Questions Asked on
December 9, 2006

  1. English

    Could you paraphrase this sentence for me? His wish was to keep his country's independence from the United States. It's best if YOU do the paraphrase and then post what you write. Someone here will give you feedback. To paraphrase, cover the sentence and

    asked by Vanssa
  2. Physics

    Three identical balls, with masses M, 2M, and 3M are fastened to a massless rod of length L as shown. The rotational inertia about the left end of the rod is: That's the layout below. Would calculus be needed in this problem (intergration) because then Im

    asked by tatiana
  3. Science

    If a mineral sample has a mass of 10 g, how many grams of oxygen does it contain? You need more information than that to determine the amount of oxygen or any other element in the mineral. Your question is the same kind as, "My car was in the rain today.

    asked by Casey
  4. Chem

    How many chlorine atoms are in 5.0 g of C2H3Cl3O2? What mass of C2H3Cl3O2 would contain 1.0g Cl? There are 6.02 x 10^23 atoms in a mole of anything. Calculate the molar mass of your compound, that mass will contain 6.02 x 10^23 molecules of that material

    asked by Min
  5. physics (please check work)

    Four identical particles, each with mass m, are arranged in the x,y plane like a cross. They are connected by light sticks to form a rigid body. If m=2.0kg and a=1.0 m the rotational inertia of this array about the y axis is: work: I know that I= mr^2

    asked by susane
  6. horizontal tangent

    f(x) = sqrt(x^2 + 0.0001) At x = 0, which of the statements is true. a)f is increasing b)f is discontinuous c)f has a horizontal tangent d)f' is undefined Answer is c but why? f(x,y) = sqrt(x^2 + y) g(x,y) = df/dx = 1/(2*sqrt[x^2 + y]) * 2x = x/sqrt[x^2 +

    asked by Jen
  7. physics concepts (please check over my work)

    A uniform cyclinder made of lead has the same mass and the same length as a uniform solid cylinder made of wood. The rotatonal inertia of the lead cylinder compared to the wooden one is: I thought at first that the rotational inertia cannot be known or

    asked by tatiana
  8. physics

    If a wheel turns with a costant rotational speed then: each point on its rim moves with constant roational velocity, each point on its rim moves with constant translational acceleration, the wheel turns with constant translation acceleration, the wheel

    asked by susane


    asked by MALISSA
  10. calculus-changing voltage

    V = IR V is increasing at the rate of 1 volt/sec while I is decreasing at the rate of 1/3 amp/sec. Let t = time in sec What is dV/dt? What is dI/dt? Find the rate at which R is changing when V = 12 volts and I = 2 amp. Thanks. Please ignore this. I got the

    asked by Jen
  11. Ethic Diversity

    can someone tell me the definition of the word nonagist. I can not find it in any of my dictionaries. Thanks nonagist: not discriminating against middle-aged and elderly people

    asked by Jodi
  12. please check

    If a wheel turns with a costant rotational speed then: each point on its rim moves with constant roational velocity, each point on its rim moves with constant translational acceleration, the wheel turns with constant translation acceleration, the wheel

    asked by susane
  13. Algebra

    What is the sum of 38 and twice a number is 124. Find the number 43 The sum of 38 and twice a number is 124. Find the number.

    asked by KJ
  14. Math

    The average of 3 numbers is 45. If one of the numbers is 43, what is the average of the other 2 numbers? The average of 3 numbers is 45 means the total = 45 x 3 = 135? is that what u suppose to do? If one of the numbers is 43, the total of the other

    asked by Jake P.
  15. Science

    While trying to determine the identity of a mineral, you decide to do a streak test. You rub the mineral across the plate, but it does not leave a streak. Does this mean your test failed? Explain your answer. What do the following abbreviations of elements

    asked by Katie
  16. math

    Can anyone help w/ these. 1) Solve the equation in the internal [0deg, 360deg]. a) sin 2x = -sin x b) sin 2T = -1/2 (where T is angle) c) 4 sin^2T = 3 2) Evaluate the expression. sin(arctan 2) 3) Rewrite the following w/o using trigonometric or inverse

    asked by chyrl
  17. increasing decreasing calc

    f(x)=x^3=12x-24 f'(x)=3x^2+12=0 3x^2=-12 x^2=-4 what is x. would it be x=-2 and 2 because i have to find the interval where the function is increasing or decreasing. i already know how to find the answer but i just got confused on finding the zeros first

    asked by david
  18. Social Studies

    Please help me find these answers. I looked everywhere and I can't find the answers. And someone stole my textbook and my notes are a mess. I need the answers by tommorow night. Btw, I'm in grade 8. This is Canadian History. 1. Explain the reform movement

    asked by Andy Pandy
  19. Economics

    Isn't a monopolistic competitor most likely to earn zero economic profits in the long run, due mainly to the assumption of easy entry and exit? I would argue no, a monopolistic competitor is likely to earn economic profits. Almost by definition, a

