Questions Asked on
November 11, 2006

  1. physics

    A person pushing a stroller starts from rest, uniformly accelerating at a rate of 0.500 m/s^2. What is the velocity of the stroller after it has traveled 4.75 m? Sorry, I made a typo.... the problem should say: what is the velocity of the stroller after it

    asked by Anonymous
  2. maths

    If A=1+r^a+r^2a+r^ infinity B=1+r^b+r^ infinity then find a/b=????? Is r^2a supposed to be r^(2a) or a*r^2? In other words, is the a part of the exponent? what the heck is that? exponents are like 2 cubed or

    asked by nikhil
  3. physics

    A box whose mass is 20 kg rests on a frictionless ramp with a 15 degree (upward) slope. A mover pulls up on a rope attached to the box to pull it up the incline. If the rope makes an angle of 40 degree with the horizontal, what force does the mover have to

    asked by David S.
  4. education Ms. Sue

    Hello, Thanks for the response I got the idea now for the teaching practices but what would be an example for 3 teaching practices that undermine academic achievemtn. Thanks Editor's Choice: Valuing Diversity—Student-Teacher Relationships that Enhance

    asked by clark
  5. social studies

    Your answers are in these websites. (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Ms. Sue
  6. Chemistry

    Where Can i find drawing of the electron dot structure of the following atoms. Argon,Calcium,Iodine will give you the electron configuration. Scroll down the menu on the left side. The electron dot structure is done this way: Write the

    asked by Bryan
  7. pre-calculus

    THe sume of 2 positive numbers is 20. Find the two numbers such that 1) the sum of the square is minimum b) the product of one and the square is maximum. c) the product of the square and one and the cube of the other is maximum I will be happy to critique

    asked by alice
  8. Chemistry

    In human body, enzymes are used as a catalyst in reactions. Why the rate of reaction would decrease above 37 degree celcius in human body? Enzymes serve as catalysts because of their shape and/or structure. They are usually quite specific for a particular

    asked by Kavin

    a 60 km/h wind is blowing in a direction 30 degrees north of east. a. what is the component of the velocity oriented to the east? b. what is the component of the velocity oriented to the north? The component east is 60cos30. For both a and b, draw a

    asked by Katrina
  10. Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    How does constitutional law affect the development of the criminal code? (What I have)is research on: I have researched the constitutional law and the criminal code, but I can not find where the constitutional law affects the criminal code. For one, the

    asked by Jo Ann
  11. Physics

    If a note was "fretted", by reducing the length of the string to 0.25 m, then the lowest frequency note this string could play is? in Hertz I am not certain of the term fretted. The lowest frequency will be the longest wavelength, so that normally means

    asked by Allie
  12. Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    You are a peace officer trainee assigned to your first post of duty. Your supervisor calls you into his office and tells you that he needs you to prepare content for a presentation at a local university for students in a criminal justice program. He

    asked by Jo Ann
  13. science

    how do jupiter's moons stay in orbit around jupiter They rotate around jupiter. If you rotate around an object you are accelerating toward it, even though the distance can stay the same. This so-called centripetal acceleration multiplied by the mass must

    asked by jj
  14. increasing decreasing and more

    How to analytically find the intervals on which the function y = 2x^4 - 4x^2 + 1 is 1)increasing 2)decreasing 3)concave up 4)concave down Also find any local extreme values and inflection points. Thanks. (1) The function is increasing when the first

    asked by Jen
  15. I Have To Write A 2 page Essay---HELP PLZ!!!

    I have to write down all the factors in my early life that have influenced the way I developed. Then I have to use those factors in an essay. What factors besides hereditary factors and enviromental factors, can I list? Can you suggest maybe a way to begin

    asked by Mandy
  16. Physics

    A string on a musical instrument (1 m long) carries travelling waves at 100 m/s. What are the three lowest notes that this string can play (keeping the string at its full length)? You have the length. You can put one half wavelength on the string, one

    asked by Allie
  17. Microeconomics - determining how many to sel

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with these questions: An author earns royalties from his book that are specified as 10% of the book's selling price. The demand curve for this is straight and downward sloping. 1. What rule does the

    asked by SuprNova
  18. chemistry

    How can i explain the electron configuration for silcon. I Know it's [Ne].3s2.3p2 but how do i explain it. Si has 14 electrons. The fill by low energy level to higher is 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p2 I don't know what else there is to explain. If this isn't the

    asked by Bryan
  19. Linear Programming

    I really really need help with this question, i've tried it different ways and end up confusing myself more. It's a multi schedule question and my biggest block is coming up with the objective function. HELP!!! The Homespun Company produces an air

