Questions Asked on
January 24, 2007

  1. math

    If you use $63.00/9 to estimate $62.59/9 is $7.00 greater than or less than the exact answer? Explain. i say yeah girlfriend It is greater, because the numerator you used was greater. Example: If you had 2/2 and you raised the numerator to 4 to get 4/2,

    asked by Jessica
  2. Business Math

    What is the (net price equivalent rate-in decimals, Single Equivalent discount rate-in decimals, trade discount and net price)of a digital camera with List price $450 and chain discount 8/3?

    asked by Sandra
  3. Chemistry help

    Hey...I just want to make sure my answers to these questions are correct... 1. d=2.507 g/1.22 mL = 2.054918033 g mL^-1 explain how both the rules for significant figures and the random error calculation (p(d) = +-0.34 g mL^-1) indicate that the digits

    asked by Bryant
  4. math

    Directions: Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points(0,5) and (-3,-4). THis is what i did. m=(-4-5)/(-3-0)=(9)/(3)=3 y=mx+b using points :(0,5) 5=3(0)+b 5=b y=3x+5 so the slope of the perpendicular line is (-1)/(3) When finding

    asked by Jasmine20
  5. Physics

    A violin string vibrates at 196 hz. what frequency will if vibrate with if it is fingered at 1/4 of its length? Four times as high the original... Frequency*lambad= vp

    asked by Alex
  6. chemistry check

    1. 48 KNO3+ _ C 12 H22O11-„³ ? CO2+ _ N2+ _ K2CO3+ _ H2O a. 12 b. 24 s c. 36 d. 48 The reaction is 48 KNO3 + 5 C12H22O11 --> 24 K2CO3 + 36 CO2 + 55 H2O + 24 N2 So the answer is C =36 2. 6 KNO3+ _ S + ? H2O„³ _ H2SO4+ _ N2+ _ K2SO4 a. 2 b. 4 c. 6 d. 8

    asked by key
  7. Physics

    With a tuning fork of 384 hz, resonance tube lengths are acheived at 0.647m and 1.09 m. What is the speed of sound? frequency*wavelength=vP Get your tube formulas. YOu know for some n, and n+1, the resonanance is at L those distances. Solve for

    asked by Alex
  8. help with stochiometry

    can someone help me out with this one? balanced equation is: 2H2 + O2 > 2H2O My questions are: How many molecules of water are produced from 2.0 * 10 ^23 molecules of oxygen? How many moles of water are produced from 22.5 moles of oxygen? OK. First, it

    asked by iearn
  9. help check grammars and comments, thank you

    -identify a major social problem -analyze and comment upon the effects of the chosen social problem -use historical documents to analyze the effects of the chosen social problem during the time. (does my essay off topic?) During the eighteenth century and

    asked by JJ
  10. moles to moles

    Two molecules of hydrogen react with one molecule of oxygen to produce two molecules of water. How many molecules of water are produced from 2.0 * 10 23 power molecules of oxygen? How many moles of water are produced from 22.5 moles of oxygen In each case,

    asked by iearn
  11. chemistry

    could someone check my answers to see if they are right? Balance the following equation and give the value of the stoichiometric coefficient marked with a question mark. 6 KNO3+ _ S + ? H2O _ H2SO4+ _ N2+ _ K2SO4 answer:6KNO3 + 5S + 2H2O --> 3 K2SO4 + 3N2

    asked by key
  12. math

    A hot-air balloon, headed due east at an average speed of 15 miles per hour and at a constant altitude of 100 feet, passes over an intersection. Find an ex[ression for the distance d (measured in feet) from ballon to the intersection t seconds later. 1'000

    asked by John
  13. Ms.Sue,Religion

    So by saying yes on the previous question on Islam does that mean how i responded is correct to the question. And if so , should i also put in what are the five pillars. You stated the basic beliefs just fine. However, you also need to tell the children

    asked by Kailin
  14. help me

    what is one of the factors that causes global warming, desertification, and loss of topsoil. It is often the result of poor management of natural resources. clue: unscramble this..... testonifedrao deforestation

