Questions Asked on
January 2, 2007

  1. Chemistry - solubility

    Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing solubility in water: * O2 * LiCl * Br2 * CH3OH Like dissolves like; that is, polar compounds usually are soluble in water and non-polar compounds are not soluble in water. From that description, make

    asked by Belinda
  2. Physics

    A 17.0 kg monkey hangs from a cord suspended from the ceiling of an elevator. The cord can withstand a tension of 220N and breaks as the elevator accelerates. What was the elevator's minimum acceleration (magnintude and direction)? Please show me how to do

    asked by Kelly
  3. Physics

    At what rate must a cylindrical spaceship rotate if occupants ar to experience simulated gravity of 1/2g? Assume the spaceship's diameter is 32 m, and give your answer as the time needed for one revolution. The centripetal acceleration is R w^2, where R is

    asked by Sam

    what is the theoretical mole ratio- NaCl to NaHCO3 How do you determine the percentage error of an experimental mole ratio It would be easier for us to help you if we had the entire problem instead of just parts of it. However, from the standpoint of Na,

    asked by CHEMISTRY HELP
  5. Need help in business studies, econ or computing?

    I'm a CIE (Cambridge International Exams) A Level student who gave her A2 exams in October... *expecting results this month*... Anyway, my subjects were Economics, Business Studies and Computing. I got good grades in my AS exams, and also managed to get an

    asked by student_helper87
  6. chemistry

    Hey, can somebody here help me with this stuff? 1) Why are radioisotopes with long half-lives not administered internally in medical procedures? 2) What % of C-14 would you expect a piece of 34000 year-old fossilized bone from a mastodon to have when

    asked by Roger
  7. Physics

    If an object on a horizontal frictionless surface is attached to a spring, displaced, and then released, it will oscillate. If it is displaced a distance 0.130 m from its equilibrium position and released with zero initial speed. Then after a time 0.803 s

    asked by Hadi
  8. Physics

    A toy of mass 0.151 kg is undergoing SHM on the end of a horizontal spring with force constant k = 301 N/m . When the object is a distance 1.23×10^−2 m from its equilibrium position, it is observed to have a speed of 0.297 m/s. A-What is the total

    asked by Hadi
  9. chem

    Can someone please help me with the following questions? 1:Suppose you were given an ancient wooden box. If you analyze the box for carbon-14 activity and find that it is 50% of that of a new piece of wood of the same size, how old is the wood in the box?

    asked by Margaret
  10. English

    I am working on bibliography cards. If the book was written by one author, then translated by someone else, how or would i source the translator? This webpage will explain and give examples of how to do

    asked by Anne
  11. math

    Factor: x^3 - 3/4x - 1/4 The answer is: (x - 1)(x + 1/2)^2 How do I learn to do that? I'd like to reread an appropriate chapter from an appropriate textbook and do practice problems. It takes experience and practiced eye. Algebra books have chapters on

    asked by mathstudent
  12. Geography

    Hello everyone I'm wondering if any one would help me with my Geography homework.. It is a crossword and I need to complete it What is the name of a circulating current of warmer material (such as magma) What is the name of : where magma erupts through the

    asked by HHHELLP :((
  13. Chemistry

    what is the charge on a typical ion for group 1A? how can i figure out the answear to a question like this.. then group 7A,6A,2A Group 1A has one electron in the outer orbit, it is lost on ionization, and the charge on the metal ion is +1. Group 7a has

    asked by Bryan
  14. Geography

    Hi Oprah here Just wanna know what would be a circulating current of warmer materal ( such as magma ) ??? Help please Thanks I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Is the material molten earth, water or something else? Since this is not my area of

    asked by Oprah
  15. -

    What is the name of the place where magma erupts throught the crust ?? volcano No it's not a volcano My cross word is about 10 spaces

