Questions Asked on
January 4, 2007

  1. Chemistry 1 H

    AgNO3+ BaCl2-> AgCl+ Ba(NO3)2 a. balence the equasion b. How many grams of silver chloride(AgCl) are produced from 5.0g of silver nitrate (AgNO3) reacting with an excess of barium chloride(Ba Cl2)? c. How Many grams of barium chloride (BaCl2) is necessary

    asked by Lexi
  2. AP chem

    A 0.345g sample of anhydrous BeC2O4, which contains an inert impurity, was dissolved in a sufficient water to produce 100ml of solution. A 20.0ml portion of the solution was titrated w/ KMnO4(aq). The balanced equation for the reaction that occurred is as

    asked by michelle
  3. science

    a)Calculate the mass percent of carbon in the hydrated form of the solid that has the formula BeC2O4 loosly bonded to 3H2O. b)When heated to 220degrees C, BeC2O4loosly bonded to 3H2O(s) dehydrates completely as represented below: BeC2O4loosely bonded to

    asked by michelle
  4. physics

    A 1.5 kg snowball is fired from a cliff 12.5m high with an inital velocity of 14 m/s directed 41 degrees above the horizontal. a) how much work is done on the snowball by the gravitaitonal force during its flight to the flat ground below the cliff? b) what

    asked by Jamie
  5. Chemistry

    How is the ionic charge of a group 1A,2A, or 3A ion determined? Group IA elements have 1 electron in their outer shell. Group IIA elements have 2 electrons in their outer shell. Group IIIA elements have 3 electrons in their outer shell. These elements lose

    asked by Dennis
  6. Science

    Why does the temperature remain constant around 0 degrees C and 100 degrees C? For what? For water when it is freezing or boiling? Or do you have another question in mind? Sorry, it's for water when it is freezing or boiling. Think of it this way. Start

    asked by Katie
  7. CHEM..

    What is the major advantage of the stock system over the old naming system? The stock system is well understood world wide. And, it allows for multivalent atoms. One advantage is that some elements have more than two common valences; therefore, the "ous"

    asked by Bryan
  8. help with controls

    Please help us. Our experiment involved the formol titration of hydrolyzed and unhydrolyzed peptides, to determine the amino acid sequence of a polypeptide chain. We also did work with silica strips to determine the Rf values of amino acids. What are the

    asked by CLJ
  9. Astronomy

    Ancient astronomers were troubled by variations in the brightness of the various planets with time. Does the Ptolemaic or the Copernican model account better for these variations.

    asked by Stacy
  10. english (to kill a mockingbird)

    Okay, so a mockingbird is used to symbolize someone innocent as in Lee's theme, don't kill mockingbirds aka don't kill the innocent. This is what it says on Sparknotes. It also says that Boo Radley is considered a mockingbird. I'm a little confused as to

    asked by Linda
  11. reading

    is the word penguin a metaphor?? please answer bye. It could be, depending on how it is used. Metaphors are totally dependent on usage and how they are compared. The men were penguins for the dinner, waddling to and fro. ya but could i use it as a metaphor

    asked by brittany
  12. biology

    Why is CO^2 required by plants to produce glucose? ( the arrow pointing up should be pointed down.) CO2 is where the Carbon comes from to make sugar.Glucose is a six-carbon sugar represented by the formula C6H12O6

    asked by marco
  13. Science

    Ancient astronomers were troubled by variations in the brightness of the various planets with time. Does the Ptolemaic or the Copernican model account better for these variations. Read: (Broken Link Removed) For the planets the Copernicus model was more

    asked by Stacy
  14. Chemistry

    A basketball is inflated in a garage at 25 degrees C to a gauge pressure of 8.0 psi. Gauge pressure is the pressure above atmospheric pressure, which is 14.7 psi. The ball is used on the driveway at a temperature of -7 degrees C and feels flat. What is the

    asked by Cuzzy
  15. chem

    At what temperature will a molecule of UF6 have the same average speed as a molecule of hydrogen gas at 37 degrees C? I was planning on using this set up: ((3RT)/MM UF6)^1/2 = ((3RT)/MM H)^1/2 filling in the known information so you will solve for T of

    asked by Cuzzy
  16. Just 2 sentences.

    The problems of conflicting expectations. The importance of not selling out. Can anyone make that sentences more simple? cuz I don't get what those means... I don't see a verb in either. Are these sentences, or sentence fragments? If these had verbs and

    asked by Justin
  17. Government

    Some one please tell me difinition of "Impartial Jury." I tried to find it, but couldn't get it. Law professors have agonized over that for hundreds of years. In the US, case law focuses on the jury must represent the cross section of the population, and

    asked by Jack
  18. Estimating Quotents

    How do you estimate quotents and find a overestimate or a underestimate? If you know please please let me know! I searched Google under the key words "estimate quotients" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Jordan
  19. math

    i need words that end wiyth 'onk' Search this site with *onk

    asked by lisa smith
  20. Algebra II

    Explain how you know that (n+1)^k -n^k has degree k-1 Notice that expanded the first term is n^k + 2n(k-1) and so on with diminishing powers of n. The second term is n^k so, subtracting the second from the first, the n^k term goes away, leaving the next

    asked by Garrett
  21. Government

    What is "Suits of Law'? A suit of law is when someone bring legal action against someone else... whether a person or a business or a part of the government. it is a law suit.

