Questions Asked on
January 20, 2007

  1. History

    Which of the following was formally amended to the constitution a. equality of rights for women b. prohibition of alcoholic beverages c. prohibition of child labor d. balanced federal budget I know that the 19th amendment is woman suffrage, but the 18th

    asked by Pat
  2. Chemistry

    Hi! there's 3 questions..if you can help on any that'd be great..thanks! 1. Volatile liquids with lower boiling points often give better results than those with higher boiling points. Suggest a reason for this. 2. What effect would vapor condensation in

    asked by AG
  3. Precalculus

    The 8th term in an arithmetic sequence is 5, and the sum of the first 10 terms is 20. Find the common difference and the first term of the sequence. Alright so in an arithmetic squence the difference d between any two successive numbers is constant. So if

    asked by Trudy
  4. chemistry

    According to the octet rule a calcium atom has a tendecy to.? Look at Ca on the periodic table. It is in group 2 (or IIA depending upon the system your teacher is using). That tells you that it has two electrons in its outer shell and that means it will

    asked by john tucker
  5. religion, help

    this is what i have for my next slide of information that i think could be used. title: jerusalem *capital and largest city *location between mediterranean sea and dead sea *the holiest city *center of many battles end notes is what i am also having

    asked by kailin

    WHAT IS THE DISTANCE BETWEEN FROM THE SUN AND EARTH TO ALL THE PLANETS =) every thing that goes a round the sun is called an ecosystem It's size solor system has 9 planets.

    asked by ASHLEY
  7. Economics

    1)When state-owned enterprises are sold, how should their calue be established? Should the value be based on the cost of the assets in place, the past earning power of the enterprise, or the future earning potential in a competitive economy? 2) How can

    asked by Joey
  8. Molecular formula

    I have to find the molecular formula for As2O3, to do so I have to divide its molecular mass by its empirical mass. I have worked ou that its molecular mass is 197.9 g/mol. How would I find its empirical mass, is it not the same as its molecular mass? Many

    asked by Mac
  9. writing a memo

    when writing a memo in apa format do you use just citation in your memo and not havae a refernce page? I have never heard of the need for APA or MLA or any other citation guidelines needed in memos. For proper reference and citation, there are two elements

    asked by tina
  10. History again

    I just need to check if I am right. Thank you. All of the following influenced the Framers in developing the Constitution EXCEPT a. State constitutions b. John Locke's "Two Treatises of Government" c. Virginia's royal charter d. British tradition I am

    asked by Pat
  11. maths

    If (e^x)(sin3x)=Im ((e^x)(e^i3x)) integrate (e^x)(sin3x) I get the answer(e^x)(cos3x-3sin3x) +C My book gets the answer (1/10)(e^x)(sin3x-3cos3x)+C Can any explain which answer is right and why Integral of e^(1+3i)x = e^(1+3i)x /(1+3i) + c Multiplying

    asked by Tom
  12. Maths

    given (e^x)sin3x = Im((e^x)(e^i3x)) Integrate (e^x)sin3x.dx You can just take the imaginary part of the integral of ((e^x)(e^i3x))= e^([3i +1)x] which is IM(3i +1)e^(3ix + x) = IM (3i +1)e^x*e^(3ix) = IM {(3i +1)*e^x* [ cos (3x) + i sin (3x)] = e^x* sin

    asked by Tom
  13. Math

    Add one to a number, then double the sum, and you get 56. how do i solve it and write it as a equation (x+1)*2=56 1. divide both sides by 2 2. subtract 1 from both sides you get x=27 For all of these questions just remember that when they say "a number"

    asked by Steve
  14. Intro to Communication- Please proofread my paper

    Here is my assignment task: My assignment was to watch the movie Gangs of New York with Leonardo DiCapro, and find 5 different cultures that faced discrimination within in the movie and use specific examples. Here is my paper. I am missing 2 more cultures.

    asked by Soly
  15. English

    Was Macbeth to blame for his own tragedy in Macbeth? There are two possibilities Macbeth or Lady macbeth. Or the Witches. He conceived the plot, and when he became spinless, Lady goaded him on. He was responsbile. Check my thinking. Others will disagree. I

    asked by Chris
  16. Chemistry

    Hi, Does anybody know a list of websites that have a list of short labs (3-5 min) on chemistry? I hope these are of some help.

    asked by Larry
  17. politcs essay

    i'm doing a project where i have pick three newsstations from the internet such as abc, nbc, cbs then i have to pick a story from the politics section and i picked an article on saddam hussein killing. after reading the similar stories on all three news

    asked by david
  18. Algebra

    one number is 3 times another number and their sum is -16 y is one number x is the other number. ===================== x + y = -16 3x = y solve for x and y. Post your work if you need further assistance.