    asked by AMY
  16. Geography --

    What is the thing that is around the Pacific Ocean I think it goes ----/--/----

    asked by AMY
  17. general idea

    Hi what is the name of a large wave created by some earthquakes it is not tsunami off course Help plesaeee Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "earthquake wave" to get these possible sources:

    asked by nun
  18. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion 1)Transition Metals 2)Stock 3) Many of the ___1____ have more one common ionic charge. These ions are named using either the ___2____ system or the __3____ naming system. 3. IUPAC

    asked by Bryan
  19. Help

    Tell me how AU, DLF, JEM, SLA, SLM, SPLA and UNSC assist the victims of Genocide of Darfur. Simply answer is fine. So please someone teach me how they were helped geonocide of Darfur. I already got some site. So I just make sure how they did.

    asked by cc
  20. Help!

    I don't know What United States did for genocide of darfur. Please tell me about it too. I know some site, so please give me some comment of that answer.

    asked by cc
  21. Chemistry

    The problem How many electrons does the netural atom gain or lose to form each of the following ions? 1)Ca2+ 2)I- The answer is contained in the question. If there is a "+", elecrons are lost. If there is a "-", electrons are gained. The number gained or

    asked by Bryan
  22. Science Report

    um, could whoever answers this please explain to me in terms that don't have chemical sympols What do you want explained?

    asked by Tim
  23. Math

    This is how the problem starts. All the cbana doors start out being closed. Student assigned to cabana 1 opens the doors on all 100 cabanas. The students assigned to cabana #2then closes doors on all cabanas whose numbers are multiples of 2. Th e student

    asked by Teresa
  24. Math

    a square + b square = 80 ft (c Square) Through trial and error I can tell you that 6 squared (36) and 12 squared (44)are what you're solving for, but I just used trial and error to figure it out. 12 square is 144, not 44 a and b can be a combination of

    asked by Jimmy
  25. Brainteaser

    Find the NEXT answer that would complete the sequence O T T F F S S ? (I know the answer. Can u figure it out) :) one two three four five six seven..:))) one two three four five six seven

    asked by anonymous
  26. help

    what can you tell me about achondroplasia??

    asked by heather
  27. Physics

    You drop a 2 kg textbook to a friend who stands on the ground 10m below the testbook with outstreatched hands 1.5m above the ground. a) how much work W_g is done on the textbook by the gravitational force as it drops to your friend's hands? b)What is the

    asked by Jamie
  28. english

    some help needed...i have to write research paper..paper topic is to choose one of these poets and analyze one or more of hus poems:Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Marvell, Crashaw But i can only use page- well i am not allowed to write the adress but it is

    asked by curly
  29. math

    what is partial-quotient divison???

    asked by kizzy
  30. HELP

    Tell me how AU, DLF, JEM, SLA, SLM, United States, SPLA and UNSC assist the victims of Genocide of Darfur. Simply answer is fine. So please someone teach me how they were helped geonocide of Darfur. I already got some site. So I just make sure how they

    asked by Jack
  31. Physics

    What is the spring constant of a spring that stores 25 J of elastic potential energy when compressed by 7.5 cm from its relaxed length? I know that I should chnage 7.5 cm into .075 m. Is this equation correct? U(x)= 1/2kx^2. I should have gotten 89N/cm for

    asked by Jamie
  32. Science

    The thermonuclear process in solar and less massive stars which produces one atom of helium from four of hydrogen is the?

    asked by Liz
  33. Science

    Most of our knowledge of evolutionary tracks comes from stars found in?

    asked by Liz
  34. Science

    While the Sun's evolutionary track moves to the ______ on the H-R diagram, the tracks of very massive stars are almost horizontally to the right?

    asked by Liz
  35. Science

    On the main sequence, what type will have life spans of about ten billion years? I took Earth Science last year so although I do not have them in front of me, I believe the are in the Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT).

