Questions Asked on
November 14, 2006

  1. Law of Multiple Proportions

    Two elements, R and Q, combine to form two binary compounds. In the first compound, 14.0 g of R combines with 3.00 g of Q. In the second compound, 7.00 g of R combines with 4.50 g of Q. Show that these data are in accord with he law of multiple

    asked by Shell
  2. Chem - Elements

    I need help on identifying four elements. 1. a member of the same family as oxygen whose most stable ion contains 54 electrons. (Sulfur?) 2. member of alkali metal family whose most stable ion contains 36 electrons. (Cesium??) 3. noble gas with 18 protons

    asked by Salil
  3. Physics

    A stunt pilot of mass 55.0 kg who has been diving her airplane vertically pulls out of the dive by changing her course to a circle in a vertical plane. A)If the plane's speed at the lowest point of the circle is 95.6 m/s , what is the minimum radius of the

    asked by Kuwaiti
  4. Physics

    A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded 32 kg cart with a horizontal force of 12 N. How far will the cart move in 3.5 s if the shopper places an 85 N child in the cart before pushing? I don't know how I can add the 85 N to the 32 kg or if I can or how

    asked by Becca
  5. MicroEconomics

    You are a typical person in the US economy. You pay 4 percent of your income in a state income tax and 15.3 percent of your labor earnings in federal payroll taxes (employer and employees share combined) You also pay federal income taxes 15%. How much tax

    asked by Diane
  6. Physics

    A block with a mass of 5.0 kg is held in equilibrium on an incline of an angle with a measure of 30.0 degrees by the horizontal force F. Find the magnitude of F. Find the normal force exerted by the inbline on the block. (disregard friction) Well, I don't

    asked by Becca
  7. physics

    Apparent Weight. A physics student weighing 600 N stands on a bathroom scale in an elevator. As the elevator starts moving, the scale reads 420 N . A )Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the elevator. B ) Find the direction of the acceleration of the

    asked by Hadi
  8. Keyboarding and Word Processing

    What word processing feature protects against printing the last line paragraph at the top of thenext page What is the difference between a hard page break and a soft page break? There's also a funny thing called "widow and orphan control." Now you'll need

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Economics

    Suppose that your state raises its sales tax from 5 percent to 6 percent. The state revenue commissioner forecasts a 20 percent increase in sales tax revenue. Is this plausible? Explain. I would think not, because wouldn't the increase in sales tax shut

    asked by Mary
  10. science

    how do like electric chares react to each other? Like charges (both +, or both -) repel each other. Unlike charges attract each other.

    asked by angel
  11. Geography

    What kind of clothes do people wear in the Mediterranean regions? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please Don't they wear homemade clothes? They wear light clothes, the weather is mild year round. No sweaters, no overcoats...unless going to the mountains to ski. The

    asked by AJJJ
  12. Physics

    A 75 kg person escapes from a burning building by jumping from a window 25 m above a catching net. Assuming that air resistance exerts a 95 N force on the person during the fall, determine the person's velocity just before hitting the net. My main problem

    asked by Becca
  13. social studies

    give all answers in detail what is consumer awareness Need of consumer awareness Consumer law in india forms of consumer exploitation consumer protections-i)some perspectives ii)case study role of producers in protecting consumers advice to consumers,their

    asked by shubhada
  14. physics help ; )

    1.(a)A centrifuge accelerates from rest with an angular acceleration of 30rad/s^2.What is the angular velocity of the centrifuge after 30s?(b)The angular velocity of an auto mobile engine accelerates from 800rpm to 3000rpm in 15s.calaculate the engines

    asked by stefani
  15. economics

    As an investor you are faced with two choices investing in a risky fund which has a return of 12% and a standard deviation of 20% and risk free asset which has a return of 6%. 1)As a risk averse investor, my objectives is to invest in a portfolio of a 15%

    asked by Tinu
  16. math-please help

    Explain why the slope of a horizontal line is zero, and the slope of a vertical line is undefined. The slope is the tangent of the enclosed angle. Tan = vertical side divided by horizontal side. With a horizontal line, the verticle side is zero and

