Questions Asked on
January 16, 2007

  1. spelling

    what is the answer to this analogy brother:mother::fly:???? must start with the letters scr,spr,str,or thr brother:mother:fly brother:mother::fly:???? must end with scr, spr, str, thr brother:mother::fly:???? must end with scr, spr, str, thr i don't know i

    asked by austin
  2. math

    Oregon is about 400 miles from west to east, and 300 miles from north to south. If a map of Oregon is 15 inches tall (from north to south), about how wide is the map? PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN IT Set up a proportion: 15/300 (the ratio of inches to miles,

    asked by Aj
  3. Math, Geometry and Physics

    An enemy ship is on the east side of a mountainous island. The enemy ship can maneuver to within 2500 meters of the 1800 meter high mountain peak and can shoot projectiles with an initial speed of 250m/sec. If western shoreline is horizontally 300 meters

    asked by Bob

    A simple pendulum consits of a 3.0 kg point mass hanging at the end of a 2.0 long light string that is connected to a pivot point. a. Calculate the magnitude of the torque (due to the force of gravity) around this pivot point when the string makes a 5

    asked by Anonymous
  5. LA

    How does a genre affect the theme of a story - like A Christmas Carol? This site will give you a definition, plus types of literary genre. If "A Christmas Carol" were meant to be humorous, how

    asked by Chris
  6. English

    Hi, I wanted to know if anybody knows or knows a website that can explain each line in the poem “The Tide Rises and the Tide Falls” by Longfellow This site has comments about the poem, but I didn't find a site that explains it line by line.

    asked by Larry
  7. convert cis-2-butene and trans-2-butene

    why can't you convert cis-2-butene into trans-2-butene simply by undergoing a rotation? answered the original post. please answer this Question

    asked by Desiree
  8. science

    Is acid rain a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture? If we mean that each drop of rain may not have the same amount of acid in it as the next drop, it must be heterogeneous. That would mean that each drop of rain absorbed different amounts of the

    asked by Bobby
  9. Discipline

    Kyle, a two-and-a-half- year old, is stacking blocks in the block center. Karen is playing beside him with some large cars. As their teacher Melanie watches, Karen rolls her car into Kyle's tower causing it to fall. Kyle hits Karen causing her to cry.

    asked by Belinda
  10. Logic

    This exercise relate to the inhabitants of the island of knights and knaves created by Smullyan, where knights always tell the truth and knaves always lie. You encounter two people, A and B. Determine, if possible, what A and B are if they address you in

    asked by Sam
  11. English

    Hello, my teacher gave me the assignment of writing a essay about the book I picked to read. The essay is suppose to be a personal opinion to the author or to the book. I am confuse on what to write about. What does it mean, by a personal opinion, do I use

    asked by Marisol Hernandez
  12. organic chemistry

    why can't you convert cis-2-butene into trans-2-butene simply by undergoing a rotation/ The cis and trans isomers of 2-butene involve a pi bond as well as a sigma bond. To "rotate" the molecule, the pi bond must be broken (remember this double bond is

    asked by Desiree
  13. ms.sue, help with presentation

    okay in my powerpoint presentation i have to only have approx. five lines per slide with five words per bulleted item. i have to describe the ten commandments to a kid that is 9. i know the following : the ten commandments, or Decalogue are like passages

    asked by kailin
  14. english

    in the pome crazed man in concentration camp by Agnes Gergely what dose the box symbolize? What do you think? He shed a tear over its loss. I will be happy to critique your thinking.

    asked by Amanda
  15. Predicting products for electrolysis

    when you have your 4 different equations to form 4 different possible equations, what two equations do you use for water, O2(aq) + 4H+ + 4e- ----> 2H20 (+1.23) 02 (g) + 2H2O (l) + 4e- ----> 4OH- (+0.40) 2H20 (l) + 2e- ---> h2 (g) + 2OH- (aq) (-0.83) I'm

    asked by Sienna
  16. spanish

    What is the difference between a direct and indirect object pronoun? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Do you need the explanation first in English? The direct-object: a word or phrase denoting the goal or the result of the action of a

    asked by April
  17. Science

    How many stages of the water cycle are there? I think there is four. Am I right?

    asked by Emilie
  18. Macbeth

    Hello, I have to do an essay about Macbeth the question is who is to blame for the tragedy we read about in Shakespears macbeth. Do you believe the witches were to blame for the tragedy. Thanks, chris Probably greed and ambition. Read about Macbeth's

    asked by chris
  19. culture ethics

    I need two to three charateristics of orientalism. How may orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups? This site will give you the characteristics of Orientalism. Very strange, I found

    asked by sue
  20. science

    What is archaebacteria and eubacteria's nutrition and reproduction?

