Questions Asked on
February 8, 2007

  1. Chemisry

    what mass of protons would be required to just neutralize the charge of 1.0g of electrons? how do I answer this? You know the mass of an electron. Calculate how many are in 1 gram. You will need the same number of protons. Knowing the mass of a proton

    asked by Chris
  2. s.s

    before there was mills what was used to make thread? Before there were mills and factories, people made thread at home on spinning wheels. Check this site for more information and a picture of a spinning wheel.

    asked by Melsissa
  3. physics

    A 35-kg skier skis directly down a frictionless slope angled at 11° to the horizontal. Assume the skier moves in the negative direction of an x axis along the slope. A wind force with component Fx acts on the skier. What is Fx (in N) if the magnitude of

    asked by **chocolatekisses
  4. physics

    a) In raising a 4800 N piano with a pulley system, the workers note that for every 2 m of rope pulled down, the piano rises 0.3 m. Ideally, how much force is required to lift the piano? (b) If the workers actually pull with 2500 N of force to lift the

    asked by janice
  5. Chemistry

    write isotpoic symbols of the form X-A (for example, C-13) for each of the following isotopes. **Do I add the number of protons and neutrons together to get the answer? The symbol is easy to figure out.** a) the iodine isotope with 74 neutrons B) the

    asked by Melinda
  6. egypt mummification

    What subtance was used to stuff the nostrils of a mummy? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites for you: (from the Smithsonian)

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    In which of the situations listed below is energy being transferred as heat to the system in order for the system to do work? In which situation is work being done on the system in order for energy to be transferred from the system as heat? a. Two sticks

    asked by anonymous
  8. physics

    A mixture of gasoline vapor and air is placed in an engine cylinder. The piston has an area of 7.4*10^-3 m^2 and is displaced inward by 7.2*10^-2 m. If 9.5*10^5 Pa of pressure is placed on the piston, how much work is done during this process? Is work

    asked by anonymous
  9. science

    When a H II region is observed, it signals what stage in stellar formation? A the initial collapse of the interstellar cloud B the formation of planetary nebulae C the prostar stage D the zero age main sequence stage E depending on their masses the stars

    asked by bolometric
  10. key signature

    I am a singer who sings by ear. I've had some training, but not much in the way of theory. My question to you is, how do I tell what key I sing a song in. I am about to join a jazz trio and will have to know this. I do have a piano at home that I play by

    asked by Songbird
  11. physics

    A man is sitting in a bosun's chair that dangles from a massless, frictionless pulley and back down to the mans's hand. The combined mass of man and chair is 100 kg. With what force magnitude (N) must the man pull on the rope if he is to rise with a

    asked by **chocolatekisses
  12. Social Studies

    What is Nunavut's nickname and motto? Scroll down to the weather section of this site for Nunavut's nickname. (Broken Link Removed) This site has its motto.

    asked by Joel
  13. physics

    Three boxes are connected by cords, one of which (mA) wraps over a pulley having negligible friction on its axle and negligible mass and two boxes (mB & mC) are hanging. The masses are mA = 22.0 kg, mB = 40.0 kg, mC = 16.0 kg. -When the assembly is

    asked by **chocolatekisses
  14. english-lord of the flies

    Why is Piggy's fall emphasized? This site should help with that question.

    asked by ktjo
  15. chemistry check

    please check Write the balanced equation, with the enthalpy component, for the rusting process, given that Hf for iron and oxygen is 0 and Hf for ferric oxide is -826 kJ/mol. 4 Fe (s) + 3 O2 (g) --------> 2 Fe2O3 (s) You need to add the heat one of three

    asked by key
  16. Hm. Essay Writing?