    asked by Jake
  20. Trig

    Please help with this one. I've worked it out in so many ways and can't tell what's correct. sinA sinA ----- - ------ 1+sinA 1-sinA Which answer is correct for the problem above? a) 1+cotA b) sinA tanA c) -2tan^2A d) secA cscA common denominator: 1-sin^2 A

    asked by Jasmine
  21. Science

    How do I make 5 ml of a final concentration of 20 ug/ml of reagent A in 10% reagent B/ 1X reagent C? Note: The stock of reagent A is at 1 mg/ml. Reagent C is purchased as 1X. Use the stock of undiluted Reagent B. How do I go about doing this and what will

    asked by Chris
  22. algebra

    Solve the quadratic equation: 2x(squared)+6x+12=0 I know you have to find two numbers that =24 (2 times 12) and have a sum of 6. But I can't think of any! Can someone please help? Use the quadratic. And this problem has no real answers, they are imaginary.

    asked by Sir Galahad
  23. limits

    what is the derivative of e^(3*ln(x^2)) i keep getting 6/x * e^(3*ln(x^2)) but that's not one of the multiple choice so am i doing something wront. also, what is the limit of (1-cosx)/(2*(sinx)^2) as x approaches zero. is the answer zero or nonexistent The

    asked by david
  24. equation of the normal

    An equation of the normal to the graph of f(x) = x / (2x-3) at (1,f(1)) is ........ find f' Then, the slope of the normal will be -1/f' Make the equation g(x)= -1/f' + b put in the point 1, f(1), and solve for b, and you have it.

    asked by Jen
  25. Physics QUIZ

    Rising air cools as a result of a decrease in barometric pressure with altitude. (Lapse Rate) True/False? When an inflatable life jacket is inflated with a compressed air cylinder the air inside the now inflated life jacket is much colder than it was prior

    asked by ROB
  26. calculus

    f(x) = (x^2 - 4)/(x-2) if x not equal to 2 f(x) = k if x = 2 for which value of k is f continuous at x = 2 f(x) = x +2 (obtained by factoring the numerator and canceling "x-2" When x=2, f(x) = 4 So make k = 4 at x=2 and you have a continuous function.

    asked by Jen
  27. differentiate

    A = 1/2 ab Sinè How is dA/dt related to da/dt, db/dt and dè/dt dA/dt= 1/2 b SinTheta da/dt + 1/2 a SinTheta db/dt + 1/2 ab cosTheta dTheta/dt This is a U = xyz form dU/dt= xy dz/dt + ...

    asked by Jen
  28. ETH


    asked by DORINA LUNA
  29. Finance

    I have two finance questions that I need help on - willing to pay. Please respond back No need to pay. Just post the questions, and we will do our best to help. Thanks for asking.

    asked by Kim
  30. Math

    (1) Why is x+2 from 2x? (2)Use the distributive property to remove the parentheses in each expression. Then simplify by combining like terms. ORIGINAL PROBLEM : 7(4W-3)-25 My answer: Is this answer correct 7(TIMES) 4W + 7 (TIMES)-3-25 7 (TIMES)4W -21-25

    asked by Jasmine20
  31. maths

    I have y=5sin(4x-pie/2). I need too find phase shift. I know c/b is shift. This is pie2/4=.392, but does not equal my answer and I don't know direction it should go. Can anyone help? What do you mean by c/b? What do you mean by pie2/4=.392? What phase

    asked by matt
  32. Math?

    Hola i need help with this problem I got all confused with the letters A,B,C,D and E are 5 numbers. The average of A,B,C, and E is 27. The average of B,C and D is 23. The average of B,C,D and E is 29. What is the average of these 5 numbers?

    asked by Marisol Hernandez
  33. Chemistry

    Hi, I was given the reactants for the chemical reaction and I am supposed to write the product. The equation must be balanced. Can someboy please check my work? Thanks :-) 3NaOH + Fe(NO3)3 --> Fe(OH)3 + 3Na(NO3) 2NH3 --> N2 + 3H2 2H2 + o2 --> 2H2O 4Mg +

    asked by Lisa
  34. Calculus

    A cylindrical drum is made to hold exactly 1m^3 in its interior. Assume that the material for the top and the bottom costs $20 per m^2, while that for the side costs $10 per m^2. Determine the radius of the drum that minimizes the cost of the material

    asked by Fredrique
  35. Religions

    what does orthodox mean? my answer is: sound in religoius doctrine. THis is whats in the dictionary but what does it mean. what does soul mean? My answer: Meaning the principle of a mans moreal and feelings just like a natural thing . Is this correct it

    asked by Kailin-Jasmines -sister
  36. grammar corrections in english

    1.the christians go to a church to pray. is celebrated on twetififth december. Proper nouns ( names of specific things) are always capitalized. The first word in a sentence is always capitalized.

    asked by sesikanth
  37. science

    Will we ever run out of air? Air is stuck to the planet by gravity, it won't leave. Two things are adding to the air all the time too, the planet is always releasing gasses from volcanoes and volcanic vents, and there are some meteors that are mostly ice

    asked by Eva
  38. Powers in Math

    (5a^3b^4)^2=? *I don't get this one...PLease Help! (5a3b4)2= (5)2*(a3)32*(b4)2= 25*a6b8 I hope this turns out right. With all of these exponents it is easy to forget to turn them off and or to put parentheses in the wrong place. thanks once you

    asked by Margie...
  39. Religion

    Monistic means what? I don't even understand the definition Monistic means a theory or point of view that attempts to explain everything in terms of a single principle

    asked by Kailin-Jasmines -sister
  40. what does nontheistic mean?

