Questions Asked on
November 26, 2006

  1. Economics

    Willy's widgets, a monopoly, faces the following demand schedule (sales of widgets per month): Price $20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Quantity 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Calculate marginal revenue over each interval in the schedule (for example, between Q = 40

    asked by KEN
  2. physics

    Imagine a landing carft approaching the surface of Callisto, one of Jupiture's moons. If the engine provides an upward force (thrust) of 3260 N, the craft descends at constant speed; if the engine provides only 2200 N the craft accelerates downward at .39

    asked by Dee
  3. physics

    A navy jet with a weight of 231 kN requires an airspeed of 85 m/s for liftoff. The engine develops a maximum force of 107 kN, but that is insufficient for reaching takeoff speed in the 90 m runway available on an aircraft carrier. What minimum force

    asked by Dee
  4. economics

    Willy’s widgets, a monopoly, faces the following demand schedule (sales of widgets per month): Price

    asked by KEN
  5. ms.writeacher,english

    I'm suppost to write a job-application letter to a company of interest attaching the resume. My question for this is on the job application letter on the heading i'm suppost to omitt my address and on the resume as well. And also what type of format am i

    asked by jasmine20
  6. Chemistry URGENT

    Could someone write out the total ionic equation and the net ionic equation for: 2Na3PO4 (aq) + 3CuSO4 • 5H2O (aq) → Cu3 (PO4)2 (s) + 3Na3SO4 (aq) + 15H2O (l) Cu++ + PO4--- >>> Cu3 (PO4)2 (s) Of course, it needs to be balanced.

    asked by Kaylee
  7. chemistry

    When 1.0 mol of ammonia gas in injected into a o.50L flask, the following reaction proceeds to equilibrium. 2NH3 N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) At equilibrium, 0.30 mol of hydrogen gas is present. a) calculate the equilibrium concentrations of N2 and Nh3. b) what is the

    asked by Luke
  8. trig

    Reduce the following to the sine or cosine of one angle: (i) sin145*cos75 - cos145*sin75 (ii) cos35*cos15 - sin35*sin15 Use the formulae: sin(a+b)= sin(a) cos(b) + cos(a)sin(b) and cos(a+b)= cos(a)cos(b) - sin(a)sin)(b) (1)The quantity = sin(145-75) = sin

    asked by Paul C
  9. chemistry

    A hydrate of strontium choloride contains 40.54% water. What is the formula of the hydrate ? SrCl2*xH2O. H2O = 40.54% SrCl2 = 100 - 40.54 = 59.46% Take 100 g sample. This gives us 59.46g SrCl2 and 40.54g H2O. Convert to mols. mols SrCl2 = 59.46/158.5 =

    asked by Harry
  10. tigonometry

    expres the following as sums and differences of sines or cosines cos8t * sin2t sin(a+b) = sin(a)cos(b) + cos(a)sin(b) replacing by by -b and using that cos(-b)= cos(b) sin(-b)= -sin(b) gives: sin(a-b) = sin(a)cos(b) - cos(a)sin(b) Add the two equations:

    asked by Pablo
  11. english

    I am typing up an assignment for English and the title is: Satire in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The whole title is going to be underlined, but do I need to put quote marks around The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn since it is a title? Just

    asked by Anonymous
  12. philosophy

    Q: Who claimed that our subjection to pain and pleasure should be the foundation for our laws? a. Simone de Beauvoir b. Kant c. Jeremy Bentham d. Peter Singer e. Aristippus I think it is C, but i am not sure about E... or possibly the other ones. Thank u!

