Questions Asked on
November 6, 2006

  1. discrete math

    list five integers that are congruent to 4 modulo 12 4, 16, 36, ... any integer of the from n*12 + 4 where n=0, 1, 2, 3...

    asked by thisha

    Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. y - 2x = -5 3y - x = 5 Solve the first equation for y. y = 2x-5 Substitute that for y in the second equation and solve for x. Then use the value of x to substitute back into the first equation

    asked by SANDRO!
  3. PreCal

    A square sheet of cardboard 18 inches is made into an open box (there is no top), by cutting squares of equal size out of each corner and folding up the sides. Find the dimensions of the box with the maximun volume. Volume= base(width)height but base + 2H

    asked by Chau
  4. physics

    A 1-kg block is lifted vertically 1m by a boy. The work done by the boy would be one jule or would no work be done. I'm confused, I thought lifting wasn't considered work. The work done is actually about 9.81 joules. Think of gravity pulling on the block

    asked by susane
  5. motion problem (please check)

    A 8000N car is traveling 12 m/s along a horizntal road when the brakes are applied. The car skids to a stop in 4.0s. How much kinetic energy does the car have. my work: W= 8000N/9.18m/s mass= 815.49 kg Kinetic energy= (1/2mv^2-1/2mv^2) kinetic energy=1/2

    asked by Jenny
  6. chemistry

    write the equation for copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate and ammonium sulfate forming: Cu(NH4)2(SO4)2*6H2O not sure how to balance it Check your question very carefully. Is this a question given to you by a teacher? yeah it is in a lab CuSO4.5H2O + (NH4)2SO4

    asked by harry
  7. discrete math

    convert(BADFACED)16 FROM ITS HEXADECIMAL EXPANION TO ITS BINARY EXPANSION i think you have to convert BAdFACED *16 then the BIanary something.. okay i really don't get this sorry!! ** 3 men and 6 women are applying for several jobs. The jobs are book

    asked by thisha
  8. Chemistry

    What color would Nickel ions burn (say in a compound of NiSO4)? Green? If you searched this on the web please post the link for a reference I can use. I don't have a reference. In fact, it is not listed in any text book I own and it is not listed on any of

    asked by J.M.
  9. My Daughter Stacy needs help in math plz help!

    You have to find the x and y coordinates:(She doesn't get it and neither do I) 2x + y = 9 The question doesn't go with the equation. I suspect it is a plotting exercise Make a table x y Put in for x 0, 1, 4 Solve for each corresponding y. Then graph the

    asked by Stacy's Mom :Literally from the Song!
  10. Economics

    Which combination of fiscal policy actions would be most contractionary for an economy experiencing severe demand-pull inflation? a. increase taxes and government spending b. decrease taxes and government spending c. increase taxes and decrease governmnet

    asked by Amy
  11. Mental health speech

    The mind is it's own place and in it it can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven. I have to write a 5 min long speech on this. can anyone make sense of it? tips or pointers I am not certain of the point you will be trying to make. When dealing with

    asked by Help
  12. Flame Colors - Chemistry

    I've searched the internet but I can't find out what color flame a Nickel (or even better NiSO_4) solution will produce when burned. As well, does Aluminum (Al(SO_4)_3 ) have a flame color from the flame test? Don't know sorry!Wih I could help!Can you help

    asked by J.M.
  13. more trig.... how fun!!!!

    if you can't help me with my first question hopw you can help me with this one. sec(-x)/csc(-x)=tan(x) thanx to anyone who can help From the definition of the sec and csc functions, and the tan function, sec(-x)/csc(-x) = sin(-x)/cos(-x) = tan(-x) However,

    asked by berhana
  14. Math

    Please help me! Two cars leave town going opposite directions. One car is traveling 55 mph, and the other is traveling 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: The time for both cars is the same and can be represented by "t." The

    asked by Yuck Fou!
  15. hamlet!