    asked by pinkpolkadots7
  17. Economics

    The marginal tax rate is defined as the extra taxes paid on additional income divided by the increase in income. Calculate the marginal tax rate for the proportional tax system as income rises from $50,000 to $100,000. Calculate the marginal tax rate as

    asked by Sally
  18. Physics

    1.(a)When a record player is stopped, the turnabble initially rotating at 33.3rpm,slows down and stops 60s.Calculate the angular acceleration of the turnable.(b)a grinding wheel when turned on,accelerates with an agnular acceleration of 50rad/s^2 . How

    asked by miss sixty
  19. Science

    Today's fossil fuels began forming 300 million years ago. What allowed the process to begin? A Mammals ate all of the plants B Rainfall eroded huge mountains C Dinosaurs roamed the land D Many huge plants grew, died, and decayed Think about which one of

    asked by Jenny
  20. Chemistry

    Describe the formation of an ion from a metal and a nonmetal in terms of the octect rule. Elements classified as metals tend to lose electrons. Except for hydrogen, all other metallic elements lose their outside electrons so that the next inner shell is

    asked by Bryan
  21. Chemistry (CHEM)

    Can someone explain the electrical conductivity of melted and of aqueous solutions of ionic compounds. An explain it using the characteristics of ionic compounds. ThankS A Whole lot.. In Advance I suggest you go to the site recommended by Ms.Sue. Here is a

    asked by Brittany
  22. language

    much ado bout nothing(de book) de question is why do brutus and cassius claim they have done ceaser a favour. i have ot rite a letter to brutus and cassius giving ur opinion on their claim i didn't excatly read de book so please help and explain=) Brutus

    asked by david
  23. Calculus

    RP^2=RQ^2 + QP^2 -2(RQ)*(QP)cosQ (1) QP = 24 (km/min) t (2) Diffentiate both sides w.r.t. the time t: 2 RP* d Rp/dt = 2 t [24 (km/min)]^2 -2(RQ)* 24 (km/min) cosQ (3) Using (1) and (2) you find out what RP is at t = 4 minutes. You plug that into (3) and

    asked by Count Iblis
  24. geography

    where can i get info about the desert Which desert? Or just deserts in general? Go to and enter any of these: desert Sahara desert Mojave desert Sonoran desert Gobi desert etc. =)

    asked by Nini
  25. Algebra!

    Two cars leave town going opposite directions. One car is traveling 55 mph, and the other is traveling 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: The time for both cars is the same and can be represented by "t." The total distance

    asked by Margie!!
  26. health

    name the major parts of physical fitness? (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by cindy
  27. evaluation

    let F(x) = x^2-2x if x2 Evaluate f(-2)= f(3)= f(2)= Your question tells you which function fo use for x=-2 and x=3. You have not provided data on which function to use for x=2. You may omitted a bar under either an > or < sign in your statement of the

    asked by Gwanda
  28. math

    If the answer is 1-2/3m what is the question> How can you solve equations like these? 9r + 7 = 4r - 8 Need to get the r on one side. 1st- subtract 4r from the right side of the = sign. What you do to one side do to the other. 9r-4r+7=4r-4r-8. 5r+7=-8 2nd-

    asked by jenny
  29. Chemistry question

    Why does something acid based disolve something carbon based? What makes you think this is a solubility rule? I can think of hundreds of exceptions. Carbon disulfide in aqueous solutions of acids, carbon tetrachloride in HCl, etc.

    asked by Matt
  30. English

    I have to write an essay for Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The question says in some works of literature a character who appears brifely or doesn't appear at all is a significant presence. Show how such a character functions in the work. You may wish

    asked by randy
  31. Science

    A student puts different types of soil into 2 pots and pours the same amount of water into the pots. How can she find out how much water stays in each type of soil? A By weighin each pot B By looking at the pot C Measuring amount of water that drained from

    asked by Jenny
  32. Physics

    1.During a tennis serve,the top of the raquet,which is 15m from its pivot point,accelerats from rest to a speed of 10m/s in a time of 0.10s.Calculate the average tangential acceleration and the top of the racquet and also its angular acceleration.

