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January 7, 2007

  1. Algebra 1

    Write an equation for for each translation of y=|x| 1. left 2 units y = |x| consists of two 45 degree curves joined at the origin: y = x for x>0, and y = -x for x < 0. To move the curves to the left 2 units, you want the sign of the term inside the

    asked by Mike
  2. Chemistry

    How do you write the formula for a compound containing a polyatomic ion? Give a for example. I write it as I would any compound. sodium hyrogen carbonate is NaHCO3. sodium acetate is NaC2H3O2.

    asked by Bryan
  3. Physics

    Calculate the force of gravity on a spacecraft 19200 km (3 earth radii) above the Earth's surface if its mass is 1600 kg. Hint: At three earth radii from the surface of the Earth, the gravity force (weight) of the spacecraft will be reduced to (1/4)^2 =

    asked by Scotty
  4. MsSue

    thank you for helping me religion is really hard to understand especially if your not from it or even have studied it for long. Now what are some cultural influences for having hinduism vital to the region it originates from. and what does it mean to

    asked by kailin
  5. third grade math

    how do you check addition problems by adding up? Let's use this addition problem as an example. 21 35 ___ First you add 1 + 5. To check your work, add up, 5 + 1. If you have a column of numbers and you go down each column to add them together, that's

    asked by zeke
  6. CHEM

    Air is approximately 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen (on a mole basis). If 6 g of hydrogen is added to a 22.4 liter maintained at 0 degrees c and initially filled with air at 1 atm pressure, what will be the molecular mass (i.e. the average molecular mass) of

    asked by Jessica Lynn
  7. again economics

    Thx for answering before... This time I can find a anything about the 45 degree model which I have to charaterize! I'm not quite sure what you mean by "characterize" so I can only hope the following will help you:

    asked by Angel
  8. Math sequence

    Let {An} be the sequence defined recursively by A1=sqr(2) and A(n+1) = sqr(2+An) for n is bigger and equal to 1. Show that An < 2. What is An? and how do I find it? Thank you for your time. An is the nth number in the sequence, and is defined by the

    asked by Belle
  9. Chemistry

    I see the formula Al(OH)3. Why are parentheses used in writing this formula? The formula Na2O means we have two atoms of Na and one atom of O. The formula Al(OH)3 means we have one atom of Al and three atoms of O and three atoms of H. Or, in other words,

    asked by Bryan
  10. Chemistry Equation(again)

    What I wrote is the balanced ionic equation. The ++ are written as exponents and could be written as we usually do it as Cu^+2 + Zn ==> Zn^+2 + Cu. For the molecular equation, it is Cu(NO3)2 + Zn ==> Zn(NO3)2 + Cu So the ionic equation for adding

    asked by DrBob222
  11. Math

    How do I solve this? tan^2x= 2tanxsinx My work so far: tan^2x - 2tanxsinx=0 tanx(tanx - 2sinx)=0 Then the solutions are: TanX=0 and sinX/cosX = 2 sin X Divide through by sinX: we have to check this later to see if allowed (ie sinX is not zero) cosX=1/2

    asked by Chris
  12. biology

    i need help writing sentences with the following words? autotroph diversity eukaryote heterotroph indigenous infer prokaryote stimulus sustainability I would look the words up to be certain on the meanings: I would use your text definition first, if

    asked by Stephanie
  13. Algebra

    Given a line containing the points(1,4), (2,7) and (3,10) determine that slope-intercept form of the equation, provide one additional point on this line, and graph the funtion. Start by putting the first point into point-slope form: y-y1=m(x-x1), so

    asked by delmore
  14. Mitosis

    Hey! i want to know what is the importance of mitosis when it comes to growth, asexual reproduction and repair. Thankkkksss in advance! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a great tutorial site from Arizona on mitosis:

    asked by Mallory
  15. Economics

    I need help!! I got this question: Derive the IS/LM-model from the 45-degree model and the money market... anything! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since you ask for "anything" here are some things I found re: IS/LM:

    asked by Angel
  16. Chemistry

    It takes 32 seconds for a certain number of moles of H2 to effuse through a leak in a tank. An unknown gas was later places under the same conditions; it took 1:39 for the same number of moles to effuse. Find the molecular mass of the gas. I set it up like

    asked by John
  17. Chemistry

    Hello! I need help with knowing how to find certain data in the L3 and L4 columns using my calculator and plotting the graph to know which order the reaction is. I know you go to stats then to edit, and you put in the given info into L1 and L2. After that,

    asked by Rachel
  18. Government

    Is it acceptable for FDR to do the secret dealings that he did? What are the positives? Negatives? Acceptable to whom? The answer to your question involves your own philosophy. Do the ends ever justify the means? Or should actions always be legal, moral,

    asked by Mike
  19. Government

    How was FDR able to sway public opinion on our role in WWII? One of the most unique was his use of radio, his Fireside Chats. During the Depression when the country needed encouragement, he began sitting down and just 'talking' with the people in what

