Questions Asked on
October 30, 2006

  1. Chemistry

    You made 100.0 ml of a lead (II) nitrate solution for lab but forgot to cap it. The next lab session you noticed that there was only 80.0 ml left. In addition, you forgot the initial concentration of the solution. You decide to take 2.00 ml of the solution

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Microeconomics

    If a firm has a U-Shaped long-run average cost curve, a.) its fixed cost rises as output rises. b.) it must have increasing returns to scale at low levels or production and decreasing returns to scale at high levels of production. C.) it must have

    asked by Melissa
  3. Chem

    This is the problem: In a 1-L beaker, 203 ml of 0.307 M ammonium chromate was mixed with 137 ml of 0.269 M chromium (III) nitrite to produce ammonium nitrite and chromium (III) chromate. Write the balanced chemical reaction occuring here. If the percent

    asked by Anonymous
  4. physics

    if the height of a playground slide is kept constant, will the length of the slide or the presence of bumps make any difference in the final speed of kids playing on it if a) the slide is frictionless b) the slide has kinetic friction? a) if the slide is

    asked by nicole
  5. science

    As a result of the law of conservation, during a chemical change the mass of the products is equal to the mass of the ? mass of the products = mass of the reactants.

    asked by Hunter
  6. geography

    my 9 year old daughter is learning about the caribbean on what i don't know please could any one help with any info on the caribbean or latin america wikipedia should have some information. West Indies - Bahamas. Bermuda Triangle? Last but not least

    asked by paige
  7. BIO!!!

    If huperzine A were present in synapses between motor neurons and muscles, it would The speculation centers around preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine

    asked by boby
  8. Math Physics

    Two blocks of masses 40.0kg and 20.0kg are stacked on a table with the heavier block on top. The coefficient of static friction is 0.600 between the top and bottom blocks and 0.300 between the bottom block and the table. What is the required magnitude of a

    asked by Eric
  9. math

    gasoline consumption problem suppose that the gas tank of a car holds 12 gallons and that the car uses 1/ 20 of a gallon per mile .let x be the nuber of miles the car has gone since the tank was filled? car holds 12 gallons 1/20 gallon/mile 12*20 = 240

    asked by jess
  10. math

    suppose that the gas tank of a car holds 12 gallons and that the car uses 1/ 20 of a gallon per mile .let x be the nuber of miles the car has gone since the tank was filled? (1/20x)= 12 so now get x by itslef! (1/20x)/ (1/20)= 12/(1/20) x= 240! yeah I am

    asked by jess
  11. science

    I have to make a 3-d model of a hurricane. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can do this? The materials to use, etc? an easy thing to use is cotton balls, pained dark. To get a good picture, use google images, or some other image gallery. the

    asked by Andrew
  12. Analogies

    amendnent:constitution::________:letter An Amendment is an addition to a constitution. With word processors and e-mail, you may not have heard of an addition to a letter. A postscript (P.S.) is what we used to add to a handwritten or typed letter when we

    asked by Yasmin
  13. ethical issues

    Has anyone read case study "Foreign Assignment". After the meeting with Sara, Tom Fried emailed you. In the email, he explained the situation and asked your advice. In your email reply back to Tom, address the following: What obligations do you feel the

    asked by cat
  14. Biology - biotechnology Help please

    Several thousand fish species are to be "bar coded" ( I presume they mean markers), it's part of a research campaign. A specific region of mitochondrial dna is being used by the research group which will not show much variation within species but between

    asked by dna complexed
  15. Physics I think!