    Okay, I am in Essay writing and I need to write a conclusionary paragraph on firewood, I need to first write a thesis statement with it using oak, willow and fir I must end with a recommendation about their relative efficiency as a heat source. x_x A.k.a

    asked by Melolove on neo
  17. AP Chem

    I missed a lab in class a week ago and had to make it up just the other day. My teacher didn't have time to explain the lab to me, so he gave me a brief overview of the procedure. The objective of the lab was to calculate the specific heat of an unknown

    asked by Jess
  18. calculus II

    We're doing areas by integrals now, with 2 eqns. I have a few questions. 1. Sketch the region in the xy-plane defined by the inequalities x-2(y^2)> 0 and 1-x-abs(y)>0. and find its area. Would it be best to solve for x, then graph it as x= something? Then

    asked by Shelley
  19. Social studies

    where do all human comes from? from the mother stomach Most scientists believe that humans originated in Africa.

    asked by Kwame
  20. math

    who created math God. Math is a symbolic language used to express ideas in the form of sentences and statements that attempt to make somewhat precise decisions about nature.

    asked by jose
  21. English, punctuation

    Could you help me fine 2 more punctuation mistakes in this article? Presidential first ladies have been an active force in American politics for nearly 300 years. These women's roles have been many, and varied. In 1800, Abigail Adams, dubbed "Mrs.

    asked by marco
  22. math

    Subjects Art Business Computers English Foreign Languages Health Home Economics Mathematics Music Physical Education Science Social Studies Features Contribute Experts Forum Job Openings Homework Tips Libraries.Jiskha Link to Us Reference Parents &

    asked by Stine
  23. Math

    I need help with this specific proof: Given: CE bisects Angle ABD FB and CE are strraight line segments Prove:angle x = Angle a

    asked by Leah
  24. Chemistry

    Plutonium-239 is used in nuclear bombs. Determine the number of protons and neutrons in plutonium-239. I really don't understand this. Can someone tell me how to do this? thanks What is the atomic number of Pu? Look it up on the periodic table...that is

    asked by Benny
  25. Quadratic Equations

    Ok, I am supposed to find out what the variables are by factoring and finding square roots. I couldn't find the right factors of a and c that added up to b in the equation (did that make sense?). Please help me find them! TYVM -5n+6n^2-4=0 I know

    asked by Emily
  26. math help

    could some please check to see if i got the right answers if not i will try again 1. Find the rate 392 feet/8 seconds A: 49 ft/s 2. Carlos works 8.25h and receives $102.30 pay What will he receive at the same rate if he worked 14 hrs? A: $173.60 3. A

    asked by tina
  27. To Melinda

    Look at the last response to your U-?? question. I wonder?? That is what my book I really don't know.

    asked by DrBob222
  28. Economics

    Derieve the demand for bonds. Md=$Y(.35-i) Person's wealth is $50,000 Yearly Income is $60,000 I really have to idea on how to derieve the demand. Should I just put in the income($60,000) at $Y and solve the equation? Daang, I thought my math was hard. I

    asked by Bill
  29. chemistry

    I would like my equation checked, sodium cyanide and water.I have worked the balanced equation as: NaCN+H20=NaOH+HCN. If you want the molecular equation this looks good to me. Actually, it's the CN^- that is hydrolyzed (reacts with water) and the ionic

    asked by ruby
  30. religion, help

    what does it mean religious pluralism and interfaith movement. I have to answer this question. what effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future organized religion? they mean having more than one religion and

    asked by Kailin
  31. enviromental science

    what is in a region of long-term atmospheric conditions Sulfur dioxide in the upper atomsphere cand lead to the formation of what that reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface of Earth

    asked by Sequoia Barber
  32. Math Question

    A company donated 200 books to a local library. If 70 of them are fiction, what percent of the donated books are fiction. 35% is the answer There are130 books that are non-fiction.

    asked by Stormie
  33. math

    determine the equation of the line in y=mx+b form that passes through 1. (-8,1) & (-9, 2) 2. (3,7) & (-5, 9) 3, (-4,0) & (4,6) Part B ) For each equation Rewreite the y=mx+b equation in general form Ax+by+c=0 where A is positive b and C are integers In

    asked by thomas
  34. unscrambling a French word associated with art

    unscramble tertcueas (it's in french and the beginning is les...) This might work: Be sure to click the circle by "French," and be sure to uncheck the box before "Include single-character words (a and I)" -- !! =)

    asked by Jacky
  35. microeconomics

    If the technology for producign a good improves and at the same time,the price of a substitute good falls, then the quantity bought and sold of the first good will increase. True, False, or Uncertain. Explain.