    asked by Mike
  20. english

    hi! nedd some help.i am writing a book report and have does my cover page has to look like?in which corner do i have to writr ma name, date etc. thanks:) The cover page format is usually demonstrated by your teacher. Your cover page should

    asked by bil12
  21. Science

    What is a polyatomic ion? A polyatomic ion is an ion composed of more than one kind of atom. For example, the hydrogen carbonate ion, HCO3^- (also called bicarbonate), ammonium ion (NH4^+), oxalate ion (C2O4^-2), phosphate ion (PO4^-3), sulfate ion

    asked by Jeff

    HOW MANY VERTEXS DOES A HEXAGON HAVE? Draw a hexagon, a six sided figure, and count the vertices. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The following site may help you to see this: seee

    asked by ALICE
  23. Chemistry

    Need to write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between hydrogen selenide and tin. I know that the hydrogen selenide decomposes producing solid tin selenide and hydrogen gas but how would I balance that in the equation. Any help gratefully

    asked by Mac
  24. religion, help

    I've done the reading in textbooks and the web sites that were provided for me by the teacher and by tutors. The problem is I am not comprehending what makes up the hinduism relgion? can someone explain it to me please. I keep reading over and over and I

    asked by kailin
  25. Algebra

    n+2>32 subtract 2 from both sides.

    asked by steph
  26. Algebra


    asked by steph
  27. Algebra

    the union of (a,b,c,d)and (14,15)

    asked by steph
  28. Math.. help.

    A bungee jumper leaps from the top of a building that is 420 feet tall and falls at an average rate of 95 feet per second. at the time of the jump, the elevator is at a height of 130 feet and rising at a rate of 3.6 feet per second. about how many seconds

    asked by Rachel
  29. english

    I'm writing an essay for english are people with better jobs treated different. I think they are. I have written the essay but can't any sites that talks aboth this? I hope you've defined your terms in your essay. What do you mean by "better jobs?" Are

    asked by Taunya
  30. math help

    if a 150 lb person can burn 410 calories /hour while bicycling 12 mi/h What rate would a 120 lb person burn calories while bicycling 12 mi/h? can some one explain this to me how to solve these kind of problems One has to assume some relationship with

    asked by tammy
  31. Math

    Hi i was wondering what the square root of 3 times the squareroot of 9 is with little 3's on on the outside of the square roots for each of them ( the index) sqrt3 *(sqrt9)= 3sqrt3 Is that little 3 a cube root sign? If so, then a number to the 1/3 power is

    asked by Tammy
  32. math check please

    the ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10 18/5 divid by 21/10 18/5 x 10/21 6/1 X 2/7 12/7=12:7 could some one tell me if this is correct ? yes. the ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10 Would you take a look at this? I think 5 3/5 = 28/5 and not 18/5. how do you make a divide sighn

    asked by tony
  33. calculus

    Find the volume of the solid whose base is the region bounded by the graphs of y=x^3,x=1, and the x-axis, and whose cross sections perpenditular to the x-axis are semicircles. What would be the radius in this case? I thought it would just be x^3, but

    asked by Jin
  34. Math

    i see were u got that from but this 1 is confusing. 6 (index 3) square root of 36 times 2 (index 3)square root of 6 Please use the following for roots: sqrt cubroot etc. Those, with parenthesis, make the problem clear. 6 cube root of 36 times 2 cube root

    asked by Tammy
  35. Government

    How did United States help the victims for genocide of Durdar? From what I read the main action that the U.S. has taken is to urge the U.N. to recognize that the situation in Darfur (note spelling) is a genocide and to send U.N. troops to help stop the

    asked by Jake
  36. Government

    Why other countries (like Unites states, united nations) shold help victims in genocide of darfur? Because there are African nations. Couldn't African Nations help victims? Some African nations are helping the victims, but it doesn't look as though they

    asked by Jake
  37. American History:Antebellum Reforms

    What force or ideas motivate and inspire the effort to remake and reform American society during the anti-bellum years? Maybe some help here:

    asked by jenn
  38. Science

    What are the formulas for lithium bromide? where can i find the formula for cupric nitride,and magnesium chloride also. and what are the formulas for the compounds formed by

    asked by Mark
  39. English

    I've begun writing a short story for English and I was wondering if someone could check through it and maybe give me a few tips on the storyline, improvements, ect... Here it is: Chapter One It all started the day Jules McGregor moved to our school. I

    asked by Sarah
  40. roses are red

    ROSES ARE RED by JAMES PATTERSON can someone give mi an opinion about this plot summery?do i have to change somethin? From the author James Patterson comes thriller: Roses are red. In this horrific but also romantic story Detective Alex Cross, who works

