Questions Asked on
February 19, 2007

  1. math

    Derivatives are usually not taught in 5th grade. That is what your question is about: Rates of change. Complete the following statements with the correct words Note: Correct spelling is important. If s(t) is a distance (or height or position) function,

    asked by drwls
  2. Math (Calculus 121)

    Consider the following function. f(x) = 7x3 + x2 - 0.08x + 12 Find the two points on the graph at which the tangent line is horizontal. Give your values correct to 2 decimal places. ( , ) (point with smaller x value) ( , ) (point with larger x value)

    asked by Lia
  3. PHYSICS helppppp

    A 0.2 kilogram baseball is thrown vertically downwards towards to the same horizontal floor. The baseball possesses an initial velocity of 30 meters per second. The height is 10.00m. (A) Calculate the POTENTIAL GRAVITATIONAL ENERGY and KINETIC ENERGY of

    asked by Katrina
  4. Math (Statistic)

    Considered the sampling distribution of a sample mean obtained by random sampling from an infinite population. This population has a distribution that is highly skewed toward the larger values. a) How is the mean of the sampling distribution related to the

    asked by Jennifer
  5. English: clauses

    we have to to identify the dependent clause in this sentance and then tell wether the clause is an adverb, adjective, or noun clause. "Who knows what the future will bring?" In this sentance i know where the dependent clause starts but other than that i'm

    asked by Lesley
  6. science

    What is the speed of an 800-kg car whose KE is 250 kJ? Use the formula KE = (1/2) M V^2 Rearrange it to solve for V. You'll need to take a square root along the way.

    asked by tasha
  7. english - idea on how to conclude a paragraph?

    My introductory sentence is this: My least favourite musical performer is none other than the princess of pop herself, Britney Spears, otherwise affectionately known as Brit Brit in some blogging communities. I talk about some of her 'wild antics' in the

    asked by anna
  8. rf value of lycopene

    Is the the rf value of lycopene and with what solvent can you use as a mobile phase on a TLC? I don't know the answer here but I looked on the Internet and found something that may get you started. I found the Rf value for lycopene to be between 0.4 and

    asked by paul
  9. chem

    PLEEEZE help name the type of reaction K + MgBr -> Not enough information is provided. And not magnesium bromide is MgBr2. Is this a solution phase or exactly how is the K metal added to the MgBr2? As DrBob has indicated, not all of the information has

    asked by key
  10. Bus law

    Alex was on a coast-to-coast trip by automobile. While passing through Ohio, Alex had a flat tire. It was fixed by Sam’s Turnpike Service Station, and later, while Alex was driving in Indiana, the tire came off and Alex was injured. Alex was hospitalized

    asked by mike
  11. Calculus II/III

    A. Find the integral of the following function. Integral of (x√(x+1)) dx. B. Set up and evaluate the integral of (2√x) for the area of the surface generated by revolving the curve about the x-axis from 4 to 9. For part B of our question , the surface

    asked by Ryoma
  12. physics

    A gasoline engine runs with 28 percent efficiency. It expels 3.60x10^4 J of heat in each cycle. a. Find the heat absorbed in one cycle. 128,571.4????? b. Find the work output in one cycle.

    asked by anonymous
  13. science

    A crane whose motor has a power input of 5.0 kW lifts a 120-kg load of bricks through a height of 30m in 90s. what is the efficiency of the crane, which is the ratio between its output power and its input power.

    asked by tasha
  14. Biology

    Which materials produce during the light reactions of photosynthesis are essential to the dark reactions? Light Reactions (Occurs in Grana) The purpose of the light reactions is to change light energy into chemical energy of ATP and NADPH. a) Require light

    asked by Sara
  15. science

    the acceleration of gravity on the surface of Mars is m/s squared. if an astronaut in a space suit can jump upward 20cm on the earth's surface, how high could he jump on the surface of Mars? You need to provide a number for the acceleration of gravity on

    asked by tasha
  16. Chemistry

    What is the valency of selenium in hydrogen selenide? Consider what selenium's group is in the periodic table. There is oxygen and sulfur, right? Selenium will the same as those. The all have the same basic formula with hydrogen. What's that very common

