Questions Asked on
November 19, 2006

  1. Economics

    1. Your roommate's long hours in chem lab finally paid off--she discovered a secret formula that lets people do an hour's worth of studying in 5 minutes. So far, she's sold 200 doses and faces the following average-total-cost schedule: Q = 199 & ATC = $199

    asked by Mariah
  2. Physics Question

    Find the point between Mars and the Sun at which an object can be placed so that the net gravitational force exerted by Mars and the Sun on this object is zero. We are given a chart with information on the mass, etc. of planetary objects. I know to use law

    asked by Jennifer2008
  3. Chemistry

    1. The standard heat of formation of glucose and lactic acid are -1274.45 and -694.04 kJ/mole, respectively. The molar heat capacity of the two compounds are 218.86 and 127.6 J/(mol)K a.) What is the total heat of reaction at 25 degree Celsius for the

    asked by Kimmy
  4. Math-approximation with fractions:7th grade math

    How do you find the greater fraction with approximation? 14. 5/12, 17/30 I know that you need to make 5/12 = 6/12 and 17/30 = 15/30 Then compare them to half or something? I'm confused?! Any clear help and instructions? There are hundreds of ways to make

    asked by Mk
  5. History

    Why were the shots fired at Lexington and Concord called the "shot heard 'round the world " ? The social and historical impact had a profound change in world history.

    asked by Steve
  6. physics

    A 110g hockey puck sent sliding over ice is stopped by a frictional force on it from the ice a) if its intial speed is 6.0m/s, what is the magnitude of the frictional force? b) what is the coefficient of friction between the puck and the ice? I am unsure

    asked by tina
  7. Social Studies . HELP!!!

    What are some foods in Jamestown? Thanks! Are you asking about present Jamestown, Virginia? Or about the colony of Jamestown in 1607? Please clarify your question and we'll be glad to help you find your answer. i need to know all you know about jamestown

    asked by Mark
  8. "Given Molality, calculate..."

    "Given: An aqueous solution of C6H12O6 with a density of 1.18 g/ml" I) Calculate Molarity 1) It firsts asks me to, "State the moles of solute" 2) Calculate the mass of the solute in grams - I think I can do this if I know how to get #1 3) Later it also

    asked by Rachel
  9. Calculus

    Note that pi lim arctan(x ) = ---- x -> +oo 2 Now evaluate / pi \ lim |arctan(x ) - -----| x x -> +oo \ 2 / I'm not exactly sure how to attempt it. I have tried h'opital's rule but I don't believe you can use it here. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    asked by Frederique
  10. Precalculus

    From a point on ground level, you measure the angle of elevation to the top of a moutain to be 38 degrees. Then you walk 200 m fartheraway from the mountain and find that the angle of elevation is now 20 degrees. Find the height of the mountain. Round the

    asked by Anonymous
  11. chemistry

    The more reactive an atom, the higher its potential energy. Which atom has higher potential energy, neon or fluorine? Neon is hardly reactive at all. When it reacts, it will make news. Fluorine is a very reactive element. It is very difficult to keep it

    asked by carter
  12. math HELP

    for each pair of similar parallelograms,fid the ratio of two adjacent side lengths in one parallelogram and compare it to the ratio of the corresponding side lengthes in the other parallelogram. What are they wanting me to do?? A.2m 4m B.3 m 6m C.4m 9m

    asked by chemiii
  13. extrema

    The function is given as y = 7x^3 - 8x^2 -16x +15 The max is at x = -4/7 & min is at x = 4/3 How do I know that it is local max&min or absolute max &min? (graphing calculator is not allowed) You know that it's a local minimum and maximum because the x^3

    asked by Jen
  14. Algebra 2/Trig.

    I forgot some stuff from my 7th grade algebra class about complex what do you do with a problem like this 5+5i 3-i divided by + divided by 2-i 4+3i thanks.(divided by refers to dividing line in a fraction) In each case, RATIONALIZE the

    asked by Tom
  15. Economics

    The utility function of a consumer U(b,t)=Min(b,t) for where b=busfare and t=taxifare, b=3t for the same distance.For hundred times travel what will be the optimum number of busride and taxiride. If I understand your notation, bus fare costs 3 times a taxi

    asked by S.S. Patsa
  16. sociology

    Who are hackers. What can we do to protect from them. Check this site for information about hackers. You can try to protect your computer from hackers by installing a firewll.

