Questions Asked on
January 18, 2007

  1. random

    what kind of website is this? what is jiskha? Jiskha is the name given to the site by the man who runs the show here. His name is Leo. This is a help site with the emphasis on help. We try to help students do their homework. But we like to see what the

    asked by cc
  2. acids and alkalis

    can you tell me me some acids and alkalis that are used in the house acids. vinegar(acetic acid), lemon juice (citric acid), cream of tartar (potassium hydrogen tartrate), vanish (sodium hydrogen sulfate--but I think the newer product has changed the

    asked by abigal
  3. Chemistry

    What is the chemical equation for the combustion reaction between methanol and air? CH4 + O2 ==> CO2 + H2O. All hydrocarbons produce CO2 and H2O when they are combusted in air. The above equation isn't balanced. I assume you can do that? If not, ask OR

    asked by Raj
  4. chemistry calorimetry

    how can i get the mass of a liquid when i'm given the heat enrgy that is added, and the specific heat of the liquid to which is added, plus the increase in temperature. q = mass x specific heat x (Tf - Ti) q is heat in Joules. mass in grams specific heat

    asked by claudia
  5. Chemistry (check)

    using the equation 2H²+O²--->2H²O,______ of hydrogen will react with 6 mol of oxygen. Would "12 Mol" be rigt to fill in the blank? yes thanks!!

    asked by Briana
  6. Statistics

    Fortune magazine publishes an annual issue containing info on Fortune 500 companies. The following data show the six states with the largest number of Fortune 500 companies as well as the number of companies headquartered in those states. State # of

    asked by Frank
  7. Psychology

    Three different ways of attempting to integrate religious beliefs and scientific knowledge are (1) cafeteria approach, (2) fortress approach and (3) the integration approach. Which method is more commonly used in life to intergrate religious beliefs and

    asked by sunshine
  8. trig

    give exact value of cos 75 degrees. give exact value sin 15 degrees. give exact value sin 225 degrees. You will have to use the addition relations here. Notice 75 is 30 +45, 15 is 45-30, and 225 is 180 + 45. I will be happy to critique your work.

    asked by Matt
  9. Chemistry

    ok.. im confused: Ammonia and oxygen react in the equation: 4NH³+5O²--> 4NO+6H²O. When 2.4 mol of NH³ are present, the reaction yields ____ mol of O². i have no clue how ot do this! Look at your problem to make sure it is posted correctly. NH3 REACTS

    asked by Briana
  10. More Chemistry (yeah im bad at math...)

    In the Reaction CO+2H²-->CH³OH, 1.27 g of CH³OH are made in the lab. The Percent yield of this reaction is___. Would the answer be 42? Pick a number, any number. You need to know how much CO OR H2 you started with. As it stands, the answer is

    asked by Briana
  11. Chemistry

    mass-mass conversions and mass-mole conversions: what is the difference and how do you do each? mass is converted to mols by mols = grams/molar mass. mass of one chemical is converted to mass of another chemical by using the coefficients in the balanced

    asked by Briana
  12. Uuh Empirical formulae

    Hi Can anyone help me define the empirical formula for highest fluoride and hydride in ununhexium. 292 uuh 116 How is this reached... Thanks freddo Uuh is in group 16 (or VIA depending upon the system being used) so its chemistry should be similar to O2,

    asked by Freddo
  13. can someone please help me?

    simplify the following expressions involving complex numbers. (3+2i)-(-7-i) 10 + 3i how did you do that? can you show me this one and explain how this time? (3+2i)(-7-i) or even (3-2i)^2 you would do 3+2i=5i, then -7-i=7i then 5i+7i=12i (3+2i)-(-7-i) =

    asked by Shay
  14. Math

    Can you help me solve this problem...? A teacher said to a pupil: To the nearest per cent, 1/6 is 17% The pupil said: So, to the nearest per cent, 2/6 must be 34% Show that the pupil is wrong. *How do you work it out? it is 33% because: the percentage

    asked by Claire
  15. science

    a) calculate the heat of reaction, in kilojoules, for the reaction: 2NO2(g) + 3H2(g)--->2NH3(g) + 2O2(g) b) is the reaction endothermic or exothermic? how can you tell? I will be happy to critique your work on this. You will have to look up the heats of

    asked by michelle
  16. MATH

    How do yoi solve 1+1=?????????? "WHAT?!!?" ummmmmmm don't u just put the 1's together... i think its 11. Thanks DUDE!!!! :') All this time I thought it was 2! :' ) Ha-Ha! How dumb was I. Welp; that's what I get for thinking.... :')

    asked by LOP
  17. Trigonometry

    evaluate sin^-1(negative square route of 3over2) in radians.

