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January 25, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    How are the two parts of a conversion factor related? Either the numerator or the denominator is one of the units needed for the converstion, then the denominator/numerator is the other unit needed. thanks. whats two conversion factors based on the

    asked by Dennis
  2. Chemistry

    How do I make the following coversions, in standard exponential form? 1)14.8g to micrograms 2)3.72 X 10-3kg to grams 3)66.3 L to cubic centimeters 1 g = 10^6 micrograms = 10^6 ug. 14.8 g x (10^6 ug/1 g) = 14.8 x 10^6 ug = 1.48 x 10^7 ug. You do the others.

    asked by Bryan
  3. Chemistry

    What conversion factor would you use to convert between these pairs of units? a)minutes to hours b)grams to milligrams c) cubic decimeters to milliters. There are 60 minutes in 1 hour. There are 1000 mg in 1 g. There are 1000 cubic centimeters in 1 cubic

    asked by Bryan
  4. Physics/Science #3

    A ball is thrown vertically downward from the top of a 35.9-m tall building. The ball then passes the top of a window that is 10.7 m above the ground 2.00 s after being thrown. What is the speed of the ball as it passes the top of the window? The equation

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  5. physics

    One end of a uniform 4.0-m long rod of weight is supported by a cable. the other end rests against the wall, where it is helf by friction. The co-efficient of static friction between the wall and the rod is .50 Determine the minimum distance,x,from point A

    asked by cyndi
  6. physics

    A water molecule consists of an oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms bound to it. The bonds are .100nm in length and the angle between the two bonds is 106 degrees. Use the x-y axis shown and determine the location of the center of gracity of molecule.

    asked by cyndi
  7. help me unscramble this word

    ok can you help me unscramble this word "ANLDEGN".When it is unscrambled it its either the name of an ocean, country, state, city, or animal. Try these: =) Thank you for using the Jiskha

    asked by rachel
  8. need HELPwith 2 questions!!

    How long is day and how long is night? Does the sun come up in the morning all over the world? Explain please help me I only need: How long is day and how long is night? Does the Sun come up in the morning all over the world? Please explain to me. At any

    asked by HelpMe Please!!!!
  9. Physics

    A hockey puck travelling at 26 m/s [E 22* S] rebounds off the board at 21 m/s [E 22* N]. The puck is in contact with the board for 0.0025 seconds. Determine the average acceleration of the puck over the interval. average acceleration= change in

    asked by Raj
  10. Chemistry

    I Have Two Questions 1)How would you calculate the number of nanometers in 8.1 cm? 2)What is the equivalent of 0.35 lb in grams? You need to learn to do deimensional analysis. It's easy. 0.35 lb to grams We know there are 453.6 g in a lb. We take the given

    asked by Bryan
  11. math

    A bag contains red, blue, and orange marbles. If the probability of randomly selecting a red marble is 0.4 and the probability of selecting a red or blue marble is 0.9 what is the probability of selecting a red or orange marble? In my opinion, the easiest

    asked by Preston
  12. Algebra

    I'm suppose to write an equation with the following information: Line passes through (2,-6) and is parallel to x=8 I know i must use the slope point form the problem is that since x=8 I don not know which is the slope. Please help me :) The line for x=8 is

    asked by claudia
  13. Biology

    why does proline stain yellow in ninhydrin?

    asked by Question
  14. Physics/Science #2

    A rock is thrown verticaly upward from ground level at time t = 0. At t = 1.65 s it passes the top of a tall tower, and 0.95 s later it reaches its maximum height. What is the height of the tower? height = _______ m First, find the initial velocity from

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  15. Chemistry (Check)

    Are most factors unity? Is this True or false I'm thinkin true.. The actual size of a measurement multiplied by a conversion factor remains the same, beacause the measurement being converted is multiplied by unity. okay

    asked by DrBob222
  16. History-Blood Diamonds

    i cant find anything on this subject...i have to write a history report and it would help if i have a timeline on blood diamonds. well i've been searching on the web for 'the history of blood diamonds' but all i seem to find is the movie, which is what i

    asked by Kim
  17. MATH

    Some students pass around a box of candy containing 25 pieces.Kendra took the first piece of candy. Each child takes a piece of candy as the box is passed around. Kendra also gets the last piece and may have more than the first piece. How many children are

    asked by Melthea
  18. science

    How long is day and how long is night? PLEASE HELP ME! thanks PLEASE HELP ME!! We usually think, in the United States, of a day being 12 hours and night being 12 hours; however, as you well know, the actual hours of daylight and night time change daily.