    asked by Liz
  36. Science

    In an H-R Diagram, the path showing changes in a star's luminosity and surface temperature as a function of time is called its? What is your thinking on these? We are not going to do your work for you. We will be happy to critique your thinking. It's like

    asked by Liz
  37. math

    22and9/10's - 18and2/5=? You need to get the same denominator in the fractions. 2/5 = ? / 10 Then subtract the fractions and the whole numbers. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. Raven: Please don't post your entire name on any

    asked by raven braswell
  38. math,algebra

    Can someone help me with this problem I don't understand what to really do or even how to graph them I show what i have so far. Directions: Solve each of the following systems of linear inequalities graphically. Problem:

    asked by jasmine20
  39. please unscramble

    norcay Crayon? It's amazing how much easier it is to unscramble text if you leave the first and last letters on their places. I saw this on an add on NGC channel some time ago and decided to test it out for myself using a program. The text below is a

    asked by Ryan
  40. MATH

    HOW DO LEAST COMMON MULTIPLES WORK. IT SAYS THERE IS A PROBLEM TO SOLVE BUT MY MOM AND I CAN'T FIND IT. THEY CIRCLED BOTH 2'S AND 3'S. The least common multiple of 2 and 3 is six. The least common multiple of 12 and 6 is 12. # noun: the smallest multiple

    asked by MORGAN
  41. PLease help!(Math)

    2sqrt24a^3b^2*5sqrt6ab I'm guessing that the first sqrt sign is over 24a^3b^2 and the second sign is over 6ab? If that is correct, you can first break down the first part and ignore the 2. By observing the factors of 24, we see that 4*6=24. Since the sqare

    asked by Margie...(HappyNewYearEveryone)
  42. Math 2(PLase Help)

    I tired my best on this one... 4.(6y^2+4y-3)+ (3y^2+2)= My WOrk=18y^4+12y-6 Unfortunately, your work is incorrect. Based on the original problem, it looks like you multiplied things together. The parentheses don't matter in this problem. Simply combine

    asked by Margie...(HappyNewYearEveryone)
  43. Pre-Calc

    Trigonometric Identities Prove: (tanx + secx -1)/(tanx - secx + 1)= tanx + secx My work so far: (sinx/cosx + 1/cosx + cosx/cosx)/(sinx/cos x - 1/cosx + cosx/cosx)= tanx + cosx (just working on the left side) ((sinx + 1 - cosx)/cosx)/((sinx - 1 +

    asked by Dave
  44. math

    i need help on a proof, can anyone help? please HELP!!!! me on the difference between 3/4 and 1/3???????? You have to find the common denominator of 3 and 4, which can be 12. The first fraction becomes 9/12 and the second becomes 4/12. 9/12 - 4/12 = 5/12.

    asked by nicole
  45. Science

    How do Glucagon and Insulin help maintain homeostasis? So far i have they balance each other out never mind

    asked by ConFuzzled
  46. math / linear programming

    Two factories manufacture 3 different grades of paper. The company that owns the factories has contracts to supply at least 16 tons of low grade, 5 tons of medium grade, and at least 20 tons of high grade paper. It costs $1000 per day to operate the first

    asked by Tim
  47. english

    "Huck, Continued" In my boyhood summers, we lived in a Dutch-fieldstone house a dozen yards from the western shore of the Hudson, and the river's damp sounds and smells, its wide white expanse of glassy or wind-mottled water, its brackish tides, its

    asked by anonymous
  48. US History

    Is anyone on here in AP US History? Ask your question, state your thinking on it. Yes is the answer to your question. What were the Lincoln-Douglass debates? Check this site for information bout these debates.

    asked by Belinda
  49. childhood education

    I have this question on a homework assignment. PLEASE HELP!! Mr. Eller wrote the following steps on individual cards: 1. crush graham crackers 2. put pudding in the cup 3. sprinkle crushed graham crackers on pudding 4. Add a marshmallow and enjoy! He mixed

    asked by Tyra
  50. Physics

    A body of unknown mass is attached to an ideal spring with force constant 113 N/m . It is found to vibrate with a frequency of 5.80 Hz . A-Find the period. B-Find the angular frequency. C-Find the mass of the body.