    asked by Singh
  17. English

    Diagram these sentances: 1Maggie woke me up with her silly crying. 2Darby cried, too. 3I awoke quickly. 4What was the matter? 5The hungery dogs barked and ran into the kitchen. Here are two wonderful websites that will help you with diagramming:

    asked by WILLIAM
  18. ccd

    Did Jesus raise Lathyrus from the dead? i need to know by 2:00p.m. Please check this site for your answer. Note that the original story is told in John 11:1

    asked by Marie
  19. local min

    f(x) = x^4 + ax^2 What is a if f(x) has a local minimum at x=5. How do I justify the answer. The first derivative has to be zero at x = 5. You then check what the second derivative is at x = 5. If it is positive then that's ok. In this case you find that a

    asked by Jen
  20. Math Riddle

    How many two-digit numbers are multiples of 3 and also factors of 81? 3x=9 so try x=1,2,3,4 and see. I have been given a riddle that has driven me mad ... but worse, once given the answer. I just became baffled. Can anyone please explain why 487 is the

    asked by Nini
  21. simple question

    if i were writing a newspaper article and the title was "a civil family affair" and the article was about the irish war in which a sniper kills three people with one of them being his own brother, would the title be a good one or not? if not, please give

    asked by please help
  22. science

    what does manipulated varible mean? what does responding varible mean? what does hypothisis mean? In an experiment, a manipulated variable is one that can be easily changed by the xperimenter, such as the length of a pendulum The responding variable will

    asked by tessa
  23. Childhood Education Question--Plz Help

    (should be Montessori! sorry!!) =) A "prepared enviroment" in a Montessori program features which? 1. child-size furniture and equipment 2. the accomplishment of one task before another is started. 3. a garden area where the children can plant flowers 4.

    asked by Writeacher
  24. Work energy

    Question Details Three masses m1= 5.0 kg ; m2= 10.0 kg ; m1= 15.0 kg are attached by a strings over frictionless pulleys. The horizontal surface exerts a force of friction of 30N on m2. If the system is released from rest, use energy concepts to find the

    asked by Harry
  25. geography

    chapter 11 section 1 the modern era emerges why did idustrialization create a higher standard living I don't have your book, but you can look for some of these ideas in your book. Industrialization provided wages and money to workers who hadn't had them

    asked by xiomy
  26. Science ENGR

    Consider a laser which emits photons with a wavelength of 1.55 micrometers. The laser has a lower electron level Ei and an upper electron level Eu. A power supply pours electrons into the upper energy level and these electrons fall down in a time T= 0.1

    asked by Pam
  27. Math Puzzler For Ken and BobPursley

    Below is the original question and emailed response from my friend, Dr Ford, a theoretical physicist at Tufts University in Boston. Question: We have a normal watch. The big hand is 4cm long and the little hand is 3cm long. What's the distance between the

    asked by Lance
  28. ecology

    define Autotroph- Heterotroph- Herbivore- Carnivore- Omnivore- Decomposer- Scavenger- Bacteria- use an online dictionary

    asked by Jason

    HOW DID A COLONIAL ELECTION WORK. IF YOU COULDN'T READ OR WRITE HOW DID U VOTE? see below. "In colonial America the election of church and public officials dates almost from the founding of the Plymouth Colony, and the

    asked by LUSSE
  30. Physics

    A car weighing 9800 N moves around a circular track of 70 m in 60 s. a. What is the speed or the car? b. What is the centripetal acceleration? c. What is the centripetal force? d. What is the coefficient of friction between the tires and the road? The

    asked by QT
  31. Math.... again......!!!!!!...

    A fraction is equivelant to 4/5. The sum of the numerator and the denominator of the fractionis 36. What is the fraction? The fraction is 4x/5x where x is a number. You have that 4x + 5x=36, so solve for x, then you have what 4*x is and 5*x. The answer for

    asked by Nini
  32. science

    what is a chemical and physical change? Type in chemical change, then physical change.

    asked by physical change
  33. Chemistry/ Physical Chemistry

    Napthalene is dissolved in a liquid with which it forms an ideal solution at 25C. The normal boiling point of napthalene is 80.2 C and ^fusH for napthalene is 19.0 KJ/mol. Determine the solublity of napthalene in this liquid at 25 C.

    asked by Monquie
  34. art

    in art an abstraction is a styleised inturpeatation? Corrected spelling, if the answer is correct: stylized interpretation. Read at least the first sentence here, including all the links: =)

    asked by deborah
  35. equation of a line

    How to find a point on the line? x cordinate is given as x. The diagram is like a rectangle is inscribed in an isosceles right triangle whose hypotneus is 2 units long. AB is another side of the right triangle and P is a point on it(also a vertex of the

    asked by Jen
  36. outback question

    what are alot of the animals names in the outback. i need this question answered because i cant find it in textbooks or internet.