    asked by julia s.
  15. Chemistry

    The freezing point of benzene is 5.5°C. What is the freezing point of a solution of 8.50 g of naphthalene (C10H8) in 425 g of benzene (Kf of benzene = 4.90°C/m)? I worked this problem for someone just a couple of days ago. delta T = kf m kf = 4.90 m =

    asked by Kelly
  16. math2

    Mary is moving and wants photos to remember her six friends. If pictures are taken so there is a shot of every possible pair of friends- including Mary, how many pictures will be take? Would one roll of 24 exposures be enough? 27 Mary is moving and wants

    asked by Preston
  17. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion 1)1 2)conversion factor 3)change 4)Dimensional anaylsis 5) Whenever two measurement are equal, or equivalent, a ratio of these two measurements will equal ___1____. A ratio of equivalent measurement is called a ___2___. When a measurement is

    asked by Bryan
  18. math

    If two sides of a square field were incresed by three feet the area of the field would increase by 129 square feet. find the area of the original field. If two sides of a square field were incresed by three feet the area of the field would increase by 129

    asked by Preston
  19. stats please help test tom

    When a computerized generator is used to generate random digits, the proability that any particular digit in the set {0,1,2, . . .,9} is generated on any individual trial is 1/10-0.1. suppose that we are generating digits one at a time and are interested

    asked by david
  20. chemistry

    the composition of hydrogen selenide can be determined by heating tin(Sn)in a measured volume of gas the hydrogen selenide is decomposed producing solid tin selenide(SnSe)and hydrogen gas if the temp,and pressyure are unchanged,the gas volume when the

    asked by JILLIAN
  21. Chemistry

    Which solution has the lower freezing point? 90.0 g CH3OH in 100. g H2O 180.0 g CH3CH2OH in 200. g H2O I have worked this problem for someone within the last 3-4 days. delta T = kf m kf is not needed for this problem. change 90 g CH3OH and 180 g CH3CH2OH

    asked by Kelly
  22. contine...

    In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, women began to struggle the equality in the society. After the long struggle for women's equality in public, women finally pass the Married Women's Property Acts in 1882. It gave women the right to

    asked by JJ
  23. description for

    A few of you have noted that Google's description of is ineffective on the search results. It currently reads: ----- Articles, games, humor and puzzles for many school areas including art, computers, English, foreign languages, health, home

    asked by Leo
  24. music

    trying to look for a 7 letter word using music notes cdeeffggaabb is this a damn trick question. best i can do is badge What about cabbage? you are a star, thank you so much

    asked by nicole
  25. Biochemistry

    True or False Cofactors and coenzymes are usually larger than enzymes and participate in catalysis . Notice the 3rd word under the definition when at the above site.

    asked by Shawn
  26. AP US History DBQ Question

    For my midterm I was given a list of DBQ topics that she will pick from to give to us. I wrote the question below and I don't have the documents yet, but I have a general outline and I'm hoping people on this site can give me opinions and some more

    asked by Belinda
  27. Theory and History of Visual Communication

    In shape relationships, what can you do to make objects or text seem like they are grouped together. How does repetition help create unity? Why would this be a helpful thing to do? Why would similarity in shapes create harmony? What could you do to keep

    asked by Bun
  28. math

    Sandy dropped a basketball from the top of her Mom'soffice building which is 72 meters tall. She discovered that the first bounce bounced 36m on the second bouce the ball bounced 18 meters. if this pattern continues, how high will the ball bounce on the

    asked by Preston
  29. Modern World History

    I searched at Google for timeline crimean war romanovs and these are the results: =) The Historians argue the Revolution in

    asked by Writeacher
  30. Biochemistry

    True or False? Allosteric inhibitors always bind to the active site of an enzyme. Scroll to 15 when at the site I've provided

    asked by Shawn
  31. Math Please Help me!!!

