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January 27, 2007

  1. Accounting

    which of the following situations will not cause a deferred income tax amount to be recorded ? a - expense that is recognized in 20A for income tax purposes and in 20 B for financial statement purposes b - expense that is recognized in 20A for financial

    asked by ucstudent

    A pendulum consists of a uniform disk with radius r = 10 cm and mass 545 g attached to a uniform rod with length L = 500 mm and mass 300 g. (figure: one end of the rod attach to a pivot and the other end attach to the center of the disk) (a) Calculate the

    asked by wooh
  3. eduaction

    What is the California Standards for the teaching professsion? (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by rosa
  4. Physics/Math

    For the vectors a = (3.9 m)i + (4.8 m)j, and b = (5.4 m)i - (2.0 m)j, give the x and y components, magnitudes, and directions of the following vector operations. (a.) a + b ______(x component) ______(y component) ______(magnitude) ______° (direction from

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  5. science-chem

    Four bottles, labeled A through D, each containing about 5 grams of finely powdered white substance are found in a lab. Near the bottles are four labels specifying high purity and indicating that substances are glucose (C6H12O6), sodium chloride (NaCl),

    asked by jisun
  6. Chem

    Final question.. An alloy used in aircraft construction consists of aluminium, copper and magnesium. An 11.34g sample of alloy was treated with alkali to dissolve the aluminium, leaving a residue of mass 2.73g. This residue was treated with dilute

    asked by atriletz
  7. other Quadratic equations

    The problem is 7x^3-x+1=x^3+3x^2+x. Find all real answers. I came upwith two answers 3x^2=1 and 2x=1/2. The first answer just does not look right. I must be forgeting something! You can check them by putting in x=1/4 (the second answer), and then x=+-

    asked by theresa
  8. math, correction

    the equation y=17x-90. describes the amount of money a class of students might earn from candy bar sales. What are the slope and y-intercept of this line? so my answer is slope is 17 and y-intercept is: -90 yes

    asked by Jasmine20
  9. English

    i'm suppose to write an essay on the historical climate of a author i pick and it was lewis carroll, and i don't know what it means or where to get that info on it or what to write about it. please help! Historical climate is a description of the history

    asked by Carey
  10. math

    write 3/8 as a percent 3/8 = 0.375 0.375 * 100 = 37.5% Change the fraction to its decimal equivalent by dividing 3 by 8. 3/8= 0.375 Multiply by 100 to change to percent. 0.375 x 100 = ?? percent.

    asked by elsie
  11. How do you..................

    How do you make someone your friend? How do you get to know When a person Is your friend or not? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Helppppppppppppppppppp! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot make someone your friend. You cannot make someone love you. You

    asked by Kaveri
  12. Marketing

    Identify any new entrepreneurial ideas that you thought about as a result of relating to product/service promotion or distribution. The sentence is asking YOU to state your ideas. We cannot do this for you. What ideas have you come up with?

    asked by zeta
  13. Math

    Where website can I see the shape Cylinder?

    asked by Shaina
  14. Econ help.

    The following is proposals on reducing expenditure on drug. A: reduce prices by restrictly supply B: raise prices (by legalizing distribution) C: Do nothing What does each of them think about the elasticity of demand for the drug? (elastic, inelastic,

    asked by Anonymous
  15. English

    What means Genre?

    asked by Kaveri
  16. Math

    Please Help (I am new in Jiskha) How do you multiply 367 and 72?

    asked by Shaina
  17. Chemistry (please help)

    How would you make a serial dilution if you have 100mM of X These are the values of X that she gave. X 0 1 3 1 10 30 100 These are the values of X in the serial dilution. If you could help me out by start me off because I am kind of confused with the

    asked by tatiana
  18. please read my introduction for media bias.

    This is my introduction to my essay for media bias in television news. The primary source of political information in America is the media. [Media bias is a way to represent different people in a certain way based on their own views.] A certain degree of

    asked by david
  19. Chemistry

    How would calculate % Control when given three sets of values? Would you define percent control please?

    asked by Anne
  20. macroeconomics

    Bob owns a 100-acre farm. Of that, he uses 50 acres to grow corn, 40 acres to graze sheep, and 10 acres for structures such as his home and barn. Which of the following are considered by economists to be "land"? I. The 50 acres he uses to grow corn. II.

    asked by sara
  21. Math Help Please (I Am New In This Website)

