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February 1, 2007

  1. history- world war 1 entrance

    What slowed down the U.S. entrance into World War 1? I already have many Americans simply did not want to send their sons to war and pacifists urged the United States to set an example for peace. I need one more. Your question presumes it should have been

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Math/Physics

    The velocity v of a particle moving in the xy plane is given by v = (6.0t - 4.0t2) i + 4.0 j, with v in meters per second and t (> 0) is in seconds. What is the acceleration when t = 3.0 seconds? When is the acceleration zero? When is the velocity zero?

    asked by winterWX
  3. Chem

    Butane, C4H10, is widely used as a fuel for disposable lighters. When one mole of butane is burned in oxygen, carbon dioxide and steam are formed and 2658 kJ of heat is evolved. a) Write the thermochemical equation for the reaction. First I wrote the

    asked by Chris
  4. Chemistry

    A rock has a mass of 127 g and displaces 32.1 mL of water. What is the density of the rock? density=mass/volume watch units.

    asked by Bryan
  5. physics (elastic collision)

    A ball of mass .44 kg and speed of 4.5 m/s collides head-on with a .22 kg ball at rest. Assuming perfect elasticity, what is the speed and direction of each ball afterwards? I know that the momentum is conserved here and since I am solving fo two

    asked by sean
  6. Physics

    An archer shoots and arrow horizontally at a target 15m away. The arrow is aimed directly at the center of the target, but it hits 52 cm lower. What was the initial speed of the arrow? I know it has something to do with a zero launch angle but none of the

    asked by Mike
  7. Physics

    An electron's position is given by r = 4.00t i - 6.00t2 j + 5.00 k, with t in seconds and r in meters. (a) In unit-vector notation, what is the electron's velocity v(t)? (Answer in terms of i, j, k, and t.) ___ m/s (b) What is v in unit-vector notation at

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  8. Math/Physics

    A golf ball is struck at ground level. The speed of the golf ball as a function of the, where t = 0 at the instant the ball is struck and intial velocity is 31 m/s. The golf ball hits the ground when t = 2.5 and v = 19, and then v increases as the ball

    asked by winterWX
  9. English

    The following thesis statement indicates that the body of the speech will contain ____ numerals. "Abraham Lincoln's speeches appealed to the emotion of listeners, conveyed a strong sense of leadership, and were sutied to the complicated political setting

    asked by Lisa
  10. Physics - Projectile Motion

    A ball rolls horizontally off the edge of a tabletop that is 1.60 m high. It strikes the floor at a point 1.58 m horizontally away from the table edge. (Neglect air resistance.) (a) How long was the ball in the air? ___ s (b) What was its speed at the

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  11. Chem

    A few classmates and I were arguing about a problem we had to do for homework. The problem states: Limestone, CaCO3, when subjected to a temperature of 900 degrees C in a kiln, decomposes to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide . How much heat is

    asked by Jess

    Strontium metal is responsible for the red color in fireworks. Fireworks manufacturers use strontium carbonate, which can be produced by combining strontium metal, graphite (C), and oxygen gas. The formation of one mole of SrCO3 releases 1.220 x 10^3 kJ of

    asked by Jess
  13. Math/Physics

    An electron's position is given by r = 4.00t i - 6.00t^2 j + 5.00 k, with t in seconds and r in meters. In unit-vector notation, what is the electron's velocity? (Answer in terms of i, j, k, t.)What is v in unit-vector notation at t = 8 seconds? What is

    asked by winterWX
  14. Math/Physics

    A ball rolls horizontally off the edge of a tabletop that is 1.60 m high. It strikes the floor at a point 1.58 m horizontally away from the table edge. (Neglect air resistance.)How long was the ball in the air? What was its speed at the instant it left the

    asked by winterWX
  15. Chem

    A hydrocarbon with a molecular mass greater that 100g/mol? C8H18 = 114 g/mol

    asked by mily
  16. Physics

    Three positive particles of equal charge +11.o micro C, are located at the corners of an equilateral triangle of sides 15.0cm. Calculate magnitude and direction of the net force on each particle. See answer below at your original post thanks Dan.. i don't

