Questions Asked on
February 6, 2007

  1. Math Homework

    1) Given the side of a square pyramid is 6cm and the altitude is 4cm calculate the surface area. 2) Given the side of a square pyramid is 12cm and the altitude is 8cm calculate the surface area. 3) Given the side of a square pyramid is 18cm and the

    asked by Student
  2. Chemistry - Rate Determining Step

    The rate law for the reaction 2NO (g) + Cl2 (g) -> 2NOCl (g) is given by rate = k[NO][Cl2] A mechanism involving the following steps has been proposed for the reaction: NO (g) + Cl2 (g) -> NOCl2 (g) NOCl2 (g) + NO (g) -> 2NOCl (g) If this mechanism is

    asked by Christine
  3. chemistry

    Vectors A B, and C satisfy the vector equation A+B=C and their magnitudes are related by the scalar equation A2+b2=C2. How is vector A oriented with respect to vector B. answer: is it vertors A & B must be at right angles to each other.

    asked by anonymous
  4. Standing waves and resonance (physics)

    A nylon string has a linear density of 7.2g/m and is under a tension of 150N. The fixed supports are 90cm apart. The string is oscillating in the standing wave pattern. Find a)speed b)wavelength c) frequency v=sqr(F/u(linear density) v=sqrt(150N/7.2g/m) =

    asked by Susane
  5. Poetry question

    Poems that use onomatopoeia arouse the sense of: sound, touch, smell or sight? Doesn't poems that use onomatopoeia ariuse the sense of sound? I think that it is sound. It is a word that is used to create a sound effect. for example sizzle, snap sorry- I

    asked by Bailey
  6. Chemistry

    CO + 2*H2 --> CH3OH How many moles of each reactant are needed to produce 3.60 x 10^2g CH3OH? I appreciate anyone who helps me with this. Also, please say the steps on how you got your answer. Balance the equation. I think it is balanced. Convert 360 g

    asked by Wes
  7. Chemistry

    If a solution were to change its composition during freezing how do you think this would change the cooling curve.

    asked by Chrissy
  8. science

    calculate the amount of heat evolved in the complete oxidation of 8.17g of Al at 25 degrees C and 1 atm pressure. change in H for Al2O3 is -1676kJ/mol. 4Al(s) + 3O2(g)--> 2Al2O3(s) please giv me the steps to solving this thanx. delta H = -1676 kJ/mol How

    asked by michelle
  9. Tragedy of Julius Caesar

    I need to create a list of power shifts, starting from the opening scene of Act I. It's supposed to follow the exchange of power throughout the play. I'm having trouble knowing exactly who to include. For instance, in Scene I Act I - they would want the

    asked by Claire
  10. math (conversion)

    how do you conver ug/ml to ug/ul? There are 1,000 uL in 1 mL. So 1500 ug/mL = 1.500 ug/uL or in detail-- 1500 ug/mL x 1 mL/1,000 uL = 1.500 ug/uL. Thank you Dr. Bob222

    asked by James
  11. Chemistry (Check)

    Classify each of these statements as always true, sometimes true, or never true 1)___AT_____A mole of a pure substance contains 6.02 X 1023 atoms. 2)____ST____The representative particle of a compound is the molecule. 3)___NT_____A mole of CCl4 is composed

    asked by bryan
  12. chem

    The activation energy of a certain reaction is 30.3 kJ/mol. At 20 C, the rate constant is 0.0130 s^{-1}. At what temperature would this reaction go twice as fast? Can't you use Arrhenius' equation for this. Look it up. You have Ea. you have T1. You have k1

    asked by kim
  13. Science

    An investigation was conducted to study the effect of the concentration of a reactant on the (trial) time need to complete a chemical reaction. Four trials of the same reaction were performed.In each trial the initial concertration of the reactant was

    asked by Dena Cali
  14. humanities

    what are the human and physical features of niagra falls Other than the fact that Ontario, Canada, is on one side of the falls and New York, USA, is on the other, I can't think of any "human features" of the

    asked by manisha
  15. Chemistry- Mass Question

    What is the mass of 0.005 moles of camphor, urea, and potassium ethanoate? Thanks in advance. You need to look up the formula of camphor, urea, and potassium ethanoate. Then g = 0.005 mols x molar mass of each.