    asked by sarah
  17. physics

    Air is being compressed in a cylinder with a volume of 0.025 m^3 under a constant pressure of 3.0*10^5 Pa and the volume of the air in the cylinder is reduced to 0.020 m^3. a. By how much is the volume of the air reduced? b. How much work is done in the

    asked by anonymous
  18. Stressed syllables

    Here is a list of words now can someone help me find the stressed syllables: 1. diff(icult) 2. (imag)ine 3. (fam)iliar 4. relative 5. compan(ions) 6. (won)derful 7. impat(ience) 8. (coun)tryside 9. for(gott)en 10. univ(erse) 11. un(iver)sal 12. (acc)ident

    asked by Holly
  19. Science

    Thank you! Why is there a lunar eclipse only twice a year and not once a month? Thanks for the help. On the night of May 15/16 we will be able to see a total lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses can only happen when the Moon is full and it passes behind the Earth

    asked by Larry
  20. science

    How long will it take a 1000-kg car with a power output of 20 kW to go from 10m/s to 20 m/s? Ignoring friction, the change in kinetic energy has to equal Power*time

    asked by tasha
  21. math

    what is 4,000 in roman numerals MV (the V has to have a bar over it)... now answer my HARD question under Lia =) But isn't MV 1,005??

    asked by TIFFANY
  22. analogies

    i need to no if these analogies are like part to hole, function cause to effect and stuf like that (adequate:excellent) Here are some websites that can help you: After you've had a chance to read through some

    asked by aladian
  23. physics

    Why does water freezing not violate the second law of thermodynamics? (Hint: Think in terms of a system) The entropy of the water decreases when it freezes and goes into a more ordered crystaline state. However, heat is released to the environment in the

    asked by anonymous
  24. Chemistry

    What is the empirical formula for aluminium selenide? What is the common oxidation state of aluminum? Combine that information with the valency for selenium that you came up with in the previous question to come up with the formula for aluminum selenide.

    asked by sarah
  25. history

    What are whe 3 general areas where the was was fought in the Revolutionary War? This site will give you some good ideas. However, I would say the major battles were in the northern US, on the sea and to a lesser extent in the southern US.

    asked by Mack
  26. Physics

    The emf induced across the wing-tips of a flying aircraft is of the order of several millivolts. Can this value be obtained using a sensitive millivoltmeter connected across the wing-tips? Explain your answer. Not if connections are actually made to the

    asked by Ishani
  27. drugs

    Help! An inhalant is not a stimulant or a depressant. So... what is it then?????? Puh-leaze help me! My grade this term counts on it. What kind of inhalant? We inhale many things -- dust, illegal drugs, legal asthma medications, pollen, etc. Please clarify

    asked by Lauren
  28. unscramble

    please unscramble these letters: egrvwneoir Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, is it English? Next, are there any clues? What vocabulary are you studying? Often, if you have anagrams, they have to do with the textbook and/or

    asked by carol
  29. Algebra

    How do I solve this? 2 {2/3 } / 4/5 / 1/3 {4/9} / 4/4 / 1/3 How do I cross multily the numbers? Is the (2/3) supposed to be squared? Is the (4/5)/(1/3) in a denominator below (2/3) ? You need to use more parentheses or brackets to clarify the order of

    asked by Gee
  30. Chemistry

    Can you give me an example of a compound that can make Ba3(PO4)2 even more insoluble than it already is (and can you tell me why, just for my own understanding)? You use the common ion effect which is just an extension of the Le Chatelier's Principle. The

    asked by Lacey
  31. Chemistry

    Can you explain the process for solving this problem (this one is more complicated than the example in our book): A solution contains both I^- and Cl^-, each at a concentration of 3.0x10^-2M. What concentration of Pb^+2 is required to precipitate the

    asked by Lacey
  32. Chemistry

    Could anyone tell me what the structure of this polymer is ( I need to draw it), I also need to identify three monomer units, CH2 = CH - CH - OH ( CH3 Thanks

    asked by Ben
  33. English

    what does it mean when someone said? how is Mike,Is he behaving himself? It means that Mike sometimes does not behave as well as might be expected. The person asking wants to know if Mike has been being good.

