Questions Asked on
January 22, 2007

  1. Chemistry

    Two liquids, n-pentane and 1-butanol, have nearly the same molecular weight, but significantly different temperature values. Why is there a difference between these two substances, based on their intermolecular forces? temperature values? Do you mean

    asked by Chemwiz
  2. Chem!??!?!?!?

    Is it possible for a cup of water to completely evaporate in a room with a constant temperature of 21ºC??? Yes, of course. Why would you think it would not? A wet towel will dry, right? but why is that? The Kinetic Molecular Theory, distributed velocity

    asked by kyle
  3. Chemistry

    Which alcohol has the strongest intermolecular force of attraction? The weakest? Explain. A. 1-Propanol B. 1-Butanol C. n-pentane D. n-hexane E. methanol F. ethanol We shall be happy to critique your thinking. Hint: look at the hydrogen bonding from the

    asked by Chemwiz
  4. science

    If 20g of sodium chloride is dissolved in 100 cm3 of water at 20c is the solution saturated? I looked up the solubility of NaCl in my copy of The Merck Index and it is listed as 1 gram NaCl dissolving in 2.8 mL water at 25 degrees C. Converting that means

    asked by Anonymous
  5. English

    What are the four parts of "characterization"? I can think of only two: direct (explicit) or indirect (implicit). ??

    asked by Sam
  6. english

    is the connotation of "rose" positive? why? Which "rose" are you referring to? noun (the flower) verb (to get up) ?? noun The noun, rose, is generally positive, except in the Wars of the Roses. so what would i write for why its positive? A rose is a

    asked by Josh
  7. vapor pressure

    The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 25.7C is 878 mm Hg. The pressure of the air in the flask at 25.7C is 762 mm Hg. If the flask is immersed in a water bath at 45.0C , the total pressure is 980 mm Hg. The vapor pressure of ethanol

    asked by yayhawknelson
  8. science

    compare table salt with glucose table salt is a strong electrolyte that will completely dissolve in a solution. whereas, glucose is a weak electrolyte and won't dissolve in a solution. ex. NaCl in water makes Na+ and Cl- ions glucose in water is basically

    asked by 1234

    Please help me. Which of the following is NOT a long-term trend marking the expansion of suffrage in the United States? a. removing restrictive requirements based on religious belief b. the Federal Government taking less of a role in protecting suffrage

    asked by Lakeesha
  10. Vocabulary

    What is an enigma? I think something that's an enigma is very complicated, but I'm not sure. An enigma is mysterious and puzzling. Check this dictionary site for more information. For each word, write a

    asked by Kelly
  11. Another Media question

    The media outlets engage in _________ when they call public attention to certain political issues. 1. spin 2. agenda setting 3. platform advocacy 4. issue framing Is this agenda setting? It's probably agenda setting, but one of these sites suggests that it

    asked by Calinda

    The era of one-oarty domination that began in 1968 was different from past eras of one-party domination because a. the Republican party gained no new members in Congress. b. the Democratic party gained no new members in Congress. c. one party controlled

    asked by Lakeesha
  13. economics

    Okay might be a studpid question, but I am asking anyway: the question goes like: A US dollar costs 7.5 Norweigian kr, but at the same dollar can be purchased for 1.25 Swiss francs. What is the Norweigian Kr/Swiss franc exchange? My answer would be: Først

    asked by Ange
  14. History Mid=Term

    One of us asked this question yesterday, and we are still not sure whether we were given the correct answer. All of the following influenced the Framers in developing the Constitution EXCEPT a. State constitutions. b. John Locke's "Two Treatises of

    asked by Many Students
  15. Chemistry

    If you were to have a lewis dot structure, such as, C2H5OH, where is the O placed? Between a carbon and an H.