    How do you multiply 367 by 72? the answer depends on your grade. Tell us what Grade in School you are in. Multiply 367 by 2; write down the answer. Multiply 367 by 70; add it to the answer above. Let us know what your answer is and someone here will give

    asked by Shaina
  22. rational functions

    A rational function that passes through (0,0) and (4, 8/7) has the x-axis as a horiztonal asympotote. It also has 2 vertical asymptotes x=3, x=-3. I understand that to set it up, it is y= ax+b / (x+3)(x-3). I don't understand how to solve for a and b.

    asked by luke
  23. Math

    What means Area? Length x width area is the amount of area inside a figure or a shape figure

    asked by Student
  24. Chem

    Calculate the concentration in mol per litre of ammonium ions in a solution solution prepared by mixing 360.0mL of 0.250 mol per litre ammonium sulphate solution with 675.0mL of 1.20mol per litre ammonium nitrate solution. Assume solution volumes are

    asked by atriletz
  25. physics - converting radians to degrees

    i know how to convert degrees to radians.. ie: 40* x (2pi rad/360*) = 0.70 rad .. i cant figure out how to do the opposite.. can anyone show me how? thanks! ~lor .70 rad (360 deg/2PI rad )= 40o radians = degrees*2*pi/360 = 0.69813 degrees = rad*360/2*pi

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  26. English (Speech)

    I was told to write a Manuscript on an article. How exactly do I write this thing? how do i get started? Can someone please provide me with an example. Read the article. What did it say? What was it point of view? Was the author complete in the analysis?

    asked by Andrew
  27. introduction to essay

    This is my introduction for my media bias essay. The sources i used is from the internet of B.B.C, F.O.X, M.S.N.B.C news. Do i just refer them as "tv news articles" or "internet news" the reason i have dots in between is because the site says that i can't

    asked by david
  28. Accounting

    T/F when the current assets of a company such as accounts receivable or inventory increase during the year, the increase provides additional cash inflow from operating activities

    asked by ucstudent
  29. Accounting

    T/F building and equipment are recorded at cost of acquisition and are subsequently reported at cost less accumulated depreciation

    asked by ucstudent
  30. sports

    What does these colleges have in common? Samford, Georgia, Marshall, Illinois State, Murray State, Cincinnati, UTC

    asked by Cindy
  31. math

    hi i would really appreciate some help solving this question simultaneously: Find A and B such that x-11/(x+3)(2x-1)= A/x+3 + B/2x-1 Multiply both sides by (x+3)(2x-1) to get rid of the fractions. We end up with this: (x-11) = A(2x-1) + B(x+3) You can

    asked by elle
  32. my second paragraph bias essay

    this is my second paragraph essay for media bias essay M.S.N.B.C news articles are known for being conservative. Some of those who write for this TV station seem to have a conservative slant. For some events, they will only mention one side of the argument

    asked by david

    PLZ HELP. THANKS. The balance wheel of a watch oscillates with an angular amplitude of rad and a period of 0.220 s. a) Find the maximum angular speed of the wheel. (b) Find the angular speed of the wheel when its displacement is /4 rad. (c) Find the

    asked by wooh
  34. Physics/Math

    In the vector sum A + B = C , vector A has a magnitude of 13.1 m and is angled 49° counterclockwise from the +x direction, and vector C has a magnitude of 15.0 m and is angled 20.0° counterclockwise from the -x direction. What are (a) the magnitude and

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  35. science

    examples of parasitism, mutualism and commensalism in the mojave desert. thank you! it

    asked by kg
  36. science

    describe a freshwater or saltwater lifezone within or adjacent to the mojave desert?

    asked by kg
  37. social studies

    Who said: "the blessings in which you this day rejoice are to enjoyed in common...This fourth of Juy is yours not mine. You may rejoice. I must mourn"? Frederick Douglas Independence Day Speech at Rochester in 1841. Whati is the question i may can help you

    asked by emily
  38. English

    Hi i was wondering if you knew what some important cities, areas,towns,etc. were in the book "The Things They carried" or if there were any maps of the main setting. I haven't read this book, but judging from the review at, it takes place in

    asked by Fred
  39. Noagist and non racist

    She is a very capable black woman. If that is an effort to write a politically correct non-racist sentence, you have nearly succeeded. It would be better without the word "black". Otherwise, it might be thought of as having a condescending "attitude", as

    asked by Lucy
  40. motion and force

    Consider a ball after it is thrown and going upward. The force on the ball is a). the force of gravity or b). some values between the force of gravity and the force of throw. What is the acceleration and what is the values of the acceleration. Explain your

    asked by PJ
  41. physical geography

    How many time zones extend across Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Bering Strait? What is the central meridian for: a-Pacific standard time (PST)? b-Eastern Standard time (EST)? c-The irregular time zone that includes India? d-The time zone that includes

