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January 15, 2007

  1. Physics Question......many thanks

    A projectile is shot directly away from Earth's surface. Neglect the rotation of Earth. (a) As a multiple of Earth's radius RE, what is the radial distance a projectile reaches if its initial speed is one-fifth of the escape speed from Earth? ____ times RE

    asked by Jessy
  2. Geometry

    An isosceles right triangle has an area of 98cm squared. Find the length of each leg. The formula of finding the area of a triangle with one right angle is: (b x h)/2 You know that an isoceles triangles has two equal sides. Those equal sides are the base

    asked by gr8
  3. chem

    I need help balancing this redox equation: H2O2 + Ni+2 --> H2O + Ni+3 in basic solution. Here's what I have so far: Ni+2 --> Ni+3 + 1e- H2O2 --> H2O I can't seem to make the second half-reaction balance. If you follow the rules for balancing basic redox

    asked by Chris
  4. qualities of persuasive business messages

    How do you organizing information in informative, positive, negative, and persuasive messages? Assuming that the audience is not in favor of the change, the message is most effective when the pro agruments are given fist, then the con arguments followed by

    asked by Letitia
  5. Pre Cal

    6-x=2x+9 If you are to solve the equation for x, first try to get the variable on one side of the equation. Let's subtract 2x from both sides to start (whatever operation you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side as well): 6 - x - 2x

    asked by Kayla
  6. chemistry

    I just can't do this... Two moles of potassium chloride and three moles of oxygen are produced from the decomposition of two moles of potassium chorate. What is the balanced equation? How many moles of oxygen are produced from twelve moles of postassium

    asked by Tabby
  7. Physics....Orbiting Satellite

    A orbiting satellite stays over a certain spot on the equator of (rotating) Venus. What is the altitude of the orbit (called a "synchronous orbit")? I found the radius and mass of Venus on the google, but I don't know what I should plug in the "T" if I use

    asked by Jessy
  8. Early childhood

    Which of the following ideas will not help children feel personal ownership in their classroom? 1. Giving the child the right to label works in progress,such as block structures,with their name. 2. Labeling a child's school supplies with their name. 3.

    asked by Hannah
  9. physics.. important stuff !

    i still do not understand?? can someone please help me out??? (a) why is the centripetal force neede to keep a body moving in a circular path? (b) In what direction does a centripetal force accelerate the body on whic it acts?? (c) Upon what threee factors

    asked by maria
  10. Physica And Geometry Part II

    Please look at question carefully. Max Range is easy. But, there is also a second question. How close to the shore should the boat get, so that it is protected by the peak. What formula can you use to figure that out. An enemy ship is on the east side of a

    asked by Bob
  11. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion Percent error is calculated by dividing the ___1____ of the error by the accepted value and then multiplying by ____2___. 1)ablsoute vale 2)100% right on both. thanks when 2.0 g of NaOH were dissolved in 53.0 g water in a calorimeter at 24C, the

    asked by Bryan
  12. Footnotes

    What is the proper footnote format for an internet source? I don't know many places that require footnotes any more. The usual format is to use in-text parenthetical citations along with a Works Cited page (was called a bibliography).

    asked by Anonymous
  13. chemistry

    in the isolation of eugenol, why is it necessary to extract the organic layer with enough base? I am not an organic chemist so check me on this. Isn't eugenol a phenol? Won't that make it somewhat acid? Won't the NaOH extraction make the phenol a sodium

    asked by madel
  14. Judaism

    Can someone give me ideas I have to do a powerpoint presentation about Judaism to a younger person ages 9-14. Judaism began about 3000 BCE when Abraham led his people to believe in one God. Moses was a Jewish prophet who gave us the Ten Commandments as he

    asked by kailin
  15. honors algebra II

    factoring:: i factored 15A^2B - 10AB^2 into... (15A - 10B)(15A + 10B) am i doing it correctly? because im pretty confused. thanks :] No, you are confused. This is not a difference of squares. Neither the first term or the last is a perfect square. Here,

    asked by mia
  16. Chemistry

    answear in standard exponential form with correct number of significant figures 0.57 cm X 0.86 cm X 17.1 cm= what don't you understand? Please be specific. You may have two significant figures in the answer.

    asked by Bryan
  17. word clues

    a slight suspicion or hint. _ _ k _ ing When you find a word you don't know, try a good dictionary. If it is not there, then try a Thesaurus for a synonym. This one is "inkling."