    asked by Aubrey
  16. Chem

    Superscript 15 How many moles of Pb is 9.3 X 1015 atoms of pb? 1 mol of Pb atoms will contain 6.02 x 10^23 atoms of Pb. So 9.3 x 10^15 atoms x (1 mol/6.02 x 10^23 atoms) = ? note how the unit "atoms" cancel leaving mol and that is the unit we want. thanks

    asked by Chris
  17. english

    How can I make this better? The prompt is to explain how the author uses narrative voice and characterization to provide social commentary in "The Other Paris" To find story search 2003 AP English Literature and composition free-response questions #2 Mavis

    asked by dan
  18. math

    how do you diverse fractions to decimals and visa versa Just take the top number and divide it by the bottom one. For example, if you have 3/10, take 3 and divide it by 10, giving you .30 and this is 30%. Oh, the the other half, if you have a decimal. .1

    asked by CHRIS
  19. chemistry

    help needed in drawing the diagram to show how hydrogen has numerous spectral lines I also need help with this question.... ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------------------- Each line above represents

    asked by ruby
  20. Physics

    Four balls are suspended by cords. The longer, top cord loops over a frictionless pulley and pulls with a force of magnitude 95 N on the wall to which it is attached. The tensions in the shorter cords are T1 = 56.0 N (between ball A & B), T2 = 46.7 N

    asked by COFFEE
  21. Susane

    Two identical traveling waves moving in the same direction are out of phase by pi/2 rad. What is the amplitude Y of the two combining waves. I have no clue how to do this. The answer according to the back of the book is 1.4y max. If you could explain to me

    asked by Physics help
  22. Physics.. last one.

    Four balls are suspended by cords. The longer, top cord loops over a frictionless pulley and pulls with a force of magnitude 95 N on the wall to which it is attached. The tensions in the shorter cords are T1 = 56.0 N (between ball A & B), T2 = 46.7 N

    asked by COFFEE
  23. waves (physics)

    Two sinussoidal waves identical except for phase travel in the same direction along a string and interfere to produce a resultant wave given by y(x,t)= (3.0mm) sin(20 rad/m)x - 4.0rad/s t + 0.820 rad) with x in meters and t in seconds. What is a) the

    asked by Susane
  24. Check Please(Math)

    (-2x^2y)^3*(5xy^3)^2=(-2x^2y)^3 = -8 x^6 y^3 *Please check my work. What did you do with the (5xy^3)^2 part. The first part you did ok. But you can't just throw away part of the equation. I don't get that part.What do I do there.? (5xy^3)^2=25x^2y^6 You

    asked by Margie
  25. chemistry

    I was asked to bring something into class with a pressure less than 1.0 atm, after researching i found out that if I heated a bottle it will shrink and therefore this bottle will have the needed pressure. the problem is that after I put the bottle inside

    asked by claudia
  26. Math Please Check It

    (2sqrtx)(5sqrtx^3) Here is what I got:10sqrtx^4 *Is this correct.? This one is close but still needs to be simplified further. 10√x^4 -->you can take the square root of x^4. Can you take it from here to finish? so it will be:10sqrtx^2 No, remember you

    asked by Margie
  27. Math(Please Check!)

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.y = 5x -6 b.y = 5x + 6 c.y = x - 3 d.y = 1/2x + 3 I think It is C.It has the smallest slope. Someone Please Help me! ...Help me... Doesn't d have the smallest slope? 0.5x. Please...I just want to

    asked by Margie
  28. Children's Literature

    Asking your students to show you how the fox in "Hattie and the Fox" felt encourages which development? 1. personality 2. intellectual, 3. social and moral 4.aesthetic creative Wouldn't it encourage social and moral development in students? 2 or 3 would

    asked by Karin
  29. chemistry

    The tail of A vector is fixed to the origen of an X, Y axis system.Originally the vector points along the X axis. As time passes, the vector rotates counterclockwise. Describe how the sizes of the X and Y components of the vector compare to the size of the

    asked by anonymous
  30. Science - DrBob222

    After helping me to understand this, could you please tell me the specific names for these functional groups: AMINE: NH2 AMIDE: H-N-C=O Thank-you A carbon atom with a -NH2 group attached is an amine. Examples are ethyl amine, methyl amine, etc. ethyl amine

    asked by Sean
  31. Science

    What is the used to demonstrate that the DNA molecule is a helix?

