  67. physics

    an object with mass 10kg is at rest. It explodes into 4 pieces. A peice with mass 3kg travels NORTH at 5m/s, another piece 5kg travels at 30(degrees) NORTH of EAST at 2 m/s, and another piece 1.1kg travels 60(degrees) NORTH of WEST at 7 m/s. Find the mass

    asked by danielle
  68. Health

    What is a heart palpitaltion? A palpitation is an extra beat, or beats, in your heart, so that you feel like your heart is racing, beating irregularly.

    asked by Aalisha
  69. Chemistry

    WHat are the structural formulas for glycerin, hexane, and ethanol. Do these structural formaulas support the solubility data obtained?? It is almost impossible to draw structural formulas on the computer. In line formulas may help. But you need to refine

    asked by Dave
  70. science

    Having a hard time understanding "representative particles". ie. which are atoms, compounds etc. For example, what is the representative particle for sodium fluoride? carbon monoxide? Atoms are the smallest unit of an element. Molecules are composed of two

    asked by mark
  71. substitution method

    -x-4y=-14 2x=y+1 Let's look at your two equations. -x - 4y = -14 2x = y + 1 Let's solve the second equation for y: y = 2x - 1 Now let's substitute (2x - 1) for y in the first equation: -x - 4(2x - 1) = -14 -x - 8x + 4 = -14 -9x + 4 = -14 -9x = -18 x = 2

    asked by seth
  72. substitution method

    -3x+y=-5 x+2y=0 Your equations: -3x + y = -5 x + 2y = 0 Let's solve the second equation for x: x = -2y Now let's substitute -2y for x in the first equation to solve for y: -3(-2y) + y = -5 6y + y = -5 7y = -5 y = -5/7 Now let's substitute -5/7 for y in the

    asked by sooto
  73. eth 125

    Consider these questions: What are the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences? What are the differences? (Schaefer, 2006, p. 352) Choose from any of the following topics when considering

    asked by Trenet
  74. math

    Find the second derivative. y = sqrt(3x+4) I will be happy to critique your work. We don't do it for you. Thanks. Please post under one name. Thanks. who are u?

    asked by abc
  75. MATH!!!

    Consider the following where s is in feet and t is in seconds. s(t) = t3 + 4t2 + 6t + 4 (a) Find v(t). v(t) = (b) Find a(t). a(t) = (c) Find v(3). (d) Find a(3). see above. Please stop posting under different names. WHAT?!!

    asked by Help me!
  76. algebra , help

    Can someone help me set up the equations thanks. Directions: Solve each of the following applications. Give all answers to the nearest thousandth. Problem: Geometry. The length of a rectangle is 1 cm longer than its width. If the diagonal of the rectangle

    asked by jas20
  77. calculus

    Find the derivative using the chain rule. f(x) = ((3x-7)/(6x+3))^4 f '(x) = let u= 3x-7 v= (6x+3)^-4 Then d(uv)= u dv + v du du= 3 dv= -4(6x+3)^-5 (6) so what's f'(x)? (thanks for your help) Goodness. f'(x) is d(uv) I will be happy to critique your work or

    asked by jessica
  78. Algebra 1

    Simplifying Radicals, Use the quotient property to simplify the expression. 3 times the square root of 6/3 3*sqrt(6/3) is the same thing as saying 3*sqrt(2) Your problem: 3√(6/3) is the same as 3√6/√3 To rationalize the denominator, multiply both the

    asked by Steve
  79. english

    difference between prejudicial and non-prejudical rhetoric Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, any good dictionary will help you with the meanings. rhetoric = art of oratory, or speaking well prejudicial = leading to premature

    asked by robin
  80. calc

    A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $ billions) from selling x number of widgets is given by the following for x between 0 and 60. R(x) = 0.11(60x - x^2) What is the

    asked by Lia
  81. algebra,help

    I am clueless about this one...can someone help me with it ...thanks Business and finance. The demand equation for a certain type of printer is given by D = -200p + 35,000 The supply equation is predicted to be S= -6p^2 + 400p – 20,000 Find the

    asked by jas20
  82. Science

    What compound was considered more precious that gold in ancient Rome? i think it's aluminum, i found it in google In my Google search, there was no mention of aluminum as a precious metal. Rather silver, gold and bronze were mentioned, especially in

    asked by Ann
  83. Government

    i need help on 2 questions. heres the scenario, Connie Craft lives in Stockton, which is located in San Joaquin County in California. She stole a new computer from her neighbor's home and was arrested within an hour in her own home, where the computer was

    asked by Michelle
  84. Science

    What are examples of igneous rocks and their uses?

    asked by ?~?~^
  85. Math

    Consider the following where s is in feet and t is in seconds. s(t) = t^3 + 4t^2 + 6t + 4 (a) Find v(t). v(t) = (b) Find a(t). a(t) = (c) Find v(3). (d) Find a(3). v(t) is the first derivative of s(t). a(t) is the second derivative of s(t). I will be happy

    asked by India
  86. French 1

    In complete French sentences say that the people do not do the following activity given 1.

    asked by DANIELLE
  87. physics HELP!!

    3. A rocket car is traveling on a linear horizontal frictionless track when it suddenly runs out of fuel. The car has achieved a speed of 100 meters per second at the very moment the fuel is completely spent. The track then suddenly changes to a 30-degree

    asked by Katrina
  88. calculus

    Please help, I have no idea where to start. Use the quotient rule to find the derivative. f(x)= ((x+4)/(x-2)) f '(x) = Thank u!

    asked by Me
  89. wow

    (It's about time somebody got rid of bobpursley, he was making rude comments on everybody's page!) That's an imposter. i did!he kept blaming at me when i was asking for some hints for my hw questions! and he said im "stupid" and "idiot"..if he doesnt wanna

    asked by Me
  90. calc

    Please help me you guys, this is the 3rd time I have posted this question. Is anybody going to help me with this problem? A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $

    asked by Lia
  91. homework help

    chapters 10-11 1. what brqve things does atticus do in chapter 10? why are jem and scout shocked? 2. what did jem dp when mrs dubose said atticus"lawed for !@#$%^&ers" 3. what did jem learn from his encounter with mrs dubose and folowwing her death? thanx

    asked by lala
  92. French 1


    asked by DANIELLE