Questions Asked on
November 15, 2006

  1. american history

    The cotton gin resulted in: The death of slavery A slight increase in slavery The rejuvenation of slavery No noticeable increase in slavery The extension of slavery to the North I think it is the extension of slavery to the north. Actually I think it might

    asked by Alisa
  2. social studies

    In what ways did each of the following contribute to the growth of democracy between 1800 and 1840? a. State constitution b. Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge decision c. Changes in political party procedures d. actions taken by Jackson himself

    asked by s
  3. math

    if two polygons are similar,how can you find the scale factor from one polygon to the other?show specific examples.describe how you find the scale factor from the smaller figure to the enlarged figure.then,describe how you find the scale factor from the

    asked by chemiii
  4. Help!...Math...

    Two cars leave town going opposite directions. One car is traveling 55 mph, and the other is traveling 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: The time for both cars is the same and can be represented by "t." The total distance

    asked by Jessica
  5. Child Development

    Sociocultural differences in growth and development make it imperative to: 1. encourage all children to master the same things 2. compare children 3. adapt to individual capabilities 4. ignore differences Would the answer be 2 or 3? The better answer is 3.

    asked by Karissa
  6. Help!Math....

    Six pears and three apples cost $3.90. Two pears and five apples cost $3.30. How much does one pear cost? Hint: You have two unknowns (variables), so you need two equations. Write one equation for each situation and solve the system of equations. (1): Six

    asked by Jessica
  7. Chemistry

    Is it possible to use the appearance of hydrates to determine if there is moisture in a room? Yes, it is possible in some cases. For example, CoCl2 is blue in the unhydrated form and pink in the hydrated form. As a kid, I used a water color brush to

    asked by John
  8. Chemistry

    Is it possible to use the appearance of hydrates to determine if there is moisture in a room? Explain.

    asked by John
  9. world history

    What freedoms were the people of Napoleon's day willing to sacrifice? This site will give you some answers.

    asked by Chelse
  10. math HELP SOS

    If two polygons are similar,how can you find the scale factor from one polygon to the other?Show specific examples.Describe how you find the scale factor from the smaller figure to the enlarged figure.Then,describe how you find the scale factor from the

    asked by chemiii
  11. Child Development Question

    Negative behaviors by toddlers which tax the patience of adults may be a sign of which? A. HAVING BEEN SPOILED B. INSECURITY AND FEAR OF FAILURE C. An EMERGING SENSE OF AUTONOMY D. HOSTILITY TO PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS I am thinking (D)hostility to parents

    asked by Karissa
  12. Math

    i^6 = (i^2)^3 = (-1)^3 = -1 The square, not the square root of -1 is 1. :) B.t.w., can you prove that -1 times -1 is 1? Hint, try to prove first that for any number X: -1 times X equals -X How do you find the square root of -1? The square of any real

    asked by Count Iblis
  13. physics

    the rubidium isotope 87Rb is a beta emitter with a half-life of 4.9E10 y that decays into 87Sr. It is used to determine the age of rocks and fossils. Rocks containing the fossils of early animals contain a ration of 87Sr to 87Rb of 0.090. Assuming that

    asked by Star
  14. Chemistry (Check)

    i have to fill in the blanks In an ionic compound the charges of the Blank and Blank must balance to produce an electrically Blank Substance. Is it Cation, Anion, then Netural for the last blank And what about this one i don't know. Metallic atoms tend to

    asked by Bryan
  15. ap english exam

    Does anyone know where I can find a free online copy of questions 28-43 on the 1996 AP English Language & Composition Exam? I found the exam but for some reason they skipped questions 28-43. I couldn't find it online, but it's possible that questions 28-43

    asked by Anonymous
  16. English

    Paul ring the church bells at a moment's notice. Change the possessive to its longer form. The possessive is MOMENT'S. Please explain what you mean by your question-- Change the possessive to its longer form. WELL LIKE IF GIRL'S IS THE POSSISSVE THEN U

    asked by Jenny
  17. american history

    The first frontier state to enter the Union was: Tennessee Vermont Ohio Kentucky Louisiana I believe it was Vermont I am stuggling between Vermont, Tennessee and Kentucky You can find that here: The answer is still not

    asked by Alisa
  18. Finance

    What is the annual rate of return on an investment in a common stock that cost $40.50 if the current dividend is $1.50 and the growth in the value of the shares and the divedend is 8%. 1.50% (1.04)/40.50 = 3.85% is the dividend yield averaged over one

    asked by Frank
  19. Science (Chemistry)