    3x^2+17x+10 *You have to factor completley but I don't know how too.Please help.! (3x+2 )(x + 5) Factoring asks this question: what two factors of 10 add to 17 when one is multiplied by three? Here is how you factor. Place two sets of parentheses. ( ) ( )

    asked by margie
  32. Business math

    What is the Net price and trade discount of a (Treadmill cost $3000) with a chain discount of 9/4?

    asked by Sandra

    hydrogen selenide can be prepaired by reacting aluminium selinide with water the other product being solid aluminium hydoxide AL(OH)3,write a balanced chemical equasion for the reaction of aluminium selenide with water including the phisical states of the

    asked by JILLIAN
  34. Science

    I'm torn between A. and C. Constructing an artificial wetland is not RESTORING an environment unless there was a wetland there in the past. I live in a neighborhood in which the environmentally conscious developers increased the amount of wetland from the

    asked by Ms. Sue
  35. Math

    I am doing Partial Quocients Division for homework. And I need help.But, my mom didn`t learn this method.And my dad`s gone on buisness, my brother doesn`t know how to do it, my other brother is doing his homework and my sister is only in the 3rd gade. What

    asked by Kylie
  36. Density of Gas at STP

    Hi Can anyone explain how to calculate the density in g l -1 of a gaseous oxide at STP. I don't understand the term g l -1 !! Thank You "g l-1" should have the -1 as a superscript, meaning g l^-1, or g/l. It means they want the density in grams per liter.

    asked by Freddo
  37. chemistry

    No clue where to start with this...if someone can just help me setup these problems or assist in any way that would be great. 1. d=2.507 g/1.22 mL = 2.054918033 g mL^-1 explain how both the rules for significant figures and the random error calculation

    asked by rich
  38. Government

    A Supreme Court justice who interprets provisions of the U.S. Constitution in a way that takes current social values into consideration is practicing which? novo review 2.judicial self-restraint 3. stare decisis 4. judicial activism Isn't it judicial

    asked by Nancy
  39. Government

    Which case would the the U.S. Supreme Court most likely agree to hear? A. A case involving the medical care a U.S. citizen received in Singapore after becoming ill with a respiratory virus. B. A case involving an issue that most of the federal courts of

    asked by Nancy
  40. math,algebra,help

    Okay now i need explanation how to do these types of problems. Directions: Divide Problem: (7x^5y^5-21x^4y^4+14x^3y^3)/(7x^3y^3) Realize that you have 7x^3y^3 on the bottom. Now in order to get rid of that, you want to have the same thing in the top,

    asked by Jasmine20
  41. math

    Q. Naomi has a formula that allows her to convert Clesius temperatures to Farenheit temperatures. She needs a formula for converting Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius tempertures. What advice can you give her? I am thinking that I just reverse the

    asked by catalina
  42. social studies

    why do forests cover much of the Northern region? Thanks What do you mean by the "Northern region"? The northern part of Michigan? of Canada? of Europe? of South America? Please clarify your question. I'm sorry i meant why do forests cover much of the

    asked by cindy
  43. Accounting

    how do i do adjusting entries on a general journal Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The following site has general Accounting Advice:

    asked by Sherri
  44. Science

    Why isn't the ocean floor flat?? (i have a final next week!) For many of the same reasons the dry land is not flat. The ocean floor has peaks and valleys as a result of volcanic activity and pressure from tectonic plate motion.

    asked by Ashley
  45. english/nouns

    In this sentence is action a noun? If it isn't is there any others except soldiers? Later she helped find soldiers who wher missing in action. Yes, "action" is a noun. "were missing" is a verb. The clause "who were missing in action" is an adjective

    asked by Holly
  46. Belinda's assistance please

    IS THIS CORRECT: 22.5*1MOL O2/6.022*10^23 = .0037 .0037*2=.0074 No, it isn't. Look at the equation. 2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O. 1 mol O2 produces 2 mols H2O. 2 mols O2 produces what(4)mols H2O. 3 mols O2 produces what(6) mols H2O. 22.5 mol O2 produces ???mols H2O.

    asked by iearn
  47. AP US History

    Is a DBQ supposed to be a generic 5-paragraph essay or is it a certain length??? A DBQ is a question based upon facts presented in a document. For most purposes, it can be any length. But the generic 5-paragraph essay is a standard. Check this site for

    asked by Belinda
  48. geography

    wich city in the great lake area is busiest for shipping goods A lengthy Google search has produced two answers -- Port of Indiana and Duluth, Minnesota. Depending upon how you define "busiest for shipping goods," either answer may be correct.

    asked by gladys
  49. chemistry asap!

