Questions Asked on
January 23, 2007

  1. Ap Chem

    explain each of the following observations using principles of atomic stucture and/or bonding. a] potassium has a lower first-ionization engergy than lithium. b] the ionic radius of N3- is larger than that of O2-. c] a calcium atom is larger than a zinc

    asked by Emily
  2. AP Chem

    When NH3 gas is introduced at one end of a long tube while HCl gas is introduced simultaneously at the other end, a ring of white ammonium chloride is observed to form in the tube after a few minutes. This ring is closer to the HCl end of the tube than the

    asked by Belinda
  3. ap chem

    consider the molecules PF3 and PF5. b]is the PF3 molecule polar or is it nonpolar. explain C] on the basis of bonding principles, predict whether each of the following compounds exists. In each case explain your prediction. (i) NF5 (ii) AsF5 2. explain why

    asked by Emily
  4. math

    sabrina used a calcutator and started adding the whole numbers in order 1+2+3+4+5+..... what is the last number she would add that would get the sum on her calculator over 1000? Try it yourself. You'll be surprised that it won't take very long to add up to

    asked by ciera
  5. religion,correction

    Okay this is the question: what are the central beliefs of Islam, and how are they reflected in the "Five Pillars"? ...Please let me know if I am completely wrong or what should i revised looking at...... so basically the Islamic believes are: (1) belief

    asked by Kailin
  6. math

    on a game board, landing on blue means to move ahead 1 space , landing on red means to move ahead 2 spaces, and landing on orange means to move back 1 space. if you took 30 spins about where would you expect to be on the game board, relative to where you

    asked by ciera
  7. stats again please help

    When a computerized generator is used to generate random digits, the proability that any particular digit in the set {0,1,2, . . .,9} is generated on any individual trial is 1/10-0.1. suppose that we are generating digits one at a time and are interested

    asked by david
  8. chem+ help!

    When 80.0 grams of a certain metal at 90.0 °C was mixed with 100.0 grams of water at 30.0 °C, the final equilibrium temperature of the mixture was 36.0 °C. What is the specific heat (J/g°C) of the metal? I suppose I would use this formula: q= mcÄt m=

    asked by bon
  9. Chemistry (Check)

    classify each of these statements as always true, sometimes true, or never true. __ST___11)The unit of a conversion factor must cancel. __AT___12)the conversion factor for changing grams and milligrams is 1g/1000mg ___ST__13)multiple conversions factors

    asked by Bryan
  10. math

    margarit liked to balance things. she balanced 3 pencil sharpeners and 2 one gram blocks with a 100 gram weight and another one gram block. she let x stand for the weight of one pencil sharpener and she claimed that x=30grams. was she correct if not how

    asked by ciera
  11. thermochemistry

    what is the enthalpy change in kilojoules for the combustion of 1 mol of ethanol, C2H5OH (l), to form gaseous carbon dioxide and gaseous water? use bond energies to calculate your answer. (hint: there is a double bond in carbon dioxide and oxygen) the

    asked by Sienna
  12. physics

    Two charges, -37 µC and +3 µC, are fixed in place and separated by 2.8 m. (a) At what spot along a line through the charges is the net electric field zero? Locate this spot relative to the positive charge. (Hint: The spot does not necessarily lie between

    asked by Ann
  13. Science

    A golf ball and a ping-pong ball are dropped in a vacuum chamber. When they have fallen halfway down, they have the same... A.speed B.potential energy C.kinetic energy D.Rest Energy my thought is that its c, kinetic energy...but i'm not 100% sure

    asked by Tammy
  14. Physics (vectors)

