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February 2, 2007

  1. polynomials & rational function

    A drug is administered to a patient and the concentration of the drug in the bloodstream is monitored. At time t >= 0(in hours since giving the drug) the concentration is given by(in mg/L) c(t) = 5t / (t^2+1) Graph the function. From the graph, how do I

    asked by Jen
  2. Physics

    A 6090kg space probe mobing nose-first toward Jupiter at 105m/s relative to the Sun, fires its rocket engine ejecting 80 kg of exhaust at a speed of 253 m/s relative to the space probe. What is the final velocity of the probe? I should have gotten 108m/s

    asked by Tammy
  3. Chem

    Nitric acid is produced commercially by the Ostwald process, represented by the following equations: 4NH3(g) + 5O2(g) > 4NO(g) + 6H2O(g) 2NO(g) + O2(g) > 2NO2 (g) 3NO2(g) + H2O(l) > 2HNO3(aq) + NO(g) What mass of NH3 must be used to produce 1.0x10^6 kg

    asked by Shawn
  4. Probability

    Roll 3 dice. What is the probability of getting a sum of: A) sum of 7: 15/216 B) sum of 8: 21/216 C) sum of 11: 27/216 D) sum of 12: 25/216 Are these correct? How many ways are there to choose 3 numbers ranging from 1 to 6 such that the sum is N? Consider

    asked by Heath
  5. Physics

    A rocket whish is in deep space and initially at rest relative to an inertial reference frame, has a mass of 2.55 X 10^5 kg of which 1.81 X10^5 kg is fuel. The rocket engine is then fired for 250 s during which feul is consumed at the rate of 480 kg/s. The

    asked by Tammy
  6. Chemistry

    A sample of a mixture containing only sodium chloride (NaCl) and potassium chloride (KCl) has a total mass of 4.000g. When this sample is dissolved in water and excess silver nitrate is added a white precipitate (AgCl) forms. After filtration and drying,

    asked by Steve
  7. math

    I am having a difficult time calculating rates and unit prices. Can someone describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that will help me understand these concepts? I searched Google under the key words "rates 'unit prices'" to get these

    asked by jeff
  8. math help

    could some one please explain to me reciprocal how to find the reciprocal my math home work says find the reciprocal of (-1/8)(13/2)(4) reciprocal you change over so is the -1/8 -8/1 or would it be 8/1 13/2 would be 2/13 4 would be 4/1 then 1/4 then i

    asked by larry
  9. Chemistry

    A vessel of 9.49 L in volume contains 3.37 L of pure water at 25¡ÆC. A partial pressure of 4.73 atm of CO2 is quickly injected into the space above the water. Calculate the partial pressure of carbon dioxide remaining once the solution has become

    asked by Sally
  10. Chemistry

    I am pretty good at balancing oxidation reduction problems, but I can't do this one: HIO3 + FeI2 + HCL -> FeCl3 + ICl + HOH 5HIO3 + 4FeI2 + 25HCl -> 4FeCl3 + 13ICl + 15HOH I separated the three redox equations, added the two oxidation reactions together,

    asked by Brendan
  11. math check please

    Find the median of the following set of numbers 45,21,54,22,65,61 Answer 49 1/2 2. find the mean and the median of the set of grades 95,75,76,86,96,71,68,81,95,76,69,82,93,88,94 Answer mean 83 median 82 3. find the mode of the following numbers

    asked by tammy
  12. Superhard Riddle

    I need to solve a riddle but I can't figure it out. Apparently love/happiness/purpose is wrong! "Every single person that exists has had some of me and wanted some of me, but I am different for everyone. Sometimes I will never be found and sometimes I

    asked by the brainbusted
  13. Physics URGENT

    5uC charges are at the base vertices of an equilateral triangle 0.4m on a side. What is the electric field at the third vertice? im not completely sure how to start that.. don't i need the force to calculate the x&y components? NO. Figure E directly from a

    asked by MatT
  14. analogies

    clement is to clemency as A. agitate is to agitation B. governor is to prisoner C. nice is to kind Note the meanings and the parts of speech in the first pair of words. Which other pair of words have the same pattern? Please tell us your thinking on this

    asked by Cassandra
  15. Science

    Give two advantages that a telescope lens or mirror of large diameter has over one of small diameter The light-gathering power of an optical telescope is directly related to the diameter (or aperture) of the objective lens or mirror. Note that the area of

    asked by Lisa
  16. Chemistry

    Which letter of the term that is NOT a representative particle of a substance. a)molecule b)atom c)grain d)formulaunit Was ist der "Grain"? what is the representative particle for the substance moelcular compounds? an can you show me how you got the

    asked by Chris
  17. Chemistry

    how do I work out the molecular mass of a substance such as oxide of arsenic? If I'm trying to work out the oxide part of this problem, where does hydrogen come into it? You have to know the mass, and how many moles. There are other methods. Hydrogen?