    Equation of Time. I have read 2 explanations of the Equation of Time which seem to contradict each other. Today the Equation of Time is 16 minutes 15 seconds. I have seen it expressed as 16.15 F. The F means FAST meaning the sun is 16m 15s FAST. Another

    asked by Mike
  16. Psychology Question

    Which of the following situations involves a self-fulfilling prophecy? 1.Andy is hungry, so he makes himself a tuna fish sandwich. 2.Cheryl goes into her psychology exam convinced that she will fail, and she does. 3.Danielle is very smart, so her parents

    asked by Miranda
  17. physics

    a moving object collides with an object initially at rest. is it possible for both objects to be at rest after the collision? can one of them be at rest after the collision? is it possible to have a collision in which all kinetic energy is lost? explain

    asked by kat
  18. school supplies

    We just added a number of articles: This is one of my favorites: Very nice!! =)

    asked by Leo
  19. enviromental science

    need an example to understand how topographical factors intensify air pollution and how they can help pollution? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "topography 'air pollution'" to get these possible sources:

    asked by larry
  20. Math

    Give an example of a set of sports data that can be grphed and use to make a prediction? Scores for gymnastics. All sports can be graphed. Gymnastic's have scores such as 7.5, 8.7, 9.0, ect. Perhaps if your focus was on one athlete, you could record there

    asked by Alyah
  21. Grammar

    Please help me recorrect these two sentences under the rule of puctuating sentences. Or atleast give me an idea of how are they suppost to sound. (1) When the garage door was closed. My answer:The day that i had forgotton my house key was when the garage

    asked by PatriciaQuinn
  22. English

    how can you tell is something is in an informal styles of narrative writing what website can i go to learn more english and that can help me with the homework?

    asked by George
  23. Math

    I need help with figuring out the equation 5(2x+3)-8x=7 5(2x+3)-8x=7 10x+15-8x=7 2x+15=7 2x=7-15 2x=-8 /2 /2 x= -4 uh -8/2=-16 yes?

    asked by courtney
  24. the scarlet letter characters

    Which characters in The Scarlet Letter are archetypal? Probably the main characters, but check the analyses of characters in these sites: =)

    asked by Anonymous
  25. bio

    If our tongue is only sensitive to sweet, sour, salt, and bitter tastes, how are we able to detect so many different flavors?

    asked by rob
  26. science

    the law of ? of energy states that energy can never be destroyed or created Law of conservation of energy.

    asked by Hunter
  27. math

    only cube that is one less than a square. answer is from 1-31 actually, wouldn't any fraction's cube be less than its square? i.e.: (1/2)^3 = 1/8 (1/2)^2 = 1/4 1/8 < 1/4 julie the answer is from 1 to 31 not a fraction 8 its cubed root is 2 and 3 squared =

    asked by mark
  28. physics

    a marble is dropped from the top of a skyscraper. Is the work done by earths gravitational force on the marble equal to, smaller than or larger them that done by the marbles gravitational force on earth? Why? newtons 3rd law: force on marble due to earths

    asked by danielle
  29. Probability

    I have this question that's bugging me and will be grateful if someone can show me the caliculations also so that I can do others on my own bat. "David Brain, CEO of ACME STAINELSS STEEL INC, has appointed you as an environmental consultant to assess the

    asked by Daniel
  30. Quotations and commas

    It seems as though I have forgotten where to put commas when I'm listing and using quotations... Would it be... I see words that refer to “planning”, “listing”, and “outlining”, which are sequential related. OR I see words that refer to

    asked by R
  31. project on glasses!

    hey. does anybody have any suggestions on a good way to interestingly present a project on spectacles and their impact on the middle ages??? I think it would be a cool idea to bring in a pair of glasses and to show the very important people that wore them

    asked by narine
  32. math

    I need help solving these equations -5s+3s-2s=48 6m=5m-2+m 5d=-2d-24 you need help or you want someone to solve them for you? ;) please solve : ) thanks okay well pretty much solve for s in the first question and m for the second question and d in the

    asked by courtney
  33. Algebra

    How can you factor? x^6+y^6 That expression cannot be factored further because the bases of the exponents are different. so it's prime...Thank you. Can you please help me with this one? 50x^2 - 2y^2 - 4yz - 2z^2 I tried doing it but I get very confused.

