Questions Asked on
December 3, 2006

  1. Economics

    A fishing boat owner brings 50,000 fish to market and the market price is $4 per fish. Her average variable cost of 50,000 fish is $1 and the fixed cost of the boat is $100,000, what is her profit per fish? a)$1 b)$500 c)$5,000 d)$25,000 e)$500,000 the

    asked by Julian
  2. More Physics

    A light plank rests on two scales that read Fg1 = 410 N and Fg2 = 310 N. The scales are separated by a distance of 2.00 m. How far from the woman's feet is her center of gravity (the woman is laying on a plank with scales on both ends supporting the woman

    asked by Jen
  3. The lord of the flies-English

    Why is percival unable to remember his name and address? Please help!! :( He is one of the "littleuns". He is so traumatized by the events he lives through that he forgets what civilization is about, including his name.

    asked by Help!
  4. calculus

    If y is a differentiable function of x, then the slope of the tangent to the curve xy - 2y + 4y^2 = 6 at the point where y=1 is ...... How do I do this? Thanks. xy - 2y + 4y^2 = 6 ---> d[xy - 2y + 4y^2] = 0 ---> xdy + ydx - 2dy + 8ydy = 0 ---> (x + 8y -

    asked by Jen
  5. Business Calculus

    A manufacturer has found that marginal cost is dc/dx=3x^2-60x+400 dollars per unit when x units have been produced. The total cost of producing the first 2 units is $900. What is the total cost of producing the first 5 units? I would integrate, you are

    asked by Lisa
  6. Economics

    3. Suppose the Clean Springs Water Company has a monopoly on bottled water sales in California. If the price of tap water increases, what is the change in Clean Springs' profit-maximizing level of output, price, and profit? Explain in words and with a

    asked by Mariah
  7. opinon

    I mean seeing professors to get help. Yes. Frankly I think it is a good idea to go to each one and introduce yourself if you have not done so. A very short social visit (short meaning a couple of minutes). Now for help. Yes go see them, you may not get the

    asked by deek
  8. Chemistry

    Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen when he heated a red powder. This red powder had been prepared by heating mercury in air. a) name th red powder formed when this element is heated in air b) write a word equation to show what happens to this red powder

    asked by Jessica
  9. Writing

    I have to write a business letter using the positive tone and ideas to a company with the luggage merchendise out of order that Mrs. Smith at the store informed me about being out of stock. How should I begin? Any suggestions or ideas? I would appreciate

    asked by Nancy
  10. The lord of the flies-English

    What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? (chapter 12) Please help its very frusterating! This gives a very good summary of that chapter:

    asked by Help!
  11. --- Chemistry ---

    What is the most common chemical method for removing H_30^+ ions in aqueous solution? Write a net ionic equation which describes this method. Add a base. What happens to the H concentration when the OH concentration goes up? We havn't started Acids/Bases

    asked by J.M
  12. Probability

    Roll two fair dice. what is the probability that you get a 2 and a 5 without regard to which is on which die? What is the probability of at least one 2 or one 5? What is the probability of a sum of 7? "what is the probability that you get a 2 and a 5

    asked by Pam
  13. english

    From the adventures of Huckleberry Finn: "Good gracious! anybody hurt?" "No'm just killed a !@#$%^&er." What devices of satire does this quote have? Mockery? Sarcasm? Overstatement? Understatement? Parody? Irony? Pathos? Mock-Heroic? Sarcasm: witty

    asked by anonymous
  14. math - word problem. help asap?

    in a certain math class, each student has a text book, every 2 students share a book of tables, every 3 students share a problem book, and every 4 students share a mathematics dictionary. If the total number of books is 75.. how many students are in a

    asked by Agnes
  15. federal court system/criminal justice

    (COURT BRIEF) I need help please, writing out a concise briefing on the subject that is 2-3 pages in length. (THE SUBJECT IS GANG MEMBERS-FEDERAL CASE) Thank you for the previous information it has helped a lot. The link I gave you before had it all, you

    asked by Jo
  16. website help origin of congress

    i need a website on the history and origin of congress and how it developed. i looked online, but i need help on finding a specific website on that. please can you help me. also do you know where i can find information of the political profile on the house

    asked by david
  17. History, Religions of the world

    I need someone to explain to me how can religon affect people in many different ways. My understanding towards this is that all religons are different because they beleive in different things. So many this can cause arguments between any two individuals

    asked by Jasmine20
  18. iron

    Can anybody tell me what happens to iron when heated and iron's main properties and uses !? Whe iron is heated to 1535 C, it melts. It's principal use is in making steel. It is also an important mineral needed (in small amounts) in human diets, because it