    asked by malibu
  18. science

    how to find if a compound e.g.CH3CN acts both as a nucleophile and an electrophile

    asked by pab
  19. chemistry

    I don't know how to do this How many moles of water can be made from 4 moles of oxygen gas and 16 moles of hydrogen gas? What is the limiting reagent? Write the balanced equation. 2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O 2 mols H2 + 1 mol O2 will produce 2 mol H2O. So 16 mols H2

    asked by Tabby
  20. I need help.,math

    Is this correct or wrong? Technology. Driving down a mountain, Tom finds that he has descended 1800ft in elevation by the time he is 3.25 mi horizontally away from the top of the mountain. Find the slope of his descent to the nearest hundredth. so i would

    asked by jasmine20
  21. Physics - Geometry Question

    Thank you for answering part of the question...Need help with the rest. Have figured out that 36 degrees is the minimal angle that the ship can fire to make it over the hill and 76 degrees is the maximum. The ship is safe if it is; closer than 194 meters

    asked by Bob
  22. help

    HELP ME!!! with what? sorry! what is a chemical symbol? thanks webelements heres a link to a chemistry/science site. thanks a bunch! :] Can you help me find the answers for these question? Explain why: 1.flammable substances like petrol should not be

    asked by Matt

    TWO QUESTIONS 1. Discuss 2 limitations the supreme court has imposed on the exercise of 1st Amendment rights to free speech? On what grounds have these limitations been justified? 2. What is due process of law? Describe 2 of the due process guarantees

    asked by JAYLEE
  24. Science(I guess)

    Could you help me find some websites that can tell me what the ingredients are in vinegar. Vinegar is acetic acid. Some bottles are sold as 4% and some as 5%. White vinegar is straight acetic acid (distilled) and water.

    asked by Katie
  25. math

    What is pythagarouses theary

    asked by kat
  26. spanish

    can u help me translate some words? First of aLL, you need to post the words here!

    asked by kiwanda
  27. analogies

    insurmountable: disadvantage Choices impermeable:water indomitable:defeat interminable:tedium inevitable:drawback insuperable:barrier and a sentence to prove How to solve analogies:

    asked by jake
  28. math , correction

    theres a diagram which in the diagram the points are: (-3,1),(0,3),(2,0), (-1,-2). And the directions say: use the concept of slope to determine if the given figure is a parallelogram or a rectangle: so this is what i did please can someone check it to see

    asked by jasmine20
  29. World Literature

    What literature do you consider to be part of the United States' current literary canon, and why? How do those selections reflect the cultural tradition of the United States? There is no one final list; it should always be rather fluid. But here are some

    asked by Glenn
  30. French for Aubrey

    I am no longer using the AOL Browser and trying to print the Index for you. Let's see what happens!

    asked by SraJMcGin
  31. math,help

    how do you convert miles to feet. what formula do i use. one mile=5280feet so you would multiply the number of miles to 5280 to get feet thank you

    asked by jasmine20
  32. Equation of a straight line.

    1. Find the equation of the line described in each case: a) Gradient 3, cuts through (0, 6). b) Steepness of 4, passes through (0, -2). c)Parallel to y = 5x - 1, cuts the y-axis at (0, 10). d)Cuts through (0, 7) and (5, 17) 2. Here are 3 eqautions: A. y +

    asked by DJ Frankie Pigeon
  33. interest groups again

    what is a campaign contribution? why do interest groups choose this as a technique to their advantage. this is what i have: Campaign contributions is getting financial help from resources or buying support from candidates. getting support helps the groups

    asked by david
  34. chemistry

    can a compound's empirical and molecular formulas be the same?Explain who cares? Yes, they can. CH4 is methane. That is the empirical formula as well as the molecular formula.

    asked by amanda
  35. Geometry

    42x25 rectangular roof(one side) We need to fill this roof with 8x4 plywood pieces. So, we need about 33 plywood pieces to fill one side roof. How do I show a possible arrangement of pieces on half of the roof. Make a few cuts. What is the area of the

    asked by Jen
  36. Language Arts

    Five themes of geography as they relate to A Light in the Forest. I haven't read this book, but you might check on the themes section in here: =)

    asked by Ryan
  37. physics

    Suppose that the displacement of a particle is related to time according to the expression delta x = ct^3. What are the SI units of the proportionality constant c? My answer: delta x = ct^3 m = c s^3 (s: seconds) m/s^3= c The SI units for c: m/s^3 correct?