    Can someone define it for me A theist believes in a theology of some sort, non-theists do not. Here are some excellent places to look up words or phrases: Usually, you'll get many, many results from various sources, so be sure to

    asked by Kailin-Jasmines -sister
  41. math

    Can somone check this for me. Directions: Identify the property that is used. (1) 5+(6+7)=5+(7+6) My answer: The commutative property of addition (2) 4 x(3+2)=(3+2) x 4 My answer. The communtaive property of multiplication right on both.

    asked by Jasmine20
  42. fluid mechanics

    I have a 4" hose attached to a 2" nozzle, me resistance coeffient of the nozzle is .12, and the jet of water exiting the nozzle is 24.4 m/sec. The water is flowing from the 4" to the 2". What I am having trouble finding is Pressure 1 and the the velocity

    asked by rok_well
  43. Powersin Math

    (-2x^2y)^3*(5xy^3)^2 I will be happy to critique your work. I think it is: -200x^12y^19 The negative two hundred is right. Notice this: (x^a)^b = x^ab Now redo the x and y powers, and you will have it. I know the first one is 81 but what is the second one?

    asked by Margie...
  44. derivative am i right or wrong

    what is the antiderivative of 1/(x^2-2x+2)? does antiderivative mean find the derivative of the function or integrate it. is the answer ln(x^2-2x+2) or is-2(x^2-2x+2)^-2. These are part of the multiple choices. antiderivative is the integral. so would the

    asked by david
  45. Scolae?

    hey does anyone know where i can find some information abt Athenian Scolae bc ive looked online but nothing seems to come up? and i need some info quick Scolae seems to be a word from which we get our word "school" -- but you're right; there's almost

    asked by jia
  46. Science

    I need to make 10 ml of bacitracin at 1 uM. I have purchased 5 mg of it. The MW of it is 458.6 g. How would I go about doing this and what would be my final answer? Thank you. concentration= moles/volume= mass/(MW*volume) or mass= concentration*volume*MW =

    asked by Chris
  47. marketing

    Matt owns a donut shop. He rents a space for $1500 a month and pays his only employee $300 a month. Matt can serve 1000 donuts each month. His variable cost per donut is $2. what price does Carlos need to charge in order to make a profit of $2000 per

    asked by Kay
  48. MATHS

    i need a lil help with this If x=2 is a root of the equation 6x^3 - px^2 - 14x + 24=0, find p,hence, solve the equation 6*(2)3-p*(2)2-14*2+24=0 6*8-p*4-14*2+24=0 48-4p-28+24=0 Can take it from here? yes..i got p to be 11. I do not know what else to do from

    asked by Kim
  49. mathematics

    Can someone please tell me how to find the vertex for y=x^2-7 Thanks! Wouldn't the mininum y be at x=0 (y=-7?) sure, I don't know, lol

    asked by Samwise
  50. DrBOB222 pertaining to the MATH question

    i got p to be 11 but i do not know how to solve the equation 6x^3 - 11x^2 - 14x + 24=0 Now, you know one root is x=2, so that is a factor. Divide x-2 into the polynomial. That will give you a binomial, which will give the other two factors.

    asked by KIM
  51. MATHS

    i need a lil help with this If x=2 is a root of the equation 6x^3 - px^2 - 14x + 24=0, find p,hence, solve the equation i got p to be 11 how do i solve the equation? You did it.

    asked by KIM

    please check below! patience.

    asked by Margie...
  53. Grammar

    please correct the following sentences so they read clean and clear. 1. It is David Lurie's eros that troubles the college administrators. 2. It is strongly requested that all pedestrians refrain from walking over those areas in the park which have been

    asked by tiffany
  54. English

    What are some clues that someone is being ironic? Others may have different or additional ideas, but the biggest clue to me is that what the person is saying is opposite what would be expected, AND he has a slight grin on his face.

    asked by Lucy
  55. tatiana

    A car tire of radius 45cm turns at a constant 14 rads/s. For a point on the edge calculate a) the tangential V b) the tangential a c) the centripetal "a" work: a) v= rw v= .45m * 14 rads/s= 6.3m/s b) at=alphar alpha= w/t I am unsure how to get time? c) at=

    asked by physics
  56. Religion

    Why were Mary and Joesph in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus's birth? Wasn't there a census for Tax purposes? Thank you, that is what I was looking for. Bob Pursley is right. This is in Luke:

    asked by Marie

    ive been searching forever and i need to know what chromium (II) sulfate does, like what people use it for , whats its use...please help! I looked it up in my copy of The Merck Index, page 2309, 12th edition and it lists the following: "Use: analytical

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!