Questions Asked on
November 10, 2006

  1. physics, please reply.

    block 1 of mass 1 slides from rest along a frictionless ramp from height h=2.50m and then collides with stationary block 2, which has mass2=2.00 m1. After the collision, block 2 slides into a region where the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.500 and

    asked by Krystal
  2. Chem 1

    How do I determine which molecule of each pair has the largest dipole moment? case one: CO and NO case two: SF4 and CF4 I have to use their electronegativities, right? For linear molecules, such as CO and NO, yes, use electronegativity. For non-linear

    asked by Rossi
  3. Calc, Mean Value Theorem

    Consider the function : 3x^3 - 2x^2 - 4x + 1 Find the average slope of this function on the interval. By the Mean Value Theorem, we know there exists a "c" in the open interval (-2,3) such that f'(c) is equal to this mean slope. Find the two values of "c"

    asked by Michael

    when it comes to chunks being ejected the masses are and velocities are 5kg(1737m/s), 10kg (184.3m/s), 100kg (1994m/s), 1000kg (2008m/s) What happens to the difference between the velocities as the number of chunks increases? What happens to the kinetic

    asked by Tracy
  5. physics

    Two dogs pull horizontally on ropes attached to a post; the angle between the ropes is 65.0รบ. Dog " A" exerts a force of 256 N and dog " B " exerts a force of 344 N . I) Find the magnitude of the resultant force. ( Answered = 508 N ) II) Find the angle

    asked by kuwaiti
  6. algebra

    6RS +RR4 PQPQ P,Q,R and S represents four different digits. what digit does S represents? (A)1 (B)2 (C)5 (D)6 (E)8 I think the answear is 6 but now sure. Am i correct? How do you figure this problem? The answer is (E)8. The rest of the letters are as

    asked by Bryan
  7. third side (picture attached)

    I have already asked this in another thread. Here is more explanation: The radius of earth's orbit is 1.5 * 10^8km & the radius of venus's orbit is 1.1 * 10^8 km. We need to find out the distance from earth to venus for both positions of venus. A picture

    asked by Jen
  8. third side

    If one angle and two sides of a triangle are given, how to find the third side? This is for solving a 9th grade geometry problem of finding the distance from earth to venus You can use a standard formula for the side of the triangle that must be mentioned

    asked by Jen
  9. civics

    According to the US Constitution, Congress has the pwer to do all the following except: a regulate foreign and interstate trade b coin money c declare war d favor one state over another d favor one state over another Which do you think is the answer?

    asked by sarah
  10. English question!

    what is historical context ? how do I Identify and describe details that develop the historical context of a story? Hi Robert, 'Historical Context' basically means, at what period in history the story is taking place. To identify and describe details that

    asked by Robert
  11. Education

    Hello, I need help with this question I need to come up with 3 teaching practices that foster children's academic achievement and I have no clue of what the teacher is looking for. Thanks I'm not sure what you mean by "teaching practices," but possibly

    asked by clark
  12. History Essay

    Hiya, I had to write an essay about the most important event in the 60s. Here is my essay: The Space Race On the 20th July 1969, the human race accomplished its single greatest achievement of all time: when a human first set foot on another celestial body.

    asked by Sarah
  13. Presidents

    Can someone please find me a powerpoint presentation over President Andrew Johnson? Thanks I put "Powerpoint, Pres. Andrew Johnson" into Google and got a number of presentations. Here is the result.

    asked by John
  14. Math

    How many faces does a pentagonal pyramid have? If you are referring to a pyramid with a pentagonal base and triangular sides, the answer is six. If you are referring to a regular polyhedron for which all sides are regular pentagons of the same size, the

    asked by Sam
  15. what's the tone of this poem?

    Resume Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live. I know this is talking about suicide. What is the tone? What aspect(s) of the subject is being

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Grammatical Corrections in my Essay...?

    Here's my essay, about the most important event in the 60s. It's for history. Could you let me know if there's any gramatical mistakes, or make suggestions? Hiya, I had to write an essay about the most important event in the 60s. Here is my essay: The

    asked by Sarah
  17. Presidents

    Can someone please find me a powerpoint presentation solely on President Andrew Johnson? Thanks I read the answers to your other question, and apparently your request is too specific. Perhaps you can use those sites and prepare your own powerpoint

    asked by John
  18. science mechanism

    By which mechanism does lymph flow through lymphatic vessels. would it be active transport, lymphatic pump, contraction of muscles, or pressure from adjacent blood vessels. I am leaning towards the latter. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched

    asked by jamie lynn h.
  19. Math

    what three dimensional figure is a funnel? It is truncated cone joined, at its small end, to a cylinder it's truncated cone joined, at it's small end, to a cylinder

    asked by Sam
  20. Chemistry

    What is the formula/range for electromagnestism? Please reply asap You have to be much more specific here: there are many formulas that come to mind. It starts with F(subscript em) = k ? Are you speaking of coulomb attraction.. Force=kq1*q2/distance^2

    asked by Summer
  21. english

    I wrote an essay for English but now we are doing revision techniques to fix it up. The first thing was to take a sentence and make it parallel. I took this sentence: Focusing on the next point, I hit the ball powerfully over the net over and over again in

    asked by Anonymous
  22. ethics

    What is the future of Asian diversity in America That's a very broad topic since Asia includes people from such diverse countries as Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. By the second or third generation, immigrants

    asked by janice
  23. anatomy

    what evidence can i get that supports the idea that bones are living, active structure rather than dead objects. when there scroll to bone cells question bones are living, active structures rather than dead objects.

    asked by Haydee
  24. physics

    what are the 4 main kinds of long-distance communication? I have no idea what you mean here, in physics. Can you explain?

    asked by alejandra
  25. careers

    Where can I look up annual incomes for any career field? I am at a turning point in my education and would like to view potential salaries. One of the most comprehensive sites there is on this topic is the Occupational Outlook

    asked by Diana/for bob p
  26. English Com

    Does this sentence have a dangling modifier ? Flying over the oak tree, the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crops. Yes. It reads as if the farmer were flying over the oak tree. Do you see why? =)

    asked by kimba
  27. anatomy

    Is this correct for the cellular organelles: riboncoine. mitochondrion,Lysosome and chloroplasts/ the organic compound are amino acid, nulear acid, lipids.operon.

    asked by Haydee
  28. English Com

    Does this sentence have a dangling modifier? Ironing out all wrinkles, the pants looked much more presentable. Yes, again. It reads as if the pants had ironed out all the wrinkles!! =) Here's an

    asked by kimba
  29. anatomy

    which organic compounds and cellular organelles are in protein synthesis? I found the organelles but don't know the organic compounds? I am confused about this one, I believe that they are carbohydrates,

    asked by Haydee
  30. science

    Designan exprriment or a way of finding out if a plant actully moves Using a movie or video camera that takes one image every few seconds would help to verify this. (This has already been done.) (Broken

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Which of following is not equivalent

    Which of the following is not equivalent? Lymph Plasma Interstitial fluid Blood I chose Interstitial Fluid, Am I correct? Blood is the least alike

    asked by penelope