    asked by Chemwiz
  16. math

    Shorten fraction: (x^2+2x)/(4x+8)= ? and reduce: (8a^3*b*a^-2)/(2b)^2= ? First. In the numerator, factor out an x. In the denominator, factor out a 4. this will leave a common factor that can be divided out. Second.change the numerator to 8ab. Check that

    asked by fiat
  17. Science

    As a seagulls fly over the water, they sometimes dive into the water to catch prey. Which of these senses is useful to seagulls that feed in this manner? A.Sight B.Smell C.Hearing D.Touch Sight.

    asked by Melthea
  18. French :S

    This is a short essay for my speaking exam. We had our exam today but I'm retaking it tommorrow because I want to try and get a better level. I've added some new stuff into my original essay. Please could you check that it's right? The bits which are in

    asked by Sarah
  19. Factoring Polynomials

    The book says: Find three different values that complete the expression so that the trinomial can be factored into the product of two binomials. Factor your trinomials. 4g^2+___g+10 Okay, I tried Hotmath, but it didn't explain ALL the steps. I just simply

    asked by Emily
  20. English to writeteacher

    I started writing my essay regarding The Undomestic Goddess. Sometimes its easier to run from your problems than face them they will eventually catch up to you. Samantha Sweeting was a smart articulate lawyer who was hoping to become a partner in her law

    asked by Taunya
  21. Gov't

    Which of the following is NOT a major function of either of the two major parties in the United States? a. To keep the general public informed about key issues. b. To monitor the conduct of its candidates in office. c. To assure the qualifications of

    asked by Justin
  22. math

    suppose you are in a room that has two identical doors. Behind one door is riches, wealth and fame beyond your wildest dreams. Behind the other door is a firing squad that does not miss. Youdo not know which door is which, however there are two identical

    asked by taylor
  23. U.S History

    In the growth of the colonies,What were the cultural lifestyle and economic differences between the New England, Southern and Middle Colonies?

    asked by COOL
  24. English

    In this sentence, where do the commas go: Again I ask you implore you to help me Mr. Janus. In here, pay special attention to introductory elements, parenthetical elements, and nouns of address (at the end

    asked by Katie
  25. english

    is the connotation of "mother" positive? Do you get good feelings from the use of the word or not? ??

    asked by Josh
  26. Reading!

    write adj(adjective), ADV(adverb), or n(noun) to identify each words in perinthesis. Sometimes an unfamilar word is explained by (how it is used in a passage). Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response

    asked by Amber :)
  27. again economics

    okay got one more and in this one I need help, cuz I simply don't understand it!! The question: S^P=I+CA-S^G=I+CA+(G-T) this equation tells us that to reduce a current account deficit , a country must increase its privat savings , reduce domestic

    asked by Ange
  28. math

    What will be the digit in the tens place of the sum of the following expression: 7 + 77 + 777 + 7777 + ... + 7777777777777777777 1. (The same as if you added 5x7 and 4x70) The numbere in the 100's and higher places don't contribute to the amount in the

    asked by Preston
  29. U.S. History

    how did discrimination against immigrants greaten in American after WWI, i already have physical violence. please help, paper due tomorrow! Immigrants faced job, housing, and college entrance discrimination. Many immigrants were barred from social clubs,

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  30. Chemistry

    how about expressing 230 parts per thousand (ppt) of SO4^2- in mol per kg? 230 ppt is 230 g/1000 g = 230 g/kg. Convert 230 grams into mols and you have it. SO, I come up with an answer of 2.39 mol/kg. Correct? J

    asked by J
  31. math,correction

    can someone correct this for me plz.... Write the equation of the line L satisfying the given geometric conditions. (#1)L has y-intercept (0, -3) and is parallel to the line with equation y = (2)/(3)x + 1. My answer:

    asked by jasmine
  32. newspaper & t.v. political race-- question

    Newspaper and television coverage of a political race: A. Usually has the greatest influence over the outcome of a primary election. B. Usually has the greatest influence over the outcome of a general election. C. Usually influences the outcomes of primary

    asked by Calinda
  33. Chemistry

    Using data below, calculate the vapour pressure (in torr) of liquid bromine at 72.3°C. Assume that ΔHo and ΔSo do not vary with temperature. Express your answer in scientific notation. Br2(l) -> Br2(g) Br2(l) ΔHfo= 0 kJ/mol

