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January 17, 2007

  1. science

    'the scale of a mercury-in-glass thermometer is linear. one such thermometer has a scale extending from -10 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius. the length of the scale is 240mm.' what is linear? what is meant when the question said the scale is linear?

    asked by minerva
  2. physics

    1. The efficiency of a squeaky pulley system is 73 percent. The pulleys are used to raise a mass to a certain height. What force is exerted on the machine if a rope is pulled 18.0 m in order to raise a 58 kg mass a height of 3.0 m? Answer: 13.24 N? A

    asked by anonymous
  3. business presentations

    I desparately need help on figuring out which type of presentations go for the following four audiences: Board of directors of the parent company Small groups of venture capitalists Commerical and Investment bankers Stockholders @ the stockholders meeting.

    asked by chana
  4. pH scale

    If a base is added to water, the pH will increase, decrease, stay the same, or increase sometimes and decrease sometimes. I have asked several friends and the two answers I get is increase from 3 of them and stay the same from 2 of them. I am confused. And

    asked by Jacob
  5. math

    how do you solve for zero for this equation? (2/3)X -12 -(20/X^2) (2/3)X -12 -(20/X^2) = 0 --> 2/3 X^3 - 12 X^2 - 20 = 0 ---> X^3 - 18 X^2 - 30 = 0 Numerical solution: You see that for X = 18 the first and second term cancel, so the left hand side is -30.

    asked by Sam
  6. science

    why does limestone form often in dry climates but rarely in wet climates? Why does limestone often form cliffs in dry climates rather than wet climates. i don't know

    asked by Think Critically
  7. science

    how do i calculate the sensitivity of thermometers?

    asked by minerva
  8. algebra

    find F(2) for the polynomial shown below. F(x)=(x^4)-(2x^3)+(3x^2)-(10x+3'0 Substitute 2 for x in the polynomial to work this out. Be sure to watch your signs! I hope this will help.

    asked by bailey
  9. Math

    LOL I can't figure this out. It should be easy it's been years since I've been in school and my son has no idea. The product of two numbers is 63. Their sum is 16. What are the numbers? Thanks for the help! Let's factor 63. 1 x 63; 3 x 21; 7 x 9. Which of

    asked by Lisa
  10. Math check

    Average cost = q^2¡V15q + 48 Calculate the output level (q), which minimizes a)Total Cost b)Marginal Cost I got an answer for a) is q=8 and b) is q=5 I need somebody to check it for me, thanks so much.

    asked by yan
  11. science

    when current flows through a wrapped in coils around a bar magnet, a temporary magnet known as a _________________ is created. Did you omit a word? perpahs metal. For the blank, are you thinking of electromagnet?

    asked by nadine
  12. religion, presentation

    how can i describe to a 9yr old kid about the relationship with god/torah. In one slide of a power point presentation that can only consist of approximately 5lines and five words per bulleted item without having the child confused and not understand me.

    asked by kailin
  13. science, temperature, thermometer

    the thread of mercury in a thermometer is 17cm when placed above boiling water, and 9cm when dipped in melting ice. how long would the thread of mercury become if placed in a liquid with a temperature of 75 degree celsius. is there a method or formula for

    asked by minerva
  14. science, absolute zero

    what is absolute zero? if 0 kelvin is the lowest temperature we can ever get, then does it mean that -273 degree Celsius is the lowest temperature we can reach? the book said "when we remove all of the energy from something, its temperature will be zero

    asked by minerva
  15. science e.m.f.?

    please explain to me what is e.m.f. e.m.f. stands for electromotive force. It is the work done per unit charge (Joules per Coulomb) by an electric field when electric charge goes from point A to point B. It is measured in Volts. 1 Volt = 1 Joule/Coulomb If

    asked by minerva
  16. macbeth

    In Scene 3 of macbeth do you think Lady Macbeth is faking when she faints. I am having a hard time understanding this play. Thanks I've never read this particular play; many others, but not this one. Try these sites:

    asked by chris
  17. English- Summarize

    Rhere is no creature with which man has surrounded himself that seems so much like a product of civilization, so much like the result of developemnt on special lines and in special fields, as the honey-bee. Indeed a colony of bees with their neatness and

    asked by chrissy
  18. english

    Write a compare and contrast essay that analyzes two different lifestyles: one of complete freedom, and the other which de-emphasizes individually in favor of a collctive social unit, such as the family, society, the government, or all of these. Ok so I am

    asked by chrissy
  19. organic chemistry

    can a molecule act both as an electrophile & nucleophile?

    asked by pab
  20. algebra 2

    can someone please explain synthetic division to me? It's just a specialized way to divide a polynomial by a linear factor using long division. I don't see the reason why anyone would want to learn this technique, because it's just long division. If you

    asked by bailey
  21. misc.

