Questions Asked on
November 9, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    Which element listed should have chemical properties similar to fluorine (F) A.Li B.Si C.Br D.Ne Br, along with F, a halogen (column 7 of the periodic table) Look at the periodic table. The columns are called groups. Elements in the same group have similar

    asked by Brian
  2. English

    What is the meaning of this poem? A single flower he sent me, since we met. All tenderly his messenger he chose; Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet-- One perfect rose. I knew the language of the floweret; "My fragile leaves," it said, "his

    asked by Gina
  3. calc

    A light is at the top of a pole 80ft high. A ball is dropped at the same height from a point 20ft from the light. If the ball falls according to 2=16t^2, how fast is the shadow of the ball moving along the ground 1 second later? please help!!! Let x be the

    asked by keneth
  4. english

    How WOuLD I WRITE A paragraph? A paragraph contains a topic sentence and usually 4 to 10 other sentences. The paragraph must support the topic sentence.

    asked by kim
  5. calc

    If a point moves on the hyperbola x^2-4y^2=36 in such a way that x-coordinate increases at constant rate of 20 units per second. How fast is the y coordinated changing at point (10,4)? please help!!! Differentiating implicitly with respect to t, 2 x dx/dt

    asked by keneth
  6. science

    Does yeast need light to grow? The bread I make using yeast rises in the dark.

    asked by Jocelyn
  7. ethics

    what is ethics Ethics is the analysis of good, evil, right, wrong, and the practices thereof. There are many different types of ethics as well...medical ethics for example and medical ethics might be about euthanasia,

    asked by haha
  8. Self assembly

    Can self assembly of macromolecules occur in vivo? I think it does occur. DNA, RNA, polypeptides, etc.

    asked by Mary
  9. Physics

    A loaded elevator with very worn cables has a total mass of 2600 Kg , and the cables can withstand a maximum tension of 2.90×104 N . A) Apply Newton's second law to the elevator and find the maximum upward acceleration for the elevator if the cables are

    asked by Hadi
  10. HAMLET@!

    In hamlet how do the first two lines indicate that something is amiss? BERNARDO: Who's there? FRANCISCO: Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself. Two soldiers who know each other have no trust. One asks who is coming? The other refuses and says Stand up

    asked by Kenny
  11. Ethics

    I am having trouble finding charcteristics of orientalism. There is nothing in my reading about orientalism and I just need a little help getting started. search orientalism in the search window above.

    asked by Ann
  12. Infostealer virus

    can someone help me remove this infostealer virus, Norton 2006 finds it but doesn't give me the option to remove it, it says it cant remove it. do you have the option "Quaranteen"? If so do that.

    asked by Carl
  13. calc

    find the values of a nad b if the function f(x)=2x^3 + ax^2 + bx + 36 has a local max when x=-4 and a min when x=5 First you calculate the derivative: f'(x)=6x^2 + 2ax + b (1) At the local maximum and minumum f' is zero. If a polynomial is zero at some

    asked by kooldude
  14. calc

    one more question!! what values of c deos the polynomial f(x) = x^4 + cx^3 + x^2 have two inflection points? one inflection point? At the inflection point, the slope of the curve is zero. Find the dervative of f(x) and set it equal to zero. For certain

    asked by kooldude
  15. Maths

    I need to solve these anagrams of famous mathematitions PHRYGATOAS ADSHERECMI TFMARE GABBEBA COBFIICAN GHETGNINLAI LUDECI PRANIE LLCAOVEE The first one is PYTHAGORAS. For names of other famous mathematicians, check this site:

    asked by Cherish
  16. Maths

    3x + 1 < -2 subtract one from each side, then divide both sides by three. first you need to look at each side of what ever your looking at and subtract 1 from each number then divide the numbers by 3 I have trouble with math all the time. so I was

    asked by Jess
  17. Ethics

    couple of things to do here for the paragraph: 1. Get the facts 2. Identify stakeholders and their positions. this is paragraph. A coworker calls you at 9 a.m. at work and asks for a favor. He is having trouble this morning and will be an hour late for