    Can someone explain why the ratio of magnesium ions to chloride ions in MgCl2 is 1 :2 Mg is in group IIA and has two electrons in its outside shell. Cl is in group VIIA and has seven electrons in its outside shell. Mg wants to lose two electrons; Cl wants

    asked by Brian
  20. Environmental Problems

    Where in the US and Canada is deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, and climate change happening? San Francisco Aereas near all population centers would be the most acute, as you get further North the polution is less and, the deforestation is

    asked by Amanda
  21. WWI Statement

    Hi, I am currently taking AP US History and we I have never been a history buff so I am illiterate when it comes to any type of history. I was given this statement to write about but I have no idea what it is talking about or asking me to talk about please

    asked by Sarah
  22. Chemistry

    Why do beryllium and fluorine combine in a 1 : 2 Ratio? Be is in group 2 (or IIA). F is in group VIIA (or 17 depending upon what system you are using). Therefore, flourine needs one electron to fill its outside shell. Be has two in its outside shell to

    asked by Taylor
  23. math

    antonio watches 2/3 of the movie at home and then decides to finish watching it later. if he already has watched 2 hours of the movie, how long is it? 2/3*time = 2hrs solve for time.

    asked by umair
  24. global history

    did nationalism topple (brake up)empires Nationalism is one of many causes for the break up of empires. Strong nationalistic movements in India and Africa played a large part in breaking up the British Empire. Of course, the independence of the United

    asked by kiya
  25. english

    how do you write an evaluation? What kind of evaluation are you referring to? Job evaluation? Evaluation of literary work? Or what? If you're referring to a literary evaluation, here's a webpage that may help:

    asked by dan
  26. Chemistry

    What property of nonmetallic elements makes more likely to gain electrons than lose electrons? Non-metals already have outside shells that are more than half filled (escept for group 4 elements) and it is easier to fill the shell by adding 2 or 3 electrons

    asked by Bryan
  27. Help again...Math!!

    Two cars leave town going in the same direction. One travels 55 mph and the other travels 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: We do know that one car is 180 miles ahead of the other, so the slow car's distance can be

    asked by Jessica
  28. Help!Math...Again!!!PLease Help!

    Two cars leave town going in the same direction. One travels 55 mph and the other travels 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: We do know that one car is 180 miles ahead of the other, so the slow car's distance can be

    asked by Jessica
  29. Science

    How does a light bulb transform electrical energy into radiant energy? The metal filament is heated hot so the the outer electrons on the atoms become exited to higher unstable energy levels, and as they come back to natural levels, light is emitted. THANK

    asked by Help!
  30. math

    mary an jim have tickets to a concert. mary`s ticket number is one less than jim`s ticket number. the product of their numbers is 812. what are the two numbers? (x)(x-1) = 812 This is impossable, as an odd number added to an even number always yeilds an

    asked by umair
  31. social studies

    What is the largest river? a)red sea b)Nile c)tigris d)mediterranean sea This is a looooong list but keep scrolling. The Nile and Tigris rivers are there. And I wouldn't consider the red sea or the mediterranean sea as rivers.

    asked by Tre'Chon Williams
  32. More mummy stuff!

    Band Aid Duh!!! What fabric was used to plug the eye sockets of the mummies? lol, no she means the mummies from egypt or whatver!LOL wow... I have seen it, my guess is cotton since it is native to the aerea. neither of my encyclopedias had it. I need to

    asked by Jenny

    Ridge systems are about how many kilometers wide? I get 65,000, but the answer needs to be a choice amongst 10 km, 50 km, 100 km, 500 km, or 1000 km. I have spent too much time on this already. Please help if you can. Thanks In miles they range from 8

    asked by Suzanne
  34. written communication

    Write a letter to a bank that made mistakes on my checks while keeping goodwill. On this webpage, be sure to go into the first two links under Letters, Memos, and Reports.

    asked by kelly
  35. Desperate need of Help for Physics.

    Moment of inertia of a flywheel disk question: Do you think the calculated moment of inertia is larger or smaller than the "true" moment of inertial of the actual disk? question: calculate the percent difference between the static and the dynamic moment. I

    asked by Teesha
  36. Help!!=( I'm lost in Confussion!! )=

    What are some animals that live in the Steppe??? Please Help Me!!!! Check this site for a few of the animals that live in the steppes.

    asked by Nini
  37. Moles

    i was practicing some advanced level questions and i came across this one On heating with soda lime, sodium ethanoate decomposes in accordance with the following eqn CH3COONa + NaOH ----> CH4 + Na2CO3 iF 8.2g of sodium ethanoate produced 560 cm^3 of

    asked by Kim
  38. Please Help!