    asked by Samantha
  19. math

    How many 22 cenimeter oieces of string can be cut from a 4.2 meter piece of string? How many centimeters are left over? Convert 4.2meters into centimeters, then try dividing 22 centimeters into that number how here's a conversion chart that should help

    asked by Preston
  20. First Amendment Question

    Which would be permitted under the establishment clause of the First Amendemnt? 1. A public elementary school inviting a local pastor to visit each morning to open the day with a prayer in the gym for any students who wish to attend. 2. Public high school

    asked by Carrie
  21. conversions check my answers

    I need these checked, thanks! 1. a) 8.95cm to meters= 0.0985m b) 1298.4g to kilograms = 1.3kg c) 129cm to millimeters = 1290mm d) 2452 mL to liters = 2.452L 2) A cyclist rides at an average speeed of 24mi/h. If she wants to bike 15km, how long (in hours)

    asked by Student00
  22. new description for

    The new meta description for is: Students get free homework help from teachers and experts on message boards and chat rooms. Website also features educational articles in math, science, social studies and literature. It will probably take Google

    asked by Leo
  23. Math

    Some students pass around a box of candy containing 25 pieces.Kendra took the first piece of candy. Each child takes a piece of candy as the box is passed around. Bob also gets the last piece and may have more than the first piece. How many children are

    asked by Melthea
  24. Physics/Science

    A startled armadillo leaps upward rising 0.547 m in the first 0.202 s. (a) What is its initial speed as it leaves the ground? _____m/s (b) What is its speed at the height of 0.547 m? _____m/s (c) How much higher does it go? _____m Use distance vs time:

    asked by TechnoBoi11
  25. social studies

    How many people work at Kennedy Space Center? You can count the number of people listed here, but I'll bet this is not the entire employment list. You might also click on FirstGov and

    asked by harley
  26. Compiler Construction

    Given the following 3-address code 1: a = 1 2: b = 2 3: c = a + b 4: d = c - a 5: if( d < 20 ) goto 11 6: d = b * d 7: if( d > 20 ) goto 11 8: d = a + b 9: e = e + 1 10: goto 6 11: b = a + b 12: e = c - a 13: if( e < d ) goto 3 14: a = b * d 15: b = a –

    asked by bineesh
  27. english

    i have a project for english that has to do with minoritys and i have penelope cruz....on the rubric it says celebrity status...can someone please tell me what that is or what penelope's would help a ton!!! Penelope Cruz is a Latina actress. what

    asked by gr8
  28. social studies

    What where the people in north africa like, what was their surroundings like Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "North Africa people" to get these possible sources:

    asked by jasmine
  29. Spanish

    Hello, can someone please proofread my spanish? Thank you. ENGLISH: To whom it may concern: Hello, my name is JYD. I am an interviewer for Time Magazine. Fidel Castro has been away from the media for a long time now, and many are wondering if he is still

    asked by JYD
  30. Math

    What is the unit rate? A racing car travels 180 miles in 1.5 hours. 5 i need it as a fraction like: 180mi/1.5 hrs thats not the unit rate i think it is The units here will be miles per hour. (Another valid yet rare answer is hours per mile.)

    asked by kristy
  31. pre-calc

    If f(x)= x-B/x-A, f(2)=0, and f(1) is undefined, what are the calues of A and B? my teacher is picky and requires all work to be shown. can you explain how you got this answer? A is 1 from the f(1) is zero. The denominator has to be zero. B is two, since A

    asked by Sam
  32. Econ

    The demand for widgets (QX) is given by the following equation: QX = 425-PX¡V1.5PW¡V1.25PG+0.8PY+0.1 M where QX= number of units of widgets sold per week PX = the price of widgets = 400 PW = the price of woozles = 50 PG = the price of gadgets = 80 PY =

    asked by Jason
  33. unknown

    if i am 3 times as old as my sister and last year i was 4 times as old as her how old am i now and how old is she well how old is your sister You are 9 and she is 3 (3x3=9) Last year you were 8 and she was 2 (2x4=8) your sister is 3 and you are 9 let x =

