Questions Asked on
December 12, 2006

  1. chemistry

    0.872g sample containing only NaBr and KBr gives 1.052g AgBr. what's the % of each salt? This is the type of problem that cannot be answered without other information. I think you have made a typo in your problem I worked through it and I get negative

    asked by hayat
  2. calc

    d/dx integral from o to x of function cos(2*pi*x) du is first i do the integral and i find the derivative right. by the fundamental theorem of calculus, if there is an integral from o to x, don't i just plug the x in the function. the integral of the

    asked by david
  3. oceanography

    1. How much of the total water at earth's surface is fresh water? 2. Of all the freshwater at the earth's surface, what percent is found as ice and glaciers? 3. What percent of all freshwater is groundwater? 4. What percent of the rainfall that falls on

    asked by Ashley
  4. English 10th Literature

    What is the climax of "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant?" I always call it "the point of no return". The time in the story when there can be no other possible ending. Below is a site which will explain

    asked by Tadeshia
  5. Global

    After crossing the Hindu-Kush mountains, Aryan 'invaders' moved? A. Through the indus river valley and onto the ganges plain B. northwest to the black sea c. Across the Alps mountains into rome D. east to the south china sea First you need a good map of

    asked by Danielle
  6. probability

    Kevin has 11 CDs in his glove compartment. Six are rock and 5 are rap. He selects 3 cds at random. What is the probability that he picks at least 2 rap cds? Pr (two)=5/11 * 4/10 * 6/9 Pr (three ) =5/11 * 4/10 * 3/9 add those. Not quite bobpursley. There

    asked by matt
  7. science

    what causes the northern and southern lights to occur yyftyrf da ert faerb uoi gfa he tue you da dietions da en

    asked by kizzy
  8. Probability

    A contest entrant has a .00001 probability of winning $5,000.00. If this is only prize and the entry fee is $20.00, then what is the expected value? Regardless of what you pay for an entry "ticket" its expected value is in this case (probability of

    asked by Sue
  9. possessive nouns

    Write the noun in this sentence so it shows possession. The bus driver is named Mr. Ed. Would it be? The bus's driver is named Mr. Ed. I personally think the sentence should be rewritten to read, The bus driver's name is Mr. Ed The second sentence is

    asked by Lulu
  10. Science

    What is an example of: a) radiation b) conduction c) convection radiation: the heat of the sun. conduction: heat one end of a metal tube and the other end will become hot due to conduction. convection: hot air rises in a room and cold air moves from high

    asked by Caley
  11. money

    What are the two characteristics that dollars must have to be accepted as money in our society? I think its the spider and the line along the side I'm not sure but i think that the line along the side is one of them.I had that question before but i can't

    asked by Anonymous
  12. english

    Jim sucked and sucked at the jug, and now and then he got out of his head and pitched around and yelled; but every time he come to himself he went to sucking at the jug again. His foot swelled up pretty big, and so did his leg; but judged he was all right;

    asked by anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    I believe the question asked to me in class was something like how do you derive the van't hoff factor to find that ln(K2/K1) = -(delta)Hº/R[(1/T2)-(1/T1)] nevermind i found the solution. thanks anyways

    asked by JYD
  14. CHEM

    thank you VERY much for your replies, DrBob. Another question, however: How many moles of ions -both cations and anions- are present in solution when 0.75 mol of potassium chloride is dissolved in 0.25L of distilled water? How do I work this answer to be:

    asked by K
  15. banks

    Describe how banks help to eliminate money. What kind of money are you talking about? Taking paper money out of circulation? Banks actually create money when they issue checking accounts for people and busineses they grant loans to. They also put a lot of

    asked by Anonymous
  16. the federal reserve

    How does the Federeal Reserve control the amount of money in circulation? By (1) setting the short term interest rate that banks must pay from loans from the Federal reserve and (2) setting the "reserve requirement" that banks must leave on deposit with

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math, algebra

    can someone correct this for me or help me. 6x^2y^3+ 9x^2y^3 divided by 3x^2y^2 my solving and answer is: 15 x x y y y ---------- = 5y 3 x x y y Looks good to me. I've never thought of showing x^2y^3 as xxyyy. That a neat wrinkle. We see quickly that the

    asked by jasmine20
  18. physics

    a) 2.0 kg of molten copper at its melting point of 1083 ºC (the copper is 100% liquid) is poured into a mold in a cooling water bath at 20 ºC. What mass of water is needed to bring the solidified copper and water to an equilibrium temperature of 30 ºC,

    asked by Eric
  19. Experiment+ bio

    In the 1950s the heavy isotope of nitrogen (15N) and an ultracentrifuge were used in an experiment to investigate the manner in which DNA replicates. Bacteria were grown in a culture containing 15N nucleotides for several generations to ensure that only