    Was Martha Wasington's last name Custis before she was married? In a way. Her birth name was Dandridge; Custis was the name of her first husband; Washington was her name while she was the wife (and then widow)

    asked by Holly
  22. u s government

    Who was the first u s government member that was an African american? Was it P.B.S. Pinchback? Pinchback was a Louisiana governor, but there were African-Americans elected to local offices before him. Joseph Rainey was the first African-American to serve

    asked by Holly
  23. science

    If a 12V battery supplies an electric current of 13A, how do I work a the power supplied? resistance = R = E/I = 12v/13A Then Power = P = I2R help with regents exam tring to find out about consumer,and energy vs

    asked by sarah
  24. music before the 1920's

    i need to know what music was like before the 1920's, before jazz. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here's a site I like a lot!

    asked by blah
  25. english

    Can someone tell me how to put a source in a paper? this is how I think my teacher told me to do it: “Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed” (Lee 241). how do you do it if the quote is a question What you have is

    asked by April
  26. precal

    The smaller of 2 numbers is 10 less than 4 times the greater number. The bigger number is 19 more than the smaller one. If x is the smaller number one equation is: a)x+y=19 b)x=19-y c)y=x+19 d)x=y+19 I'm almost positive it is c I just want to check. A

    asked by eragon
  27. Geo

    If living in Canada you are called Canadians. If you are lving in the province of New Brunswick, then what are you called. Canadians.... New Brunswick is a province of Canada. But do they have a specific name like New Brunswickins. I can find nothing to

    asked by London
  28. literacy

    Can you help me in 'What are the features of an explanation' "explanation - a statement that makes something understandable by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances" Structure means how the thing is put together; operation means

    asked by lewis
  29. Religious Studies

    what are the five gifts brought to the monastry by each new buddhist monk?

    asked by Ian
  30. Geography

    How are settlement trend infulenced by climate in New Brunswick. I thought St.John was near water that why there are a lot of people living there but that water, what does that have to do with climate? If the current along the coast of New Brunswick is

    asked by London
  31. Geography

    how does weather and climate affect settlement patterns in New Brunswick? my ideaS: provinces with extreme climate such as Nunavut would obviously attract fewer immigrants since no one wants to live in such freezingly cold conditions but New Brunswick has

    asked by London
  32. ms.sue

    the hard part is wording the words to a child about judaism . I can explain it or describe theconcept but then to word it to a kid. its the difficult part. because they will be in blank. is there a website for kids on judaism by any chance. These two sites

    asked by kailin
  33. American Government

    I need help with this question: Althouh the New Jersy plan was not entirely adopted at the Constitutional Convention,the New Jersey Plan contained an idea that later became known as the ____________ which requires judges to treat federal laws superior to

    asked by Martha
  34. Alpha decay

    Hi I am working on a question which discusses ununhexium atomic number 116 atom weight 292. This isotope undergoes 7 alpha decay reactions. I have calculated that after seven reactions the product would be 102 nobelium. I cannot understand how the atomic

    asked by Atom ant
  35. math, calc 2

    Using the disk method, find the volume of a right circular cone with height h and base radius r. I know the answer is 1/3pier^2h, but how do you explain or work out the problem?

    asked by George
  36. business

    evaluate the extent that management utilizes the classic management activities - planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Compare the ideal use of these activities found in the text book with how you see them executed in your workplace. Prepare the

    asked by Anonymous
  37. chem

    If a thermometer is calibrated to the nearset degree, what part of a degree can you estimate the temperature it measures? Doesn't it depend upon the spacing of the degree marks. Spaced like this || or like this |     | would make a

    asked by Anonymous
  38. water molecules

    water molecules separate positive and negative ions from one another by forming covalent bonds, ionic bonds valence shells hydration shells It forms a solution. Since solution isn't one of the answers, hydratin shells is the next best answer. OR, you can

    asked by maxie
  39. Chemistry (Check)