    asked by Annabel
  18. Chemistry

    What is the molar mass of KI(Potassium iodide)? Here is a site for all your molar mass calculations.

    asked by Bryan
  19. science

    the oxide formed when selenium burns in air dissolves in water to give a solution of selenious acid,H2SeO3.the solution conducts electricity and turns blue litmus paper identify the positively charged ion present in an aqueous solution of the acid and then

    asked by hanny dunny
  20. social!

    To what extent should societies attempt to meet present needs, and to what extent should they try to provide for the future to the extent that they provide enough needs for now, and what is left is left. Theres old/extremist political views called

    asked by missy!
  21. math

    1.A principal of $5000 was invested in a savings account for 4 years. If the interest earned for the period was $400, what was the interest rate? 2.¨C3(10x ¨C 3) + 10(3x ¨C 3) = x ¨C 7 3.Solve and graph the solution set.

    asked by stacy
  22. Biology

    What structures make up the fibers of the mitotic spindle? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "mitotic spindle fiber structure" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Question
  23. division

    27 divided by 105 = ? You'll end up with a percent or a fraction, not a whole number. (Broken Link Removed) from 27/105=9/35 hellp me !

    asked by Koco123
  24. math

    child's fair ticket is $5 and adult fair ticket are $5. 1050 people attend the fair. fair collects $7350. how many of each type of ticket were sold? sorry. child is $5 and adult is $8 Try this: x = no. of children attending the fair y = no. of adults

    asked by gaynell
  25. economic system

    "appropriate" is a loaded and subjective word. Further, some government activities and programs could be widely viewed as appropriate up to a point. That said, we generally expect our federal government to: establish a monetary system maintain economic

    asked by economyst
  26. Chemistry

    A vessel of 9.49 L in volume contains 3.37 L of pure water at 25¡ÆC. A partial pressure of 4.73 atm of CO2 is quickly injected into the space above the water. Calculate the partial pressure of carbon dioxide remaining once the solution has become

    asked by Sally
  27. law

    what is sexual orientation Sexual orientation is whether a person prefers people of his/her own gender or people of the other gender.

    asked by angel
  28. Social Studies Question

    I have to present something that had to do with the years 1790-1865. Any ideas? Some examples were: powerpoint presentations, written reports, songs, plays, demonstrations, etc. That depends upon your interests, skills, and abilities. When my daughter was

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Chemistry (check)

    is the following sentence true or false? To determine the number of representative particles in a compound, you count the molecules by viewing them under a microscope.__true______ Most molecules are too small to see with an ordinary microscope. Can molar

    asked by Chris
  30. physical geography

    A- On Dec .21, what is the noon sun angle for someone at 54 degree N lat.? B- In what horizon ( part of the sky using compass directions) is the noon sun? Isn't Dec 21 the shortest day of the year? Hint: what makes it the shortest day of the year?

    asked by Bob
  31. chemistry

    give the formular of the highest hydride and highest flouride of ununhexium and explain how you arrived at your answer You can find Uuh in the periodic table. Placement of Uuh in the periodic table will tell you that the chemistry will be similar to the

    asked by montana
  32. predication

    A book that has an exciting introduction and a surprising ending would be the best story to read. okay! sure what book is it? Please post a question so we'll know what kind of help you need. Thanks. =) Here are some results I found when I searched Google

    asked by jeana williams
  33. Chemistry

    This is a question on Non-standard states. Calculate ¥ÄG605 for the following reaction under the given conditions. Use data obtained from the table below and assume that ¥ÄHo and ¥ÄSo do not vary with temperature. C2H4(g) + H2O(g) ¡æ C2H5OH(g) The

    asked by Sally
  34. Children's Literature Question

    Which statement is true? 1.Setting is a backdrop that can be changed without affecting the plot. or 2.Good plot builds logically and plausibly with casual relationships connecting all the events. I say 2 is true, my friend says 1 is true. Who is correct? I

    asked by Karin
  35. analogies

    chef is to kitchen as A.blacksmith is to foundry B.teacher is to education C.pilot is to airplane A chef works in a kitchen and prepares food. Which of the other pairs of words names a person and the place he works? Which profession makes something in

    asked by Cassandra
  36. Geog

    Why does each time zone extend 7 1/2 degrees on each side of central meridian rather than extending from 0 degrees to 15 degree? Why do you think it is?