    asked by Jason
  37. Physics

    A book whose mass is 3 kg is projected up a long 40 degree incline with an initial speed of 25 m/s The coefficient of kinetic friction between the book and the Mane is 0.20. a. Find the magnitude of the friction force acting on the book as it moves up the

    asked by QT
  38. Ethics

    Are hackers ethically wrong? i know they are but just asking for your opinion. Why they hack There many different reasons, for many different hackers. Some do it to see if they can beat security protocalls, like a game. Some do it to get richer, to use

    asked by Gurv
  39. Chemistry

    Who used x-ray diffrection experiments for the periodic table

    asked by ciao
  40. ethics

    Are hackers ethically wrong? What should we do about hackers? I think we should protect ourselves from hackers. What do you think? your suggestions? Yes. Hackers are ethically wrong. They are intruding into and disrupting a private space. Just as we lock

    asked by Gurv
  41. chem

    There are several exceptions to the octet rule found along the transition and rare earth metal sections. These exceptions are tied to the observed phenomenon that atoms are more stable if orbital systems are either whole or half filled. In other words, the

    asked by Alexa
  42. science

    what is naphthalene and what when it is droped in water at 70 centegrade what it is naphthalene: Your other question: I don't know.

    asked by antonia
  43. Cell biology, please help today

    I'm not sure what order these are when it comes to g-protein activation: -conformational change in receptor -hormone binds receptor -Gs protein has GTP bound -Alpha and gamma/beta subunits dissociate -GTP is hydrolyzed to GDP on alpha sububit -alpha and

    asked by tracey
  44. History

    In the colonies how did the colonist hold and election? If you couldn't read or write how did you vote? Press Ctrl + F and then type in vote to find the exact sections in which voting is described. Be sure you keep in

    asked by NUSSE
  45. Please proofread my essay

    Weather Gone Wild -During this semester, I was to keep track of a current event. I chose researching extreme weather nation wide, but I was most interested in discovering if there was any sort of extreme weather happening around the United States, as well

    asked by shining_star007
  46. Algebra II

    [(z^n)^3] / [z^n*z^3] How can I set this up? I'm pretty sure you have to simplify so that it's z^3n / z^n+3 but where can I do from there? or am I messing up a step somewhere? (z^n)^3= z^3n and z^n * Z^3= Z^(n+3) so z^3n / Z^(n+3) = z^(3n-n+3)

    asked by Becca
  47. rere

    this is a stupid website it doesn't help as far as I can tell the experts all go ot sleep by now, leaving the late nite questions til the morning

    asked by tessa
  48. Food Education

    How is Sodium used in the body? I need to know this for some Food Tech reaserch. Thanks. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The body uses sodium to regulate blood pressure and blood volume. Sodium is also critical for the functioning of

    asked by Paige
  49. Math

    the only perfect number of the form x(n) + y(n) A perfect number is an integer that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors (not including itself). Therefore, 6 is a perfect number, since its positive divisors are 1, 2, and 3 and 1+2+3 = 6. 28, 496,

    asked by Mike
  50. Physics

    If a young girl is in a truck that is rolling down a hill with a force of 8765 N, what force must the brakes apply on the truck to have the truck roll at a constant speed? Would she have to apply more than 8765 N or less than 8765 N to get the truck to

    asked by Becca
  51. Science ENGR Part 2

    How many electrons are in the upper level? Problem 2 Problem 1 of chapter 6 of the course-pack. Use eqn. 2.27 for the definition of decibel. Eqn. 2.27 : A(w)=-20log|T(jw)| db Use the plot to calculate the repeater distance in a long haul optical

    asked by Pam
  52. probability

    christmas will come in december: Probability:100%

    asked by kayla
  53. grammar

    Dangling Modifiers If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. Your answer: 1. Dangling Modifiers When they are fresh, eating oranges can often keep away the cold virus. Your answer: 2. Predication Our plans for tomorrow should begin

    asked by stacy
  54. algebra

    (2x+1)-(X-1)= to get rid of the second set of parentheses, you have to mulptiply by the x becomes -x and the -1 becomes 1. So, its 2x + 1 - x +1 = x + 2

    asked by olivia
  55. Cell biology

    which of the following will inhibit the release of calcium by hormone bound to Gq coupled receptor? A. PLC inhibitor B. PKC inhibitor C. Cholera Toxin D. Phosphodiesterase E. none of the above I said B. Which is not a characteristic of cell signaling

    asked by tracey
  56. Cel Biology, Please Help Part 2!

    which of the following will inhibit the release of calcium by hormone bound to Gq coupled receptor? A. PLC inhibitor B. PKC inhibitor C. Cholera Toxin D. Phosphodiesterase E. none of the above I said B. Which is not a characteristic of cell signaling

    asked by tracey
  57. MATH

    WHAT IS 3/5 AS A DECIMAL divide 3 by 5. 0.6 you should get. the answer is 0.6

    asked by ANA
  58. English

    I need an idea for the book cover of To Kill a Mockingbird Many suggestions have already been given to you. Just choose one and go with it. =)

    asked by Cass
  59. maths

    5 1 - - - = 16 8 use a calculator

    asked by chelsea