    asked by Jack
  22. physics

    A small block of mass m can slide along the frictionless loop-the loop. The block is released from rest at point P, at height h =5R above the bottom of the loop. How much work does the gravitational force do on the block as the block travels from point P

    asked by Jamie
  23. algebra

    Can somebody please help me with these problems? Factor the expression on the left side of each equation. Then solve. 1)x^4-5x^2+4=0 2)x^4-8x^2+16=0 Please and thank you! 1) let y = x^2, then y^2-5y+4=0 (y-4)(y-1)=0 y = 4 or y = 1 x^2 = 4 or x^2 = 1 x =

    asked by Valerie
  24. Brain freezer a.k.a. MATH

    What does a scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the relationships between the length and area measures of the figures? The relationship is that you use the l&w to find the scale factor. you can make L&W ratios for each figure, then you

    asked by Crystal
  25. Math

    For math we have to do a percent booklet. First we had to change 66% to a decimal which is 0.66. Then change it to a fraction. whish is 66/100. Then simplify it ( 33/50 ) Finally I need two drawings of examples of 66%. I have been trying to think of them

    asked by Jasmine
  26. Chem Equation

    In a lab expirement you add copper(II)nitrate to pure zinc. Write a balanced equation for this expirement and predict if a reaction will occur. Zinc is more active than copper, so zinc will donate electrons to the copper ions, precipating it as copper.

    asked by alisha
  27. geography

    what is the fourth largest country Check this site for your answer. In area? In population? What?

    asked by matthew
  28. math, algebra

    can someone correct this for me. Problem: A student is nearing the end of a course, and has scored 700 points out of a possible 800 points so far. The student would like to get an A in the course. If there are 1,000 total points available by the end of the

    asked by jasmine
  29. american hist

    who is king andrew? Sardonically referring to Andrew Jackson?? ?? yea...i think so thankyou

    asked by mandee
  30. math B-logarithms

    im having a quiz on this tom and i don't understand it at all! Can sum1 explain it to me?

    asked by Mandy
  31. Science/chemistry

    Those are the two COMMON oxidation states. What are the charges of the two ions of copper? +1 and +2. Copper(I) and copper(II). cuprous and cupric.

    asked by DrBob222
  32. Math

    If the scale factor from a small figure to a large figure is given as a percent, how can you find the side lengths of the large figure from the side lengths of the small figure? PLEASE HELP ME!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO CONFUSING AND MY TEACHER

    asked by AJ
  33. US history

    here is my question Why did socialism appeal to some Americans in the late 1800s? Many people were disturbed by the horrendous working conditions for laborers in factories. They worked long hours, made very little money, and therefore lived economically

    asked by becky
  34. MATH Trouble HURRY!!!!

    If the scale factor from a small figure to a large figure is given as a percent, how can you find the side lengths of the large figure from the side lengths of the small figure? 34 percent is 34/100 Set that equal to small/large 34/100=small/large, and

    asked by HelpMe
  35. chemisrty

    i don't get how to do molar conversions? I hope this helps. 1.) Go to google. 2.) Type in molar conversions 3.) Click on the first link. This link has examples and the answers to the practice problems. To get better at these. Remember to keep practicing.

    asked by gabby
  36. american history

    was hamilton a federalist or antifederalist? Please check this site.

    asked by JA
  37. english

    If you are using a song title in an essay is it in italics or quotes? If you are using lyrics from a song is it in italics or quotes? Song titles and lyrics should be enclosed in quotation marks. okay, thanx

    asked by Linda

    WHO ARE THE PURITANS? A member of a group of English Protestants who in the 16th and 17th centuries advocated strict religious discipline along with simplification of the ceremonies and creeds of the Church of England. I hope this helps THANX :)

    asked by cHRISTOPHER
  39. math

    the vertices are at (2,1) and (2,7) and focus is at (2,*) write the equation of the hyperbola that meets each set of conditions. Is the asterisk supposed to be an 8? It has to be some number. I will set this up for you later of you respond. The fomulas you

    asked by becky
  40. Government

    What is "Law Codes"? Law codes are the written law, published and recognized as the law.

    asked by Jack
  41. grammar

    what is the difference between its and it's He gave its head a little pat. It's considered polite to do that. it is = it's (contraction) its = a possessive pronoun Thank you

    asked by Cindy
  42. Populists

    Are the populists liberal, reactionary or radical? Are there any websites that can view the different perspectives on populists during the late 1800's? -thanks The term liberal, reactionary, and radical are not very useful for describing views.

    asked by Gerald
  43. English

    Students, who study hard, should do well on the test. There should be either two commas or no commas in this sentence. If only students who study will do well, then use no commas. If all students study and do well, then use two commas. =)