    asked by matt
  37. more physics

    in the equation P= 2m/ ne^2 t what do these symbols mean? p - resistor m - mass of e- n - ?? e - electron charge>?? t - time between collisions??

    asked by MatT
  38. english grammar

    I have to submit this paragraph and I am having grammar problems. Can someone help me so that I can correct my mistakes and make a good grade. Here is the paragraph: My vision of the ideal city is probably similar to what many people would describe as a

    asked by Brandi
  39. how important...

    How important are individual freedom and equality in decisions about economic systems? Economic systems focus on the largest profits or the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Individual freedom and equality don't play much of a role in

    asked by Spider woman!
  40. development

    To what extent does development mean more than than economic growth? Development of what? Please clarify your question and tell us what you think the answer is. We'll be glad to critique your ideas.

    asked by na
  41. Math Put the mean, and the standard deviation in the top of the applet. Having a lot of trouble with this one problem...any help would be appreciated The weight of the eggs produced by a

    asked by bobpursley
  42. math(10)

    evaluate:fraction -8over4,subtract7over6 I'm going to assume your problem is this: -8/4 - 7/6 = ? -8/4 is the same as -2. Let's convert -2 to a fraction using 6 as the denominator: -12/6 - 7/6 = -19/6 I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

    asked by jesseca
  43. Biology

    What is the difference between necessary and essential nutrients? I don't think any difference. essential nutrients is the term used more frequently by health care professionals. Se the two sites below:

    asked by Krystle
  44. math

    a bathroom cleaner contains 1 part of bleach with 4 parts of water. if you need 10 parts of bathroom cleaner, how much water and bleach do you need? If 1 part bleach and 4 parts water = 5 parts, then what do you need to do to get 10 parts? Although this

    asked by mae
  45. Current Event

    Where can i find an current event paper related to business? I found one.. on google

    asked by Bryan
  46. Business

    Why is WACC important to an organization? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It is difficult to calculate the WACC but it is a solid way to measure the quality of y our investment. What impact does WACC have on capital budgeting and

    asked by Joseph
  47. MATH

    About 0.350 of a forest is being cleared of timber. If the stretch of forest is divided into hundredths, how many hundredths are being cleared? You can drop the zero on the right and read the number. Remember the place values to the right of the decimal

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    1/x + 1/x+2 =11/60 What's the first step to find value of x? Multiply both sides of the equation by x(x+2) You get: x+2 + x = 11/60 x*(x+2) --> 11/60 x^2 + (11/30 - 2)x - 2 = 0

    asked by Al
  49. math

    how do you the equation of a line in a coordinate plane? Hello Tim, if I understand your question right, the equation of a line is: y = m*x + c Hope this helps.

    asked by tim
  50. science

    when the oxide of arsenic is heated it sublimes and becomes a gas. at 650oc and a pressure of 690mmHg the 0.927g sample of the oxide has a volume of 194cm3. calculate the volume,in cm3, that the sample would have at the same temperture (650oc) but at a

    asked by hanny dunny
  51. sports

    What does these colleges have in common..Samford, Georgia, Marshall, Illinois State, Murray State, Cincinnati, UTC,Kent State, Western Kentucky and Wake Forest and Wisconsin-Milwaukee?

    asked by CINDY
  52. MATH

    About 0.350 of s stretch of forest is being cleared of timber. If the stretch of forest is divided into hundredths, how many hundredths are being cleared? Can you help me solve this question? Please see my previous answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. MATH

    About 0.350 of s stretch of forest is being cleared of timber. If the stretch of forest is divided into hundredths, how many hundredths are being cleared? Can you help me solve this question? .01 times .350 As I read the question, the stretch is being

    asked by super-man2