    asked by ahmed
  19. English 2

    I have to do a 1000 word essay paper detailing the research of a career that is of interest to me.I picked a teacher but cant find any info on it. I have to get things like salary scale, retirement plans,daily duties,typical hours worked,types of training

    asked by Tim
  20. Inter. Algebra

    I find it curious here: a - b=2 in this case, rationalize by multplying both sides by a+b, getting a-b=2 a^2-b^2=2(a+b) 2x+3-x+2=2(a+b) (x+5)/2 = a+b now add the original equation.. 2= a-b or 2a= 2+ x/2 + 5/2 4sqrt(2x+3)= x+9 square both sides.. 16(2x+3)=

    asked by bobpursley
  21. Social Studies

    What is the name of the middle eastern nation? It has to be spelled with letters from Merry Christmas!!!! Here's a whole list of them, plus some maps to click on. Choose what you need. =)

    asked by Marie
  22. Misc.

    Other than a car what item has wheels that can be spelled out of Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! car, cart, carts, my chaise has wheels. Sorry Bobpursley and thank you!!!!!!!!!! chair, chairs

    asked by Marie
  23. Please answer my Misc. Question Asap!!!!!!!!

    asap!!!!!!!!!! How rude. We are volunteers, and adults.

    asked by Marie
  24. House of Atreus

    Hi. I need to write an analytical essay on the relationship of the Iliad and The Odyssey to the Oresteia, that explains how Aeschylus seems to be using those epics and their surrounding mythologies in his own trilogy of plays on the plight of the House of

    asked by Stumped.
  25. To Kill a Mockingbird

    I'm supposed to do a Mini Chapter Presentation for Chapter 4. I need to include a piece of research to explain historical/political/cultural information but I need some suggestions to research on. Also I need to pose an

    asked by Lucy
  26. math logic

    I need to find 5 or more ordered pairs (x,y) In which xy = x + y like (0,0) and (2,2) 0,0 2,2 1/2,-1 -1,1/2 i need one more How about two different x's and y''s? (2,3) = 1,5) this is the problem: xy= x+y or the product of xy equals the sum of x and y.

    asked by steph
  27. Calculus

    A covered metal triangular trough is constructed as follows: A square shaped sheet of metal which is 70 centimeters wide and long square is folded along the center. Next, two pieces of metal in the shape of isosceles triangles are are welded to the ends.

    asked by Mike R
  28. medicine

    the dose of a drug is 500mcg/kg of body many gm should be given to a child weighing 55 pounds? dose= weigh*rate= 55lbs*1kg/2.2lbs*500mcg/kg = 55lbs*kg/2.2lbs*500mcg/kg*1g/10^6 mcg I get about 12 kg. Put this in your google search window:

    asked by rimple
  29. economic systems

    what are the three spin-off jobs that are directly related to the auto industry? parts manufacturer, parts distributor, body shops, glass shops, auto radio installer, designer, etc. Car washes, programmers (for auto electronics). I can list hundreds of

    asked by jr
  30. comm

    what is business writing? Business writing contains all kinds of specifics: letters, memos, grant applications, ad infinitum. Here are some good places online that will help, depending on exactly what you are looking for.

    asked by stacy
  31. w.history

    what were john lockes attitudes about government

    asked by sharnai
  32. AP Chem ?

    I had posted this question before and wanted to know if I had gotten the right answers. We have to identify the five compunds of H, N, and O described below. For each compound, I have to write a Lewis structure that is consistent with the information

    asked by Sam
  33. Physics! PLEASE HELP re Newton's Laws

    What would you do given the following scenarios? 1. You are the capitan of a spacecraft traveling in the far reaches of outer space, a great distance from any other body. Unexpectedly your radar indicates a meteor on a collision course with your craft,

    asked by Sophie
  34. Music

    I was told that Joan Baez was in the musical style of Rock in the 1960s, but I thought it was folk music, can someone clarify please? Isn't playing one time through the chords of a song a verse? You will find in this site that Joan Baez had quite a number

    asked by Sarah

    Hi can some one go back to my Math logic problem and possibly give me one more example? thanx :) I found a paper you may want your library to get for you: It is probably in the local college library. I

    asked by steph
  36. Science help plz

    Since all matter is made up of atoms that have positive and negative charges, how can an object be neutral? Explain. thanks Well, if the number of postive equals the number of negative, we define that as neutral. They spread evenly in matter, so no net

    asked by Josey
  37. Math

    I have a practice question that I am stuck on and need help. A certain insect pest has infested a cornfield. The pests are spreading through the field in a circular pattern at the rate of 3m/day. When the radius of the infested area is 70m. How fast is the

    asked by Dave
  38. Chemistry

    Is heat lost in heating water and ice? No. Entropy is lost, but heat energy is not lost.