    asked by mike
  42. physical geography

    If u left New Orleans 30 degrees N, 90 degrees W at 4:00 am on Friday Dec, 31, and traveled for 12hrs be4 arriving in Baku, azerbajjan 40 degrees N,30 degrees E at what time and on what day would u arrive in Baku?(show work) 1-if you live in los angles

    asked by mike
  43. physical geography

    A-When Magellan’s crew left Spain to sail around the world, it took nearly three years to return to spain. Although Magellan had died, and only a skeleton crew arrived back in Spain, they had the incorrect day on their calendars, they were a day behind,

    asked by mike
  44. physical geography

    A-when crossing the dateline traveling from east to west do we add or subtract a day? B-When crossing the datline from west to east, do add or subtract a day? C-Althought there is a change of day, does the hour change when crossing the datline? D-If it

    asked by mike
  45. physical geography

    1- A traveler leaves lima, Peru( approximately 12 degrees S Lat. And 90 degrees W. long.) at 8:00 am on Tues. Oct. 3rd and travels for 14hrs before arriving in Sydney, Australia( approx.34 degree S and 150 degrees E). what time and what day would the

    asked by mike
  46. Physics/Math

    In the vector sum A + B = C , vector A has a magnitude of 13.1 m and is angled 49° counterclockwise from the +x direction, and vector C has a magnitude of 15.0 m and is angled 20.0° counterclockwise from the -x direction. What are (a) the magnitude and

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  47. Physics/Math

    What is the sum of the following four vectors in unit-vector notation? For that sum, what are (b) the magnitude, (c) the angle in degrees, and (d) the angle in radians? E: 6.36 m at +0.90 rad F: 4.52 m at -75 ° G: 3.31 m at +1.20 rad H: 5.4 m at -210 °

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  48. Physics/Math

    A displacement vector r in the xy plane is 6 m long and directed at angle [Theta] = 36°. Determine the x and y components of the vector. _____ m (x component) _____ m (y component) I will be happy to check your answers, or critique your thinking. We don't

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  49. chem, grade 12

    I'm having a hard time with this... ...I need help. I want to learn... Question 1) The electrolyte from a car battery has H2S04 (aq) concentration of 4.5 per mol and a density of 1.18g per mol. What is the percentage by mass of H2S04 in the electrolyte?

    asked by atriletz
  50. science

    which organic compounds and cllular orgaelles are involved in protein synthesis?

    asked by Joy
  51. maths

    list all the negative and positive numbers Get real.

    asked by lelethu
  52. math,help, algebra

    okay i have a table it reads. It has 4 colums Title population of Europe by age groups (population is in thousands) First colum it reads down like this age 0-14 age 15-64 age 65+ age 75+ total second colum it reads (In 1950) 143,175 359,162 44,981 14,553

    asked by Jasmine20
  53. math,algebra,help

    Now this one it has a different question it asks: What was the age 15-64 population of Europe in 1970? can someone help me or set up the equation for me i would appreciate it. thank you. okay i have a table it reads. It has 4 colums Title population of

    asked by Jasmine20
  54. math,correction

    Find the y-intercept of -x - 9y= 9 so this is what i did: -9y = +x +9 i divided both sides by -9 y=(-(1)/(9)x-1 now from here i don't know what to do? y=-1/9 x -1 Yintercept is when x=0 so this is what i get: y=(-(1)/(9)x-1 y= (1(1)/(9)(0)-1 y= -1 so the y

    asked by Jasmine20
  55. math, help

    It ask write the equation of the line with slope -2 and y-intercept (0,0). so the equation would be : y=-2x Correct!

    asked by Jasmine20
  56. math,help

    I have a graph which points are: (-1,-2),(0,2),(1,4) would the equation for this line be y=3x+1 No. These points do not lie on a line. If you read the points off of a graph, you read them wrong.

    asked by Jasmine20
  57. Chem (edited)

    The electrolyte from a car battery has H2S04 (aq) concentration of 4.5 per mol per litre and a density of 1.18g per ml What is the percentage by mass of H2S04 in the electrolyte? do you mean 4.5 mol per liter? This has absolutely no meaning: concentration

    asked by atriletz
  58. math, correction

    I have to determine which two equations represent parallel lines. equations are (a) y=(-4)x+2 (b) y=(4)x+2 (c) y= (1/2)x +2 (d) y=(-4)x+3 I think it is b and c Which two have the same slope? Parallel lines have the same slope.

    asked by Jasmine20
  59. Chem (ques 2)