    asked by Isabel
  34. math

    97x+1/4=4 okay well minus 4 from 1/4 wich gives you?? 97x= 15/4 now get x by itself by dividing 97 by 15/4 wow! 1). Subtract 1/4 from both sides 97x+1/4-1/4=4-1/4 97x=31/4 (3.75) 2). Devide both sides by 97 97x/97=3.75/97

    asked by jess
  35. bio

    In an industrial accident, a sharp fragment of metal entered the head of a worker and lodged in the bony area where the vestibular branch of the auditory nerve leaves the ear. In order to evaluate what nerve damage had been done, doctors blindfolded the

    asked by bio
  36. math

    (4-y^2)/(y-2) = y/2 (4-y^2)/(y-2) = y/2 4 - y^2 = (y*(y-2))/2 4 - y^2 = (y^2-2y)/2 8 - 2y^2 = y^2 - 2y 3y^2 - 2y - 8 = 0 (keep the above equation in mind) quadratic formula: (-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/2a now solve by plugging in the appropriate numbers and

    asked by math
  37. Lang. Arts

    am: wasn't ::can:___________ aminite:constitution::________:letter bazzar:market place::enigma:________ In your first analogy, you have two verbs; the second one is a negative contraction of the past tense of the verb. Think of it this way. I am here. I

    asked by shelby
  38. physics

    two people push in opposite directions on a block that sits atop a frictionless surface. The soles of their shoes are glued to the surface. if the block originally at rest moves to the right a distance of d. Describe qualitatively how much work is done by

    asked by joseph
  39. Linear Programming

    calculate the lower bound from min z= 4x1 + 2x2 2x1 - 3x2 => 4 x1 + 5x2 0

    asked by Ashlee
  40. physics

    explain how you can change the tension of a vibrating string. you can probably change the tension by keeping the rate of the vibration constant and shortening the length of the string.

    asked by alejandra
  41. english desperate

    please help: are these compound or simple sentence the boat nosed up to the dock; our trip was finally over. several people listened, but nobody volunteered. shelia calls it a dragon fly; I call it a darning needle. THESE all seem like compund sentences -

    asked by liz
  42. Ethics

    What is the difference between grouping and stereotyping? Stereotyping is a type of grouping that assumes that all members of the group have the defining characteristics. Stereotyping is related to prejudice.

    asked by kim
  43. social studies

    ways to protect the konark monument Hasn't the mortar failed, and needs to be renewed? That is probably the most important item.

    asked by aarti
  44. Microeconomics

    Suppose Intel Inc. and other chip makers utilize a new techology for producing the flash memory chips used in digital music players. How would you Illustrate and Explaine the resulting effects on the Equilibrium price and quantity in the flash chip market

    asked by Paul
  45. math

    Can you please solve alogX=lnX Logy=log e * ln y will allow you to convert. X=I

    asked by Jennifer
  46. Science

    If one ignores air friction, the actual acceleration is a constant, 9.8m/s^2. Now if you are experimenting, and actually trying to measure it, you need a method of plotting distance fell versus time. I have done it with photography in the dark, with a

    asked by bobpursley
  47. Grammar

    Can someone please help me check these for me.And help me correct them the correct way. I'LL APPRECIATED YOUR HELP :) I have to rewrite the sentences under the grammar rule of "Punctuating Sentences" if they need no change i have to write no change. (1)

    asked by PatriciaQuinn
  48. English

    How do you site reference in APA format for a memo writing. Good examples here -- scroll down. Here, too. =)

    asked by Marie20
  49. Life Science

    where is a good site, book,or encyclopedia that you know of and what is it called?I need to know so I can finish my poster of ocean intertidal zone biome.Plus its due in two days!!! you cam try w i k i p e d i a . c o m

    asked by Nicole
  50. English

    Hey there, can someone help me translate this part of the text from Oedipus the King written by Sophocles? I need to translate it so other people can understand it. II. 1 Of a truth dark thoughts, yea dark and fell, the augur wise doth arouse in me, Who

    asked by Troy
  51. Chemistry

    How do you write the combination of: Na2CO3 AgNO3 (CO3 -2) and (Ag=1) Thanks! This is a double displacement reaction. silver carbonate and sodum nitrate form.

