Questions Asked on
January 3, 2007

  1. CountIblis, can i bother you

    Countiblis, i know that you might be busy do you mind if i ask you the following for help.Only if you can please. can you explain to me just one more thing so i can undestand it. Now i have an equation which is : 3x = 3x + 5 which I know has no solution to

    asked by jasmine20
  2. Dr.Bob222- IChemical formulas&Reactions

    When aqueous copper(II)chloride reacts with aqueous ammonium phosphate, soluble ammonium chloride forms and copper(II) phosphate precipitates out of solution. 1. Write the balanced molecular equationfor this reaction. 2. Write the balanced complete ionic

    asked by chrissy
  3. science

    Al + Fe^3+ -> Al^3+ + Fe^2+ which substance is being oxidized?which is being reduced? which substance is oxidizing agent? reducing agent? how many electrons are exchanged in the reaction above? also: why is Fe^3+ not reduced to Fe? Oxidation is the loss of

    asked by michelle
  4. science/heat

    Which of the following is most likely to be an insulator and why? copper plastic steel aluminum most metals are conductors. Most non-metals are insulators. Decide which in your list is not a metal. Just thought i'd learn some science

    asked by kp
  5. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion is these correct. I can't figure out 5,7,8,9.. 1)equally 2)Non-polar 3)un equally 4)polar bond 5) 6)clipore interactions 7) 8) 9) When atoms are joined by a covalent bond, the bonding electrons are shared ___1____, and the bond is ___2___. When

    asked by Bryan
  6. geography

    what volcano dominates the sothern portion of the island of Hawaii? Mauna Loa is probably the volcano you mean.

    asked by courtney
  7. chemistry

    what are 4 chemical properties of organic compounds?i know there non polar molecules and they tend to e soluble in non polar solvents,,but my homework says i need 2 more and i don't know what else..thanks :) Some organic compounds are non-polar and some

    asked by tameka
  8. chemistry (go-over)

    is this always true that the compound NH3 contains two double covalent bonds? and that the chemical formulas of molecular compounds show the number and type of atoms in each molecule. No. NH3 has no double bonds. It contains three covalent bonds, one

    asked by Dennis
  9. Geometry Proofs, HELP!!

    I need help, I have a Geometry Exam on Monday. And I don't understand proofs one bit. If someone could help me with some proofs that would be awesome!! You have to post specific questions to get specific help. My experience is that on proofs studying with

    asked by ccseagle
  10. MATH

    D. Sam and Pete have a job dog-sitting for their neighbor. He pays them $5.00 for each hour they “sit”. Independent_______________________________ Dependent________________________________ I know the answer to independent I just need help with

    asked by Austin
  11. Pathophysiology

    What is the difference between Disbetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus? I know what diabetes mellitus is but i am having some difficulties with the insipidus part. I know that there is type 1 and type 2 but that is all part of mellitus; isn't it? HELP!!

    asked by blondie
  12. can someone help me with a question of an explanat

    my question is for math, I have the problem worked out i just don't remember what the tutor who helped me told me for the explanation of steps i just like to know how they came up with that. Directions: Solve each literal equation for the indicated

    asked by jasmine20
  13. Physics

    frictionless block of mass 1.65 kg is attached to an ideal spring with force constant 340 N/m . At t=0 the spring is neither stretched nor compressed and the block is moving in the negative direction at a speed of 12.7 m/s . A-Find the amplitude. B-Find

    asked by Kuwaiti
  14. drawls, math help

    can you explain to me just one more thing so i can undestand it. Now i have an equation which is : 3x = 3x + 5 which I know has no solution to it, now whereas the equation 7x + 8 = 8 has zero as a solution. What is the difference between a solution of zero

    asked by jasmine20
  15. Principles of Business

    Identify and discuss THREE features which could be used in determining if a company operates in a perfect competition. 1) The company produces something "generic" (e.g., mill lumber) that is also produced by several other compeating companies. 2) The

    asked by Simone
  16. science fill in the blanks help!!!!!!!!!!!

    One group of three nitrogen bases codes for one ______ Is there a context in which this is used? one group of three nitrogen bases codes for one ________?

    asked by Reilly
  17. french

    I need to put these 10 verbs in passe simple then write their corresponding infinitive: regarder, rester, parler, pouvoir, s'habiller, sourire, se remplir, se montra, avoir, etre Can anyone help me with this please? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework

    asked by aubrey-needs french help
  18. subtracting fractions

    4/5-2/3=? Find the least common denominator of 5 and 3 so that you can convert the two fractions to fractions that have the same denominator, then you can subtract them. Repost if you still have trouble.

    asked by cassie
  19. Social Studies

    What kind of crops were grown along the Huang River? wheat, millet, and rice

    asked by Becca
  20. Math 7th grade

    I am very bad at fractions.Can anyone tell me what a multiplication sentance is? The book gave me a model. It is an expression in math or written form. John had 1/2 of the pizza, and he ate 3/8 of that. How much did he eat of the original pizza. 1/2 x 3/8

    asked by Ariana
  21. Social Studies

    How could geography/mercantilism have contributed to the revolt of the American colonies against Britain? Only two words that are giving me a headache... Which two words are giving you a headache? If they are geography and mercantilism, please look them up

    asked by Melisa
  22. tricky psychology

    what do agonists do? in comparison with older people babies a. sleep more fitfully, they tend to wake up more often b. sleep more deeply, they spend more time in stages 2 and 4 sleep c. spend more time in the rem stage than any other sleep stages d. spend

    asked by leah
  23. Math

    omg thank you soo much for helping me and the 3 question is 4/x = 36/100 = 1.)Mrs. Neruda has 80 math student last year. This year she has 100 math students. What percent shows the ratio between the number of students last year and the number of students

    asked by Anonymous
  24. heat/science

    how is heat lost heat flows from a hot surface to a colder surface. Heat may be lost by conduction, convection, or radiation.

