Questions Asked on
November 21, 2006

  1. Physics

    A 50.0 g silver spoon at 20.0 degrees Celsius is placed in a cup of coffee at 90.0 degrees C. How much heat does the spoon absorb from the coffee to reach a temp. of 89.0 degrees C? Rememeber this equation. It, or a slight modification of it, will work all

    asked by Erica
  2. physics

    A 10 kg monkey climbs up a massless rope that runs over a frictionless tree limv and back down to a 15kg package on the ground. a) what is the magnitude of the least acceleration the monkey muct have if it is to ligt the package off the ground? If after

    asked by Bri
  3. Physics

    Which provides more cooling for a styrofoam cooler, one with 10 lbs of ice at 0 degrees C or one with 10 lbs of ice water at 0 degrees C. Explain. qice=mass*heat of fusion. qH2O=mass*specific heat x delta T However, you aren't given a two temperatures;

    asked by Erica
  4. physics question

    I have a question about a problem regarding Newton's third law. a. An iron rod is held up by a magnet. The magnet is held up by a string (from a ceiling, let's say). Draw a free-body diagram for the magnet and a separate free-body diagram for the iron rod.

    asked by Kim
  5. Physics

    Spent steam from an electric generating plant leaves the turbines at 120.0 degrees Celsius and is cooled to 90.0 degrees Celsuius liquid water by water from a cooling tower in a heat exchanger. How much heat is removed by the cooling tower water for each

    asked by Erica
  6. Eugenol

    I isolated eugenol from cloves in the lab using extraction and steam distillation but we did not do infrared. The lab report question is: Description of Method. I'm not sure what to put. We prepared the spice, did steam distillation, extracted the

    asked by Sheryl
  7. need help with homework question

    which of the following is a complex sentence that contains`a dependent adverbial clause? a. mark expects the photo to arrive on tuesday. b.markexpects th photo to arrive late. c.mark expects the photo to arrive in damaged condition. d.mark expects the

    asked by jennifer
  8. Physics

    a 1.0 metal head of a geology hammer strikes a solid rock with a velocity of 5.0 m/s. Assuming all the energy is retained by the hammer head, how much will its temperature increase? (Chead=0.11 kcal/kg degrees C) 1/2 m v^2 = mc Deltatemp solve for

    asked by Erica
  9. physics

    lead is a soft, dense metal with a specific heat of 0.028 kcal/kg degrees C, a melting point of 328.0 degrees C and a heat of fusion of 5.5 kcal/kg. How much heat must be provided to melt a 250.0 kg sample of lead with a temperature of 20.0 degrees

    asked by Erica
  10. Physics

    A bullet is fired horizontally from the roof of a building 100 meters tall with a speed of 850 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, how far will the bullet drop in 3 seconds? 1 29.4 m 2 44.1 m 3 100 m 4 2550 m Answer should be choice 2) 44.1m BUT I DON'T GET

    asked by Min
  11. Three Posts Below

    The total essay was too long to post. I had to post the essay as three parts. The bottom of the three is the beginning of the essay and the top of the three posts is the end of the essay. Can you proofread my essay? It is on the novel, The Scarlet Letter.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. maths investigation

    how many different numbers can you make with exactly three beads on a three spike abacus? what if you change the number of beads?

    asked by sadie
  13. World History

    What was the reason for the downfall of the Han Dynasty and The Roman Empire? Was is partially invasion from barbarians? Han Dynasty:

    asked by Andrea
  14. grammar

    what is parrallel structure? Parallel structure is making sure that all parts of a series or other sentence constructions are using nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., in the same order. There are some excellent examples here:

    asked by patti
  15. physics

    Tarzan wights 820N, swings from a cliff at the end of a 20m vine that hangs from a high tree limb and initially makes an angle of 22 degrees with the vertical. Immediately after Tarzan steps off the cliff the tension in the cine is 760N. Choose a

    asked by Bri
  16. The lord of the flies-English

    Hey guys. could you please help me out with this? From chapter 12: 1)What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? 2)How does the author describe Ralphs flight accross the island? 3)Why does Ralph say that he is in charge of the island? If

    asked by Help!
  17. physics

    A 40 kg skier comes directly down a frictionless ski slope that is inclined at an angle of 10 degrees with the horizontal while a strong wind blows parallel to the slope. Determine the magnitude and diercection of the force of the wind on the skier id a)

    asked by Bri
  18. The lord of the flies-English

    Please help me! Its due tommorow! 1) Why is piggy's fall emphasized? 2)How does the author discribe Ralphs flight accross the island? 3)What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? Thanks so much! :D You've already received help on these

    asked by Help!
  19. story board???