    asked by Bob
  34. science

    How do tthe air sacs of birds help make the body lighter? air in the bones lighten the wholww skeleton: But the 9 breathing air sacs do not really lighten the bird except to possibly allow smaller lungs:

    asked by eric
  35. Physics

    A skier is pulled up a slope at a constant velocity by a tow bar. The slope is inclined at 27.2 ° with respect to the horizontal. The force applied to the skier by the tow bar is parallel to the slope. The skier's mass is 53.7 kg, and the coefficient of

    asked by Susu
  36. science

    How much work is needed to raise a 110-kg load of bricks 12m above the ground to a building under construction? According to the law of conservation of energy, the work required equals the change in potential emergy. To get the increase in potential

    asked by tasha
  37. science

    Which of these energies might correspond to the KE of a person riding a bicycle on a road? 10 J; 1 kJ; 100kJ KE is 1/2 mv^2. Take your mass (weight in lbs/2.2), divide by two, take a typical speed say 10mi/hr or 6.6km/hr or 5m/s, square it, and do the

    asked by tasha
  38. mayflower pictures

    CAn i plz have a picture or pictures of the mayflower? Whenever you are hunting for pictures, here's an easy way: 1. Go to 2. Click on the word Images above the search box. The screen will adjust to an images search page. 3. Enter

    asked by Holly
  39. history

    annotative bibliography for sunlink and worldbook online Hold your cursor over the words CITING SOURCES in the left column and then click on Electronic Sources/Internet. Many examples will show up. You will get two

    asked by steve the hippo
  40. Dr Bob 222

    I love you Dr Bob, you are great. I didn't realise how much it was getting me down. Don't like to give up on something, my text books don't make it very easy to follow through a problem. Understand it perfectly now, I feel so much better now. Thank you

    asked by SOS mature student
  41. science

    the potential energy of a golf ball in a hole is negative with respect to the ground. Under what circumstances(if any) is the ball's kinetic energy negative? Its rest energy? The kinetic energy of the ball is zero when it isnt moving, whether it is ion the

    asked by tasha
  42. Chemistry

    What is a balanced equation for the reaction of aluminium selenide with water? Assume that aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen selenide are being formed. Then work out the balance.

    asked by sarah
  43. math

    how many sides must a polygon have A polygon must have at least 3 sides.

    asked by walker
  44. chemistry

    the diagram below shows a structural formulae of 3 cabon compounds labelled 1 2 and 3 and the eaction between compounds 1 and 2. The equation for this reaction is incomplete only the reactants are shown, the missing products being indicatedby a? :o ch2

    asked by bex
  45. math

    how long will it take to earn $787.50 on $5000 at 5 1/4%(percent) what is the rate it is compounded? annually, semi-annually, monthly, what? dat information is not given aren't you supposed to be using the interest rate formula? if so, then u have two

    asked by Spencer
  46. Math (Calculus 121)

    The derivative tells you the slope at any point. df/dx = 8 x^3 - 12 x When x = 3, the slope is m = 8*27 - 36 = 180 and the equation of the tangent line is (y - 228) = 180*(x - 3) y = 180 x - 540 + 228 = 180 x - 312 wow, that was absolutely correct (i just

    asked by drwls
  47. Math (Please help!)

    Consider the following function. f(x)= x^2 - sqrt(x) Find the equation of the line tangent at the point (1, 0). the answer would be 6, duh

    asked by Me
  48. chemistry

    If someone could figure this problem out and tell me how to do it, i would really appreciate the help! Bryson needs .003 mg of a cholesterol-lowering drug per pound per day. The drug should be taken 3 times a day. If capsules contain .010 mg of the drug,

    asked by stephanie
  49. science

    what, if anything, happens to the speed of a fighter plane when it fires a cannon at an enemy plane in front of it?

    asked by tasha
  50. ethnics

    Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of the United States. What will this face look like in the year 2050? There are many promising articles in this collection to help you. Please

