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December 17, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    In a lab, we added NH3(aq) to CuSO4(aq), and the solution turned dark blue with a precipitate. The problem is that the products ( Cu(NH3)4 and SO4) should be soluble, no? The question is then, what is the percipitate? The ppt is Cu(OH)2. The dark blue

    asked by Karl

    page # D-76 What Relation Is a Doorstep to a Doormat? Both are stepped on. no You didn't put any parameters on this and I think its a great answer. How bout the relation being a stepson (steps on) I got astearther.... No wait it's A Step Farther eh....??

    asked by Adam

    Page # D-74 How Would You Describe a Dead Skunk? A skunked skunk. no What kind of answers do you have for the ones you have correct? exstankt extinct

    asked by Adam
  4. math

    concrete can be purchased cubic yard. How much will it cost to pour a slab 17 feet by 17 feet by 2 inches for a patio if the concrete costs $40.00 per cubic yard? Change 2" to feet, find volume of patio in cubic feet, change to cubic yards, and multiply by

    asked by Stripperella
  5. Chemistry

    Quick question, since FePO4 is insoluble, will that mean a precipitate will form? During the experiment I don't remember seeing a precipitate. Is that my error, or is the precipitate hard to see? Sure. Adding Na3PO4 will make a big difference. FePO4 is

    asked by Karl
  6. physic

    1.What is the gravitational force between two trucks, each with a mass of 2.0 x 10^4 kg, that are 2.0 m apart? (G = 6.673 x 10^11 N•m^2/kg^2) 2.Each tire of an automobile has an area of 0.026 m^2 in contact with the ground. The weight of the automobile

    asked by Jan
  7. MATH

    I NEED TO SOLVE FOR Y AND X im getting rele confused on this. ok here is the prob. x+y=5 x-2y=-4 equation 1 x+y=5 equation 2 x-2y=-4 Multiply equation 1 by -1. Add equation 1 to equation 2. The x term cancels. Solve for y. THEN, put the value of y into

    asked by Tony
  8. english

    What are the rules on citing? My teacher is requiring a citation for one of my paragraphs that is in the middle of my paper. It is a website. How do I go about citing this? At this website, hold your mouse over CITING

    asked by Joaquin
  9. Speech

    I need an interesting way to start a speech on how to ride a dirt-bike Introduction: Riding a dirt bike can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Above all else to make it rewarding there are several safety precautions. what gear to wear, bike

    asked by Anonymous
  10. calculus

    I am given a table that shows the temperature of the water and the days, which looks like this: t(days) W(t) (in Celcius) 0 20 3 31 6 28 9 24 12 22 15 21 the temperature of the water in a pond is a differentiable function W of time t. The table above shows

    asked by Jan
  11. chemistry

    Which element has atoms that can form single, double, and triple covalent bonds with atoms of the same element? the choices are florine, oxygen,carbon and hydrogen. i also need a explanation of why its the right answer. thanks for helping :) How do we see

    asked by confused
  12. Chemistry

    How do i figure this? State whether the following compound contain polar covalent bonds, non-polar covalent bonds, or ionic bonds, based on their electronegativities. 1)KF_________ Look up the electronegativity values for K and F and make your decision. We

    asked by Bryan
  13. Jewelry markings

    I have to find out what certain markings on jewelry mean. 925-I think it means silver, but I have to be more in depth. han-hand made? S O- no idea F-no idea 925 is indeed sterling silver. I have no idea on the others. The 925 specifically means 92.5%

    asked by Lisa
  14. math, algebra

    i just want to re make sure that the following question is correct. (1) List all the factors of 16 My answer: 1,2,4,8,16 That is correct. They may not want 1 and 16 to be included, since every integer has 1 and itself as factors. so i should take away the

    asked by jasmine20
  15. chemistry

    what is the total number of electrons shared in a double covalent bond between two atoms, and why? four. One covalent bond is two electrons, a double convalent is twice that. why wouldnt it be 8? Because 2*2=4. Reread Bob Pursley's answer. Two electrons is

    asked by Jim
  16. calc

    Find the critical number(s) of f(x)= abs(2x-4) What is the derivative of abs(2x-4)? Is it abs(2)? No. You have to specify the domain of x. At x=2, this function has no derivative. At x>2, f' = d (2x -4)/dx= 2 at x

    asked by Brian
  17. math

    Bill has 30 coins, some nickels some dimes. They equal $2.10. How many nickels are there? What is the equasion used to solve this problem? Let d=# dimes. let n=# nickels. d + n = 30 d($.10) + n($.05) = $2.10 Two equations and two unknowns. Solve them

    asked by mary

    Bill has 30 coins, some nickels some dimes. They equal $2.10. How many nickels are there? What is the equasion used to solve this problem? When I solve it, I get 4.3 nickels, but how can there be .3? Please help me solve I posted the two equations for this

    asked by mary
  19. honors geometry

    The triangle with vertices at A (-2, 2), B (-8, -1) and C (-8, -1) is reflected about the line y= 2x + 1. Express the coordinates of the reflection of A as an ordered pair. How do you set this problem up? Thank you. A neat way to check your thinking. Draw

    asked by maggie
  20. Critical Thinking

    What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to the area of logical syllogisms scroll to Truth, Validity and Soundness What is the meaning of validity, truth and soundness as they

    asked by Tracy
  21. english

    what is a noun? a noun is a person, place, thing, or idea Anonymous is exactly right... Here is a great website on all sorts of nouns with examples for each.