    asked by Ben
  52. science

    why does a egg lose weight after being in corn syrup overnight? Which way will fluid travel in osmosis? IS THERE ANY NEW PROECTS

    asked by Nicole
  53. biology

    I need help figuring out how to balance scientific equations well what are the equations?

    asked by ccw
  54. math

    ratio in simplest form 400 centimeters to 1 meter 1 400:1 cm/m

    asked by ej
  55. bi

    In an action potential, what ions are entering or leaving the cell during each of its phases.

    asked by yo
  56. physics

    extrapolation is the process whereby we extend an established numerical relationship between two variables beyond the limits of our observed and recorded data. why extrapolation would not be useful and wise to use in force-elongation graph? In

    asked by Katrina
  57. math

    97x+14=4 First, subtract 14 from both sides. Then, let us know if you get stuck.

    asked by jess
  58. science

    The ability of a substance to be burned? combustible? Look the word up in a dictionary and see if that is what you are want. its flamability

    asked by Hunter
  59. science

    When ? takes pace in an animal many chemical changes occur.

    asked by Hunter
  60. English

    if you summarize some informations from quotes, how do you citing them? can I just cite like this???? summarizing sentence (name page#). In order to cite references correctly, be sure you have a parenthetical citation just like what you indicated PLUS a

    asked by Kalli
  61. science

    if a change releases this, it is more than likely a chemical change? heat light and some others (including formation of a precipitate and the formation of a gas but these aren't formed in the sense of being released).

    asked by Hunter
  62. Math

    How many feet in a yard? 3 feet in a yard Most yards deserve to include two dogs and therefore all yards should have 8 feet in them. lol!

    asked by Tyler
  63. math

    suppose that the gas tank of a car holds 12 gallons and that the car uses 1/ 20 of a gallon per mile .let x be the nuber of miles the car has gone since the tank was filled? (1/20x)= 12 so now get x by itslef! (1/20x)/ (1/20)= 12/(1/20) x= 240! yeah I am

    asked by jess
  64. Math: Checkboard Squares

    In the formula how do you know to divide by six?

    asked by Grant
  65. Math

    If X does not = Y, but X/Y + X = Y/X + X, what does 1/X + 1/Y equal? X/Y + X/1 = Y/X + X/1 X/1 cancels out X/Y = Y/X X^2 = Y^2 +/-X = +/-Y In effect, if X != Y, then: X = -Y or -X = Y So, 1/X + 1/Y = 0 sorrry, but I made a typo. x/y + x = Y/x + Y.

    asked by Mike
  66. research

    help me write an exposiyory math homework help me write an exposetory essay?

    asked by lolo
  67. physics

    if a rocket engine delivers a constant thrust, does it deliver more power as the rocket speeds up force = mass*(acceleration) if the rocket accelerates, the force will increase wow,uh constant thrust means it is delivering constant power. the kenetic

    asked by nicole
  68. Language arts

    Help unscamble these letters pacres SPACER SCRAPE Parsec

    asked by Sarah
  69. modern world history

    who was more of an absolute monarch Tvan the Great or Peter the Great? Tvan the great

    asked by Bryan
  70. Essay Revisions

    I've made the suggest revisions, as well as change and added somethings. Could you please check if I have fragments, pronoun agreements, run ons, and if I restated my thesis in my conclusion. Thanks! How Much Is Too Much?

    asked by Soly
  71. physics

    explain how you can change the length of a vibrating string.

    asked by alejandra

    how would you change both the tension and the lenght and keep the pitch the same? oh. i think this question is a bit too vague. what does the apparatus look like? otherwise it seems like you could do whatever you wanted to the string (e.g., attaching a

    asked by alejandra
  73. english

    are both of these a compound or simple sentences I need to have these as a model for the other one's. 1. Her mother went to trade show, but doreen stayed home. 2. Wang and his brother looked at the problem and spotted the solution. i think: 1. compound

    asked by liz