    Is the following sentence true or false? An answear is as precise as the most precise measurement from which it was calculated. My Answear: True Round the following measurements as indicated 1)Round 65.145 meters to 4SF (69.145) 2)Round 100.1 to 1SF

    asked by Bryan
  40. Science!-meterology

    What are the effects of the transfer of heat into the inside of the hydroshphere and atmosphere on the development, intensity and circulation of meterological systmems?

    asked by Sara
  41. physical chemistry

    I tried working out this problem but am unsure of a few steps. Please help me if you can. Consider O3 --->1.5O2 At 210degrees Celsius and an initial gas pressure of 0.23atm, it is found that the rate of reaction is 1.8E-2 mol/(Lxs). a) What is the change

    asked by ajones
  42. isomers molecular formula

    what are isomers that have the same molecular formula but a different arrangement of atoms called? geometric isomers, enantiomers, covalent isomers, structural isomers. They could be any of those except covalent isomers. I haven't heard of that one.

    asked by Jacob
  43. Psychology

    Can the Bible and science co-exist without either losing its authority? How? In my opinion, the Bible teaches moral and spiritual precepts. It doesn't pretend to be a scientific text book. Science tells us how things work. I don't see a conflict between

    asked by Nelda
  44. Psychology

    What role should the Bilble play in discussion about sexuality? That's up to the individual. According to the Bible, women should dress modestly. But does that mean that girls and women shouldn't wear bathing suits or shorts? In a religious setting, the

    asked by Nelda
  45. calc

    y=ln(x+1) +ln(x-1) find dy/dx I have trouble with this problem since i'm not that familar with finding the derivative when they involve ln. Please show me how to solve this problem. I should have gotten 2x/(x^2-1)

    asked by Brian
  46. vegetable names....

    what vegetable name includes all letters (and i mean ALL of them) except the letter 'y'? this means all 25 other of them. zsdg give me names of vegetables from a-z

    asked by mb
  47. Psychology

    What role should the Bible play in discussions about sexuality? What role do you think it should play? Please give us your ideas and we'll be glad to discuss it with you.

    asked by Sunshine
  48. Social Studies

    How can I find out the population for each state during the westward expansion? check the net, it has everything. Just go to google and type in Westward Expansion + population and you should get something.

    asked by Katie
  49. U.S. History

    were can i find a description on the government branches These two sites will give you an excellent

    asked by autumn
  50. math....please help

    Define what it mean when two angles are complimentary. I'm not sure what it means...please help me. Thank you! (Broken Link Removed) complementary (not complimentary)

    asked by pinkpolkadots7
  51. Math

    I have no idea, but I guessed 5 pieces won out of 15. Anyhow here is the question. During an art contest at your school, you and a classmate each won blue ribbons for 1/3 of the pieces you entered in the contest. You won 2 blue ribbons and your classmate

    asked by Andre
  52. chemistry

    What is one situation in which measurements have an unlimited number of significant figures? When we define a number; i.e., 2.5400000000 cm = 1.00000000 inch. OR 12.00000 inches = 1.000000 foot.

    asked by Bryan
  53. macbeth

    In act three how does the banquet scene blur the clear-cut and common-sense distinction that most of us make between the real and the imaginary? In what other scences has this distinction also been blurred? This site will be able to help you.

    asked by jessica
  54. math

    Find the percent of 42377 books i don't understand how to find percents You don't have enough information to calculate percent. If we had a total of 42,377 books and we sold some of them %books sold=(# books sold/42,377)x100 the question says: For 1980,

    asked by jennie
  55. Math

    The ractangle given has a perimeter of 14 units. Find the value(s) of x by factoring a quadriatic equation. x= 12/(x+1) y= 6/ (4-x) If anyone can help me that would be awesome, thanks a bunch. I can only give you an example : for example x2 - x -6 = 0

    asked by Shay
  56. math (rate)

    A blue candle is twice as long as a red candle. The blue candle takes 6 hours to burn out, and the red candle takes 15. After 5 hours, what fractional part of each candle is left? The blue candle's length is what fraction of the red candle's length?