    Given vectors A= (Axi + Ayj), B= (Byj+Bzk) and C= (Cyj + Czk). a) find the triple product of these vectors defined by A dot (BxC) in terms of the vector components. I get 0 as the answer. b) is the result found in a) a scalar of a vector? since I had to

    asked by steve
  15. physics

    Three charges are fixed to an x, y coordinate system. A charge of +12 µC is on the y axis at y = +3.0 m. A charge of -14 µC is at the origin. Lastly, a charge of +50 µC is on the x axis at x = +3.0 m. Determine the magnitude and direction of the net

    asked by Ann
  16. New AP Chem Question for Dr. Bob

    This is a Hess' Law problem. I think I got it but I'm hoping you could check it for me: Calculate the heat of reaction for changing 1 mol of silica, SiO2, that has been extracted from sand into the pure silicon that is needed to make computer chips. Use

    asked by Belinda
  17. Chemistry

    Problem If 1500 white blood cells are lined up side by side, they would form a row 1.0 inch long. What is the average diameter of a single white blood cell? (1 inch = 2.54cm) Set up a proportion. 1500/2.54 = 1/x x is the length of 1 white blood cell. Seems

    asked by Bryan

    And if a length of a rectangle is 3 more than twice the width and the are is 90 cm squared than what are the dimensions of the rectangle? The width of the rectangle is 43.5 and the length of the rectangle is 87. All together when you add it up it will make

    asked by Judy
  19. Riddles

    At the back of every igloo and the middle of the moon Always running around in loops you'll find me If you look inside the room What am I? Which letter of the alphabet answers this question?

    asked by Shari
  20. stats help plz ASAP

    Suppose that one of every 100 people ina certain community is infected with HIV. You want to identify an HIV-positive person ina study of an experimental new drug. How many individuals would you expect to have to interview in order to find the first person

    asked by david
  21. Declaration of Independence

    What are the key points of the declaration of independence? List a main idea for each paragraph; then let us know what YOU think. Someone here will give you feedback. =) One of the unwritten things, to me, not

    asked by Kim
  22. math

    Stamps come in large sheets with perforations in between. How many different ways can you buy 4 attached square stamps? ( Two ways to put them together are considered the same if one way can be turned or flipped so that its outline looks like the other

    asked by Preston
  23. physics (cross product vectors)

    Two vectors are lying in the xz plane: A=2.00i + 3.00k and B= -9.00i + 2.00k. a) What is the value of AxB? Check my solution: I found through calculations that the value is 23j. b) What is the magnitude |AxB|? I could do ABsin theta, but I have no angle

    asked by steve
  24. Science - Chemistry

    Aluminum oxide is formed from the reaction of metallic aluminum with oxygen gas. How many moles of Aluminum are needed to form 3.4 moles of Aluminum oxide? Writr the equation and balance it. 4Al + 3O2 ==> 2Al2O3 The equation tells you that 4 mols Al are

    asked by Sara
  25. math

    maria colleen patsy and kenyada are 8,9,10,and 11years old. maria is older than patsy and younger than kenyada. colleen is younger than marie and older than patsy. what is each girls age? maria? colleen? patsy? kenyada? Well, start by knowing that Maria is

    asked by ciera
  26. stats help please

    Suppose that one of every 100 people ina certain community is infected with HIV. You want to identify an HIV-positive person ina study of an experimental new drug. How many individuals would you expect to have to interview in order to find the first person

    asked by david
  27. Grammar

    When writinng names of songs and albums which one do you capitalize and which do you underline? The song you put into quotation marks, the album, you underline. You capitalize the main words in both.

    asked by Mauri
  28. government

    The Constitutional priciples of seperation of powers and checks and balances have resulted in frequent power struggles between the legislative and executive branches of government. Discuss the contemporary balance of power between the Congress and the

    asked by Chrissy
  29. writting

    How to write an APA format? APA, or MLA, is a form to cite references. Writing is much more involved than that.