    I'm having trouble solving this percentage concentration problem: A student wants to make 5.00% solution of rubidium chloride using 0.377g of the substance. What mass of water will be needed to make the solution? [g RbCl2/(g RbCl2 + g H2O)]x100 = 5.00

    asked by michelle
  50. math

    Prove that at least one of the real numbers A1, A2, …, A(n) is greater than or equal to the average of these numbers. What kind of proof did you use?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. I just need a website....

    My music teacher wants me to look up "The Summer of Love" in the year 1976..... but when I google it all I get are websites for HOTELS!!! So can you help me get a website on the Summer of Love. Thanks a lot. but it is okay if u don't get anything..... go

    asked by plz!!!
  52. Math

    What are the multiples of 27? any number that can be divided by 27 9 , 3, 27 and 1

    asked by Rachel
  53. Biology

    Does milk contain all the macronutrients necessary in the human diet? Yes, for a normal human. What milk does not have, the body can make from what milk has. There are eight essential saccarides: Glucose Galactose Mannose Xylose !@#$%^&ose (NOT fructose)

    asked by Kelly
  54. geography

    what is a circulating current of magma It is boiling hot melted rock, moving about in some circular flow. Apparently there are places underground where magma (molten basalt above 1000 C) circulates in a flow loop, up and down, without reaching the surface.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. justice

    No clue where to start with this...if someone can just help me setup these problems or assist in any way that would be great. 1. d=2.507 g/1.22 mL = 2.054918033 g mL^-1 explain how both the rules for significant figures and the random error calculation

    asked by rich
  56. To Margie and others:

    Please remember these things, especially #4: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her areas. An even better subject

    asked by Writeacher
  57. chemistry help

    i have come up with two answers but i am not sure which one is correct. please help. Balance the following equation and give the value of the stoichiometric coefficient marked with a question mark. 1. 48 KNO3+ 5C12 H22O11 ? CO2+ 24N2+ 24 K2CO3+55 H2O a.

    asked by key
  58. math,help

    okay the problem states. the price of an item is given by p=2x^2-100 Find the polynomial that represents the revenue generated from the sale of x items. So this is what i did so far: First i tried solving for x using the equation. so p+100=2x^2 the rest i

    asked by Jasmine20
  59. math,correction

    Directions:Multiply Problem: ((x)/(3)+(3)/(4)) ((3x)/(4)-(3)/(5)) so the answer for it i got: ((20x^2+20x-36)/(80)) I worked it and I have what you have EXCEPT 29x instead of 20x. If you can't find the error, post your work and we can help you find it.

    asked by Jasmine20
  60. math,help

    okay Directions: find the following squares. Problem: ((w)-(1)/(4))^2 I have no idea how to even start. First, FOIL the numerator and then square the denominator. Let me know what you get. (-1w^2)/(4w^2) is this what you mean? No :) Your numerator is w-1.

    asked by Jasmine20
  61. biology

    What is the relationship between mass, weight,and gravity? Mass and gravity determine your weight? correct

    asked by summer
  62. math

    how do i graph C=15+.10n and C=.25n assign C a vales like 0 and 1 and -1 and solve for n Then assign n similar values and solve for C then plot these poins on a graph.

    asked by Dylan
  63. biology

    why does proline stain yellow in ninhydrin?

    asked by bio1
  64. math,correction

    The problem states: In planning for a new item, a manufacturer assumes that the number of items produced X and the cost in dollars C of producing these items are related by a linear equation. Projections are that 100 items will cost $10,000 to produce and

    asked by Jasmine20
  65. Another Law question

    An action in________ law would be the most appropriate way to stop a construction company from razing a 150-year-old house that sits on property that you claim as your own. A. common B. equity C. criminal D. civil This would be an action in civil law. Am I

    asked by Natasha
  66. Math

    What are Exponnets? Exponents indicate repeated multiplication, the value tells you how many times. Example: 2^6 = 2*2*2*2*2*2 = 64

    asked by <Lorena Perez
  67. Chemistry

    Earlier I asked for a definition of non-volatile. Given the fact that it won't evaporate at all, does it mean that a non-volatile substance is stable in whatever state it is in at room temperature? Thanks again ahead of time Not necessarily. Non-volatile

    asked by Mercedes
  68. business

    Can you suggest a file/folder organization that stores information about sales--as well as assists with a business?