    asked by ?@N0NYM0U$?
  21. u.s history

    How did Montcalm's failure to consult with his Indian allies or to understand their expectations at the battle of Fort William Henry affect the future conduct of the war? ( I'm failing in my history class so can you please help me to understand. You guys

    asked by Webbie
  22. math correction

    Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points (0,5) and (-3, -4). the slope i get is = 3 so the slope of any line perpendicular would be the reciprocal of 3 which is -3/1 is that the correct answer. or do i have to word it differenly

    asked by jasmine20
  23. Math

    can you help me with the homework that I am doing right now that is math 4th grade work.Also I need the answers 16/36 We can help, but we wont provide answers. You have to work for them. bobpursley on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 7:12pm in response to

    asked by Nakia Johnson
  24. algebra2

    1/3 - 5/6 = 1/X SOLVE 1/3 - 5/6 = 1/X Let's remove the denominators by multiplying by 12X 12X*(1/3) - 12X*(5/6) = 12X*(1/X) Clear the fractions. 4X - 10X = 12 -6X=12 multipy by -1 6X=-12 Divide both sides by 6 6X/6 = -12/6 X = -2 Check my work.

    asked by maria
  25. equivalent hydrogens

    sorry about the diagram it didn't come out. structural formula of 1-chloropropane an 2-chloropropane which are the equivalent hydrogens.

    asked by Desiree
  26. U.S History

    I really don't understand why Loudoun was shocked that the "leading people" in the colonies defended their "Liberties" and opposed "royal authority?" ( I really need improvement in my History subjects.) Basically, all those who advocated "liberties" and

    asked by STAR
  27. English

    How does one explain the difference in usage between "I am going to go get it." and "I will go and get it." Correct terms, please, to help a foreign student. I am going = present progressive tense I will go and get = future tense, compound verb to get =

    asked by Mia
  28. equivalent hydrogens

    what are the equivalent hydrogens in 1-chloropropane and 2-chloropropane. H H H H CLH | | | | | | H-C-C-C-CL H-C-C-C-H | | | | | | H H H H H H

    asked by Desiree
  29. Science

    What is the main source of energy for the water cycle? What type of heat transfer does this provide? The sun is the main source driving it: Sun heats water, water evaporates. What type of heat transfer does it provide? I think that it is radiation, but I'm

    asked by Emilie
  30. Confused! Pre-Cal

    Verify that each equation is an identity.. tan A= sec a/csca I have notes (i wasn't here that day and teacher refuses to reteach) but I don't understand them here is the notes... Problem w/ same directions: Cos x= cotx/csc x = Cosx/Sin x / 1/sinx = cosx I

    asked by Anonymous
  31. language

    What is a simile? This site will give you a definiton and examples. would for native americans woul for be the prepositions and americans be the object. for is the preposition. Native Americans is the

    asked by joe
  32. science

    How do i calculate how much time it takes to heat water? All I know is the power supplied and the energy required. Thanks power= energy/time Power*time= energy you know the energy, you know the power, solve for time. time(in seconds)=

    asked by barbara
  33. math,algebra,help

    Problem states: Business and finance. The cost of producing a number of items x is given by C = mx + b, in which b is the fixed cost and m is the variable cost (the cost of producing one more item). (a)If the fixed cost is $40 and the variable cost is $10,

    asked by jasmine20
  34. social studies

    What evidence have archaeologists found of a highly developed civilization in the Indus River Valley?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math

    I am given 4 choices for the problem the square root of 8x -2 = the square root of 2x. The choices are a)x=2 or 2/9 b)no solutions c)2/9 or d)x=2.I have imput the numbers and gotten a variety of solutions none of which are any of the choices, does this

    asked by Kellie
  36. science

    how is schopf's theory similar to oparin's theory about the orgin of life? MODERN STROMATOLITES are structures built by cyanobacteria(blue-green algae), grace Shark Bay, Australia. Elsewhere in Australia, J. William Schopf of the University of California

    asked by La Tashia
  37. Discipline

    Carl is getting tired of two children in his three-year-old room having wetting accidents on the playground. The class always uses the restroom before they go outside,but two of the boys are wetting themselves at least once a week,making Carl have to send

    asked by Belinda
  38. intro to algebra

    how do i figure out this type of problem. 7(12t). im in college but never learned algebra in high school The seven multiplies by the innards of the parenthesis. 7*12t= 84t

    asked by george
  39. science

    If the kinetic energy of a 0.62kg stone is 2.3J at its highest point and 9.4J at its lowest point how do I calculate the height at the highest point. Thanks The difference in KEnergy has to be equal to the change in gravitational PE. mgh = 9.4-2.3

    asked by sarah
  40. algebra

    When dividing 2x2 - 4x + 5 by (x - 1) the remainder is 11. True or false If you mean (2x^2 - 4x + 5)/(x-1) , the quotient is (2x - 2) with a remainder of 3. So False is the answer.