    asked by matt

    What is 0.5 million in scientific notation? 2 thousandths, 1095 millionths? What is 194 times 10 to the third power written in scientific notation??? .5 million is 5 ^10^6 2 thousandth is 2*10^-3 1095 millionths= 1.095*10^3*10^-6 =1.095*10^-3

    asked by Sarah
  18. Chemistry and I think some physics

    Check my answers! This site needs a preview post option! And thanks for checking! 1. Classify each of the following pure substances as an element or a compound. A) carbon B) baking soda C) nickel D) gold My answers: A) element B) compound C) element D)

    asked by Libby
  19. Geometry

    How do you find the area and circumference of a circle. This site has a great explanation for finding area and circumference of a circle.

    asked by Kris
  20. Physics... Please help me! I REALLY need help.

    A .30kg softball had a velocity of 15m/s at an angle of 35 degrees below the horizontal just before making contact with the bat. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the ball while it is in contact with the bat if the ball leaves the bat with

    asked by Tammy
  21. find the polynomial

    degree 4 zeros i & (1+i) constant term 12 How do I start this problem. Thanks A degree four polynomial will have the form (x^4 +... x + c), where c is a constant. You will need to generate an equation that has the above form, using c=12. Solve for the

    asked by Jen
  22. chem

    Are aspirin, starch and dextrose covalent or ionic? Do aspirin and or epsom salt conduct electricity? Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I have been told by more than one person that aspirin often is sold as the sodium

    asked by Fidelia
  23. Biology - Electron Transport Chain

    Hi, does the electron transport chain actually PRODUCE ATP? It says on my sheet that 4 molecules of ATP are produced in this way. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "electron transport chain ATP" to get these

    asked by student
  24. relative velocity

    A radar antenna is tracking a satellite orbiting the earth. At a certain time, the radar screen shows the satellite to be 159km away. The radar antenna is pointing upward at an angle of 59.3 from the ground.Fine the x and y components(in km) of the

    asked by leann
  25. algebra

    how do I help my son answer this question/ cary spent 1/3 of his class working on fraction problems and 3/6 of his class working on algebra problems. He spent the last 10 minutes of his class reading a chapter in his textbook. How many minutes long was the

    asked by abby
  26. Math

    3x-4 to y+15 is constant and y=3 when x=2 then when y=12, x equals? My answer was 13. Im not sure how to solve this question. Could you please go through the steps so I can see they match up with mines. My Steps: 3x-y:y+15 The original problem above says

    asked by DrBob222
  27. math

    The sum of the reciprocals of two consecutive even integers is 11/60. Find the integers....... 1/n + 1/(n+2) = 11/60 what is the question? the question is, "What is the value of the integers? I will be happy to critique your work. We don't do it for

    asked by Al
  28. math

    suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3.92 but don't know how to solve for x and y what class/level is this for 8th grade math

    asked by norman
  29. Chemistry

    If 100mL of 1mol HCL is mixed with 100 mL of 1mol NaOH, a temp rise of 6.2C occurs. What temp change will be obserbed, if under the same conditions, 10mL of 1mol NaOH is mixed with 10mL 1mol HCL? x Why wouldn't it be the same? One gets 1/10 th of the heat,

    asked by susie
  30. Algebra I

    What is 0.5 million in scientific notation? 2 thousandths, 1095 millionths? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Sarah
  31. trig/physics

    Three positive particles of equal charge +11.o micro C, are located at the corners of an equilateral triangle of sides 15.0cm. Calculate magnitude and direction of the net force on each particle. DUUUUUUUUUH! THIS IS SO EASY! LOOK IN YOUR BOK, IDIOTIC

    asked by matt
  32. math

    How do you get square feet from inches? Ex: a room measures 179 inches by 5o inches, what is the square feet? There are 2 ways to do this. You could first figure out how many square inches the room is by multiplying the 179 x 50. Then, since this is square

    asked by Pam
  33. h bonding

    which exhibits hydrogen bonding (there can be more than 1) 1. IF7 2. SiH4 3. CH3CH2OH 4. (CH3)2CHOH 5. PCl3 6. CH3CHCHCH3 * do you have any tips for figuring it out? H bonding, by definition, takes place with H of one molecule and a highly electronegative

    asked by christine
  34. history

    settler who claimed land through the homestead act i think native americans Sorry. The Native Americans weren't considered settlers under the Homestead Act. One name given these settlers became the nickname for a state. Check this site for that name.

