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November 24, 2006

  1. Math

    Can someone correct them 5) Write fraction as a percent 7/8 My answer: 0.875=87 1/2% 6)Write each decmal as a percent 0.008 My answer:8% 7) Write as a decimal 160% My answer:1.60 8)Write as a fraction 52% My asnwer:5/10 5) Write fraction as a percent 7/8

    asked by Jasmine 20
  2. math

    please help 5*10(-8 is a power for the ten) That would be 0.00000005 (seven zeroes after the decimal point) in decimal form. Do you have some other question about that number? Most of us would prefer you write that number as 5*10^-8 when typing

    asked by angel
  3. Physics

    When blocking in football, why does a defending lineman often attempt to get his body under that of his opponent and push upward? What effect does this have on the friction force between the opposing lineman's feet and the ground? it reduces the friction

    asked by Bella

    If you could extract the iron out of the human body, how long of nail could you make?

    asked by BRENDA
  5. Blune

    Social studies-How do you unscramble ecuminrof girnwit Try these:

    asked by Terry

    Which of the following budget items is usually given the lowest priority in running a child care facility? A. CLASSROOM MATERIALS B. SALARIES and BENEFITS C. MAINTENANCE D. SCHOOL EQUIPMENT salaries and benefits Since this is not my area of expertise, I

    asked by Karrie
  7. English

    I read what it says on irony, but I still don't get it. Is "But in the days before we left, when there was so much confusion and mayhem, worse than a hog killing." irony? I don't see the irony in just that sentence -- just very descriptive comparison.

    asked by Elizabeth
  8. chemistry

    What are the certain conditions when ionic compounds conduct an electric current? Why are ionic compounds not always used as conductors? Ionic compounds conduct an electric current when the ions are free to move about. This usally means they are in

    asked by carter
  9. Computers

    Can anyone help me solve this : Assume that you have a disc-system with 300 256-byte sectors pr. track and assume that the disc rotates with 800 rpm. How long time does it take to read a sector? The answer should be in microseconds. Search time isnt

    asked by Magnus
  10. environmental technology manegement

    what is the definition, positives, negatives, and ethical issues of genatically modify organisims? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "genetic modification advantage" to get these possible sources:

    asked by momo
  11. english

    Can someone proofread a paragraph of my essay? This is my second revision, and I'm trying to make sure there are no subject/verb shifts. Stevens’ definition of dignity also forces him to forego a close relationship with his father. Stevens Sr. is a

    asked by Alexa
  12. biology

    what is the definition, positives, negatives, and ethical issues of genatically modify organisims?

    asked by momo
  13. Trig

    Express 10sin(ƒÖ.t+ƒÎ€4) in the form AsinƒÖ.t + BcosƒÖ.t Your symbols are illegible, with things like Euros and capital O-umlauts. Can you possible retype with different symbols?

    asked by paul
  14. Maths

    Express 10sin(ƒÖ.t+ƒÎ€4) in the form AsinƒÖ.t + BcosƒÖ.t

    asked by paul c
  15. biology

    what is the definition, positives, negatives, and ethical issues of genatically modify organisims? thank you, but i prefere if you provide me with exact answers limited in one page rather than a general website Do not repeat your posts. Repeating the posts

    asked by momo
  16. Math Help!

    Write an expression in algebra for each of the following: 1. the number of cents in x dimes 2. the difference if four is subtracted from x 3. the sum of three consecutive integers 4. the product of three consecutive integers plz help i don't get these

    asked by Ella
  17. math

    what is 11/12 divide by 5/6 what is 12 2/5 divde by 5 1/6 whole numbers 12 and 5 To divide by a fraction, multiply by the inverse. 11/12 divided by 5/6 = 11/12 * 6/5 For the second problem, change both from a mixed fraction first. 12 2/5 = 62/5 You should

    asked by Betty
  18. trig

    express 20sin theta + 4 cos theta as R sin(theta + alpha) R sin(theta + alpha) = R cos(alpha)sin(theta) + R sin(alpha)cos(theta) ----> Rcos(alpha) = 20 Rsin(alpha) = 4 The x-y coordinates of a point on a circle of radius R that makes an angle og alpha with

    asked by paul c
  19. psychology

    WHat do I do if my family gripes all the time and won't do anything about it? Ap Psych. Ch 21 Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Try not to listen to "negativity" and although it is difficult, try returning a positive comment. Many of

    asked by xana
  20. Why dogs are better than Cats!