    asked by Chalrey
  20. Philosophy

    For the following arguments, a) Translate into standard form (if not already in standard form), b) symbolize to simplify, and then c) determine whether the syllogisms are valid or invalid, explaining why by reference to rules, AND by showing the

    asked by Anne
  21. Human Biology

    How can you identify a desert animal from an aquatic one by looking at the kidneys. I meant to put a question at the end. Morphological study of the desert heteromyid kidney with emphasis on the genus Perognathus. * Altschuler EM, * Nagle RB, * Braun EJ, *

    asked by Owen
  22. government- banking industry

    What happened when the government deregulated the banking industry? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "bank deregulation" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Anonymous
  23. math,algebra

    Directions:Multiply (-1/2)(-3/8) mY ANSWER : .1875 Now how do i turn this into a fraction. numerator multiplied: 3 denominator multiplied 16 3/16 How do you get to that answer because not every single one would be multiplied by the numerator 3. Can you

    asked by jasmine20
  24. math, algebra

    Problem: A formula for a football player's rushing average r with a total of y yards rushed in n carries of the ball is r=y/n. Solve for n. I have no other information this is how its in the book how do i even solve for n if theres no numbers. You don't

    asked by jasmine20
  25. math, algebra

    How do you solve the following: Directions:Factor Can you show me!!! (1) x^2-x-12 (2)x^3+2x^2-3x Here is how I do it. First make two sets of parentheses. ( )( ) The first in each set of parentheses must give x2. Obviously that is x and x. Looks like this.

    asked by jasmine20
  26. math

    dana has fillings in 4 of 32 teeth. What percent of her teeth have fillings? 4 divided by 32, then multpity by 100 to get the percent.

    asked by gaby3434
  27. Trig.

    I have answers for these problems, but I wanted to check if I had them right because I wasn't sure on some of them....Thanks. Solve the triangle: 1. a=4, b=8, alpha=30 deg. answer- beta=90 deg., gamma=60 deg., c=7 2. a=5, b=7, alpha=30 deg. answer- beta=44

    asked by ashley

    HOW DO YOU FIND THE VELOCITY OF A 20 kg SOLID CYLINDER WITH A .25 m RADIUS WHEN IT IS RELEASED FROM THE TOP OF A 10 m LONG RAMP INCLINED AT 30 DEGREES? The potential energy at the top is mg10/sin30 The Ke at the bottom is 1/2 mv^2, plus 1/2 Iw^2 but w= v/r

    asked by NICOLE
  29. History

    Why is Emily Murphy a hero? 3 things. I need it for tonight if you could please help me out. =) In 1911, Murphy successfully persuaded the Alberta legislature to pass the Dower Act that would allow a woman legal rights to one third of her husbandfs

    asked by Help!
  30. Philosophy

    Describe commonly accepted criteria for establishing the credibility of premises (claims).

    asked by Anne
  31. math, drbob222

    For this problem is it only asking for the exprssion(formula). Or do they want me to solve it. (1) A triangle has sides 3x+7,4x-9,and 5x+6. Find the expression that represents its perimeter. My answer:P=a+b+c I think the question is asking for the

    asked by Jasmine20
  32. science

    For the reproduction of yeast which sugar is best,regular suger,splenda,equal or sweet and low?give the reason why it is best.why do splenda don't produce carbon dioxide during yeast fermentation? splenda, equal, are not sugars that yeast can digest.

    asked by munira
  33. in washington

    by 2004 NASA wants to have a moon base that would be a base for trips to what planet Go to and enter nasa moon base -- see what results you get. If you don't get what you want, alter the search words a bit. =)

    asked by mak
  34. Science

    Electrical energy can come rom 3 types of energy: __________, __________, and __________. heat, nuclear, solar energy (sunlight)_ Thankz! :)

    asked by Caley
  35. Science

    Fill in the blanks: To make electricity: Coal heats water> heat makes ______> turbines turn steam

    asked by Caley
  36. physical science

    need help unscrambling these words sperruse ster nertlaim pressure rest what is a g-spot Pressure Rest

    asked by nancy
  37. Philosophy

    a) Using long or short truth tables (symbolize as necessary and show tables) determine and state whether the following arguments are valid, briefly explaining your table; and b) if valid, demonstrate validity by deductions using Group I rules. Arg 1. P-->Q

    asked by Anne
  38. confused calc

    dy/dx=2y^2 and if y=-1 when x=1, then when x=2, y=? (you already posted this, but i still don't get it) dy/dx = 2y^2 Integrating...y=2/3 y^3 + C put 1,-1 into the equation, and solve for C c=-1/3 so the equation is y=(2y^3)/3-1/3 then i have to find what y

    asked by david
  39. science

    you need to make a 3.5 Molar solution of Ca(OH)2, however, you only want to make 50ml of this Ca(OH)2 solution. How many grams of Ca(OH)2 will you need to weigh out and add to 50ml of water? Mass=VolumeinLiters*Molarity*Molmass

    asked by brittany
  40. Moss+ why does life cycle of moss involve alternation of generation?