    asked by kia
  34. math

    Find the percent of the increase or decrease. Original:4500 New:4005 the percent is lower which is 40% Set it up in words: 4005 is what percent of 4500? Now make the words into numbers: 4005=4500x x=0.89 89% decrease. If you don't get it please let me

    asked by Anonymous
  35. AP US History

    Was the War of 1812 defensive or aggressive on America's part? I feel like it was aggressive because we attacked first, but maybe it was defensive because we were defending ourselves against impressment. Someone please clarify this for me, thanks. You're

    asked by Belinda
  36. Social Studies

    What are some of the coolest facts about Washington D. C.? Please answer my question soon! its not in washington! Please see the answer I posted to your first question. Although it is our capitol, it is not one of the states

    asked by Emily
  37. math

    I need help differentiating this question: 3e^-4x that's three e to the power of negative 4x. when you differentiate, you get: -12e^-4x thanks, but how come it's not -12e^-4x-1, or do i just not minus a one when the power is a co-efficient? Remember, the

    asked by elle
  38. For Dr.Bob222

    I posted a question under First Amendment, would you look at the question and give your opinion? I'm not finding it Carrie. I Posted the question under first amendment question I will pass since government is not my field.

    asked by Carrie
  39. accounting

    A firm has in the past provided for bad debts on the basis of 10% of yr end trade receivables.The provision brought forward (brought down) on 1 Jan 2006 was €520 During the yr ended 31 December 2006 the bad debts written off amounted to €620 and the

    asked by Mehreen
  40. Chemistry

    Income tax for some states is computed by taking 3% of the excess income over $3,000 plus 1% of the first $3,000. How much tax is charged on a income of $12,000? 12,000 1 percent on first 3000 3 percent of (12,000 - 3000) I'm trying to figure the

    asked by Bryan
  41. Physics

    When a -ively charged object comes in contact with a +ively charged object, they dischage. The electrons flow from the -ive side to the +ive side until the charges on both objects are equal What happens when a negatively charged object and a postively

    asked by testing
  42. math,question

    okay i really don't understand this problem. It says: Prove the point-slope equation property which is : Point-slope equation(an nonvertical line with slope m and containing a point (X1,Y1) has the point-slope equation of y-y1=m(x-x1). Now show that any

    asked by Jasmine20
  43. angles

    whats 25-2 +180 and 30-2 +180 whats 25-2+180 203 for the first one 208 for the second one How do i find the correct angle?

    asked by ciara
  44. Due 2morrow

    Some students pass around a box of candy containing 25 pieces.Kendra took the first piece of candy. Each child takes a piece of candy as the box is passed around. Bob also gets the last piece and may have more than the first piece. How many children are

    asked by Melthea
  45. art

    Artistic in the Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism eras: with social conditions Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "artistic Baroque 'social conditions'" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link

    asked by dre
  46. copyright

    i want to know the assignment format and style, how to start. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Could you please make your query clearer? Hopefully you want to know something about copyrights. In that case, the following site should help

    asked by christy
  47. Markrting

    What are three lessons learned relative to the importance and effectiveness of various pricing strategies? What are the three lessons learned relative to the importance and effectiveness of distribution channel options?

    asked by zeta
  48. scince

    how are ice cubes made my science teacher, mr.Abothu, has set us homework on input variables and output variables but we have no clue what they are and its got to be in tomorrow! please help!!! regards lauren

    asked by Anonymous
  49. AP US History

    What was Thomas Jefferson's party called against Hamilton's Federalist party? Check this site for your answer.

    asked by Belinda
  50. Chem(again)

    Can someone tell me the equation for converting Celcius temperatures to Kelvin temperatures? Thanks K = 273.15 + C

    asked by Chrissy
  51. Math

    If you have 2coins to make 30cents but you can not use a nickel? That's impossible without a nickel. Unless, if you are allowed to make more than 30 cents, then you could use 2 quarters, but if you mean 2 coins=30 cents that can't be done. That's

    asked by kassandra
  52. chem

    what does coefficients in equations mean, in chemical terms? 2NaCl means we have two molecules or 2 mols of NaCl. Most texts caution us not to use molecules but to stick with the latter part of the definition (moles); however, I don't have any problem with

    asked by luke
  53. math

    n-31/2=12 what is 2+2 do you all know any website that help you with your homework Yes. This website has many teachers who will help you with your homework. Please post your question. 2 = 1+1 2 + 2 = (1+1) + (1+1) = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4

    asked by rock
  54. chemistry

    what are some physical changes? tearing paper, pouring water from one container to another, breaking a stick. This are physical changes because the starting product and the ending product are the same.