    asked by Steve
  19. accounting

    One of the adjustments for the worksheet says: * Of the $25 369.20 shown on the trial balance under Materials Used, $2 850 is still on hand and unused. Therefore I credited Materials Used by $2 850.. but which account do I debited because there is no

    asked by tasha
  20. Religion help

    I am working on a powerpoint presentation. which requires of me to presented to a 9yr old kid which explains judaism to them with appropirate slides for them and speaker notes.this is my first time working with this religion and powerpoint can someone help

    asked by kailin
  21. History

    I need help because I want to make certain I am right. The United States Constitution reserves to the States all powers not delegated to Congress or denied to the States, meaning that the States a. hold almost no power b. have little responsibility to the

    asked by Pat
  22. U. S. History

    Which event demostrated that the continental U.S. is not geographically protected from an enemy attack by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? The Civil War, World War I, Gulf War of 1991, or the terrorists attacks of September 11,2001 I know the Civil War and

    asked by Brenda

    does anybody knowq any websites that has qustions about half lives (radioactivity)? Here is a fact sheet. I don't know if it is what you are looking for or not. If you have a question about radioactivity, post it here and I'm sure someone will be able to

    asked by Mallory
  24. U.S. Government

    When facing the threat that a country might be developing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction for use by terrorists groups, a libertarian would most likely: A. oppose any military action by the U.S. because libertarians are pacifists. B.

    asked by Pat
  25. Chemistry

    is the molar mass value of a volatile liquid, such as ethanol, high or small? Usually small, but there are exceptions. The ability to be volatile means that the attractive forces between molecules in the liquid and vapor have to be small, so non polar

    asked by michelle
  26. religion, HELP!

    i tried working on my presentation now i don't know what i'm doing or thinking anymore can someone give me suggestion how to put it all organized and what points i should cover within the presentation. These are the titles that i am required to cover.Its a

    asked by kailin
  27. College admission letter

    I got a letter from university,it tells me that they offer me the admission on summer 2007, does it mean I will continue in fall 2007? I should think so, but to be sure, you need to call the admissions office. Just tell them who you are and that you're

    asked by Jessy
  28. math check

    1.A caterer made 150 sandwiches for 120 people. How many sandwiches are there for each person? A 1.25 or 1 1/4 sandwich/person 2.On the blueprint of Lauren's new office building, the scale is 3 in. equals 8 ft. What will be the actual length of Lauren's

    asked by tara
  29. U.S. Government

    A traditional conservative would most likely oppose a federal law to: 1. encourage free and fair trade in competitive markets. 2. promote family values 3. preserve law and order and enforce private business contracts 4. require businesses to make

    asked by Pat
  30. Accounting

    I have to prepare an income statement from the following records. Can someone show me how? The following selected information is taken from the records of Beckstrom Corporation. Accounts payable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 35,000

    asked by Ana
  31. History

    Compare and contrast the views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton on the Constitution, National Bank, and Foreign Affairs. Anyone please i got to write an essay on this and cant find the information i need. PLEASE HELP ASAP Search for the word

    asked by Please HELP
  32. homework: Heather

    Heather: Please don't post you email address...This is a young person safe site, we opt to protect your identity and privacy. Just Heather will do. Thanks. Here is a summary of what I think you need to address. Creator Spirit is bringing about change in

    asked by bobpursley
  33. Chemistry

    Express the following in mol/kg [H+]in a water with a pH of 6.8? Ok, so the pH=-log10[H+]. Here we have a pH of 6.8 so we have... 6.8=-10log10[H+] solving we get... [H+]=10^-6.8 mol/L converting from Liters to m^3 and dividing by the density of water we

    asked by Jan
  34. Cultural Diversty

    Write about influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human interactions in your community have been racialized. For the community, you can consider relations within your neighborhood, local

    asked by Princeza
  35. U.S. political system question

    I have this question on a homework assignment and I need help. With respect to comparing the political and policy-making process of the U.S. to the political systems of European countries, which of these statements is True? 1. Creating policy in the U.S.

    asked by Anonymous--Urgently needing help!!
  36. one factoring question

    64x^2 + 343 i know 8x * 8x will get you 64x^2, but i am confused on the rest of the problem. (8x+sqrt (-343))(8x - sqrt(-343)) Try that.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    When two digits of thbase 10 representation of an inteer are intercharged, the diference bewen the old number and the new number is divisible by 9. Why? What happens in other bases? 10A + B - 10B -A= difference. This reduces to 9A - 9B 9(A-b)= difference.