    asked by cletus check
  30. Calculus

    Hello, I have some calculus homework that I can't seem to get least not on the right track? I have 3 questions 1. integral of [(p^5)*(lnp)dp] I'm using the uv-integral v du formula So first, I'm finding u and I think it's du is 1/p

    asked by Shelley
  31. Algebra word problems

    The area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the length by the width: A=lw. A certain rectangle has an area os x^2+7x +12. Factor the trinomial to find the length ad width of the rectagle. Please read at this site:

    asked by deborah
  32. algebra

    find the equation of a line with slope 4/5 and y-intercept (0,-7) Do I still use the formula y=mx+b? Yes. Let me know what you come up with and I'll let you know if you are correct. So far I came up with y+7 = 4/5(x-0) Now I am stuck... OK, you could do it

    asked by dee
  33. Chemistry

    Determine the number of grams of NH3 produced by the reaction of 3.5g of hydrogen gas with sufficient nitrogen gas. All of these stoichiometry problems are work almost the same. Sometimes an extra step or two are required. Here are the basics. Step 1.

    asked by Sara
  34. math

    Apples sell for $1.29 a pound, and there is an average of 3 apples per pound. About how many apples would you expect to get for $5.00? First, you need to divide $1.29 by 3. Did you get $.43? That's the amount that one apple costs. Now -- divide $5.00 by

    asked by Preston
  35. Isotopes

    I have an isotope, 292 uuh 116 this suffers seven successive alpha decay reactions, I know each for alpha decay reaction the isotope loses 4 He 2 so the atomic weight decreases by four, and the atomic number by 2... None of the elements shown in the

    asked by Freddo
  36. religion

    Previously i asked if i could receive help towards this question. how has christianity, a faith based on the teachings of one text(the bible), divided into so many denominations? so i just want to see if i am understanding correctly. so basically

    asked by kailin

    I am interested in doing a science project on the math and science of different snowboarding tricks and techniques. Does anyone have advice and suggestions about how to do a project like this?? Please help! Very Urgent! Well you could do a nu,ber of

    asked by Rachel
  38. math 3

    A number x is increased by 27 and the result is multiplied by 6, giving 372 as te result. what was the original naumber_________ (x+27)6=372 6x +162==372 6x=210 x=35

    asked by Preston
  39. U.S. History

    The "executive privilege" that relates to the right of the president to keep communications confidental is best described a/an: 1. power that is only applicable to matters of national security. 2. absolute power that applies to all communications that a

    asked by Kyle
  40. engliesh

    what happens once in june, twice in august,and not at all in october? Look at the letters in those three words. Which letter occurs ... ? =)

    asked by don
  41. chemistry

    Can someone please help me with these? How many electrons would Nitrogen, Aluminum, and Bromine gain or lose? Look at the periodic table and find N, Al, and Br. You should find N in group VA (or 15 depending on the system being used), Al in IIIA (or 13),

    asked by Fidelia
  42. algebra

    Amelia's parents and grand parents have both opened savings accounts to save for Amelia's education this year. Amelia's parents' savings account earned 5% interest and her grandparents account earned 8% interest. This year the two savings accounts have

    asked by Bill
  43. compiler construction

    Given the following 3-address code 1: a = 1 2: b = 2 3: c = a + b 4: d = c - a 5: if( d < 20 ) goto 11 6: d = b * d 7: if( d > 20 ) goto 11 8: d = a + b 9: e = e + 1 10: goto 6 11: b = a + b 12: e = c - a 13: if( e < d ) goto 3 14: a = b * d 15: b = a –

    asked by COOLMAN
  44. Math HURRY !!!!!!!!

    Please Help me Explain how ratios can be used to compare two numbers I searched the web and I didn't understand it I think this might help me but could someone help me put it in a sentence The 1st number in a ratio tells the amount thtat shows up for every

    asked by HelpMe Please!!!!
  45. Spanish

    How do you say friendly in espanol =) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The word "friendly" is an adjective so don't forget that most adjectives have 4 forms in Spanish, depending upon the number

    asked by BJ
  46. AP Chem

    When a gas filled balloon is cooled, it shrinks in volume; this occurs no matter what gas is originally placed in the balloon. Why? I was thinking maybe because the number of collisions are less and so the slower moving particles aren't hitting the walls

    asked by Belinda
  47. please help me(math)

    4x^2+20x+5y+xy *you have top factor by grouping.If you need more info just ask me but please help me!!!* An example from Factoring by Grouping Consider the expression 3x2 + 6x - 4x -

    asked by margie
  48. english essay stuck!