    asked by Brittany
  36. math

    this question concerns the function f(x)=-2x3+3x2+12x+10 (a)find the stationary points of this function using the strategy to apply the first derivative test,classify the left hand stationary point found in part (a) find the y-coordinate of each of the

    asked by hanny
  37. Essay writing

    Can u help me plz, i have to write an essay on "What is the place of animals in the lofe of Man?" Thank u :-) ... in the life of man -- ?? Here are a few websites that are excellent about leading you through the writing process in order to end up with a

    asked by Ishani
  38. Macroeconomics

    Economists have found that a good approximation of value added production fucntion is given by Y=TFP*(K^alpha)*(L^-alpha) TFP is Total factor Productivity K is capital stock L is quantity of labor used alpha is a paramater around 1/3. How is value added

    asked by joe
  39. Calculus


    asked by Dee
  40. Physics

    Look up or derive the frequencies of the standing waves of a length of wire, L, clamped at the ends and under tension. What are the similarities and differences between a vibrating string and a resonating pipe? Does the diameter of the wire matter? Does

    asked by Krys
  41. math

    What are Base Ten Blocks? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "base ten blocks" to get these possible sources: From what I

    asked by Miranda
  42. Chemistry

    Write the balanced camical equation for the complete combustion of propane C3H8, a fuel used in gas grills (carbon dioxide and water are products). This is the WRONG answer that I got... 2(C3H8) + 7(02) -> 3(CO2) + 8(H20) Can anybody help me? 2(C3H8) +

    asked by Kaitlyn
  43. math check

    1 four buttons have diameters of 5/8 , 3/4, 9/16, and 7/8 which buttons is smallest? answer 9/16 2. I spent 1/3 of my time doing math homework and 2/7 preparing for a history test . what fraction of study time remain? answer: 13/21 3. least common multiple

    asked by larry
  44. Math/Chemistry

    We were given an assignment to find a formula for finding the density of water. I wasn't in class when the assignment was given, but the teacher gave the class two values: density H2O at 20 degrees C= .998823 g/mL density H2O at 25 degrees C= .99707 g/mL A

    asked by Chris
  45. math

    who created math

    asked by jose
  46. Math

    To get the lower quartile and upper quartile do I get the median then find the median of the numbers above and below the median? Yes.

    asked by Austin
  47. Budget constraint

    X=view of the sea Y=wine Price of X: Px=0 Price of Y: Py=5 Income=10 Assume that a person does not look at the view beyond the point that bores him (when the marginal utility is negative) a) Sketch the budget constraint I know the y-int is 2, but i am not

    asked by Summer
  48. Science!

    Which factors that affect rate involved in making a campfire? temperature, amount of cooling wind, size of tender, dryness of tender, dryness of wood. Of course if you douse the wood with kerosene, all this is moot.

    asked by Ebby
  49. would someone please check this math

    1 four buttons have diameters of 5/8 , 3/4, 9/16, and 7/8 which buttons is smallest? answer 9/16 2. I spent 1/3 of my time doing math homework and 2/7 preparing for a history test . what fraction of study time remain? answer: 13/21 3. least common multiple

    asked by larry
  50. chem

    copper has two naturally occurring isotopes. Cu-63 has a mass of 62.939 amu and relative abundance of 69.17%. Use the atomic weight of copper to determine the mass of the other copper isotope. How do I do this? Atomic weight=62.939*.6917 + x (1-.6917)

    asked by Jill
  51. chemisty problem help

    Carbon-12 contains 6 protons and 6 neutrons. The radius of the nucleus is approximately 70 pm. Calculate the volume of the nucleus and the volume of the atom. What percentage of the carbon atom's volume is occupied by the nucleus? Can someone tell me how

    asked by Tagen
  52. pre algebra

    14 is what percent of 200 100/200 =x/14 read as 100% is to 200 as x% is to 14 solve for x by cross multiplying x=7 check it .07 times 200 = 14 vola!