    why are dogs better than cats? many opins needed! I dunno. They're more active. More playful. Not afraid to get dirty. ANything specific that you need? Dogs are loyal and more fun, they're always excited to see you when you come home from college. they

    asked by dogs!
  21. Math

    Write an equation for the problem. And solve it. Sierra caught 3 times as many fish as Lily. They caught a total of 20 fish. 3x*2=20 ---is this right? if it is plz help me solve it thanks u You can say 3n+n=20 n= lily's fish.

    asked by Maria
  22. social studies

    I'm writing an essay and would like to examine a few people's different opinions on this question in order to help me choose my own: Is the present US action in Iraq imperialism? Why? Thanks! You might browse the following search for ideas.

    asked by Pamela
  23. Physics

    When its engine of power 75.0 kW is generating full power, a small single-engine airplane with mass 700 kg gains altitude at a rate of 2.60 m/s . A)What fraction of the engine power is being used to make the airplane climb? (The remainder is used to

    asked by Jasijo
  24. math

    I was just wondering, if a series of numbers has 8 digits and the 1st digit is always 3, how many possible combinations of this number could there be. I am certain I once learned this in a math class years ago, but cannot remember how to calculate it. Help

    asked by Cathy
  25. MaTH Question

    Write an equation for the problem & solve. There are 500 cm of trim to frame a banner. The banner is 22cm wide. How long can it be? Thanks you so much 500 x 22 = 11000 ( this gives you area) Then multiply 11000 by 2 because there are 2 sides of length.

    asked by Aubrey
  26. Math

    how do i minimize this function. 21L + (2600/L) Set the derivative equal to zero and solve for L. 21 - 2600/L^2 = 0 2600 = 21 L^2 There will be positive and negative solutions for L. You can use the second derivative test or direct calculation to see which

    asked by David
  27. Maths

    wHAT IS A TRIANGLE WITH TWO SIDE EQUAL CALLED? isosceles triangle Isosceles Triangle

    asked by Samantha
  28. chemistry

    How does an ionic bond form between zinc and oxygen? Zn has two electrons in its outside shell and wants to give them away (which makes the next inner shell now the outer shell but is is full with eight electrons). Oxygen has six electrons in its outside

    asked by carter
  29. Math, Algebra

    Can someone correct my homework. Evaluate.For number 1 1) /4/ + /-3/ My answer: 7 2)Business & Finance: A country exported $60,00,000 less than it imported, creating a negative trade balance. My answer: -60,000,000 Evaluate the following expressions

    asked by Jasmine 20
  30. critical thinking

    When we are evaluating an issue and we have considered everything, what three choices do we have as to what we decide on what the person(s) has claimed???? My guess: 1 complete acceptance 2 partial acceptance 3 complete rejection warning I never took this

    asked by victor
  31. Math

    Can someone correct it Evaluate the following expressions numbers 3-4 3) [(2+3)^3-4(5)]+7 My way of solving: [(5)^3-4(5)]+7 [123-4(5)]+7 [123-20]+7 [103]+7 My answer: 109 4) [25/ (2^3-3)]*2 My way of solving: [25/(8-3)]*2 [25/5]*2 [5]*2 My answer:10 Thanks

    asked by Jasmine 20
  32. algebra

    Can someone correct them 9)Science:Jose rode his trail bike for 10miles. two-thirds of the distnace was over a mountain trail. How long is the mountain trail? My answer: 2/3-10=9 miles 10) perform the indicated operations 3 and 3/4 (divided by ) 1 and 3/8

    asked by Jasmine 20
  33. math

    can someone check this for me 11)Subtract 5/6 -3/5 My answer: .23 12)Add 1/3 + 1/5 + 1/10 My answer:.63 13) Divide .write each result in simplest form: 8/9 (divided by) 11/15 My answer: 1 and 1/20 5/6-3/5 is like saying: 25/30-18/30 = 7/30

    asked by Jasmine 20
  34. Spelling

    How would you say this phrase in one adjective: this person does not think before they leap impulsive would be one word. careless would be another thoughtless

    asked by Gina
  35. acids and bses

    how is an acid made? good question? they are made from lemon juice and sour things There must be thousands of acids and bases. And are you talking about making an acid in the lab or making it commercially. For example, HNO3, nitric acid, may be made in the

    asked by william
  36. world history

    during the peloponnesian war the greek civilization suffered from political collapse.does that mean that the greek civilization fell? compare this situation with that of the ancient chinese civilizations. The

    asked by pamela
  37. Optimization

    A Norman window has the shape of a semicircle atop a rectangle so that the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle. What is the area of the largest possible Norman window with a perimeter of 45 feet? so the perimeter is: pi*r + 2r

    asked by Tom