    asked by Aubrey

    Which currents are cold and which are warm? North Equatorial current, Equatorial counter current, South equatorial current, Peru current, Florida current, Guinea current, and Falkland current. I have found out 11 others but not these.

    asked by Pat
  42. math,correction,&help

    Write the equation of the line L satisfying the given geometric conditions. L has y-intercept (0,2) and is perpendicular to the line with equation 2x-3y = 6 Equation of perpendicular line is of the form 3x + 2y = K…It passes through (0,2) 2(2) = K = 4

    asked by jasmine20
  43. Calc

    a) y =ln(x-1) find dy/dx=? b) y=3 ln x - ln (1/x) where x >0, dy/dx= ? My teacher says the answers are a) (2x)/(x^2-1) and b) 4/x I am not sure how you find the derivative when they involve ln. Could you please explain to me how to get these answers? I

    asked by Jamie
  44. french- subjontif

    ok! i have a huge french test comming up in 2 days and i need help with memorizing the subjontif and imparitif of a verb as well as infinatif. (sorry, i cant spell!) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. To memorize, you need to analyze what

    asked by Leah
  45. science

    how do the masses of elements relate?(similar/difference) Please clarify the question. Generally, the mass increases as we go lower elements to higher elements in periodic table. There are a few exceptions.

    asked by sam
  46. Science

    what are the properties of a solid - this is for 5th grade the state in which a substance has no tendency to flow under moderate stress; resists forces (such as compression) that tend to deform it; and retains a definite size and shape Solids have a

    asked by Derek
  47. economics

    what are the characteristcs or features of capitalism.

    asked by krystal
  48. english

    Write a paragraph under the title " good words are full of flavor" Sarah, We do not do your homework for you. We will be happy to proofread and make suggstions if you will put your paragraph on the board. suggestion - Think of some really neat words that

    asked by sarah
  49. Discipline

    I have a couple of questions that I need some help with. 1.Miss Wiggs is trying to read a story about elephants before her first grade class leaves that morning for a trip to the local zoo.The children have already sat through calendar and weather time,as

    asked by Belinda
  50. calculus

    Let f be a function defined by f(x)= arctan x/2 + arctan x. the value of f'(0) is? It's 3/2 but I am not very clear on how to obtain the answer. I changed arctan x/2 into dy/dx=(4-2x)/(4sqrt(4+x^2)) but that's as far as I got. Could you please show me how

    asked by Jamie
  51. US History help

    What did the Monroe Doctrine warn European Nations not to do? What did the US promise to do? This site will help you with that.

    asked by Karillys
  52. u.s History

    Ummm..... I'm really bad at reading charts, especially when it comes to math. So what I need to understand is- What does the chart tell me about the reaction of colonial legislatures to Pitt's letters? (I'm going to send you the chart in my next posted

    asked by Webbie
  53. U.S History

    How did Montcalm's failure to consult with his Indian allies or to understand their expectations at the battle of Fort William Henry affect the future conduct of the war?

    asked by Webbie
  54. Math

    The problem 8^x = 16^x+2 the choices a)8 and b)-8. Help please! Given that information I want to say the answer is -8 ? where is the 2. Use parentheses. Is it 16x+2 or 16x+2 The 2 is part of the exponent. Take the log of both sides. log 8x=log 16x+2 x*log

    asked by Kellie
  55. MATH

    Useing substitution/elimination method what is the solution set to 2x+y=1 x^2=y+2 a)(-3,7) and (1,-1) b)(3,7) and (-1,-1) c)(-3,-7) and (1,1) d)(3,-7) and (-1,1) I've really no educated guess so PLEASE HELP! You can make an educated guess by substituting

    asked by Anonymous
  56. MATH

    Useing substitution/elimination method what is the solution set to x^2+y^2=25 4x-3y=0 a)(3,4) and (-3,-4) b)(3,-4) and (-3,4) c)(-4,3) and (4,-3) d)(4,3) and (-4,-3) PLEASE HELP! There are two ways to do this. (1) Try each of the multiple choices in the

    asked by Anonymous
  57. MATH

    What is 3.08 and 1.09 in fraction form? 308/100 and 109/100 The first can be reduced, I don't see a reduction in the second.