    asked by Gurv
  18. domain

    Find the domains of f and f' 1, f(x) = xe^x 2. f(x) = x^(3/5) 3. f(x) = x/(x-2) TIA 1) R 2) It's the interfal from zero to infinity for f but for f' it is this inteval with zero excluded, because unlike f, f' is singular at zero. 3) Here only the point 2

    asked by Jen
  19. horizontal asymptote

    Find the horizontal asymptotes of the function's graph y = 200 / (1+10e^(0.5x)) If you let x --> minus infinty the exponential tends to zero and the function approaches 200. If x --> infinity then the exponential becomes infinite and therefore the limit is

    asked by Jen
  20. political science

    POSC 20 Fall 2006 Professor Cherif Paper Guidelines Write a double-spaced five page paper (using standard 12 point type font and 1-1.25 in. margins) on the topic below. Papers must be submitted both in paper format and must be uploaded to Safe Assignment

    asked by veronica
  21. Chemistry

    Why is magnesium atom smaller than atoms of both sodium and calcium? The location of the outer electrons for Mg are in closer to the nucleus than of Sodium or Calcium. To add to the correct answer from Bob Pursley, consider the electronic configurations.

    asked by Bryan
  22. Psychology / Measures

    I have a question for anyone who has used: The Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Scale-3 (SATAQ-3) The Body Comparison Scale (BCS) The Physical Appearance Scale (PACS) I am planning on using them in my study...however I am confused to the scoring.

    asked by Daisy
  23. Math!Algebra!

    (-2x^2y)^3 * (5xy^3)^2 What is ^ and * suppose to symbolize? ^=power *=times/multiply (-2x^2y)^3 * (5xy^3)^2 Sorry, I do not recall how to do this. I don't want to misguide you. First remove the parentheses by cubing the first term and squaring the second.

    asked by Sandro!
  24. science

    I am just wondering how many people know that an egg actually does have a protective jelly layer. Me!Why? not you I got the answer wrong because somebody told me no an egg doesn't have a jelly layer so I want that person to now know! OK LOL!

    asked by kaylmur
  25. Algebra

    17.5 lbs x 20 min/lb = ??min Notice how the unit we don't want (lbs) cancel leving the unit we want (time in min). A turkey is to be cooked 20 minutes for every pound of weight. How long should the turkey be cooked if it weighs 17.5 pounds? For every

    asked by DrBob222
  26. home ec.

    how do you tie off when you get done sewing? If you're using a sewing machine, you reverse and take three or four stitches backward. If you're hand sewing, bring the needle to the back and run the thread through a few stitches and then back again. you cut

    asked by kaylmur
  27. Grammar

    I'm having trouble with these sentences. The focus is on modifers, shifts and parallel constructions. I've attempted some of the sentences i was wondering if you can check if they are correct. Thank you for the help. 1. We are not only what we eat but also

    asked by Tiffany
  28. math

    what would it be if you took 324.76 and tryed to make it notation and in decimals and fractions 3.2476 x 10^2 and 324 76/100 324.76 is already in decimal form. As a fraction (mixed number), it is 324 76/100, which can be reduced to 324 19/25 In scientific

    asked by stepahnie
  29. bUSINESS

    I NEED HELP TO FIND PENNY STOCKS AT NASDAQ. Penny stocks usually sell for less than $1.00 a share -- although some investors consider any stock selling for less than $5.00 a share a penny stock. Please check with your instructor to see how s/he wants you

    asked by Ashley*me
  30. economics

    Pyramid corporation is currently employing 20 tons of cement and 40 tons of steel to produce 50 000 square feet of shopping in a mall. Cement cost $20 a ton and steel cost $60 a ton. At the input quantities employed, MPc = 12 and MPs = 6. 1)show the

    asked by Tinu
  31. Science

    the letters are SQUAUEO the clue is water aqueous

    asked by Sam
  32. Spanish

    How do you tell time in Spanish. son las 5 ye 2 en canada!no se como pero en todo lugar es different! yo so que no puedo escribe muy bein en espanol pero me gusta! adios! Dios te bendiga! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Divide the clock

    asked by ANA
  33. English!!!!