    asked by Matt
  18. Trigonometry

    the voltage E in volts in a circuit after t seconds (t70) is given by E=12 sin(120pi times t). After how many seconds does the voltage first reach 6 volts?

    asked by Matt
  19. religion , help

    what is the nature of god for confucianism and daoism? i've done hinduism and buddhism but these two confucianism and daoism i can't find them. Confucianism doesn't recognize a god. Many experts don't consider Confucianism as a religion. It's a philosophy

    asked by kailin
  20. Trigonometry

    simplify: 2sin35 deg times cos35 deg.

    asked by Dom
  21. math (statistics

    John's z-score on a college entrace exam is 1.3. If the raw scores have a mean of 480 and a standard deviation of 70 points, what is his raw score? Use a z-score formula to find John's raw score. The formula: z = (x - mean)/sd -->sd = standard deviation

    asked by Joe
  22. trig

    if 10 students enter projects in the art show, how many different ways can they come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place? would you go 10^3 OR 10TIMES 3? This is not a trig question. Neither of those answers is correct. After making one of ten possible choices for

    asked by Dom
  23. social

    hi for my homework i have to identify the topics and summarize the viewpoints of "Wealth and its uses" by andrew carnegie..and idk what to write ne help would be appreciated thanks What did Carnegie believe about wealth? How did he think lots of money

    asked by jon
  24. antiderivatives

    i need the antiderivative of 2x/x^2 thanks. Two x over x squared? Reduce it to 2/x the integral of 1/x is ln x.

    asked by andrew
  25. Chemistry (Check)

    Classify each of these statements as always true, sometimes true or never true. __NT___11. The SI base unit of mass is the milliliter. __AT___12. A decigram is 100 times smaller than a gram. ___ST__13. The SI unit of volume is derived from the unit of

    asked by Bryan
  26. math

    what is a double factor? I am filling in a multipication table. I am sopposed to color the double factors red. i realy need help in multiplacation and division.

    asked by alex
  27. Algebra

    how do you solve this equation...its a please What is the equation

    asked by Taylor
  28. help...solving a polynomial....algebra

    solve this me....12x(squared)+7x-10 Do you wish to factor this trinomial? If so, the factors are: (4x + 5)(3x - 2) You can use the FOIL method to check. If this is supposed to be an equation: 12x^2 + 7x - 10 = 0 ...then set each factor equal

    asked by Taylor
  29. factoring cubes

    how to factor x^3-27 well since 27 is a perfect cube and so is x^3 wouldn't the answer be x-3? no, its something like (2x-3)(?x^2+?X+?) i don't know how to figure all the parts out. Here's the format for the difference between two cubes: (a - b)(a^2 + ba +

    asked by Linds
  30. U.S. history

    What were the successes and failures of the reconstruction of the Civil War? if you are talking about the period of reconstruction, some of the successes were three amendments passed the 13th 14th and 15th

    asked by carmen s.
  31. chemistry

    question: "If gas is $1.20 per gallon, how much would it cost to fill a 50-liter tank?" using conversion factor. 1 L = 1.056 quarts. 4 quarts = 1 gallon. Convert 50 L to gallons and multiply by 1.20/gallon. Let me know if this is sufficient. I think I got

    asked by cc
  32. religion, help

    is there a website for daoism for children? This is the best I could find. I Googled Daoism kids and Taoism kids and found these two sites.

    asked by kailin
  33. philosophy

    describe Christianity’s impact on philosophy. Include the following topics in your response: - the rise of Christianity in philosophy - key contributors to Christianity’s impact on philosophy - principle Christianized philosophical issues

    asked by Dawn
  34. Spanish

    Can someone please proofread my Spanish? Thank you. it will not let me post my HW because it says that I have posted a link but I haven't. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. We'd be glad to proofread it if you can post it! Please try

    asked by JYD
  35. chem.