    asked by miss sixty
  33. life science (body systems)

    on my word search, it just says kneecap for a clue, what do i do!7 letters 3rd letter is (e) last is (a) Try patella. it wont work. i think the crossword puzzle iz messed up. my

    asked by katharine
  34. Chemistry

    Assume electricity cost 15 cents kw per hour....using the energy requirements.what is the per gram cost of energy to produce Na + AL? Useful info: 2NaCL --> 2Na + CL2 around 600 degree C; 14 KJ per g Na. Al- 2Al2O3-->4Al+3O2 1000 degrees C; 30 KJ per g Al

    asked by Liliana
  35. earth science

    What are the names and symbols of the two elements found in all silicate minerals? After reading see if you think Oxygen and Silicon might be the answers

    asked by mjklolk
  36. Enlish 4 The Lord of the Flies

    in the book the lord of the flies take each conflict and turn it into one concise statement Ralph vs. Jack Ralp represents order and composure in society. Eventually Jack grew tired of Ralph being in charge. He let the barbarism inside of him transform

    asked by anonymous
  37. math

    what if ur teach iz a total which? also what happens when you get totaly confused when you have to work out the problems?if don't work out the problems, theni get a 000! That's why the best way to learn is by studying yourself using good books! :) First

    asked by katharine
  38. Other

    Where can I find a website that can create an online printable newpaper. Thia is not suppose to be a real newspaper, just a setup wizard so I can get the format. Please help. I couldn't find that. Here you can print the local news section.

    asked by Gina
  39. Project Management

    . What tools and techniques are or could be utilized within your Company to identify project risks? What have been or would be the advantages? Risk is most often identified in delivery dates of material (and engineering services). A weekly review of all

    asked by Elaine
  40. Radicals w/rational exponents

    Could someone please help me with this. Assume nonnegative and simplify. v45 + v80 - 3 v20 I couldn't figure out how to insert the radical sign so the v represents the radical sign. (3v5 + v3)(v2 + 2v5) (v3+ 4v7)2square ans=root of 5 sqrt45 + sqrt80 - 3

    asked by Michelle
  41. science

    can anyone direct me to a site or help me find a good science project? The best science projects are the ones invented by yourself. Find something to explore, and do it. One of my favorites is testing local drinking water for nasty things: lead, cadmium,

    asked by tracy
  42. written comunications

    Inclusive Language—Talking about People with Disabilities and Diseases, How do you write this sentence properly? Her brother has a friend that is living with Aids. A friend of her brother has AIDs. You can also use: Her brother has a friend who is living

    asked by Sharri
  43. life science (body systems)

    what allows your bones to move(clue:not muscles 6 letters second letter is (o))

    asked by katharine
  44. micoeconomics

    in regards to equilibrium in exchange and production. An exchange economy is characterised by the number of agents in it, the preferences or utility functions of the agents, the number of goods and the endowments of the agents. by looking at my notes i

    asked by susan
  45. a little question about the essay

    ) Open-Ended question: Is there anything you would like us to know about you or your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in this application? High school is a strange time. After three years of trying to develop an

    asked by Anonymous
  46. modern physics

    a record player is switched from 33rpm to 45rpm.The artable changes speed in 2.0s.Calaculate its average angular acceleration and the average tangential acceleration of a point on the turnable that 15cm from the axis rotation. Why are you posting in

    asked by mich
  47. writeacher

    I left you messages under the grammar for further questions. When you get a chance can you take a look at them they were from the date november 13,2006. Thank you I will wait Will do ... hold on. =) Are these the questions you're referring to?

    asked by Jasmine82
  48. HAMLET!!!!

