Questions Asked on
October 27, 2006

  1. math

    If 8 people went to a party and each person shook hands at least one time. how many total hand shakes would there be? Think about how many people the first person would shake hands with, how many people the second person would shake hands with, and so

    asked by Graciela Ayala
  2. english SAT vocab. multiple choice question

    The story deals with a king who is transformed from a ________ leader into a(n)________ tyrant whose thirst for power cannot be satiated. A. magnanimous.. depraved B. confused... acute C. sordid... benign D. licentious... nefarious E. prominent... secluded

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Probability

    At a certain university, 30% of the students major in math. Of the students majoring in math, 60% are males. Of all the students at the university, 70% are males. a) What is the probability that a student selected at random in the university is male and

    asked by Cari
  4. writing

    My writing assignment is to write an essay on "anything that is significant expressed in a claim". I am to write an argumentive essay about something significant-said in a claim. Such as: Our government needs to establish a health care plan that addresses

    asked by Diana/for bob p
  5. physics

    (Densities of object 1 and 2 are greater than that of the fluid) 1. Object 1 and 2 have same volume and shape, but object 1 is more dense than object 2, which one has greater buoyant force?? 2. object 1 and 2 has same mass, but density of object 1 is

    asked by greg
  6. english

    The minister joined the couple together as man and wife. And your question is?

    asked by kim
  7. physics

    Fluid A is more dense than fluid B 1. densities of the objects are more than the densities of the fluids, which object will have the greatest buoyant force when placed in the fluids. 2. densities of the objects are less than the densities of the fluids,

    asked by mitch
  8. analogies

    1. Lampoon : Ridicule a. hyperbole : exaggerate b. hiatus : continue c. trepidation : fear d. levity : depreciate e. debate : vacillate My thinking: I think it is A, because to use lampoon is to ridicule and to use hyperbole is to exaggerate 2. Depraved :

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Economics

    Hi guys I need a hand please!! Whatever you can share would be helpful!! Thank you so much! Here is the question below: ‘Consumers maximize utility subject to a budget constraint. Firms maximize output subject to a cost constraint’. Outline how the

    asked by D
  10. Economics

    Hi again! This is a question alot of people will be interested in getting some help with!! Thank you!! Question: Why does trade of any type take place? Illustrate your answer by reference to each of the following a)Market exchange in which price is

    asked by D
  11. Economics

    Heres one IM SURE economist will enjoy... Always saying MC = MR :) Please help... I know its something to do with Perfectly competitive firms being price takers! right?? Question: “In both monopoly and perfect competition the profit maximizing output is

    asked by D
  12. Economics

    Ok I REALLY need a hand with this question!! Please!! Thank you!! “Prices contribute to the efficient production and distribution of goods and services by embodying vast amounts of knowledge not available to any individual… prices lead to social

    asked by D
  13. Calculus

    Does x^4 * e^x have a horizontal asymptote? Take the derivative to see if slope is zero. dU/dx = x^4 * e^x = 4x^3 * e^x + x^4 * e^x So, what happens as x approaches neg large ?

    asked by Bethany
  14. computers

    what unit of measurement is used for font size? what is the difference between 'serif' font and 'sans serif' font? Name 6 different serif fonts and 6 different sans serif fonts. Make a list of different ways you can find to emphasise a text.

    asked by Sarah
  15. science

    albert's fullname? Are you asking about Albert Einstein, the great physicist?

    asked by katarin
  16. Spanish

    anything wrong with these questions? like grammar? 1. ¿Quién encontró la ciudad de Salamanca? 2. ¿Quién empezó la revolución en Francia? 3. ¿Por qué es Salamanca popular con turistas? 4. ¿Quién son los arquitectos que crearon la catedral vieja?

    asked by William
  17. Foreign Language

    I have a question about conjugating verbs in Spanish. I am a sophomore in college and I just need some help on this. Can you still help? My question is this: How would you conjugate the verb hacer in the various forms?