    asked by myia
  35. history

    Please check my history. Some of them I don't know. If the statement is true, write "true". If it is false, write the word or words that would replace the underlined words to make it true. 1. The assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked the

    asked by Anonymous
  36. science

    Ivneed help on Life Science homework. the question is: How do seedless vascular plants reproduce? I don't get it. my other question is: HUH???????????? Vascular plants reproduce by releasing spores. Yes they do and it is actualy fasinateing. ps if any

  37. math

    suppose you bought some 32 cent stamps and some 20 cent stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? x = number of 32 cent stamps y = number of 20 cent stamps ================== x+y = 16 0.32x + 0.20y = 3.92 solve for x and y.

    asked by betty
  38. I need help with my eniglish homework I was absent

    I have been absent and I do not get my English homework! ¢¾Sandra Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. That alone does not help us. What sort of work are you doing in your English class? Anytime you are absent your teacher should give you

    asked by Sandra
  39. com215

    Read the 4 scenarios under "Getting Started," on page 311 in Business and Administrative Communication (7th ed.). Choose 1 of the 4 scenarios. Post your response to this 2-part question: Identify one or more ways that the cultural differences in the

    asked by Trenet
  40. math

    a snack is made from nuts and granola. in a 28 oz container, there is 1 more ounce of granola than twice the ounces of nuts. how many ounces of each are in the snack? number ounces granola = g number ounces nuts = n =============== g + n = 28 g = 2n + 1

    asked by faith
  41. Statistics

    Check my answers please! Thanks a lot. Five students reported that the previous night they slept: 7,8,7,10,9 hours. Calculate the sample varience and standard deviation. sample varience = 1346.5 standard deviation = 36.7 Consider this. Ths standard

    asked by Jake
  42. Speech

    A concluding strategy which helps to promote unity within a speech is a)a summary of main points b)a rhetorical question c)a refernce to the introduction D)a statistic The conclusion is supposed to tie the discoveries to the proposition in the

    asked by Tammy
  43. Math


    asked by Sammy
  44. Physics Urgent!!!

    The 1994 Winter Olympics included the aerials competition in skiing. In this event skiers speed down a ramp that slopes sharply upward at the end. The sharp upward slope launches them into the air, where they perform acrobatic maneuvers. In the women's

    asked by Samantha
  45. physics

    A car drives straight off the edge of a cliff that is 47m hight. The police at the accident note that the point of impact is 122m from the base of the cliff. How fast was the car traveling when it went over the cliff. Calculate the time in air: that is the

    asked by leann
  46. World Studies

    Why did Francis Scott write The Star Spangled Banner?

    asked by Emily
  47. Science

    There is no change of angle (bending) of the light rays. Each wavelength is slowed the same amount in the glass and is increased the same amount as it leaves the glass.

    asked by PsyDAG
  48. windows 2003 server

    You are the network administrator for a chemical wholesaler in Spokane, Washington. You have a single Windows Server 2003 system with three disk drives. One drive holds the system and boot partition, the second drive is used for file storage, and the third

    asked by ajay
  49. U.S. History-PLEASE HELP!!!

    i need to find an example of something very specific that relates to the quote "America isn't supposed to have a master, that's not what it was built on. people should be their own master." i thought something to do w/ the frontier in the 1800s, and i