    asked by Meshal
  20. Juvenile Delinquency

    Compare the adolescence period in the United States with that of other nations. Compare and contrast any ritualistic (rites of passage) behavior used by both Americans and foreign children. Please re-post and include the answer or response you have come up

    asked by shana
  21. Third Side, Reply to Jen

    Hi Jen, I've seen the drawing. My site is down at the moment. Draw a line from Venus (either of the two positions) to the line Earth-Sun at right angles. Let's call the distance Earth Venus d. Then you have a right angle triangle with a hypotenuse d, the

    asked by Count Iblis
  22. chemistry

    Someone please help me with these 2 problems!! I am going nuts! How many moles are there in 16grams of O2? What is the volume of 16 grams of O2 at Stp? Look up the atomic mass of oxygen on the periodic table. It is 16 grams but look it up so you will know

    asked by Ronald
  23. Social Studies

    I have to write an essay on "How to promote tourism? " What are your ideas? What do you need? Have you considered the following: Who are the proposed tourists? What are they to come for? they come to look at the beauty in the land. Or even to try new

    asked by Shamsiya
  24. History

    British troops were out moving across the back bay. In Concord and Lexington, trained militiamen were waiting to respond. Where and approximately when is this? Check this site for your answer. Note: the Back Bay is in Boston.

    asked by Sharlene
  25. careers

    Thank you for your response. I am currently attending a community college and I'm really having a difficult time with the counselors and advisors. Because I attend only half-time,I am told I have to retake some classes, along with the fact that some

    asked by Diana/for bob p
  26. Linear Programming Investment Strategy

    How can I set this question up? Client has 800,000 that must be invested in 3 funds. 20 to 40% invested in growth fund, 20 to 50% in income fund and at least 30% in money market fund. Client has a max risk index of 0.05. Risk indicators - growth fund is

    asked by Bryan
  27. find the intervals

    How to find the intervals on which the following function is a)increasing b)decreasing c)concave up d)concave down. y = 2x, x < 1 2 - x^2, x >= 1 Thank you.

    asked by Jen
  28. English

    Do you advice me to go college or that I should get a job after high school? Do both... get a nice summer job and then start classes and get a weekend or part time job that isn't too stressful while you take classes. Kristal is right -- do both!

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    What is the interest on $600 for 5 years is $210.What is the percentage rate? 600 x rate x 5 yrs = 210. Solve for rate, then multiply by 100.

    asked by nae
  30. maths

    3 dimensional shapes What about them? Do you need examples? A sphere is one. You can think of others. 3D shapes are figures that pop out. Like for example, if you saw an airplane fly by your're seeing it in 3D. But if you see an airplane on a piece of

    asked by sam
  31. Business

    At the end of a Private Limited Companie they have LTD and at the end of a Public limited companie they have PLC but what do multinational companies have (if they have anything)

    asked by pyej
  32. english

    In the book "A Clockwork Orange" what motivates Alex to choose to be "good" by excersing his free will? I think it is his boredom that motivates him, but I need to expand upon that idea. Can YOU help me with this? What motivates him? Thank you very much.

    asked by Existentialist
  33. english

    I have a question about The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. Why are Huck and his father living separately?

    asked by dirk
  34. technology paper

    i have to write a ten page paper for my technology class on a technology that was developed in the last ten years. it can not be an innovation (such as hi-def tv, or cell phones) ive tried gps, artificial hearts, the internet, but none of them worked, i

    asked by mitchell
  35. science

    Describe the carbon family of elements and the nitrogen family of elements You can go to www.webelements and look at the carbon group and nitrogen group. Look at each element, especially the first two or three in each group, and you will see the

    asked by Shamika
  36. binary compounds

    an example of a binary compound is Take a metal and combine it with a non-metal to make a binary compound. Post your answer here if you want us to comment on it.

    asked by mimi
  37. math

    1.In what length of time will $500 be the interest on $2500 invested 5% per anum? Is this compounded. I will assume it is not. 0.05 x 2500 x #yrs = 500 Solve for #yrs.

    asked by nae
  38. Series

    For what values of p>0 does the series a) Riemann Sum [n=1 to infinity] 1/ [n(ln n)^p] converge and for what values does it diverge?

    asked by Janice
  39. science

    what are the characteristic features of force? i need help

    asked by deep
  40. Social Studies

    in the 1600's what was the pillary This site has an explanation and a picture: (Broken Link Removed)

    asked by Mellisa