Questions Asked on
January 1, 2007

  1. math

    Can somebody please help me with this problem? This is the index-„³ 5 6^-5 The radical sign did not show, but the problem is: 5 is the index (outside the radical sign and then 6 is squared to the -5th power (inside the radical sign is under the radical

    asked by Larry
  2. Science

    Two children wish to break a string. Are they more likely to succeed if each takes one end of the string and they pull against each other, or if they tie one end of the string to a tree and both pull on the free end? Why? I answered this one yesterday. You

    asked by Taylour
  3. math

    Jo has 37 coins (all nickels, dimes and quarters) worth $5.50. She has 4 more quarters than nickels. How many of each type of coins does she have? d=#dimes n=#nickels q=#quarters. ============== d+n+q=37 n+4=q 0.1d + 0.05n + 0.25q = 5.50

    asked by Kt
  4. Chem

    Nitric acid can be prepared by bubbling dinitrogen pentoxide into water. N2O5(g) + H2O -> 2H+(aq) + 2NO3-(aq) a) How many moles of H+ are obtained when 1.50 L of N2O5 at 25 degrees C and 1.00 atm pressure is bubbled into water? b) The solution obtained in

    asked by Dave
  5. Chemistry- partial pressures

    A sample of gas collected over water at 42 degrees C occupies a volume of one liter. The wet gas has a pressure of .986 atm. The gas is dried and the dry gas occupies 1.04 L with a pressure of 1.00 atm at 90 degrees C. Using this information, calculate the

    asked by Dave
  6. To All The Teachers In Jiskha Website

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the teachers who helped me with my homework and wished me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" yesterday!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help! Wishing all the teachers of Jiskha Website a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sincerely, Kaveri Thank you and Happy

    asked by Kaveri
  7. english

    What is the correct way to abbreviate fifties? '50s? 50's? What??? Sally, I have seen it both ways, but I believe that 50s is the better way to do it. If you're referring to the decade of the nineteen-fifties, then '50s -- or better yet, 1950s. Otherwise,

    asked by Sally
  8. Chemistry

    I have a problem that I wasn't sure how to do, and I want to see if my reasoning behind getting the answer is correct. Question: If .0129 mol of N2O4 effuses through a pinhole in a certain amount of time, how much NO would effuse in that same amount of

    asked by Dave
  9. Business

    Although debt financing is usually the cheapest component of capital, it cannot be used to excess because Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, please re-post and let us know

    asked by Chuck
  10. math

    can someone correct this for me... solve: -4(2x - 3) = -8x + 5 my answer: this equation has no solution because they don't equal i get 0=-7 -4(2x-3)=-8x+5 -8x+12=-8x+5 0(x)=-7 So am I correct You are right, let me explain a bit more. When you write down:

    asked by jasmine20
  11. math

    Can someone correct this for me please or help me out.... Why are variables useful in algebra? My answer: Variables are useful in algebra because they detemine an answer that anyone is trying to get to. Variables can represent a single number or a whole

    asked by jasmine20

    Hi I need some help here guys what is the Atomic Structure in the periodic table ,, I need a full explained answer, thankyou You are talking about several chapters in a chemistry text. If you can refine your question a little and tell us exactly what you

    asked by Hi

    "Why do you think some people argue that it is important to use 'equal area' maps, with correct relative sizes of countries, even if the shapes are untrue?" This would be an argument against Mercator projection maps, which make Greenland look bigger than

    asked by KATHY
  14. Solar system

    According to the theory of gravitation, the earth must be continually “falling” toward the sun. If this is true, why does the average distance between earth and sun not grow smaller? Without gravity, the Earth would go in a straight line. It falls

    asked by Kim
  15. Spanish

    Can someone proofread this for me. I know I don't have the accents in- its for a presentation not a paper. Thanks. Hola. Me llamo Danilo. Soy de Massachusetts. Tengo catorce anos. Mis cumpleanos es el trece de febrero. Mi clase favorita es las ciencias

    asked by Jake
  16. to bobpursley,math

    This is what i have am i wrong or correct.Or how can word it or modify it to be with what the directions are asking? Directions: Create one statement in English representing an algebraic relationship. My answer: PROBLEM: A DOZEN EQQS COST $1.20. WHAT IS

    asked by jasmine20
  17. environmental science

    what makes the the water of the aquatic system more basic? maybe the pollution? Maybe. What aquatic system are you talking about? See for further discussion of what can make

    asked by dorie
  18. english

    I need help with working with critical reviews. I need help starting my introduction. These are the guidelines: Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph. Include the title of the novel this essay is concerned with (The Adventures of Huckleberry

    asked by anonymous
  19. Reggio Emilia Schools Question

    Dan is working on a project. He wants to build a tunnel for his cars. Dan cannot get the paper tubes to fit together and stay. In the Reggio Emilia school, his teacher will probably: 1.Ask Dan to explain his reasoning for selecting paper tubes to use for

    asked by Catherine
  20. economics

    did the arizona gaspipeline in 2003 was there a shift in the supply curve demand curve or both? Did the shift happen tothe left or to the right? Your question is not a properly written sentence, but I will interpret it, as "When the Arizona gaspipeline

    asked by mnarjann
  21. Science

    Can you please help me solve this lab: Design an item no bigger than a 35 mm film conatiner that will float at the 400 ml mark in a 1000 mL graduated cyllinder with 800 mL of water in it. The item can only be made from "trash", recycled items and common

    asked by Courtney
  22. science and history

    How did the apollo 11 space mission pave a way for 1.) technology 2.) science 3.) America 4.) space exploration Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, please re-post and let us

    asked by anon
  23. William Lloyd Garrison

    How was William Lloyd Garrison a "pacifist" and also burned the Constitution, etc.? He seems pretty violent and liberal, not pacifistic, but the textbook calls him one.

    asked by Belinda
  24. bobpursley

    thank you. :)

    asked by jasmine20
  25. history

    Hi, I wanted to now if anybody knows a website that has maps of Europe during World War because I looked on Google, and it did not have a map that I wanted. (Broken Link Removed) This is about as complete as I can find. I hope you find a map you can use in

    asked by Sarah
  26. general

    I have to do a term paper. How are websites properly cited? You need to have the website cited in TWO places: 1. the Works Cited page that is placed after the last page of your paper, and 2. in parentheses in the text of your paper, immediately after the

    asked by ad
  27. math

    can someone correct this for me please... Solve for x: 6x minus 1 divided by 5 minus 2x divided by 3 equals 3 my answer: x = 6 Solve for x: 3/7x = 15 My answer: x = 35 correct, as best I can tell from the description. Thank you.

    asked by jasmine20
  28. math,algebra

    can someone help me create one statement in english representing an algebraic representation. previously someone helped me out but that wasn't what they were looking for someone gave me: a squared plus b squared equals c squared. the instructor said that

    asked by jasmine20
  29. Human Biology

    Why can phosphorus-32 be used to detect the presence of nucleic acids, but not amino acids? Nucleic acids contain the phosphorus atom, but amino acids do not.

    asked by Jen
  30. Curriculum Development

    I have a couple of questions on an assignment, that I need help with. 1. Rebecca is painting on an easel. She paints a blue sun with green clouds all around it. She is able to express what kind of creative potential? 1.maximum 2.moderate 3.minimum 2.

    asked by Sierra