    asked by jen
  53. math

    can some one please help me with the following questions as i don't understand them please (a) write down the derivative of each of the functions f(x)=E7x and g(x)=cos(2x) using the product rule differentiate the function k(x)=E7xcos(2x) (b)write down the

    asked by hanny
  54. science

    What makes the subject of star formation so difficult and complex A It is so slow that no visible proof of of it exists B Star formation is too expensive to study in detail C Stars live too long to be observed from birth to death D Clouds, fragments,

    asked by bolometric
  55. math check please

    1 four buttons have diameters of 5/8 , 3/4, 9/16, and 7/8 which buttons is smallest? answer 9/16 2. I spent 1/3 of my time doing math homework and 2/7 preparing for a history test . what fraction of study time remain? answer: 13/21 3. least common multiple

    asked by larry
  56. communications

    First, realize that all of us make mistakes. Your letter should be polite and to the point. Explain the situation and the solution you want, i.e., corrected checks at no fee and the fee charged taken off your account. Your local bank made a mistake on your

    asked by Ms. Sue
  57. Math

    How do I draw Ten Base blocks to show the number 420?

    asked by Miranda
  58. math

    How do I draw Base Ten Blocks to show 420?

    asked by Miranda
  59. physics

    Please could someone advise me on answering this question. I need to explain why when infrared radiation falls on fluorescent material no visble light is emitted. Is this something to do with infrared being at the lower energy end of the spectrum? I would

    asked by Lucy
  60. physics

    What's inertia? Inertia is the tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest; or the tendency of an object to continue moving if it is moving. In plain language, it's the tendency of an object to want to continue doing whatever it's doing. I had a

    asked by Jacob
  61. math

    would someone check these please 1. find the square root of 25 answer 5 2. find the median of the following set of numbers 33,72,23,27,77,68,85 answer 68 3. find the mean of the following numbers 13, 15,18,18,18,19,22,26,28,33 answer 21 4. find the mode

    asked by carla
  62. Math

    Rates And unit rates 120mi. to 10 gal of gas I'm not sure what you are asking, but this reduces to 12 miles per gallon. Does that help? If not, repost your question in different terms. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Ruthie
  63. critical thinking

    what is the rhetorical device for: What is the difference between "sugar free" and "no sugar added"? sugar free means no sugar at all and non sugar added means it has natural sugar nd they don't add any extra bob do you know what the rhetorical device used

    asked by christine
  64. Math- finding equation

    Can someone explain to me how to find the equation pf the line in the form Ax + By + C =0 if a) parallel to x=3 and passes through (-4, 3) b)perpendicular to y=4 and passes through (1, 1) c) passes through the x-int of y=2x-6 and y-int of y=-3x+6 If it is

    asked by thomas
  65. science

    what is the difference between a theory and hypothesis? I got this off another site i hope it helps.. Scientific Laws, Hypotheses, and Theories Lay people often misinterpret the language used by scientists. And for that reason, they sometimes draw the

    asked by Jamie
  66. correction of math

    can someone correct this for me please. Directions: Solve the system by substitution. x + y = 12 y = 2x this is what i did: in the first equation i substituted y for what i have in the second equation so now it looks like this: x +2x = 12 3x = 12 x = 4 now

    asked by jasmine20
  67. correction of math

    rewrite the equation 2x-3y= -6 as a function of x. My answer. f (x) = (2)/(3) x + 2 No. 2x=3y - 6 divide by two. x=3/2 y -2 hold on i was looking it over. wouldn't it be: 2x-3y=-6 would actually be: -3y=-2x-6 y= 2/3x+2 because you said that it would be

    asked by jasmine20
  68. percent

    how to change percentage to numbers Move the percent sign two places to the left. Add a decimal point there. Actually, don't move the percent sign at all. Get rid of the percent sign. Think about what percent means: Per (each) Cent (the prefix meaning 100.

    asked by carmen
  69. please help-plasma membrane

    I got this question marked wrong on a paper. Unfortunately, my prof didn't explain. _________________ subtances can pass through the plasma membrane. I put "nonpolar". What is wrong with this and does anyone know the correct solution/answer? Thanks all.

    asked by Nadia
  70. microeconomics

    If the price of oil falls below $50 per barrel, then the supply of the goods and services whose poduction involves a lot of oil will increase. The incresase in supply will cause the prices for these goods and services to fall. True, False or Uncertain.