    okay, so what exactly is a story board? I used to assign these. Here were the directions: 1. Divide a page into six sections (like the little frames in a cartoon series in the newspaper). Students usually had two rows or three sections. 2. Decide on the

    asked by Andrea
  20. Math

    The graph of the equation y=4-x consists of all the points in the coordinate plane that satisfy the equation. List 5 points that satisfy y= 4-x. Also, what do you think is the minimum number of points you need to plot in order to draw the graph of y=4-x.

    asked by victoria
  21. physics

    Tarzan wights 820N, swings from a cliff at the end of a 20m vine that hangs from a high tree limb and initially makes an angle of 22 degrees with the vertical. Immediately after Tarzan steps off the cliff the tension in the cine is 760N. Choose a

    asked by Bri
  22. child development

    Teachers collect written information about a child for the following reasons except which? A. To link child behavior to the theory of childhood education. B. To compare one child's behavior to the rest of the class. C. To serve as a tool for assessing the

    asked by Merisa
  23. Cont. English

    Dimmesdale is not free since he does not live with his moral code, because he is concerned with society’s condemnation. He hides his secret of adultery, which is going against his moral code of honesty. Consequently, he is unable to relieve himself of

    asked by Anonymous
  24. comma splice

    Dr. frankenstein flung a power switch, ble streamers of static electricity crackled about the table, the creature gave a grunt and opened smoldering eyes. Is there a comma splice in this sentence and how do I rewrite it without one Dr. frankenstein flung a

    asked by patti
  25. phys

    When a car is weighed, it is allowed to move over a scale which records a reading as the front wheels go over the scale, and a second reading when the rear wheels go over the scale. The weight of the car is equal to A) the weight under the front wheels. B)

    asked by tyler
  26. math

    In y=4x, what happen to y when x is doubled? increased by 2? decreased by 3? halved? In y=4x, what happen to y when x is doubled? increases by 2? decreased by 3? halved? In y=4x, double x, one has to double y. Try it x=1, then x=2, then x=4 See if y

    asked by rams
  27. ledgers

    can u tell me if drawings are a credit or a debit A credit if sold? A debit if bought? Its they owner taken her wages If you take something from your checking account, is it a debit or a credit? Do you have more or less than you did before taking it out?

    asked by claire
  28. Accounting 100 Receivables

    During October, German Imports had sales of $180,000, which included $120,000 in credit sales. October collections were $90,000. Other data include September 30 debit balance in Accounts Receivable 28,000. September 30 credit balance in allowance for

    asked by Cindy
  29. physics

    Imagine a landing carft approaching the surface of Callisto, one of Jupiture's moons. If the engine provides an upward force (thrust) of 3260 N, the craft descends at constant speed; if the engine provides only 2200 N the craft accelerates downward at .39

    asked by Bri
  30. math

    find the slope and y-intercept of the graph of the equation. explain each step and how you got it. 12x + 4y= 24 -first you move the 12x to the other side of the equation to isolate the 4y -Divide the whole equation by 4 to give a single y -this gives you

    asked by dyanna
  31. Math- Geometry Proofs

    What are some ways to prove that a triange is isoscles? i have to make a two column proof based on a problem. What is the exact problem I need help with my geometry homework. We are doing proofs and i need some help because proofs are really hard!! def.

    asked by Jenny
  32. Social studies.. need help

    What did the peolpe in Jamestown eat? Jamestown is where John Smith lived... Thankssss THANKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LANCEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Kara
  33. english

    How would I correct this sentence fragment: Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what really happened to them. When you have it corrected, please re-post. We'll check it

    asked by help

    HOW DO YOU SPELL ARGUEMENT IS THAT THE CORRECT SPELLING? argument thank you I feel so dumb sometimes If you have a spell checker on your application, this can help you more quickly. As some extra information, there is a difference between being ignorant

    asked by patti
  35. English!