    asked by kp
  25. Childhood Education Question

    1.Developing problem solving skills is a product of which approach? conventional,learning,information, or emergent creative 2.A teacher who gives lots of information to her students and asks close-ended questions uses which approach?

    asked by Roberta
  26. Math - 8th grade

    We are just starting this section, and I'm confused...Please help me understand how to solve this inequality: (one fifth r is less than two) 1/5r < 2 Also, simplify: (the #s are exponents) z3 . z3 x12/x3 By 1/5r you mean r/5 or 1/(5r)? z^3 . z^3 = z^6

    asked by Shawn
  27. french verbs

    I have to find 10 french verbs in this passage but I can only 8. Here is the passage: Balthazar Claes se montra tout a coup, fitquelques pas, ne regarda pas cette femme, ou s'il la regarda, ne la vit pas, et resta tout droit au milieu du parloir en

    asked by aubrey
  28. English

    What obstacles might you encounter on the path to success? Deaths, put downs, bad grades..ect. Geez. What obstacles might you meet if you asked your dad to buy you a new convertible, a Pontiac Sunbird? Is it possible he might say no? What thoughts do you

    asked by gladys
  29. English

    In my class we're doing abbreviations, and I'm entirely stuck on this one. The abbreviation is NAmlnd. I'm guessing the first two words is North America, and I'm not sure what the last four letters stand for. Since this came from a crossword puzzle, in

    asked by Marisol
  30. french verbs(again)PLEASE HELP this is due tonight

    I have to find 10 french verbs in this passage but I can only 8. Here is the passage: Balthazar Claes se montra tout a coup, fitquelques pas, ne regarda pas cette femme, ou s'il la regarda, ne la vit pas, et resta tout droit au milieu du parloir en

    asked by aubrey-needs french help
  31. heat/science Xtremely important

    Please help! I need a good website for HEAT in science! I'm in 8grade and I need info on heat

    asked by kp
  32. Chemistry

    Is this true or false In general, the electronegativiy values of nonmetallic elements are greater than the electronegativity values of mettallic elements. yes

    asked by Dennis
  33. reading

    from "i know why the caged bird sings" How does margarite feel about her mothers relationship with mrs Flowers? These sites should provide the information you need. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by stephen
  34. science

    how do u put these in a concept map matter,family,periodic table,ionic bonding,solute,solvent,physical,chemical,double displacement,molecule,valence

    asked by brittany
  35. down syndrom

    My 18 months old only daughter is having Down Syndrom with Cynotic Heart Disease with Bilateral catarct With Bilateral Deafness.Since her birth I have got severre depression.I am unable to accept tye fact of life.The words that people are saying that our

    asked by dr sundeep
  36. English

    In The Great Gatsby, I have been assigned a study guide and some of the questions are very hard. One is "Why is the catalog of Gatsby's guests included?" These sites should be of some help.

    asked by Bella
  37. Science

    How are elements and compounds alike? Both consist of small particles called atoms.

    asked by Raven
  38. Plasma

    what gases can turn into a plasma Any gas can turn into plasma if the temperature is high enough. Consider the Sun: all elements are there, and all are in plasma form.

    asked by Bernard
  39. Poetry

    What kind of poem uses formal language What is an ODE?

    asked by Fern
  40. science

    How many grams of Aluminum will react w/ 1 liter of a 1M solution of Fe^3+? wat steps do i need to take to solve this? Al + Fe+3==> Fe+2 + Al+3. Here are the steps for solving a stoichiometry problem. Step 1. Write the balanced equation. You have the

    asked by michelle
  41. Math

    sqrt50/sqrt2 sqrt50/sqrt2 = sqrt(25) = 5 I got the same answer which is 5

    asked by Margie
  42. Bio (please help me, important)

    In my bio lab we are creating serial disk dilutions (100mg, 300mg, 500mg) from a plant extraction sample. Wood sample #1 (7mL of hexane) Hexane 0.6651g so .6651g of the plant was dissolved in 7mL of hexane. Then I did dilution calculations so 0.6551g/7 mL

    asked by Ali
  43. Science

    where can I find info on diseases of the circulatory system??? Please help!!!! Please help! I need a good website for heat in science! I'm in 8grade and I need info on heat

    asked by Tarissa
  44. Comunications

    Prescribe solutions for business communication problems. This sounds like the subject of a major paper. In general, most communication problems are solved by telling the truth, being very clear about your objectives, and considering the sensibilities of

    asked by Dan
  45. Bowl Bound

    who will face Ohio state in the BCS title game? Florida State faces OSU in the BCS title game.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math,algebra

    can someone help me or give me an example of an algebraic relationship in an english statement. The smallest positive integer not definable in under eleven words.

    asked by jasmine20