    asked by John
  13. Economic

    How is income distribution affected in monopolies? The market for fertilizer is perfectly competitive. Firms in the market are producing output, but they are currently making economic losses. a. How does the price of fertilizer compare to the average total

    asked by Mariah
  14. math

    Find the value of each variable in the parallelogram. m

    asked by Susie

    Willy’s widgets, a monopoly, faces the following demand schedule (sales of widgets per month): Price

    asked by KEN
  16. geography

    what is phyiscal region? What is a physical region? A physical region is an area that shares a similar type of landform or physical characteristic. In South Asia, we find three physical regions: The Himalaya Mountains The Indo-Gangetic Plain The Deccan

    asked by jj
  17. anatomy/brain

    Of cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, or limbic system, where does most of the brain's activity occur. I BELIEVE IT IS THE CEREBRUM OF INFORMATION READ FROM MY TEXTBOOK AND A FEW ONLINE HELP SITES BUT AM NOT SURE. Since it is the connecting portion between

    asked by michael h.
  18. philosophy

    Q: According to Sartre, what makes us uniquely free? a. the capacity for freedom instilled in us by nature b. ability to imagine a multitude of future paths and choices c. the existential hum d. essentialism e. democracy I don't think its E. I am leaning

    asked by John
  19. math

    Find the measure of each variable if m

    asked by Susie
  20. to kill a mockingbird

    how do the people of maycomb seal and oral contract? I belive they spit in thier palms and then "Shook on it" with a very enthusiastic clap as thier hands met, gripping tightly and shaking once. Please review the story to verivfy.

    asked by elizabeth
  21. Economics

    Problem 2: You are a rock concert producer planning a rock concert. The demand schedule for tickets is P = 75 -0.005X where X is the number of people attending the concert. The marginal revenue function is MR = 75-0.01X. The fixed cost of putting on the

    asked by Bill
  22. physics

    A glider of mass m1 = 10.0 kg initially moving towards the right at a speed of v1i = 2.00 m/s on a frictionless airtrack collides with a spring attached to a second glider of mass m2 = 4.0 kg initially moving toward the left with a speed of v2i = 5.00 m/s.

    asked by nicole
  23. Chemistry

    How much a 2.00 g 239 Pu would have decayed after 1.6 x 10^4 years? The half-life for 239 Pu is 2.4 x 10^4 years. amount remaining= originalamount*(.5)^(1.6/2.4) amount decayed = original - amountremaining

    asked by James
  24. lively

    Suppose that four times the square of a number equals 20 times that number. Whatis the number? It'll take you 45 seconds if you just plug in a few numbers Again -- putting the subject in the subject line helps. =) 4 n^2 = 20n zero is one solution. Solve

    asked by jonathan
  25. philosophy

    Q: which of the following statements indicate a belief in some universal moral truths? a. terrorist activities that take innocent lives are morally indefensible b. the genocidal actions of Hitler and Milosevec were morally reprehensible c. cultures that

    asked by John
  26. Maths

    solve the equation: 4cos2*theta + 3cos*theta + 3 = 0 for values between 0 and 180 degrees If that is cosine squared in the first term, you have a quadratic equation. Normally cosine squared would be written in ASCII as cos^2 Theta.

    asked by Raul
  27. writeacher, english

    for a job application letter . the format for my information where my name goes on top my address should be ommitted and just keep the email address etc. And attach the resume. please help I still seem not to see the the templates. What is the difference

    asked by jasmine20
  28. Question

    do I have to post my essay if I want it proodread? is there any other way--- because I don't wish others to read my essay.... There is no other way here. M we do essays all day long other students are interested in their own answers. don't worry.

    asked by M
  29. math

    what is the rule for using diameter to find circumference? If the diameter is 2* the length of the radius then d/2 then C=2pie+r. CATCH YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE

    asked by sal
  30. math

    The measures of two sides of a triangle are 9 and 15. Use an inequality to express the range of the measure of the third side,m.

    asked by Susie
  31. math

    If m

    asked by Susie
  32. computer

    THREE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS REGARDING------- "computer crimes, hackers, crackers, and ethics: how is computing and information-technology crime different or not different from "normal" crime?" Computer crime can be committed from sites extremely

    asked by Gurv

    What are the three forces that change the shape of the land and what are the effects do they have on the earth?