    What is the effectiveness of presenting most of a short story as a flashback? The flashback not only provides "history" but also creates "mystery". This site gives a great explanation of the its use in writing and storytelling. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by hobit!
  36. economics

    Consider the price strategy of Delta Airlines for its Detroit-to-Philadelphia route. In this game spirit is a potential competitor along the same route. Spirit will make competitive profits on less-popular routes if it does enter the market for this

    asked by Tinu
  37. grammar

    To make this a pronoun case the orginal sentence is Pedro Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had used in a game. correction would be Pedro Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had previsouly used in another game. Please enter the "before"

    asked by patti
  38. grammar

    to make a pronoun antecdent agreement ouut of this orginal sentence Each meber of the sorority has to make their own bed. I would write it as Each member of the sorority had to make their own bed. is that right? original: Each member of the sorority has to

    asked by patti
  39. Chemistry-Formal Charge

    I have a test tomorrow and I don't really understand how to do formal charge and I've been looking at it and it just isn't clicking. Thank you for your help. Count the electrons around the atom. If the electron(s) is/are shared with another atom, half goes

    asked by Katy
  40. Science

    What three things can unbalanced forces do to an object? Unbalanced forces change velocity. They can stop it, slow it, rotate it, or speed it up (accelerate it) What is a function as factories to produce proteins?

    asked by Dylan
  41. Managerial Economics

    Auto Maintenance Services (AMS) is a small auto service outlet in a suburban area of Syracuse. In reaction to a small increase in wages that has caused the marginal cost of this auto service establishment to increase from $25 to $30, the owner is

    asked by Heather
  42. Cont. Again English

    In contrast to Dimmesdale, Chillingworth does not have a moral code to follow, and because of this, he is never truly free. Chillingworth focuses his life on revenge, and he does have a sense of moral. He finds pleasure in trying to reveal Hester’s lover

    asked by Anonymous
  43. science

    List at least two benefits and two drawbacks of each form of pest control which forms of pest control are you talking about? Pesticides Genetic engineering Biological control Insect birth control through sterilization Insect sex attractants (pheromones)

    asked by stacy
  44. Chemistry

    Why use Methyl tert-butyl ether in the organic chemistry lab when separating compounds? separating WHAT compounds and how? as a solvent? It has a low boiling point and isn't very reactive, generally, but there may be other specific reasons depending upon

    asked by Ba
  45. economics

    The government is trying to adopt a strategy that would optimize the pollution abatement policy of lead in an industrial region. The government estimated the Marginal social benefit curve as MSB=10000-qlead and the marginal cost of abatement as

    asked by Tinu
  46. English

    Individuality is the sum of qualities that characterize and distinguish one person from another. This is what defines a person. Disregarding one’s individuality means not taking one for oneself. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, he

    asked by Anonymous
  47. physics

    How do you calculate radial force? Just to qualify, I am given a radial acceleration. If you are given the component of the acceleration in the radial direction, then you need to multiply that by the mass. If you are given the time dependence of the

    asked by Sam
  48. Science 3

    There are a lot more M2V stars than M2Ib stars. True False

    asked by Liz
  49. physics

    An interstellar ship has a mass of 1.20 X10^6 kg and is initially at rest relative to a star system. a) what constant acceleration is needed to ring the ship up to a speed of .10c (where c is the speed of light, 3.0X10^8 m/s) relative to the star system in

    asked by Bri
  50. geography

    what are the goods & services of each state? The commerce? please see: AND Goods of each state usually refer to the agricultural or manufactured products (like wheat,

    asked by jordyn
  51. science

    what are somes drawback of insect birth control through sterilization? what are somes drawback of food irradiation? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "insect sterilization disadvantage" to get these possible

    asked by stacy
  52. grammar

    How would I correct this sentence if it is a fused sentence: The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frakenstein uttered a piercing scream The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, and uttered a

    asked by patti
  53. The lord of the flies-English

    Really need your guys help! Please answer! I cant figure it out! Chapter 12- 1) Why is percival unable to remember his name and address? 2) What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? I would be so grateful if you helped me out! :D

    asked by Help!
  54. Application Essay

    Is it better now? Is anyone can give me some suggestions other than grammar problem? For example, ideas, etc. Of course...suggestions about grammar are also welcomed Thank you so much! I was glad that I had an opportunity to be an interpreter in a Howard

    asked by Jenni
  55. economics

    If an industry wide increase in cost happens and the average cost curve for each firm shifts up by $1 will the cost per unit also increase by exactly $1? Unless the demand for that item is perfectly inelastic, the final price will rise by less than $1

    asked by crystal
  56. Maths

    Write the following expression into its simplest form? (1/x-1-1/xsquare-1-1/x+1-4/xsquare+1)/ xraise to 4/xsquare-1 Let's use the symbol ^ to mean "raised to the power of" when using exponents. I'll try to decipher your expression: [1/(x - 1) - 1/(x^2 - 1)