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  50. tough question

    Why in the Emancipation Proclamation did Lincoln make exceptions to certain areas (I am not talking about the Border States that remained loyal and did not cede, but there were other areas also, like New Orleans, York, St.Bernard, St.Charles, and some

    asked by jessca
  51. math

    can anyone help with this? suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the equation--.32x + .20y = $3.92 but don't know how to solve for x and y Step 1: Solve

    asked by norman
  52. Language Arts

    For a book report, we are doing a "subamarine sandwich". One part is scene illustration - reflective of plot. I don't know how to do this part. Choose a part of the book that brings the most vivid images into you mind. Then you can ~~draw it ~~paint it

    asked by Lynnette
  53. Science

    Under what circumstances, if any, will a converging lens form an inverted image of a real object? Under what circumstances, if any, will a diverging lens forms an erect image of a real object?

    asked by Lacy
  54. Chemistry

    is 2 physical? what's 3? I didn't quite get that right. It should be extensive and intensive properties. It is true that density is a physical property but I don't think that is 2. It is EITHER an intensive physical propery or an extensive physical

    asked by Bryan
  55. Science

    Give two advantages that a telescope lens or mirror of large diameter has over one of small diameter. Not positive on this, but possibly a wider field of view? DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy Mike is an idiot

    asked by Lisa
  56. Math

    How many dimes are in $5.00? How many quarters are in $20.00? 1 dime = 10 cents or .10 take 5 dollars and divide by .10 same setup for the quarters

    asked by Chris
  57. chemisrty

    what is the balanced equation for thereaction of aluminum selenide with water including the physical states reactants and products im given hydrogen selenide prepared by reacting aluminum selenide with water other product solid aluminum hydroxide please

    asked by donald
  58. lit

    What do you think Oedipus Rex and A Raisin in the Sun imply about Sophocles’ and Lorraine Hansberry’s cultural identity?" If you go to and read the Context and Themes ... sections for each work, you'll find plenty of ideas

    asked by stacy
  59. Chemistry

    How many moles of aluminum is needed to form 3.4 moles of aluminum oxide? 3.4 mol Al2O3 x (2 mol Al/1 mol Al2O3) = ?? mol Al. Note how the units we don't want cancel but the unit we want to keep remains.

    asked by Jacob
  60. Chemistry

    is this true or false? 5) Density has units of grams per cubic centimeter. It may have units of g/cc. But the unit used is strictly up to the individual calculating. It may be in kg/cubic meter or any of a number of other conversions.

    asked by Bryan
  61. windows 2003 serer

    What utility do you use to mark specific Active Directory objects as authoritative Ntdsutil.exe

    asked by ajay
  62. windows 2003 server

    You are the network administrator for an outdoor equipment wholesaler in Detroit, MI. You have three locations. One is the head office from which the ordering and distribution is handled. The other two locations are retail outlets—one in a retail park on

    asked by ajay
  63. Science

    Give two advantages that a telescope lens or mirror of large diameter has over one of small diameter More light gathering ability Because of this, will give higher resolution at increased power

    asked by Don
  64. Chemistry

    What are 4 different crystalline substances? sodium chloride magnesium sulfate\ zinc sulfide copper(II) sulfate

    asked by emily
  65. English

    Is "have caused" a phrase? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What you have is a "partial" which is actually the Present Perfect tense, being made up of have/has as the auxililiary/helping verb and the past participle of the verb "to

    asked by Sandra
  66. geography

    how much water do oyu need in wheat Please explain your question. Are you asking how much water is needed for wheat to grow? Or are you asking for the water content of wheat grains?

    asked by michelle
  67. window 2003 server

    You are the network administrator for a telecommunications company in Rochester, New York. The network consists of two Windows Server 2003 systems and 57 Windows XP Professional systems. Both servers are used as domain controllers. One server hosts DHCP

    asked by ajay
  68. Chemistry

    What is an example of a acid? Any Acid possible would be sufficient I'm sure.. how about HF thanks

    asked by mily
  69. future

    I'm sorry if this is irrevalent for this site, however, I couldn't find an active advice site. As I'm about to be graduating high school, I've been worried about my future. As long as I remember, I have wanted to be a doctor. But I'm wondering if I have

    asked by confusedstudent

    proofread- thanks! revelado a Dali en un sueno. Esto tambien acentua que no era los clavos que sostenian a Cristo en la cruz, pero su amor para la gente. En esta picture, la brazo de Cristo forma un triangulo mientras su cabeza está en la forma de un

    asked by Laura
  71. chemistry

    For all three of the cubic lattices (unit cells), all of the ? and all of the ? are the same size. A wild guess. edges. radii?? Check it out thoroughly. Perhaps you have a list of words from which to choose.