    asked by Preston
  57. macbeth

    After reading Macbeth and going to various websites in order to write an essay on who is responsible for the tragedy in macbeth, to write about the witches, macbeth, and lady macbeth leading to the tragedy. If you want to get technical it was Lady Macbeth

    asked by clark


    asked by ROSA
  59. trig

    How do I find 1 positive and 1 negative coterminal angle for: 1) -460 degrees 2) 11pi/4 3) -12pi/5 WERE DO YOU GO TO GOOGLE BECAUSE I TIRED!

    asked by Al
  60. math

    will anyone explain to me how to solve two step inequalities? it would be most appreciated. they are called two step inequalities. ill give you an example -40 a if and only xa.These rules are also valid if < is replaced by is rep-laced by >. area of a

    asked by austin
  61. Chemistry

    How many number of significant figures are there in measurement 6.80? I think 2 In measurement 43.52 cm what is digit is the most uncertain? thanks

    asked by Bryan
  62. Science

    What are the effects of the transfer of heat (convection, conduction and radiation) into the inside of the hydrosphere and atmosphere on the development, intensity and circulation of meterological systmems? (storms ect.)

    asked by Sara

    IS KELP A ------- (FISH), (WHALE), OR (SEAWEED)? seaweed Seaweed

    asked by ROSA
  64. MATH

    solve 1-(2/x)=2/(x+2) Express your answer in simplest radical form. What is radical form ne how? 1-(2/x)=2/(x+2) Multiply both sides by x(x+2): x(x+2) - 2(x+2) = 2x Note that we cannot allow x to be 0 or minus two because for these values the original

    asked by Shay
  65. Religion Correction/edit

    I have to find the following for Hinduism. can someone correct them for me please. what i need to find: Country of origin My answer: India Historical figures and events My answer: Theres no founder. Hinduism was developed out of Brahminism Central

    asked by kailin
  66. EASY Q.

    I WASN'T BEING MEAN I'M JUST SAYING CAUSE I FEEL YA THINK IM ASK STUPID QUESTIONS. WHALES LIVE IN GROUPS CALLED (COMMUNES),(COLONIES),(PODS) pods. and why are you asking these questions? Rosa, when you type in all-caps, two things happen: ~~it's harder to

    asked by ROSA
  67. Discussion

    I need some ideas. What are the objectives that your university seeks to pursue? a) How may success in achieving these objectives be measured? b)To what extent do the objectives of various subunits of your university complement or contradict each other?

    asked by J.R
  68. mathematics

    what is %125of60 showing work Can explain the question so i can help you!? the answer is n=125% x 60=75

    asked by jordan and brooke
  69. Government-Need Help

    With respect to the 31 amendments (of the Constitution)that have been proposed by Congress,which statement is true? 1.Only 25 have been ratified 2.The Eighteenth Amendment which makes selling liquor illegal was ratified and is still a valid law. 3.The

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    What is 6.5%of 40? Showing work 0.065 x   40 -------------   2.600 that is 2.6 just reverse what you would to to get a percentage. 40 times .065 = 2.6

    asked by jordan and brooke
  71. MATH

    find the x-intercepts of y=3x^2-6x by factoring y = 3x^2 - 6x Factor out 3x: y = 3x(x - 2) Set each factor equal to 0: 3x = 0; x = 0 x - 2 = 0; x = 2 Those are your x-intercepts. I hope this will help.

    asked by Shay
  72. calc

    evaluate exactly it's a sigma notation where n=20 k=1 and (1+(-1)^k)

    asked by tyler
  73. MATH

    24/(x+1) + 12/(4-x) = 14 Multiply both sides by (4-x)(x+1) 24(4-x) + 12(x+1) = 14(4-x)(x+1) 96 - 12x + 12 = -14(x^2 -3x -4) = -14x^2 +42 x +56 Combine terms and solve for x. sorry guys, here's another.I'm not the greatest at math but i do know some... The

    asked by drwls
  74. geography

    What's the differnces between a physical and political map? A physical map will let you know about the terrain -- where mountains, rivers, valleys, deserts, etc., are. A political map will let you know the boundaries of countries, states, etc. =)

    asked by LMH
  75. easy q

    The physical enviroment in which species relate is called their (a)biome,(b)habitat, (c)home Look up each term in a dictionary (hard copy or on line). That should answer your question. Although this does not directly answer your question, I hope this will

    asked by ROSA
  76. Organic Chem


    asked by Desiree
  77. writeacher

    What organism do the scientist believe will eventually explode in population?

