Questions Asked on
November 16, 2006

  1. Physics

    a lunar landing module is descending to the moon's surface at a steady velocity of 10 m/s. At a height of 120m, a small object falls from its landing gear. Taking the moon's gravitational acceleration as 1.6m/s^2, at what speed, in m/s, does the object

    asked by Sean
  2. physics

    A .22 rifle bullet traveling at 360m/s strikes a block of wood, which penetrates to a depth of .110m. The mass of the bullet is 1.80g. Assume a constant retarding force.A) how much time is required for the bullet to stop? b) what force in newtons soes the

    asked by Chris
  3. Chemistry

    What is the electron configuration called that has 18 electrons in the outer energy level and all of the orbitals filled? Noble gas configuration

    asked by Bryan
  4. physics

    Two blocks each with weight w are held in place on a frictionless incline. In terms of w ans the angle theda of the incline, calculate the tension in a) the rope connecting the blocks; b) the rope that connects block A to the wall? a) it was wsin(theda) b)

    asked by Chris
  5. statistics check my answers please

    1)A nutritionist wants to study the effect of storage time (6, 12, and 18 months) on the amount of vitamin C present in freeze dried fruit when stored for these lengths of time. Vitamin C is measured in milligrams per 100 milligrams of fruit. Six fruit

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    An oil tanker's engine have broken down and the wind has accelerated the tanker to a speed of 1.5m/s straight toward a reef. When the tanker is 500m from the reef, the wind dies down just as the engineer gets the engines going again. The rudder is stuck,

    asked by Chris
  7. Chemistry

    Which of the following pairs of atoms would you expect to combine chemically to form an ionic compound? A.Li and S B.O and S C.Al and O d.F and Cl e.I and K F.H and N Which of the following pairs of elements will not form ionic compound. a.sulfur and

    asked by Chris
  8. physics

    A man is dragging a trunk up the loading ramp of a mover's truck. The ramp has a slope angle of 20 degrees, and the man pulls upward with a force F whose direction makes an angle of 30 degrees with the ramp. a) how large a forec F is necessary for the

    asked by Chris
  9. physics

    A light rope is attached to a block with a mass of 6 kg that rests on a horizontal, frictionless surface. THe horizontal rope passes over a frictionless, massless pulley, and a block of mass m is suspended from the other end. When the blocks are released,

    asked by Christina
  10. physics

    A 640 N student stands on a bathroom scale in an elebator. As the elevator starts moving, the scale reads 800 N. a) find the acceleration of the elevator (magnitude and direction) b) acceleration if the scale reads 450N? c) If the scale reads 0 should the

    asked by Christina
  11. Chemistry

    What is the formula for the ions in the compounds BaSO4 and Li2CO3 BaSO4 has barium ions (Ba2+, Sulfate ions SO42-, and Lithium carbonate has lithium ions Li1+, and carbonate ions CO32- Ba ions (might be written as Ba^2+) and sulfate (might be written as

    asked by Bryan
  12. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    a page of pictures for a yearbook is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. The space between the pictures is 3/16 inch. How high can each picture be to fit seven down the length of the page? since the the length of the page is 11 inches, and there has to be seven

    asked by derrick
  13. Chemistry

    How do i list the numbers and types of atoms represented by chemical formulas. Example Fe2O3 The subscipts tell you the number of atoms. For example, in Fe2O3 there are two atoms of Fe and three atoms of O. I don't understand the part about types. Please

    asked by Bryan
  14. HUCK FINN... HELP!!!.. please

    What is Huck's attitude toward Jim at the beginning of the novel? Is Jim portrayed as an individual or a type? Defend your answer. What does Huck's father criticize about the "govment"? What does Twain want the reader to feel about these issues? How is

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    A light rope is attached to a block with a mass of 6 kg that rests on a horizontal, frictionless surface. THe horizontal rope passes over a frictionless, massless pulley, and a block of mass m is suspended from the other end. When the blocks are released,

    asked by Benji
  16. Science

    What is the mass of 15mL sample of mercury? Look up the density of mercury. mass = volume x density. Make sure the density is in g/mL. If it isn't you will need to convert it. One place to find density of mercury is at and click on

    asked by Crystal
  17. Help...More Math Help!!!...Please!