    One can run from big problems but can seldom hide for long. Samantha Sweeting tried just that. When Samantha found out she had just lost her client 50 million pounds, from an overdue case sitting on her desk she was in a state of sheer panic. Samantha

    asked by Kenya
  49. Factoring Polynomials

    OH! I get it now! Thanks so much for helping me out Count Iblis! (I told you I love this website!) Factor the expression. 56x^3+43x^2+5x I am used to the form of trinomial ax^2+bx+c, not ax^3+bx^2+cx. It is an even-numbered problem, so, of course, it was

    asked by Emily
  50. math 2

    A video arcade offers 6 free games to first time costomers. Each game costs $.75 and after every four games, you get a free game. How many games could you play for $3.00 the first time you are a costomer? 6 free to begin 4 games=$3.00 +1 free 11 games

    asked by Preston
  51. math (pls help)

    Amelia's parents and grand parents have both opened savings accounts to save for Amelia's education this year. Amelia's parents' savings account earned 5% interest and her grandparents account earned 8% interest. This year the two savings accounts have

    asked by Bill
  52. math, correction

    Problem states: A square has sides of length 3x-2cm. Express the area of the square as a polynomial. my answer: (3x-2)^2 should i leave it like this or 9x^2-12x+4 I would multiply it out. CAN YOU SHOW mE WHAT YOU MEAN. I'M CONFUSED.

    asked by Jasmine20
  53. Law

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the adversarial system? To me, one has to compare it to a standard. What alternative system is there? I will be happy to critique your thinking. One major advantage is that the adversarial system depends on

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Chemistry

    (Help) (Problem) A radio wace travels 186,000 miles per second. How many kilometers will the wave travel in one microsecond? (1 mile= 1.61km) distance= timeinseconds/velocity change the given velocity in miles/hr to m/sec 186kmi/sec *1.6km/mi

    asked by Bryan
  55. U.S. History

    A/An _________ issued by a president has the force of law and does not have to be approved by Congress. 1. memorandum of law 2. formal opinion 3. determination letter 4. executive order Would this be an executive order? executive order is the strongest

    asked by Gwen
  56. Chemistry

    I have the following equation: 0.5 ug/L x 1g/10^-6ug x 1 mol/27 g I can't divide by 10^ do I rearrange the equation? What is the problem with dividing by 10^-6? Anyway, you can multiply by 10^6 instead. I end up with an error message when I divide

    asked by Steve
  57. Government

    I have three questions: Why does the Constitution allow the Federal Gov't to levy taxes? How can a governor's message power affect the legislation in a State? What do you think are some reasopns why the president was given almost unlimited military powers?

    asked by Kasey
  58. U.S. History

    A drawback to using the "collegial" approach to manage the White House staff is that it: 1.forces staffers to compete against each other or 2. can produce "groupthink" by encouraging staffers to find common ground. isn't the correct answer 2? Thanks for

    asked by Alisha
  59. math plz help

    please can someone help me do this problem. atleast help me find an equation to start with thank you. each page in a children's picture book has area 58 squared inches and a left side margin of 1.5 inches and top,bottom and right side margins of 0.5

    asked by britteny
  60. stats help please

    Suppose that one of every 100 people ina certain community is infected with HIV. You want to identify an HIV-positive person ina study of an experimental new drug. How many individuals would you expect to have to interview in order to find the first person

    asked by david
  61. AP Chem

    RATES: If you double the concentration of reactant A in the reaction A + 2B ¨ C, what happens to the rate based on the rate law, rate = [A]2 [B]3? The rate would ___ by a factor of ___. increase, 2 increase, 4 decrease, 2 decrease, 4 I can't read some

    asked by Chemwiz
  62. math

    marcus aaron and jason went to a double feature movie. the show began at 1.45 pm and lasted for 4hrs and 27mins. at what time did the show end? would it be 6.14pm Close, just add again. 6.27pm Nope :) After 4 hours it is 5:45. 15 minutes later it is 6:00.