    asked by Diana/for bob p
  69. Business

    You work for a large company that manufactures non-toxic fertilizers and other garden supplies. You have sales offices in Los Angeles, Denver, and Boston. Your manufacturing is done in Portland. On the computer in your department, you will be storing

    asked by Diana/for bob p
  70. science

    What state of matter occurs during boiling? (solid, liquid, gas) gas...'cause the liquid boiling is evaporating? gas

    asked by nicole
  71. Corporate Finance

    An investment today of $3,3OO is worth $10,000 IN 8 YEARS. At what rate has your investment been growing(annually) over the eight years ? For compounding rate of return: 3300*(1+r)^8 = 10000. so (1+r)^8 = 10000/3300 = 3.0303 My calculator has a nth root

    asked by Leona
  72. Biology

    Why is milk vitamin fortified? What disease might this prevent? Pasteurizing milk destroys many vitamins. The have to be re added. One of the added vitamins, Vitamin D, prevents Rickets. What happens when the pH of milk is adjusted to 4.7?

    asked by Kelly
  73. grammar and comments

    During the eighteenth century and nineteenth century, Britain was undergoing many social problems. In the book of Frankenstein, Mary Shelly tried to show us the role of women during the time. Women during that time did not receive the fairness treatment as

    asked by JJ
  74. Chemistry

    non-volatile means a liquid that won't evaporate at all. It's not a commomly encountered term because there is usually some evaporation (especially as heat is applied). The usual phrase is "very low volatility". Oil at room temperature or colder fits this

    asked by Lance
  75. Algebra

    Solve the conjunction -2

    asked by DANIELLE
  76. Math

    Determine whether ~ [ ~(p v ~ q) p v ~ q. Explain the method(s) you used to determine your answer i would use a truth table

    asked by Prince
  77. biology

    How many types of amino acids are there in milk? does this mean there are 18 in milk? or is this just mother's milk?

    asked by bio1
  78. in response to Tabby

    so in order to find out how many moles of O2 are produced from 12 moles of KClO3: 2 mols KClO3 form 3 mols O2 4 mols KClO3 form ? mols O2 Do you double the mols of O2 4 mols KClO3 form 6 mols O2? 6 mols KClO3 form 9 mols O2

    asked by iearn
  79. chemistry

    suppose that an isotope of uninhexium Uuh under goes a succession of seven a -decay reactions what isotope would be the final product of these changes and show how u arrived at this answer and would the final product be a lanthanide,an actinide,atransition

    asked by JILL
  80. Math , correction

    correct Write the equation of the line passing through each of the given pairs of points. Write your result in slope-intercept form, where possible. (2,-3) and (2,4) this is what i did for it. m= (4-(-3))/(2-2)=(7)/(0)= slope is undefined which means that

    asked by Belinda
  81. eth

    Imagine yourself as a current member of that group, and consider the question, “Would I want to immigrate to the United States, and why?” Think about what opinion you would have of the immigration process, including naturalization, the costs,

    asked by mark
  82. Biology

    Why does protein stain yellow in ninhydrin?

    asked by Kelly
  83. Acounting question. pls help

    A firm has in the past provided for bad debts on the basis of 10% of yr end trade receivables. The provision brought forward (brought down) on 1 January 2006 was €520 During the yr ended 31 December 2006 the bad debts written off amounted to €620 and

    asked by Mehreen
  84. Math Ahhhh

    What are the multiples of 24? any number that can be divided by 24 24, 48, 72, 96, etc. Keep multiplying 24 by other numbers to find the multiples. 24,12,2,3,6,8and 1

    asked by Backdraft222
  85. MATH


    asked by JANET
  86. English

    need information of feminism in Britain Go to and type in feminism britain. See what shows up. If you don't get all you need, try using feminist movement britain and see if additional links show up. =)

    asked by ck
  87. Biology

    How many types of amino acids are there in milk?