    A kayaker paddled 2 hours with a 6 mph current in a river. The return trip against the same current took 3 hours. Find the speed the kayaker would make in still water. The speed is 6 mph slower going upstream and 6 mph faster going downstream. Distance

    asked by Jessica
  18. social studies

    name atleast 4 countries that posses islands in the caribbean sea? Srroll down to list below map that says "Present-day island territories of the Caribbean"

    asked by jack
  19. college math question

    Find the GCD of 24 and 49 in the integers of Q[sqrt(3)], assuming that the GCD is defined. (Note: you need not decompose 24 or 49 into primes in Q[sqrt(3)]. Please teach me . Thank you very much. The only integer divisor of both 24 and 49 is 1. I don't

    asked by student
  20. Math (matrices)

    No one answered my matrix question. Let me rephrase: Let A, B, and 0 be 2x2 matrices. Assuming that A is invertible and 0 is all zeroes, what is the inverse of the matrix [A|0] [B|A] (that is a 4x4 matrix represented as 4 2x2 matrices) The answer is in the

    asked by James
  21. economics

    Consider the Slappers, a hockey team that plays in an arena with 12,000 seats. The only cost associated with staging a hockey game is a fixed cost of $6,000. The team incurs this cost regardless of how many people attend a game. The demand curve for hockey

    asked by ashley
  22. Music

    What are rock ensembles? I went searching around the net to find out and all i came up with was the names of some really good rock bands. I'll try find out something useful but it might take a while =( An "ensemble" is a small group of musicians playing

    asked by Mariah
  23. Algebra and Discrete Geometry

    For points X (1,3,5) and (2,-4,6) find: a) the coordinates of the point P that divides the segment XY (internally) in the ratio 3:2. b) the coordinates of the point R that divides the segment XY (externally) in the ratio -2:5.

    asked by Showman
  24. Science

    I have to list 5 structural adaptations and 5 behavioral. Then, i have to write down how each adaptation is advantageous for the organism's survival PLEASSE HELP ME!!

    asked by Ginger
  25. physics

    A loaded elevator with very worn cables has a total mass of 1800 kg and the cavles can withstand a maximusm tension of 28000N a) What is the maximum upward acceleration for the elevator if the cables are not to brake? b) What is the answer to part a) if

    asked by Chris
  26. Social Studies

    I need information on the Mayas, Incas, and also Astecs INCA LOVE GOLD AZTECS LOVE TURQUOISE Check these sites for a lot of information about these civilizations.

    asked by Samantha
  27. science

    Can anybody please tell me 3 behavioral adaptations of organisms please and thank you

    asked by Roxanne
  28. Math

    line BC is one side of a regular n-gon. The sides next to line BC are extended to meet at W. Find the measure of angle W in terms of n That's a triangle. Use the facts about the relationships between the angles. If the ngon is regular, then all sides are

    asked by Sammy
  29. Chemistry

    CoCl2 is a compound that is blue when it is dehydrated and pink when in its hydrated form. I have seen a solution of CoCl2 used to paint a coloring book type figure (on paper). This is hung outside and gives a blue color when the air is dry and pink color

    asked by DrBob222
  30. Math

    Let A, B, and 0 be 2x2 matrices. Assuming that A is invertible, find a matrix C such that [A^-1|0 ] [C |A^-1] is the inverse of the partitioned matrix [A|0] [B|A]

    asked by James
  31. college math

    Suppose 32 = alpha*beta for alpha, beta reatively prime quadratic integers in Q[i] . Show that alpha = epsilon*gamma^2 for some unit epsilon and some quadratic integers gamma in Q[i]. Please help me . I got stuck with it! I'm not an expert in this stuff,

    asked by student
  32. Help...Math...Algebra...please!...

    Two cars leave town going in the same direction. One travels 55 mph and the other travels 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: We do know that one car is 180 miles ahead of the other, so the slow car's distance can be

    asked by Jessica
  33. math

    Factor 2x²+13x+40 I thought with this sort of problem you are supposed to multipy 40 by 2 and get 80 and then come up with two factors that equal 13. If this doesn't work, you are supposed to factor out a number/variable. Since neither of these methods

    asked by Rory
  34. physics

    A car can barley negotiate a 50.0m unbanked curve when the coeficient of friction betweens the tires and the road is 0.80. How much bank would the curve require if the car is to safetly go around the curve without relying on friction Draw a picture of the

    asked by Anonymous
  35. debating on rap...