    asked by Josselin Peralta
  32. More Math2(MathGuru)

    5. Find the x and y intercepts of each linear equation. Be sure to write your answers as ordered pairs. a. y = 3x - 6 b. 6y = -x + 2 *What do I do here.?

    asked by Margie
  33. Modern World History

    Was the World War 1 avoidable? All wars are avoidable. But if one person, group, or nation decides to conquer another nation, then the victim needs to decide whether to surrender or fight. What do you think? Could World War I have been avoidable if the

    asked by Bryan
  34. World Geography

    What is the major ethnic group of south Africa the country? The Zulu are the majority ethnic group

    asked by Help in Geography
  35. Math for Trish To Help Me With

    Factor the following. You will earn 5 points for each polynomial that is factored correctly. Please label your individual answers with a – f. a.) 4x2 - 25 b.) 3x2 + 6y c.) x^2 - 7x + 10 d.) 2x^2 - 9x – 18 e.) 2ax + 6bx + ay + 3by f.) 6x^2 + 12x – 48

    asked by Margie
  36. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction A ==> B. If the reaction is first-order in A with the initial concentration A being 6.048M, what is the concentration of A after 1.986 seconds if the rate constant is 0.483s-1? Error tolerance: ±0.5% Can someone explain how to do

    asked by Marisol
  37. Please Check My Math Work

    (3sqrt5)(2sqrt10) I got:6sqrt50 Is this correct.? You can take this one step further. 6√50 can be simplified to this: 6√(25 * 2) -->you can take the square root of 25. 6 * 5 √2 = 30√2 -->this is the simplified form. thanks can you help me with my

    asked by Margie
  38. english Try Thomas Paine's Common Sense. =) I have the same assignment as Carli!! I need a "writing that changed the world," only it HAS to be an excerpt from a me!!! You might look at the Bible - perhaps the

    asked by Writeacher
  39. chemistry

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to convert cm3 into litres? Thanks ;) worked it out! Cheers ;)

    asked by bertie
  40. chemistry

    The gase in a mixture have the following partial pressures at the same volume and temperature, 1013000Pa nitrogen, 700mm argon, 1.20atm helium, 790 torr oxygen, and 0.50 atm of carbon dioxide. What is the total pressure of tyhe mixture in atm? You add

    asked by Chrissy
  41. Opinions need aboput world war one!?

    The initial cause of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. What do you think of this statement.? As this site says, the "trigger" was the assassination.... however, there were many causes...

    asked by Anonymous
  42. science

    an oxide of arsenic = 0.927g 76% arsenic and 24% oxygen calculate the mass of oxygen that combines with one mole of arsenic atoms to form the oxide of arsenic. How many moles of oxygen atoms does this mass represent? Posted by Kirsty on Tuesday, February

    asked by Kirsty
  43. chemistry

    me again! got a question that really is trying! the isotope of ununhexium Uuh and it undergoes a succession of seven a-decay reactions. I need to find out what the final isotope would be as a result. And is the final product a lanthanide, an actinide, a

    asked by bertie
  44. Algebra 2

    What is the determinant of -2 -3 5 0 15 How you get 15 Use the definition of a determinant. From the first column you take take the element that is in the position of a permutation of 1, from the second you take the element that is in the position given by

    asked by Devon
  45. Chemistry

    Count the electrons. HCN I see 10. NCCN I see 18. What noble gas has an atomic number of 10? of 18? State the noble gas whose electron configuration is attained in the following Lewis structures. a) H:C:::N: (cyanide) b) :N:::C:C:::N: (cyanogen)

    asked by DrBob222
  46. Math

    What is a reciprocal A number's "flip". Like if you have 2/3, it's reciprocal would be 3/2. If you have a whole number like 5, for example, than it is understood that there is a 1 under the 5. (5/1) This means that the reciprocal of 5 is 1/5.

