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January 11, 2007

  1. physics

    Approximately 5.5 X10^6 kg of water fall 50m over Niagara Falls each second. a) What is the decrease in the gravitational potential energy of the water-Earth system each second? b) If all this energy could be converted to electrical energy (can’t happen)

    asked by Brian
  2. living environment

    WHY IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND RESPIRATION DECSCRIBED AS A CYCLE? chemically, they are reverse processes: photosynthesis makes organic molecules and oxygen water from carbon dioxide and water. Respiration takes in oxygen and then "burns"

    asked by jackie
  3. drbob222 math,correction

    i made some corrections for the previous postage can you check those when you get a chance please. Also for this one: my options of answers are: A)2y + 6/3 B)3x- 6 /2 C)2 + 2y D)2/3y + 6 Directions: Solve for x: 3x - 2y =6 3x - 2y = 6 +2y +2y 3x = 6 +2y --

    asked by jasmine20
  4. chem

    Can someone help me with these please? 1) Use water as an example to contrast the properties of a compound with the elements from which it is composed. 2) If you tried to breath carbon dioxide, you would suffocate. Why, then, is carbon dioxide essential to

    asked by June
  5. Discipline and Guidance

    Two children are fightining over the blue marker. According to constructivist discipline, what is the best approach for the caregiver in this situation? A. Take the blue marker from both children and tell them to clean up their work,since they cannot get

    asked by Melody
  6. history

    democracy did not develop in latin america because the region was? Please check your book. This kind of open-ended question can only be answered by consulting the author of the phrase. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a good site

    asked by jasey
  7. Chem

    what is the meaning of "accepted value" with respect to an experimental measurement? Accepted value means that the majority of reasonable folks will accept that value as true. O thanks.. one more question When brought to the surface of the moon, will a

    asked by Justin
  8. math help, correction

    Anna has 12 bills in her wallet, some $5 and some $10. The total value of the bills is $100. HOw many of each bill odes Anna have? How do i solve these type of problems my quess was this but i don't know if i'm correct. 5(x) + 10(y) = 100 5(0) + 10y = 100

    asked by jasmine20
  9. Discipline Question- PLZ HELP

    Which statement about positive and negative attention is true? A. Giving a child negative attention will create a well-rounded adult who is confident B. A child who seeks positive attention will never try to get negative attention. C. Positive and negative

    asked by Melody
  10. Chemistry (Check)

    Label each of the three following sentences that describe accuracy with an A. Label each sentence that describes precision with a P. ___P___5. Four of five repetitions of a measurement were named numerically identical, and the fifth varied from the others

    asked by Bryan
  11. English rep of an algebraic problem

    Hello, I need HEEEELP. I need to create one statement in English representing an algebraic relationship. I think I have the right idea but not to sure. Thanks Have a great day!!! Why not tell us your idea and we can help you if it is the right idea or not.

    asked by Carrie
  12. Chemistry

    Give the number of significant figures in the measurement (superscript -3 for #1, and superscript 3 for #2) 1)3.85 X 10-3 2)17.30 cm3 3)0.0037 mm 1. 3 significant figures. 2. 4 s.f. 3. 2 s.f. Here is a good site to review.

    asked by Bryan
  13. algebra3

    which inequality is tge solution of 6x negative 3 greater than or = to 7 plus 4x? a.}x is greater than or =to negative 5 b.}x is greater than or= to 5 c.}x is less than or = to 5 d.}x is less than or = to negative 5 Your problem: 6x - 3 ≥ 7 + 4x Solve an

    asked by Darius Graham
  14. computer

    I need to do the degrees celcuis and fahrenheit abreviations on my computer document, can someone tell me what keys to use. oC & oF. Do you want to post them on this board or is this a document you are writing. If the latter, what program are you using. If

    asked by belinda
  15. decision making

    Your manager is concerned and wants to make sure that you learned from this mistake and the likelihood of this happening in the future is minimal. Therefore she would like you to email her a reflective analysis about that decision. Be sure to address the

    asked by K
  16. history

    british imperialism and french imperialism shared what? They both wanted to exploit their colonies in Africa and Asia to bring more money into their countries.

    asked by jasey
  17. Chemistry

    how do you identify an anode and cathode by direct observation in an electochemical battery when you don't have a voltmeter and the chemicals are no known. I look on the battery for a + and - sign. In a battery, the + pole is the cathode and the - pole is

    asked by lucie
  18. Chemistry

    Is the following sentence true or false? To decide wheather a measurement has good precision or poor precision, the measurement must be made more than once. thanks in advance True. I hate T/F statements that have "must be". Life is full of exceptions to

    asked by Bryan
  19. Biology Photo efficency

    How do you calculate the photosynthetic efficiency ..the % of solar energy reaching vegetation in an ecosystem that is converted to GPP ??? I know the amount of sol energy, GPP, NPP etc... is it the GPP divided by the energy reaching the amount of solar

    asked by Snail
  20. algebra2 plzz help

    how do you solve these problems (5x)to the power of a+4(5x)to the power of a-2 3 to the power of 5 times xto the power of y+4 divided by 9 times x to the power of y factor 5aa-2 , which is the greatest common factor, out. 5aa-2(25x2 + 4) check my thinking.

