Questions Asked on
February 13, 2007

  1. Calculus

    The power P (in W) generated by a particular windmill is given by P = .015 V^3 where V is the velocity of the wind (in mph). Find the instantaneous rate of change of power with respect to velocity when the velocity is 5.7 mph. P = 0.015 V^3 dP/dV = 0.045

    asked by Anonymous
  2. AP Chemistry

    (a) What is the pH of a 2.0 molar solution of acetic acid. Ka of acetic acid = 1.8 x 10¯5 (b) A buffer solution is prepared by adding 0.10 liter of 2.0 molar acetic acid solution to 0.1 liter of a 1.0 molar sodium hydroxide solution. Compute the hydrogen

    asked by Dave
  3. Chemistry check

    First, percent error can be negative, correct? Because in my lab I got -32%. Here are my questions that I need checked: 1. List possible manipulation errors that might contribute to the following errors in results: 1) obtaining a significantly larger

    asked by Jay
  4. English

    Act 1 Scene 1 .. Romeo & Juliet I don't know the answer to two of my questions for Romeo and Juliet the first one . . . Although Rome and Juliet is a tragedy, much of the play is quite comic. Outline briefly the comic elements in this scene. To whatextent

    asked by Becca
  5. math, help

    For the following set, which number has the largest absolute value? 4,-1,12,-20,19,0 Possible Answer of choice: A)0 B)19 C)-20 D)-1 wouldn't it be postive 20 but its not within the choices. What is the absolute value of -20? Absolute value is the distance

    asked by jasmine20
  6. Maths- complex numbers

    Find tan(3 theta) in terms of tan theta Use the formula tan (a + b) = (tan a + tan b)/[1 - tan a tan b) in two steps. First, let a = b = theta and get a formula for tan (2 theta). tan (2 theta) = 2 tan theta/[(1 - tan theta)^2] Then write down the equation

    asked by Jake
  7. Science

    As an environmental science teacher, how would you respond to someone who tells you (a) that he or she does not believe in biological evolution because it is "just a theory," and (be) we should not worry about air pollution because through natural

    asked by Christy
  8. Modern World History

    World War One Can someone tell me the final chain of events that led the world to war.. What was the final chain of events that led the world to war? Be sure to go to the box which serves as a table of contents for

    asked by Bryan
  9. MAth

    Please help. a). How many ways can a person select three appetizers and two soups if there are six appetizers and five soups on the dinner menu? b). Three married couples have bought tickets for six seats in a row for a movie. - HOw many ways can they be

    asked by Susie
  10. alegebra

    Mr. Baker wants to enlarge a photo that is 5 by 7 inches so that the dimensions are 3 times larger than the original. How many times larger than the original photo will the area of the new photo be? I am sorry that nobody responded to your post earlier. If

    asked by H.C.
  11. physics (please help)

    Two identical but separate strings, with the same tension, carry sinusoidal waves with the same frequency. Wave A has an amplitude that is twice that of wave B and transmits energy at a rate that is _____ that of wave B. a)half b)twice c) one-fourth d)four

    asked by susan
  12. essentials of economics

    what do you known about economics becouse i do not got it These sites may help you. notes on- social protection health education defence public order and safety

    asked by delisha
  13. English Poetry

    Could someone please explain Charlotte Smith poem "on being cautioned against walking on a headland overlooking the sea" ? or can you tell me where I can get explanations to poetry which I find very difficult to understand. thanks I don't know this poem

    asked by Elda
  14. chemistry

    the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom is called the.... atomic number

    asked by alejandra
  15. Physics

    A solid uniform sphere has a mass of 2.0 104 kg and a radius of 1.5 m. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force due to the sphere on a particle of mass m = 0.2 kg located at a distance of 1.6 m from the center of the sphere? What if it is 1.1 m

    asked by winterWX
  16. Business

    In planning a new item, a manufactuer assumes that the number of items produced x and the cost of dollars C of producing these items are related by a linear equation, Projections are that 100 items will cost $22,000 to produce. Find the eqaution that

    asked by David
  17. algebra 1 scale drawing

    On a scale drawing of steps with the base being 1 3/4 inches and the steps going up 1/4 inch each on the drawing.Which scale was used for the drawing if the actual height of each step is 6 inches? A. 1/8 = 1 foot, 10 ines the are hard as heck 2 its hard

    asked by Hailey
  18. Physics

    In 1956, Frank Lloyd Wright proposed the construction of a mile-high building in Chicago. Suppose the building had been constructed. Ignoring Earth's rotation, find the change in your weight if you were to ride an elevator from the street level, where you