    if gas is $4.20 a liter, how much will it cost to fill a 14-gallon tank? conversion factor: $4.20L 1.06qt 1gal ______x________x______ 1 1L 4qt i have no clue how to set it up. i'm confused. nevermind about the problem. good night. You want to convert 14

    asked by cc
  36. calorimetry

    please, someone answer my question i posted already I answered your question within 15 minutes. It is posted. Hit the refresh button of your computer. sorry that my question took youthat long, but it was of great help. glad to help. Thanks for using

    asked by claudia
  37. Physics

    When most people are asked what makes rockets lift off they say it's caused by the push of the exploding fuel against the ground. Explain why this is wrong. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That's from Newton, I think, but it may

    asked by Raj
  38. Setting up a chem problem

    Magnesium reacts with water in the equation, Mg+2H²O-->Mg(OH)²+H². You have 8.1 g of magnesium available. This means you will need ___ g of water to use all the magnesium. This seems sorta simple, but how can i set it up? These are stoichiometry

    asked by Briana
  39. Why can't I post

    I don't know why, but i am getting a friend to post this up for me, but i cannot post a question, when i do, the successful window never comes up. it just goes back to the forum and doesnt add. can anyone help me why? or what i might need to do to get it

    asked by becky
  40. International Business

    Which of the following points of view do you agree with and why? 1. Although giving gifts shows respect in some cultures, bribery has no place in international business operatons. Businesses that condone it enjoy an unfair competitive advantage over those

    asked by Carolyn
  41. vapor pressure

    The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 25.7C is 878 mm Hg. The pressure of the air in the flask at 25.7C is 762 mm Hg. If the flask is immersed in a water bath at 450C, the total pressure is 980 mm Hg. The vapor pressure of ethanol at

    asked by yayhawknelson
  42. heat of vapor pressure

    When a student plotted ln [vapor pressure of a gas] vs. inverse Kelvin temperature, she obtained a straight line with a slope equal to -9500 K. According to the Clausius Clapeyron equation, Hvap is ? kJ/mol. The vapor pressure is proportional to exp

    asked by yayhawknelson
  43. saving

    Saving what? ?? whatwere the Classical views about saving.

    asked by Writeacher
  44. music urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need help with annotating a piece of idian bollywood music is there anyone who can help me? xXx uzi xXX hi hi back can can you help me with my music course work that is left before it is complete??? xXx uzi xXx

    asked by uzma
  45. British & American Government Question

    In comparing the British and American systems of government,which statement is true: A. Britain's government was created by a single document that is very similar to the U.S. Constitution. B. The House of Lords is the most powerful branch of Britain's

    asked by David
  46. pH and Moisture

    What is the relationship between pH and moisture? This is in context to woodland differences. Thank you. There is no relationship between moisture and pH, per se; however, moisture must be present in order to measure pH. Some research has been done, of

    asked by Ste
  47. math

    how do i solve two step equations? Do you mean two equations in two unknowns? The method of substitution is one way. There is a good tutorial here:

    asked by megan
  48. French for Aubrey


    asked by SraJMcGin
  49. english

    if there was a group of people sitting around a table and on that table something was about to fall off like a plate, would that reprsent to you that someone is reaching out for help, or would that mean living on the edge of danger. Thanks, I would go with

    asked by cameron
  50. math check please

    Approximately 4 out of every 10 students at Sonia's college live on campus. The college has 3,000 students. 1. How many of them live on campus? A 1,200 students 2. Write the proportion 21 is to 33 as 63 is to 99. A. 21/33 =63/99 3. is this fraction

    asked by tony
  51. math

    A ball is thrown straight up. Its height, h(in metres), after t seconds is given by h=-5t^2+10t+2. To the nearest tenth of a second, when is the ball 6m above the ground? Explain why there are two answers. I don't get how to calculate it. Please help.

    asked by Shay
  52. Nitrogen Cycle

    Could someone concisely and briefly summarize the nitrogen cycle? I'm all in a muddle. Please, I have to get this done by tonight. en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Nitrogen_cycle

    asked by Ste
  53. math

    simplify the following expressions involving complex numbers. (3+2i)-(-7-i) is i like x? and how would this work i know that you do this: (3+2i)(7+i) to get rid of the sign between the expressions. but then what?