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Ethics

    consider racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justices, health care, and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern African American, which do you think are most difficult to overcome, and why?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    I have 2 problems I need help with both I have narrowed it down to 2 possible answers but can't decide which one is right. The first problem log subscript 5 (2x+3)=2 the choices a)13/2 and b) 14. The next problem 8^x = 16^x+2 the choices a)8 and b)-8. Help

    asked by Kellie
  60. HELP!

    How many times do I have to tell you the answer is d. Goodness. all you had to do was add two numbers given, and double it, and put the neg sign in front. I have no idea what the answer to this problem is,

    asked by bobpursley
  61. MATH

    I have 2 questions the first I have narrowed down to 2 possible solutions the second has 3. What is the solution to log sub 5 (2x+3)=2 a)13/2 or b)14? The next problem f(x)= log sub 5 x what is the value of 1/25? a)square root of 2 b)-1/2 or c)1/2? Help is

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math

    15sqrt8x^16/5sqrt2x^4 *you have to simplify,but I don't get this one at ALL!PLease help...

    asked by margie
  63. Math

    How do you create a word problem using unit rate? Please check the explanation at this site -- One of the most common word problems might be -- George averages 60 miles per hour when driving on a highway. How far

    asked by Tom
  64. French for Aubrey

    Present Tense of Regular -ER Verbs, Affirmative jouer = to play (I play, I do play, I am playing) SINGULAR je joue tu joues il joue elle joue on joue PLURAL nous jouons vous jouez ils jouent elles jouent NOTE: The personal endings of the present tense (le

    asked by SraJMcGin
  65. math

    3x-4=-2(3x+5) 3x-4=-2(3x+5) clear the fraction. 3x-4=-6x-10 add+6x+4 to both sides. 3x-4+6x+4=-6x-10+6x+4 9x=+4-10 Can you take it from here? 3x-4=-6x-10 9x=-6 x=-2/3

    asked by matt
  66. Science

    Similar cells work together in a ___________ which is part of an__________ which is part of a _____________.?? What are the male reproductive structures that carry sperm to the testes and the external

    asked by Cristina
  67. precal

    I have two questions for the same problem I need help with. The sum of 2 numbers is 56. The smaller number is 1/3 the bigger one. If x is the smaller one an equation for the numbers is: a)x-y=56 b)xy=56 c)x/y=56 d)x+y=56 I want to say the answer's c but

    asked by eragon
  68. precal

    The smaller of 2 numbers is 10 less than 4 times the greater number. The bigger number is 19 more than the smaller one. If x is the smaller number one equation is: a)x+y=19 b)x=19-y c)y=x+19 d)x=y+19 I'm almost positive it is d I just want to check. A

    asked by eragon
  69. math,correction & help

    Write the equation of the line L satisfying the given geometric conditions. L has y-intercept (0, -3) and is parallel to the line with equation y = 2/3x + 1.

    asked by jasmine20
  70. early childhood education--need help!!

    I need help with this question. Mr. White is having circle time with his first grade class. He is discussing the "th" blend and what words can be made by using this sound. He notices that after about five minutes, Mike is getting restless and not staying

    asked by Melody
  71. help!!

    what is the antomym for prohibit =)

    asked by bethany
  72. HELP!

    The problem using elimination/substitution methods what is the solution set to 3x -2y =-4 and 5x=2y the choices a)(2,-5) b)(-2,-5) c)(2,5) d)(-2,5) Please, Please, Please, HELP! Between a and c I believe it is c is that correct? Yes.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. algebra2-imaginary numbers

    You can add or subtract complex numbers by treating the i as a variable and combining like terms. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out these equations with imaginary numbers. 1. (3+2i)+(7-i)= 2.(1-6i)+(2-i)= 3. (2+i)-(3+i)= 4.(4+i)-(2-i)= Can someone

    asked by chrissy
  74. english

    what is a thesis The word has several meanings. Please check this site for explanations. If you still need help, please post another question.