    asked by tan
  38. sort of social studies

    I need info on Great Britton, what they wear,eat, language spoken, sports, games or hobbies of the people. I think you mean Great Britain, right? If you need more information, you might look up each country within

    asked by emmy
  39. physics

    If you were to create a Rube Goldberg machine what would it do? something very simple and commonplace. THe idea is to make a machine very complicated to do something that hardly needs to be done anyway. Like rinse a toothbrush. Or put toothpaste on the

    asked by anonymous
  40. Inflation

    What long term effect do lifting of price controls have on inflation? This is a debatable issue. What does your book say? What do you think? Will inflation increase in the short run but then eventually decrease because when prices are too high, nobody is

    asked by Leo
  41. Algebra

    Seven less than one-half a number is 5. how is that written as a equation. If x is the number, then (1/2)x - 7 = 5 0.5X-7=5

    asked by Steve
  42. Algebra

    One number is 6 more than another number and their sum is 2. How would i make that an equation thought. for example if the question was, Jane spent $42.00 for shoes. This was $14 less than twice what she spent for a blouse. How much was the blouse? the

    asked by Steve
  43. English

    Where can I get a summary of "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Sometimes you can get a short summary on the book jacket. There are many sites where you can purchase this book but the

    asked by Jes
  44. U.S. Government -PLEASE HELP!

    A contemporary liberal would most likely oppose a federal law created to: 1. impose the same income tax rate on all citizens 2. mandate stricter safety protections in the workplace 3. make healthcare more accessible to low-income families 4. strengthen the

    asked by Bailey
  45. History

    I am not sure of this answer. Please help. The main reason that States hold many important powers is that the a. Framers distrusted a strong central government. b. Constitution does not grant many States' rights. c. Constitution describes a unitary state.

    asked by Pat
  46. Modern World History

    I have to write an essay on the legacy of the decisions made at the Congress of Vienna. Can you give me some information or links to somewhere that can be helpful to me in my writing. I'm looking for information like 1)what was the Congress? What was it

    asked by Bryan
  47. Algebra

    One number is 6 more than another number and their sum is 2. Whats the equation for that. x = one number y = another number =============== x + y = 2 x -6 = y solve for x and y x=first number y=second number x=y+6 x+y=2 you can then solve these two

    asked by Steve
  48. Algebra

    (x+4)-5=43 how would you solve that. because i tried it and i got 28 but 28+4=32 then 32-5 doesnt equal 43. First add 5 to both sides to get rid of the -5... (x+4)-5+5=43+5 giving--> x+4=48 Then subtract 4 from both sides... x+4-4=48-4 giving--> x=44

    asked by Sam
  49. science

    I have a project, how can I make a marble stay inside a shoebox for a long time ,and it has to be in movement use a machine that can keep the box moving so the marble will stay moving. whatever you do, make sure that the top is on the shoebox and that

    asked by angela
  50. History again

    Based on the below from the Wikipedia, I would agree with you. As Solberg reports, "It immediately became the recognized revolutionary government, with its main task to conduct the war and lead the colonies ultimately to independence." [2] The Second

    asked by GuruBlue
  51. english-poem

    can someone help me and tray to explain to me these lines from herbert's poem the pulley Yet let him keep the rest, But keep them with repining restlessness; then these 3 lines Let him be rich and weary, that at least, If goodness lead him not, yet

    asked by mistol
  52. religion

    God the Farther, the Son and the Holy Spirt together are called the....... Trinity

    asked by michelle
  53. Fluid Mechanics

    Not sure how to approach this problem. Seems simple. Here it is... An airplane is moving through still air at 60m/s. At some point on the wing, the air pressure is -1200N/m^2 gauge. If the density of air is 0.8kg/m^3, find the velocity of the flow at this

    asked by Jim
  54. Word Problem- Algebra

    1. Multiply a number by 4, then multiply this product by 5, then you get 80 Whats the way to solve it, the equation. 2. Add 4 to a number, then subtract 5 from the sum, and you get 43 Whats the equation to solving that if anyone can answer either of those,

    asked by Sam
  55. Algebra

    Double a number, add 1 to the product, and you get 29. whats the equation and how do i solve that. 2x+1=29 x=14

    asked by Steve
  56. Algebra

    Twelve more than twice a number is 8. whats the equation. 2X+12=8

    asked by Steve
  57. science

    what are the vegetable parts of a plant? i have no idea

    asked by Nicole