    asked by Sally
  34. math

    Ricardo wants to cover a 8" by 10" by 5" box with contact paper How many square inches of caontact paper will he need? How much ribbon will he need if the bow itself adds 15" just do l*W*H 8*10*5 then for the ribbon just add 15 to the solution of 8*10*5 =

    asked by Preston
  35. math

    insert perenthesis to make the sentence true: 40-6x6-2-6=10 40-6x(6-2)-6=10 hey

    asked by Preston
  36. Economics

    I don't understand possibilities curves at all. I have to convert a table into a curve using labels A-F. I have no clue how to figure it out. Help would be greatly appreciated! The x-axis and the y-axis should be Good A and Good B (they should give this to

    asked by Kayla
  37. greek mythology

    1.All the following were writers of ancient Greek plays and poetry exept a.Homer b.Sophocles c.Joseph Campbell 2.Chaos gave birth to the following exept a.Uranus(heaven) b.Tartarus(under earth) c.Gaea(earth) 3.Gaea gave birth to the following exept

    asked by Josh
  38. chemistry

    The definition of pH is: pH = -log 10[H^+] what is the defintion of the [OH^-]... is it pOH = -log 10[OH^-]? Yes!! pH = - log10 anything. pKa = -log Ka Pkb = -log Kb pKw = -log Kw = 14 PKsp = -log Ksp (solubility product) and so on into the night.

    asked by Mary
  39. Geomentry

    I need help in how to do centroids of a Triangle The method of finding the centroid is illustrated at Draw straight lines from each vertex to the center of the opposite side. They will intersect at the

    asked by Mack
  40. Algebra 2

    -2/3x + 3

    asked by Daren
  41. english

    If I said "The great American classic novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain and first published in 1884, is without a doubt...." would I put a comma after novel? Yes -- so far you have the commas in the right places. =)

    asked by anonymous
  42. Voting/News Accounts Question--Need Help!

    A voter is practicing _________ if she ignores all news accounts that conflict with her belief that Republican candidates are always against all social programs. A. political socialization B. selective exposure C. perception identity D. position projection

    asked by Calinda
  43. government

    What are three differences between the Senate and the House of Representatives? The length of time the people serve is different. The number per state is different. Tasks are different This site will give you specifics

    asked by Aubrey
  44. Algebra Midterm

    I've been home sick with the flu and have missed 2 days of midtern reviewing. I have one more day and we're allowed one page of notes. I took a practice test online and totally failed. But I've been doing so well lately. Doesn anyone know where I can pick

    asked by Avalon
  45. math pre-algebra

    N to the power of negative 5 N to the power of negative 5 is aready in its simplest form. Unless you know the value of N, this problem can't be solved any further.

    asked by quentin
  46. math please help before 6:45 pm!!!

    15sqrt8x^16/5sqrt2x^4 The time changed to 8:00 p.m. please help me!!!g I wish you would use separators... 15sqrt(8x^16)/5sqrt(2x^4) I assume that is the question. 15/5 * sqrt ((8x^16)/ (2x^4)) 3* sqrt (4 x^12) 3 * 2* x^6

    asked by margie
  47. discrete mathematics

    Prove that a square of an integer ends with a 0, 1, 4, 5 6 or 9. (Hint: let n = 10k+c, where c = 0, 1, …,9)

    asked by tony
  48. Science

    The mole is an animal that digs tunnels. Which of the following characteristics would NOT be an advantage to a mole? A.Sharp claws B.Large Ears C.Small Ears D.Strong Legs b because large ears would get in the way of the digging

    asked by Melthea
  49. animal art

    1. Which of the following statements regarding the use of pastels with other mediums is true? A. Pastels should never be used for accents in a watercolor painting. B. An artist can effectively add charcoal over a pastel rendering. C. Pastel tends to deaden

    asked by tanesha
  50. color theory

    1. The range of dark and light blue in the sky refers to the _______ of this color. A. value B. color temperature C. intensity D. hue 2. In the summer, you're assigned to take a photograph of a lighthouse. It's essential that the color temperature of this

    asked by tanesha
  51. math

    Spaghetti cost 99 cent a poud. A jar of sauce cost $2.59 and bread is 2 loaves for $1.39. How much would 2 pounds of speghetti 2 jars of sauce and 3 loave of bread cost to the nearest dollar? 1.39 for bread divided by 2 is about .70 for each loaf so....

