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December 21, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    A balloon filled with 0.01 mol of hydrogen gas is kept constant at 25 degrees Celsius. If the pressure is increased from 1atm to 1.5atm, what is the resulting volume? _______________________________________ C3H8(g) + 5 O2(g)-->3 CO2(g) + 4 H2O(g) A 0.03

    asked by Muffin
  2. Data Management

    Stuck with 2 questions. Need of assistance before tomorrow. Question 1. A summer camp has seven 4.6m canoes, ten 5.0m canoes, four 5.2m canoes, and four 6.1m canoes. Canoes are assigned randomly for campers going on a canoe trip. a) Show the probability

    asked by Aurora
  3. Math

    the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic series is -51. the series has a constant difference of -1.5 and a first term of four. Find the number of terms in the sum I find using an EXCEL spreadsheet is very helpful for these types of problems. Start

    asked by BEANAGEE
  4. religion,history

    What is the hinduism desire for liberation from earthly existence. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some websites to help you answer y our questions on Hinduism: (a "definition")

    asked by jasmine20
  5. math, beginning algebra

    how do i solve the following equations. Problem # 1 3x greater than or equal to 2x minus 4 can someone correct number 2 Problem # 2 7(x-3)> 5x-14 7x -21 > 5x -14 7x-5x>-14-21 2x>-35 3x is greater than 2x minus 4. 3x>= 2x-4 subtract 2x from both sides x>=-4

    asked by jasmine20
  6. Algebra

    Is there a shortcut to foiling an equation? I always thought that FOIL WAS a shortcut. I've never heard of "foil" before :) FOIL (First Inner Outer Last) Does this just specify an order in which you are supposed to multiply? I think the order is

    asked by jennifer
  7. math,algebra

    can someone correct this for me: Translate the following statements into inequalities. Let x represent the number in each case. 2 times a number, increased by 28, is less than or equal to 6 times that number. My answer: 2x+28

    asked by jasmine20

    THIS EXURSION WITH A BOAT TRAVEL 35KM UPSTREAM AND THEN BACK AGAIN IN 4 H 48 MINUTRE. iF THE SPEED OF THE BOAT I5 K,/H, WHAT IS THE SPEED OF THE CURRENT? Let v be the speed of the current. The boat's speed upstream (relative to the land) is 15-v and the

    asked by CINDY
  9. MATH

    This problem makes no sence to me i tried it but i know i am completely wrong someone please help. The cost for a long-distance telephone call is $0.36 for the first minute and $0.21 for each additional minute or portion thereof. Write an inequality

    asked by jasmine20
  10. Biochemistry

    What properties of the enzymes give rise to their ability to distinguish one substrate from another??? And where can I find information on this? Scroll to Specificity then read from there to Allosteric modulation

    asked by Annabelle
  11. MATH!

    How do you make a coordinate plane graph? I can't go and get my text book because its winter break! Could someone help me here? I need to know how to make one using an equation. specifically these equations y = 6x - 2 y = -3x + 5 y = ½x + 3 please I need

    asked by Austin
  12. English

    create a strategy for remembering how words should be used: For Example, Adapt/Adopt One way to do it is to find other words with the same letters. For instance, adApt means chAnge; adOpt means chOose. Another way is to make up nonsense rhymes. The

    asked by gladys
  13. Chemistry

    I have a series of questions: The mass of 2.00 moles of Sodium chloride is how many grams? Can you please ahow me how you got your answer? How do you write chemical formulas? For example how so you right a chemical formula for calcium fuoride? For your

    asked by Beautiful
  14. ALGEBRA 1

    solve by graphing 3x+2y=8 6x+4y=16 You need to graph the 2 equations, and find where they intersect. That is your solution. Somebody is pulling your leg: These are the same lines, there is no solution. I UNDERSTAND i NEED TO FIND WHERE THEY INTERSECT. THE

    asked by DANIELLE

    TIM PADDLED HIS KAYAK 12 KM UPSTREAM AGAINST A 3 KM/H CURRENT AND BACK AGAIN IN 5 HR 20 MINUTES. iN THAT TIME HOW FAR COULD HE HAVE PADDLED IN STILL WATER 12/(v+3) + 12/(v-3) = 5.33 hours Solve for this speed in still water, v. 12(v-3) + 12(v+3) = 5.33

    asked by CINDY
  16. math ALGEBRA

    When the digits of two-digits numbers are reversed, the new number is 9 more than the original number, and the sum of the digits of the original number is 11. What is the original number. Can some one please help me here? The tens digit is T, the units

    asked by DANIELLE
  17. Math

    The sum of the first seventeen terms of an arithmetic series is 493 The third term is 11. Find the first term and the seventeenth term. The n-th term is 3*n + 2

    asked by Blonde Glamour
  18. math, algebra

    my question is : on the following i have to graph them i just want to know if i am correct. for : x > 4 the line is going through in a straight line on number 4 in the y axis for: 3x greater than or equal to 2x - 4 the answer is after solving: x is less