    asked by Lisa
  39. Music

    I heard that "Itsbynne Reel" features stylistic elements of rock and jazz (especially bebop), but I don't recall that this song had bebop elements, can anyone clarify? Yes, according to this article, bebop

    asked by Mariah
  40. Music

    Is a short coda sometimes known as a musical tag? I been searching the web but couldn't find any good information.

    asked by Susan
  41. Grammar

    I was wondering if you can help me correct these following sentences: focus is on glossary usage. 1. Due to Plato's preoccupation with shadowy forms, Aristotle was aggravated enought ot leave The Academy and bring his followers along with him. 2. A

    asked by Tiffany
  42. English

    I have to write a paper for english (i'm in college). The topic is 'what's more important: book smarts or street smarts.' I've decided to go the route of seeing what kind of professional jobs look for what, and making it a report rather than an essay.

    asked by Caitlin
  43. Precalculus

    I have three questions on my homework in which I am stuck on. Thanks for the help! #1 find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pie). In cases where a calculator is necessary, round the answers to two decimal places. sin(sinx)=pie/6 #2 A 100

    asked by Anonymous
  44. electricity

    When all parts of a circuit are composed of conducting materials, the circuit is said to be? closed? Complete? Better than the alternative? when an electric current flows through along conductor, each free electron moves: when an electric current flows

    asked by erin
  45. Math - Calculus

    Im doing some practice questions and im stumped on this one. The amount of cleaning fluid in a partially filled, spherical tank is given by V = (pi)R(h^2)-(pi(h^3))/3 Where R is the radius of the rank, and h is the depth of the center of the tank. If

    asked by Swk13
  46. OOPS!

    Thankyou for the plagiarism announcement.

    asked by Ken
  47. math

    Having a lil problem Prove that the roots of ax^2 + (a + b)x+b are real for all values of k note the "x"s aren't multiplication signs. a x^2 + bx + c has the discriminant of D = b^2 - 4ac. If D is nonnegative then the function has real roots. In this case

    asked by kim
  48. Math (Geometry)

    Hello everybody, I have been presented with a geometry task. Here is the exact description of the task. "You work for a construction company. One of the clients wants the company to build a 16 food by 20 dance floor. They want the floor to be a moaic

    asked by James
  49. calculus again

    Suppose lim x->0 {g(x)-g(0)} / x = 1. It follows necesarily that a. g is not defined at x=0 b. the limit of g(x) as x approaches equals 1 c.g is not continuous at x=0 d.g'(0) = 1 The answer is d, can someone please explain how? Thanks. lim x->0 {g(x)-g(0)}

    asked by Jen
  50. chem

    posted this question before and wanted to know if I had gotten the right answers. We have to identify the five compunds of H, N, and O described below. For each compound, I have to write a Lewis structure that is consistent with the information given. a.)

    asked by Sam
  51. personal knowledge

    I was just wondering if it would make any difference if one were to use calcium bromide solution instead of sodium bromide solution. It depends on what you are using if for.

    asked by Tanya
  52. alphabitzing

    In what order would these words be alphabetized? girls girl's girls Two are alike, so this can't be done right. What is the third one supposed to be. My plan is to put the three words in a Word file, each on a separate line as you have done above. Then I

    asked by Pam
  53. Compare two college essays, everyone please come!!

    I come back... and bring an new college application essay, please help me to revise the new one(the first one), and more important... to compare which one is better for my college application. If you are not good at writing, it doesn't matter, just tell me

    asked by Jenni
  54. science

    list three differences between ions and isotopes? An ion is an atom that has at least one fewer electrons than it has protons. Thus, an ion always has positive charge. Hydrogen usually has one proton and one electron and has neutral charge. The hydrogen

    asked by airelle
  55. Math

    I do not understand this at all. Can someone please show all the steps sp I am able to comprehend: Four points are on a line segemnts, as shown. If AB:BC=1:2 and BC:CD=8:5, then AB:BD equals what? Assume CD = 1 Then, BC = 8.5. and AB == 10.2. Therefore,

    asked by Gina
  56. Alg 2

    A person applying for a sales position is offered an alternative salery plan. Plan A- A base salery of $600 per month plus a commission of 4% of the gross value for the month Plan B- A base salery of $700 per month plus a commission of 6% of the gross

    asked by Justyna
  57. Question about college application

    I had submitted a college application essay three days ago, but after I submitted it, I felt so uncomfortable with that one, because the essay was so bad, but I had to do that, it was the last day for priority application. Since I could not change anything

    asked by Jenni
  58. The Lord of the Flies-English

    What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? (Chap.12) Why do you think the beastie comes to dominate the meeting? (chap.2) Why does Roger shove his way past Jack, only just managing not to edge him aside?(chap.12) Please help!