    asked by micy
  41. Mathematics

    Neeka gave one fifth of her mangoes to her brother, she sold five eighths of the remainder, she was left with 12 mangoes. How many mangoes did she have in the first place? 4/5 M*(3/8)=12 This says she has 3/8 of 4/5 of the original mangos. Or you could do

    asked by Claudia
  42. business mathemathics

    sharry made a desposit of $860 to open a savings account that pays intrest at an annual rate of 8% compound quarterly. If she keeps her original desposit in the savings account and is paid intrest of four quarters, she will earn intrest in the first year

    asked by Ashley
  43. religious help

    Okay here is my start for an essay. How does it look so far. Can somehow someone give me like an outline the points i should answer. I am not good in essays and i have no one to help me at home. these are the questions that i need to answer within the

    asked by kailin
  44. english

    i need 20 nominative sentences now If i'm correct which i'm not 100% sure but if i can remember they are something like this. 1. At the end of the tournament, Tiger Woods was the leader. 2. For many of us on the team,the fans were an ambarrassment. 3.When

    asked by mji
  45. language arts

    what is the population of Ithaca,New York not sure, go to google or askjeeves or some other site, and type in that question. i'm sure you'll get the answer,_New_York

    asked by emmanuel
  46. World History

    How did Napoleons actions increase European nationalizm?

    asked by Katie
  47. hard math

    please someone help me! i've tried so hard! factor m^6 + n^2 28x^2y^2 - 7x^4 8x^3y^3 +343z^3 thank you so much!!! For the second one: 28x^2y^2 - 7x^4 Factor out 7x^2: 7x^2(4y^2 - x^2) Now we try to factor 4y^2 - x^2, which is: (2y + x)(2y - x) We end up

    asked by leah

    what does this mean little strokes fell greate oaks That quote means that if you have a saw and keep sawing the oak tree, eventually, you'll cut it down. If you keep working slowly away at something, eventually you'll conquer it. How do u draw a F natural

    asked by jose
  49. Spanish - Need Essay Corrected Please!

    Hello everyone. I recently had to write a short essay for spanish for my quaterly project. I was wondering if anyone could check it over for me and point me out to any corrections I need to make. It'd be greatly appreciated for your help. Below is my

    asked by Andrew
  50. james patterson

    patterson roses are red i have to write a short essay on one aspect of the book that i perceived as the most interesting, though - provoking, intriguing..but i cannot just take one part and write about it.maybe someone has some idea?which part of the story

    asked by jean8789
  51. writeacher,

    when you can a quick chance can i bother you to help me. Can you go to my prevoious postage and let me know what you think as well. See your post below. =)

    asked by kailin
  52. Chemistry (polarity)

    I have to determine whether these certain chemicals are polar or not: Beta- sitosterol Methyl cinnamate Lapachol Ethyl p-hydroxy cinnamate Betulic acid 3,4,5- trihydroxy-7-methoxy flavone Veratric acid p-anixic acid If there is a website that could make

    asked by Jennifer
  53. religion help

    can anyone tell me what this question is asking me what informtion they want. So i can answer it. What are the cultural ans societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated? The question is asking why the Hindu

    asked by kailin
  54. writeacher

    thankyou for all your help that your doing i hope that i'm taking much of your time till what time your available i will greatly appreciate all your help. i don't know how to repay you and everyone else that has helped me. i will work on the suggestion

    asked by kailin
  55. polynomials

    No to both questions. A polynomial is a sum of at least one integer power of x (or other unknown), each multiplied by a constant. '9' is simply a constant. 2^x is a power of 2, not a power of x. Is 9 a polynomial? Is 2^x a polynomial?

    asked by drwls
  56. Science

    How does chlorophyll make a leaf look green?,_Answering_the_Big_Questions_of_Life/Photosynthesis

    asked by Brandee
  57. finance

    pro forma financial statements are a. the most comprehensive means of financial forecasting b. often required by prospective creditors Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a definition of Pro Forma Financial Statements: Definition

    asked by evelyn
  58. chemistry

    how does a hydrate form? Generally water adds to a metal ion to the d,s, and or p orbitals in which the metal acts as a Lewis acid. I can reword that somewhat if you haven't studied about Lewis acids.

    asked by daniela
  59. math

    3x+y=-4 x=3-3y y=2x x+2y=-4 You have written four equations in two unknowns. There is no x,y combination that satisfies all of them. What is your question?

    asked by julia
  60. Algebra 1

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form for a line that passes through the given point and is perpendicular to the given line. 1. y=3;(4,-2) The y = 3 line is parallel to the x axis so the perpendicular line you want is parallel to the y axis. That means

    asked by Mike
  61. Algebra 1

    The debate team needs $240.00 to attend a debate tournament. The club decides to sell cups of iced tea and lemonade at baseball games. Iced tea will be sold for $.50 per cup and lemonade will be sold for $.80 per cup. A. Write an equation to find how many

    asked by Mike