    ACT II, Scene II The ambassadors from Norway seem to be intruding on the play. Why has Shakespeare allowed such an intrusion? okay my answer well for the audence to wonder what is going to happen next like to lure the audenice more into the play and to

    asked by shakespeare

    i need to write a biography and a birth certificate on george brown. but i have no idea what a biography, birth certificate are suposed to look like use search engines and use images Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Your parents probably

    asked by anonymous
  50. biology

    I need pictures of molecular structures like Adenine to draw 4 homework search google images using the name of the structures you have to draw...

    asked by alexis
  51. Math

    Do you need to regroup 10 tens for 1 hundred when you add 241 + 387? Yes. Notice the 8 and the 4 in the tens column, that is 12 in the tens column (120), or 10 tens and 20. Regroup, leaving 20.

    asked by Matthew
  52. college essay please tell what to delete

    1. Academic preparation: How have you taken advantage of the educational opportunities you have had to prepare for college? I have taken advantage of the many great opportunities in my education to grow as a student and, most importantly, as a person. I

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Biology

    If water were not a polar molecule and could not form hydrogen bonds, how would this change the structure and density of ice? Why would change? How would this affect the organisms living in lakes and ponds? 1. It would be heavier than water and sink. 2. If

    asked by Abraham
  54. Inclusive Language

    1.Her brother’s friend is an AIDS victim. 2.Each advisor was contacted by his students 3.The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. 4.The employee guide indicated that men could add their spouses to

    asked by Sharri
  55. Evolution

    I’ve been a staunch proponent of evolution since a very young age. I’ve never questioned the theory, which was in my heart a law. Proof was never essential, but lately… I seam so doubtful. Here are just a few things I have problem believing: 1. The

    asked by DoubtfulOne
  56. history

    i need to make a biography and a birth certificate on one of the founding fathers of confidiration.for my homework i chose John A.Macdonald i need some information on him:) This site has information about Sir John A. Macdonald.

    asked by anonymous
  57. Colonial Times

    Colonial Voting. please help Please be more specific about what you need, and we'll be glad to help you.

    asked by Jenny
  58. Project Management

    What are some examples of situations encountered by Projects within your Company that would greatly benefit from contingency planning? Many, many high value ship overhaul projects where repair parts are in the critical path schedule. Often, it is cheaper

    asked by Elaine
  59. Math

    How do you do 3 mutilplucation?????????????????????????? 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36 3*1=3 see the pattern? 3*2=6 by the way, * = times 3*3=9 3*4=12

    asked by Abbi
  60. Project Management

    What kind of project-scheduling tools are typically used in your Company to establish time phasing of project tasks? Are the tools effective? What kind of Project Management/Scheduling Tools would you recommend? Why? PERT, Critical path analysis are

    asked by Elaine
  61. health

    identify major factors that influence fitness potential. Thanks!! roy/cindy genetics, health, age, are some that come to mind. Do you not have a class text book?

    asked by roy

    Thank you for using the Jishka Homework Help Forum. Since you will learn best by making your own corrections, please look for anything (within parentheses) and after an error, for that will have the Proofreading Symbol of what you need to correct. It would

    asked by SraJMcGin
  63. World History

    Does anyone know who the burgandians? Did they overthrow the middle-aged (Medieval) monarchy? If not, then who did? Who were the Burboses? I highly doubt I spelled it correctly, but I know they were some sort of tribe who gained influence over the monarch.

    asked by C.
  64. biology

    what is the effect on potato slices exposed to air They dehydrate

    asked by Joy

    Really getting into this faecies, pardon the french:). It's so cool. Learning, and learning. So my question is: What you guys think about G.H. Clarke and J.W. Robbins? No response. Ye! Man... am I cracking up. Christian argumentation destroying secularist

    asked by SinepGib
  66. Algebra

    0.06 is the ratio of 6 to what?? What is 6/100 ?

    asked by Bryan
  67. Project Management

    What kind of project-scheduling tools are typically used in your Company to establish time phasing of project tasks? Are the tools effective? What kind of Project Management/Scheduling Tools would you recommend? Why? duplicate. PERT has the advantage that

    asked by Elaine
  68. Government ethics

    I read some biological SA on the unborn baby... Can't believe it! Biologically, the unborn babe is human. Then, this means, abortion is murder!!! And that is against the LAW! Why then are our governments allowing such heinous crime? Sugichi, There are many

    asked by Sugichi
  69. Physics

    A__2Min.______B_____2Min.________C This makes no sense to me. Can you amplify?