    asked by STEPHANIE
  34. ion concentration

    Which of the following is responsible for maintaining the difference in ion concentration across the membrane of a nerve cell? here are choices the sodium-potassium pump the action potential the depolarization of the membrane the ion channels in the

    asked by alyssa
  35. Math

    Describe at least two ways of finding a missing side length in a pair of similar figures. This depends on what type of figure it is and what type of data you already have. Can you be more specific? Please repost with more data. Thanks for asking.

    asked by chemiii
  36. trig

    Show that 1-cos2A/Cos^2*A = tan^2*A 1-cos2A/Cos^2*A = [Cos^2(A) - Cos(2A)]/Cos^2(A). Substitute: Cos(2A) = 2Cos^2(A) - 1: [1 - Cos^2(A)]/Cos^2(A)= Sin^2(A)/Cos^2(A) = tan^2(A)

    asked by Paul C
  37. chemistry

    Find the quantum value of a 5py orbital. I know the quantum numbers (n,l,m,s) and all that, but I'm not sure where to begin or go after that. Answered below.

    asked by John
  38. Taylor seires

    f(x) =ln (1-x) a) Compute f'(x), f''(x), f'''(x). Spot the pattern and give an expression for f ^(n) (x) [the n-th derivative of f(x)] b) Compute the MacLaurin series of f(x) (i.e. the Taylor series of f(x) around x=0) c) Compute the radius of convergence

    asked by Jill
  39. Chemistry

    Which sublevel begins to fill with transition elements? I don't think my guess is worthy of being posted Transition elements are in the d level.

    asked by ilovdr90210
  40. satire

    How is this satire? “Here she was a-bothering about Moses, which was no kin to her, and no use to anybody, being gone, you see...” the sentance seems more ironic than satirical

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    Find the diameter of the circle(not drawn to scale). BC=13,and DC=19. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Onc again, without the figure in question, or an accurate description of it, we cannot help you.

    asked by Susie
  42. math

    Solve for x in the figure if AB=5x-5 and BC=2x+3. You need to provide additional information on how AB is related to BC before we can help you with that question. Perhaps that is what the missing figure is supposed to show.

    asked by Susie
  43. Math, rational inequalities

    Please can someone help me solve this problem? 2/x + 6/x-1 less than or = -5 8/x -1 = -4x Divide both sides by 4 2 >= -x Multiply both sides by -1 -2

    asked by agirl
  44. Children's Reading and Writing Habits

    Research findings have shown that: A. reading and writing skills develop at the same time. B. children begin the process of literacy once they have learned to read short sentences. C. literacy is properly limited to reading and writing. D. children's

    asked by Carrie
  45. history

    How should I attempt to start a reasearch paper on the WPA? Which WPA are you talking about? Western Psychological Association? What aspects are you trying to explore in the WPA? You first need to determine what specific topic you want to explore. I

    asked by mak
  46. philosophy

    Q: Sartre says that we are ______________ if we blame our nature or behavior on history, genetics, environment, or other people. a. being reasonable b. revealing a self-destructive impulse c. acting in an authentic manner d. acting in bad faith e. fighting

    asked by John
  47. Computer -- I don't understand the assignment

    THREE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS REGARDING------- "computer crimes, hackers, crackers, and ethics: how is computing and information-technology crime different or not different from "normal" crime?" ----------------------------- so basically my

    asked by Gurv
  48. history to psyDag

    I'm talking about the workers project administration and I think I will be studying who or how many workers built buildings. I also want to know where they were built. Thanks, Mak This site will give you statistics and general information on the WPA.

    asked by mak
  49. physics

    An interstellar ship has a mass of 1.20 X10^6 kg and is initially at rest relative to a star system. a) what constant acceleration is needed to ring the ship up to a speed of .10c (where c is the speed of light, 3.0X10^8 m/s) relative to the star system in

    asked by Dee
  50. business studies

    what does product diversification mean? Look at General Electric, they have a tremendously diverse product output. Not producing only one product, but many different products, e.g. conglomerate.