    asked by SkaterMan42
  18. Microeconomics

    It has been estimated that the world demand for wheat can be represented by thefunction P = 80 - 2Q. It has been further found that the countries supplying thismarket have marginal cost curves which when summed together are given by theequation MC = 5 + Q

    asked by whhgn
  19. micro

    why in allocative efficiency.p=mc

    asked by whhgn
  20. micro

    Price discrimination tends to be more common in the sale of services than in the sale of manufactured goods. Explain why. The basis condition that is to be fulfilled for the price discrimination is that there must not be any possibility of resale among the

    asked by whhgn
  21. paramedic!

    what is EMR and EMT? EMR = electronic medical records EMT = emergency medical technician (next step would be a full-fledged paramedic) =)

    asked by kassandra!
  22. science

    What controversy was connected to Surface Mining Control and Recovery Act? Check this site for opposition to that act.

    asked by J
  23. Physics

    what would be the final temperature when 80kg of 0 degrees C cold water is mixed with 60kg of 40 degrees C warm water. The sum of the heats gained is zero (one of them loses heat, or negative heat gained). Heatgained80 + heatgained60=0 80*c*(Tf-0) +

    asked by Jennifer
  24. physics

    If you wish to warm 110kg of water by 18 degrees C for your bath how much heat is required? Heat= mass*specificheat*TempChange Put the mass in kg, choose the specific heat constant in units of J/(kg-C), and use the 18C as the temp change.

    asked by Tonya
  25. eth

    The question is :describe the role civil disobedinece played in the civil right movements. my answer: Was a tactic tha Martin Luther King, J.r brought about for peoples believes to be heard and acknowledge even if they needed to disobey the laws and suffer

    asked by Help
  26. undefined?

    f(x) = x^3 - 2x, x2 Why do they say f'(2) is undefined? TIA I a f' = 3x^2-2 x2 f'(2+)= 1 So although f(x) is continous at x=2, the curve f' is not. Therefore, f'(2) is undefined. Remember the basic definition of f' in limits, from the left, and right.

    asked by Jen
  27. English

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me with this... I'm supposed to determine whether these examples are logical fallacies or not. and if they're logical fallacies and I have to determine what type. 1. If no one answers the phone, obviously there is

    asked by Isabel
  28. math

    what is 100.00 +1.002.00 Please check your problem. 1.002.00 is not a standard way of writing a number. We don't use two periods in a number. 1002.00 1002.00 + 100.00 = 1102.00

    asked by donna
  29. math

    when you say subtraction you minuis yes I think it's "minus"

    asked by donna
  30. Math

    Why can't the slope of a line be expressed as a decimal or a fraction? The slope of a line should be expressed as a fraction. The formula is Rise over Run. Rise is how much further up u go and run is how much further across do u go. Does that answer your

    asked by Harry
  31. Biology URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    How do eubacteria and cyanobacteria digest, excrete, respirate, and circulate? I have already tried wikipedia. try an encyclopidia

    asked by Amanda
  32. writing

    I am having difficult time trying to find out what is actually at the base or root of the healthcare crisis in this coutry. I'm really getting confused. I have to write a 10 page argumentative essay including all of the evidence to support my claim...Is it

    asked by Diana/for bob p
  33. math

    proof that x^0 = 1 x5 ------------- = X5 x*x*x*x*x ----------- = 1 = x*x*x*x*x x5-5 = x0 = 1

    asked by lee
  34. Math

    Using mental math, what is 180,00 divided 60,000 ? I can do this mentally. You need to try; otherwise, it doesn't mean anything to you for me to do it. Did you intend to write 180,000? Did you intend to write 180,000?

    asked by Don't Know?
  35. mathematics

    prove that x^0=1 answered below. Look under the question by lee just a few problems below. Since a^m x a^n = a^(m+n) for all values of m and n, by replacing the exponent m by 0, we get a^0 x a^n = a^(0 + n) = a^n Then, a^0 = a^n/a^n = 1. Therefore, any

    asked by bob