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December 20, 2006


    The most common ion dissolved in river water is chloride, carbonate, sodium, phosphate, or nitrate. I think the answer is sodium chloride but the answer has these two separated. Is the answer just sodium? No, the answer is not sodium. The answer is

    asked by Pat
  2. Chemistry

    can anybody think of a reaction that involves benzyl acetate? formula is CH3COOCH2C6H5 i already have most of the synthesis's but i really need a reaction that involves this ester as a reactant NOT a product. thanks :) Why don't you just cleave the ester

    asked by steff
  3. math

    ppl share a profit of 45000, they have a ratio of 3:8:4. how much will each person have? 9000,24000,12000 umm how i think 45000 is 15 units. so one unit is 3000. then you find what is 3 units, 8 units and 4 units.

    asked by mathhelp
  4. math

    the price of is 150/m3. the price is raisd by 10% each year. wat will the price of oil be at the end of two years? what is 1.1^2 * 150? if i understand the question the answer would be 181.5 The question isn't exactly clear how the 10% is done. If it is

    asked by math
  5. math, beginning algebra

    how do you solve this i've tried many ways and i always get stuck. -4(2x - 3 ) = -8x + 5 you use -4x times 2x first, then you times -3. so you have (-8+12)=8x+5. you know -8+12 is 4, so the equation becomes 4=8x+5. so x is probably a negative number. so

    asked by jasmine20
  6. Math

    what is the expected value of a fair game? It depends on the game: the rewards and the probability of particular outcomes. If the lottery has a 10 million dollar prize, and I have a one in five chance of winning it (I wish), the expected value would be 1/5

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Prob and stats\ math

    grading on a curve results in what percent of F's? It depends where you set your cutting points. for example, if you use Z = -2 as your cutting point, the percent below that point, approximately 2.5%, would get F's. However, the cutting point can be

    asked by Anonymous

    Is this true or false? I am confused. Tests have been conducted to mine uranium from seawater. My book says that at one time or another Japan, Germany, and the United States have expressed interest in the extraction of uranium. Japan set up a land-based

    asked by Pat
  9. Math

    Using the intersection method, I need to solve the following equation: 5x-3.3=x-2.1 Can you point me on the right path? you have to get x's on one side, and the numbers on the other. then solve for x. Kira, Thank so much for your help, but how do you graph

    asked by Olivia
  10. BIO!!

    How do purines compare to pyrimidines?

    asked by How do purines compare to pyrimidines?
  11. BIO???

    Fill in the blanks!' b) The amino acids ________________________ and ______________________ are involved in the mutation. my answer: The amino acids arginine and glycine are involved in the mutation.

    asked by check!
  12. Science

    Every cell in the body has a full complement of all genes, however each cell type reads only certain genes. For example, both white blood cells and liver cells have genes for making digestive enzymes but they do not read them. how is this possible??? I

    asked by ronda
  13. Physics

    How would a physics expert respond to the following suggestions made by three airline executives? Write a script of the expert's response for performance in front of the class. Airline Exectutive A: Since the earth rotates from west to east, we could

    asked by Becca
  14. Social

    How Connecticut got started? How did it become one of the 13 colonies? thanks a lot!!!!!! you just saved my life!!!!! =] Lots of good

    asked by Borris
  15. reading

    what is the difference between a plot and a summary? Plot: Summary: They are similar in some ways, but the plot of a story, book, or play is like a blueprint --

    asked by Katie
  16. Science

    Please don't say this is to difficult to do or its o hard. Just tell me how to do it. I wanna amke a model in whihc electricity is generated through wond. ;) Check these sites for instructions about how to generate electricity with wind.

    asked by Gina

    Every cell in the body has a full complement of all genes, however each cell type reads only certain genes. For example, both white blood cells and liver cells have genes for making digestive enzymes but they do not read them. how is this possible??? I

    asked by ronda
  18. Reading

    I still don't understand the difference between the plot and summary. Let me see if I am right. If a project said to write about the plot could you put it in bullet format and name off major events in order. And if it asked to write the summary of the book

    asked by Katie
  19. Biology

    I'm working on a Chromatography Lab and need to identify the pigments that appear on the paper. I've found the names of the green and yellow pigments, but I can't identify a brownish streak that appeared when a paper consisting carnation pigement was

    asked by Samantha
  20. math, beginning algebra

    Can someone correct this for me. Directions:Solve 6x-1 divided by 5 minus 2x divided by 3 equals 3 My answer: x = 6 yes If this is what you mean, [(6x-1)/5]-(2x/5)= 3 then yes, x=6 If you mean [(6x-1)/(5-2x)]/(3)=3 then no, x = 0.75

    asked by jasmine20
  21. math, beginning algebra

    can someone correct this for me. Directions: Solve each literal equation for the indicated variable. 2x + 3y = 6 (for x) Linear Equation My answer: X = 3-1.5y yes.