    asked by ismathara
  22. Energy

    174520 = (massboiled) (2260) .1716 = massboiled so .1716? Suppose a burner transfers 325 kJ of energy to 450 kg of liquid water at 20 C degrees. What mass of the water would be boiled away? The first energy going in heats the water: energy=mass*c*(100-20)

    asked by Min
  23. chemistry

    how would you draw a chemical bond representation for: NH4 plus 1 thanks for your help:) It is almost impossible to draw Lewis electron dot structures for ANY molecule or ion on these boards BUT here is a try.    H    : H:N:H+

    asked by Jillian
  24. social studies

    Why do countries want to be the most powerful? What is it they can control once they have reached that status? They can control the resources, money and people of the areas they have influence over, to the benefit of their industries and investors. Thanks!

    asked by Gabriella
  25. chemistry

    How is the way metals form ions different from the way nonmetals form ions? Think about this. When Na, a metal, becomes an ion, what must it do? It has one electron in its outside shell. When Cl, a non-metal, forms an ion, what must it do? It has seven

    asked by carter
  26. Chemistry

    why is distillation the only way we can separate out a solute and solvent from a solution. The solute is dissolved down to the molecular level, and physical separation at this small scale is difficult. However, one does not have to distill, Ever hear of

    asked by Emily
  27. Social Studies

    What did the Europeans call the Native Americans? Indians "Noble savages' or just "Savages' were also commonly used Are you sure about savages and not Indians? Columbus was the first person to call the natives Indians because he thought he was in the East

    asked by Salman

    Please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her areas. An even better subject heading would

    asked by Writeacher

    Please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her areas. An even better subject heading would

    asked by Writeacher
  30. Researching project

    I'VE BEEN DESPERATELY LOOKING THROUGH SITE AND SITES FOR HOUR BUT I CANT FIND ANY article that suit my teacher's taste and he told me to re do it again... anyone please help this is what he wrote "I am looking for published articles related to the

    asked by iMutra

    there is a field (112m x 75m) that are split into 13 square plots. What are the dimensions [must be in whole meters]. there is a picture, but the boxes are not to scale so i don't know how to get started on this problem. if someone could help me this would

    asked by Sheldon
  32. math

    Solve for each system and equations. y=-x-2 y=3x+2 set -x-2=3x+2 solve for x. thanx i was minusing 2 instead of adding two thanx alot

    asked by Tony
  33. fixed problem

    sorry my friend is on my computer and i told him to get off i will make sure he doesnt ever get on this site again, sorry for your trouble Your ISP addresses are being reported to your provider for your lewd behavior on this homework help website. You'd be

    asked by Sara
  34. metric system

    does 1 liter = 1 kg? If the liquid is H2O, yes. To convert volume to mass, you need to know the density. They are not the same thing. Volume = Mass/Density and the volume you're talking about is in liters? 1 mL = 1cm (for water) so convert it to figure it

    asked by Jan
  35. more israel questions

    what are the most common chracteristics of native music of israel You should find lots of information in these sites. =)

    asked by Blaine
  36. MATH

    im so stupid, uhh whats 1 plus 1 is it 11? I'm sorry--that was not me. I am trying to get some help understanding the problems. I am not stupid. 1 + 1 = 2 1 + 10 = 11 And I guess we could make a joke about 1 + 1 being 11 if we were so inclined. Someone

    asked by Tony
  37. career course

    how would this quesFill in the blank with the correct answer. You are a production manager for a pill manufacturer. You must get the materials for a production run. The order calls for 10,000 pills. The materials to go inside the 10,000 pills cost a total

    asked by Pam
  38. maths

    firstly we have been given the function y= x^3 - 4x whose graph we have to draw.then we are given the function y = (x-1)^3 -4(x-1) whose graph we have to draw as well.Now i know it is a transformation of the first graph,but i cant see how.Any help would be

    asked by shahrukh
  39. food

    i love bacon, who knows were you get it for a cheap price I bought bacon today at my local grocery store in Michigan. Most brands were $4.00 a pound, with a couple of brands above and below that price.