    asked by jasmine20
  19. tricky math

    consider the right triangle with sides 3,4,5. Notice that the lengths of the sides form an arithmetic sequence. a. determine three other right triangles wtih side lengths in arithmetic sequence. b.let the sides of a right triangle be a, a+d,a+2d units

    asked by Aerial
  20. Chemistry

    Chemical formula for Mercury(II)Chloride, Potassium nitrite, Aluminum hydroxide, Sulfure Dioxide. Let me see if I am right for the ones I completed, okay for Potassium nitrite I put KNO^- and subscript 2 and for Aluminu hydroxide I put AlOH^-. I also need

    asked by mZ. YoU
  21. algebra 1

    Solve the Foll by substitution x=1/5y 3x+2y=26 So, substitute 1/5y for x in the second equation. Then solve for y. Can you take it from here? yes thanks I figured it out. Danielle

    asked by DANIELLE
  22. math ALGEBRA

    Solve by graping the foll: A. 2X+Y=5 3X-Y=10 B.2X=Y+1 2X-Y=5 I don't know what "graping the foll" is, but problem #2 has no solution, because the lines Y = 2X -1 (from your fist equation) and Y = 2x -5 (from your second equation) never intersect. gas

    asked by DANIELLE
  23. Religion,History

    What makes up the Hindu religion considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system. Two of the unifying elements of Hinduism are a belief in Brahman and reincarnation. Check these sites for more information. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by jasmine20
  24. math

    suppose n points are in space, no three are collinear and no four or are coplanar. How many tetrahedral can be formed with these points as vertices? 1/24 *n*(n-1)*(n-2)*(n-3)

    asked by Blonde Glamour
  25. English- Peer Edit

    Can someone look over this essay and peer edit it for me? Just the basic grammar/spelling/structure of the essay would be great. It's on why I believe the the civil war broke out for history. Pay no attention to the formatting. Thank you. :-) The Civil War

    asked by Reuben
  26. math

    Has anyone ever used Equation Editor ? If so how would you do for instance graphing on it for the following equation x>4. I know how to graph it on paper etc. BUt using this program i do not.

    asked by jasmine20
  27. chem

    what kind of intermol forces can be seen in this molecule CH3COOCH2C6H5 is it only dispersion? If you mean BETWEEN molecules, then the O of the carbonyl will be slightly negative and some hydrogen bonding could occur with another molecule. Remember a few

    asked by steff
  28. maths

    how do i change x^2-4x-32=0 into (x+4)(x-8)=0 x^2-4x-32=0 => x^2-8x+4x-32=0 => x(x-8)+4(x-8)=0 => (x-8)(x+4)=0 OR (x+4)(x-8)=0 X2 -4x -32 = 0 JUst factor it. It factors into (X-8)(X+4)=0

    asked by sydney
  29. math ALGEBRA

    Solve by either the substitution method or the addition or subtraction method 2m=n-3 3m=2n-9 Just replace n with (2m + 3) in the second equation. Then solve for m. Once you know the value of m, use either of your equations, such as n = 2m+3, to get n.

    asked by DANIELLE
  30. english (especially for Writeacher)

    Lynch, T. (1996). DS9 trials and tribble-ations review. Retrieved October 8, 1997, from Psi Phi: Bradley's Science Fiction Club We b site: h t t p: / /w w w .bradley. edu /campus org/psiphi/DS9/ep/ 503r . html ... and this will go immediately after the

    asked by Lauren
  31. math

    consider the right traingel with sices 3, 4, and 5. the lengths form an arithmetic series. a. what are the other three right triangles in arthimetic series Actually, I think there are an infinite numbr of such triangles. You want to have sides a, b and c

    asked by Blonde Glamour
  32. ENGLISH Literature

    What remedies did the Danes tried before the arrival of Beowulf? Does any one Know/ This is a good translation of the original -- very readable in today's English: Be sure to read "The Adventure Begins Here" and

    asked by DANIELLE
  33. english

    please help me unscramble this word hippayen Try these: =)

    asked by bb
  34. religion,history

    What are the cultural and societal influences that have made hinduism vital to the region in which it originated?

    asked by jasmine20
  35. Essay need editing and suggestions

    English 1D Mr. Currie Five Paragraph Essay on why or why not fourteen year old teenagers should or should not have a part time job

    asked by the shadow
  36. plz help now, chemistry

    How do you write chemical formulas? For example how so you right a chemical formula for calcium fuoride? Calcium flouride would be CaF2 This is because .. Calcium symbol - Ca Flourine symbol - F you would write CaF BUT you must consider charges calcium has

    asked by Beautiful
  37. reading

    what is the turning piont in Stuck in Neutral by terry trueman? The whole point is that just because someone is disabled, doesn't mean that they can't think or feel or that they aren't smart. I mean they could be, but obviously the guy in the book isn't.

    asked by STEPHANIE