    anybody have anything i could say in a debate that's debating on the CON side of "rap music promotes racism" (i'm saying rap DOESN'T promote it)? Try thinking up different sets of search terms and then entering them at I tried it

    asked by narine
  36. Math

    what is the name of the answer in a subtraction problem? difference thanx In sentence form, the - asks you "What is different here? So the answer is, the difference. :)

    asked by NUSSE

    Ridge systems are bout how many kilometers wide? 1ooo, 500, 100, 50, or 10. Yesterday, Bob Pursley was so kind to give me the answer of 50 km, but I'm still not sure. I think it's between 1000km - 3000km because rift valleys are 20-50 km wide. Can you,

    asked by Suzanne
  38. Physics hw question mistake

    Hello, I didn't post the correct questions correctly so here they are: Hello, I have some questions: 1. Do you think the calculated moment of inertia is larger or smaller than the true moment of inertia? Explain. for static moment of inertia I

    asked by Teenesha
  39. Chem 1

    Given the bond energy data below, which is the best prediction for the bond energy of the bond between the nitrogen and the oxygen atom in N2O? bond energy (kJ/mol) N-O single bond 201 N-O double bond 607 Indicate if it will be the single bond, double bond

    asked by Rossina
  40. Social Studies

    People may have reached the region that is now Louisiana about _________ years ago? a. 6,000 d. 18,000 b. 12,000 e. 24,000 This is simply a stupid question. It is a very intensive field of investigation, yet no definitive answer is yet available. Currently

    asked by Dylan
  41. Math

    Write equations that equal the number 44 using exactly four 4's 4sqred plus 4sqred plus 4qred minus 4 (donno if it counts) Hi Tom , We can only use the symbols of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. Please try again Thanks 4-4+44 = 44

    asked by Sonja
  42. English

    Can you proofread my essay? "Why are you proud of your Vietnamese Heritage?"

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Ethics

    what is the good of morality This site will give you some good ideas about that topic. Morality is a guide; it helps us to decide what is "good" and what is "evil." In other words, it helps us to choose between those

    asked by sk
  44. Music

    If a string quartet is a genre of chamber music, what is the genre of music for a rock ensemble? I would argue that the Dixie Chicks is a genre of rock ensemble. The Dixieland Jazz Band would be one genre of rock ensemble.

    asked by Jessica
  45. Cultural Relativism

    If Cultural Relativism is true, morality is arbitrary. Why does this gives us reason to reject Cultural Relativism? There are at least two different world views of morality, one of them viewing morality as arbitrary and fixed and the other as relative to

    asked by David Spencer
  46. Child Development Question--Plz Help!!!

    When shown the following two rows of dots, the preoperational child would say ...... . . . . . . A. both rows have the same number of dots B. the bottom row has more dots C. the top row has more dots D. the top row is shorter PLEASE HELP!!! b. The

    asked by Melody

    The deep oceans can be divided into about 20 separate basins by bathymetric features. Is this statement true or false? I know that the deep oceans can be divided by bathymetric features, but I'm not sure about the 20 separate basins. I seem to have found

    asked by Suzanne
  48. Social Studies

    On a global scale, where is precipitation most common? For ocean and continents

    asked by Maxy
  49. pre calc

    Is there any complex numer that is equal to its conjugate? a+bi=a-bi????? precalc 11th grade a+bi=a-bi ---> 2 bi = 0 ---> b = 0 So, the imaginary part has to be zero.

    asked by bill
  50. economics

    how do u find the change in total cost and change in quantity when considering the marginal revenue equasion the w'

    asked by alannah
  51. spanish

    how do you say these words in spanish? notebook eraser cd player folders binder homework cellphone notebook-cuaderno eraser-borrador cd player-reproductor de compact-disc folders -carpetas binder-carpeta homework-deberes cellphone-teléfono celular *this

    asked by kesha
  52. social studies

    What was the substance used to stuff the mummies's nosterals? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "making mummies nostril" to get this source: Use the command to

    asked by Emily
  53. chemistry

    what ins the name for SrBr2 Strontium (II) bromide strontium bromide

    asked by queen
  54. pre calc. help!!!!!!