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    A coin is tossed into the air with an initial speed of 8.00 m/s. In the absence of air resistance, how high does the coin go above its point of release It rises a distance h such that the potential energy gain (m g h) equals the initial kinetic energy loss

    asked by Anonymous
  45. English

    In Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment", I was asked to figure out how Hawthorne feels about transcendentalism. We determined that Dr. Heidegger represents Ralph Waldo Emerson, a transcendentalist. However, I can't decide if Hawthorne thought

    asked by Belinda
  46. religion

    would anyone know an excellent school website or organization that i can send questions to and that they will reply. such as for religions (on hinduism) Why would you want that? Surely you don't want someone to do your homework for you. Now a note about

    asked by kailin_jasmines_sister
  47. Math

    Can you please go step by step, Ill show what I did and you can correct me. The question is: a+a(x+1) My way: a+a(x+1) 2a(x+1) 2ax+2a Could someone please check over this and provide a correct answer and my error. Thanks in advance. a+a(x+1) does not equal

    asked by Gina
  48. math

    I'm having trouble understanding one step in a proof of the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality: u = a non-zero vector v = another vector a = (so a > 0 by positivity axiom) b = 2 c = (so c >= 0 by positivity axiom) t = any real number 0

    asked by mathstudent
  49. chemistry(water molecules)

    What does a water molecule look like (the shape)and what atoms does it contain? Also why are water molecules polar molecules? A water molecule contains two hydrogens and one oxygen between them. However, the 3 atoms are not in a straight line - the

    asked by alisha
  50. Algebra Functions

    I cannot for the life of me remember how to do this- Find the vertex of the graphs of the functions: Function #1: y=(x-4)(x+2) AND Function #2: y=2x^2-4x+1 Can someone help me get it PLz! OK - to find the vertex of these functions you must have them in

    asked by natalie
  51. Georgraphy

    Why Is London so Big & Why is is where it is? Is it something to do with the river? London has a very long history and therefore is difficult to describe in such a condensed space. Go here and click on the different links to read about London in the

    asked by Paige
  52. Science

    I have a Science fair project. This is the Science Fair Quetsion: Which brand of soda retains its gas the longest? My Problem is that I don't know how to measure gas. Can some one who knows please help me. open the bottles of soda at the same time and

    asked by Huy
  53. math

    -5y^3(y-6)+4y^3(y-7) OK - first, distribute -5y^3 to the (y-6). You should get -5y^4+30y^3. Do the same thing by distributing 4y^3 to the (y-7), leaving you with 4y^4-28y^3. Then combine the y^4 terms and the y^3 terms to get the answer of -y^4+2y^3.

    asked by oscar
  54. Question, in regards to math

    My questions is this: Directions :create one statement in english representing an algebraic representation. I have this: SIMPLE PROBLEM: A DOZEN EQQS COST $1.20. WHAT IS THE PRICE OF EACH (1) EGG. ALGEBRAIC REPRESENTATION OF THIS PROBLEM, QUESTION IS

    asked by jasmine20
  55. music

    how do u use a repeat sign and were do you use it at This site will not only show you the sign, but explain when you need to use it. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by ashley
  56. Math

    I need the steps and an example for chaning a fraction to a percent. I also need the steps and an example for chaning a decimal to a percent. The last one I need is chaning a percent to a fraction and a decimal. Thank-You, If you can only answer one of

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Science

    Can you please help me solve this lab: Design an item no bigger than a 35 mm film conatiner that will float at the 400 ml mark in a 1000 mL graduated cyllinder with 800 mL of water in it. The item can only be made from "trash", recycled items and common

    asked by Courtney
  58. Scl. Stds, economics

    I need help! the answers are not in our book. Who were the curbstone brokers and what type of stocks were handled on the curb? When was the wall street journal first published and what promise did it make to its readers? What is the DOW Jones Average, and

    asked by Kevin
  59. algebra help

    My class is doing a unit on the "completing the square method" which is used to solve quadratic equations. I need help understanding this method. It's not making any sense right now! I have two problems and I need to figure out which number completes the

    asked by Bailey
  60. AP Chemistry

    The normal boiling points of CO and SO2 are -192 degrees C and -10 degrees C, respectively A) At 25 degrees C and 1 atm, which gas would you expect to have a molar volume closest to the ideal value? B) If you reduce the deviation from ideal gas behavior,

    asked by Janice

    When air pollution is high, ozone (O3) contents can reach 0.60 ppm (ie., .60 mol ozone per million mol air). How many molecules of ozone are present per liter of polluted air if the barometric pressure is 755 mm Hg and the temperature is 79 degrees F? I

    asked by Dave
  62. chemistry-Chemical Formulas And Reactions

    What is the balaced equation for the decomposition of aluminum chloride? 2AlCl3==> 2Al + 3Cl2 if it simply decomposes and nothing else is added.

    asked by chrissy
  63. science

    An intermediate reaction used in the production of nitrogen containing fertilizers is that b/w NH3 and O2 4NH3(g) + 5O2(g)--> 4NO(g) + 6H2O(g) A 150.0-L reaction chamber is charged with reactants to the following partial pressures at 500 degrees C: P(sub

    asked by Chris