    asked by winterWX
  19. Physics

    A square of edge length 19.0 cm is formed by four spheres of masses m1 = 6.00 g, m2 = 3.50 g, m3 = 1.00 g, and m4 = 6.00 g. In unit-vector notation, what is the net gravitational force from them on a central sphere with mass m5 = 2.20 g? _N i + _N j You

    asked by winterWX
  20. Religions of the World

    Find two Web sites dealing with indigenous cultures and/or religions. Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today? If so, how have the

    asked by Chris
  21. Trig - Ferris Wheel

    A ferris wheel is 250 ft in diameter and revolves every 40 second when in motion. You step up to the seat on the wheel at the bottom 2 feet about the fround so you are sitting 4 feet about the ground at start. Derive the formula for the height of your seat

    asked by Anthony Gonzalez
  22. writeacher

    because in the previous message about the pemdas it is parenthesis,exponents,multiplication,division,addition,subtraction therefore how that little part that looks like this 12 divided by 2*2 it would be multiplication first then SORRY THEN DIVISION SO

    asked by jasmine20

    A television antenna sits on the roof. Two 78-foot guy wires are positioned on opposite sides of the antenna. The angle of elevation each makes with the the ground is 23 degrees. How far apart are the ends of the two guy wires? I have no idea where to

    asked by anonymous
  24. physics

    Two sinusoidal waves travel in the same direction and have the same frequency. Their amplitudes are Y1 and Y2. The smallest possible amplitude of the resultant wave is: a) Y1 + Y2 and occurs if they are 180 degrees out of phase b)[Y1 - Y2] and occurs if

    asked by susan
  25. Religions

    Consider the interrelatedness of everything in the cosmos as it is expressed in many indigenous religions. How do you think the importance of these relationships developed? What spiritual purpose do you think they serve for indigenous peoples? Your

    asked by Chris
  26. Science

    Describe the climate and physical characteristics of that biome and the types of organisms that live within it. Give examples of and describe symbiotic relationships between those organisms. Be sure to include at least one example from each of the

    asked by Jerry
  27. drwls, is this correct,math

    drawls this is from the previous post is this correct. solve the system by subtraction. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 equation#2 woudl be 4x-3y=11 -3y = -4x+11 y = (4)/(3) x - (11)/(3) so now i substitute it to equation #1 5x - 3((4)/(3)x - (11)/(3)= 13 5x - 4 x +11 =

    asked by jasmine20
  28. physics

    Let f be the frequency, v wav the speed, and T the period of a sinusoidal traveling wave. The correct relationship is: a)f=1/T b)f=vwav + T c)f=vwavT d)f=vwav/T e)f=T/vwav My thoughts: I think the answer is D.Since frequency is equal to T=1/f so f=1/T.

    asked by susan
  29. math, correction

    Find the LCM for 4 and 20 My answer is: LCM IS 20 Your answer is right

    asked by jasmine20
  30. need good sites

    i'm looking to find a good site for learning the basics of biochemistry.... (high school level)... any recommendations? These search results have several sites that may help. =)

    asked by sciencestudent
  31. Math

    Driving down a mounain Jim finds that he has descended 1800FT in elevation by the time he is 3.25 mi horizontally away from the top of the mountain find the slope of his decent to the nearest hundreth. I am sorry that you did not get a response to your

    asked by David
  32. algebra

    Maurice drove 400 km from Edmonton to Battleford in 1 hour less time than it took Martin to drive the same route from Battleford to Edmonton. If Maurice drove 20 km/h faster than Martin, at what speed did each of them drive? Show a complete algebraic

    asked by Shay
  33. math,help!!!!

    How do i do thois problem?Please help. Problem #1 solve the system by subtraction. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 Subtract the lower equation's left and right terms from the upper equation's corresponding terms. The first step will get you this: x = 2 Now that you know

    asked by jasmine20
  34. math,correction,plz

    Evaluate (15-5)/[((12)/(2*2))-2] my answer that i keep getting is 1 am i even correct or completely wrong The ans is 10 see i had that for the answer but when i revised the rule for order of operations. it says to divide first then multiply left to right

    asked by jasmine20
  35. math,correction

    can you check if how i solved it to show that my answer is no is correct. Is -4 a solution to the equation 7x-5+3x=6+x-10 This is what i did: 7(-4)-5+3(-4)=6+(-4)-10 -28-5-12=2-10 -45=-8 so the answer is no -4 is not the solution to the equation. Yes this

    asked by jasmine20
  36. science

    what is the voltage of a wall socket? Most in the U. S. are 120 volts. There are more 220 v sockets being installed for operating electric stoves, heat pumpts, etc now than in the "old" days.