    asked by Shay
  54. Calc

    y=ln(x+1) +ln(x-1) find dy/dx I have trouble with this problem since i'm not that familar with finding the derivative when they involve ln. Please show me how to solve this problem. I should have gotten 2x/(x^2-1) The derivative of ln(x) is 1/x So, you

    asked by Brian
  55. calc

    Verify that the function satisfies the three hypotheses of Rolle's Therorem on the given interval. Then find all numbers c that satisfy the conclusiton of Rolle's Theorem. f(x)= x*sqrt(x+6) [-6,0] f is continuous and differential f(-6) =-6*sqrt(-6+6) =0

    asked by Brian
  56. algebra

    Divide (3x^3-x^2+8x-9) by (x-1) Please help! I'll show you how this works out: 3x^2 + 2x + 10 x - 1 | 3x^3 - x^2 + 8x - 9 3x^3 - 3x^2 2x^2 + 8x 2x^2 - 2x 10x - 9 10x - 10 1 Remember when you subtract, you change the signs. This did not divide evenly, so

    asked by bailey
  57. Deutsch! Please Help Me.

    Could you please proof read this short bit of text, which I wrote to learn for my oral exam because I don't wanna learn it wrong. Tankyoo Kannst du deine tägliche Routine beschriben? Um sieben Uhr stehe ich auf und dann wasche ich mich und bürste mir die

    asked by Sarah
  58. History

    To my knowledge the Arctic and Anarctic are the only places they haven't had major battles. What two continents have never been the site of a major military conflict? Probably Antarctica and Australia. I'm just

    asked by GuruBlue
  59. brain teaser

    54=C. in a D. with the J's what

    asked by Larnese
  60. science

    what is produced when copper sulphate solution is mixed with ammonia solution? Either copper(II) hydroxide or copper(II) ammine sulfate or both depending upon the strength and the amount of ammonia added. The first is Cu(OH)2, the second is Cu(NH3)4SO4

    asked by anon
  61. probability distribution

    A coin is biased such that a head is thrice as likely to occur as a tail. Find the probability distribution of heads and also find the mean and variance of the distribution when it is tossed 4 times. P(head) + P(tail) = 1 P(head) = 3 P(tail) Solving gives:

    asked by queen
  62. graph

    How "Graphs" can play a role in the daily practice life in solving different kind of problem Graphs are visual representations of quantitative relationships. Viewing the relationships visually can make certain facts about these relationships more evident.

    asked by queen
  63. math

    simplify the following expressions involving complex numbers. (3+2i)-(-7-i) is i like x? and how would this work i know that you do this: (3+2i)(7+i) to get rid of the sign between the expressions. but then what?

    asked by Shay
  64. math

    A ball is thrown straight up. Its height, h(in metres), after t seconds is given by h=-5t^2+10t+2. To the nearest tenth of a second, when is the ball 6m above the ground? Explain why there are two answers. I don't get how to calculate it. Please help.

    asked by Shay
  65. math

    what is the squar root of 256 16

    asked by tia
  66. Math

    Write several sentences to describe what the words angle, acute angle, and complementary angles have in common. I can't figure out what they have in common. Please Help! Thank You How about the word, "angle"? I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    asked by chris
  67. Chemistry

    Hydrogen boils at 20K. What is the boiling point of hydrogen on the Celsius scale? K is 273.15 degrees plus the celsius. so take 20(K) and minus 273.15 this would give your answer in celsius thanks.. One more question What is the volume of a board that

    asked by Devon
  68. Physics

    A luggage handler pulls a 20kg suitcase up a ramp inclined at 25 degrees above the horizontal by a force F of magnigutde 145N that acts parallel to the ramp. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the ramp and the incline is .30. If the suitcase

    asked by Jamie
  69. Accounting

    What represents the financial claim to business assets?

    asked by Bryan
  70. math

    how to add frecions ? Do you mean fractions? if so you have to add the numerators and keep the same denominator. For ex. 2 over 5 + 2 over 5 = 4 over 5 what are you talking about sorry

    asked by is
  71. algabra

    A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. If the volume of the cylinder is 250 pie inches cubed, What is the height of the cylinder? pi*r^2*h=250*pi pi cancels. solve for h r^2*h=250 h=250/r^2?? This is what I got originally. 250=pie(5)squared *h. 250= pie 25 h 10=

    asked by peggy
  72. Algebra

    I need help on this one too, please. Solve for X. 3x-2y=6 I got x=6+2y/3. My question is this: Can this be reduced down to x=2+2y? You really need to use parentheses here. x = (6+2y)/3 or you might want to show it as 2+(2y/3) or 2+(2/3)y

    asked by peggy
  73. math plz help!!!!!!