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    ok. i am becoming home schooled on the computer, and i have no idea how to do my math problems... examples 3/12 + 3/4n what do i do with the n? 9/(4xa) - 3/4

    asked by chalsey
  52. % Recovery

    How do you calculate percent recovery? I have this info: Weight of sample used: 0.198g Actual weight of sample: 0.325g Other info needed? What you have posted is confusing. What do you mean by "actual weight of sample?" Is that different than the weight of

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Health

    Does anyone know a site where I can find good slang terms for cocaine? I have a project on cocaine due Wednesday and I need to memorize all of the slang terms. Go to google and look up slang drug terms. Take the link for the pride website and go to the

    asked by A'isha
  54. Math

    in the multiplication: 39P * Q3 =32951 P and Q each represent a single digit. what is the value of P+Q? I may have missed something here, BUT IF the digit is 9, note that 39*9*3*9=9477 which is far short of 32951. And 9 is the largest single digit we have.

    asked by Sarah
  55. Product curves

    If the short run total product curve is a linear function of the variable input over some range of values. Describe the shape of the marginal product and average product functions. I am guessing that the marginal product is constant, which a horizonal

    asked by Anonymous
  56. english

    what interesting facts are there about elizabethan england sports? =)

    asked by stef
  57. Sandra

    2/7 divided by 6 I know to invert the fraction, then what? Please help! 2/7 divided by 6/1 = 2/7 multiplied by 1/6 Multiply and then reduce. =)

    asked by Math

    x=0 and y=4 in the second problem X+y=13 22x + 36y=356 -3x + 2y =8 3x + 2y=8 y=4 hold, on i'm trying to find x x=2 & y=1 on the last one :)

    asked by Lia
  59. algebra help

    2) subtract the two equations to erase the y value (since 2y-2y=0) and solve for x, then add them to erase the x value (since -3x+3x=0) and solve for y. ur x values should be -8.5 and 7.5 respectively. i don't know how to do #1 step by srep the problems 1)

    asked by Me
  60. HELP

    Dangling Modifiers If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. Your answer: 1. Dangling Modifiers When they are fresh, eating oranges can often keep away the cold virus. Your answer: 2. Predication Our plans for tomorrow should begin

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math ttriangles

    how would I find the hieght of a isocscles triangle if the base was 20 and the area was 240? To find the height of an isocsceles triangle With the area at 240 and the base at 20 aren't you supposed to divide 240 by 20? If so what is your answer? The area

    asked by Sara
  62. science

    Can you direct me to a site(s) which can help with college chemistry and statistics? Here are a couple of good chemistry sites that pretty well cover the waterfront. I don't know any stat sites but if you will repost with the subject line of "math" I'm

    asked by jules
  63. DrBob222 physics

    A skier is pulled up a slope at a constant velocity by a tow bar. The slope is inclined at 27.2 ° with respect to the horizontal. The force applied to the skier by the tow bar is parallel to the slope. The skier's mass is 53.7 kg, and the coefficient of

    asked by Susu
  64. Biology

    In the inner mitchondrial membrane, hydrogen ions... A)are pumped in olny one direction. B)are pumped in both directions C)leak across in only one direction D)leak across in both directions

    asked by Nick
  65. math

    ok i get the whole FOIL thing but what if there's negative numbers? and what do you if there's an addition and a subtraction? ex. (mn-m^2)(-n+m) you treat negative numbers just like positive numbers (for instance; (6x+3)(2x-2), 1st-6x*2x=12x^2, outer-

    asked by heather
  66. Chemistry

    What are the heath and safety hazards associated with H202 and H2SO4? H2SO4 is a highly corrosive acid to metals, non-metals, and humans. H2O2, in low concentrations (3% to about 17%) is available commercially. It is used as a disinfectant and to dissolve

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $ billions) from selling x number of widgets is given by the following for x between 0 and 60. R(x) = 0.11 (60x - x2) What is the

    asked by abc
  68. Question

    How will you apply the knowledge you have learned about effective business communication and cultural diversity to your current/future job and college courses? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum, BUT . . . . . We certainly don't know the

    asked by Anonymous
  69. science/the human body

    explain why a person will die if their heart stops beating for a few minutes People die when their heart stops beating because it has stopped pumping blood throughout the body. The heart is the pump that distributes the blood through the entire body, also

    asked by amy
  70. algebra

    Maurice drove 400 km from Edmonton to Battleford in 1 hour less time than it took Martin to drive the same route from Battleford to Edmonton. If Maurice drove 20 km/h faster than Martin, at what speed did each of them drive? Show a complete algebraic

    asked by Shay
  71. Health (drugs)