    i am building a rectangular swimming pool. the pool is to have a surface area of 1000 ft.^2. it also has a uniform walk way of 3 ft. surrinding it. X is the lengh of one side of the pool, and Y is te lengh of the other side. A.) express the area of the

    asked by cheryl
  55. Chemistry

    I was not the person who wrote that question last night? Chemistry - DrBob222, Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 7:24pm Yes, it is possible in some cases. For example, CoCl2 is blue in the unhydrated form and pink in the hydrated form. As a kid, I used a

    asked by Dave
  56. Chemistry

    Can Someone explain the physical properties of metals, using the theory of metallic bonding There is a lot of reading here, most of it not what you are looking for, so scroll down ABOUT half way and you will come to a paragraph that explains conduction of

    asked by Jeremy
  57. Geography

    What are the two South American countries with no known oil reserves? This site lists at least four South American countries with no known oil reserves.

    asked by elizabeth
  58. math Puzzler..

    Hello, This is just a question that has stumped me for some time: We have a normal watch. The big hand is 4cm long and the little hand is 3cm long. What's the distance between the tips of the hands at the moment they are moving the fastest towards each

    asked by quizzical
  59. accounting

    On the statement of changes in owner's equity, how do you find the beginning capital?

    asked by anonymous
  60. earth//space science

    what is an inverse relationship? explain the relationship between the density of a planet and the distance the planet is from the sun "what is an inverse relationship? explain the relationship between the density of a planet and the distance the planet is

    asked by Lindsey
  61. Colonial Votes

    Have any info on colonial voting What do you want to know about colonial voting? Since we had 13 colonies for over 150 years, there's a lot of information about this subject. Please be specific about what you need.

    asked by Jenny
  62. math

    If the answer is 1 2/3, what is the question? 5th grade level answer please What is 5/3? UM THE FRACTION IS 1 2/3 hes saying 5/3 = 1 2/3 right. 5/3 = 1 & 2/3 OOO IS THAT RIGHT what is the deinition of whole number percent The question is to calculate this:

    asked by Melissa
  63. S.S.

    Have any info on colonial voting what is qualla boundary men only! no women. Please check these sites: (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by NUSSE
  64. science

    No question was posted. Try again.

    asked by DrBob222
  65. maths

    orlando likes baseball. He's a good fielder, but he wants to improve his batting average. currently .200 (or 20%) for the first part of the season. he practiced a lot with a friend and managed to hit 10 out of 20 times that he was up to bat that season.

    asked by I am not joe
  66. U.S. History

    I'm doing a crossword on the war of 1812. My question is about impressment of American sailors. The question clue is: When the British would impress an American sailor they would ____ him. The word has 6 letters and the thrid letter is a D and the fifth

    asked by Avalon
  67. Physical Science

    Do liquids have momentum? Does the shape of an object affect the rate at which it will fall? Do thicker substances protect objects better than thin substances? Do liquids have momentum? yes Does the shape of an object affect the rate at which it will fall?

    asked by Tom
  68. Math

    How do you do this question? The buses park on the concrete slab. the slab's edges are 10 yards from the fence. What is the area of the concrete slab? 100 sq yds how many different triangles can you make from a set of three side lengths

    asked by Arelys
  69. Support

    My best friend just found out she's pregnant and the only one giving her support is me. What do I say or do? Your best friend needs to consult an expert AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Use the Planned Parenthood website to find a health center near you.

    asked by Jessica
  70. Ethics

    characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against Muslims and Arabs Please tell us what you think -- and we'll be glad to comment. Since Orientalism is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the

    asked by melynda
  71. Science

    if a recipe for aple sauce cost for 1 killogram for apples how much apples would you need Did you mean to write "calls for" instead of "costs"? You would need one kilogram! :) You'd need one kilogram or 2.2 pounds of apples.

    asked by Allesse
  72. precalculus

    A can with the ratio of the height of the radius is 4 to 1. a. express the volume of the can as a function of the radius, r. b. express the volume of the can as a function of the height, h. c. if you want the can to have a volume of 100cm cubed, what does

    asked by cheryl
  73. i really need help!! graphing

    what do i put the viewing window as on my calculator if i have an equation of 2x^2+40000/x is x=0 an allowed value in the domain? So have to make allowances for x near zero. Check the problem: is x cited to have a particular domain? If not, then plot this

    asked by cheryl

    The deep oceans can be divided into about 20 separate basins by bathymetric features. Is this true or false. I can't seem to find out the "20" part. I know the bathymetric features part is correct. Please help if you can.