    If we ran out of fuels which could we use to almost replace them. Hydroelectric Wind Solar GeoThermal DUE 2MORROW! duplicate post. Although they could all help, Solar and Wind are the most promising. I suppose I'd choose solar, but that's pretty far

    asked by Jenny
  39. physics

    How much total kinetic energy will an electron-position pair have if produced by a photon of energy 1.48 MeV? Answer in units of MeV. How would I do this? thx.

    asked by Star
  40. European History

    Identify the policy among intellectuals and politicians during the 16th century through out Europe. Please explain your question specifically. What kind of policy? I believe it is the policy toward religion and religious toleration. This has quite a number

    asked by Ashley
  41. Geography

    What country do the Galapogos islands belong to? This site has your answer.

    asked by elizabeth
  42. Math

    Could someone simplify this? (3a)(3a)^3 The "^" is an exponent, so it means "cubed" or "to the third power" in this case. its means to the third power I know that. -_- I need to simplify that monomial. (3a)(3a)^3 (3a)(3a)^3 = (3a)^4 = (3^4)*(a)^4 = 81a^4

    asked by Elton
  43. Economics

    What are stocks called in the largest and strongest companies? And What are stocks that come from very small companies that are long shots called? Blue Chip

    asked by Kat
  44. Political science

    I don't even know where to start with this. Please analyze the role of norms in the international system. Choose one international norm that has been promoted by an international organization and on the basis of real world examples analyze whether or not

    asked by Marina
  45. Social Studies

    Are their fish in the Mediterranean regions. What kinds of plants are there? The Mediterranean is a sea -- so of course, live there. Please clarify whether you're looking for native plants around the Mediterranean Sea -- or native plants in Mediterranean

    asked by Kayla
  46. another history ?

    The first contested presidential election in the United States was in 1788 or 1792? I am getting conflicting answers. Check out both of these sites...,_1796

    asked by Alisa
  47. Chemistry

    Can Someone describe the structure of ionic compounds for me please.. Ionic compounds consist of a three dimensional array network of + and - ions. I expect you already know that. As to structure, here is a web site that may help. Repost if you have

    asked by bryan
  48. Social Studies

    What were mummy's portrait masks made of? the Encyclopedia Britanica-1991, Mask,... funerary masks and death masks were used in aincient Egypt and were associated with the return of the spirit to the body. Such masks were generalized portrates and, in the

    asked by Aaliyah
  49. science grade 5

    how is heat related to temperature? Temperature tells us the DEGREE of heat; i.e., how hot is something. A temperature of 98.6 F is normal body temperature. A hot day is when the temperature is 95 degrees F. A cold day is when it is freezing outside. But

    asked by kathy
  50. Replacing Fuels

    If we ran out of fossil fuels which could replace them. Hydroelectric Wind Solar GeoThermal

    asked by Jenny
  51. A proof question

    Suppose 32 = alpha*beta for alpha, beta reatively prime quadratic integers in Q[i] . Show that alpha = epsilon*gamma^2 for some unit epsilon and some quadratic integers gamma in Q[i]. If you know how , please do teach me . Thank you .

    asked by kate
  52. Social Studies

    what do you mean by weniers? If you were dropped in the Mediterranean and you have to learn how to survive by yourself, how would you store excess food? Dried foods do well in that area, and dried fruits are very common.

    asked by Crystal
  53. calc

    i need to sketch a graph that satisfies all of these conditions: - it is defined for all #s except 0 - f(1) = 0 f(2)=2 f(3)=1 - f'(2)=0 f''(3)=0 - f''(x)inf = 0 - lim x->-inf = 2 sorry about the organization, hope you can help! I cant sketch here. Locate

    asked by kooldude
  54. Grammar

    I need someone to help me correct this and let me know if its correct. Under the rule of punctuating within sentences-square brackets. 1. The sixth-grader had written in his essay that "his school experience had been deplorable [deplorable]. My answer: The

    asked by jasmine82
  55. math

    How do you write a power of 10 in exponents when dealing with 1 hundredth. Thank you 1/100 = 10^(-2) :) 1 divided by 100 is .1, so why is it 10 to the negative 2nd?

    asked by chris
  56. math

    If x=9in, y=18in and the area of the brown frame is 92sq in, what is the area of the inner red box? help!! I don't think you have provided enough information and/or the question isn't clear. Do you have a diagram that goes along with the question? What is

    asked by jen
  57. Continents

    Which continent is called both a continent and a country? Austrailia, beautiful aussie!!! :) what are the features of continent?