    What do angles, acute angles, and complementary angles have in common??? they are all angles duh! my teacher said that that's too obvious Please check your book for the similarities. This site also has several explanations about the similarities. (Broken

    asked by frank
  74. math

    A ball is thrown straight up. Its height, h(in metres), after t seconds is given by h=-5t^2+10t+2. To the nearest tenth of a second, when is the ball 6m above the ground? Explain why there are two answers. set h=6 rearrange the quadratic equation to get

    asked by Shay
  75. German. Please help :)

    Could you proof read this? Kannst du deine tägliche Routine beschriben? Um sieben Uhr stehe ich auf und dann wasche ich mich und bürste mir die hare. Ich frühstücke und dannach fahre ich zur schule um viertel vor acht mit dem Bus. Ich komme um viertel

    asked by Sarah
  76. Algebra :S

    How would I work this out? 4x+3y=21 2x+y=8 x=___ y=___ 4x+3y=21 (1) 2x+y=8 (2) (1) - 2*(2): y = 5 plugging this in one of the equations gives x = 3/2

    asked by Sarah
  77. spanish

    Quieres jugar basquetbol conmingo? bowwow is hot are you asking if someone wants to play basketball? yes can you answer it in spanish please ¿Jugaría totalmente el baloncesto con usted, si usted está en Calgary? ¿Yo no estoy seguro exactamente cuán

    asked by chela
  78. World geography

    identify the great lake on which chicago is located

    asked by Summer
  79. Accounting 1

    Completion 1)A Corporation's _________ spells out the rules under which the business is to operate. 2)A _________ is responsible for the affairs of the corporation.

    asked by Bryan
  80. algebra

    Determine the value(s) of k for which x^2+(k-2)x-2k=0 has equal and real roots. a x^2 + bx + c = 0 has two different roots if the discriminant D defined as: D = b^2 - 4 a c does not equal zero. If D = 0 then there is one root. That root is then real if b/a

    asked by Shay

    I Tried looking these up on the dictionary for Jiskha it didn't help please help.. matching PLEASE HELP? 1. labor force. 2. open shop 3. yellow dog contract. 4. flextime. 5. job discriminiation 6.strike. 7. minimum wage. 8. right-to-work law. 9. collective

    asked by HW MKTING HELP
  82. algebra

    A ball is thrown straight up. Its height, h(in metres), after t seconds is given by h=-5t^2+10t+2. To the nearest tenth of a second, when is the ball 6m above the ground? Explain why there are two answers. you have to equate h to 6: h = 6 ----> 5t^2+10t+2

    asked by Shay
  83. Math

    UM how do you find the cercomefrince of a circle? pi*diameter

    asked by John
  84. math

    Can someone please help me with this, -x/y = 2/9 I do not understand how to solve.... thanks -x/y = 2/9 multiply by 9y 9y*(-x/y)= 9y*(2/9) -9x = 2y can you take it from here? thank you

    asked by catalina
  85. scince

    excuse me? what are you trying to say?

    asked by Shay
  86. algebra

    y=2x^2+5x-3 a)determine the x-intercepts b)determine the vertex c)determine the axis of symmetry d)determine the maximum or minimum value, stating whether it is a maximum or a minimum e)determine the range can i get the equations so i can try them myself?

    asked by Shay
  87. Algebra 1

    3r-5s=-35 2r-5s=-30 multiply equation 2 by -1 then add the two equations. s will cancel and you can solve for r. Post your work if you need further assistance.

    asked by Candice
  88. Chemistry

    How can you solve for a derived unit involving density? I don't know what you mean. Density is a derived unit, no mater what the units used are. Do you have an example of what you are doing? Yes. What is the mass of a sample of material that has a volume

    asked by Whitney
  89. Social Studies

    I am doing a descriptive writting report on a famous place in Europe and I chose the Louvre Museum. I can't seem to find really any information can you help me? Thanks! Try a travel guide website like Frommer's or lonelyplanet

    asked by Valerie
  90. Mr. LaRue's Taxonomy Project

    Do you have sites for the following... Euglenopohyta- #6 Zoomastigina- #11 Chrysophyta- #6 #6- List the names and give descriptions of the various classes/orders of the particular phylum/class #11- Discuss the importance of this phylum/class to mankind.