    asked by Lance
  41. pathophysiology

    What is the Thyroid gland? Where is it and what does it do? Please visit:

    asked by blondie
  42. Science (sorry it's the same question twice)

    Fill in the blanks: To make electricity: Coal heats water ---> heat makes _______ ---> turbines turn I hope this version makes more sense that the previous one. :P steam

    asked by Caley
  43. science

    Look at the picture on the immediate left here:'s_magnetic_field Also: HOW IS THE EARTH'S MAGTISM USEFUL thanks it helped me alot!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Lance
  44. science

    For the reproduction of yeast which type of suger is best,regular suger ,sweet and low,splenda or equal? regular sugar

    asked by munira
  45. Necklaces

    Is there a big difference between 10k and 14k gold chains? My husband wants a chain he can wear all the time. Should I get 10k or 14k? Thank you for

    asked by Sharon
  46. Standard Costing System

    Ballroom Balloons, Inc. uses a standard cost system in which manufacturing overhead is applied to units of product on the basis of direct labor-hours (DLHs). During August, the company actually used 6,100 direct labor-hours and produced 2,500 units of

    asked by Lese
  47. algebra,math

    can someone correct these. and help me DIrections:Factor (3) 4x^2-4x-15 My solving: 4*x*x-4*x-15 (the star means multiply my final answer: x^3-15 (the ^ means for exponent) (4) 5x^2-26x+5 my solving: 5*x*x-26*x+5 my final answer: x^3-16 I don't understand

    asked by jasmine20
  48. Trig. Law of Cosines

    Show that any triangle with standard labeling... a^2+b^2+c^2/2abc = cos(alpha)/a + cos(beta)/b + cos(gamma)/c I don't get it. Can someone please help me. Start here with the law of cosines: a^2 = b^2 + c^2 -2bc Cos A b^2 = a^2 + c^2 -2ac Cos B c^2 = a^2 +

    asked by ashley
  49. Science

    These questions are multiple choice to fill in the blank: When cooking something in an oven: 1. a glass pan is an example of heat _________. a)radiation b)conduction c)convection 2. a metal pan is an example of heat _________. a)radiation b)conduction

    asked by Caley
  50. science

    how is the earth's magnetism useful It provides a navigation mark for hikers and sailors.

    asked by kizzy
  51. Math

    In sequences and series::: I don't understand the difference between (for arthemtic series) the equations 1) sn= t/2(ti-tn) 2) (n* n-1)/2 where would you use each one and how are they different?

    asked by mary11
  52. geometry proofs

    i need help with inderect proofs and proving lines perpendicular.. PLEASE!!!! You have to be much more specific on your question.

    asked by Angel Metellus
  53. government- please respond ASAP

    What is the number-one expenditure for the federal government? The single biggest line item is interest on the national debt. The single largest program/function is social security, the largest discretionary

    asked by Anonymous
  54. #6, week 15

    what peninsula do the Wolverines go past to get to Green Bay? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The Wolverines are from Michigan and the Green Bay Packers from Wisconsin. Get a good map and look between Michigan and Wisconsin. A peninsula

    asked by rob
  55. Need help Reviewing Managerial Economics

    just need help in reviewing my answers...they are all true/false questions..THANKS!!! 1. A principal-agent problem occurs when managerial decisions are inconsistent with the firm’s revenue maximizing objective. False 2. A firm making less than a normal

    asked by Sarah
  56. science

    what are some good websites for positive and negative impacts of electromagnetic induction? What kind of electromagnetic induction: like high voltage powerline problems?

    asked by lilly
  57. Math

    What is a unit rate? what is the prime factorazation for 945? idk how to do this 10= 15= GCF= i need help with my prime factorization homework what is a prime factorazation i meed held on my homework how do u determine if the numbers are prime or composite

    asked by Lindsey
  58. physics

    7150/(33.5e4) = g ice doesn't work. Am I calculating incorrectly? heat of fusion for water is 334 J/g. You want it in J/g since q is given in the problem in J. The answer will be in units of grams of ice. You will need to change to kg since the problem

    asked by Ann
  59. drbob222

    Can you check this one for me i want to make sure. The simple interest I on a principal of P dollars at Interest rate r for time t, in years, is given by I=PrT.Find the simple interest on aprincipal of $6000 at 3% for 2years. I got the following: I= 6000 x

    asked by jasmine20
  60. science

    what are the benfits and drawbacks of using insect hormones as a means of pest control? The benefits is that they can target specific bugs...maybe. The attractant hormones used to trap flies, cotton weevils, and the like, so they can be removed from the

    asked by jessica
  61. weighted average?