    asked by kelly
  40. math, algebra

    this next one i want to make sure that what i'm answering is correct. (1) A rectangle has sides of 3x-4 and 7x+10. Find the expression that represents its perimeter. My answer for solving: P=2L+2W P=2(3w-4)+ 2(7x +10) p=6w-6+14x+10 My final answer:

    asked by jasmine20
  41. economics

    how change in "Consumer Taste" and "Change in Expectation" effect upon Supply and Demand in Economic? In a plenitude of ways. Fashion and other fads come and go, increasing the demand for "hot" products, decreasing for "cold." Producers, in an attempt to

    asked by Jennifer
  42. career question, please help

    Fill in the blank with the correct answer. You are a production manager for a pill manufacturer. You must get the materials for a production run. The order calls for 10,000 pills. The materials to go inside the 10,000 pills cost a total of $500.00. A box

    asked by Pam
  43. calculus

    Let f(x) = (x+1)/(x-1). Show that there are no vlue of c such that f(2)-f(0) =f'(c)(2-0). Why does this not contradict the Mean Value Theorem? I plugged 2 and 0 into the original problem and got 3 and -1 . Then I found the derivative to be

    asked by Jamie
  44. MATH

    WHAT IS A VERB? This is an English question -- not a math question. A verb is a word that shows action or a state of being.

    asked by SAGAR
  45. ethics

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper should cover Mexican Americans, Puerto

    asked by PapaBear
  46. Motion equation

    A stone, which weighs 0.62kg, is thrown, at 5.5ms, its kinetic energy at its maximum height above the surface is 2.3J, what is the height of the stone at this point? Any eqautions or advice gratefully received. I assume that is 5.5 m/s, the initial

    asked by Mac
  47. science/biology

    how many years do 9 year old girls have iregular periods? at what age a woman's period stop? PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE HOMEWORK THANK YOU! i'm pretty positive there is not an exact age or amount of years-- are you supposed to have a time frame?

    asked by Tina
  48. Logarithms

    e^x+2=13 solve by logarithm Take the ln of both sides. x*ln e = ln 13. You can do this on your calculator. If you don't know the value of e, go to and type in e and search. The value is about 2.7. or type this in the google search window

    asked by Chris
  49. math, algebra

    I want to make sure on this one as well. (1) Subtract: 4 and 1/3 minus 1 and 1/4 My answer: 3 and 1/12 or is it 3 and 1/3 3 and 1/12 thank you

    asked by jasmine20
  50. Science

    Which of the following life formsis a vertebrate? a turtle a mosquito aflower plant or an octopus? A turtle has about sixty bones attached to the shell. 456 The spaces in the spongy bone are filed with ?

    asked by Brooke

    I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHAT ARE THE NEXT LINES? And to the Republic, For which it stands, one Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With liberty and justice for all

    asked by STUDENT
  52. chemistry

    i know the answer is carbon, but i don't see what you mean, and on my homework i have to describe why its the right answer, thanks for your help by the way Use the links I posted for you the first time you asked

    asked by confused
  53. drwls, math ,algebra

    should i take then away the 1, and 16 from the question of the listing all the factors of 16. so i should leave it as: list all the factors of 16: 2,4,8 I would leave out 1 and 16, since the pair is obvious and does not divide up the number 16 into smaller

    asked by jasmine20


    asked by KHUSHI
  55. science

    I googled "Tootsieroll how many licks", your answer is in the link at the bottom.

    asked by Ken
  56. Biology

    what are the three environmental factors that affect photosynthesis? amount of sunlight. Temperature. Concentration of CO2 in the environment. Water availability to the plant. what kind of lenses is shown on the micrsope to the righty?

    asked by Emilee
  57. english

    Good suggestion from Bob Pursley. Also, if you want someone to check your work, please be sure to re-post with the answers you've come up with. =) words that begin with IN a narrow strip ofwater which goes from a sea or lake into the land-I N _ _ T food or

    asked by Writeacher
  58. help

    what are 5 interesting instruments indigenous In Israel. Also what are the three most important muscians. These sites have interesting informatin about Israel's music. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Blaine
  59. math

    what is 400 divided by 3? 133.33333333

    asked by sagar
  60. math

    now i have to solve for y. i already no that x=-1. y=-1-2 y=3(-1)+2 -1 -2 = -3 3(-1)+2 = -3 +2 = -1 THANX I WAS SO CONFUSED ON THAT

    asked by Tony
  61. solve

    e^c-2c = e-2 what is c? ummm, 1? e^1 = e 2*1 = 2 No! Answer is 0.351 How do I get this? c = 1 is one solution. To find the other, you can proceed as follows. e^c-2c - e + 2 = 0 put f(c) = e^c-2c - e + 2 Newton's Method (approximate functon by the tangent)

    asked by Jen
  62. math,algebra

    can someone correct this for me: (1) Kit got 74/80 on an exam, meaning that she earned 74 points out of 80 possible. Write the decimal equivalent of this fraction. My answer: .925 But my question is do i have to round up or i should just leave it as is.

    asked by jasmine20
  63. Schwann Cells

    Whay is schwann cells important???

    asked by Anonymous