Questions Asked on
November 23, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    Hi. Is PO4(3-) polar or non-polar? Why or why not? Thanks! Look up the electronegativity of P and O. I think I remember that O is about 3.5 and P is about 2.1; therefore, each P-O bond is somewhat polar. Thus, the ion will be polar unless the Lewis

    asked by Sally
  2. Probability

    A department store has determined that 25% of all their sales are credit sales. A random sample of 75 sales is selected and the proportion of credit sales in the sample is computed. a) What is the probability that the same proportion will be greater than

    asked by Janice
  3. Probability

    A salesperson contacts eight potential customers per day. From past experience, we know that the probability of a potentail customer making a purchase is 0.10. a) What is the probability the salesperson will make at least two sales in a day? -Do you use

    asked by Janice
  4. Calculus, AntiDerivatives

    I need help with this problem: A car traveling at 43 ft/sec decelerates at a constant 5 ft per second squared. How many feet does the car travel before coming to a complete stop? I'm not sure where to start, i know how to find antiDerivatives, but i don't

    asked by Mike
  5. Calc

    A car traveling at 43 ft/sec decelerates at a constant 5 feet per second squared. How many feet does the car travel before coming to a complete stop? i tried a few different equations, none of the worked. 43t - 5t^2 = 0 43 - 10t = 0 21.5t^2 - (5/3)t^3 = 0

    asked by Norris
  6. Calculus

    A three-sided fence is to be built next to a straight section of a river, which forms the fourth side of a rectangular region. The enclosed area is to equal 3200 m2. What is the minimum perimeter that such a fence can have? I developed two equations:

    asked by Ian
  7. Economics

    Consider total cost and total revenue given in the following: (Quantity/Total Cost/Total Revenue): (0/8/0), (1/9/8), (2/10/16), (3/11/24), (4/13/32), (5/19/40), (6/27/48), (7/37/56) Can you tell whether this firm is in a competitive industry? If so, can

    asked by Mariah
  8. Math

    ^=exponents /= divide So I am not sure how to do this. It is an example in my book but I still don't get it. Can you work through ti so I can do my real work. (-1^2+-1^-2)^-1 (-1^2+-1^-2)^-1 = First, do work within the parentheses. -1*-1 = 1 and -1-2 =

    asked by Gina
  9. Topic of College Essay -- Draft

    Any one can help me to revise this college essay? It is very important for me, your help will me invaluable for me!! Thank you! Question: At the University of Maryland, we value a diverse community. How have your life experiences and background shaped you

    asked by Jenni

    Can someone tell me what a transiition activity is? Transition means to move smoothly from one thing to another, in this case from one activity to another. For example, if children are working on math and the next activity is reading-based, the teacher

    asked by Melita
  11. logic riddle

    please figure out WHAT THE AUTHOR DID... A SIN OF OMISSION around midnight, a sly looking man slips into a luxury city building. a woman occupant, watching his actions from a fourth-floor window, grows suspicious and dials 911 for a patrol car. This lady

    asked by angela
  12. Punctuation

    Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. --- Punctuating 1. With five gallons of gas. 2. The goose bit the mailman on the leg. 3. Because the store was closed. One of these sentences is correct. One

    asked by kimba
  13. math

    how to find the reciprocal?? you flip the reciprocal example (4 over 5 the reciprocal will be 5 over 4. If it is a fraction, switch the numerator with the deniminator. Example: reciprocal of 2/7 = 7/2 = 3 1/2 If it is a mixed number, write it as a fraction

    asked by honey dip
  14. Early Childhood Education

    Which of the following is NOT an example of a transition activity? A. Giving the children a 5-minute warning to alert them to upcoming changes. B. Having the children form a train with adults as the engine and caboose or with a dragon with head and tail C.

    asked by Melita
  15. English

    In the banquet scence (Act III Scene iv), what complaint does Macbeth make about murdered men? I read it 10x through and found various complaints, but can't pinpoint which one. If he ignored his father's words,he would repent for it

    asked by Jeff
  16. Algebra and Discrete Geometry

    A large family wedding for the Smiths will require 113 trays of sandwiches, 116 trays of hors d' oeuvres, and 144 trays of sweets. Hands-Off caterers can make 15 trays of sandwiches, 10 trays of hors d'oeuvres, and 12 trays of sweets in one day. Hands-Free

    asked by Raj
  17. ProjecT management

    What steps and tracking methodologies are utilized in your Company to ensure resources are effectively managed throughout the entire project life cycle and to ensure that the impacts of constraints are minimized?

    asked by Zeta
  18. Project Management

    How does the responsibility matrix assist the project manager and resource managers to allocate resources to a project? Is this tool used by your Company? If so, is it effective? If not would it be effective if instituted? Why, what were/would be the

    asked by Zeta
  19. english

    unscramble words viktoescl Try these:

    asked by may
  20. social studies

    I have completed my education but can't find a job. How can I organize politically to change this situation within the norms of Canadian politics? Work to get your Native population better conditions. Always a needfull situation. What kind of job are you

    asked by Sheri
  21. Project Management

    What are some examples, from your Company Projects, of constraints that can affect a project? Of these constraints, which are imposed internally? Which are imposed externally? How do your Company Project managers deal with these constraints? do you have

    asked by Zeta
  22. Managerial Economics--REALLY NEED HELP BY TOMORROW

    Auto Maintenance Services (AMS) is a small auto service outlet in a suburban area of Syracuse. In reaction to a small increase in wages that has caused the marginal cost of this auto service establishment to increase from $25 to $30, the owner is

    asked by Heather
  23. math

    Suppose we draw semicircles on the sides of a triangle and compute their areas. If the sum of the areas of two of the semicircles equals the area of the third, is the triangle a right triangle? Yes. (pi/2)(a^2 + b^2) = (pi/2) c^2 if and only if a^2 + b^2 =

    asked by dgibson
  24. English text

    I am going to comment on this: "The ability to track objects and people brings all kind of applications to mind, but it also creates concerns about privacy and civil liberties. There have been suggestions that Galileo will be like Big Brother" Hope someone

    asked by Morten
  25. home-econimics

    explain the aims and objectives of home-econimcs? with 10-15 headings plzzz do it fast post what you have and we'll give you help from there. Home Ec. is for teaching people to manage thier everyday lives....

    asked by madiha
  26. math!

    What degenerate form or forms of the parabola CANNOT be obtained from the intersection of a plane and a double napped cone? I have to use a diagram and give complete description how to obtain this ( or these) form(s) but what diagram would i use???

    asked by yo!
  27. Music

    Did Quincy Jones begin his career playing trumpet with Lionel Hampton? Yes. reference: Thanks for the information.

    asked by Mariah
  28. Project Management

    What tools are utilized by your Company in its projects to effectively manage resources? Depending upon specific project criteria, are certain tools more appropriate than others? Provide examples.

    asked by Zeta
  29. Math

    ^=exponents /= divide So I am not sure how to do this. It is an example in my book but I still don't get it. Can you work through ti so I can do my real work. (-1^2+-1^-2)^-1 [(-1)^2+(-1)^-2)]^-1 = [1 + 1/(-1)^2]^-1 = (1 + 1)^-1 = 1/2

    asked by Gina