    asked by Selena
  47. Physics

    Trolley B will be at rest and trolley A will be given a push such that it collides with B, and they both move as one mass after the collision. As soon as the blocker of the picket fence on trolley A passes through the eye of the first photogate, trolley A

    asked by Tammy
  48. chemistry

    If, for a second-order reaction, the elapsed time after the first half-life is 338.871 seconds, the elapsed time after four half-lives would be (in minutes)... t1/2= 1/k(A). k= 1/t1/2*(A)=1/338.871 s(1) (I let (A)=1). k = ?? After 4 half lives, beginning

    asked by Rob
  49. Health Project Ideas

    As a health project, I have to make some sort of presentation expressing ANYTHING in health. Like I have to make a poster on the circulatory system or something but I don't want to do something so easy. Could you help me with some possible ideas, or like

    asked by Jennifer
  50. math magic square

    on a four by four grid distribute the numbers 1 through 8 and -1 through -8 so that all horizontal, vertical and main diagonals equal zero You have to b a smart kid to answer this soo you cant you silly person

    asked by kelly
  51. economics

    how is marginal utility found? Marginal utility is the change in total utility divided by the change in the quantity consumed of a good. MU=ChangeinTU/ChangeinQG

    asked by Keela
  52. Science

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! I need to know at least 5 things about the puriotic table. PLEASE!!!!! Here is a periodic table on the web. Look on the left hand side and scroll all the items listed there. There are many many items listed; i.e,many more than five.

    asked by Angelina Please help!
  53. science

    How do work out what the empirical formula for aluminium selenide is? You need to provide the data. It's easier to explain with numbers than try to go through it with words. You do you not have numbers? Perhaps the question is, "How do we know what the

    asked by sarah
  54. language!

    I have to write an essay and my topic is "writing that changed the world." It can be a speech, article, essay, or excerpt from a book. I just have to explain something that resulted because of it. I've looked on many websites and I can't find anything I

    asked by Carli
  55. chemistry

    Hi, Is the molecular formula different when it is in a gaseous state? Cheers ;) Sometimes yes, sometimes no. H2O, for example, is thought to be in a group of 6 as a liquid at room temprature, a group of 4 at higher temperatures, and single H2O molecules as

    asked by bertie
  56. chemistry

    I need help in drawing a structual formula for hydrogen cyanide(HCN)and cyanogen(CN)2, the drawing has to bear in mind the valencies of hydrogen(1),nitrogen(3) and carbon (4), any help appreciated H:C:::N: :N:::C:C:::N: Check my thinking. The previous one,

    asked by ruby
  57. find polynomial

    zeros are i and (1+i) degree of the polynomial 4 constant term 12 How do i do it? (x+i)(x-i)(x-1-i)(x-1+i)=0 ? Where does the 12 go? Thanks Where does the 12 go? Substitute x = 0 and find out what the constant term is now. Then multiply the polynomial you

    asked by jen
  58. Of mice and men

    Would you say that the diction is simple and straight forward? The text is pretty easy to read and comprend. Steinbeck's style would be described as what? Read especially the section

    asked by sarah
  59. Humanity

    Religion can affect people in many different ways. List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past and/or present world events that illustrate your examples. The Middle East is ripe with examples. As in the

    asked by Christy
  60. Science

    what messenger RNA attaches during protein construction?

    asked by Josselin Peralta

    sqrt2/sqrt10 here is what I got: sqrt (2/10)= sqrt (1/5) sqrt 0.2 * I don't think that it is right but pleasee check it.Thanks Yes, that is one way you could do it, then simplify further by taking the square root of 0.2, but you are probably supposed to

    asked by Margie
  62. Science - DrBob222

    tocainide – a drug that has been used to restore a regular heartbeat in patients with arrhythmia. .................................. ….....CH3.........O............. ......__/...........||............ .....//\\_______N___C___CH___NH2..

    asked by Sean

    Pleas check the following for me... "A drop of oil (vol 0.051cm ) is released on to the surface of a pond where it covesr an area of 40cm2. Assume that the oil film has a uniform thickness equal to the diameter of an oil molecule. Calculate the diameter of

    asked by Mark
  64. Cause/Effect Essay.

    I need some ideas for a cause and effect essay. It needs to be complex enough to get five paragraphs from it - but not so complex that I go much over that. My text says that it can be on any subject. I'm just having a hard time coming up with one. Any

    asked by Claire
  65. math (mixed #'s)

    find the value of n.n + 5 3/10 = 8 1/10??????????Please Help!!!!!! As above ... n + 5 3/10 = 8 1/10 Subtract 5 3/10 from both sides; result will be n = the subtraction answer. =)

    asked by Angelina (Please help!)