    asked by amanda
  55. english

    boat:store::sail:_____________ (hint) Look at the word "sail"

    asked by Keegan
  56. Science

    Explain why condensatin forms on a glass containing a cold drink. Only so much water vapor can be in the air at any temperature, and at cooler temps the air holds less. Air is very cold near the surface of the glass. hi plz help me i whant some information

    asked by Sebastian
  57. French

    A la gare ~Quelqu'un _________ l'arrivée d'un train à travers le ___________ . What words would fit into those spaces? Thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, what do you see? "Someone..........the arrival of a train

    asked by Steve
  58. SCIENCE HELP!!??

    Hi Please any one can help me in my science homework It is Imagine that you were driving in a car and it was raining, what would be the froces acting around the car and what would the electrical charges bee around the car, on the base and in the sky. I

    asked by AQW
  59. music

    has anyone ever heard of Alexz Johnson? she is a canadian atrist who stars on the CTVshow instant star. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is one site: P.S. And here is her Web:

    asked by schoolgirl12 ;)
  60. Chem-Temperature and Volume Relationships

    What condition must be true when conducting temperature volume measurement? Why would a rubber balloon be a poor system for this kind of expirement? The general equation is (P1V1)/T1 = (P2V2)/T2 If V and T are being studied, then P must be held constant.

    asked by Chrissy
  61. Biology

    How many types of amino acids are there in milk? I believe there are either 8 or 9, all of which are essential to humans because humans cannot create these proteins.

    asked by Question
  62. Belinda, Math

    I aked the instructor about that problem that looked like this: (w-(1)/(4))^2 and he said that what i thought was right. which was : the answer:w^2-(1)/(2)w+(1)/(6) Yes, that's right. I just thought your way of getting the answer was more complicated than

    asked by Jasmine20
  63. math, correction

    the equation is and directions are: graph x-y=-2 so then the equation would really be: y=-x+2 and from here i would do the table to plot the points. Close. y=x+2, not -x+2. Then, yes, plot the points. so your saying that the equation that i have to graph

    asked by Jasmine20
  64. Social Studies

    What are some really cool facts about Washongton D. C.? This site has a lot of cool facts about Washington, D.C.

    asked by Emily
  65. science

    230 volts, 120 watts what fuses will i need a 3A, 5A, 13A please answer Power= V*I so currnt= power/V in this case 120/230, in this case less than an ampere. So use the 3A.

    asked by becky
  66. Math

    You timed yourself typing a book report. It took you 28.8 minutes and the report was 4.5 pages long. Hoh long would it take you type one page? a. Write an expression to find the amount of time it will take to type one pate. b. Tvaluate the expression. How

    asked by Justin
  67. science

    PLZ u7nscramble this: yunadbro regidansp Is this really homework? I don't see the academic value in unscrambling words, other than possibly testing your IQ. The first word is boundary. The second word I'm not sure. Still staring at it. Ahh, it's spreading.

    asked by loplop
  68. math

    A gymnast received the following scores from 5 judges in the state competition. floor:8.8, 9.3, 8.1, 8.9, 9.5 bars: 7.6, 8.2, 8.5, 8.2, 8.9 vault: 9.5, 8.9, 9.4, 9.5, 9.0 beam: 8.4, 8.5, 8.4, 7.9, 8.7 Her score for each event is found by computing the

    asked by Preston
  69. speaking your mind

    what is the importance of speaking your mind? It depends on your mindset. Some have power needs, some have attention needs, some have emotional needs to hear themselves, and some have mouths that just seem to be connected to a Duracell battery. One can not

    asked by anonymous
  70. HELP ME!!