    asked by Brittany
  71. microeconomics

    If the technology for producign a good improves and at the same time,the price of a substitute good falls, then the quantity bought and sold of the first good will increase. True, False, or Uncertain. Explain. Take a shot. Hint: draw existing supply and

    asked by Brittany
  72. microeconomics

    Other things equal, a big increase in the mimimum wage would cause the quantity demanded, but not eht demand, for unskilled labor to decrease. True, False, Uncertain, Explain Take a shot. Hint: a change in demand is a shift of the demand curve, a change in

    asked by Brittany
  73. ETH123

    What are the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences? What are the differences? Please refer to this post, recently answered: =)

    asked by Mark
  74. Verb tense

    As of December 1, Ira and Sandy will have been going together for three years. If you mean last December, then it should read "As of December 1, Ira and Sandy have been going together for three years." If you mean the next time we get to December 1 (in the

    asked by jannice
  75. science

    How long does it take an M type star to form, compared to the time for a solar type star to form? A half as long B about the same time C twice as long D 20 times as long E 200 times as long dont know........ look at google

    asked by bolometric
  76. combinaations of functions

    f(x)=x2+1,g(x)=x-4, (f-g)(-1)

    asked by Abdul Dauda
  77. socal

    if i have to do reserch about french guiana and i cant find information on the internet or books. what should i do Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Board. Not to worry on French Guiana! I have more if you need it, but here's a start for you:

    asked by tara
  78. french

    can you tell me which words are feminine or masculine radiateur miroir joueur du cd calendrier réveil boîte des bijoux lampe téléphone mobile vêtements bouteille de l'eau many thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, if

    asked by liza
  79. geography

    Whats a good site to go to get information about a county? The information is just the capital, culures, stats, basic information that's all. Thanks

    asked by Mikey
  80. Biology

    Is there a difference in muscle tone between the dominant forearm and the other forearm? This would depend on how much each arm is used or exercised. If the person greatly favors the either arm, that arm would have more "muscle tone." In exercising, many

    asked by JYD
  81. Science

    What landform is created when plares separate? a ridge is formed...EX: Mid-Atlantic Ridge Check this site. like i said above a ridge is formed!!!!

    asked by Hannah
  82. Math

    Amayor has a friend in publishing who tells him they have just published 20 new books and tells him he may pick 10 of them. a.) How many different selections can the mayor make? b.)If the govenor picks ten distinct books, how many ways can he make his

    asked by Dustin
  83. Chemistry

    Can someone explain in easier terms the spontaneous process, entropy, and free energy. The textbook is hard to understand. Just a simple explanation. Thanks. Appreciate it! Free energy is the amount of energy that can be released in a chemical reaction. If

    asked by Maria
  84. ALGEBRA2

    100Y^2-4Z^2 What is the problem? Factor? It is a difference of two squares.

    asked by RICK
  85. windows 2003

    You create a new folder called Catalogs on the second drive in the server and copy the 50 catalog files into that folder, and then you immediately create a differential backup of the entire drive and store the tape for archive purposes. That night, you

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Science!

    Which would spoil more quickly ground beef or steak? You have to define "spoil". If you mean bacteria that grows in the presence of air, then ground beef. It has been stirred up, bacterial mixed throughout, and exposed to air. yea that's what i mean

    asked by Ebby
  87. science

    What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? Which businesses would these changes impact the most? To assess the harmful effects of human activities, you first need to know about the

    asked by David
  88. pre algebra

    10 is what percent of 200 20%

    asked by jen
  89. correction of math

    given f(x) = 5x - 3, find f (-1). My answer: f(-1)= 5(-1)-3 = -5-3 = -8 correct

    asked by jasmine20
  90. Unscrambling

    reatstuec in French (begins with les) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Sorry but it's too late this evening for me to even think. Usually an exercise like this would use the vocabulary you have been studying. Without knowing your

    asked by Jacky
  91. Poetry: The Next War Wilfred Owen

    I'm having trouble analyzing the second verse. The first one talks about the different ways that death has faced soldiers. I think that the second one is about future of wars? maybe... Also what is the importance of the quote from Siegried Sassoon at the

    asked by Lisa