    asked by katie
  51. music

    the questions are based on the movie called Marsalis on Music Sousa to Satchmo 1)________ is accenting on unexpected beats. 2)what are three major sections of a wind band 1. syncopation is accenting on unexpected beats. 2. woodwind, brasswind and

    asked by josh
  52. AP US History

    How did the Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge decision affect the accesss to corporate charters prevalent in Jefferson's time?

    asked by Rachhh.
  53. music

    Jazz and ragtime 3)______________ can occur between 2 instruments and can take place at any time Thanks Jazz can be done with 1 instrument, and is all the time. Ragtime requires two to interact, playing off one another.

    asked by josh
  54. algebra

    solve 4^-x=64 Please help -x log 4 = log 64 -x = log 64/log 4 = 3 x = -3

    asked by dee
  55. Science

    I asked about this earlier and got an answer that caused me to rethink my process. Is this a good way to measure iron corrosion: weigh a nail, put it in water and let it rust, remove the rust (in my experiment the rust has come off easily, with just a

    asked by Jane
  56. drwls, math

    Did you mean the following for the problem: 10) perform the indicated operations 3 and 3/4 (divided by ) 1 and 3/8 . 3 3/4 - 1 3/8 . 15/4 (divided by ) 11/8= 30/11 =(after rounding it should be 2.73) that's how it suppost to be and look Yes, that is what I

    asked by Jasmine20
  57. history

    Can you help me find information or perhaps give some on Nazi propaganda and its influences on third reich children I put your phrasing (Nazi propaganda and its influences on third reich children) into the search box at and here are the

    asked by Abby
  58. philosophy

    Q: Which of the following are considered purposes for a moral theory? a. subjective satisfaction b. provide pleasure c. cause pain d. all of the above e. none of the above I have ruled out A and C, which also rule out D, but i am not sure about of the

    asked by John
  59. schwann cells

    are they found in central nervous system are they found in peripheral nervous system do they form a myelin sheath do they increase the speed of propagation of nervous impulses Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a site with the

    asked by cynthia rygalski
  60. math

    If two parallelograms are similar,what do you know about the ratios of the two side lengths within one parallelogram and the ratios of the corresponding side lengths in the other parallelogram? the aswer is the scale factor is the ratios would be the side

    asked by chemiii
  61. Math

    If two triangles are similar,what can you say about the ratios of the two side lengths within one triangle and the ratios of the corresponding side lengths in the other triangle?

    asked by chemiii
  62. reflex

    Which of the following is not an example of an occurrence that might spur a reflex action? heat choking walking fear if i could pick one, it would be walking because heat causes you to have a reflex and pull away and choking causes a reaction as well, as

    asked by kylie
  63. Math/Physics

    crain carries concrete = 610kg distance carried vertically = 91m time carried = 90 seconds What is the kilo watt? I'm not sure which formulas to use... anyone know the answers? Power = (Work done)/(time required) The work done is M g H = 610x9.8x91 =

    asked by Mike
  64. History

    I need to know Howards University endowments. This site is an article on the endowments at Howard.

    asked by Ronald
  65. history

    does anyone know of a worker of the WPA in the morris or surrounding areas. If so post. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Do you mean Morris, Ill? It is always helpful to clearly describe what you need. The following site is where

    asked by mak
  66. Math HELP!!!

    If two parallelograms are similar,what do you know about the ratios of the two side lengths within one parallelogram and the ratios of the corresponding side lengths in the other parallelogram? The ratios would be the same in similar parallelograms.

    asked by chemiii
  67. action potentials

    this is in regards to action potentials. they do not affect the membrane potential of neurons. they increase in magnitude as they travel along an axon. they can be measured by using electodes. there is a loss in signal as they travel along an axon. just

    asked by sarahinwiss
  68. College Essay

    Are there any grammar errors or any other errors I should fix? And is there anything I should edit? Also are my paragraphs organized correctly? The smell of exhaust combined with dirt and dust fluttering in the air from multiple cars is my first encounter

    asked by Tiff
  69. MUSIC

    3)_________ CAN OCCUR BETWEEN TWO INSTRUMENTS AND CAN TAKE PLACE AT ANY TIME. 4)A ___________ IS A REPEATED PHRASE. 4. coda is a repeated phrase, There is not enough information in #3 to help you. I would need to know the context. I think it might be