    asked by galileo
  38. science

    how to find the stability of a carbanion attached to a benzene ring with ethersand nitro present

    asked by mayuri
  39. chemistry

    Does copper rust in the presence of water? No. In the olden days wooden ships were coated with copper metal to prevent wood borers and increase speed.

    asked by sam
  40. how would i solve this, math

    Geometry. For the floor plans given in exercise 27, determine whether the side through the points (2,3) and (11,6) is perpendicular to the side through the points (2,3) and (-3,18). # 27 states the following: Geometry. Floor plans for a building have the

    asked by jasmine20
  41. English

    I learned that a noun has six functions. One of those funstions are, subject of a verb. Can you provide a definition of, "subject of a verb." This site will give you an excellent definition and good examples.

    asked by Gina
  42. Business

    What are the sectores of the economy? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "economy sectors" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Erica
  43. Math

    The demand for item A is P=40 -3.5Q The production of A entails the following average variable costs: AVC=1.5Q - 35 Fixed Costs are 24. a) Calculate the revenue maximizing price of A Revenue= PQ Revenue= 40Q-3.5Q^2 Revenue' = 40-7Q Q=40/7 P=40-3.5(40/7)

    asked by 413
  44. interest groups

    what is litigation? why do interest groups choose this as a technique to get what they want? Litigation is to take in issue to court for a trial. There are a couple of reasons for interests groups to do this. First they get a legal opinion on a particular

    asked by david
  45. math help

    15sqrt8x^15/5sqrt2x^4 remember that sqrt(a)/sqrt(b) = sqrt(a/b) simplify the inside. also notice that sqrt(x^11) = sqrt(x^10) * sqrt(x) = x^5 * sqrt(x)

    asked by margie
  46. English

    What is, "object of a preposition." This site will help. Simply, the noun following a preposition is the object. ( the rabbit ran) over the HILL, under the LOG, and behind a ROCK. Hill, log

    asked by Gina
  47. physics - so important

    In which of these cases is a youngster doing work in the school gymnasium? climbing up a rope lifting a set of weights from the floor to overhead PLEASE HELP ME? i NEED TO KNOW THiS FOR A TEST TOMORROW iN PHYSiCS & i CANT SEEM TO FiND THE ANSWER ANYWHERE &

    asked by maria
  48. math

    is this correct then. Why might !@#$%^&tion notations be important? My answer: a function notation shows how x computes based on an equation. The function of x means the given equation a certain value. Such as f(x)=x + 7. For example f(6)=6 + 7. So,

    asked by jasmine20
  49. chem (Check)

    The Question: Why must a calculated answear generally be rounded? My Answear: A calulated answear cannot be more precise than the least precise measurement from which it was calculated. I think your answer is ok but I think you are leaving out information

    asked by Bryan
  50. history

    Who was the only US President to be granted a patent and what was this for? I've just learned something. :-) Check this site.

    asked by cindy
  51. English

    What is a foil? Ex. Bob is used as a foil to Tina. =) I still don't understand :( Think of "foil" as if it's aluminum foil. You can see your image in it if you look at the shiny side, right?

    asked by Gina
  52. math

    I need ideas for a grade three math project. A collection of 1000 items that can be fixed to a sheet of bristol board. All and any ideas would be appreciated How about uncooked elbow macaroni? You could even use food coloring to dye them to represent

    asked by Sheila
  53. english

    I am reading the Scarlet Letter and i have a question. What are Dimmesdale's and Hester's plans to avoid being exposed by Chillingworth? Another teacher may come online who can help you with this directly, but all I can do is refer you to Sparknotes:

    asked by dukegirl
  54. English

    Gurublue and Writeacher tried to explain to me foil but I didn't understand and I unfortunetly still do not. I need to find the characterisitcs that are being brought out in Julius Ceaser [II.I]between Ligarus and Brutus. I don't understand. I know many

    asked by Gina
  55. math,correction

    can someone please correct this for me. i have to graph: y = 3/4x + 2 so the points i got for plotting is: (-4,-1),(0,2),(4,5) then i just connect the points to get the line. If they plot on a line the answer is correct. y= 3/4 x + 2 is a line, and all

    asked by jasmine20
  56. geography

    i need to find 3 historic attractions , 3 culture attractions and 3 landscape attrctions in the u.k ? I would suggest you try this website: This website should help

    asked by katie