    asked by Preston
  52. U.S History

    In the road to independence, Were any of the protests, etc. successful? How dou you know? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, please re-post and let us know what you think.

    asked by COOL
  53. U.S History

    Forming the U.S, A system was developed in which both the federal government and the states had powers. What kind of system is this called?

    asked by COOL
  54. Economics

    I received an answer that helped me understand possibilities curves a little better, but when you have 12 numbers how do you make a curve using only the letters A-F?

    asked by Kayla
  55. govt

    give an example of a charismatic leader. Why this leader? Osama Bin Laden. Barak Obama Adolf Hitler Rev Sun Myung Moon Sgt. Alvin C. York, US Army General Robert E. Lee, CSA General Bob Pursley, USAF General Curtis Lemay, USAF Admiral Hyman Rickover, USN

    asked by sharon
  56. English- Inclusive Language

    1)His grandmother really enjoys spending the afternoon at the center for senior citizens. 2)One of the high points of our trip was seeing the Canadian Eskimos in their traditional garb. 3)Her brother's friend is an AIDS victim. 4) It's hard to believe that

    asked by Glenda
  57. Media/News Accounts Question

    Which one of the following would most likely describe David Broder's view of George Stephanopoulos,a former member of the Clinton Administration,hosting the Sunday morning television news show "This Week": A. George Stephanopoulos is an asset to "This

    asked by Calinda
  58. government again

    Identify three sources of revenue for state and local governments, and three major categories of state and local expenditures.

    asked by Aubrey
  59. to the tutors that helped me

    Ijust like to say thank you extra very much for helping me with my project(religion powerpoint).You've made it easier for me to understand the assingment. thank you, kailin You're very welcome. Good luck with it! :-)

    asked by kailin
  60. 9th Grade English

    can you tell me the rest of this saying? Knowledge is power~ If you learn to use it wisely you will also gain ______ _________ _______ .

    asked by shelby
  61. history

    was the anti-immigrant hysteria following world war one simply a continuation of this feeling or was it more a reaction to the wave of immigrants that entered the us in the late nineteenth century---im writing a paper on this, please help A continuation of

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  62. Media question

    The media outlets engage in __________ when they call public attention to certain political issues. agenda setting or issue framing agenda setting.

    asked by Calinda

    1. Of the following colors, which one would you use for a room in which people go to relax? A. Red B. Orange C. Purple D. Yellow 2. A sense of unity in a work of art is pleasing because A. all of the elements are the same size. B. it gives the work

    asked by tanesha
  64. Calculus

    Hello Everyone, I need help with Calc II. 1. Integral from 0 to 1 of (sin(3*pi*t))dt For this one, I got -1/3pi cos (9 pi^2) + 1/3pi 2. indefinite integral of sinxcos(cosx)dx I got sin(cosx) + C 3. Indefinite integral of x over (root (1-x^4))dx I don't

    asked by Shelley
  65. Japan

    social studies) Question:How many distance is Japan from the US? It is 6760 from New York Ciy to Tokyo It is 4791 miles from Seattle to Tokyo It is 3862 miles from Honolulu to Tokyo It is 2444 miles from Anchorage to Sapporo Take your pick The last entry

    asked by jonathan
  66. U.S History

    In the growth of the colonies, who tried to unite Native American groups in 1763?

