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December 22, 2006

  1. some science

    a filter tip or a cigarette acts as both a filter and a condenser. which of the following cannot be removed, assuming the filter tip is 100% efficient? a. carbon monoxide, boiling point -191 degrees. b. nicotine, boiling point 247 degrees. c. tar, boiling

    asked by holly
  2. Environmental Science

    What is a process within the cell of an organism that uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy called? It could be called oxidation (by a chemist), or metabolism (by a biologist). The body metabolizes glucose in various ways.

    asked by Qiayamah
  3. merchant of venice

    i need help Contrast Belmont and Venice in four or five sentences with specific examples... and Give four examples of "appearances vs. reality." Belmont? Since I don't know which Belmont you mean, I can only assume you mean your town. Venice is on a sea,

    asked by jasmine16
  4. Environmental Science

    How does lichens contribute to primary succession? BSCI 124 Lecture Notes Undergraduate Program in Plant Biology, University of Maryland LECTURE 34 - PLANT SUCCESSION I. Plant succession - a series of predictable changes over time in the kinds of plants

    asked by Qiayamah
  5. to all the tutors

    I just want to wish everyone happy holidays and thanks for all your help to me and to all the students who need the help. Thank you, Jasmine. Happy holidays to you and all the other students, too! =) Jasmine, thank you for your thoughtfulness!... Have the

    asked by jasmine20
  6. chem

    if a 10cm cube pipette were not available, which one of the following would be the best way of measuring a 10cm cube portion of a solution? a. weigh 10 times the mass of 1cm cube of the solution. b. weigh 10g of the solution. I think this is a trick

    asked by minerva
  7. chemistry

    a bottle of copper(II)oxide has been contaminated with solid sodium chloride, how can the sodium chloride be removed? Copper oxide is totally insoluble in water. The NaCl could therefore be rinsed away. ok.

    asked by holly
  8. math

    3x-5/6=7x+4/4 If you mean (3x-5)/6= (7x+4)/4 , then 12 x - 20 = 42 x + 24 and you can take it from there. If you mean 3x - 5/6 = 7x + 4/4, then the answer will be different. Please use parentheses to clarify ambiguous algebraic statements such as the one

    asked by dee
  9. sentences

    what if anything,is wrong with the following sentences? Carmen is tall, slender,and a woman of great beauty. Nothing is wrong with it that I can see. It is one sentence, so you should have ended the previous question with "sentence", not the plural.

    asked by brian
  10. Question for math.

    how do i solve this? When x number of units are sold, the price of each unit (in dollars) is given by . Find the unit price when the following quantities are sold: 2,7,9,11. You seem to have omitted an equation after the word "by" the equation is : p= -x/2

    asked by jasmine20
  11. math

    can someone correct this for me. If the company shipped a total of 550 items last month, how many were shipped using second-day airfreight? (If second day freight is 40%,Next day frieght is 15%,and Truck is 45%) My answer: 550 items shipped – 40% second

    asked by jasmine20
  12. math

    can someone correct this for me. given points: (2,4)and (6,3) Find the slope of the line through the given points. My answer: slope equals: -1/4 Let's see: (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)= (3-4)/(6-2) = -1/4 Well done!

    asked by jasmine20
  13. history

    How were class tensions affected by the Industial Revolution It has to do with the rise or expansion of the middle class. =) Class tensions tended to be

    asked by dfghkhgf
  14. math

    can someone correct this for me. Find the constant of variation k. m varies directly with n; m=144 when n = 8 my answer: 144 = k (8) --- ---- 8

    asked by jasmine20
  15. drwls, math

    Let me know if i got it correct. for the problem: When x number of units are sold, the price of each unit (in dollars) is given by p =-x/2 +75 . Find the unit price when the following quantities are sold: 2,7,9,11. My answer: for 2= you gave me the answer

    asked by jasmine20
  16. math

    I did the first part how would i graph it. Problem: Business and finance. The cost of producing a number of items x is given by C = mx + b , in which b is the fixed cost and m is the variable cost (the cost of producing one more item). (a)If the fixed cost

    asked by jasmine20
  17. math

    this problem seems with too many numbers that i don't know where to start. or even how.I have to answer the problem on top not the one that says number 27. The problem: Geometry. For the floor plans given in exercise 27, determine whether the side through