    asked by Nawaf
  57. science

    Why is the sperm of a guy thick? The sperm are not thick. Semen — the chalky to milky white, semi-viscous fluid that is ejaculated — contains sperm plus fluids from the seminal vesicles (almost 1/3 of the volume) and the prostate (about 2/3 of the

    asked by brenda

    What does Linda mean when she said “attention must be paid” to Willy Since I don't know the specific context of that statement within the book, I can't really answer your question. What happened just before she made this statement? This might give you

    asked by Willy
  59. social studies

    please i want to know bertrand russels view on reality This quote, from the first link below, gives a brief look at Russell's view of reality. "According to Russell, reality is a complex of entities which exist objectively and independently of any act of

    asked by nathaniel c
  60. Science 4

    As a protostar evolves from stage 4 to stage 6, it gets hotter but much less bright. True False

    asked by Liz
  61. Math

    Is the reference angle of -413 degrees 53 degrees No. It is -53 degrees. I was asking because my teacher told me that it couldn't be are you sure it is kind of important that i get it right

    asked by Kamen
  62. English

    I need a Introduction paragraph on online banking. Your introductory paragraph introduces what you say in your essay. It should include your thesis sentence.

    asked by Gurv
  63. grammar

    If I need to correct this sentence with a semi colon Micheal has lived in Portland Oregon;San Frisco, california and providence rhode Island. would that be right Michael has lived in Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; and Providence, Rhode

    asked by patti
  64. reading

    where can i find information on a book? or Enter the book's title. It might take some searching, depending on the book.

    asked by Melodie
  65. grammar

    So to make this sentence a pronoun case orginal sentence is Have you guessed the identity of the person to who I am speaking? correction is Have you guessed the identity of the person to whom I am speaking? Correct.

    asked by patti
  66. college essay

    Please tell me how to write better for this short Paragraph on the collge application. Thank you very much. Please choose one of the commitments that you listed above (activity, interest, or work experience) and provide a short description of its

    asked by Jenni
  67. Science 5

    Rotation of the protostar helps generate the magnetic fields and bipolar flows. True False Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "protostar rotation magnetic" to get these possible sources:

    asked by Liz
  68. college essay

    Yeah...The Multiculturalism is very appropriate to my idea. What I worried was, is it sounds too teminological? Anyway, now I use it. On the application form, there is only 9 lines that I can write this paragraph. I think only fit in about 100 words,so I

    asked by Jenni

    hi i need a paragraph not instructions on introduction paragraph No one here will write your paragraph for you. Only you can do that. Once you have one written, please post it and someone here will critique your work.

    asked by Gurv
  70. grammar

    Hows this for a subject verb agreement? Each of the unstructors are attending the conference next weekend. The word "each" is singular; how will you make the verb singular? (Hint: "instructors" is NOT the subject!) ?? By writing it as each of the

    asked by patti
  71. canada

    how old is canada?and when was it born? north america is named after a man known as enjoy when aswering Scroll

    asked by madgalene
  72. Math

    20,000 to the fifth power equals what? The problem would be 20,000 x 20,000 x 20,000 x 20,000 x 20,000 which equals: 320,000,000,000,000,000,000

    asked by Anonymous
  73. math help, test tomorrow!!!

    For 0

    asked by hi

    Does this sound ok for a subject verb agreement? Either the interviewer or the committe members usually begin by asking simple questions. It's correct, yes. The subject "members" (plural word) is nearer the verb, so the verb needs to be in plural form. =)

    asked by KATHY
  75. writing

    What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? Please see the following responses to this same set of questions: -------------------

    asked by tasha
  76. Child Development Question--Plz Help!!

    Using a notebook or log to itemize children's activities and ongoing behavior is an example of the _______ observational technique. A. experimental procedures B. time sampling C. journal D. modifications checklist I am thinking the correct answer is

    asked by Merisa
  77. Science 1

    At apparent magnitude -3, Jupiter is 100X brighter than second magnitude Polaris. True False Read. hint: - signs mean brighter but the rule of times 2 still holds If leaving a rference like I did helps you,

    asked by Liz
  78. College Essay

    Is it better now? Anyone can give me some suggestions other than grammar problem. For example, ideas, etc. Thank you so much! I was glad that I had an opportunity to be an interpreter in a Howard County event. I feel lucky that I can speak two different

    asked by Jenni
  79. Science 2

    For a few of the largest stars, direct measurements of their disks are possible. True False

    asked by Liz