    How is The Pythagorean Theroem and the Distance formula the same?

    asked by Mary Ann
  67. chemistry

    The temperature at which a reaction is running is increase from 11.052 celsius to 102.567 celsius. If the rate constant increases by a factor of 5.608, what is the activation energy of the reaction in kJ/mol? Use the Arrhenius equation. I AM STILL LOST The

    asked by Rob
  68. Thanks TRISH

    thanks...even though you didn't help me with that you still helped me.. You're welcome. Like BobPursley told you, I just can't give you the answer. Not only is it not what this site is for, you would never learn anything, and like he mentions, it is

    asked by Margie
  69. Physics .. help!!

    Imagine a landing craft approaching the surface of Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons. If the engine provides an upward force (thrust) of 3270 N, the craft descends at constant speed; if the engine provides only 2190 N, the craft accelerates downward at 40

    asked by COFFEE
  70. tight junctions

    prevent the contents of the intestine from mixing with bodily fluid on the other side of the epithelium? The statement you made could be true...I'm not exactly sure what you were trying to ask, though... sorry, was asking if tight junctions prevent the

    asked by Nadia
  71. math

    You inherit $18750 but the conditions are that for the first year, the money must be invested in two stocks paying 10% and 11% interest, respectively. How much should be inbested at each rate if the total interest to be earned for the year at $1962.51? Be

    asked by Christine
  72. Geography

    is most of the United States in the Eastern Hemisphere or the Western Hemisphere? Thank you! United States is in the Western Hemisphere

    asked by cindy
  73. Criminal Justice

    Can someone please tell me what social disorganization theory is? And what its principles are. Because I've tried looking it up online,but something about neighborhood keeps popping up. Thank you. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is

    asked by Sam
  74. Clac ii

    integral of tan^5(2x)sec^3/2(2x)dx Y^11/11 - 2/7Y^7 + 1/3Y^3 where: Y = (1 + u^2)^(1/4) and: u = tan(2x)

    asked by Sean

    GIVE THE EMPIRICAL FORMULAE OF THE HIGHEST HYDRIDE AND HIGHEST FLUORIDE OF UNUNHEXIUM, EXPLAINING HOW YOU ARRIVED AT YOUR CONCLUSIONS Here is the web site for a very good periodic table. Look for element #116, Uuh. Elements in the periodic table have

    asked by Gemma
  76. Physics - bobpursley

    Imagine a landing craft approaching the surface of Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons. If the engine provides an upward force (thrust) of 3270 N, the craft descends at constant speed; if the engine provides only 2190 N, the craft accelerates downward at 40

    asked by COFFEE
  77. MAth!PLease Help!

    5. Find the x and y intercepts of each linear equation. Be sure to write your answers as ordered pairs. a.y=3x-6 b.6y=-x+2 Set x = 0 and y = 0 to find the intercepts. will that get me 2 thingys for each.? Again, you should show your own answer first, but

    asked by Margie
  78. Science

    "Lactose is made up of 1 mol glucose & 1 mol galactose with a glycosidic c-1 to c-4 linkage..." Please explain to me what a GLUCOSIDIC C-1 to C-4 LINKAGE is. Much appreciated. This site will show the linkage.

    asked by Sean
  79. Chem(again)

    What is the relationship between the amount of solute and the amount of freezing point depression? delta T = kf m where delta T is the difference between the normal freezing point and the f.p. with a solute, kf is the freezing point constant, and m is the

    asked by Chrissy
  80. mixed #'s

    Find n. n+n=8 1/2 what does n =??? n+n = 2n

    asked by Angelina (help me!!)
  81. Math

    What formula do I need to use to find the missing length of right triangles? Please help. a^2 + b^2 = c^2

    asked by Morgan
  82. Math(I Don't Get THIS!!)

    15sqrt8x^16/5sqrt2x^4 *I totally need help with this one!Please help me.! I'm going to assume your problem is this: 15√(8x^16) / 5√(2x^4) You can start by simplifying what's outside the square root sign. 15/5 reduces to 3/1. We end up with this:

    asked by Margie
  83. Pleas Check More Of My Work(MathGuru)

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.

    asked by Margie
  84. Chemistry

    I know that Ununhexium is in period 7, group 16. What evidence would be able to support this? Here is a web site for an on-line periodic table. Look for Uun, element #116. That will give you the info you need.