    asked by jasmine20
  22. math, beginning algebra

    can someone correct this for me: Directions: Solve each literal equation for the indicated cariable. A= 1/2 h (B+b) (for b) Area of trapezoid My answer: 2A divided by h minus B equals b. yes.

    asked by jasmine20
  23. Reading

    "The Great Rot Hunt" - Are these right. 1. The traps that Father set did not work because they were (d.) not set correctly. 2. The narrator retionalizes killing the rat by comparing it to a (c.) deer. 3. The narrator realizes that, to his father, success

    asked by Valerie
  24. science

    What rock is it The remains of the dead sea animal settle to the bottom of the sea limestone

    asked by Jose
  25. science

    what rock is it the plants in a swamp die and are buired layer upon layer coal

    asked by Jose
  26. science

    what is the rock name a beach becomes covered wit water and additional layers of sediment. sandstone

    asked by Jose
  27. science

    what is the rock name clay settles in nearly still water shale

    asked by Jose
  28. Algebra

    Write a system of inequalities to express the exterior of the triangle ABD if A=(-2,7), B=(4,0), and C=(1,-3). Please help! gracias -7x/6 +14/3

    asked by Lily
  29. Linear Equations

    Directions: Use what is given to write an equation of a line in STANDARD, SLOPE-INTERCEPT, AND POINT-SLOPE form. 1. m = 3 (0,4) s=B4=3 si=3x+4 ps=y-4=3x Are we doing these correctly? I do not know what those forms mean, but if the line goes through (0,4)

    asked by Valerie
  30. Math

    Write a brief answer to each question. Provide examples. a) When is the sum or difference of two monomials a monomial? b) When is the product of two monomials a monomial? c) When is the quotient of two monomials a monomials? Plz help, the questions confuse

    asked by Kayla
  31. Data Management

    List all permutations of the elements of the set {+, -, *) List all subsets (combinations) of the elements of the set {+, -, *)

    asked by Raj
  32. bio

    i need info on carbon atom cycle. i need atleast 10 Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "carbon atom cycle" to get these possible sources:

    asked by h boy
  33. Earthquakes

    Can subduction zone earthquakes be caused by recent wet weather? Yes, Water can act as a lubricant for the plates.

    asked by Janelle
  34. ‚g‚d‚k‚o�I�I�I

    Give two examples of federalism in the United States. =)

    asked by cc
  35. Physics

    What quantitative information do you need to calculate each of the measurements of an object's motion Displacement: Average velocity: Average acceleration: Displacement: Final position minus initial position Average velocity: Displacement divided by time

    asked by Tpark

    so i have this french test tomorrow on imparitive, and subjonctif. i have had a lot of trouble remembering them, and telling them apart. can anyone help!? that would be fantastic! thank you so much! its urgent! Imperative (note spelling) means giving a

    asked by leah
  37. french

    how do i do subjontive? how do i know that i am doing it right? the endingings : e,es,e,ions,iez,ent - do i use those for every verb i use? for -ir verbs, do i also add -iss, or is that onlyfor imparitive? merci! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework

    asked by MiChElLe!
  38. Social

    how does restoring voting to whites in the south help protect rights of freedmen in the 1870s? freedmen by the way were the slaves. thx for ur help :) It would have caused a great deal of anger if freedmen could vote, but whites couldn't vote. This was a

    asked by Jon
  39. Algebra 2

    I know it's easy, but I totally just blanked out on how to divide rational expressions. We're supposed to write them in the form quotient + (remainder/Divisor) For example, (2h2+h-2)/(h2-1) Those are h squareds. I know you would take h2 into 2h2 and get 2,

    asked by John
  40. math,beginning algebra

    can someone help me work this problem out. If a total bill at a restaurant, including a 15% tip, is $65.32, what was the cost of the meal alone? $56.8 let x = cost of bill Then x + 0.15x = 65.32 solve for x. $56.80 is correct from Angela.

    asked by jasmine20
  41. Algebra 2

    Find a real plynomial equation with real coefficients that has the given roots. 3-2i, 3+2i Should I just make it [x- (3-2i)][x + (3-2i)] then multiply it out and there's my answer? angela, thanks for your help how did you get the 56.80 from my problem.

    asked by Angela
  42. Math

    How to solve, 1300cm2=m2 1 m = 100 cm 1 m2 = 1002 cm2

    asked by Joy
  43. Algebra

    For what value(s) of b will x^2 + bx + 3 have exactly one root? I'm rather new at this but wouldn't b=2*sqrt(3) give (x+sqrt3)2 as factors and that would give one root? Check my thinking. for a quadratic equation to have exactly one root, the discriminat

    asked by Megan

    True or False Test have been conducted to mine uranium from seawater. Just not sure. Pat== I checked at by typing in "uranium sea water" without the quotation marks and I received a lot of "hits" but almost all that I saw (all but one) were

    asked by Pat
  45. Social

    can any 1 answer my question that wuld be great thx Jon, please put your question on the board. A teacher will be happy to help you.

    asked by Jon