    asked by ROSA
  78. 2 any1

    can you give examples for homonyms &3 for synonyms? Homophones/homonyms: Synonyms are just single words that mean the same as other single words. Think of some words and look them up here:

    asked by joe
  79. Trigonometry

    Evaluate sin^-1(square route of 2over2) give the answer in radians. Please i really need this question. can you help me?

    asked by Matt
  80. Math

    A=1/2H(B+b) Solve for H Let's start by getting rid of the fraction. Multiply both sides by 2 (whatever operation you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side as well): 2(A) = 2[1/2H(B+b)] 2A = H(B+b) Now divide both sides by (B+b) and

    asked by Joseph
  81. Math

    What is 4.5% of 60? showing work 4.5/100 = x/60 x = (4.5)(60)/100

    asked by jordan and brooke
  82. Math

    What is 14.5 of 60? Showing Work Is this supposed to be 14.5% of 60? If so, take 0.145 (decimal form) times 60 for your answer. I hope this will help.

    asked by jordan and brooke
  83. Math

    what is24% of 15? showing work Take 0.24 (decimal form) times 15 for your answer. I hope this will help.

    asked by jordan and brooke
  84. Geography

    I'm doing a project on Kenya. Wanted to bring in some cookies for baked product from Kenya. Can't find any site anyone have a good easy receipe?

    asked by Taunya
  85. math

    What is the difference between joining the points in a graph and drawing a smooth curve near them? Those values that haven't actually been measured can be estimated by using a smooth curve versus connecting the points on a graph.

    asked by Kate
  86. math

    The rectangle given has a perimeter of 14 units. Find the value(s) of x by factoring a quadriatic equation. one side= 12/(x+1) other side= 6/(4-x) Remember that the perimeter of a rectangle is: P = 2L + 2W Note: P = perimeter, L = length, and W = width.

    asked by Shay
  87. math

    You have two formulas to use: A = lw -->area = length times width P = 2l + 2w -->perimeter You know the perimeter, which is 200m of fencing. Let length = x Now let's solve the perimeter equation for w, using what we know: 200 = 2x + 2w 200 - 2x = 2w (200 -

    asked by MathGuru
  88. vapor pressure

    Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by a vapor when condensation (, or =) evaporation over its liquid in a closed system = =

    asked by yayhawknelson
  89. Religion, correction,edit

    can someone correct this for me please. on buddhism the questions are: Country of origin: my answer: north east indian Historical figures and events: My answer: the founder of buddhism -Siddhartha Gautana(the buddha) Central Believes: my answer: *Buddha

    asked by kailin
  90. science

    A less nutritious fish that has taken over the population of other fish. PLEASE HELP ME! And how do I make a sentence with comprehension? Help If you would be kindly. Read about carp here.

    asked by Jessica
  91. science

    each end of a magnet is called a magnetic pole or simply pole.

    asked by shaleem
  92. ms.sue , religion

    thanks to you and bobpursley so am i doing better than last time. i'm really trying here. Yes. You're doing great! I think you're beginning to understand Eastern religions! Fantastic! :-)

    asked by kailin
  93. science

    a region of magnetic force is known as a _______________ magnetic field. You could also be thinking of magnetic pole.

    asked by shaleem
  94. math

    what is x to in -2x-18=16x--13

    asked by jere
  95. math

    I believe Lance meant to write x = -5/18 I am wondering why you have two minus signs before the number 13. Two minuses make a plus, but usually they are not written that way. combine like terms -18x=5 solve for x x=5/18 what does x equal in...

    asked by drwls
  96. vapor pressure

    762 + vp ethanol = total pressure. Dalton's Law of partial pressures. The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 257C is 882 mm Hg. If the pressure of the air in the flask is 762 mm Hg, the vapor pressure of ethanol is ?mm Hg.

    asked by DrBob222
  97. English

    What is the word for, when to many things are happening at once? chaos? In romeo and juliet (act3 scene 1) how does benvolioconnect the weather to peoples fellings? This site will help you with this. "As

    asked by London