    asked by Kelly
  88. history

    coat of arms for the yarnall family When I searched on Google for "coat of arms" Yarnell, this is the result I found: No results found! So I guess you are free to make up your own!! =) Ooops! I

    asked by helen
  89. To-Ms. Writeacher

    I posted 2 questions under Law. Margie answered them. Can you please look at the questions and tell me if I am right? Thank you!

    asked by Natasha
  90. Acounting question. pls help

    A firm has in the past provided for bad debts on the basis of 10% of yr end trade receivables.The provision brought forward(b/d)on 1 Jan 2006 was €520.During the yr ended 31 Dec 2006 the bad debts written off amounted to €620 & the remaining trade

    asked by Mehreen
  91. art

    a video technician must be knowledgable as to These sites will give you a job description. (Broken Link Removed) jikojnkjhnkljhn,n,m

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Business math

    Tod's Furniture buys a living room set with a $4000 list price and a 55% trade discount. Freight (FOB shipping point) of $50 is not part of the list price. What is the delivered price(including freight) of the living room set , assuming a cash discount of

    asked by Sandra
  93. Belinda, Math

    Thank you I did figure it out i think: so the problem was ((w)-(1)/(4))^2 The final answer that i got was w^2-(1)/(2)w+ (1)/(16) Sorry, no again. :) Make sure you really look at how to multiply binomials and FOIL them out. It will come back to haunt you. a

    asked by Jasmine20
  94. Integration of exponents with absolute values

    I cannot for the life of me figure this out. Please help me. How do I integrate the function f(x) = 0.1 * e ^ (-0.2 * |x|) from neg. Infinity to pos. Infinity? I seem to only be able to get 0, but the answer is 1. I think it is the |x| that is throwing me

    asked by Tyler
  95. Spanish word

    I am having trouble locating this spanish word "pasapurés". It is in reference to a kitchen utensil. But I am unable to figure out the breakdown of these words to get the actual word in english. I think pasar is to pass and pures is just pures. But what

    asked by Amanda
  96. eth

    Should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? o Should [citizenship] preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? o Should applications from certain countries be given

    asked by mark
  97. math check please

    region Population land area 1000mi^2 Asia 4,028,000,000 17,400 North America 305,000,000 9,400 1. Compare the populations per square mile in asia to the population per square mile in north america A: Asia 231.49mi^2 North America 32.45mi.^2 could some one

    asked by tammy
  98. Algebra 2

    Income tax for some states is computed by taking 3% of the excess income over $3,000 plus 1% of the first $3,000. How much tax is charged on a income of $2,000?

    asked by Bryan
  99. Physics

    does anyone know what the rate of sound waves is for 12.6hz? Never mind got it

    asked by Harry
  100. science

    Where are the igneous rocks made? volcanoes maybe? Don't quoteme on that I agree maybe it is is volcanoes igneous rocks are formed from molten rock (magma) that becomes solid when it cools,either after volcanic eruption at the earths surface,or deep

    asked by ????
  101. conversions

    Anyone know where there is a good table of conversions? I need the units of conversions for length, area, volume, and mass. I don't need a conversion calculator I just need the unit numbers. I'm trying to do it myself thank you I found many -- use what you

    asked by Student00
  102. eth

    research to determine if the group colonized or if it immigrated to the United States. Did the group face prejudice, segregation, racism or any combination of the three? If so, how and why? Include your research findings in your essay. You may search

    asked by mark
  103. LawQ uestion-- Please Help!!

    Which of the following groups has the best chance of bringing a class action lawsuit? 1. Everyone who developed a severe sunburn on the same day in Miami, despite using one of the leading brands of sunblock. 2. Elderly patients who complain of back

    asked by Natasha
  104. math proof

    how can i prove that for any set of real numbers, there is at least one number in the set that is greater or equal to the average of the set.

    asked by Anonymous
  105. To Jasmine20 - FOILing

    Try this website to learn about FOILing better: Go to Google and type in "FOIL" Click the first option (it starts with If you can't find the exact website, just look through Google to find a lesson on FOILing. I think that one should

    asked by Belinda
  106. physics

    please please help my other questions !!!:(

    asked by Alex