    asked by Gemma
  85. ALGEBRA- please help ASAP

    how do i simplify comlex fractions, like this one: ((5/x)-(x/x-1)) / ((x/x+1)+(6/x)) These are strain. Start with the numerator ((5/x)-(x/x-1)) Multply by x(x-1)/x(x-1) That simplifies it some. Then the denominator: multiply be x(x-1)/x(x-1)

    asked by Anonymous
  86. math (conversion)

    convert mM to uM The capital M should be written as a lower case m. There are 1,000 um in 1 mm.

    asked by james
  87. religion, help

    How are newer religions different from older ones? How are they similar? can anyone help me with this one. or help me find a good website for it. I know the basics. older religions have been around longer than the newer ones. the only similarity is that

    asked by kailin
  88. maths

    1x+2y=5 3x+7y=18 x= y= Multiply equation 1 by -3, add to equation 2 (which eliminates x), then solve for y. Use that value in the other equation to solve for x. Post your work if you get stuck AND explain in detail what you don't understand.

    asked by Anonymous
  89. science/PLEASE HELP

    list at least 3 alternative methods for mazimizing food production in benin (africa) pros & cons These sites will help you make your lists. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by kg
  90. science

    What is the goal of surround sound? To get sound 360o. We hear sound naturally from ALL directions. The goal of surround sound is to make it sound as if it is coming from all directions.

    asked by lost and confused
  91. Literature

    why not #1? "Island Boy" by Barbra Cooney, is a good choice for literature curriculum in the primary grades because it: 1. is useful in all areas of development 2. is easily understood by students 3. provides beautiful illustrations 4. includes a setting

    asked by Karin
  92. Math

    What is the determinant of 1/10 1/5 1/8 1/3 as a fraction

    asked by Bryan
  93. Question

    Where are the rest stops/gas stations located along the highway? Why? Plz help, asap. Thanks so much. next to overpasses of different interstates/highways/roads (that's why gas stations are mostly on the corner of 4 way intersection in towns and such..)

    asked by Kate
  94. math

    Suppose that we strike a bargain, and we agree that in this chapter, for every problem you do right, I will pay you $.86 and that for every problem you do wron, I will fine you $.47. After 28 problems, you have a nice sum of $9.45 in your pocket (and I am

    asked by Kelai
  95. Chemistry

    suppose that ununhexium undergoes a succession of a-decays reactions. What isotype would be the final product? how did you arrive at this answer? and is it a lanthanide, actinide, transition or typical element? See the post above as a response to bertie.

    asked by Gemma
  96. s.s.......... help me

    in the 1860's ( in ur opinion) would u have voted to impeached johnson? why or why not ? The key word in that question is YOU. If you answer the question, then we will be happy to proof-read or make suggestions regarding your answer.

    asked by Annaiiz
  97. Science

    Why is the colour of the light emitted by an element in its gaseous state characteristic of the element? And why does hydrogen with only one electron have so many spectral lines? I have some idea but I need to clarify my understanding against someone

    asked by Lucy
  98. soclal studies

    how were goods and services traded by barter I teach your children how to read and write; you provide me with room and board for the school term. It's a trade! =) what tools do Native Americans used? it is chaper ten

    asked by mckayla hobbs
  99. multiplying fraction

    what is 3/7 * 2/10= and 5/6*2/3= , 1/2*1/4=,4/5*3/5=,2/3*3/8=,1/7*5/9= (Broken Link Removed) 3*2 = 6 7*10 = 70 Answer to the first one is 6/70. Then you'll need to reduce the answer; divide both parts by two, and you'll have 3/35. Do the others the same

    asked by Noemi
  100. literature-the feminine mystique

    I am currently reading the Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan for language class. I need only one passage that is the most important one of the book...problem is, I don't have the book with me haha! If anyone has it, and has read it, they would be a

    asked by Michelle
  101. COM/125

    From previous answers to this question: ------------------- Posted by Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:47am. Check these sites to help you answer your question. (Broken Link Removed) -----------------------

    asked by Writeacher

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH INCOURAGEMENT. I'm only trying my best because i want to understand all the concepts correctly so like this i don't have worries when my final comes up.

    asked by jasmine20
  103. criminology

    Can someone give me an example of a crime that can be explained by social structure theories. Polygamy. Identity theft.

    asked by jessica
  104. Math

    What is a reciprocal? The reciprocal of x is 1/x; of 15 is 1/15.

    asked by Selena