    asked by dory
  72. Probability

    Check my answers, thanks! Roll 2 dice. What is the probaility of rolling and getting: A) a sum less than or equal to 6 = 15/36=.42 B) sum of greater than or equal to 10 = 6/36=.60 C) difference of less than or equal to 1 = that can't be possible right? A)

    asked by Heath
  73. Science

    Give two advantages that a telescope lens or mirror of large diameter has over one of small diameter

    asked by Lisa
  74. English

    Is a thesaurus the same as a dictionary? Nope: The Thesaurus specializes in synonyms, and antonyms.

    asked by Kim
  75. projectile motion

    Two cars,A and B, are traveling in the sam direction, although car A is 208m behind car B. The speed of A is 24.4 m/s, and the speed of B ia 18.6m/s. How much time does it take for A to catch B? The answer is 208/5.8 which equals 35.8 seconds. Since

    asked by leann
  76. 8th grade algebra

    ten over eight = what over ten????? please help me!!!!!!!!!! 10 / 8 = x / 10 This means that 8 * x = 10 * 10 Solve for x.

    asked by jess
  77. Algebra I

    What is 194 times 10 to the third power written in scientific notation??? Please I am in tears trying to figure this out

    asked by Caroline
  78. find the volumes

    a box is 24 inches long,16 inches wide,and 10 inches two decimal places,how many quarts of watermelon seed are needed to fill the box? How many seeds are in a quart?

    asked by maria
  79. writing

    what does it mean when it asks if you qualifed any generalization in your essay It is asking you to provide details (data, specifics) to prove that the generalization is true or reasonably true. =) thank you does the same thing apply when it asks for

    asked by patti
  80. Slavery

    Did Lincoln have the constitutional power to abolish slavery (before the 13th amendment)? Is this an opinion question? No. The power to enlave was reserved to the States. Slaves were not citizens of the US, so had no constitutional rights.

    asked by Milford
  81. Chemistry

    What is a proton donor? Acids are proton donors, BAses are proton receivers

    asked by mily
  82. US History -- needs assistance

    Please use the subject line for its obvious purpose. Please also do not post questions more than once. Whenever someone with knowledge about your question comes along, he/she will respond. Thanks for your patience. my teacher like gave me the emancipation

    asked by Writeacher
  83. Chem

    Something with L-carvone or D-carbon?

    asked by mily
  84. Chemisrty

    Using information from the periodic table, how can you find out which chemical element another (Uuh) resembles? It resembles those elements in the same group. So Uuh should have similar chemical properties to Se, Te, Po,etc

    asked by L0bster_quadrille
  85. window 2003 server

    There is always less data included in an incremental backup than a full backup.

    asked by ajay
  86. window 2003 server

    You are working on a Windows Server 2003 system that has just been installed by another administrator. The administrator completed the installation but did not make any configuration changes following the installation. While checking the maximum log sizes

    asked by ajay
  87. 4th grade math

    how do i convert these problem. thank you _____fl oz=4 gal _____fl oz=3 pt 3 mi=____ ft CAN SUMONE PLEZ HELP BE4 MY BEDTIME!!! You can look them up in here. Find out how many ounces (oz) in a pint, quart, gallon.

    asked by nitta
  88. Physiology and asthma

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASSE HELP ME... i am doing a physiology project on asthma and i have to do a summary/ chart on the question: Organization of affected organisms organism organ system organs tissues cell types/ functional units and i have noooo idea what it

    asked by Cori
  89. math

    still can't solve .32x + .20y = 3.92 it's my last math question for the day!!!! What do you mean solve it? suppose you bought some 32 cents stamps and some 20 cents stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? i got the

    asked by betty
  90. math

    what number can you multiply by 8 or divide by 9 and get the same answer? What about zero.