    I know that inhalants aren't either a stimulant or a depressant. So what are they? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a site from the government explaining inhalants: thanks, but I

    asked by Lauren
  72. Bus law

    Why is the United State a “common law country”? We're a common law country because we follow precedents established over hundreds of years in Britain and the U.S. Common law is followed except when statutory law opposes a specific practice. Check this

    asked by mike
  73. Strategic

    which comes first, the development of the long-term objectives, or the evaluation of organizational strengths and weaknesses? Please explain your choice. It seems to me that you'd need to know the long-term objectives before you evaluate the organization's

    asked by Ms Brown
  74. grammar

    Is the following sentence correct? In the late 1990s, the popularity of MTV’s The Real World sparked increasingly interest in this concept. The Real World

    asked by mike
  75. English Lit- Judith Wright

    Does anyone have any information/websites on the poem 'Mirror at the Fun Fair' by Australian poet Judith Wright? Or info on any of her poems. Thanks!

    asked by Brian
  76. math

    can you direct me to some sites for helping with college statistics? thanks

    asked by jules
  77. math

    whats the next # in this sequence: 52, 28, 33, 63, 73, 23, 56 i really need help so if anyone can answer it would be great. sorry this is a tuff one but i think its 26 thanks i wasn't sure either

    asked by lea
  78. computers

    how do u erase the history from you computer for good places you've been on the internet? yea but i mean in general also for the internet, there is a green arrow going around a clock on a buttonbeside the favourites button. click it. now go to the today

    asked by TIFFANY
  79. court system law

    Can someone help me what are good websites to find this information in. Thanks.....or any hits help will be awsome. Considering issues facing the Juvenile court system today, and appraise the efficacy of juvenile justice policy in our modern society. What

    asked by kLn
  80. Refraction

    Which tool does NOT have lenses to Refract? A. Camera B. Mirror C. Telescope D. Binoculars Some telescopes have no lenses. Look at a mirror. Do you see any lesnses there?

    asked by Missy
  81. English- citing in mla format

    i am writing a paper on a novel and i used quotes from the book. when i cite do i need to put (author name page number) every time, or should i do it that way once and then just put (page number)? thanks Be sure to go

    asked by amanda
  82. Math

    In 5th grade terms Divide the total time by 8. That's the time per trip. is the answer 40 A bus route crosses the city 8 times in 12 hrs. On average, about how many minutes does it take the bus to cross the city? 12 hours/ 8 = 7200 minutes/8 Do the

    asked by Missy
  83. Math

    I need help in making homework easier dealing with prime numbers is there any help you can give me to try

    asked by Cherie
  84. Of mice and men

    Would you say Steinbeck uses indirect or direct characterization of the characters? I think it's direct. For example he says, "The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp features," (Steinbeck 2). I think you're right.

    asked by Tammy
  85. math (simple interest)

    Susan collected $1.20 interest after 6 months. What was the amount of her deposit if the bank pays 6% interest? Solve this equation: .06x = $2.40 the answer is 40

    asked by Spencer
  86. Math HELP!!!

    x2 + x + -3.75 = 0 Please... I'm horrible at algebra. x=7.5 and x=-8.5 THANK YOU SO MUCH

    asked by David
  87. Com 120

    I looking for the comma splice Here's an explanation of what a comma splice is and some examples, as well as how to fix them. Please re-post if you have specific questions. =)

    asked by Anonymous
  88. math

    I need 2 know how 2 find the measure of a regular haxagon!! HELP ME PLEASE!! This site explains how to find the area of a regular hexagon.,hex.html

    asked by Sweetpea:)
  89. math

    subtract how do you solve for y- form? i don't get this!!!!

    asked by Missy
  90. math

    what is the answer to 456.7 divided into 6 76.116666666666666666666666666667

    asked by ashley
  91. Bus law


    asked by mike