    In hamlet how do the first two lines indicate to the reader or audience that something is amiss? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Do you mean the very first lines "who's there? says Bernardo. To which Francisco replies "Nay, answer me:

    asked by bob
  16. psychology

    Can someone give me an example or a classical conditioning and operant conditioning? The best-known example of classical conditioning was Pavlov's dog. In my own experience, I associate the smell of roses with funerals, probably because of an early

    asked by jenna
  17. business

    I was given a list of terms and supposed to match them up to the description, but I got confused because I ended up using middle managers twice. I think you are only allowed to use each term once. The descriptions are: Managers who carry out the decisions

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Economics

    An expansionary fiscal policy can be partially offset by a(n): a. increase in aggregate demand b. increase in aggregat supply c. depreciation of the dollar d. decrease in net exports

    asked by Amy
  19. effective persuasive writting

    how would you encourage a leluctant peer reviewer. I would ask a question first That's a good idea, but what kind of question(s) would you ask? Depending on what they are reviewing, there are many different questions that could be asked. Here are some

    asked by naja
  20. just checking

    My method was correct right?, sorry to post again I just wanted to double check that I had the setup right: A 8000N car is traveling 12 m/s along a horizntal road when the brakes are applied. The car skids to a stop in 4.0s. How much kinetic energy does

    asked by Jenny
  21. trig

    how do you start this equation i've been tryng it for 20min. sec^6x(secxtanx)-sec^4x(secxtanx)=sec^5xtan^3x ec^6x(secxtanx)-sec^4x(secxtanx)=sec^5xtan^3x Factor out a sec^5 tan and divide thru. Left is sec^2 x = Tan^2 x Then this should reduce to sin^2 x =

    asked by berhana
  22. science

    using a fahrenheit thermometer. freezing on F scale is what? 70 + freezing on F = ??

    asked by jataya
  23. college math

    I'm hoping I did thesse right. Solve each quadratic equation. (I don't know how to do symbols on here so i'll write it out in word form) The equation is: x squared + 3x+4=0 I said its not possible because i got x=3 + or - the square root of -7/2 and you

    asked by amy
  24. us history

    Why did the proclamation not actually free any slaves? I assume you mean the proclamation Abraham Lincoln made in 1862. It did free a few slaves, those who had runaway and were in holding camps by the Yankee army. But the proclamation "freed" slaves in the

    asked by austin
  25. math

    All the instructions say is: Applications The United States is China's largest export market. Imports from China grew about 82 billion dollars in 1999 to 152 billion dollars in 2003. Let x=0 correspond to 1990, find the amount of imports in 2006. Can

    asked by amy
  26. environmental science

    I have a project due in a three weeks and I am trying to get a head start on this.Here is the project and My Ideas I am needing where I can get some facts and figures to prove my point but i got lost on a few Ideas if anyone can help with a few ideas or

    asked by larry
  27. Number stories

    Aswan,Egypt is the driest inhabited place in the world.The average annual rain fall is 0.02 inch.Is this more or less than 1/4 inch per year? How do you solve this problem? This is a triple post. You need post only once. Posting more than once gets us

    asked by confuesed
  28. Science

    Which trimester is most critical for the development of the fetus?

    asked by Linsey
  29. math

    Mariela loves car races,so she buys a model of the winning car from a race she watched. On the box she sees that the length of yhe model is about 8.5 inches. She knows that the actual car is about 208 in. long and 72.5 in. wide. About how wide should the

    asked by Betty
  30. Math!!

    A square quilt for a child's bed has a border made up of 32 pieces with an area of x each, and 4 small squares with an area of 1 square inch each. The main part of the quilt is made of 64 squares with an area of x squared each. If the quilt is 4 ft by 4

    asked by Marissa
  31. reading

    ward for the framers to resolve there conflickthy was it so h They formed a small group, and worked it out rather quickly.

    asked by jacob
  32. Science 1

    Shock waves from supernovae disrupt an interstellar cloud and prevent it from forming stars. True or False TRUE

    asked by Liz
  33. ALGEBRA 1!!!(2)

    2.Two cars leave town going opposite directions. One car is traveling 55 mph, and the other is traveling 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: The time for both cars is the same and can be represented by "t." The total

    asked by SANDRO!
  34. unit rate

    i don't get it at all HELP Can you be more specific. Exactly what is your question? I kind of need help with multiplying and dividing mixed numbers

    asked by 7th grade beauty
  35. business

    What is the primary objective of a good manager? I would say either to transmit orders or to make decisions.. ?? Business organizations that are run by women are more likely to: a. Grow quickly b. Take financial risks c. place less emphasis on who is in

    asked by Anonymous
  36. discrete math

    which positive integers less than 12 are relatively prime to 13 Since 13 has no factors, then all integers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6....11 are relatively prime to 13

    asked by thisha
  37. college math

    Find the equation of the line with the given information. I know how to do this when given (x1,y1) & (x2,y2) but the given information is: Through (2,-5) and parallel to y=3. Can someone please explain the process to me? And also for this given

    asked by amy
  38. tangrams

    for my class i have to write a pair of directions for a animal made from a tangram but i kno how to put it together but don't kno how to explain the directions PLEASE HELP I NEED IT BY TOMORROW AND ITS GRADE

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Algebra1!!!