    asked by ciera
  63. AP Chem - to Dr. Bob

    I don't understand how to even start this problem: A mixture of H2(g), O2(g), and 2 mL of H2O is present in a 0.5 L rigid container at 25 degrees Celsius. The number of moles of H2 and the number of moles of O2 are equal. The total pressure is 1146 mmHg.

    asked by Belinda
  64. AP Chem - to Dr. Bob

    I don't understand how to even start this problem: A mixture of H2(g), O2(g), and 2 mL of H2O is present in a 0.5 L rigid container at 25 degrees Celsius. The number of moles of H2 and the number of moles of O2 are equal. The total pressure is 1146 mmHg.

    asked by Belinda
  65. Help Meaning of a word

    What is Global Competition? In a business , one always has competitors: trying to make a better product, cheaper. Global competition means that ones competitors can be anywhere. Take an Florida orchid breeder for an example: His climate gives him an

    asked by Bryan
  66. News Coverage-Please Help!

    The presence of round-the-clock television news coverage and instantaneous Internet analyses often prevents a president from: 1. consulting with cabinet members and other top advisors before making decisions. 2. engaging in prolonged consideration of an

    asked by Pat
  67. Math

    A builder wants to make a model of a tower. The scale of the model is 1/2 in. : 2 ft. What will be ther height of the scale if the tower is 175 ft? well, 175/2=? then times 1/2 inch= your answer

    asked by Rachel Cox
  68. math(please help me!!)

    4x^2+20x+5y+xy *you have to factor by grouping,for more information just ask me* First, take out 4x from the first two and y from the second: 4x(x+5) + y(x+5). Then combine the 4x and the y: (4x+y)(x+5). That's your answer. thanks. - can you help me with

    asked by margie
  69. math

    hair grows about 1/2 inch each month after you shave your head how many years will it buntil your hair is 1 foot in length? would the answer be 2 years? yes

    asked by ciera
  70. algebra

    This one really threw me off... find the slope of the line containing the points (x, 2x) and (x + h, 2(x +h)) You have to first find the slope, which is change in y over change in x: {[2(x-h)]-2x}/[(x+h)-x] (2x-2h-2x)/(x+h-x) -2h/h m=-2. i don't have an

    asked by dee
  71. english

    i am unable to this question complete the following by adding noun clause a)the fact is that__________________ b)this is a clear proof_______________ complete the following by adding noun clause a)Thefact is that______________________ b)This clearly

    asked by raj
  72. algebra

    find the factors for jm+jn+km+kn jm+jn+km+kn jm + km + jn + kn m(j+k) + n (j+k) (m+n)(j+k)

    asked by deborah
  73. algebra

    complete factorization y^4-25y^2+144 (^) denotes following number is Power y^4 - 25y^2 + 144 You might try replacing y^2 with x. Therefore your statement becomes: x^2 - 25x + 144 ...which is easier to factor.