    asked by Help!
  59. Business Calculus

    The indefinite integral, or which call the "antiderivative", of f'(x)=6x-8x^3 is f(x) = 3x^2 - 2x^4 + C where C is any constant. Plug in x = 2 to that to see what C is. 3 = 3*4 - 2*16 + C Determine the antiderivative of the following function given the

    asked by drwls
  60. opinion

    At least a paragraph what is your opinion on meeeting teachers in school? You have to meet teachers in school. Exactly what do you mean?

    asked by deek
  61. opin

    meeting teachers, is it a good idea? If so, why? again, please explain what you mean by "meeting".

    asked by deek
  62. Chem 12

    How can I do this: 3KNO3(aq)+ Fe(SCN)3(aq) + NaOH(aq) ? what do you have to do? write the products it makes. I don't know the products it makes. I have to figure out what adding all those produces. Im not sure its even possible? yes it is possible. first

    asked by Nick
  63. Mythology PLZ help

    I need greek mythological allusions t plant and animals for examplre arachnid comes from arachne and venus fly trap to venus. Any would be apreciated but i mostly need Greek myhtology. Any help is apreciated and links to websites.

    asked by Amel
  64. Physics

    Here is my question: A 200 N sphere 0.20 m\m in radius rolls, without slipping, 6.0 m down a ramp that is inclined 28 degrees with the horizontal. What is the angular speed of the sphere at the bottom of the hill if it starts from rest? Do this with energy

    asked by Jen
  65. opinion

    Write a paragraph on "Getting academic help" in college/. Once you have written your paragraph, using some of the information you have already been given, someone here will be happy to critique your work. =)

    asked by deek
  66. chemistry

    Why do beryllium and fluorine combine in a 1:2 ratio? use page 194 in your textbook. Be is in group 2 (IIA) and has two electrons in its outer shell which it wants to give away. Flourine is in group 17 (VIIA) and has seven electrons. It needs one more to

    asked by megan
  67. ap chemistry

    Does H4N2O2 exist as a compound? yes If you wrote it as NH4NO2 would it make more sense to you. And to answer the next question, then compound C is NH4NO3. (H4N2O3). Discuss briefly the relationshiop between the dipole moment of a molecule and the polar

    asked by sara
  68. english

    i need an outline for what i should take notes on while i read a book because when i finish reading i need to write a book analysis. thanks in advance Keeping a reading log or reading journal is the best way to remember what you read and what you were

    asked by cassidy
  69. english

    what is gay? happy, joyous, colorful

    asked by mike
  70. general

    who are academic advisors in college? (at least a paragraph about them)

    asked by deek
  71. writing

    I need a sentance with the word malign MALIGN is a parsimony-based alignment method for sequences. Don't malign me with more of your vicious rumors.

    asked by yitty
  72. writing

    I need sentences with the following words: stigmatize laudatory The Aga Khan was delivering a laudatory address as he presented the Die Quadriga They wanted to stigmatize the adulteress

    asked by molly
  73. chemistry!!!Need helpp!!!

    how do you find percent yield of a rxn, and how do you find mmol of something? percent yield = 100 * (actual yield/predicted yield) find the number of moles, and then conver it to milimeter. millimols = mols x 1000 OR mols = grams/molar mass OR millimols =

    asked by day
  74. general

    who are academic advisors in college? (at least a paragraph about them) Generally they are faculty members in the advisee's department. Some colleges, however, have a separate general studies program in which all freshman and sophomores enroll. The general

    asked by deek
  75. general

    who are academic advisors in college? (at least a paragraph about them) duplicate post

    asked by deek
  76. Mythology PLZ Help.!!

    I need greek mythological allusions t plant and animals for examplre arachnid comes from arachne and venus fly trap to venus. Any would be apreciated but i mostly need Greek myhtology. Thx for the people who helped me so far but i need 7 more allusions. So

    asked by Amel
  77. general

    what is G.P.A. in college, and how is it determined? and more information about academic standing. Write a paragraph. It varies depending on the college. Variables include: major, pass/fail courses. You need to see the policies for particular institutions.

    asked by deek
  78. english

    i've just read "The Crisis" and i can't answer the questions.. i don tget it... 1. Which passages in the excerpt of "The Crisis" no. 1 were especially stirring? 2. The phamplet opens with two famous images. What kinds of people does paine identify with

    asked by ethan
  79. precalculus

    What is the area enclosed by the graph of the absolute value of (3x)+ the absolute value of (3y)=12? what area are you looking for?? ar eyou looking for the area of a cylinder or what??

    asked by sara