    asked by Jenny
  58. accounting

    receive a check for 650 from dorothy in payment of her account which was previously written off as a bad debt. reinstate her accounts receivable in the general journal

    asked by Anonymous
  59. science

    We had two riddles to solve... 1st. I am slow when i'm young. Have six legs, large eyes, four wings, exoskeloten,looks like a helicopter when I fly and hunt over water. Unscramble these letters- cqzfnmekx 2nd. live in cold water fast strong swimmer, slim

    asked by monica
  60. science grade 5

    what happens to solids,liquids,and gases when they are heated? Liquids evaporate Gases evaporate And it depends on what kind of soloid it is Gasses Don't e-vapor-ate, they are already vapor. They all expand. (As the molecules move faster, they move apart

    asked by kathy
  61. English+ parody!!!

    what is parody? I have to create a parody of an advertisement any ideas??? A parody is a mimicking or spoof of something done in such a way as to make fun. An example

    asked by harltey!
  62. science again last question

    Can a chemical characteristic for the element Neon be that it is toxic to the air? thanks agian and that's the last question!! thank you!!! I'd say not. Try the chemical or physical properties listed here:

    asked by James
  63. can't figure it out

    -3d+1/3(6+3d)=-10 -3d + 2+d =-10 -2d=-12 d=6 -3d+2+d= -10 -2d+2= -10 just thought this step should be shown :) -2d= -12 d=6

    asked by garrett
  64. Water

    One way is to collect rain. Another way is to erect cone shaped metal objects on which water will condense at night and run into a container. There probably are more esoteric systems but this should get you sarted. If you don't have any machines or modern

    asked by DrBob222
  65. Fossil Fuels

    If we ran out of fuels which could we use to almost replace them. Hydroelectric Wind Solar GeoThermal You have asked this question more than once today and received answers that probably none of them could replace the fuel we use today. And you don't

    asked by Jenny
  66. s.s.

    if you lived in the Mediterranean in a remote will you keep your site clean and sanitary with no modern technology? If you live in the Mediterranean, then you must be living in a sea. If you live in a Mediterranean region, sand and water are

    asked by need 2 get this done!
  67. american history

    can you desrcibe the relative location of the United States in regard to Europe Look at a MAP or GLOBE of the world.... You can probably figure out in which direction and approximately how many miles the US is from Europe.

    asked by cody
  68. world geography

    Where are you from if you are a: a.carioca b.limeno c.porteno d.paceno d.paulistano All the "n's" have a tilda on them. Check out these sites. (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by elizabeth
  69. Humanities

    how does socrates views in the Apology compare to those of Jesus in sermon on the mount

    asked by Ashley
  70. A number thoery question

    Please help me! Thank you very much. Prove Fermat's Last theorem for n=3 : X^3 + Y^3 = Z^3 where X, Y, Z are rational integers, then X, Y, or Z is 0. Hint: * Show that if X^3 + Y^3 = Epsilon* Z^3, where X, Y, Z are quadratic integers in Q[sqrt(-3)], and

    asked by kate
  71. Fossil Fuels

    If we ran out of fossil fuels which could replace them. Hydroelectric Wind Solar GeoThermal No single one of these resouces, at their current levels, could totally replace out energy consumption. Hydroelectric yeah but which could almost do it None of

    asked by Jenny
  72. Continent

    Which continent is called both a country and a continent. Australia

    asked by Jenny
  73. science. Please help!

    please help!! What is at least one chemical characteristic on the element Neon? Thank you! From James P.S- thanks again!!!! Thanksssss

    asked by James
  74. math 4th grade

    what is 8 to the 5 power? i know its hard. but you don't have to answer it. thanks a lot! 32768 85 means 8*8*8*8*8 = >>? I assume you can do this on a calculator. Did you know the there is a web site that can do this for you. Go to (if you

    asked by Adam
  75. olives

    How do you store olives or food if you were droppped in a remote place in the meditteranean without any modern day technology like refrigeraters Olives store real well in salt brine, or salt, or in vinegar.

    asked by Crystal
  76. U.S. HISTORY

    i need to relate the discrimination of blacks after Reconstruction and right before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's

    asked by INEEDHELP!!!
  77. Math

    What is the greatest 2 digit multiple of 10? 10 calaulate the unit rate what dose this mean ? multiply your 10's until your answer has 3 digits, the previous one is it.

    asked by Mike
  78. Chemistry (Check)

    Thanks but can you check another one for me The Valence electrons largely determine the blank of an element and are usually the only electrons used in blank. T have the first one as chemical properties, whats the second blank chemical properties would work

    asked by Bryan
  79. Business Mgmt.