    asked by deborah
  74. math

    Still having problems solving this... 2x(2x + 1)^2 = 312 I started with: 2x(2x+1)(2x+1)-312 = 0 2x(4x^2+4x+1)-312 = 0 8x^3+8x^2+2x -312 = 0 Now what? If you don't have to solve for x, then then you have the final answer! If you have to find x: then you

    asked by Steve
  75. to bobpurlsey

    I had the same answer as you: except I subtracted i-i = 0 Given vectors A= (Axi + Ayj), B= (Byj+Bzk) and C= (Cyj + Czk). a) find the triple product of these vectors defined by A dot (BxC) in terms of the vector components. I get 0 as the answer (i-i) BxC

    asked by steve
  76. religion,help

    I really don't know how to answer this: What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States? african slaves of the islamic faith, nation of islam, muslim immigrants, first mosque built in early 1900s, 9/11 and anti-muslim

    asked by Kailin
  77. Science

    Which of these do NOT give animals an advantage in the ocean? A.Long Body Hair B.A smooth Body C.Structures that sense movement D.A strong sense of smell I would say A but I'm not positive PLEASE HELP ME!

    asked by Melthea
  78. english-A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

    i need to write a femisnist criticism on the book A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. please give me an idea of what to do. im stuck. about the mistreatment of women? the rape of the woman in the house, statutory rape of the two girls, disrespect to his mother, derogatory

    asked by Emily
  79. Law

    Which one of the following groups has the best chance of bringing a class action lawsuit? A. Everyone who developed a severe sunburn on the same day in Miami, despite using one of the leading brands of sun block. B. Elderly patients who complain of back

    asked by Natasha
  80. Federal Employees Union Question--Please Help

    With respect to the powers of a federal employees union,which statement is True? 1. It can bargain to obtain better pay and benefits for employees. 2. It cannot lobby Congress for personnel policy changes. 3. It can overrule the decisions of the Office of

    asked by Lynette
  81. math[fractions]

    how would u multiply two fractions ex. 2 2/3 times 3 5/6 First, make each one an improper fraction. To do this, multiply the denominator by the whole number in front of it and then add the numerator. Put all of that on top of the denominator: 3*2=6 6+2=8 2

    asked by ruby
  82. math

    robert received a weekly allowance of $6.00 on monday he put 50%of his money in his empty piggy back but then took out 50% of that money to go to a movie. how much money was left in the piggy bank? is the answer $1.50 yes Yes.

    asked by ciera
  83. physics

    for the current density equation (I) , solve for dV/dx when I = 0 I = - [ uz2F[C] dV/dx + uzRT d[C]/dx] According to your equation. dV/dx= uzRT/uz2[C] d[C]/dx I am uncertain what your symbols mean. It's supposed to be the current density equation I think??

    asked by Ann
  84. Science

    How is the arrangement of particles in liquid mercury similar to the arrangement of particles in liquid water?

    asked by Ashley
  85. science

    Why are plasmas able to conduct electricity? Plasmas are electricity: all ions, free to move.

    asked by Ryan
  86. Math!!

    *Factor by grouping!! 10x2 + 2xy + 15x + 3y Do the same thing we've been doing: 2x(5x+y) + 3y(5x+y) (2x+3y)(5x+y) thanks...

    asked by margie
  87. AP Chem

    What is the STP for temperature? Is it 25 degrees Celsius? DO you go to Gateway High? me? no. why? STP is 1 atmosphere for pressure and 0 Kelvin (273o C).

    asked by Belinda
  88. arithmetic

    Amelia's parents and grand parents have both opened savings accounts to save for Amelia's education this year. Amelia's parents' savings account earned 5% interest and her grandparents account earned 8% interest. This year the two savings accounts have

    asked by Bill
  89. Spanish word help

    Hi, I'm trying to find this word "portavasos" but I can't seem to find the meaning of it in english. Please help. Thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you are asking for the meaning of a word, it is always best to give the

    asked by Amanda
  90. criminology

    Can someone explain rational choice theory to me. How is criminal behavior explained according to the rational choice theory? It is explained here well: Look at the (unrealistic) assumptions about the

    asked by jeff
  91. Economics

    I received an answer that helped me understand possibilities curves a little better, but when you have 12 numbers how do you make a curve using only the letters A-F?