    asked by britteny
  21. anatomy

    Smooth muscles have a scant connective tissue what is it?

    asked by Kris
  22. Algebra II

    Factor the Polynomial in quadratic form. 6y(to the sixth power) - 5y(to the third power) - 4 6y^6 - 5y^3 -4 = (2y^3 + 1)(3y^3- 4) I do not believe the cubic terms are separable into quadratic factors.

    asked by wendy
  23. math correction

    solve: x -8 = 4 + 8 +8 x = 12 my answer is x = 12 solve: 80 = 10x -- --- 10 10 8 = x my answer is x =8 solve: 3x= -12 -- --- 3 3 x = -4 my answer is x = -4 Solve: 12 -3x = 9 -12 -12 -3x = -3 --- --- -3 -3 x = 1 my answer is x = 1 ok on all of them.

    asked by jasmine20
  24. Math

    How do you divide fractions??? Cross multiply: For example, 4/5 divided by 6/7 would be 28/30 or 14/15. 3/4 divided by 2/3 would be 9/8 or 1 and 1/8 Actually, the word cross multiply is a misnomer. What is being done is multiplying by the reciprocal for

    asked by Gracieh
  25. Chemistry

    How you do this? can you do the first one, i'll try the second one if you can explain Perform the following operations and give the answear in standard exponential form with the correct number of significant figures 1) 37.2mL + 18.0mL + 380mL= 2) 0.57cm x

    asked by Bryan
  26. Science

    How does accuracy differ from precision? Accuracy is how close a measurement is to a generally accepted value. Precision is how many digits the measurement is. My weight is 160 lbs, generally accepted as true. My to scales recoreded my weight as 164lbs,

    asked by Dennis
  27. boats

    What was the first boat that crossed the Panama Canal? The first ship to cross the isthmus was the concrete ship Cristobal, the official and publicized ship to make the voyage was the Ancon. Thanks!

    asked by Holly
  28. english

    we are reading the scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. can you please tell me why Arthur Dimmesdale is the greatest sinner in the book and give examples and quotes (for quotes include what chapter it was found in) thanks! You should go to

    asked by rach
  29. algebra 3

    what is the equation of the line that passes through {negative 4, negative 1}and {0,7}? A.Y=2X PLUS 9 B. Y=X/2 PLUS 7 C. 2X PLUS 7 D. Y= NEGATIVE 2X PLUS 7 Here's a way to approach your problem. 'm' represents slope. 'b' the y-intercept. m = (y2 - y1)/(x2

    asked by Darius Graham
  30. Chemistry

    At sea level we are under 15.8 pounds of pressure per square inch of our body. This is the equivalent of a 16 pound bowling ball at every inch of our body. Describe why we are not overcome by the pressure of the atmosphere? What experiment in our course

    asked by Lisa
  31. Calculus

    Hello. I'm having problems with a couple of Calculus questions that involve maximums of geometric shapes. The first one is: 1. Find the dimensions and minimum volume of a right circular cone which can be circumscribed about a sphere of diameter 8. What I

    asked by Alex
  32. psychology

    Are there ways to revise current IQ tests and improve them so they are not culturally biased? Here are a couple of very interesting sites that may give you some good ideas.

    asked by key
  33. Math correction

    (1)Translate the following statement into an algebraic equation. Lex x represent the number. 12 less than 5 times a number is 18 my answer: 5x - 12 = 18 (#2) 4 times a number, increased by 9, is 17. Find the number. My answer: 4x + 9 =17 looks ok to me.

    asked by jasmine20
  34. math/science

    I understand now how to do the + and - graph but how would i label the 2 axis. One is for temps but how would i show the objects/subjects? If i was doing + only i would put numbers up the side and object/subjects on the bottom line but with + and - numbers

    asked by nula
  35. british idioms

    hello, i have a list of british idioms but if someone knows anything about the theory or something regarded to british idioms i would be grateful What theory? What do you want to know about British idioms? Please clarify your question, and we'll try to

    asked by vil6
  36. psychology

    What do the results of twins studies on IQ say about John Locke’s theory? (Broken Link Removed) Here are some quotes to assist you in this nature vs nurture debate. The last really answers your question. The others mainly point out the fallacies

    asked by key
  37. math correction

    A rectangular solid has a base with length 2 cm and width 6cm. If the volume of the solid is 108 cm^3. Find the height of the solid. Possible answers are: A) 8cm B)9cm C) 10cm D) 11cm My answer: V = LWH 108 = (2)(6)H 108= 12H --- --- 12 12 9 = H right

    asked by jasmine20
  38. Science

    I need to make a generator. The really small ones that can light up a very tiny lightbulb. Basically, I need horse shoe magnets, I know that bit, bet im having trouble how to create the coil and wrap the magents, and how to build it. How do I make a coil?