    asked by Jimmy
  70. math

    What three letters do you think are used most frequently in the English language? Show results and method of recording. i would say the words: the and a I hope this gets you started. E is the most frequently used letter in the English language.

    asked by jenny
  71. geometry

    how do you find out the center of a circle that circumscribes a triangle? See the midperpendicular paragraph.

    asked by jessica
  72. Math(algebra)

    If you had to start and finish at the same line of a racetrack, which lane would you choose? The inside lane has an obvious advantage. for a race to be fair, runners in the inside lanes must be given head starts. Design a four-lane oval track with

    asked by Zanobia
  73. Colonial Times

    What were some leaders during colonial times. Not George Washington Ben Franklin (Broken Link Removed) dd Clonial

    asked by Jenny
  74. social studies

    who are the main leaders of Germany? Scroll to politics

    asked by cindy
  75. evaluation

    Find the Domain of the functions f(x)= x-3/5x-15 x does not eqaul 3

    asked by Gwanda
  76. European History

    During the religious wars in Europe around 1500-1700, why did Lutherans eventually come to fear Calvinists? It is tied to more than religion. Class, tradition, class. See This was a period of great

    asked by Ashley
  77. science

    All matter is made up of what? What do you think? Margie: stop posting unless your are going to help students. Your silly responses are disruptive, and unnecessary. Thanks. I searched Google under the key words "matter" to get these possible sources:

    asked by mightymirandaxx
  78. Math (Algebra)

    A=1/2h(b+c) h=8=5 and c=2. What is the value of A What do you mean by h=8=5?? Given the formula A=1/2h(B+C) If H=8, B=5, And C=2, what is the value of A? If H=8 B=5 C=2, then first, you would do (B+C)= 7. Then convert 1/2 to 0.50 and multiply 0.50 by 8,

    asked by Devon
  79. Chemistry

    What are the characteristics of an ionic bond? Hard, often brittle, high melting point, often soluble in polar solvents such as water. Of course there are exceptions.

    asked by Bryan
  80. US History

    Here is a prompt: Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were promoted as champions of the "common man". By looking at the long careers of both men it is quite obvious that only Thomas Jefferson truly lived up to this title. To what extent is this true?

    asked by Jeff
  81. Science

    Today's fossil fuels began forming 300 million years ago. What allowed the process to begin? A Mammals ate all of the plants B Rainfall eroded huge mountains C Dinosaurs roamed the land D Many huge plants grew, died, and decayed (Broken Link Removed) um a

    asked by Jenny
  82. life science (body systems)

    what is another name for a brestbone? (clue:the fifth letter is (n) snd the seventh letter is (m) there is seven letters what is the strongest muscle in your body?(clue: six letters (g) is the fourth letter)

    asked by katharine
  83. Colonial Times

    colonial government info. please help Please be more specific about what you need. Which time period? Which colony? If you give us more information, we'll be glad to help you.

    asked by Jenny
  84. evaluation

    f(x)= square root x-4 I have to find the domain f(x) = square root x-1/x-3 Thanks!

    asked by Gwanda
  85. Study Habits & Organization

    How should I study? I do study with notcards, but I want to learn some more study habits. And what should I do to become more organized in my life??? I want to do this to try and do better in school! Thanks! Here is the best study program I know of. It is

    asked by Brianna
  86. Math

    In 1993, there were 104 weekend days, 9 holidays, 3 days that were both holidays and weekends. How many days were holidays or weekends? Of the nine holidays, six were not on weekends. Of the 104 weekend days, 104 were on the weekend.

    asked by andrea... help!!!!
  87. Colonial Times

    Do u know any inventions that were invented during the colonial times? Franklin invented many things. This site will give you a list.

    asked by Jenny
  88. Brain Teaser

    2S. of a L>t. two spirits (twozspiriods) of a love greater than time?

    asked by Micheal
  89. social studies

    How do I make a calendar for the month of November? if you want to use a computer, use m. excel!that is if you know how to use it! Not knowing what applications you have available to you, you should be able to get many options to doing this by searching

    asked by Alex
  90. social studies

    what state in the united states of america has a capital named providence rhode island

    asked by breanna92195