    The analysis of some household cloudy ammonia cleaner involved diluting a 50.0mL sample of the cleaner to a volume of 250.0mL then titrating this diluted solution. The diluted sample was found to have an NH3 (aq) concentration of 0.350 mole per L. What is

    asked by atriletz
  60. math,correction

    The question asks: Find the slope of any ilne parallel to the line through points (20,9) and (7,8). so i found slope which i did: y=(9-8)/(20-7)= (-(-)/(13) so by having the slope how do find another the slope of any line parallel to this one that go

    asked by Jasmine20
  61. math,correction

    find the slope of any line perpendicualr to the line through points (3,3) and (2,8) so i did: y= (8-3)/(2-8)= (5)/(-6) to find another line perpendicular do i have to take one set of the points and substitute them into y=mx+b? The slope for the

    asked by Jasmine20
  62. to Hussam

    Please click on Post a New Question when you need to post a question. When you post in response to another question, it gets lost. =)

    asked by Writeacher
  63. pre-algebra

    The perimeter of a triangle is 195 mm.If the lengths of the sides are consecutive odd integers,find the length of each side. what steps do i need to do in order to get the answre? Perimeter= L + L+2 + L+4 solve for L. That is the short side. THen add two

    asked by JoJo
  64. Chemistry

    Please could someone advise me on how to write a balanced equation for the breakdown off H2SeO3. The solution is dissolved in water and conducts electricity. I know the charged ion present is H+ I am struggling to work it out and indentify the other ion

    asked by Lucy
  65. Biology

    What is the five-carbon suger found in the DNA nucleotides How many carbons does ribose have?

    asked by Cierra
  66. vocabulary

    What animal stats with the letter x? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Xenops The Xenops is a rainforest bird from the Americas. Try this site if you want an animal.

    asked by Kendra
  67. juliette's education

    What schools did Juliette gordon low attend? I think she first went to west Hull street school, then edge hill academy, and Charbonnier's school? Is that correct?

    asked by Holly
  68. Grammar

    I know the definition of a preposition and a prepositional phrase. I still don't understand the prepositional phrase. Would it be: Randy was scared to jump (over the fence.) (over the fence = prepositional phrase???) You are absolutely right on!!!! Good

    asked by Gina
  69. Clause

    I first went to a website to help me with clauses. It said that an example of a clause is: "It is cold" My definition says that a clause has a subject and a verb but no complete thought. Where is the subject and where is the verb. My Guess: It- subject

    asked by Gina
  70. Grammar

    Is "because" a subordinate conjunction? Could you please give me a sentence in which I can identify the subordinate conjuntion. Is a subordinate clause introduced by a subordinate conjunctin? Here is a site on subordinate conjunctions... Sentences: The

    asked by Gina
  71. science

    Information on verbal and nonverbal communication styles in hong kong where can we find volcanoes?? active or dormant?

    asked by Margaret
  72. Anonymous -- Science question

    Anonymous -- Please click Post a New Question and then ask your question. Please be specific about the purpose of your science project, your grade, and the type of project that interests you.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  73. Help-elasticity

    Demand function is Q=P^(-1.5)I^(0.3) where P is price, and I is income If the goal is to keep Q constant, how much must income change if there is a 2% increase in price.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. physics

    The compressor on an air conditionner draws 55 A when it starts up. If the start up time is 0.50s how much charge passes a cross-sectional area of the circuit in this time. Answer in units of C.

    asked by Belle
  75. Social Studies

    Could anyone tell me 2 different colonial governments before America declared its independence. Thanks Each of the 13 colonies had its own government before the American independence.

    asked by Josh
  76. Marketing

    Identify any new entrepreneurial ideas that you thought about as a result of this week's reading relating to product/service promotion or distribution. and what is "this week's reading"?

    asked by zeta
  77. physics

    I need to make an egg protection device using only sipping straws and duct tape. Any ideas? I was thinking of making a parachute but how would I do that with just tape and straws? i've done that before.. wrap the egg all the way around with straws with the

    asked by anonymous
  78. rational functions... PLEASE HELPPPPP

    A rational function that passes through (0,0) and (4, 8/7) has the x-axis as a horiztonal asympotote. It also has 2 vertical asymptotes x=3, x=-3. I understand that to set it up, it is y= ax+b / (x+3)(x-3). I don't understand how to solve for a and b.

    asked by luke
  79. Formulas and Literal Equations

    Have not a clue please help to figure this one out: P-Q=-R, for Q Do you wish to solve for Q? If so, subtract P from both sides. P-P-Q=-R-P Combine terms. -Q=-R-P Multiply by -1 Q = R+P

    asked by TN
  80. Marketing

    Identify any new entrepreneurial ideas that you thought about as a result of this week's reading relating to product/service promotion or distribution. Whoa! We don't know what you've read nor what ideas you've had.

    asked by zeta