    asked by Gina
  39. ALGEBRA 3

    if f{x}= negative x square - 7x - 22, what is f{negative 5}? a.negative 82 B.NEGATIVE 32 C. 12 D. NEGATIVE 12 Your problem: f(x) = -x^2 - 7x - 22 To find f(-5), substitute -5 for x. Watch your signs. I hope this helps.

    asked by Darius Graham
  40. science

    Ice erodes and deposits sedimebts to form ______ what? river beds? Glacial beds? I am not certain of the context here.

    asked by Nathaniel
  41. chemistry

    Why must a calculated answear generally be rounded? and how many siginificant figures must you round an answear to when performing multiplication or division?

    asked by Dennis
  42. dwrls,math

    PLEASE LOOK IN THE BOTTOM OF THIS MESSAGE...... solve for x: 3x - 2y = 6 i need help in solving this: the possible answers has to be one of these: A)2y +6 divided by 3 b)3x -6 divided by 2 C) 2 + 2y D) 2/3y + 6 but how i keep trying and i don't get non of

    asked by jasmine20
  43. Chemistry

    Why are numbers used in chemistry often expressed in scientific notation? They otten are very large or very small. Printing those types of numbers is onerous.

    asked by Justin
  44. math,correction

    can someone correct these for me i'll appreciate it thank. dirctions: solve 3x-7=2x+8 my answer: x = 15 directions: solve 2/5x=-10 my answer: x = -25 Directions: solve -3(x+1)=2(x-8)+3 my answer: x= -3.2 1 looks ok. Show your work on 2 and 3 and we can

    asked by jasmine20
  45. babies born inthe white house[first]

    Who was the first baby born to a president's wife in the White house? Ester Cleveland, daughter of Grover, in his second term. I don't know

    asked by Holly
  46. math

    how do I solve? 4X -4 = 24 4x - 4 = 24 +4 +4 4x = 28 4x/4 = 28/4 x = 7 to check: 4(7)-4 = 24 28- 4 = 24

    asked by bob
  47. math correction

    solve for x: 3x - 2y = 6 i need help in solving this: the possible answers has to be one of these: A)2y +6 divided by 3 b)3x -6 divided by 2 C) 2 + 2y D) 2/3y + 6 but how i keep trying and i don't get non of these. Add 2y to both sides of the equation.

    asked by jasmine20
  48. math

    Please help me simplify: 4sqrtx^12/24sqrtx^2 *Is this correct: 2sqrt4/12x The answer you get depends upon where you put the parentheses, and you don't show any. I don't see any way of coming up with your answer. 4 (sqrtx)^12/ 24 (sqrtx)^2 = (1/6) x^6/x =

    asked by margie
  49. algebra

    Can someone please help me with this? Solve x^3-3x^2-10x=0 by factoring. Take out x. x(x^2-3x-10)=0 For the polynomial inside the parentheses, you want factors of 10 that will add or subtract to give 3. 10 and 1 gives 11 or 9 so that is no good. But 5 and

    asked by Linda
  50. Algebra II factoring

    I need help. i am having trouble factoring trinomials into binomials. an example problem is 4n^2-5n-6 can someone show me step by step how to factor these kind of problems easily? Take the coefficient of your quadratic term in this case 4 and multiply it

    asked by Lane
  51. english

    hi im indiya and im here to ask you a interesting question well my question is do you no a website about balanced reports based on why children are given homework? The why is simple: Practice. Humans learn by repetition spaced over time. The average task

    asked by indiya
  52. math/science

    bar chart - i need to draw a bar chart with + and - temperatures. I want to start on chart on -50 and end on +50. On the graph would you do the bars up only or up and down. I hope this kind of makes sense. I would do the bars both up and down. Say have a

    asked by nula
  53. algebra3

    whatis the y-intercept of the line y= 4x-3? a.]1 b.]3 c.]4 d.]-3 IT IS -3 BECAUSE THE 4X THATS YOUR SLOPE AND THE Y INTERCEPT IS YOUR -3

    asked by Darius Graham
  54. algebra 3

    what is the equation of the line with {3,3} and is perpendicular to the line y= negative 2x plus 3 The slope of the line is -2. The slope of a line perpendicular to this one must be its negative reciprocal, or 1/2. Use the point-slope form to find the

    asked by Darius Graham
  55. Chemistry

    As a hot air balloon rises to increasingly higher altitudes describe what happens to the volume of the balloon if at constant pressure? If pressure is constant, and temperature decreases.. PV=nrT Volume is directly proportional to temperature..