    1.Six pears and three apples cost $3.90. Two pears and five apples cost $3.30. How much does one pear cost? Hint: You have two unknowns (variables), so you need two equations. Write one equation for each situation and solve the system of equations. 6P +

    asked by SANDRO!
  40. Religion (Plz Help Due Tomorrow)


    asked by Antoinette
  41. psychology

    In class we were asked to provide an one example of classical and operant conditioning. We have to identify the stimulus, response and reinforcers in each example. here are my examples: Clasical Conditioning- My cat comes running everytime she hears the

    asked by jenna
  42. science

    energy needed to change a material from a liquid to a gas... its 3 words Is this for a puzzle? how many letters in each word would help. Try heat of vaporization. 18 letters

    asked by dan
  43. business alliance

    Amazon. com and Toys "R" Us decided to work together to sell toys over the Internet. What decisions would executives from each company have to consider in order to complete this alliance? umm.. prices?? how the money is split up?? what else? Thanks.

    asked by sally
  44. psychology

    how can knowing the information processing model increase your learning potential? many decisions in our lives are based on intuition. Where does this intuition comes from? generally we see that older people have a better intuition on general day-to-day

    asked by jenna
  45. SPANISH!!!

    hey can someone look over my spanish essay one more time, i think i fixed the errors but i'm not sure about all of them: English: The best decision of my life was the decision to play golf throughout high school rather than conduct research over the

    asked by PJ!!
  46. Probability

    New York’s MEGAMILLIONS lottery, a player wins 1st prize by selecting the correct 5 number combination when 5 different numbers from 1 through 56 are drawn, then selecting the correct MEGABALL number drawn from numbers 1 through 40. If a player selects

    asked by Rick
  47. graphing-reposting

    It looks like a double ski ramp...going down, min, then up, then way down to the bottom of the hill, then up slightly, then down. The first minimum is greater than the small rise at the bottom Sketch the graph of a differentiable function y = f(x) with

    asked by bobpursley
  48. science

    what temperature is 70 degrees above freezing. 70 degrees above freezing on what scale? Kelvin, Celsius, what?

    asked by jataya
  49. social studies

    What were the mummy-shaped figures that worked in the afterlife's felds for the mummy called I've spent an hour researching this question -- and haven't found an answer.

    asked by pappy
  50. Mathematics

    Suppose that the number of insects captured in a trap on different nights is normally distributed with mean 2950 and standard deviation 550. a) What is the probability of capturing between 2500 and 3500 insects? b) Suppose that we change the location of a

    asked by Lindz
  51. plz help me out** math

    find a number such that 14 less than three times the number is 25. i think u subtact 14-3n=25 14-3n=25 won't get it. That gives a negative number. Try 3n-14=25. Solve for n. Im in algebra the answer is 14-3n=25.Promise me always get these problems right.

    asked by valerie*
  52. Number stories

    Aswan,Egypt is the driest inhabited place in the world.The average annual rain fall is 0.02 inch.Is this more or less than 1/4 inch per year? How do you solve this problem/ Duplicate post. Please do not post duplicates. less

    asked by confuesed
  53. Econ

    The crowding-out effect arises when: a. govt borrows in the $ market, thus increase % rates and the net investment spending in the economy b. govt borrows in the $ market, thus increasing % rates and decreasing investment spending c. the progressivity of

    asked by Amy
  54. Science

    I think genectic engineering should be allowed, but i can't think of a lot of reasons. Can some people post some good reasons why it SHOULD be allowed. It would be verry appreciated. Thank you. =) It can rid us of many genetic diseases and disabilites or

    asked by Tonyaaa
  55. solve for x

    3x^2 - 2 + 2 sin(x) = 0 Thanks. The easy way is to graph it, and look for the zeroes in the graph. My guess is there is one around 18 deg, and at about 55 deg. I don't see offhand another way to solve it.

    asked by Jen

    k here is the question suppose a government imposed an employment tax. That is upon entering the labour force an, individual had to pay a lump sum tax. (if they don't work, they don't have to pay the tax). How ould this affect the individual's labour

    asked by tofu
  57. Word Problems!!