    what is a good Quotation from a book? "The dumbest question ever asked is the one that is not asked" okay from what book is that from? well i got this one " I'lll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as i'm living my baby you will be." the

    asked by Kenny
  34. algebra

    logarithms Solve the following equations 3^x-2=6 Add 2 to both sides of the equation to start. Whatever operation you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side as well. 3^x - 2 + 2 = 6 + 2 3^x = 8 Changing to logs: log 3^x = log 8 x log 3

    asked by Dee Williams
  35. English+ check!!!

    from informal to formal: Informal: After work, Rebecca hung with her friends for a bit. Nothing much happening. She should of headed off to the store for dinner, but instead she grabbed some junk food. Killed some time by checking out a softball game in

    asked by Robert
  36. English help please!

    Can someone please summarize this statement for me? Man is sometimes portrayed as a victim in circumstances beyond his control. Other times he is seen as a perpetrator of events that lead to consequences such as suffering and often death, What does this

    asked by Al Gore
  37. English

    What is the name of the island in the latest Lemony Snicket book "The End" I'm sure it tells you in the book. Have you read it?? ??

    asked by Robert
  38. Modern World History (essay)

    I need help, I was told to analyze the relationship between the wealthy nations and supporting of the arts. Through some reading i found that philip seized the Portuuguese strongholds in Africa, India, And the East Indies. I know that spain great wealth

    asked by Bryan
  39. modern World History (essay)

    Okay I Kinda have an idea and it's looking more clear to me. Though i'm looking for information and reasoning about the wealth of the early Renaissance (italy) and the patronizing of artisit. This site has information about patrons of the arts in

    asked by Bryan
  40. ethics

    A coworker calls you at 9 a.m. at work and asks for a favor. He is having trouble this morning and will be an hour late for work. He explains that he has already been late for work twice this month and that a third time will cost him four hours of pay. He

    asked by Gurv
  41. ethics

    i forgot to ask .. did i answer this question right. please help In ethics, you would best answer the question by indicating your choice and why you made that choice. You indicate two alternatives, but there may be other options available. For example,

    asked by Gurv
  42. Physics

    You throw a ball with a speed of 25 m/s at an angle of 40.0° above the horizontal directly toward a wall (Fig. 4-35). The wall is 22.0 m from the release point of the ball. a)How long does the ball take to reach the wall? b)How far above the release point

    asked by chris
  43. physics

    A 0.200 kg croquet ball makes an elastic head-on collision with a second ball initially at rest. The second ball moves off with half the original speed of the first ball. (a) What is the mass of the second ball? (b) What fraction of the original kinetic

    asked by jim
  44. ethics

    A coworker calls you at 9 a.m. at work and asks for a favor. He is having trouble this morning and will be an hour late for work. He explains that he has already been late for work twice this month and that a third time will cost him four hours of pay. He

    asked by Gurv
  45. Enthnic Groups

    Choose an ethnic group to which you personally belong. If you identify with more than one group, choose the group with which you most identify or about which you would like to learn more. Write a 700- to 1,050-word, APA-formatted essay, answering the

    asked by kim

    A.CALCULATE THE CRYOSCOPIC CONSTANT OF H2O. USE IT TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: a WEAK ACID HX is dissolved in water. A 0.250 molal solution has a freezing point of 0.5 C. calculate the value of ka for the acid, where Ka is the equilibrium constant for HXH+ +

    asked by TINA5
  47. algebra

    Find the domain and range of the function. 1. f(x)= x^2-x I got: Domain= All Real Numbers Range= All Real Numbers > -1 (with a line under the greater than sign) 2. f(x)= 1-x^2 I got: Domain= All Real Numbers Range= All Real Numbers < 1 (with a line under

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by BRITNY911