    if you have 70 calls that come in during one minute and 3 seconds..and then you have 10 calls come in at a total of 15 seconds. what is the weighted average of calls and time? I assume you want the weighted average of the frequency of receiving calls. The

    asked by Cherilyn
  62. pysics

    since mass and radius don't matter. Shouldnt the final velocities of a cylinder and a sphere at the bottom of the ramp be the same? No. You have to consider where the mass is. Calculate moment of inertia. See the problem you asked below. items dropped at

    asked by NICOLE
  63. need math help asap (logs) !!!

    Create a question that will use all four Log Operations and four Basic Log properties. The four log properties are: Logb 1=0; logbB=1; logbB^x=x; b^logbx=x the final answer must be X=e^pi where e is the natural log base = 2.718 be creative. Start with ln x

    asked by hi
  64. Health

    How many people on average die each year from smoking related problems in Ontario?

    asked by Caley
  65. Health

    How much does smoking cost taxpayers because of health care?

    asked by Caley
  66. U.S

    a propane explosion flattened an industrial warehouse in wisconsin's biggest city name the city You choose: =)

    asked by mak
  67. Math

    If 450 kilowatts of electric used cost 25.32, then how much would 240 kilowatts of electric cost? first find how much one kilowatt costs. so divide 450 kilowatts/$25.32 and you get your answer. then take that answer and multiply to get the cost of 240

    asked by Brodey
  68. English

    " to record an individual's health care and the achievements of medical source" How do I cite the source In this particular quote. You just quote it into the paper, and write the author name and page in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. Try

    asked by haydee
  69. bio!

    how does the process of crossing over results in genetic variability in an organism due to meiotic cell division? crossing over is when the homologous chromosomes pair up on the metaphase plate during meiosis 1, the homologous chromosomes swap short bits

    asked by help!
  70. Science

    Can you describe forced convection? Please? It is a fan blowing a fluid across a heat source or heat sink. Thankz!! :P

    asked by Caley
  71. Math

    How do you know whether a system of equations has no solution, one solution, ormany solutions? How can you identify whether a system is consistent or inconsistent???? Please Help me!!!! Thanks so much! I believe it is consistant if there is onlii one

    asked by Helen
  72. science

    Try MgBr2 and I expect you can balance it. i got a balancing equation problem i gotta get this to balance Mg(OH)2+ HBr --> MgBr + H20 so far i'v gotten it down to 2Mg(OH)2+ 4HBr --> 2MgBr + 4H20 but it's still not balanced,so can someone please balance

    asked by DrBob222
  73. Philosophy

    Use the diagramming method for identifying the argument structure of the following: "The Democrats tend to be to the left on social policy, and the new Congress is controlled by the Democrats, so we can expect a swing to the left. Of course, there are

    asked by Anne
  74. drbob222,math

    I've written back for the one i'm having trouble with of the previous in the previous message. Another question is that I want to verify doesn't this problem refer to solving. It is estimated that the Earth is losing 4000 species of plants and animals

    asked by Jasmine20
  75. english


    asked by Lani
  76. intro. to business/ government

    Do you agree with the federal government's spending priorities? Explain your answer. ^^^ what are the federal government's spending priorities?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Religions,History

    what are two excellent university websites that that deal with indigenous cultures and/or religions. Information ought to be judged by its content, not the publisher. In my experience on the web, university websites offer politically correct information,

    asked by Kalin-jasm-sis
  78. Science

    Nuclear power is from ___________. What word(s) goes in the blank? The bonding energy in the atomic nucleus. Thanks! :) caley you have to be looking at this please talk to me

    asked by Caley
  79. Philosophy

    Give an example of a truth-functional syllogism.

    asked by Anne
  80. Science

    Oil comes from __________ that is pumped up from under the ground. What word(s) goes in the blank? resevoirs? pools? a number of words can go here.

    asked by Caley
  81. Spanish

    Could someone proof my essay about enny in two stories? thanks! La Envidia

    asked by Susanna
  82. tis the season

    starting on christmas eve tbs will air 24 hours of what classic christmas movie aout ralphie parker Just go to and click on Schedule -- then choose Dec 24 and voila!,,21122406,00.html =)

    asked by mak