    PLz help me!These questions are on my study guide for tommorrow's test and I don't get them.Please help me solve them because I don't have a lot of time because I have to go to Chruch in 20 minutes.PLease help!Thanks! 1.Six pears and three apples cost

    asked by Martha
  58. science chemical changes

    What is the only way that a chemical change can be undone? With another chemical change?

    asked by bob
  59. French 1

    I have to study for a test tommorrow and I left my notebook at schol in my locker.Can someone please tell me how to say: Last weekend I went to Homecoming,and then I went to a club.This summer I am going to Australia.I have always wanted to go to

    asked by Margie!
  60. Number stories

    How do you find out if 0.02 is less or more than 1/4? Aswan,Egypt is the driest inhabited place in the world.The average annual rain fall is 0.02 inch.Is this more or less than 1/4 inch per year? How do you solve this problem/ The average rain fall is 0.02

    asked by confuesed
  61. Algebra 1 HELP!!!(Word Problems!)

    Sunset rents an SUV at $21.95 plus $0.23 per mile. Sunrise rents the same vehicle for $24.95 plus $0.19 per mile. For what mileage is the cost the same? Hint: Using "m" for miles, write one equation for each rental company.

    asked by Margie
  62. science

    using a fahrenheit thermometer, what temp is 22 degrees below freezing. Freezing on F is what? Freezing - 22 = ??

    asked by jataya
  63. Science 3

    If a star were moved 10X farther away, its absolute magnitude would drop five magnitudes. True or False TRUE

    asked by Liz
  64. Pigskin Geography

    Identify the city on the line of 45 degrees N. latitude. It also has to be one of these citys Nashville, Minneapolis, Miami, Boston Detroit Oakland Seattle Indianapolis ATlanta Jacksonville Pittsburg Cincinnati Philadelphia Phoenix Charlotte. ALl the

    asked by Lanna
  65. INPC

    how would you balance the chemical equation K + H2O > koh + h2 Try 2K 2HOH >>>2KOH + H2 2K 2HOH >>>2KOH + H2;I am a chemistry teacher so yeah bobpursley is right!

    asked by Brandi
  66. math - statistics

    Suppose that the number of insects captured in a trap on different nights is normally distributed with mean 2950 and standard deviation 550. b) Suppose that we change the location of a trap whenever it captures a number of insects that fall in the lowest

    asked by Lindz
  67. Microeconomis

    Why is much more profitable for a company to bring to market a new product than secon? While your statement is generally true, it is not always true. The producer of a new product MAY enjoy some monopoly power for a time. Makers of an existing product are,

    asked by leanna
  68. social studies

    give me informetion about kailashnath temple like it's physical environment ,it's features,it's need to conserve and stories related to it and everything else about this temple urgently plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for using the

    asked by kidd
  69. psychology

    I need some help.... In my study I am doing a comparison of the dual effects of media and society on abnormal eating behaviour in men and women. My participants will be asked to complete some questionnaires (Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance

    asked by Daisy
  70. articles of confederation

    what are the features of the articles of confederation? Here is a site with a copy and an explanation. well kelsey...........your a retard ask ur teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    asked by kelsey
  71. Science 4

    M type stars usually have some molecular lines, such as TiO, well in their spectra. True or False TRUE

    asked by Liz
  72. social studies

    my previous question was for ancient egypt and mummification process in the after death I still don't understand your question. Can you explain more about it?

    asked by pappy
  73. psychology

    Anyone have the personal manifesto paper criteria? Paper is due on Wed. Thanx Since a manifesto is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "writing personal manifesto" to get this source: (Broken Link Removed) I hope this helps.

    asked by Britt
  74. Great Gatsby

    Hi can someone summarize this for me? As our existence is fictionalized, certain truths of our inadequacies are revealed. Man is sometimes portrayed as a victim in circumstances beyond his control. Other times he is seen as a perpetrator of events that

    asked by Al Gore


    asked by MARGIE AND MARTHA!
  76. cellular respiration, etc.

    At molecular level, why do many organisms need oxygen to survive?

    asked by Brittany
  77. more cell respiration

    At the molecular level, how do some organisms sustain life in the absence of oxygen? are u brittany berry?

    asked by Brittany


    asked by SANDRO!
  79. Science 2

    Young open clusters appear blue in color. True or False FALSE

    asked by Liz