    asked by COOL
  67. U.S History

    In the Revolutionary war, who helped America to some early wins, but turned traitor later on in the war? Just a minute! Are you asking us all your questions? What have YOU done to find the answers? We HELP but don't DO the work for you!

    asked by COOL
  68. Earth Science

    I am struggling with these two questions I have looked all over the internet && even my science book but still no answers...thank you to anyone that can help. ♥ What is unique about Earths position in the Solar system as it relates to water, and why is

    asked by Teri
  69. english

    if i called my boat "the hurcules,"would that be an allusion? Please tell us why you're calling your boat "the hurcules." Do you mean Hercules? i don't know why its a question i got but pretty sure its the Hurcules from mythology

    asked by Josh
  70. Finance

    Can anyone offer help to me by explaining how I can answer this question? The current rate on 5-year T-Notes is 7% and the current rate on 10-year T-Notes is 9%. What should you expect the rate to be on 5-year T-Notes in 5 years? I am not looking for the

    asked by Nicole
  71. Gov't

    I need to see if I got the right answer. Thanks. Which of the following groups has tended to support the Democratic psrty in recent decades? a. the business community b. Protestants c. union members d. white males I think it's c - union members because the

    asked by Justin
  72. for Aubrey, chart retyped

    Make sure your NUM LOCK (top right side of keyboard) is on; then, hold down the ALT key on the bottom left side of your keyboard and press the corresponding numbers (given below) on your number pad at the same time: ACCENTS 7 CORRESPONDING NUMBERS TO HOLD

    asked by SraJMcGin
  73. Modern World History

    I have to write an essay to compare and contrast the unification movments of modern day Italy & Germany. Where can i obtain information describing each movement? How were they Similar? how where they different. Here are some appropriate sites: ITALY

    asked by Bryan
  74. spelling

    okay. this is a total toughie. 14 letter word, letters are ; LBEIYPORISSNTI. it is one word and so far noone can get it.

    asked by schoolgirl12 :-?
  75. math

    Ricardo wants to cover a 8" by 10" by 5" box with contact paper How many square inches of caontact paper will he need? How much ribbon will he need if the bow itself adds 15"

    asked by Preston
  76. medicine

    How many bulleted topics must be included in documentation relating to a detailed psychiatric analysis? I doubt if the APA has a standard number. It to me, would be determined by how many salient points are in the analysis. I read one today that had 13.

    asked by haydee
  77. Voter question

    A voter is practicing ________ if she ignores all news accounts that conflict with her belief that Republican candidates are always against all social programs. A. political socialization B. selective exposure C. perception identity D. position projection

    asked by Calinda
  78. U.S History

    In the Revolutionary War, what happened at the Battle of Trenton? Try and enter battle trenton -- then let us know what you decide. ??

    asked by COOL
  79. U.S History

    In the Revolutionaey war, what happened at the Battle of Charles Town? See below.

    asked by COOL
  80. U.S History

    Forming the united States, what were the two plans that arose at the Convention and who were the people responsible for each plan? Just a minute! Have you asked us all your questions? What have YOU done to find the answers? We HELP but we don't DO the work

    asked by COOL
  81. U.S History

    Forming the U.S, what are the checks and balances that were set up in the Constitution and why were they put in?

    asked by COOL
  82. Unscramble for english

    Please unscramble: eeeinrlbpresh the meaning of the word is: worthy of blame

    asked by Brandon
  83. U.S. Government --Need Help!

    The "executive privilege" that relates to the right of the president to keep communications confidential is best described a/an: A. power that is only applicable to matters of national security. B. absolute power that applies to all communications that a

    asked by Kyle
  84. Diff EQ

    is the integration of (x-2)^2 = 1/3(x-2)^3 Yes, that is correct.

    asked by nicole
  85. Accents for Aubrey (maybe!)

    The Accents on the PC: Whenever you want to write the accents just make sure that your NUM LOCK (the top right side of your keyboard) is on; then, hold down the ALT key on the bottom left side of your keyboard and press the corresponding numbers (given

    asked by SraJMcGin