    asked by beans
  91. Religion

    If you were to learn about a new religion, what are the ten questions you would ask a person from that religion? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Without knowing what that new religion is, assuming it is already an established one, it is

    asked by Dena
  92. math

    there are 40 jump ropes in the gym class. there are 4 times more red jump ropes than blue ropes. how many of each color are there? i can't seem to write the equation. help!!!!!!!! x+ 4x=40 5x=40 x=8

    asked by shawna
  93. physics

    If a pulley is 57% efficient and you lift a 35kg box 5m how much work do you do? 1716.75 N*m A crane that is 13m long and is at a 20 degree angle to the ground can hold a load of 296N. What is the torque on the crane? 1,316.10 N*m A cylinder with a radius

    asked by anonymous
  94. Mid age art history

    I have a project on the early Christian catacombs. I have to describe the elements of (line, shape,value, etc)and compare these catacombs to Byzantine and Islamic architectural structures of the same time. Can anyone help me find some pictures or articles

    asked by Aubrey
  95. science

    explain the everyday phenomena in term of atomic structure and behavior when you lightly bump into a car, why does it dent and not create a hole? Although this is not my area of expertise, could there be some explanation in terms of molecular cohesiveness?

    asked by Barbara
  96. World Studies

    What year did the Space Center at Cape Canaveral start? Please answer this question! Go to and enter space center cape canaveral in the search box. You'll get many results, and the best ones will be among the first 5 or 10. =)

    asked by Emily
  97. window 2003 server

    When you configure volume shadow copy, which of the following parameters cannot be configured

    asked by ajay
  98. Spanish

    proofread- thanks! revelado a Dali en un sueno. Esto tambien acentua que no era los clavos que sostenian a Cristo en la cruz, pero su amor para la gente.

    asked by Laura
  99. math(factoring by completing)

    hi. - I am not sure how to do this.- You have to factor completley. 5y^8-125

    asked by Alex
  100. Vague Physics

    Does anyone know what the laws of conservation are when dealing with resistors? Well, I guess you can vaguely state if you have, for example, 2 resistors in series: then, in accordance with the law of conservation of energy, the voltage drop across each

    asked by matt
  101. managerial accounting

    Im trying to get the selling price the question is marina has estimated the fixed cost per month are 240,000 and variable cosdt per dollar of sales is $0.60. what is the break even point per month use

    asked by Tarver
  102. math

    i need to integrate: (secx)^4 dx let u = sec x dv =sec^3 x dx Start with this. Then, you will have to deal with the integral of sec. You should be able to solve it after a few steps. Looks a little messy.

    asked by Jake
  103. ethnics

    what is a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Gambling. Some tribes have it, others dont. Drug raids. Indians don't like the raids, there are lots of marijuana fields in those hills. Schools. Indian schools tend to be less

    asked by Anonymous
  104. windows 2003 server

    You are the network administrator for an electrical goods importer in Brandon, FL. You have a single Windows Server 2003 system that is a domain controller, a DHCP and DNS server, a file and print server, and the company e-mail server. The server also

    asked by ajay
  105. windows 2003 server

    In Task Manager, what tab allows you to view which of the current user’s processes are running on the computer

    asked by ajay
  106. Geometry

    How do you find the volume of a sphere with its radius 4 cenimeters and its hight 15 cenimeters. Check this site for the formula.

    asked by Kris
  107. science

    In which ways would your lifstyle contribute to soil erosion?

    asked by kg
  108. Thanks BobPursley!

    Thank you so much for all of your help! I understand now!!! : )

    asked by Milford
  109. zeros of a polynomial

    polynomial is x^3 - x^2 -11x + 15 If 3 is the zero of the polynomial, when you divide this polynomial with x-3, the remainder has to be 0? yes. If y=x^3 - x^2 -11x + 15, when y=0 the roots are on the axis.

    asked by Jen
  110. cubic unit cell

    Answer the following for a primitive cubic unit cell. X

    asked by dory