    asked by Hadi
  51. Physics

    frictionless block of mass 1.65 kg is attached to an ideal spring with force constant 340 N/m . At t=0 the spring is neither stretched nor compressed and the block is moving in the negative direction at a speed of 12.7 m/s . A-Find the amplitude. B-Find

    asked by Hadi
  52. Math PLEASE HELP!!!!

    use fraction bars to help: a) 11/12=w+y b)3/8=3/6-k c)1/4=n-7/12 d) how many 1/12's are in 1 1/4? help! im sooooooo..... confused! for d) put 1 1/4 into an improper fraction. That would be 5/4. Follow so far? Then cross multiply 5/4 and x/12. So, 4x =

    asked by Destiny
  53. math and adding radicals

    what is 10 square root of 3u squared plus 6u squared square root of 3u squared? 33 45/56

    asked by Sally
  54. english

    I have a book I need to cite that is a composition of works by the correspondents of the New York Times but it was edited by Bernard Gwertzman and Michael T. Kaufman. How do I do that? You'd simply name them and put Eds. after the second name. There would

    asked by Anne
  55. Marketing

    The first Baby Boomer hits retirement age in the year 2011. What types of information would assist you in forecasting market potential and future demand for products and services of this emerging "maturity market"? What do people over 60 buy? Are they

    asked by zeta
  56. Marketing

    How does your organization determine the demand for its services? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach that is used within your organization to forecast demand for its product? How could this be improved? What organization?

    asked by zeta
  57. french

    This is my last big french assignment before the exam but I need help translating the essay prompt: Dans toute societe il y a des gens et des entreprises qui vendent principalement des services au lieu de vendre des produits. Analysez une ou deux semaines

    asked by chrissy
  58. Anology

    4 letter word starting with scr spr or str - brother is to mother as fly is to - - - - Well, scry, stry, and spry are all words, but I guess spry works the best.??? I can't find scry or stry in my dictionary. I don't see the analogy between spry and fly.

    asked by Katelyn
  59. MATH

    what is 10 square root of 3u squared plus 6u squared square root of 3u squared? i have to add this radical alright thanks Do you mean [10 sqrt(3u)]^2 + 6u^2*[sqrt(3u)]^2 ? That would be 100*3u + 6 u^2*3u = 300 u + 6 u^3 but there are other ways to interpet

    asked by Sally
  60. To: SraJMcGin

    Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. Does this look better? Hola. Me llamo Danilo. Soy de Massachusetts. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es el trece de febrero. Mi clase favorita es las ciencias porque es muy interesante. No me gusta la clase

    asked by Jake
  61. US History

    How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act indirectly wreck the Compromise of 1850? This site will explain that conflict.

    asked by Belinda
  62. english

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not prose style right? What style is it written in? Thanks. There are two kinds of writing that you're referring to -- prose and poetry. If it's not poetry, it's prose! Style is different. Here are some websites that

    asked by anonymous
  63. social studies

    Name the 5 regions that the U.S. is divided into. There are many ways to do this dividing. One would be: far west (including rocky mt. states) midwest (including Texas) south midatlantic New England Another, more based upon topography, would be: Pacific

    asked by Courtney
  64. physics

    hi i have a physics question i don't understand here is the question A sample of blood is placed in a centrifuge of radius 15 cm. the mass of the corpuscle is 3.0*10^-16 kg, and the magnitude of the force required to make it settle out of the plasma is

    asked by becky
  65. physics

    A 2000-kg car rounds a circular turn of a radius 20m. if the radius flat and the coefficient of friction between tires and road is .70, how fast can the car go without skidding? centripetal force = frictional force m v^2/r= mg*mu solve for v. um i was

    asked by becky