    asked by Suzanne
  75. Math

    Find the distance function s(t) if you know the acceleration function a(t)= sin(0.1t)/cos^3(0.1t) find the second derivative of a(t). I will be happy to critique your work.

    asked by SKuink
  76. Ethics in business

    What do you think is the best way of doing business ethics and why 1) all transactions are above board: nothing under the table. 2) Honesty in all transactions. No misleading advertising, or terms. 3) Follow the law, if it conflicts with the two above,

    asked by sk
  77. spanish

    Could someone please tell me what the word of 'pocket' as in 'pants pocket' is in Spanish? I used a translator, but I thought there was another word for it. ¿Cómo se dice 'pocket' en Español? Thanks in advance. :) El (casilla, bolsillo)de mi pantalon'

    asked by Harry
  78. Alzheimer's please!

    Are there any websites where I can go too for treatments there are for Alzheimier's?PLease help!(It can not be a . com webpage) This is the website for the Alzheimer's organization.

    asked by Jessica
  79. Colonial Timing

    What were some things invented in colonial times invented by anybody besides Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson was also an inventor. You can read about some of his inventions at (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Jenny
  80. math

    how can you tell which form of a ational number is most appropriate in a given situation?

    asked by kayla
  81. Science!

    What are the parts of a battery and how do they function?

    asked by I REALLY NEED HELP!
  82. History

    During the Reformation period, did political concerns primarily serve religious needs, or was religious ideology primarily an instrument of political practicalities? Either way, it's a huge generalization. I think it depends on the individuals you want to

    asked by Sarah
  83. another college math question

    Please teach me. I am completely blank with it. :( Let alpha = (3+sqrt(-3))/2 belongs to Q[sqrt(3)]. Show that if x is congruent to 1 mod alpha, then x^3 is congruent to 1 (mod alpha)^3. Similarly, show that if x is congruent to -1 mod alpha, then x^3 is

    asked by student
  84. Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    To whom it may concern: There was a posting on August 31, 06 in response to "Can someone proofread before submission?" and it was posted by PsyDAG. I was wondering if someone could tell me who or where I could find the in text references? They are;

    asked by Jo
  85. science

    what just cheetahs eat ? Are they related to tigers ?

    asked by adrian
  86. please help its bedtime

    how can you tell which form of a rational number is most appropriate in a given situation? Use an integer, or fraction, NEVER a decimal number. If your number is say 3.5, then the rational answer would be 35/100. if the number is .75, then the rational

    asked by kayla
  87. Math: Calc

    y= 3x^2+3x+2 Find the diferential dy when x=4 and dx = 0.4 and when dx = 0.8. How do I find these diferentials? y= 3x^2+3x+2 dy= 6x dx + 3dx Now put in the values, and compute.

    asked by Katie
  88. science

    if u answer this,. ok if u extend ur arms straight out and drop them at ur sides then keeping them straight bring ur arms dirctly in front of u do this movement ten times where are the muscles that cause this movemernt located? Try here it may help:

    asked by Matria
  89. hi live experts

    for the online expert help, do any of the experts help you for free or do we have to pay. i liked the other one better with the AIM experess. we're just students and others...but I suppose some are experts. It's all free I don't kno please hwlp with

    asked by dolphino
  90. mATH

    wRITE A EQUATION TTHAT EQUALS THE NUMBER 44 USING EXACTLY FOUR 4'S 4^4 - 4^3 -4 = 44 Can I use ONLY 4's? How about 44 + 4 - 4 or (4/4)x44 or 4! + 4x4 + 4

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Music

    Are string quartets chamber ensembles?

    asked by Sally
  92. Science

    I am answering all the questions in an exam from 2002 because these questions most likely will come up again. The question i don't know the answer to is, "In winter, people want to stop warm air getting out of their rooms. Give two examples of how this can

    asked by i have exams tomorrow
  93. 4th grade math?? help!!

    2 to the 2 power??? i need help !!!! 2^2= 2*2= 4 thanks boobbbyyy!!!

    asked by Billy 4th grade
  94. science

    Is a swamp and marsh always wet throughout the year? YES UNLESS THERE IS DROUGHT

    asked by Katie
  95. Chem 1

    In this website, Does model (A) have the most interactions... leaving model C to least reactions? The way I read it is that model C has the most interactions and model A has the least (overall); therefore, the

    asked by Rossina
  96. factors

    is there a formula for finding factors of a number ?

    asked by albert