    asked by Bob
  37. math in spanish

    can someone translate this for me so I can understand the problem in English? Puedes doblar para multiplicar 7 x 3? explica. Can you double in order to multiply 7 x 3? Explain.

    asked by Pam
  38. science experiment

    See the question from earlier regarding how many variables are in the experiment. I think speed of stirring is a variable. So, my answer would be 3 variables. One for water temp., speed of stirring, and the calcium carbonate solubility. Is this right? I

    asked by Hailey
  39. Physics recheck

    Let f be the frequency, v wav the speed, and T the period of a sinusoidal traveling wave. The correct relationship is: a)f=1/T b)f=vwav + T c)f=vwavT d)f=vwav/T e)f=T/vwav My thoughts: Since frequency is equal to T=1/f so f=1/T. Vwav is connected to f by

    asked by susan
  40. English

    Hi i wondered if you could tell me what a definition for forbidden love would be. And I also needed to know how you think i might be able to display forbidden love. Using drawings etc> Love can be forbidden by many different factors -- families (Romeo and

    asked by Nicky
  41. History

    Brigham Young chose the Great Salt Lake valley because of its _________ (9 letter word) Scroll down and go to page 4. Be

    asked by Carl
  42. econ question part 3

    This is the chart Canada produces 50 wheat and 20 Microchips Jpn produces 2 wheat and 12 Microships the chart shows the productivity of ONE SINGLE UNIT of resource so if the question was Suppose that prior to the trade, each country allocated half of its

    asked by tofu
  43. Algebra 2

    I need help!!!! I have a paper entitled Study Guide and Intervention: Multiplying and dividing Rational expressions? I don't get the examples, and I just don't understand it. Help please MOre detail needed, sorry. What exactly do you not get

    asked by Mary
  44. Math

    Three cards are drawn from a deck of 52 playing cards and not replaced. Find the probability of the following: a). Getting three jacks b). Getting an ace, a king, and a spade in that order. c). Getting a club, a spade and a heart in that order. d). Getting

    asked by Dan
  45. economics

    Suppose a company has the following costs: Labor $400 Equipment $300 Materials $100 A)What is the total accounting cost? B)What is the total economic cost? In general, accounting costs are the dollars paid for goods and services. In your example $800.

    asked by Kelai
  46. chemistry-lab

    2.What does it mean to “follow the course of a reaction”? I would imagine it means to find the overall order of the reaction and make it in to a rate law equation. That's part of it. It can mean, in addition, to knowing any intermediates formed and how

    asked by Rob
  47. math help

    How do you figure out a related sentence for fractions? (here is the problem) t + 1/8= 3/5 multipy the 1/8 by 5/5 or it is 5/40 Then, mulipy the 3/5 by 8/8 to 24/40 Finally subtract 5/40 from both sides. Think out why it is done this way. What do you mean

    asked by Emily
  48. physics (please help)

    Let f be the frequency, v wav the speed, and T the period of a sinusoidal traveling wave. The correct relationship is: a)f=1/T b)f=vwav + T c)f=vwavT d)f=vwav/T e)f=T/vwav My thoughts: Since frequency is equal to T=1/f so f=1/T. Vwav is connected to f by

    asked by susan
  49. blues

    where did blues started Good explanation here. =)

    asked by estrella

    I need some expertise help to make sure I got the correct answers. Thanks ahead of time. Next to each of the ten items write STRICT or LIBERAL, depending how the concept relates to the Constitution. 1. State power should be restrained - STRICT? 2. National

    asked by Suzi
  51. Earth Science

    What is the name of scientists who study earthquakes?? ♥ thanks Seismologists

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics

    Let f be the frequency, v wav the speed, and T the period of a sinusoidal traveling wave. The correct relationship is: a)f=1/T b)f=vwav + T c)f=vwavT d)f=vwav/T e)f=T/vwav My thoughts: I think the answer is D.Since frequency is equal to T=1/f so f=1/T.

    asked by susan
  53. chemistry

    atoms of the same element with different atomic masses are called isotopes. I don't do these fill in the blank problems without limit. You need to do some work before posting many more. Of give us some indication that you are doing more than just filling

    asked by alejandra
  54. B math

    12 2/8% = . what? 12 2/8% = 12 1/4% = 0.1225

    asked by sis
  55. History

    I just need a quick reference was Lee on the union forces or the confederate. I always confuse him and grant. Ok i got it now.