    I need to write a paragraph on Identifying the demographics and characteristics of my customer( or consumer). What the customer needs will my product attempt to meet? My product or business is a shoe company that sells for all ages and all shoes size, the

    asked by Tess
  80. history

    Thomas Jefferson was less critical of the French Revolution than the Federalists. True or False? and 4th paragraph down here:

    asked by Alisa
  81. Geography

    What are two South American countries with no known oil reservers?

    asked by elizabeth
  82. 4th grade math

    I need help on how to write a mixed number as a fraction 4 9/17 77/17 multiply 17 times 4 + 9. then put the # u get on top and keep the bottom # Thanks Mike 4 9/17 is the same as (17*4 + 9 )/17 where * means times. thanks erny 11 9+4=13 so 17 13 ---- 221

    asked by Lyberty
  83. MATH

    umm 7 duhhhhhhhhhh

    asked by umair
  84. college help

    hi i'm a little confused. i know UC colleges want teacher recommendation letters but i have been doing research and while the last day to turn in the college application is november 30th, the teacher recommendation letters are due later for some. is that

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Brooms

    Can you make a broom using twigs or sticks with leaves if not how can we Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is one way to make a twig broom: First, the twig broom. This is easily made as follows: Cut a handle an inch thick, and shape

    asked by Minnie
  86. Social Studies

    Is 50 degrees farenheit cold? Do you need a big jacket or a light one? I would say "chilly"....not really cold but you would probably need a light jacket or sweater. at 52deg. F. currently, I was just wearing A Flannel over t shirt and a hat.

    asked by Zoey

    I have to do a 4 pg report on the mediterranean ineed to know the native plants. please don't give me a full report. i just want the name of the plants and a brief summary. Olive trees are in the warm parts. Some of the plants you see everywhere in most

    asked by Princess24
  88. Geography

    I have to do a report on the Mediterranean. 20 people are going to be dropped there. They have to make their own homes with local materials. Please help me research on this. this report is due tom.! Use rocks and mud or burrow in hillsides. They are

    asked by Kayla
  89. MATH

    3 5/6 + 1/6 Would it help to rewrite the question like this? 3 + 5/6 + 1/6 ? what is the sum of the last two fractions?

    asked by JOVEL
  90. math 4thgrade thanks DrBob222

    Thanks a lot I get it now!!!!!! From Adam To DrBob222

    asked by Adam
  91. Math

    What is the least three digit square number? 100 I think like 10 times 10 do your squares until your answer excedes 999 the previous one is it. Im sorry I read most, Anon is correct :P

    asked by Mike
  92. Geography

    Does anybody know the native plants in the Mediterranean regions?

    asked by AJJJ
  93. fractions

    do you have fractions on this website? Yes

    asked by megan
  94. Immigration

    Who were the Canadian immigrants? Why did these people immigrate to Canada? What are the positive and negative impacts of immigration on Canada and the United States? Please tell us what you've learned from your book and your research. We'll be glad to

    asked by Amanda
  95. pig skin

    NEED ANSWER TO WEEK 11. RIGHT NOW. IT IS DUE TOMORROW!!!! =( HELP!! If you tell us the question and the answer you've worked out, we'll be glad to help you.

    asked by ME TOO!!! Week 11!!
  96. math help!!!

    what does the scale factor bestween two similar figures tell you about the given measurments? side lengthes perimeters areas Maybe they are pfroportional see Drwiz's answer to your last question, the answer can be found there

    asked by chemiii
  97. MATH HELP!!!!!

    For part a-c ,what does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the given measurements? A.side lengths B.perimeters C.areas Hello i would say that the answer is a)side lenths because if you measure then you would have to measure sides.

    asked by chemiii
  98. math dealing with varibles

    solve this problem S-46=14 is it... a)34 b)31 c)32 d)none of the above do you know how to solve for S? You want all of the variables (in this case S) on one side and the numbers on the other. We have S on the left side; we leave it there. We need to move

    asked by Tre'Chon Williams
  99. social studies

    What Is The Capital Of California?

    asked by Tre'Chon Williams
  100. science

    What are the parts of a battery and how do they function?

    asked by need help
  101. Chinese remander theorem

    solve positive integers a, b, and c so that 33a+5=20b+15=29c+17

    asked by asb
  102. Math

    What is the denominator of 4/90 in simplest form 2/45 Thanks a lot!

    asked by Mike
  103. Math

    What is the greatest common factor of 142 and 284? Try studying a bit here: Thank you!

    asked by Mike