    What qualities of an oral presentation are most important to you as an audience member? Explain your answer (Broken Link Removed) Please note that we don't do

    asked by Letitia
  71. Physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising upward with a constant speed of 2.21 m/s. When the balloon is 2.25 m above the ground, the balloonist accidentally drops a compass over the side of the balloon. How much time elapses before the compass hits the ground?

    asked by Jena
  72. Math -

    What would the interval be for a bar graph with the following data: 104,135,124,144,122 Highest number minus lowest number 144-104 = 40

    asked by Jake
  73. Computer Graphics

    Q. Determine the equation for a cubic spline segment passing through two end points A (0, 5) and B (10, 20), having a slope of 2 and a curvature of -0.5 at A. Equation for cubic spline is:

    asked by bineesh
  74. Computer Graphics

    Q. Determine the equation for a cubic spline segment passing through two end points A (0, 5) and B (10, 20), having a slope of 2 and a curvature of -0.5 at A. Equation for cubic spline is: y=a0+a1.x+a2.x^2+a3.x^3 Slope equation is:y’=dy/dx=a1+

    asked by bineesh
  75. Social Studies

    Whst are some really cool places in Washington D. C.? I loved the museum of Natural History, the Aviation museum, National Art Gallery, and the zoo!!! There are soooo many interesting places there you will have to go back several times to see it all. This

    asked by Emily
  76. English!

    I have two questions that I'm not quite sure on. In the sentence 'To Franklin, publishing was a challenging and rewarding career', which word is a gerund? a.publishing b.challenging c. rewarding d. career In the sentence 'Benjamin Franklin enjoyed

    asked by Kasey
  77. gurublue

    can u help me find sites that have info on blood diamonds? (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed) thank you very much

    asked by Kim
  78. World History

    Why were christian beliefs so appealing thanks for your help ♥ Christian beliefs are appealing because they promise salvation for sinners, a God that loves them, and a good life in heaven.

    asked by Teri
  79. science

    how might an industrial chemist increase production of their plant with knowledge of reaction rate. please explain.

    asked by michelle
  80. yes or no question

    hi i have to do a project where i have to find media bias between two articles for government. and i was wondering if it is okay if i could just post little pieces of those two articles and ask for help. when i read the two articles, it doesn't seem like

    asked by david
  81. social studies

    This is interesting reading, from an author along the same lines: When did the first settlers arrive in eastern texas for what reason We are not going to do your homework for you.

    asked by bobpursley
  82. science

    whatis mass? bbb mass From the web. "Mass is a property of physical objects that, roughly speaking, measures the amount of matter they contain. It is a central concept of classical mechanics and related subjects." i am having

    asked by kennesha
  83. math,question

    on a graph if a line is running verticle right on 5, then the slope of it would be x=5 yes thank you so much for all your help you are awsome.

    asked by Jasmine20
  84. math,help

    this other one how can i actually prove it if this is the equation to use. the problem states: Prove that if a line has slope ma nd y-intercept b, then an equation of th eline is y=mx+b. then it says (Hint: use the point-slope equation theorem) I've looked

    asked by Jasmine20
  85. math

    n+1.5=12 n + 1.5 = 12 n = 12 - 1.5 What do you think n equals?

    asked by rock
  86. math

    n+6.5=12 Subtract 6.5 from 12 to find your answer.

    asked by rock
  87. Religion,help

    What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States? i really don't know how to answer this question or even what points to hit. I know that one even was the Iraqi war but i don't know what else i can put because i don't want

    asked by Kailin
  88. social studies

    who authorized a group of french merchants to create colonies in north america You posted over twenty of these homework questions. What do you think are the answers?

    asked by jasmine
  89. math

    5+5=10 yes

    asked by kennesha
  90. Earth Science

    What two things are used for determining how a rock was formed??

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math 4th grade

    If Sally gave a survey with five colors listed and ask each person who takes the survey to pick one color. She assumes that the results if given to 24 persons the results would be 1/2 blue, 1/12 red, 1/8 blue, 1/4 green, and 1/24 orange. What number of

    asked by j
  92. Help me!

    Anyone know what is 12th powerful words to find a photo? Letitia, please let us know what photo you are looking for and we may be able to help you find it.

    asked by Letitia
  93. articles govenment

    This is from CNN Bush did get support from some Republicans. "The president consulted with the best military minds ... and came up with a new strategy, and I think it deserves a chance," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. "This is our last chance. The

    asked by david