    asked by Amel
  56. Report

    How do you do a bibliography? Bibliographies are also known as Works Cited pages these days because we use so many more sources than just books and magazines (things in print). Here's a good place for information on citing in MLA format:

    asked by Shaylee
  57. necklace

    I have a supposedly white gold choker. It is stamped F on the back. No other markings. Can you tell me what that means? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You don't mention if your choker is antique or not. Between 1883 and 1904, Silver

    asked by Gail
  58. Science

    Doing an experiment to find the solubility of calcium carbonate in 100 ml of water. The experiment is using water temp 20 degrees and 35 degrees celcius and also using slow and fast stirring speeds. How many variables are being used? Is the amount of water

    asked by Hailey
  59. assignment help please

    Hi , My daughter has a 4-5 page assignment about how bread is made,From the time the seed is planted and the stages that follow till the the bread is at the stores.I cant find any nice webpages and pictures .Please do asist me . thnaks so much , hope to

    asked by shakira
  60. math-

    how do you find the area of a triangle? 1/2 x B x H (one half times the base length times the height of the triangle)

    asked by jules
  61. math

    solve the matrix equation for ax=bx+c for x={x1} { x2} where a= { 6 0} b={-1 -2} c= {1] [15 1} { 4 -2} [2} please show work if you can

    asked by brandon
  62. Physics (please help)

    Two sinusoidal waves travel in the same direction and have the same frequency. Their amplitudes are Y1 and Y2. The smallest possible amplitude of the resultant wave is: a) Y1 + Y2 and occurs if they are 180 degrees out of phase b)[Y1 - Y2] and occurs if

    asked by susan
  63. Probability

    At a fair run by a local charity organization, it costs 50 cents to try one's luck in drawing an ace from a deck of 52 playing cards. What is the expected profit per customer if they pay $4 if and only if a person draws an ace. I am sorry that nobody has

    asked by Martha
  64. Modern World History

    What was Von Bismark view of dealing with France?

    asked by Bryan
  65. math,help

    can some one help me set this up into eqautions to be solved please. One number is 6 more than another. If the sum of the smaller number and 3 times the larger number is 34, find the two numbers. x=10 y=4 Those are the answers but how do you get to them. 3

    asked by jasmine20
  66. OU Discovering Science Block 6

    Im struggling on all of this and I just don't get it the terminologies or anything else would someone allow me to look at their notes that explain the assignment very simply as opposed to all of this technical stuff, just english would be great. My

    asked by Jonesy 31
  67. chemistry

    Can someone please help me with these? Write formulas for the following compounds. copper (III) chlorate lead (II) nitrate Cu(ClO3)3 Pb(NO3)2 Do you know the polyatomic ions? Tell us what you don't understand about looking at the periodic table and doing

    asked by Florencia
  68. Biology

    What are the functions and compostitions of lipids, carbs, and proteins?

    asked by Ufozo
  69. algebra

    How do you do this in your calculator? tan 79=x/150 x= 140 tan 79 Calculators are differnt. Here is my 70 tan x (times key) 150 = And here is a way to let Google do it. Type in the Google search engine 150 tan 79degrees press search thanks

    asked by Wilma
  70. math

    i need help with this homework question: it takes 1and1/3 ounces of cocoa to make a cup of hot cocoa. how many cups can be made from 32 ounces of cocoa? You will need to divide 32 by 1 and 1/3. 1 1/3 = 4/3. 32 divided by 4/3 is the same as 32 x 3/4 because

    asked by stephanie
  71. history-french revolution

    This radical revolutionary was fatally stabbed by another revolutionary. A. Legislatvie Assembly B. Emigres C. San-culottes D. Left-wing E. Right-wing F. National Assembly G. Olympe de Gouges H. Maximilien Robespierre I. Guillotine K. National Convention

    asked by JJ
  72. History

    What did John Lennon fear?

    asked by Kate
  73. PreCalculus

    Linear Programming/Systems of Inequalities The photocopying machine in a school office is made available to teachers between the hours of 3pm and 4pm. Mr. Grim and Mrs. Grump each have 10 minutes of copying to do each day. If theyh each enter the office at

    asked by Sam
  74. Strategic

    Wal-Mart's strategic direction has been to be the lowest cost provider of merchandise. Do you believe Wal-Mart can be successful in changing its strategic direction to offering more upscale, trendier products at its stores? Why or why not?

    asked by zeta
  75. English

    I need to write a short toungue twister. With a word describing me. and then my name followed my adjectives. using the letter B in as many words as posiible. Have any ideans.... im kind . hard working resposible lovingcaring . etc etc. Have any ideas for

    asked by Bradley
  76. math

    1/3 of 18 find the part of each number the part of each # is 6 !!!!!!! duh thank you i am i 4th and needed help

    asked by maddi
  77. math

    1/3 of 18 find the part of each number

    asked by maddi please help asap