    asked by Lisa
  56. math

    a simple question but i need help for which eqn is the graph of a line w/ undefined slope that passes through (5, 1) a. y=1 b. 5x=y c. x=5y d. x=5 and can you show me how you did the problem. thanks (5,1) is the point on the graph where x = 5 and y = 1.

    asked by rach
  57. metaphor and metonymy

    hy:)can someone help me?i really need to know the difference between metaphor and metonymy..can you give me an example? Metaphor is defined and an example given at the top of this

    asked by billa
  58. Accounting

    How the heck to I post this? "Wells purchased 100 shares of Wells Consulting Services stock for $10,000" The only accounts I have to choose from are: Cash A/R Supplies A/P Capital Stock Retained Earnings Dividends Professional Fees Operating Expense

    asked by Michalyn
  59. Math

    What is the square of the least two-digit prime number? What is the least two-digit prime number? 11 how do i show that the polygons are similar by checking that corresponding angles have equal measures and corresponding sides are proportional? 10 11 So

    asked by Christian
  60. Math

    I am stuck on a couple of math problems. I need help on the following numerical patterns. 5,7,11,17,25,?,47,61 80,40,20,?,5,5/2 It looks like you add two to each increment. For example, 5 + 2 = 7. 7+4=11 11+6=17 17+8=25 25+10=35 etc. For #2, I think each

    asked by Tori
  61. Science

    What is eubacteria's enrgy source? Source? It is simple sugars. ,kj

    asked by Homer
  62. algebra

    What is the y-intercept of the graph of the function y=-2(x+2)^2+4? Please and thanks! When x is zero, y= -2(4) + 4 or -4 Thank you.

    asked by June
  63. algebra2

    Plz Explain how to use a graphing calculator to solve the equation: x(x^2+2)=15. Then state the solution rounded to 2 decimal places.

    asked by britteny
  64. copy rights/motion pictures

    What was the first motion picture to receive a copy right? This site will give you the history of that. did the first motion picture receive a copyright? Jaws Jaws

    asked by Holly
  65. math

    thanks for the help but i was wondering (16 square root of x-3) times(square root of x-1) is equal to 16x-19 square root of x then plus 3 No, it is not. 16 (sqrt (x-3) ) (sqrt (x-1)) if that is your problem. It is hard to determine from your text. Use

    asked by jon
  66. Math(forget my other question I already have that)

    Please help me simplify this one please: 15sqrt8x^16/5sqrt2x^4

    asked by margie
  67. religion,help

    How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion? can someone explain to me what does this question is asking or help me out because i've tried answering it in previous postages. but i just don't understand. please someone

    asked by kailin
  68. Science

    The record of the women's 200 m is 21.34 sec. If all racers at that speed, how much more force would be needed by the racer in lane 1 to stay in her lane than by racer in lane 8. Assume that all racers weigh 534 N. The track is a 400 m Olympic track. You

    asked by leafprincess
  69. HELP

    How United States and United Nation helping for Darfur? Please give me each exsample about Money, Aid and Military. And Is it enough? I already know US and UN gave Darfur some troopes, but I don't know Money and Aid. Essentially, the U.S. has not helped in

    asked by Jake
  70. math

    What is (-3+ the square root of -25) - (4+ square root of -16) the product of 8 and a number is 56, what is 2 less than the number? Your problem: (-3 + √-25) - (4 + √-16) Working this out: -3 + 5i - 4 - 4i -7 + i And that's as far as you can go to

    asked by jon
  71. math

    16 (sqrt (x-3) ) (sqrt (x-1)) What is the question? All you have written is an algebraic expression. i have to multiply them

    asked by jon
  72. math correction

    an arithmatic student needs an average of 70 or more to receive credit for the course. She scored 68,69, and 83 on the first three exams. Write an inequality representing the score she must get on the last test to receive credit for the course. my answer

    asked by jasmine20
  73. algebra3

    what is the slope of the line that passes through {-4,-9}and {0,5)? a.] 7/2 b.] -7/2 c.] 1 d.] 2/7 YOU HAVE TO USE THE FORMULA M = Y2-Y1 DIVIDED BY X2-X1 WHICH WILL BE: M = (5-(-9))/0-4 M= 5+9 / 0-4 M= 14/-4 M=-3.5 Which is the same as -7/2

    asked by Darius Graham
  74. algebra 3

    which number is a the solution of the equation [5x-2] = 8? a.}6/5 b.}1/2 c.}negative 6/5 d.}negative 1 Is this [5x - 2] supposed to represent absolute value of 5x - 2 ? If so, set up two equations: 5x - 2 = 8 and 5x - 2 = -8 Solve each and see if one of

    asked by Darius Graham