    asked by jasmine20
  18. math algebra

    how would you factor xy+4y+xz+4z thanks in advance x(y + z) + 4 (y + z) = (x+4)(y+z)

    asked by cassie
  19. algebra

    how would i find an equation of a line that goes through points(1,6) and (3,10)?? thanks A straight line is y=mx+b Substitute the points to make two equations. 6=m(1)+b 10=m(3)+b Two equations; two unknowns, m and b. Solve for m and b, then plug back into

    asked by jasmine
  20. Environmental Science

    What are Nitrogen fixing bacteria living within the nodules on the roots of plants called ? Microrhizie (Rhibozomes)

    asked by Qiayamah
  21. Environmental Science

    What kind of natural disasters help some forest communities by allowing some trees to release their seeds, by clearing away deadwood, and by encouraging new growth? Look up the effects of forest fires on forest communities. Especially the California

    asked by Qiayamah
  22. Environmental Science

    Because horses and cattle only eat producers, What are they called? i'm afraid that horses or cattle don't eat there owners if that's what you mean by producer Movie producers? they do!?

    asked by Qiayamah
  23. Environmental Science

    What is the ultimate source of energy for all organisms except those living deeep in the ocean near a thermal vent called? the sun

    asked by Qiayamah
  24. Environmental Science

    What organism is likely to be in the bottom trophic level of a food chain? Single Celled of some kind depending on the environment.

    asked by Qiayamah
  25. Environmental Science

    What describes how humans are affecting the balance of carbon in the atmosphere? Detrimental? A J curve? Also in the sea by the way, there is the highest concentration of carbolic acid in the oceans in 500,000 years. this is close to the saturation

    asked by Qiayamah
  26. Environmental Science

    What are examples of secondary succession? I goggled it and got great stuff.

    asked by Qiayamah
  27. Environmental Science

    Explain how the nitrogen used for making proteins in a lion's body traveled from the atmosphere to the lion. How will it be returned to the atmosphere after the lion dies? Google Nitrogen cycle animal

    asked by Qiayamah
  28. Environmental Science

    Use your knowledge of energy flow wiyhin ecosystems to offer a simple explanation for the following statement: "All flesh is grass."

    asked by Qiayamah
  29. Environmental Science

    The phosphorus, carbon, and nitrogen cycles are termed biogeochemical cycles- bio meaning "living"; geo for the earth (soil); and chemical referring to matter changing form. Explain why this term is appropriate. (I need a short answer)

    asked by Qiayamah
  30. Environmental Science

    What effect could an uncontrolled grass carp population have on the energy pyramids of a lake environment?

    asked by Qiayamah
  31. Environmental Science

    What type of succession would you expect to find in the abandoned farmlands? Explain in short answer.

    asked by Qiayamah
  32. Environmental Science

    Your grandparents, who loves to garden, are thinking about buying a house in a country. Next weekend, they are going to look at two houses. One has a large garden that is part of a small farm that was abandoned 25 years ago. Use what you know about

    asked by Qiayamah
  33. Environmental Science

    Describe one way in which consumers depend on producers in a short answer.

    asked by Qiayamah
  34. Environmental Science

    In a short answer, Explain why an energy pyramid is used to represent the amount of energy at each trophic level.

    asked by Qiayamah
  35. Environmental Science

    Short Answer: Explain how carbon is cycled from the atmosphere through producers and consumers, and back into the atmosphere.

    asked by Qiayamah
  36. Environmental Science

    Briefly explainhow fossil fuels are formed and where they are located.

    asked by Qiayamah
  37. Environmental Science

    A local lake is experiencing algal bloom and many of the fish are dying. Explain why this may be occurring. Phosphates from agribusiness ruinoff?

    asked by Qiayamah
  38. Environmental Science

    Describe an energy pyramid that could be present in a small garden.

    asked by Qiayamah
  39. Environmental Science

    Describe how DDT moves through an aquatic food chain. Explain how this almost resulted in the extinction of the bald eagle. Read this: The answer is there

    asked by Qiayamah
  40. Environmental Science

    only 10 percent of the energy is passed from one trophic level to the next. Explain where the other 90 percent of the available energy goes. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum BUT we are here to HELP you not to DO the work for you. It is

    asked by Qiayamah