    asked by Amanda
  91. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion 1)Metric 2)Five 3)Meter 4) 5)Weight The International System of Units (SI) is a revision of the ___1____ system. There are __2____ SI base units. In SI, the base unit of length is the ___3____. The Space taken up by a cube that is 10cm on each

    asked by Bryan
  92. x-intercepts

    0=2x^2+5x-3 determine the x-intercepts This is a quadratic equation. Use the quadratic equation, or... Factor it. (2x -xxx)(x +xxxx)=0

    asked by Shay
  93. math

    John made a rectangular pen for his dog using 28 feet of fencing.If the width of the pen is 2 feet more than one-half the length,what are the length and width of the pen?

    asked by Ashley
  94. math

    px+qy=r 2px-qy=2r find the solution. There are five unknowns here: p, q, r, x, y

    asked by Ashley
  95. math/science

    600kilometers= ____miles how many miles is 600 kilometers 1.6 km/1mile 600km* 1mile/1.6km =

    asked by destiny
  96. precal

    how in the world do you solve this... 4cos^2x -3 =0 add three to both sides, divide both sides by four, then, take the square root of both sides. f(x)=x'3+7x'2-x-7 find Zeros,solutions, answers, roots,and x-intercept

    asked by jackie nicole
  97. History

    What is the significance of the Mayflower Compact, Virgina House of Burgesses, and colonial town meetings? How are these terms related? Please tell us what you think. We'll be glad to critique your answer. tell me everyone who fought in the french and

    asked by Chris
  98. algebra

    Divide (6-3i) by (2+i) I would muliply numerator and denominator by 2-i. Then it becomes much easier.

    asked by bailey
  99. trig

    convert 80 degrees into radians 80 deg *2PI rad/360 deg = ?

    asked by Matt
  100. Algebra

    How do you solve for x in this problems?? bx-2=10 x/2+e=9 5x+e=9 These are rather trivial. I will do one. The second: subtract e from both sides, then multiply both sides by 2.

    asked by K
  101. algebra

    determine the vertex for the function y=2x^2+5x-3 for y = ax^2 + bx + c, the x value of the vertex is -b/(2a) sub that x into your equation to find the y. Another way is to complete the square. so for yours, x = -5/4 etc. a third way, if you know Calculus,

    asked by Shay
  102. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion 1)Metric 2)Five 3)Meter 4) 5)Weight The International System of Units (SI) is a revision of the ___1____ system. There are __2____ SI base units. In SI, the base unit of length is the ___3____. The Space taken up by a cube that is 10cm on each

    asked by Bryan
  103. Food Chain

    Which diagram shows how energy flows through a food chain? A. Producer,carnivore,herbivore B. Sun,producers,herbivore,carnivore C. Sun,herbivore,carnivore,producers D. Carnivore,producers,herbivore I'm only in 5th grade, please make it easy to understand.

    asked by Melthea
  104. Geomentry

    Can you give me examples of finding centroids? nope EVIL !@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Webbie
  105. state capitals

    unscramble TILKRETOC Little Rock You left out a T this is how it is typed on sons homework paper. not sure if it is misprint or not. It's the only capital that comes close. Little Rock must be right.

    asked by chrystal
  106. Calculus

    find derivitive of 1/square root of x 1/square root of x = x^(-1/2) The derivative is -1/2 x^(-3/2) can you keep going on the problem to not have negative exponents? You can also use that the derivative of 1/f(x) is given by: -f'(x)/[f(x)]^2 If you take

    asked by Linds
  107. international business

    Your organization is considering investion the philippines and you have been asked to give a presentation on this opportunity. In the presentation, you need to address the following: Investigate the economey of the philippiness and its neighbor, In what

    asked by dre
  108. antiderivatives

    i need the antiderivative of sinxcosx dx for intergral pie/2 to 0 thanks. sin(x)cos(x)dx = sin(x)d[sin(x)] = 1/2d[sin^2(x)]

    asked by andrew