    asked by jillian
  75. math

    How to you do the prime factorisation of 350 using exponets? Just break it down into smaller and smaller factors until are are prime. 350 = 50 * 7 = 10 * 5 * 7 = 5*2*5*7 = (5^2)*2*7 1000

    asked by Lesley
  76. Science

    what is a the soild material in a solution called? It is called the solute; however, there are many solutions in which no solid is involved. Thank you for helping

    asked by Derek
  77. Science

    I have some questions down there. Someone please answer them.

    asked by Emilie
  78. math

    yes, is it 1 and 1/20? Yes, 21/20 = 1 & 1/20. Although I'm not sure I would call a mixed fraction simpler than a fraction.

    asked by connie
  79. torque

    what happens to torque where force is applied? what happens to torque when force is moved from axis of rotation? what happens to torque when d changes? I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math

    I have 2 problems I need help with both I have narrowed it down to 2 possible answers but can't decide which one is right. The first problem log subscript 5 (2x+3)=2 the choices a)13/2 and b) 14. The next problem 8^x = 16^x+2 the choices a)8 and b)-8. Help

    asked by Kellie
  81. HELP!

    The problem using elimination/substitution methods what is the solution set to 3x -2y =-4 and 5x=2y the choices a)(2,-5) b)(-2,-5) c)(2,5) d)(-2,5) Please, Please, Please, HELP! 3x-2y=-4 -5x +2y=0 add the equations, solve for x. That makes it a or c. Put

    asked by Anonymous
  82. HELP!

    I have no idea what the answer to this problem is, I'm given choices but I'm still lost. Given: log sub a 2=.4, log sub a 3 =.5, log sub a 5=.8 what is log sub a .01? a)0.7 b)-0.6 c)1.44 d)-2.4 Please Help! loga 10 = loga2 +loga5 you are given both of

    asked by Anonymous
  83. science

    deltaL= L * coeff thermal expansion Al * delta Temp What is the linear expansion for 1 Deg F change in a piect of aluminum that is 1.9 inches long?

    asked by bobpursley
  84. Iteration Control Structure

    Design a program that models the worm's behavior in the following scenario: A worm is moving toward an apple. Each time it moves, the worm cuts the distance between itself and the apple by its own body length until the worm is close enough to enter the

    asked by Martha
  85. MATH

    ok there are 600 at a school and 20 out of 30 kids order shirts if the shirts how many out of the 600 would order them... 20 200 300 400?? yes, 400 20/30 = x/600 You did not copy down the Question right Honey! :') Try Again.... : ) One word COMPUTAION I

    asked by Sumone
  86. Water Cycle

    Help Me!!! Answer my previous two questions puh-leaze!!! wateva u geek!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Emilie
  87. U.s History

    How did the "massacre" at Fort William Henry affect the attitudes of British colonials toward Indians? toward Montcalm and the Frnch?

    asked by Webbie
  88. math

    multiply and simplify 3/4 x7/5 3/4 x7/5 = 21/20 =?? Can it be simplified?

    asked by connie
  89. sequence

    defining function is f(x) = 3x+b. If 27 is a member of this sequence, what is the next consecutive member of this sequence? PLEEEEAAAASEEE HELLLLP meeee f(x)=3x+b f(x+1)= 3x + 3 + b so there is a difference of 3 between numbers. Next number is 27 + 3

    asked by Lori
  90. Math

    Does the equation square root of x^2 + 3X= x-3 have no solution because I think there isn't one? change it to x^2 +2x +3=0 Now factor.

    asked by Kellie
  91. english

    can someone tell me the difference between prejudial and non-prejudial use of rhetoric? Posted by Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:47am. Check these sites to help you answer your question. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by shelly
  92. Thank You So Much!


    asked by Anonymous
  93. outlines

    where would i go to find different samples of outlines? Try these sites. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by patti
  94. calc

    Why would fZ(x) =2x^3 on [-1,1] fail to satisfy the conditions of the Mean Value therorm? It is continuous and differential. So what is wrong with it I can't figure it out. I agree with you. The theorem should apply for that "fZ" function over that

    asked by Jamie
  95. U.S History

    (I don't understand Loudoun's letters about the American colonists.) What is the impression that is made of British soldiers from Loudoun's letters about the American colonists?

    asked by STAR
  96. u.S History

    NEVER MIND! : ' )

    asked by Webbie
  97. math, correction

    Write the equation of the line with given slope and y-intercept. Then graph each line using the slope and y-intercept. Problem #1: Slope: -2; y-intercept: (0,4) my answer: The points I used to graph were: (0, 4) and (2, 0), the equation is: Y= -2x + 4

    asked by jasmine20