    asked by Kayla
  92. algebra

    Find the factors ab+ 2a +3b +6 First group the terms to get (ab+2a) + (3b+6) Now you can find a factor for each term a(b+2) + 3(b+2) Factor out the (b+2) in each term (b+2)(a+3)

    asked by deborah

    How would you factor the problem: 7-23r+6r to the second power (only 6r is to the second power) And if a length of a rectangle i 3 more than twice the width and the are is 90 cm squared than what are the dimensions of the rectangle? Oh its not rectangle i

    asked by Judy
  94. Science

    How has the study of cells affected science today?

    asked by Pamela
  95. Math

    HOw can ratios be used to compare 2 numbers I know how to write it like fraction, colonc, and the word "to" please help thanks PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    asked by Janet
  96. Riddles

    The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end And the end of every place I think your answer is the letter E.

    asked by Shari
  97. algebra

    find the y-intercept and the slope x + 2y -3 =0 You first have to get this into slope-intercept form: 2y=-x+3 y=-0.5x+1.5 This form is y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

    asked by dee
  98. Math

    What is the ratio 12:3 in its lowest form? would you divide both by 3?

    asked by Hannah

    DIRECTIONS ARE. WRITE THE EQUATION OF THE LINE L satisfying the given geometric conditions. Problem is: L has y-intercept (0,-3) and is parallel to the line with equation y=(2/3)x +1. So, this is what i did: Y=(2/3) passes through (0,-3) -3=b so,

    asked by Jasmine20
  100. algebra

    y^2+ 10z-10y-yz (^)2 is y to the power of 2 yes

    asked by deborah
  101. science

    i am doing a science project comparing human and animal fingerprints. I can't seem to find out if cats and dogs have identifyiable fingerprints. does anyone know? thanks thanks lance. that helped!

    asked by cole

    Is 4a^2-a-5 factorable? If so how do you factor it? Yes it is factorable. just make a factor tree and put all of it's factors! what is the answer to 30 on a factor tree

    asked by Judy
  103. math

    5.3+u=3.2u-2.7 456789 times 567?!?!! First, subtract u from both sides so you get: 5.3 = 2.2u - 2.7. Then, add 2.7 to each side to get: 8 = 2.2u. Then, do 8/2.2, so u=3.63 (the 63 is repeating).

    asked by jon
  104. science

    Describe the particle motion in gas.

    asked by Ryan
  105. mummification

    what was the substance used to stuff nostrils? The ancient Egyptians stuffed the nostrils with resin or wax.

    asked by ruby
  106. gov't campaigns

    in debates what are some things that help/hurt either president candidate? i think by not answering questions and when president candidates look like they don't know what they are talking about. in the overall presidential campaigh, what are some things

    asked by david
  107. Culture

    What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? How can stereotyping effect group relations ? Grouping is done on a set of fixed criteria. For instance, physical handicap: legs, arms, other. But in the group of legs physically

    asked by Rindi
  108. math help!

    Directions are: Divide The problem is: (7x^5y^5-21^x^4y^4+14x^3y^3)/(7x^3y^3) what steps or better say where do i start. factor out common terms in the numerator. I see a 7x^3 y^3 that can come out. check that, I did it quickly.

    asked by Jasmine20
  109. algebra 1 [fractions]

    8y^4+10y^3+12y+15 ----------------- 4y+5 divide then express your anwser as a polynomial or mixed expression Do i look for its common factors then start dividing? yes use 'grouping' take out the common factor from the first two terms, and the common factor

    asked by alliyah
  110. Religion

    What are the core beliefs of Seventh-Day Adventists? and what do they believe about the catholic church? see the links on the SDA dialogue with the Roman Catholics. THe first dialogue well states the SDA beliefs on

    asked by Daae
  111. algebra

    find the factor mn-4m-5n+20

    asked by deborah
  112. math, question

    IN graphing if i have two sets of parallel lines and the opposite sides are perpendicular then that means that it is not a parallelogram it is a rectangle diagram. sounds right...rectangle or a square thank you 14+d=6d 14+d=6d