    asked by josh
  70. story

    I have to do a report at school about how the movie Tom Sawyer and the book are different but I cant seem to remember toms little brothers name has anyone read the book and know? Thanks post back =)

    asked by mak
  71. Chemistry

    I'm supposed to find the quantum numbers for a 5py orbital. I'm not sure how to do this, can anyone help? N=5 l = 4 3 2 1 0, for p you want l = 1 ml= -1 0 +1 representing px, py, and pz orbitals. ms= +1/2 and -1/2. Look at a diagram in your book for the

    asked by John
  72. Writing,English

    What is the difference between summiting a hard copy resume and an online resume? Where can I view example of both. How does a job-application letter to a company look like? At this website, you'll find

    asked by jasmine20
  73. College Essay

    I edited it from your suggestions is there anything else I could change or add? The smell of exhaust from multiple cars combined with dirt and dust fluttering in the air is my lasting impression of Canton, China. The vivid image frequently reminds me of

    asked by Tiff
  74. music

    What types of music did wind bands play ? Marches,church themes is only i can think of Wind ensambles have a huge repatuar in Classical music

    asked by josh
  75. lively

    Suppose that the width of a certain rectangle is three-fourths of its length, and the area of that same rectangle is 108 square meters. Find the length and the width of the rectangle If you put the correct subject in the subject line, you're likely to get

    asked by jonathan
  76. philosophy

    Q: Who claimed that our subjection to pain and pleasure should be the foundation for our laws? a. Simone de Beauvoir b. Kant c. Jeremy Bentham d. Peter Singer e. Aristippus I think it is C, but i am not sure about E... or possibly the other ones. Thank u!

    asked by John
  77. russian revolution

    What qualities was Leon Trostky known for?

    asked by elizabeth
  78. russian revolution

    In 1923, who did Trotsky begin to oppose? What were some of the consequences?

    asked by elizabeth
  79. Economics

    TFC = $1,000 MC = $1 (and constant) 2.Assume that all households have the same demand schedule which is given by the following relationship: P = 10 – 2Q. If there are 400 households in the market, state what the market demand schedule and marginal

    asked by Pete
  80. Geometry

    If two parallel lines are cut by a transversal then the bisectors of a pair of corresponding angles are? also parallel ask your teacher that's what the're there for

    asked by michelle
  81. Science

    What are 3 reasons why salad dressing is a chemical suspension? Some of the liquid ingredients don't dissove in one another. That is why the dressing has to be shaken to blend together Some of the ingredients are solid spices or bits of cheese that do not

    asked by Abby
  82. Science

    What does an Electromagnetic wave transfer into?? It can transfer to heat, electical power, mechanical power, or light.

    asked by Jordyn
  83. rational inequality, math

    2 6 ___ + ____ < or = - 5 X X - 1 Can some one please clearly show me how to answer this and put the solution in interval notation? You need to find another way to write the inequality more clearly. Try using / for division and parentheses for

    asked by agirl123
  84. Chemistry

    It took 109.8 years for a 300.0 mg sample of an unknown radioactive material to completely disintegrate. Calculate the mass of the element (in grams/mole) assuming that the disintegrations per second are constant over the life-time of the sample, and the

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    1. How would searching baggage and people at air terminals,train stations as they board. 2. Maintaining security over large public works projects, such as wter storage facilities, nuclear power plants, electric power stations, subway terminals. Question:

    asked by Jo
  86. middle schol paper

    what does the word undergraduate mean A student at a college or university who has not taken a first, or especially a bachelors degree

    asked by Anonymous
  87. algebra

    solve 4^3x-4=32^x+2 Please help! Do you mean 4^(3x) -4 = 32^x +2 ? yes If that is really what you mean, I cannot get a closed-form solution for you. You would have to solve it by trial-and-error or graphical means. If, on the other hand, you mean

    asked by dee