    asked by Jasmine20
  113. Language

    What is the superlative form of "often"? most often ? I'm not 100% sure but if i can remember i believe that the superlative of often is: amoftesten (the o has the two dots on top) because the comparative would be: ofter (with the o having the two dots on

    asked by Brenda
  114. Science

    I am asked to assist a developing country with its food and water supply. I am asked to list the pors and cons of at least three alternative methods for maximizing food production. I am just not understanding where to start off with this. I have to create

    asked by Sandra
  115. Management

    Below you will find product demand for the past five years for XYZ company. Using two-year average and trend analysis, identify which method is the most appropriate and make a forecast for year six. What would your forecast be? Why? Year Demand ( in 1000s

    asked by zeta
  116. math(one more time for today!)Please Help Belinda!

    thanks,can you help me with this one: xy-3x-8y+24 I know you have to go, but you should be able to figure these out by now. Take out x from the first 2 and 8 from the second 2: x(y-3)-8(y-3) (x-8)(y-3) ac-bc+ad-bd *I seriously only have 2 more minutes

    asked by margie
  117. Math, correction

    the directions are perform the indicated divisions. so the problem is: (x^2-2x-35)/(x+5) so these are the steps i took: (-36x^3)/(6x)= so my answer was: -6x^2 Nope. Factor the numerator, one of the factors will be x+5, which will divide out.

    asked by Jasmine20
  118. math correction

    Directions: Perform the indicated divisions. The problem: (8x^3-6x^2+2x)/(4x+1) This is what i did and what i got: (4x^5)/(5x) = The answer that i got was: 0.80x^4 It is so wrong it hurts. How in the world did you get (8x^3-6x^2+2x) is equal to 4x^5 ?

    asked by Jasmine20
  119. science

    who can help me to make and code a calculator program using c language what is an isotope and how do you find the answer

    asked by kim
  120. English

    How many bulleted topics must be included in documentation relating to a detailed psychiatic analysis? Please explain your question more clearly. I'm not quite sure what you are asking either. However, psychiatric analyses of patients are usually analyzed

    asked by haydee
  121. Math

    How do you convert a decimal into a fraction? I searched Google under the key words "decimal fraction" to get this source: You can think of this to help you: .1 = 1/10 .01 = 1/100 .001 = 1/1000 Thus .235 = 235/1000

    asked by liz
  122. math for belinda to help me please

    1.x^2-9x+14 2.GCF of m^2n^2+3m Oh haha ignore the new question. For the first one, set it up: (x )(x ) Now, think of two numbers that are multiplied to 14. They have to either both be positive or both be negative to get positive 14. They also must be able

    asked by margie
  123. Math help

    Mr. Randolph drove 143 miles in 3.25 hours. At that rate, how far would he travel in 5 hours? you need to get his rate per hr 143/3.25=? Then multiply that times 5 hours for your answer. If 15 counters are a whole set how many are 3/5 of the set? divide

    asked by Rachel Cox
  124. English

    Can anyone help me with analogies? Please post specific questions and include what YOU think the answer is. Then someone here will give you feedback. Thanks. =)

    asked by Taylor
  125. math

    Explain how to form a ratio and how ratios can be used to compare two numbers. Please help me Thanks

    asked by Janet
  126. Literature

    I know that Sonnets have fourteen lines THE QUESTIONS IS are "The Passionate Shepered To His Love by Marlowe and The Nymphs Reply To The Shepherd both Sonnets? If they are what makes them Sonnets? My guess is that they are not because they are not fourteen

    asked by DANIELLE
  127. English

    Can someone give me websites that have problems that public schools are facing? =)

    asked by Larry
  128. math222

    Factor: x^2-5x-14 (x-7)(x+2) thanks how about the next one...lok at the top...

    asked by margie
  129. International business

    what are china's terms of trade

    asked by dre